How Mike DeWine Used BLM Marxists To Shut Down Patriots

He may not be as bad as John Kasich..... .....but Mike DeWine is even more cunning in terms of political survival as a RINO Republican. Listen to this story from an anonymous patriot [*COUGH*] who actually went door-to-door for DeWine, only to finally realize that DeWine is - sadly - a career politician - a … Continue reading How Mike DeWine Used BLM Marxists To Shut Down Patriots

Hanukkah Wishes (and a Bit of Christmas Cheer!)

I had hoped that this year, we would have a GREAT holiday season, like we almost experienced last year, other than the Phony Fake Impeachment featuring Polident and Pencilneck. And then, suddenly, I realized that the commies have made EVERY YEAR a kind of hell for our side. But LAST YEAR, lacking the China Virus … Continue reading Hanukkah Wishes (and a Bit of Christmas Cheer!)

DEAR KAG: 20201211

The Wolf’s Head Pub is open for business. It’s Free-for-All Friday and your first well drink is on the house. Tonight’s special is the English classic, Gin and Tonic. If you want to get fancy, add a star anise to the bottom of the glass. It adds a hint of licorice and blends beautifully. And … Continue reading DEAR KAG: 20201211


It was Wheatie's wonderful musical selection, early this morning on the daily open thread, that - as they say - HIT ME HARD, BRO!!! Here it is - a beautiful musical selection for Christmas.... My immediate thought upon seeing this beautiful video and hearing the young boys with their sweet voices was … Continue reading Remoralization

Radium Rods Are Dangerous

I've been back and forth on Rod Rosenstein.  I'm not the only one.  Our favorite anon Q has also been very subtle about how he treats Rosenstein.  The SUBTLETY of that mixture of trust and distrust is not only shared by me and Q, but also a certain SUNDANCE of our acquantance. If Rosenstein has … Continue reading Radium Rods Are Dangerous