DEAR KAG: 20201211

The Wolf’s Head Pub is open for business. It’s Free-for-All Friday and your first well drink is on the house. Tonight’s special is the English classic, Gin and Tonic. If you want to get fancy, add a star anise to the bottom of the glass. It adds a hint of licorice and blends beautifully. And lime. Always lime and never lemon.

Here’s a Brief History of Gin. Let’s just say juniper is the Thing when it comes to gin. My favorite is good old Beefeaters Gin, although nowadays you can find some really delicious gins from boutique distillers.

Speaking of England, let’s take a trip to The Eagle and Child, also known as The Bird and Baby, a pub in Oxford, England that was frequented by Tolkien and Lewis of 20th century literary fame. It has been a pub since the 17th century.

Lewis, who was known to drink three pints of beer for breakfast, spent a great deal of time in the Rabbit Room there, reading from his manuscripts and critiquing the writings of his group of friends known as the Inklings.

The featured image above is the Rabbit Room. I can almost hear Lewis reading in his booming voice…

“In fighting those who serve devils one always has this on one’s side; their Masters hate them as much as they hate us. The moment we disable the human pawns enough to make them useless to Hell, their own Masters finish the work for us. They break their tools.”That Hideous Strength

Do we not see this in action this very day?

The human tools of the NWO, globalists, communists, socialists (whatever you want to call them) are in the process of being disabled. Broken.

Before I get to the good news, civility is what keeps the Qtree a place of sanctuary and intellectual inspiration. Cutting completely loose belongs over at the UTree, not here at the QTree. Civility is king. Rules here if you need a refresher or are new. Thank you in advance for giving our burly bouncers nothing to do. Play nice and say a little breath prayer for our great President and his cabinet and family, and all patriots.

Okay, now to the good news. WE ARE WINNING.

* The State of Georgia’s feckless Gov. Kemp, Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger and their cronies are being absolutely crushed by public opinion and the unfolding truth of their involvement in election fraud. DISABLED.

* The States of Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Georgia are in a tailspin ever since the State of Texas (and about 19 other states at last count) sued in the Supreme Court for relief from the unlawful changes in voting laws in the battleground states. Their responses have been limp.

*Meanwhile, Fox News has committed suicide. So sad. Not. FTA:

“Trump broke every other news entity even before he took office in 2017. CNN, MSNBC, the Washington Post, the New York Times, and the rest have always been left-wing, only with an illusory veneer of neutrality. Trump smashed the veneer, accurately calling them “fake news” amid their swirl of lies about him…”

* Zuckerberg is being sued by the DOJ! Couldn’t happen to a nicer robot. Can the other Tech Giants be far behind?

* Lin Wood is a pit bull in the best sense of the word. He will go down in history as one of the heroes of our Republic.

* Hunter Biden and his Laptop from Hell are back in the news (they never should have left).

* Nancy Pelosi, obviously in the Twilight of her intellectual capabilities, sputtered “Q” during yet another encounter with her propaganda team (aka the MSM). BROKEN.

* Eric “Bang Fang” Swalwell is watching his career being torched by his exposure as a China tool. BROKEN.

* Even the Senator of the Week, Ted Cruz got in on the Swalwell action:

* And that scoundrel, Rep. Adam Schiff, is being dragged into the Fang Fang vortex. How sweet it is!

“Prominent” liberals are calling for her resignation. Wink. Wink.

* The ancient Diane Feinstein, who honest to God is beginning to look Chinese in a Skeletor sort of way, is being dragged back into the picture now that Chy-Nah! is being exposed in all its dragonish glory as a greedy, immoral, power hungry serpent with its claws in American politicians. DISABLED.

* The Fake News can now be officially labeled LAUGHABLE. Watching the crappy acting of creatures like Mika Brezinski just brings a smile. Here she is at the start of War Room Pandemic, Episode 576. Trust me, you will laugh. BROKEN.

* Gruesome Newsom is going to be recalled! AHHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

* Elon Musk has left the chaotic Newsom LaLa Land and moved to Texas!

* Even that Trudeau fellow has been playing footsies with China, allowing Chinese Military to train on Canadian military bases. He is being taken to task:

* And lest you missed it, here’s an erudite Chinese professor giving the low down on the power structure in the USA to his communist audience. The CCP IS BEING OUTED EVERY WHICH WAY BUT LOOSE. DISABLED:

* And speaking of C. S. Lewis and witches:

Michiganders are teaming up to defeat her tyranny!

* Our Greatest President Ever continues the juggernaut of PEACE IN THE MIDDLE EAST. Just in time for the start of Hanukkah. Our President is a peacemaker!

* Here’s Rand Paul giving that Neocon dud Liz Cheney the what-for:

Get a load of her low-class response to Sen. Paul:

* Our beloved Ron @CodeMonkeyZ is OUTING ALL THE BAD GUY/GAL governors. Here’s just one:

We could go on and on and on. Hard times are ahead, but there is light at the end of the tunnel. THEY ARE NOT GOING TO GET AWAY WITH IT. WE ARE WINNING.

Remember the pub scene in Waking Ned Devine, when the evil witch meets her just end while everyone is celebrating in the pub? That’s how it feels just now. God bless us and keep us safe as we get ready to fight another day! Oh heck, the second round is on the house, too!

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Can someone help – this is a great thread – but, I do not know how to link the thread


Gail Combs

Thanks, Gail!!! Was hoping you would be here to help – Appreciate the assist!!!


Great refresher.


Soon, Grandma, you hit a thousand!

(Lest that be misunderstood–1000 comments!)

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Cuppa Covfefe

So that makes her a GRAND Grandma 🙂


I will get the LAST WORD on this tonight.


Go take a look, the new Daily.


Lol I’ll bet it hits at least 2,000. Argh, what a week and day!


It won’t. It’s an hour and four minutes to midnight and we’d need over 900 posts in that time.


“….God Bless the WORLD”


Why would POTUS say that he never did before?

Wolf Moon


Wolf Moon

comment image

Wolf Moon

If anybody is still getting (as of RIGHT NOW – basically 10 PM Eastern, 12/11/20) the RED POP-UPS that say “you are posting too fast, please slow down”, please let me know.

You may be getting that pop-up from an OLD PAGE, but be that as it may, it has been several hours since I made changes which should have ended the problem.


Lookin’ good, here — and, BTW, the entire site is much “peppier”.

Wolf Moon

Yes – I noticed an IMMEDIATE improvement when I turned off the “So-And-So is online” notification pop-ups, which were in fact largely for LURKERS!

The red pop-ups were probably due to the JetPack anti-brute-force Grandma’s DH surmised. I think they were seeing site slow-down from the “online monitoring pop-ups” dragging on user machines, and then JetPack proceeded to call everything a “nail” – as in “HEY YOU, NEAR THE TIME OF THE CRIME – SLOW DOWN YOUR POSTING!!!”

Dumb. Really dumb. But now that this is turned off…..

I also increased the number of forbidden links to 50. Thus, 49 will be OK. We’re in a new era. This will be fine!

Brave and Free

So I just got home and saw this SC decision. What’s the course of action now? Hang by a thread on the Lin Wood case in GA?

Gail Combs

DNI Ratcliffe.

Executive Order on Imposing Certain Sanctions in the Event of Foreign Interference in a United States Election
Then Military Tribunals.

Ex parte Milligan, 71 U.S. 2 (1866)

Primary Holding

It is unconstitutional to try civilians by military tribunals unless there is no civilian court available.

The US courts are busy proving they are beyond corrupt so at this point there is no civilian court available.”

ALSO there is Sen. Lindsey Graham’s curious questions to Judge Kavanaugh on military tribunals for U.S. citizens

Graham: Let’s talk about the law and war. Is there a body of law called the law of armed conflict?

Kavanaugh: There is such a body, senator.




Graham: Isn’t there also a long settled law that goes back to the Eisentrager case (I can’t remember the name of it)….

Kavanaugh: Johnson v. Eisentrager.

Graham: Right, that American citizens who collaborate with the enemy are considered enemy combatants?

Kavanaugh: They can be, they’re often, sometimes criminally prosecuted, sometimes treated in the military.

Graham: Let’s talk about can be. I think there’s a Supreme Court decision that said that American citizens who collaborated with Nazi saboteurs were tried by the military, is that correct?

Kavanaugh: That is correct…


Gail you with your antithetical mind bring things into perspective. We have several on this forum with the ability and that is why the QTree is so informative.
Thank you for sharing your gift with us.

Gail Combs

You are very welcome.

All I am doing is stringing together info that others have brought to this forum.


You do it well 🙂



Gail Combs

I should add all the Dog & Pony shows in front of the state legislatures are to wake-up the Sheeple so the reveals by Ratcliffe are not such a shock.

There is a darn good reason why the Fake Fifth Column News has been screech POTUS is a hitler for four years. They want that embedded in the Sheeple’s brains when he releases the KRAKEN.

I think one of the duties of 𝑸 was to keep this mess from turning into a HOT WAR before everything was played out.

Wolf Moon

Well said, and agreed.


BINGO!!! – Sidney represents We the People!!! Thanks, BFLY, for the reminder!!!


“Our plaintiffs have #standing#WeThePeople will not allow #rigged elections”


Then it appears we will have to do something about the rigged courts, before we can do anything about the rigged elections. 👍



More options in case all law suits fail. We already have Mo Brooks in the House, we just need one Couragous Patriotic Senator.


Ted Cruz, perhaps joined by Chuck Grassley


“Last Constitutional remedy for Trump remains Congress not certifying electors from contested states when they convene on January 6.”


If so, then that practically guarantees Congress will certify the electors from contested states on January 6th.

That’s how this game works, in case we haven’t noticed yet.

We have to blow right past every last off ramp, every last fail-safe, every last supposed ‘remedy’.

We have to expose all of it as corrupt, demonstrate that the system is BROKEN beyond recognition, get it ALL of it out the way, and then we can do what is necessary to fix it.

But what Barnes referenced is not the “Last Constitutional remedy”, he only says that because he’s a lawyer.

It is entirely Constitutional (and a remedy) for the President to wait until the last moment, declassify everything, prove all of the crimes in a national address, and arrest all of the traitors and perpetrators.

In fact, as the Commander in Chief, he has a duty and obligation to do so.

And he will 😁


“More options in case all law suits fail. We already have Mo Brooks in the House, we just need one Couragous Patriotic Senator.”


I certainly wouldn’t count on a courageous or patriotic senator.

But one willing to grandstand and make it all about himself, to bask in the spotlight of national attention?

We might be able to find one of those… 😂🤣😂

Wolf Moon

This is just so freaking outrageous, that my entire worldview is changing.

I sure hope Bill Barr has a plan that does not involve Americans putting up with this shit, because we WILL NOT.

Gail Combs


DNI RATCLIFFE and EZRA COHEN-WATNICK are a much better bet.

By now there should be so much evidence that 90% of the DNC and 50% of the RNC should be feeding the sharks off the GITMO coast.


I saw the creepiest sight today. We were on the way to the grocery store, 2 lane road, when a small school bus coming down the other lane put on its caution lights. We stopped and watched as the school bus stopped and let a child out at her house.

We sat looking at the masked school bus driver and a bus full of masked children. I said to my husband…God help these poor children, they are going to be so warped by the time these assholes in charge are done screwing with them.

Sometimes it’s hard to believe how far we’ve fallen, for lack of a better word.

Wolf Moon

Yeah, the mask thing is nasty. Chinese communism is very ugly.


Thank you bfjg! Needed that! Hugs and 




Yeah, the ODNI reports in 6 days, and then the military and Trump’s EO come into play.


Nicely said, Grandmaintx.
 😌  👍 

Right there with ya!

Defiance is in our DNA.
We will never give up!

If all avenues fail us in the courts…then we can console ourselves with declaring open season on stupid people.
Open season…no limit.


BTW…great work on today’s thread.
Love it!


Well said and bah, you made me tear up. But I feel better than when we first heard about the sc decision earlier. 


“Feel better” . . . yeah, me too.


Love you and our close knit community. God meant for us to be here for each other. He knew we’d need each other to get through this!


 🇺🇲  🇺🇲  🇺🇲  🇺🇲  🇺🇲  🇺🇲  🇺🇲 

come to timmy

Is there a way to save or bookmark this? It’s sheer awesomeness.
All my People stepped on these shores no later than 1750something. Earliest settled in Long Island in 1630s or ’40s. Little bit of everything. Teetotalers & drunkards, laborers, farmers, a few local bankers… farmers, small townsmen & hill-jacks, polite, clean-spoken & uncouth, profane… farmers, a few farmers… oh and many farmers. Ended up setling in Ohio, not too deep into the 19th century, one half on the eastern side in the Akron/Canton area; mills, steel, factories; and the other more to the west, about fifty or so miles northwest of Columbus. A lot of great cooks. They helped build this place. And it turned out pretty damn good. The best. Can’t for the life of me imagine why anyone would want to tear it all down. Reaching life-controlling hands into peoples’ minds and souls. No, they can’t win. Can’t no way have it.

Wolf Moon

Amen. We will not let them down.


By contrast mine came over anytime between the 1880s and the 1930s. Some of their kids weren’t all that loyal, alas. And my niece is a socialist piece of shit.


Perfectly stated Grandma. Very timely.

By the way, awesome article / intro to this day. Thank you!


Does anyone have a quick status of the PA lawsuit?


American Thought Leaders interviews the founder/national organizer of “Stop the Steal”…protests will take place across America this Saturday


Listening to while reading. Time 11:36 quote…I know Biden didn’t get more votes than Obama. My husband and I both lol at that comment. Good video. Thank you!


“Time 11:36 quote…I know Biden didn’t get more votes than Obama.”



But what many people haven’t considered, is that Hussein didn’t get more votes than McCain, and Hussein didn’t get more votes than Mittens.

The software developed by Hugo Chavez and then used all over the world had already existed for at least 8 years by the time Hussein was selected.

Is there even a tiny chance Hussein didn’t use it?

How did he beat Hitlery?

How did Hitlery beat Bernie?

How did Biden try to beat Trump?

The Hugo Chavez way 😁


Oh to have been a fly on the wall as the crooks were paying coders to increase the percentage algorithms.

Hitlery: “Damnit where did all those bernie bros come from? Here’s another million in cash, flip me more votes!”

Hussein: “Hah, I’m smarter than the witch, here’s many millions in advance, make sure I’m always the clear winner that night!”

Pure evil!


Wonder if those coders are still living.

Valerie Curren

Twitter is actively suppressing this conversation so I’m guessing it’s over the target!


Yes…he did say “FISA vaccine”.

But that could be explained away as his ‘accent’.
However, he is not from the South where they drop their R’s.

So I dunno.

It’s interdasting.
 😉  😏 


I was wondering why I keep finding all these r’s on the floor around the house!  😊 

Valerie Curren

I thought twit world would like conspiracy theorists 😉 to pump out their “lunatic” theories & be discredited by their own words. Why would Jack be so suppressive of “lies”? 🙂


Perhaps “telling”, President Trump has FISA on his mind.

Maybe active FISA’s on bad guys discussed just prior to this video.

Could be a slip up saying FISA, or intentional to get bad guys to react.


He said it 3 times.
So I’m thinking it was intentional.

I guess we could go back through clips to find out if he pronounced it “Phi-zer” at other times.
But I think we would’ve noticed it, if he had.


Thanks, LadyP.

Valerie Curren

5D Chess–Always!


Pessimist update. 7th inning. We are losing in the courts. Things don’t look good. If PT has the home run hit then that may still be available. If the military is used it will be a small elite group. Pentagon brass are political hacks.

Other then that standing by to fight and die for my President and the future of my kids. Have a great weekend.


President Trump WILL prevail.


Indeed. This corruption has been going on for decades, it’s not going to end without a fight and a lot of pain.


To do it. He has to break the Constitution. I hope you are ready.

Wolf Moon

I don’t think it’s broken – but it will not be what people were expecting to happen.


comment image


Believe it. We stopped by our local shop to pick up supplies today and the place was crazy busy.


Next daily IS up and I even included a paper money essay in lieu of a coin. With two minutes to spare!


Governor Kate Brown has announced that she will open Oregon back up when 75% of Oregonians are vaccinated.
One commentator mention that “At 10,000 people a day it will take 10 months for single dose for 3 million people (75% of Oregon). The vaccine is a double dose and no one knows the availability so looking like 2022 at this point before reopen and that’s doubtful to get 75% because 40% of whites and 60% of minorities do not trust the vaccine.Basically you have killed Oregon small businesses today.”
If Biden is sworn in then I have a feeling Biden people will make the same mandate, with or without Congressional approval.
Thank God, I’m allergic to so many many meds, cause that means I can probably get legally exempted.

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