2020 Meme War Thread

With Wolfie's permission, and in preparation for the election season of 2020, I present to you the first annual MEME WAR THREAD. Post what you have, no bag limit, awards for best MEMES in class (cookies/apple pie/prime rib/aged bourbon/bacon). This way others can copy and share. Special divisions/ideas to get you started: Nancy PelosiShifty SchiffNadlerAny … Continue reading 2020 Meme War Thread

Dear KMAG: 20191227 Open Thread

Welcome to the Open Thread! Wow, December is almost gone. We’ve decorated our homes, wrapped gifts for friends and family, partied with our buddies, and lent our hand to charitable efforts. We spent Christmas with loved ones and now, we're headed for the "down week", the week where nothing gets done. It's a great time … Continue reading Dear KMAG: 20191227 Open Thread