Welcome to TheQTree.com

Welcome, all Patriots and other loyal friends and supporters of American Independence! This is the new site (theqtree.com). We HAVE moved here permanently and completely. This is our new home. Bookmark it! https://theqtree.com The old site (wqth.wordpress.com) remains up, with a "GO TO THE NEW SITE" message at the top, but has been closed to … Continue reading Welcome to TheQTree.com

Dear KAG: 20201202 Open Thread

Since Attorney General Barr is being dragged through the ringer all over the internet, maybe some people who have been known to break it down might calm a few trigger fingers and pushes to the front of the queue. https://twitter.com/BardsFM/status/1333882615397433347 https://twitter.com/anonpatriotq/status/1333883034928635906 And then this appeared: https://twitter.com/3days3nights/status/1333898989201215490 If We the People really are going to DO … Continue reading Dear KAG: 20201202 Open Thread