20191204 ~ Nadler Impeachment Inquiry

In 90 minutes, Nadler will gavel in the Judiciary and begin the next phase of the "Impeachment Inquiry". We begin with 4 law professors, three of whom are already on record, for years, as pro-impeachment. They're supposed to tell us, lecture us, why it's important to impeach the President. Jonathan Turley, often seen as a … Continue reading 20191204 ~ Nadler Impeachment Inquiry

20191204: NATO Summit ~ Day 2

I don't know how President Trump does it. What a nest of vipers, loud mouths with no ammunition to back up their bite. Weak and feckless leaders..... It's Day Two at the Summit of Toddlers. The EU/NATO knows they have screwed over the USA. NATO was either going to be an effective organization, modernized for … Continue reading 20191204: NATO Summit ~ Day 2

Dear KAG: 20191204 Open Thread

https://youtu.be/4qMv02zxgdM Since favorite Christmas movies don't technically need to be about Christmas, and we need a peppy tune here, this is the march and theme to one of the most underrated American movies made in the last fifty years. It has all the hallmarks of an American classic. Good guys and bad guys, guns, an … Continue reading Dear KAG: 20191204 Open Thread