How Mike DeWine Used BLM Marxists To Shut Down Patriots

He may not be as bad as John Kasich…..

…..but Mike DeWine is even more cunning in terms of political survival as a RINO Republican.

Listen to this story from an anonymous patriot [*COUGH*] who actually went door-to-door for DeWine, only to finally realize that DeWine is – sadly – a career politician – a machine politician – and a “compliance survivor”. Mike DeWine will NOT stand up for American values when the going gets tough. He stands up for Mike DeWine. And right now, CHINA MIKE is right behind “China Joe” Biden.

“I started going to the Stop the Steal Rallies from the day they started.”

I watched the election like everybody else, and when these particular states stopped counting, I knew things were bad. Normally, in elections, it’s the outlying areas that have trouble getting in the vote, and that drag in late. This time, the fraud machine cities were the ones stopping the counting. It was phony as hell. These are the cities that dump early and fast to give the impression of a Democrat win coming, even if it’s a safe Republican win. No – they stopped for a reason.

But unlike 2016, where Pennsylvania alone tried it, and gave up for some reason, this time, in 2020, there were 5 or 6 states engaged in the trickery, all at the same time, and they overwhelmed things. The media and social media were in on it, too. They helped these states get away with it.

It was an overnight Confederacy, that FIRED ON OUR FORT, with those damned mail-in ballots.

I had no idea what Trump was going to do – concede or not concede – but what I did not expect is that Trump would actually FIGHT this injustice. It took a while for that to really register – but once it did, I was on board with fighting, too.

We were robbed. We were robbed by criminals. If we allow this to happen, we will allow these people to do anything they want. There will NEVER be another fair election in America.

Sorry, I am NOT OK with that. This is a hill worth dying on. And I mean that quite literally.

So I went to my first Stop The Steal rally, and every one after that. Noon on Saturday? Easy.

The rallies have been small, but a couple of them were pretty sizable – over 100, almost 200 people. But I’m not gonna lie – at the last good one, over 20 Proud Boys showed up, and it literally swelled the ranks up to that hundred. Maybe.

The guy who heads our rallies is what I would call a “good egg”. He’s not the sharpest knife in the drawer, being he’s almost as old as me, but he’s the toughest and truest, and I respect his leadership. He inspires us all. He’s the right man at the right time. He realizes that this is a spiritual battle, and always starts us off with a prayer. He’s tough as tool steel, and trying to toughen the rest of us up. He’s a FIGHTER, like Trump, and THAT is what we need.

So far, it has worked well. But the last two rallies – December 12 and December 19 – have showed us Mike DeWine’s sneaky treachery.

I used to think Mike DeWine simply lacked courage, but now I believe it’s something worse. I now believe DeWine has been Medvedev to that Putin of Ohio RINOs, John Kasich. I believe that DeWine was a way to “keep Kasich in office” and use Ohio to help take out Trump.

I will explain how.

The way Kasich is gloating now – crowing “we did it”, to getting rid of Trump – well, I’m not seeing much better from DeWine, who has effectively conceded to a criminally fraudulent election. And in my mind, there is only one real reason a politician would do that.

They conceded to fraudulent elections before. Meaning the ones that elected THEM.

There is no way that Ohio didn’t break far more heavily for Trump in the 2020 election than it did in the 2016 election. No way. However, a dramatic Trump win – an increase in percentage over 2016 – would have given away the game in the other cheat states in the Chinese Job Theft Rust Belt. Thus, electronic deductions, Dominion style, as well as other methods, had to have been used to shave the Trump vote. Not too much. Just ENOUGH.

But set that theory aside as unproven for now. I worked hard to help DeWine get elected. I went door to door, and frankly, DeWine was an easy sell. He always seemed like a common-sense guy. Sensible. He was very easy to sell to swing voters.

When our rally leader would sometimes chant “IMPEACH DEWINE” through his megaphone, I literally cringed at first. I wasn’t all that sympathetic. But as DeWine ratcheted up the COVID lunacy, along with his toady deference to the Biden cheat-win, I began feeling it, to. And so did the others.

By the December 5 rally, sentiment against DeWine was strong. The impeachment of Mike DeWine was gaining traction in the Ohio legislature. Chants of “IMPEACH DEWINE” at the rallies had audible bite, and echoed off the Statehouse with vigor. People were FURIOUS that DeWine had bent the knee to not just a bribe-taker, but to his criminal win.

The actual impeachment of Mike DeWine – or at least enough opposition to threaten his re-election – was clearly a possibility. And sure enough, on my phone, BIG ADS for “Ohio First” challenger, Jim Renacci, rebuilding his brand after a prior loss that may well have been due to CHEATING.

But little did we know, China Mike DeWine was acting swiftly to nip this in the bud.

On December 12, most of us went to Washington, DC, for the rally ahead of the December 14 casting of electoral votes. Naturally, the leadership was all in Washington. Still, the contingent that stayed behind, planned to meet anyway. Things were looking good – right?

Well, when people got to the Statehouse, they were instead greeted by a MASSIVE Black Lives Matter rally, easily two or three times the size of our best rally. This thing had money, too. Free sandwiches, music, and lots of organization. No major media, oddly, but clearly the word had gone out among young people in Columbus to show up.

The whole thing was VERY spontaneous, but strongly organized. NOBODY wanted to say who organized it beyond “the organizers”. Indeed, nobody seemed to know, and nobody was allowed near those who might know, because a ring of ANTIFA was there, enforcing the weird racial rules of “Antifa-In-BLM”. BLACK SKIN was the ticket beyond a certain point.

Our rag-tag remnant was simply run off the plaza, as BLM satanists, perched right on top of the state seal – “WITH GOD, ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE” – chanted their incantations of criminals made into saints. A lonely aluminum menorah, at the corner of the Statehouse steps for Hanukkah, stood as a silent witness to the travesty.

This rally totally displaced the Stop the Steal rally, which moved from the West side to the North side of the Statehouse, and eventually turned into a march around the building – although not through the most violence-prone area on the West side of the Statehouse, along High Street. Within about an hour, the remnant disbanded.

The next week, December 19 – today – the plaza was empty. The field was ours. The sun was out. But something new happened.

Something very evil. Something which has forever broken any trust I had in Mike DeWine.

Small numbers of BLM – which had previously been SEPARATED from us – were allowed to ENTER, DISRUPT, and BREAK UP our rally.

I repeat. BLM was allowed to ENTER, SHOUT DOWN, HARASS, DISRUPT, and BREAK UP our rally.

This was a change in policy. At ALL previous rallies, except for a few individuals who escaped the watchful eyes of the Ohio Highway Patrol, who police the grounds, BLM, ANTIFA, and other leftists have not been allowed to interfere with our proceedings.

Not this time. In what is CLEARLY a change of policy, BLM activists were allowed to completely disrupt and chase off our non-violent gathering.

NOW – here is how RINO Traitor Mike DeWine gets away with this.

When confronted for their inaction, the Highway Patrol explained to our leaders that – because we didn’t have a permit – they could not stop BLM from disrupting us. Now, I have no idea if this is true or not, but this answer LACKS CANDOR. At previous rallies, BLM was NOT allowed to disrupt us.

That is a FACT. At prior rallies, BLM was not allowed to disrupt us. This time, they were.

Whether there is a paper trail on this change in policy, or a personnel change, or whispered orders in the Governor’s office, it doesn’t matter. THE POLICY ON THE GROUND CHANGED.

I asked our leaders WHY we could not get a permit next week.


Yes. Because of COVID-19, we would not be allowed more than 10 people if we got a permit.

See how that works?

This explains why BLM had their big spontaneous PROTEST with no media coverage. They didn’t get a permit. They were packed like sardines around a podium in the center – a good dozen activists in fine clothes – another two dozen activists around them – a ring of a dozen ANTIFA keeping everybody else just beyond – and dozens more scattered around the plaza and the lawn. Easily several hundred total.

A PROTEST. Which we respected and did not disrupt.

But the RULES ARE DIFFERENT if you’re black. Don’t think for one microsecond that the Ohio Highway patrol would have let us do to BLM, what they did to us.

By the time today’s rally was done, the patriots were driven off in every direction. There were a good three dozen BLM radicals standing literally on top of the state seal – WITH GOD, ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE – screaming FUCK YOU – WHY DON’T YOU LEAVE – JUST LEAVE – at one last, lonely patriot, waving back at them.

One lone patriot, who SHRUGGED BIG at the Ohio Highway Patrol, in masks, standing on the steps of the Ohio Statehouse, doing nothing.

There you have it.

Mike DeWine is not with us. He’s with China. Just like John Kasich.

Scott is right. Aubergine’s razor applies here.

Actually, an extension.

It is dangerous to attribute to ANYTHING ELSE, that which could be the result of malice or guile.

No matter what one thinks MIGHT be the RINO motivations behind Mike DeWine, he has found it politically useful to shut down rallies supporting Trump, by forcing his Statehouse guards to “pretend not to know ” that their inaction will shut the rallies down. Likewise, he pretends that COVID is a threat, when his own complicity with Biden and China is an even bigger threat. Mike DeWine’s actions and inactions must be assumed to be MALICIOUS and the product of GUILE against WE THE PEOPLE, and against our nation.

I will have more to say about that.


PS – I have more details that will appear in the comments, showing that BLM knew exactly how to shut down the rally, and how they targeted individuals to try to not only disrupt, but to obtain specific information usable by criminal communists and intelligence agencies.

PPS – Watch this absolutely brilliant video to understand the cost of giving in to Mike DeWine and his treacherous RINO fake Republicanism, which is really just disguised subservience to Democrat Communism. We CANNOT GIVE IN TO THIS SOCIALIST CONSPIRACY.

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The moral decline of America disgusts me.

When this generation of zombies clinging to existence in politics finally dies off, hell is going to experience an over population problem.

I lack sympathy for their eternal decision making.


They are all exposing themselves in their desperation


Ugh! So many things I want to say. I live in Ohio. Dewine has always been an asshole, since his time as Senator. We have a farm in Madison County. Look up the Little Darby Creek Refuge BS he was part of trying to do. That was way back in 1997, finally killed in 2002. Secondly, the December 12 BLM group was down there for the Casey Goodman, Jr. rally. It was covered on the local WBNS facebook page, not sure about TV cause I don’t watch it. I went to one of the early Stop the Steal rallies at the Statehouse, by myself. Don’t go downtown often, and was a little late getting there, because I got lost. Anyway, when I did finally make it there. Was walking down the street by myself. No Trump gear on, no American flag on clothes, no hat, just a blue shirt and jeans. A car with about 4 black women drove by, shouted out to me – “FU white Trump bitch” and I decided I better find a group of Trump supporters soon. Finally made it to the Statehouse but the Trump group was walking away from the Statehouse and I could see that there was a group of BLM or some other group up near the building and decided to turn around and follow the Trump people. The group of women drove by again and yelled at the group I was now walking with, that did have Trump flags and gear, and someone from this group was yelling ignorant stuff back at them. The whole thing was very disheartening and I was there less than 10 minutes. Walked back to my car and drove home with tears in my eyes.


I was upset about for many days afterwards. It hurt my soul so much to think of where we are now in this country. To be insulted for being white. That’s it. Walking by myself. No one else on the sidewalk. Since then, my hurt, has turned to anger. I am so damn pissed off at the lies that have been told about Trump. The whole BLM thing is a lie, straight from the pit of hell and so many black people are eating it up. I truly fear for this country and don’t know how we come back from it. BTW my husband and his friend went the weekend after that. They said about 200 people were there. You were probably there when he was. He did not experience any problems and there were no BLM there.

Valerie Curren

Kind of shades of Charlottesville where cops were told to stand down & then they deliberately funneled the 2 groups together. This Is deliberate…& evil!!


Yes, exactly. The whole white privilege thing is the definition of racism. Maybe I will try going again to the Statehouse, but will go with my husband the next time, not alone.


wow! that sounds awful!!!


That is the positive of all of this bs.

The negative for them, they don’t know when to stop pushing patriots. If they would stop believing their revised history, they’d realize that in America we patriots have a history winning in the end.


Great article, will try to make it to next Stop the Steel event in Cbus if its before 1/6/21 because I definitely want to make it to DC.

I signed a impeachment petition a month or so ago, lets hope the Rep legislature follows through


Pushing the racial divide.

Half of the nation’s states have outlined plans that now prioritize black, Hispanic and indigenous residents over white people in some way, as the vaccine rollout begins. 

Everthing’s racist….even the virus.

Biden’s selection for health secretary Dr. Marcella Nunez-Smith says ‘We cannot get this pandemic under control if we do not address head-on the issues of inequity in our country,’


Valerie Curren

This reminds me of when PP founder Margaret Sanger Harris wanted to get a black preacher to keep any uppity negroes down who started to realize that black abortion was for genocide. If the vaccine is as problematic as it appears forcing it on “black & brown” people may be another form of racially motivated genocide, disguised as “benevolence”–sick!


Go Matt!



Nice! Losing politely or purposefully.


BINGO holley!!!


Working on first cup of coffee. Feel a rant coming on.

HOPE everyone listened to the Serbian guy in the video at the end of Wolf’s article. If you didn’t, PLEASE do so now.

  • Chock full of truths about America today and in the future, if we don’t act.
  • BODY SLAMS the our “two” parties. As they ARE in effect ONE party. Don’t fool ourselves. REALITY, we have ONE party.
  • Hell he says Europe has ten parties that in effect are ONE party. (Part of why Europe is always seemingly screwed up?)
  • Addresses the utter ignorance in America we have rioters attacking businesses, even regular folks in their homes and we do NOTHING to stop it.
  • THE stoopidity of tolerating our being attacked over race, gender, anything and we do nothing.

100% worth a listen.


Pardon my stink eye on…RepubliCONs in general. Well grounded, me thinks.

“REP. MATT GAETZ: “I’m not going back to yesterday’s Republican Party. I’m not going back to losing politely with Mitt Romney, or the Bush’s.”

GREAT sentiment. BUT WHERE ARE ALL the RepubliCONs on stating they’ll vote against the electors on 6 January?

OK, we have one, Mo Brooks, IIRC. ONE! Where are the other ~190 RepubliCONs? Or is more correctly 200+ in the next Congress. Probably the 200+

EVERYONE of the RepubliCON worms should be screaming about the stolen election. EVERYONE of the asshoe RepubliCONs should be telling every fake news outlet, their FB, TW alive with, stop the steal, NO to the electors.

What do we hear? Crickets.

Same for Senators. Should be 50 Senators hollering stop the steal. Senators exclaiming to fake news, their FB, TW STOP THE STEAL.




Fact is outside of maybe ten Senators and Congressman, President Trump has been cast aside by these asshoe RepubliCONs.

President Trump really only HAS IS US Deplorables.


I have no idea how President Trump’s plans to “seal the election in fairness” to all Americans. Lots of things I wish he’d do. Truth is President Trump knows what is best.

  • Maybe we’ll see numerous indictments and arrests before Barr “walks away” Wednesday the 23rd.
  • With or without indictments and arrests, Barr has ABSOLUTELY under performed. Barr has protected DOJ, FBI, IC… NOT The Constitution. NOT America. NOT Americans.
  • Barr blocking DOJ and FBI action against criminal behavior BEFORE the election IS IN FACT ELECTION INTERFERENCE.
  • Maybe we’ll see President Trump release all the email, text and docs we’ve been waiting four years on.
  • Maybe we’ll see crystal clear factual evidence of the steal. Dominion machines falsely tabulating. Dominion connected to the Internet, data being sent overseas and returned. Yes, I , we have seen the evidence. America has NOT.
  • Maybe we’ll see the steal being discussed in email, text, letters or discussed in phone calls with bad guys coordinating the steal. All RELEASED to America.
  • Maybe we’ll see the Supreme Court stiffen their spine and support The Constitution, Rule of Law. Nah..No we won’t.
  • Maybe we’ll see Martial Law, limited or not.

I welcome all of the above.


With President Trump calling the January 6 rally, I am guessing we’ll see what I cited above PROVING without a doubt, for EVERY American to see, President Trump won the election.

Proving to every Uniparty asshoe in the Senate and House, President Trump won a resounding victory 3 November.
Last guess.

President Trump is banking on the Senate and House doing what is RIGHT on 6 January, with OVERWHELMING EVIDENCE LAID OUT IN ADVANCE OF 6 JANUARY.

Well. Rant off. Above is BOTH my guess generally how this plays out and TOTAL DISGUST with RepubliCONs. My contempt for D-rats is equaled by the same contempt for most RepubliCONs.

Now, off to a second cup of coffee.

Good Sunday morning one and all. 🙂

Last edited 1 year ago by kalbokalbs


I admire the cool headed thinking you have. I know my limitations in these kinds of situations.
I realized this early on when we took our family to a Halloween event at Crystal Cave years ago. one of masked event employees startled me around a bend in the path and I screamed–not a big, loud blooding curdling scream, but i was startled. Thus, i became the “target” for all the other employees–thinking I would be a screamer and intensify the scary atmosphere.
they dogged my every step in the dark cave, trying to make to scream time after time…and I sighed loudly each time…but it didn’t stop their efforts.


my hope and my salvation!!


Trump is tweeting martial law = fake news. Now I’m REALLY stumped.


POTUS will not give up his plan, he’ll keep everyone guessing
including FAKE news
Chaos can be a force multiplier when wielded properly


I just want him to shoot somebody in the middle of Fifth Avenue. Identity TBA.


Jim Cavezial (sp?)…must listen. Christians must rise up in massive numbers.


I am feeling the national mood, too.


Wolf…I’m trying to create the Daily for tomorrow and I am having some major troubles with it.

When I try to add a header image, I get the spinning wheel of death.

Something new is in the r/h sidebar now…”Reset Ratings”.
And it has a constant spinning wheel of death.

There is a button below that that says “Reset Post Rating”.
But it is inop.

I am going to do a copy of last week’s and just try making changes to it.
Fingers crossed.


I’m working through it…so far.
Still, fingers crossed.

I’ll let you know how it turns out.


Nice to hear you’re done with IT. Sorry to hear that IT isn’t done with you.


It’s in the can, boss…and scheduled for drop at 00:02, am tonight.
 🤓  😌 

come to timmy

Such a shame how these pricks are trying to ruin my birth state.
They ruin everything. Everything.


I think it is pretty naive to think positive change will come without military and/or deplorable assistance. If PDT/patriots do not follow through with the truth and a major round-up, it will be left to us deplorables. That’s when it will get ugly and will actually play into the hands of the commies who desire to destroy our unity as Americans.

Until that is determined, prepare for the worst and hope for the best. Regardless – God wins and I ride with Him.


Im sorry you had to witness that..
I cannot understand why really, people have not just taken matters into their own hands yet. Organized Patriots and all.


The people who are always the anglers never get themselves or their own families hurt.
They personally need to have direct consequences. Without that, exposure seems impotent.