DEAR KAG: 20220225 – The Pub is OPEN / COVID-19 Vaccine Interference With AIDS and Syphilis Tests / Moscow Mule Revisited / Failure of Socialized Science and Peer Review Exposed in a JAMA-Published Ivermectin Study

The Pub is OPEN!

And we’re finally serving a NORMAL DRINK tonight. Even though it’s a SECOND ROUND.


While our beloved REAL bartender takes a needed break of unknown duration, we continue to ENDEAVOR TO PERSEVERE.

and what time of year is it now???

Christmas Spirit

We continue our WAAAAAY too-long celebration of Christmas by noting that some of our neighbors STILL have their lights and decorations up.

We saw a nice red Christmas bow laying in somebody’s yard by their driveway.

We ourselves just got rid of our tree.

And TODAY is the 25th of the month. That’s VERY “Christmassy”.

So yeah. Given that there are a few days weeks months AFTER Christmas where it’s STILL Christmas, that means we have a few more weeks left. Riiiiiiight?

Sure! So have some hot CHRISTMAS chocolate!

And now, the rules of the pub.


God bless us, every one! Tiny Tim had such a beautiful soul. He hadn’t a mean bone in his body…unlike most of us. But in keeping with Christmas, we promise to honor Wolf’s rules and keep Scrooge at bay. The Utree is where the Ghost of Christmas Present will conduct you should you need to rattle some chains. Another option, should all hell break loose is here.

Now, back to business.


Free the January Brothers!

Current Art On The Wall

We’re just gonna segue into the next item with our selection, if that’s OK.

This gets a bit “planetary”…..

Venus and Mercury Instructing Cupid
Christiaan Huygens, Saturn, and Something
Raindrops on Titan

Mercury, the old cure for grandgore.

COVID-19 Vaccine Interference With AIDS and Syphilis Tests

Earlier this week, RAC brought a news item from CTH, which really got me thinking:

This had to do with a CDC alert…..


…..which was based off of an FDA alert (sketchy link)…..

…..which actually links back to a different CDC alert (even sketchier link)…..


Here is that final CDC alert. Only the top 3 paragraphs are important here.

Let me quote the text of those first 3 paragraphs for Zoe. I will make BOLD what is important.

Dear Partners in Prevention,

December 20, 2021

I’m writing to share the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) alert sent to clinical laboratory staff and health care providers about a syphilis test. The alert reports that false reactivity, or “false-positive,” Rapid Plasma Reagin (RPR; non-treponemal) test results, when using the Bio-Rad Laboratories BioPlex 2200 Syphilis Total & RPR kit, can occur in some people who received a COVID-19 vaccine and includes recommendations for addressing these potential false positives.

Historically, false-reactive RPR test results have been observed in people with systemic infections unrelated to syphilis, such as tuberculosis, rickettsial diseases, and endocarditis. False-reactive RPR testing also has been previously observed following immunization (specifically following smallpox vaccine). False reactivity with RPR can also occur during pregnancy.

Per CDC’s 2021 STI Treatment Guidelines, reactive RPR results should always be confirmed with treponemal testing (e.g., Treponema pallidum particle agglutination, TP-PA). This is, in part, because of the above-mentioned issue: false-positive nontreponemal test results can be associated with multiple medical conditions and factors unrelated to syphilis. According to FDA’s alert, treponemal testing for syphilis does not appear to be impacted by this issue.

Allow me to translate.

It turns out that “being vaccinated for COVID-19” throws off an ANTIBODY-BASED SYPHILIS TEST, and can give false positives.

The reason is that these are a sort of antibodies against substances released from cells attacked by certain diseases and conditions. Thus, they’re not exclusively the downstream product of syphilis.

Normally, certain diseases, certain vaccines, and pregnancy can all throw off this more rapid but less conclusive syphilis test, and that is part of the reason why people are supposed to follow up this easier test, with a test that looks for the actual organism which causes syphilis.

Thus, we have added one more cause for the test to be thrown off.

This is not the same as the HIV test that was thrown off by a particular Australian vaccine, because the antigen in the vaccine actually contained an HIV protein (gp41) as part of the vaccine, and created antibodies against HIV. I talked about that last week. That was a much more direct test interference, easily expected.

Saved From The Frankenvax

How a Psycho Vaccine Marrying the Infamous COVID Spike Protein to HIV’s Neurotoxic gp41 Was [Allegedly] Canned by a Mere Testing SNAFU How Australia Dodged The First Mad Vax Bullet of the WEF Scamdemic / Plannedemic Darwin Award Vaccine Featured Insane Merger of HIV and COVID But Failed Due to Buggering of AIDS Tests, NOT …

What I find interesting is that one of the things that normally sets off the syphilis test is endocarditis.

Endocarditis, which is inflammation of the inner surfaces of the heart, is one of the three main heart inflammations, thus being pretty damned close to myocarditis (inflammation of the heart muscle) and pericarditis (inflammation of the outer sac), both of which have very prominent correlations to the jabs.

So while this means that – NO – the shots are not giving people syphilis – the shots ARE basically acting like an illness, and very much like a known cardiac illness.

You were warned.

Now – while I was researching syphilis, I became interested in the treatment with compounds of mercury.

Traditional mercury-based pastes were used in cures. Whilst this was partially effective, the toxic side effects of the mercury probably outweighed any advantages.

This is actually a HUGE understatement.

It turned out that arsenic was considerably better.

The first effective treatment for syphilis was arsphenamine, discovered by Sahachiro Hata in 1909, during a survey of hundreds of newly synthesized organic arsenical compounds led by Paul Ehrlich. It was manufactured and marketed from 1910 under the trade name Salvarsan by Hoechst AG.[88] This organoarsenic compound was the first modern chemotherapeutic agent.

It wasn’t too long after that success, that penicillin took over as the real cure for syphilis.

I will come back to MERCURY in a future post, because I found something quite amazing in its history.

But if you look ONE COLUMN TO THE LEFT and TWO ROWS UP…..

COPPER is also bacteriostatic and algicidal – and at concentrations below where it is a health risk. And THAT leads back to a DRINK that Grandmaintexas introduced us to……

Moscow Mule Revisited

Based upon my reading of Grandma’s post on the subject, the Moscow Mule simply is not a proper Moscow Mule unless it is served in copper vessels.

The health effects of COPPER are about as debatable as the effects of mercury – although, in general, copper is much less toxic, so when it’s being “not good for you”, it’s a lot less “not good for you” than lead. At the same time, copper is much MORE toxic to things like algae, fungi, plant roots, and other “pests”, than it is to us, and that is why it is found among the gardening pesticides in hardware stores. The antimicrobial activity of copper is extremely well-documented, but appears to be complex. Simply having copper in the household or workplace environment seems to have health benefits – and this was particularly noted back in the days of less sanitary environments. Water passing through copper fixtures tended not to spread disease.

We tend to forget about OLD SCIENCE, so we can’t put new things into good perspective.

LEAD and other CHEMICAL ADVANCES saved us from the horrible BIOLOGICAL diseases and maladies of the uncivilized life.


It is VERY easy to see where CDC went off the rails with the COVID-19 vaccines, being unable to admit old benefits (of lasting immunity to caught and treated diseases), while also being unable to admit new risks (of vaccines using untested and immature technologies).

Likewise, looking back, it is easy to see that basic sanitation – not vaccination – REALLY conquered diseases. Vaccines came in, mopped up, and took all the credit, by design, because bad people realized that vaccines in the hands of a technological elite, combined with an ignorant populace they can essentially murder and experiment on at will, allow them to basically FARM HUMANITY.

Sorry, Bill Gates. We understand your social engineering of us. We know your M.O. We know your real intentions. Including for the “people of color” you pretend to care about.

You will note that, in general, the further down the periodic table one goes, the more toxic the metals. Surprisingly, the second-lightest one – beryllium – is quite toxic, but even lightweight aluminum simply isn’t all that bad, in the big picture (but you’ve got to keep it on the OUTSIDE). In contrast, if you get down and heavy there with mercury, thallium and lead, or even as far down the table as cadmium and indium, the metals can be quite toxic.

Lead used to be used for plumbing – enough to lend its name to the profession. Copper then took over – before plastic began to displace copper. Nevertheless, copper is still highly valued for plumbing, as well as for electrical wiring.

As noted above, copper in drinking water is an interesting beast. Lead and copper in drinking water are controlled by the EPA under something called the Lead and Copper Rule, or LCR. Note that the linked document, which talks about the most recent “upgrade” to the rule, is over 400 pages. Yeah – there is a MESS of goofiness outside the actual rule there. Most of the concern is about lead, which is now highly restricted. Here is all that is said about copper’s toxicity in the linked explainer:

Acute copper exposure causes gastrointestinal distress. Chronic exposure to copper is particularly a concern for people with Wilson’s disease because they are prone to copper accumulation in body tissue, which can lead to liver damage, neurological, and/or psychiatric symptoms. For a more detailed explanation of the health effects associated with copper see Appendix E of the final rule Economic Analysis (USEPA, 2020). EPA did not propose revisions to the copper requirements; thus, the final rule does not revise the copper requirements.

Copper is basically off the hook at 1.3 ppm or below. That number has not been upgraded. Why is that level important? In my opinion, it’s because copper is bacteriostatic and algicidal in practice at between 0.1 and 1.0 ppm. Thus, one can SAFELY DRINK water which is being purified against microorganisms with copper.

And THAT would include the Moscow Mule, depending upon how long it sits.

I refer you now to an excellent article, which relies on a breathless scaremongering headline, but actually DOES provide a balanced set of viewpoints on both the DANGERS and BENEFITS of dietary copper.

Sipping This Popular Cocktail Is a “Health Hazard,” Experts Say




First of all, copper isn’t really a “heavy metal” IMO, but whatever. It’s heavier than some.

You will note, after reading at the link, that you have to drink a ton of Moscow Mules, or a few that have sat around for a very long time, to MAYBE get sickened by them.

In general, avoid drinking acidic things that have been in contact with copper for a long time, and you will be OK.

Remember – most household water has sat around in copper pipes for quite a while at neutral pH, and it’s simply not toxic (due to copper). You DO get less lead if you flush your water 30 seconds before getting drinking water, but again – we’re talking about levels that would make Romans, Victorians, and even people from 70 years ago howl with laughter at our prissy over-concern – even knowing the science.

Perspective is very important – as you are about to see in a beautiful example of the failure of modern science, thanks to CCP socialism infecting both global science and science publishing.

Failure of Socialized Science and Peer Review Exposed in a JAMA-Published Ivermectin Study

The fact that Pierre Kory now calls JAMA “PHAMA” is a nice short way of saying that medicine has been utterly taken over by the pharmaceutical industry, and IMO set back several thousand years. Hippocrates would be HORRIFIED by what has happened to medicine – and I say that as somebody OUTSIDE medicine, and a lot closer to the pharmaceutical industry.

IMO it’s too late to save the pharmaceutical industry from scandalous criminal survival – but it’s not too late to save the profession of medicine from utter moral death. And thus, you will be treated to my following scientific opinion.

Steve Kirsch doesn’t play defense. He saw how JAMA (the Journal of the American Medical Association) completely FUMBLED an ivermectin paper, and how Pierre Kory picked it up off the ground, taking complete control, but more or less just standing there, lamenting the bad refs and horrible cheating. So Kirsch did the only thing he does. He grabbed the ball from Kory and ran it back for a touchdown.

“New JAMA paper show Ivermectin blows the COVID vaccines out of the water”

This is an utter reversal of the conclusion of the paper.

All because some guy in the stands named “Massimaux” spotted the free ball and yelled “FUMBLE!!!”

If you understand science, and science publishing, then you will see that what Kirsch did here was BRUTAL. And I’m gonna show you where all the bruises and black eyes are.

I almost feel sorry for JAMA, but not enough to miss this opportunity to LEAP ONTO THE DOGPILE and give AMA’s hare-brained PC leadership a good WEDGIE.

Don’t worry about the AMA. They’re protected by Pfizer, Biden, and the media. And just like any good mafia arrangement, as long as AMA keeps saying the right things, and not saying the wrong things, everything is gonna be OK.

Everything but science. But that’s OK, too.

We’ll take care of things. Just like we did here.

Here is the Kirsch gab that grabbed my attention.

Repeating for Zoe, as well as our silicon friends…..

Steve Kirsch

New JAMA paper show Ivermectin blows the COVID vaccines out of the water

New JAMA paper show Ivermectin blows the COVID vaccines out of the water

Whoops! How embarrassing! The CDC gave you bad advice. If you want to survive COVID, you should use the drug they said to avoid, and avoid the drug they said to…

View Link Feed


Now, as soon as I saw this, I was going….

“Wait a second. I thought there was some paper just out that Alex Berenson said was basically the end of ivermectin, although scientifically, I know that’s pretty much impossible. I know there is SOME explanation for why this paper (which I have not read yet) has to be deviating in some way from the MANY papers that show limited but solid efficacy – and especially against DEATH – just like HCQ. But this CANNOT be the same paper. No way! Kirsch would not be saying this unless the results were stunningly IN FAVOR of ivermectin, and there is no WAY that some authors with a NEGATIVE-LEANING study would be……. I mean….. WHAT THE HELL????”

SO – I just stopped to see what in the hell paper Kirsch was talking about.


This is the SAME PAPER.



This is the SAME PAPER that caused Alex Berenson to issue TWO articles:

Ivermectin fails

To the ivermectin fanatics

Now we’ve discussed (in the comments on this site) Berenson’s very weird attack on Robert Malone when they appeared together on Fox News, which didn’t make sense THEN, but which does NOW – and I will explain that momentarily. But first, back to Kirsch.

Kirsch explains that – YES – this paper states in BOTH its abstract and its conclusion the following:

“The study findings do not support the use of ivermectin for patients with COVID-19.”

However, that is NOT what the data says.

Certainly not to everybody.

Certainly not to me.

In other words, DIFFERENT scientists (like Kirsch, Kory, me, and an anonymous Twitter poster names Massimaux, who found the key issue) have looked at the data, and see something quite different.

Kory goes into a rather long analysis of the whole war against ivermectin, but Kirsch digs into Kory’s article and then finds and elucidates the key nugget – discovered by Massimaux – that just ends the arguments.

It helps to read this in Kirsch’s article, but if you’re going to be lazy, I’ll explain here.

Here is Massimaux’s tweet:

Look at the bottom line in the two tables and compare. Not only is ivermectin CLEARLY better than the vaccine at preventing death – the significance of the result is significantly greater.

If the efficacy of ivermectin against death is not true, then very little else in the study is true.

This data says that ivermectin is exactly what we’ve been saying it is. It’s not a miracle cure, but it WORKS – particularly in preventing DEATH – its only real purpose. That result is IN THE PAPER. It is IN THE DATA. And if the authors want to argue that it’s not in the data, because it’s not significant enough, then nothing ELSE is in the data, because most everything else is even LESS significant.

Now it’s very important to realize that this nice little pair of tables FROM THE DATA is not due to the original authors – it’s due to a POST-PUBLICATION “peer review” by somebody who looked at the very same data, and PROVED using the authors’ own data that they were WRONG to say that the data didn’t support use of ivermectin.

So why did the authors tack on that wrong statement?

Did the EDITORS make them tack on that statement?
Did the AUTHORS tack it on to get the paper to publish?
Or is the “peer bias” against ivermectin, mostly due to the media, SO STRONG that scientists didn’t even look through their own data to see a conclusion they didn’t want to see?

Or is it a combination of ALL of these?

It is clearly in the data that ivermectin is three times as effective as the vaccines in preventing death. Even more importantly, if you add in what is known OUTSIDE the paper in question – namely the adverse effects of the vaccine and the safety of ivermectin, then it’s a no-brainer to NOT take the vaccine and to just use ivermectin. And Kirsch explains THAT rather nicely.

The data LITERALLY justify our position.

This was my hunch all along, and as vaccine side effects loomed larger and larger, and ivermectin proved to be rather shockingly harmless, even at antiviral doses comparable to large-animal systemic antiparasitic doses. All ivermectin had to do was prevent death to some moderate extent, and it was a no-brainer that people should take it.

To conclude anything else, based on the data, is murderous folly, in my opinion.

When I was a young lad – a mere student – but also one who WROTE PAPERS (because I had a great professor who TRAINED US to be full-blooded scientists), we EXPECTED to be CRITICIZED in peer review by people exactly like Steve Kirsch, Pierre Kory, and myself. We expected that others would look at data and see it completely differently.

And we would then have to ACKNOWLEDGE the alternative interpretations, or convince the editors that the criticism was not even worth acknowledging (a VERY rare occurrence in any legitimately contested field).

My lab had PRACTICE criticizing other people’s work – and we expected it in return. I personally found quite a few errors in the literature. Most were small – mostly problems of the writing – but some were huge and affected the science. Sometimes the big errors would only partially alter the author’s conclusions, but other times they had a significant impact.

However, I have to admit that I never ran into data which PROVED THE OPPOSITE of the authors’ main conclusion – even if only to the critic – and THAT is what we have here.

PEER REVIEW is designed to subject a paper to (hopefully at least TWO) critical readers who will very likely DEMAND improvements. Those improvements often mean acknowledging DIFFERENT views of the data as being possible and maybe even reasonable.

That kind of QUALITY peer review was VERY OBVIOUSLY not done here.

What we have RIGHT HERE is a demonstration that HERD REVIEW is much more important than PEER REVIEW.

PEER REVIEW is subject to BIAS. It is subject to SUBVERSION and GAMING.

I go back to the Zhang mask paper, for crying out loud.

To me, this will always remain a horrifying example of “fitting the data to the theory”, rather than looking to see what the data says. You can just look at this graph and see the crime.

I lay this stuff SQUARELY at the feet of SOCIALISM, which has politicized science and removed control of science from the people of science themselves, investing much of it in a media which WILL NOT question government narratives. People raised under socialism who become “go-alongers” – and so SOME degree that is everybody – stop questioning things that need to be questioned.

I have WATCHED and I have SEEN how WEF and CCP corruption have degraded science everywhere.

They’re not going to fix this stuff – at least not yet.

But until then, know this:

Ivermectin WORKS, and it was just proven by people who said it doesn’t work.

Thanks to HERD REVIEW.

One last point.

Why did Alex Berenson not see this?

IMO, it’s because Berenson is simply not a scientist – he’s an investigative journalist. Thus, his virtue-signaling attack on Malone was meant to show “journalistic balance”, NOT that he himself had deeply researched the history of the topic, in which case he (Berenson) would have likely said “Yes, Malone really is the most foundational of the founding fathers of the tech.”

But let’s not blame Alex too hard. THE AUTHORS OF THIS STUDY – that’s right – the authors themselves – didn’t see it, either.

See what I’ve always said? Real science is contentious.

But it has a good heart.

It wants the TRUTH.


Thank you all for being here. Have a great weekend.


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Elizabeth Carter

I posted this transcript of Putin’s speech on yesterday’s Qtree. I wanted to be sure people get a chance to read it. The media is very selective in their quotes taken from the speech.
Putin’s Speech This Morning, Feb 24, 2022 – The Marshall Report (


Thank you Liz, I didn’t see it in yesterday’s Qtree 👍🙂


Very interesting speech. I can see his point. Too bad very few people will actually hear the speech or read it. Instead, they’ll get cabal media blathering.


Putin: “As for military affairs, even after the dissolution of the USSR and losing a considerable part of its capabilities, today’s Russia remains one of the most powerful nuclear states. Moreover, it has a certain advantage in several cutting-edge weapons. In this context, there should be no doubt for anyone that any potential aggressor will face defeat and ominous consequences should it directly attack our country.”


A solution to end all wars.

It’s pretty simple, really.

Military should be for defense only.

And the corrupt political-class has no business declaring war on anyone.

So in the future, if any political-class of any nation engages in non-defensive military action against another Sovereign State, it is that political-class which has declared War on another state, NOT the nation or the People of that nation.

And in response, the militaries of ALL nations are authorized to eliminate whatever rogue political-class started the war.

Then the People of the nation whose corrupt political-class started the war will elect new leadership, and balance is restored.

Thus, in addition to whatever internal checks and balances to political-class corruption a nation may have (which have failed utterly, in our case), there would also be external checks and balances to political-class corruption.

Because no matter how powerful any one nation’s military is, no military could defend their criminal political-class against ALL militaries.

And for once in all of humanity, if members of the criminal political-class decide to start a war, they can be sure that THEY will be the ones to pay the price for it, and not millions of innocent civilians.

That way, all you psychopaths can murder each other, and leave the People — who never attack anyone — out of it.


Well, the statement by Mr. Putin about potential aggressors directly attacking the Russian state would face “ominous” repercussions (translation: their getting nuked) seems to be a pretty stark warning to “President” Biden and his handlers (maybe even [KS]).


Even our ignorant Pentagon AND IC can understand that warnng.

Which they’ll heed. IF for no other reason, the threat would be carried out literally ON the US. Where the Pentagon shitheads and IC live.


“Which they’ll heed. IF for no other reason, the threat would be carried out literally ON the US. Where the Pentagon shitheads and IC live.”


I’m sure they’d all be safe in bunkers, and whisked away to their bolt-holes in New Zealand with the lovely vampire Nazi woman, Jacinda Ardern. They would be cheering the destruction of America from afar.

The Pentagon and IC don’t care about America or the American People, they despise us. Maybe not nearly as much as we should despise them, but still.

So it makes much more sense in every way for the targets of our criminal political-class to eliminate the criminal political-class.

Piglosi, Hussein, JB, Clinton and all their various entourages, and all their traitor RINO pets, they are the ones making war on the world (certainly including us) — NOT the American People.


The DS never directly attacks anyone. But they sure do get others to do it for them, with dozens of examples over the last 30 years. Can’t nuke the DS


Well that’s just it, you’re not threatening Russia with aggression, and I’m not threatening Russia with aggression, it’s the criminal political-class who is threatening Russia with aggression.

Why in the world should Putin nuke America, when the American People didn’t do anything at all to him or his country?

WTH do We the People have to do with the criminal political-class?

We didn’t elect them, we elected Trump in an historic landslide, and the criminals stole the election. They are not legitimate in any way, they are criminals.

If the other nations of the world eliminated our criminal political-class, wiped them out, they would be our liberators.

If Russia and other nations have a problem with our criminal political-class, get in line and join the club.

If they want to eliminate our criminal political-class, who’s stopping them?

Certainly not We the People.

Who hates our criminal political-class more than we do?


Thats sure a winning war via the people.


One of the other things about copper is that taking zinc supplements can slowly leach necessary copper out of your system.


One benefit, of Covidiocy has been my plus ups on vitamins and minerals. Intend to maintain this perspective in the future. Nothing to do with Covidiocy, believe it is better for my immune system. Learned so much here QTree.

As we exit covidiocy, I have ratcheted back my daily zinc. Briefly 50 many, many months ago. Mostly 40 the past year plus. More recently 30. Perhaps 20 is better in the future. Dunno.

NOT seeking medical advice. Rather thoughts regarding amount daily zinc to boost the immune system.

This is on my list to ask the quack about next month. Problem here is, I truly wonder if they KNOW the best answer, is she spouting CDC / FDA BS, or simply spouting nonsense they figure sounds medically sound.


See my comment to Wolf just above.


It’s just important not to take too much. 25 mg of zinc per day is sufficient. And be more careful if you eat a lot of red meat, which has lots of zinc.


Good to know, as I enjoy red meat. Daily.


Me, too.

I still take the 25 mg of zinc, though. But I have blood work done once a year to keep an eye on all my levels. I highly recommend it. That way, I know if I am over- or under-doing anything.


Zinc is an ingredient of lots of brands of multivitamins.
Zinc is an ingredient of the Airborne supplement.
Zinc is an ingredient of eye supplement, like Bausch & Lomb’s PreserVision AREDS2 — 80mg of Zinc alone in the recommended 2 daily doses of this supplement.
Point is — that daily amount of Zinc per day can be high without one really knowing it. It pays to know exactly what’s in every multivitamin or supplement one takes.


Yup. Good reminder.

Thankfully this has been mentioned several times the past couple years. Slow folk like me, likely would not have picked up on it otherwise.

Folks sharing information is always appreciated, useful and commonly applied in our lives.


That’s why I recommend a blood test yearly to know levels for certain.


Back in “the good old days” (pre-Covid), I would only supplement during “cold and flu season” [and never had a bad flu]. Since the BS kicked in, I’ve been supplementing zinc year-round….and being concerned about long-term effects.


My eye medicine has both zinc and cooper to balance.
Personally being older I rather take Bausch+Lomb Preser Vision eye vitamins and minerals than just zinc. 40mg zinc 1mg cooper twice a day. i have been taking this for 20 years no problem. Also has Vitamin C, E, Lutein and Zeaxanthin.

bflyjesusgrl 🍊 😎NUCLEAR MAGA😎

That’s why I only buy a zinc supplement that includes added copper. 😉

NOW Foods, L-OptiZinc, 30 mg w/ .3mg Copper

Since my multi and other supps contain zinc, I can safely take this and stay under the 50mg daily zinc threshold.

Last edited 2 years ago by bflyjesusgrl 🍊 😎MEGA MAGA GAME ON😎
Cuppa Covfefe

I just chew on some old copper pipe for my copper, and some galvanized to get my zinc, and wash it down with plenty of bacon 😀

Throw in everything but the kitchen zinc, I always say 🙂

Deplorable Patriot

And the kitchen sink is likely made out of stainless steel.

bflyjesusgrl 🍊 😎NUCLEAR MAGA😎



I take a multi vitamin with copper to counter that.


Last weekend was the Engine Modelers meeting, and a member mentioned making a tiny gas tank using a copper bracket and a test tube. He held them together using Loc-Tite.

Turns out that the Loc-Tite hardening process uses copper — to the point where they sell a “Loc-Tite Accelerator” goo that is just a copper salt in solution. But fitting something together with an actual piece of solid copper is nearly instantaneous, as the member discovered.

Finally, the horseshoe crab, common on the Atlantic coast, has blood that is a startling blue. That’s because they don’t use iron (like human blood does) in hemoglobin…..they use copper in hemocyanin.


Atlantic coast horseshoe crabs have blue blood.

MD, likely several states on Atlantic coast. “Blue” crabs are commonly advertised at road side stands selling crabs.

We literally bought blue crabs by the shopping bag. Serious crab feasts were had.


One time I took a friend of mine on a trip down South to Savannah. We were driving around and I spotted a crab shack. I was super excited to have blue crab again. She was allergic to iodine, but consented to watch. I ordered two dozen.

When they came, the server dumped the pile onto the newspaper on the table, and my friend said “no way in hell are you going to eat all of that!” (I weigh about 130 pounds)

She was shocked when I cleaned them down to the shell, every last one! When I put my mind to it, I can EAT! I don’t get seafood much in Montana.



You were in our neck of the woods for spending quality vacation time – the low country. We go over and spend about 6 weeks a year over there and usually stay in Hilton Head. Blue crab’s the thing along with local oysters and sweet Carolina shrimp.


Yum! Hilton Head is beautiful. I love the South.

Deplorable Patriot

Is this the same for the blue crab found in the Chesapeake Bay?

True story: we went to the beach on the Potomac side of Point Lookout at the tip of the western shore. Living in Southern Maryland for a few years, you got your beach time in before the Fourth of July and sea nettles showed up. Anyway, some kid was walking through the surf, and every now and then would dip his net into the water and come up with a crab. He never failed.


Horseshoe crabs are not true crabs.

Mind you, there are other critters (e.g. mollusks, some shellfish, scorpions, spiders and ticks) which also use hemocyanin. Crabs, which are of the order Decapoda and class Malacostraca, probably do as well — (at 7.2.3).


I vacation each year near Charleston, SC and walking the beach each morning find many dead Horseshoe crabs. I once wondered why this was happening. Their blood is used:
What is horseshoe crab blood used for? | Ask a Naturalist®


“Or is the “peer bias” against ivermectin, mostly due to the media, SO STRONG that scientists didn’t even look through their own data to see a conclusion they didn’t want to see?”


Or is the ‘peer bias” in FAVOR of vaxxine, mostly due to BIG PHARMA, so STRONG that scientists didn’t even look through their own data to see a conclusion KNEW the article was a LIE and intentionally published the lie because of big $$$ from Big Pharma?


Yeah, you got it.


>>> Thank you all for being here.

Thank you for hosting us!!!


“We expected that others would look at data and see it completely differently.”


Which is why you have to anticipate your opponent’s arguments and preemptively defeat them.

Unless it’s a two-way discussion, in which case you can leave a few as traps, so you can dunk on them when they take the bait. 😁

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“However, I have to admit that I never ran into data which PROVED THE OPPOSITE of the authors’ main conclusion – even if only to the critic – and THAT is what we have here.”


And what are the chances that something so exceedingly rare is just coincidence, or bad luck, vs. intentional design?


There was a narrative that must be supported. Study bought AND paid for. Had to deliver EXPECTED conclusions.

Hide the truth in plain sight.

Mob rule silenced honest peer review. Bribes, licenses, employment…

IVM bad. Vaccines good.

  • Gleefully supported by CDC, FDA, Big Pharma greed.
  • HUGELY OBSCENE profits.

ALL of this, ORDERED by WEF to support Global Reset.

Cuppa Covfefe

But….but….but… THE SCIENCE IS SETTLED!!! (Said in my best Manniac voice)… or maybe “John Cooked the books” voice… 97% doncha know…

Climastrology, aka Gore-Bull Warming laid the groundwork… or built on the fawlty foundation of “Silent Spring”, “The Quiet Crisis”, and the Ozone lies… That’s where they perfected lying “models”, corrupt and Kontrolled peer (fear?) reviews, and YSM/MCM media releases supporting their jaundiced views…

Science is in dire need of rehabilitation. And BOTH of Eisenhower’s warnings have, it seems, been pretty much ignored… Of course, the DEMONRATS painted him as a “caretaker” president, doddery, inflexible (due to his military background… unTruman spread that lie), and probably was blamed for everything from the Korean War to the bad winters of the early 1960s…

Seems he was a lot sharper and prescient than he was given credit for…


Thinking of horseshoe crabs, which we don’t have in the Pacific, reminded me of a fun peculiarity in SCUBA.

It’s somewhat difficult to talk underwater, so there is a sort of sign language for divers. However, there is room for regional dialects. As an example, the sign for “lobster” in the Atlantic or Caribbean is to make claws of your hands.

If you do this to point out a lobster in Hawaii, they’ll think you’re nuts. Pacific lobsters don’t have giant front claws. Normally, when you see a lobster in the Pacific, it’s backed into the coral and you see its long antennae reaching out — so the sign of lobster in Hawaii is a set of antennae.


“PEER REVIEW is designed to subject a paper to (hopefully at least TWO) critical readers who will very likely DEMAND improvements.”


Since it is beyond clear that the ‘honor system’ and any sense of good will within the scientific and medical establishments has been nuked to oblivion, why not drop the worthless ‘peer review’ model and go FULL BOUNTY?

Incentivize ‘peer review’ with financial reward.

Like they do in crypto for white hat hackers, offering financial rewards for bringing bugs and security vulnerabilities to the attention of the crypto design team, instead of exploiting the vulnerability themselves.


“I lay this stuff SQUARELY at the feet of SOCIALISM,”


Maybe we should re-think that.

Socialism can’t be ostracized.

Socialism can’t be stripped of its licenses to practice.

Socialism can’t be sued and asset-stripped.

Socialism can’t be prosecuted and imprisoned.

Socialism can’t be punished.

But you know who can?

Individuals who commit crimes under the guise of any bogus ideology, including Socialism.

* Alinsky RULE 12: Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.”

Cut off the support network and isolate the target from sympathy. Go after people and not institutions; people hurt faster than institutions. (This is cruel, but very effective. Direct, personalized criticism and ridicule works.)”

(boldface emphasis mine)

In this case, ‘socialism’ is like an institution.

Go after the PEOPLE committing heinous acts of ‘socialism’, and the ideology of ‘socialism’ will vanish for a generation, until enough people have forgotten what it is, until the monsters think it’s ‘safe’ for ‘socialism’ to come out again.

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“THE AUTHORS OF THIS STUDY – that’s right – the authors themselves – didn’t see it, either.”


Considering the totality of the circumstances, which is more likely:

1) They didn’t see it


2) In order to continue advancing their illogical arguments Bogu$ studies and Lie$, modern liberals ‘doctor$’ and ‘$cientists’ have to pretend not to know things

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Cuppa Covfefe

As Upton Sinclair said, “It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends on his not understanding it.”

He said that in 1934, and, sad to say, it’s still true today…

Deplorable Patriot

It’s called social conditioning, a key in communist brainwashing.

Yes, Upton Sinclair was a communist and wrote all sorts of fiction that was really propaganda in disguise.

Cuppa Covfefe

He was also a candidate for Governor of California, so that figures…

His point was true, however…


It’s exhausting not being able to trust the media, journalists, scientists, and the medical establishment. I’m not a scientist or a doctor, and yet I have to research everything just to try to be sure I’m on the right path.


“It’s exhausting not being able to trust the media, journalists, scientists, and the medical establishment.”


You might try always beginning with the premise that they are lying.

Not fibbing or exaggerating or minimizing, but flat out lying through their *&^%ing teeth.

If we start with the idea that the exact opposite of whatever they’re saying is true, I would guess we’ll be right (or close enough) at least 50% of the time.

Probably more like 95% of the time, but you know, I like to play it safe 😁

The other thing is that if we’re dealing with known bad actors, or people with lots of connections to known bad actors, starting with the premise that their motives are evil will almost never let you down.

I say ‘almost’ because I like to allow for the possibility, but I can’t think of a time when that premise turned out to be wrong.


Yes, and that is what is exhausting. I don’t have time to go to medical school. 😜


The Baake decision says you’re never too old.

Cuppa Covfefe

Or too white…

Oh, wait…..


I feel you there!

It almost feels like my last two years have been a crash course in medicine. Of course, as an herbalist, my first inclination is to find the “natural” alternative to whatever “poison” Big Pharma is pushing. Because as far as I’m concerned, nature is always better, as far as possible. Obviously, it works better as a preventative for most illnesses, because once you are very sick, like with cancer, natural methods are usually not harsh enough to cure you.

It used to be easier to convince most people to try the natural route as a healthy way to go, but these last two years the Big Pharma Propaganda Machine, and the Mass Formation Psychosis have been in OVERDRIVE, making it much more of an uphill battle. Now I have to KNOW all of the WRONG SCIENCE to try to convince people of HOW AND WHY it is wrong.


Havana Syndrome: High-level national security officials stricken with unexplained illness on White House grounds

This is a long article with interviews of people who have been affected. I haven’t read it all, but what I’ve seen happened during the Trump years.

Since 2016, U.S. government officials overseas and their families have reported sudden, unexplained, brain injuries with symptoms of vertigo, confusion and memory loss. The CIA, FBI and State Department are investigating a theory that some of these officials were injured by an unseen weapon. Who might be targeting Americans and why are unknown. Incidents have been reported in Europe, Asia, and Latin America, but our reporting has found senior national security officials who say they were stricken in Washington and on the grounds of the White House. The former officials you are about to meet are revealing their experiences for the first time. They were responsible for helping to manage threats to national security…

Olivia Troye was homeland security and counterterrorism adviser to Vice President Mike Pence. She had served in the Pentagon, deployed to Iraq, served in the Defense Intelligence Agency and the National Counterterrorism Center. At the White House, she worked in the 19th century Eisenhower Executive Office Building beside the West Wing. In the summer of 2019, she was descending stairs, toward the White House, when she felt she had been physically struck.

Olivia Troye: But it was like this piercing feeling on the side of my head, it was like, I remember it was on the right side of my head and I got like, vertigo. I was unsteady, I was, I felt nauseous, I was somewhat disoriented, and I was just, I remember thinking, “OK you gotta—don’t fall down the stairs. You’ve gotta find your ground again and steady yourself.”

She steadied herself on a railing but the “piercing feeling” continued as she passed by an entrance to the West Wing.

Olivia Troye: It was almost like I couldn’t really process. It was like a paralyzing panic attack. I’ve never had that. I’ve never felt anything like that. And so I– you know, I– I thought to myself, “I mean, do I have a brain tumor out of the blue? Is this what happens? Am I having a stroke?”

Olivia Troye was inside the security perimeter—headed to her car. She went down the steps, past the West Wing and down the closed parking lot, used by presidents, called West Executive Avenue. Then she passed through the Secret Service gate and out to the staff parking in the Ellipse, south of the White House.

Scott Pelley: Did you ever experience anything like this again?

Olivia Troye: So not immediately. But I did again about a year later. It didn’t happen on the steps. It happened a couple times walking to my car on the Ellipse.

These events happened to individuals at various times, not to one group of people in a single location. And children have been affected.


We met Robyn Garfield in 2019. He’s a Commerce Department official who told us that he, his wife and two children were repeatedly hit in China.

Scott Pelley: Your daughter was literally falling down?

Robyn Garfield: Yes, she fell down multiple times a day.

They were evacuated and enrolled in a State Department treatment program at the University of Pennsylvania. Recently, Garfield told us his family was hit again during their year of treatment in Philadelphia. 

Robyn Garfield: My wife catapulted out of bed and sprinted down the hallway to check the children without any word. And she came back, and she told me that an extremely loud, painful, sound had woken her up.

So, they moved to a hotel where Garfield says it happened again. 

Robyn Garfield: And we woke up around I believe 2:00 a.m. with strange vibrations in our bodies, and a sound.

Which led Garfield to check on his children, in another room. 

Robyn Garfield: I saw an extremely eerie scene where both were thrashing in their beds– asleep. But both kicking and moving pretty aggressively. And I went over to my daughter, and I put my head down next to her head. And I heard a very distinct sound, just right there sort of like water rushing. So, I picked her up, took her and put her with my wife, and I came back and I checked my son. Same sound just right next to his head. So, I picked him up, put him on my shoulder, walked over to my wife and I said, “We’re getting out of here.” 

Garfield reported this to the FBI. Today, his family is posted abroad where they continue to work to improve balance, eyesight and memory. 

Robyn Garfield: This is the most difficult aspect of this whole issue for me are the children who’ve been impacted, both mine as well as many others. I personally know the parents of, I believe, eight other children. I can tell you I’ve personally seen balance issues in children that have never had that. Trouble with finding their words, stuttering. And then continuing challenges around vision. One of the things that we have heard from some parents is that these are manifesting in the classroom in real, tangible ways.

Persistent neurological symptoms are not the only fight these Americans have faced. Some of their early reports were dismissed as psychosomatic, or illnesses connected to an infection or exposure to pesticides. Some were told that they were suffering the effect of old sports injuries. One theory had it that the sound these victims heard during the incidents was actually a particular species of cicada. 

The sound of rushing water is striking. More at the link.


“The CIA, FBI and State Department are investigating a theory that some of these officials were injured by an unseen weapon.”


Considering the track record of the C_A, FIB and State Dept., the number one suspect that they should be investigating is themselves.

They are also the #2 through #10 suspect.

In fact, you have to get down the list to around suspect #100 before you get to anyone who is not a part of the U.S. government.


They’re looking at microwave technology.

[Physicist] James Benford: I think the best explanation, the most plausible, is that it’s a high-power microwave weapon.

James Benford is a physicist and leading authority on microwaves. He was not part of the government studies, but he co-wrote the book on microwave transmission. These are portable microwave transmitters of the kind that could damage the tissues of the brain.

James Benford: There are many kinds, and they can go anywhere in size from a suitcase all the way up to a large tractor trailer unit. And the bigger the device, the longer the range. 

Scott Pelley: This would be able to transmit its microwave energy through the wall of a van, the wall of a home, something like that?

James Benford: Vans have windows, microwaves go through glass. They go through brick. They go through practically everything.

The technology, Benford told us, has been studied more than 50 years.

James Benford: It’s been developed widely in, perhaps, a dozen countries. The primary countries are the United States, Russia and China.


Everything is so messed up.


Call me a crank but what if 5G acts as an antidote to this mystery weapon? Asking for the hell of it just to annoy people.  😜 


And what if Covid makes you immune to the REAL bioweapon plague that was under development?

Sort of like how sickle-cell anemia makes you more resistant to malaria….

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Cuppa Covfefe

Yeah. Why stop now 😆


It’s a Mickey Mouse world and some people want to live in the “Magic Kingdom” … 5G is magic kingdom … doesn’t matter if it transmorgrifies the earth 🌎 negatively, it’s 5G .. dammit

c8e to 30 seconds to skip commercial yada yada, catch a few notes then leave …

Remember the Disney World character Fidget, he sang “Imagination” when it was really “indoctrination” …


I don’t trust 5G …

Cuppa Covfefe

Remember the one where he made copies of himself… that didn’t work out quite as he planned… and his copier was based on the transmogrifier…

It seems to be more ToonTown than Mickey Mouse… everything’s bent, crooked, and topsy-turvy. (Bet the carpenters had a heck of a time building those things).

(Have to admit, I enjoyed that part of Disneyland about the most… my son, on the other hand, loved Autopia. He hasn’t (yet) had the “joy” of driving on LA freeways during rush hour gridlock 🙂 )

Cuppa Covfefe

The Duplicator (transmogrifier turned over):

comment image


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That and the snowmen series of cartoons


.. snowmen .. errr persons

Cuppa Covfefe

This was my favorite… how Calvin, erm, Watterson could conceive of this… brilliant…

comment image

Here’s the fandom snowman page. Someone’s put together a whole collection of full-panel snowmen…


… 🧐👍😜🤚❤️‼️


Oh it’s a fun place, my sons enjoyed it. The younger one was on a ride or something an Mickey Mouse came over to say hi, my son took the characters hand and shoved it away as he was totally focused on the ride steering wheel. Bwahahahahaha

Cuppa Covfefe

Same here.

And because 5G transmitters and repeaters have to be line-of-sight, there have to be TONS of them. They’re saying every 100 meters over here.

Sorry, but I don’t want to cook in my own house. Microwaves are for food, not people…

It may well be that the effects (or purpose, or both) of 5G is not some kooky theory, but actually real…


Yes, articles here would be good. I have no confidence in the SeeIA to get to the bottom of it, or to tell us the truth or protect us — both individually and as a country.

Former national security adviser John Bolton fears there is a threat to the highest levels of government—given the two national security officials who say they were overcome on West Executive Avenue by the West Wing inside the White House gates. 

John Bolton: If we were at war and an adversary could disable the president and his top advisors, or commanders in the field. It could render us extraordinarily vulnerable. We don’t know that that’s the threat we’re facing. But I would much rather focus on finding out the answer now, rather than finding out later when it may be too late.

Former Homeland Security chief of staff Miles Taylor says he believes he was targeted in two mysterious incidents at his Washington home. 

Miles Taylor: Someone is trying to send us a message that they can strike blows against us and we can’t strike back. That line being crossed into the United States takes this in some ways just shy of the realm of warfare.

Scott Pelley: Is the national security structure in danger of being incapacitated during a time of crisis?

William Burns: No, I don’t think that’s the case. 

Scott Pelley: But if people are being overcome on West Executive Avenue, is that an indication that the White House and its grounds are no longer safe?

William Burns: No. I don’t believe that’s the case. What it is an indication of is that we need to take each of these reported incidents very seriously. And as a government– and this is a government-wide effort– to pour the very best resources we have into this.

Scott Pelley: What line is crossed if a hostile actor is doing this in Washington, D.C.?

William Burns: Oh, that– that would be a pretty profound line to be crossed if in fact that were the case; if we were ever able to develop concrete evidence that that were the case. But we do not have evidence of that at this point.

Scott Pelley: You understand how frustrating your comments must be to some of these people who believe they know exactly what happened to them, on what day and at what time, and what happened to their children. And yet, the director of the CIA is saying we can’t connect the dots. We don’t know enough yet.

William Burns: we’re not at a position yet where we can offer hard evidence that would connect all those dots. But as I said, we’re not done yet. We still have a lotta work to do. And what I’ve said directly to a number of those officers is my promise, is that I am absolutely committed to exhausting every alternative so that we can provide the kind of answers that we owe them.

This past summer in Geneva, President Biden raised the issue with Russian President Putin. The Russians deny they’re involved. The Secret Service declined to comment on White House security. The iron gates of West Executive Avenue, by the West Wing, went up in 1951 after the attempted assassination of Harry Truman. Seventy years later, there is evidence the gates may have been breached by an invisible threat.


“John Bolton: If we were at war and an adversary could disable the president and his top advisors, or commanders in the field. It could render us extraordinarily vulnerable.”


That’s a brilliant observation John.

Welcome to the end of the thought process, it’s terrific that you could make it.

You should call somebody in government and give them the skinny on this conclusion of yours, I’m sure you’re the first one to think of it…. 🙄

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It’s aliens.


We’ve had some articles here on microwave technology as it pertains to physics.

Cuppa Covfefe

They’ve done lots of work on it in Sweden, who managed to get SAR standards and electro-smog measurement going over here. Some people are especially sensitive, for example, to low-frequency radiation from power lines (50 Hz) and actually turn of the circuits in their bedrooms, to avoid the “noise”.

The cellphone radiation thing IS REAL, and the industry and media are doing everything they can to make those complaining about it, or questioning it look like Dr. Irwin Corey… nutty professor…

As an aside, if Winnie should decide to puff an EMF device somewhere, over the US or Europe, a lot of this glitzy tech will go poof, as will varying degrees of our infrastructure. And, hmmm, who makes our biggest transformers….

Yet another reason to go back to the basics… Sometimes having a REALLY old car around might not be a bad idea… (cf Chiefio’s posts on that subject)…


“James Benford: It’s been developed widely in, perhaps, a dozen countries. The primary countries are the United States, Russia and China.”



Microwaves do not go thru metal, which is why the kitchen variety is made from metal.

I wonder if metal door frames, or similar, create nodes where microwaves congregate and become a ‘hot spot’.

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Cuppa Covfefe

But unless you have a Faraday cage, some will get through. And the DEW weapons (real and rumored) have field strengths orders of magnitude higher than a kitchen microwave. Probably would pop a bag of microwave popcorn in under one second and set it on fire.

And yes, there probably are nodes; just think of standing waves in a microwave oven, especially when you leave a spoon in a cup of coffee, or cook something in a supposedly safe metal (aluminum) container. They used to sell TV dinners over here that could supposedly stand that, but they’ve been pulled off the market for some time now…


“…but our reporting has found senior national security officials who say they were stricken in Washington and on the grounds of the White House.”


If that was true, then the POTUS would be in immediate danger, making it the #1 security threat to those who are responsible for protecting the POTUS, and by extension, every agency of government tasked with protecting the nation.

Which would immediately result in bringing the full force and power of the entire federal government to bear on:

A) protecting the POTUS

B) identifying the source of the problem

C) eliminating the source of the problem

It wouldn’t be some anecdote conveniently dropped in a 60 Minutes propaganda piece.

I may be a little jaded, I just find it impossible to believe that everyone in a position of power and authority (and the always associated wealth that attaches like white on rice) is a clueless bumbling idiot, and yet somehow still manages to remain in power.


“Olivia Troye was homeland security and counterterrorism adviser to Vice President Mike Pence.”


In which case every single word out of her mouth is automatically suspect and presumed a lie.


There are extensive investigations, so it’s not just a media piece. There are many others affected besides Troye, too. But I also had alarm bells about it happening on the WH grounds.

I also am positive that the director of the SEEIA is not going to tell what he knows about it, even if he were a MAGA person. I have no doubt there is much more to the story.


Sometimes peaceful guns are some of the best kinds.

Sometimes… 👍 😁


“An armed society is a polite society.”


One time I was talking to a vendor at a gun show and he said, “I’ve done all sorts of shows and everyone is so nice at gun shows” — so I shared the above quote.


Just like they handled COVID-19 and SARS-CoV-2.

Exactly. Done with that.

Cuppa Covfefe

Makes one wonder what’s in those walls they’re building…


who say they were stricken in Washington and on the grounds of the White House.”

Maybe that’s why His Fraudulency is so nonfunctional…😂


Which leads us to where His Fraudulency resided for may years…

The capitol of dysfunction, The Capitol Building.


That’s why he goes home to Delaware every weekend – to clear the voices from his head. Do this, Joe. Say that, Joe. Eat ice cream, Joe.


More cat torture….


It appears that as long as she keeps brushing, the brush will continue to remove hair.

Assuming the groomer is not checking to determine whether this might be a super rare bald cat, how does she know when to stop brushing?

Last edited 2 years ago by scott467

First, she seems to really lean on the equigroomer widget — and it may have an internal shutoff; or….

Second, she may have some experience with this. In some of her other videos, she has piles nearly as big as the original animal at the end of the grooming.


One of mine is like that. Gets dreds if not brushed weekly. Piles of hair like you describe.
Very thick undercoat. Her sister is fine haired and rarely needs brushed.


If she went too far, he would look like this:

comment image


First I laughed, then thought poor baby. Its head looks like ground hamburger, but the belly looks so soft.


I think they are ridiculously cute. I can’t help it.


….and, then, many owners play dress-up to keep them warm.


I know! I would love to have one, but they require a lot of care.

Cuppa Covfefe

Piglosi, when she’s feeling, erm, frisky… 😀


not much fun to pet, tho …


Wasn’t that the head Dalek in Dr. Who?

Cuppa Covfefe

101 uses for a dead cat. 101 more uses for a dead cat… and there’s an omnibus edition with even more 🙂

comment image

Not quite a kitten on the keys… sound like he’s in a bit of treble…


Enquiring minds want to know:

if a bioweapons lab gets taken out by bombing or other means, is there any chance of bioweapons escaping?


The answer is the same as “how do White House staff ensure that Joe Biden is presentable in public?”







I see what you did there…

Cuppa Covfefe

Continuing with the racing-stripe theme, Let’s Go, Brandon…


That’s a question that goes very many different ways in a hurry. A bioweapon can be anything from a virus to a primate, and can cause anything from a vague irritation to a gruesome death. Furthermore “bombing or other means” begs several questions as well.

But let’s start with one “fun” observation. The worldwide standard for burying human corpses is about six feet deep — whether they’re individuals or groups and whether they died of gunfire or plague. This has been true for thousands of years. Why?

I could make the answer more literary, but not at this hour. The TL;DR version is that any human pathogens are unlikely to make it through the ecology of common topsoil for six feet in any shape to be infectious. Some virus will infect it, a fungi will sap it of nutrients, and a bacteria will eat the remains — before becoming worm castings.

We tend to think that earth’s ecology is all nice and friendly because we survived a bunch of rough bits and have developed housing, hygiene and healthcare. In reality, most living beings find nature in keeping with the views of Hobbes — a war of every [being] against every [being] — and, accordingly, each life is “solitary, poor, nasty, brutish, and short.”

I would tend to believe that most bioweapons facilities would be cleansed by fire, burial, or exposure to the sun in relatively short order (years). Anyone foolish enough to run a salvage operation immediately after destruction would be a possible vector, however.

For another perspective, go back and read/watch The Andromeda Strain.

Spoiler –
In that case, getting nuked would actually spread the beast.


One of my favorite stories along that line is the case of cephalosporin. As noted in Wikipoo: “The aerobic mold which yielded cephalosporin C was found in the sea near a sewage outfall in Su Siccu, by Cagliari harbour in Sardinia, by the Italian pharmacologist Giuseppe Brotzu in July 1945.” [ ]

Essentially, Brotzu noted that — despite the outbreak of disease in towns feeding into the sewage line — nobody was getting sick in Cagliari harbor, mere feet away. If he had been an American University Professor, he would have sent a small army of grad students to paddle around in the space between the sewer and the docks collecting samples. I don’t know how it worked in Italy in 1945.

Sadie Slays

if anyone is wondering why it’s no longer “Kiev,” it’s because there was a social media campaign in late 2018 to pressure Western governments and media outlets into adopting the “Kyiv” transliteration. The US Government officially adopted the “Kyiv” spelling in 2019, and Wikipedia made the switch to “Kyiv” in September 2020.

Reading between the lines…

This seems suspiciously timed with the first Trump impeachment scandal starting in 2019 over that Ukraine phone call, and perhaps with later anticipation of an eventual Russia-Ukraine. I can’t honestly tell how much of this is organic “*This is genuinely what Ukrainians want*” and how much of this is a CIA social engineering. I’m genuinely not sure which spelling to use at this point.

Sadie Slays

And on that note about Ukrainian social engineering, I’ve got a weird ground report that I didn’t catch until today. So over the last few weeks, the blue-pilled, injected relatives of mine started rambling about some Ukrainian stuff they found on Youtube. First it was something about Christmas in Ukraine, then some Youtube channel about Ukrainian farming, then something about Ukrainian refugees and food. Anyways, it all kind of clicked today that this sudden and very timely interest in the Ukraine was all likely orchestrated war propaganda fed to them through social media algorithms and possibly the corporate media (I don’t know where else they would have found it). It makes me wonder just how long in advance this current conflict was planned.

Deplorable Patriot

Given the people in my feeds who are rooting for Ukraine in this, I think you’re right on the algorithm feeds. Some of the people against Putin are pretty strong conservatives.


I read that Kiev is the transliteration from Russian, and Kyiv is from Ukranian, so the people of Ukraine prefer Kyiv.

Sadie Slays

Do they really prefer it, though? Or is this similar to the US media’s insistence on using the term “Latinx” even though actual Latinos don’t call themselves that? Ukraine apparently didn’t care for 25+ years up until it became politically expedient for the CIA and US Democrats. This is what I mean about it being difficult to tell how much of this is organic. 

Cuppa Covfefe

Looks like Mussorgsky needs a new picture for his exhibition: The Great Fake Of Kyiv…

SteveInCO · Thermonuclear MAGA

In justice it was probably the right thing to do to change. Kiev reflects the Russian pronunciation and spelling, while Kyiv is closer to the Ukrainian one. Seems sensible to pronounce a city’s name close to what the locals do.

(Edit to add: Ukrainians don’t seem to pronounce the V at all, but they stress the first syllable [rather than the second like Russians do].)

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Another side….


I had no idea he had those talents.

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Cuppa Covfefe

Some might say he brought down the house 😎

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Deplorable Patriot

I’ll have to go back and reread parts of this, but this stuck out to me:

Likewise, looking back, it is easy to see that basic sanitation – not vaccination – REALLY conquered diseases.

A sanitized water supply cleaned up diphtheria and cholera, which, historically in these parts, were HUGE killers when the water was drawn from ground sources. Just boiling water before consuming made a difference.

Deplorable Patriot

Great Awakening indeed.

comment image


Optimistic. But good with it.


If it puts Biden out, Trump in, and my country back to rights, I’ll hang a Presidential Medal of Freedom on Putin myself.


No kidding. He can take out kerry, Pelosi, clintoon, heck even no name despite being dead.


Well I think Putin knows exactly how many voters Biden/ObungleHandlers stole in the 2020 election.

Putin regards this guy as illegitimate as the majority of the people.
He knows, because of this illegitimacy, Biden was never in a strong position and could never effectively counter Putin. Furthermore, Biden is even down with the voters who actually vote for him.

Election have consequences! Stolen election have catastrophic consequences.

bflyjesusgrl 🍊 😎NUCLEAR MAGA😎

I’ve had this suspicion all along. But rather than expose Creepy, Crooked, Obummer, and others, Vlad’s using it to blackmail them. That’s why Creepy immediately stopped our oil production, so we’re buying more from Russia. He dropped Nord 2 sanctions, go ahead Vlad. No sanctions on Vlad, go ahead and invade Ukraine. Hey Vlad, you want a minor incursion, go ahead. Take whatever you want. These post invasion sanctions are part of the Kabuki, pretending to punish. He’s not going after the oil or Vlad’s $$$ personally, or anything that would actually hurt Putin.
Zelensky is trapped too, he’s thinking he’s been protecting the cabal and their secrets, that they would come to his rescue. Not happening. He called them out for abandoning him yesterday. Watch him, maybe he’ll spill before they kill him. Part of the Creepy/Putin deal is also to silence Zelensky while he’s allowed to take what he wants.


Why would Putin ever do that?

First, if there is information harmful to JB, stealing it is a far better tactic than declaring war and risk having it all destroyed by those who have it, to prevent it from falling into enemy hands.

Second, Putin has infinitely more to gain by using any such seized information as blackmail, than to waste it by exposing JB’s criminality and thereby giving up all that leverage.

That post mostly just makes me suspicious of Wayne Allen Root.


I keep seeing theories like this, that Putin and PDJT are working together and that Putin wants to expose Biden. It seems like wishful thinking to me and trying to fit events into a desired narrative.

Sadie Slays

Just something else to add to the “mutally assured destruction blackmail pile” along with what really happened on 9/11, COVID’s true origins, and whatever the hell is going on in Antarctica. They all act like enemies in public, but they all keep each other’s secrets.

SteveInCO · Thermonuclear MAGA

Or alternatively…he’ll blackmail Joe.

Deplorable Patriot

Interesting if true:

Q) The Storm Rider /Official Page

MASSIVE deep state campaign begins to discredit >>>Tucker Carlson>> Joe Rogan>> Alex Jones>>>PUTIN//// & always against Q

YEARS AGO PUTIN [ INFILTRATED ] THE DAVOS GROUP and got all their information on who were agents in his country and which corporations took orders from the NWO ( UN DAVOS GROUP ROCKEFELLERS , KHAZARIAN MAFIA MOSSAD) … PUTIN is a master at infiltration .. Who cleaned his country from the oligarchs who bankrupt his country and was persecuted by the MSM , the same that DONALD TRUMP WAS PERSECUTED BY THE DEEP STATE MSM…. They both knew MSM was controlled by Deep State )///

PUTIN was nearly killed in Germany…as a young man by the DEEP STATE that was taking control of Germany after Russia Deep State Oligarchs destroyed their reins over Germany and their own country and handed Germany over to the NEW WORLD ORDER system banking……

PUTIN never forgot….. How the father’s and grandfathers of the Klaus Schwab/ Nazis family that control UN almost KILLED HIM..



Some good.. Some bad…


PUTIN, Like General Flynn>Alex Jones, those who hate fox news ( Tucker Carlson) .. or think Joe Rogan is a spy…..//// All this DEEP STATE MISINFORMATION

AGENDA will start to again to bring Patriots, ANONS , freedom fighters> truckers<into FIGHTING >>> ⚠️ Separation<<<


Many new freedom fighters, Patriots, Truckers are only learning the real history …..

For decades.. People only worked in a tyrannical system that taxed them to death, enslaved to work in DEEP STATE controlled calendar system and all that humans did was work.. Worry for their own family. Home and self entertainment and got all their information from CONTROLLED news that was designed for them<<<

Please be careful Patriots, ANONS, freedom fighters do not Attack each other….( Have compassion.. Not all have full knowledge of real history and they are still waking from the MOCKINGBIRD project that was instilled in them through tens of years inside [DS] controlled media


Most people.. Even Alex Jones who hates Q … doesn‘t realize white HATS control mass organizations in media across the World that isn’t labeled Q or even know they are part of Military INTEL organization….

Even the Truckers world wide were placed by white HATS. Ops

The largest ( white HATS ) Military intelligence Alliance is leaking info and creating groups through subsidiary Bi-standards

In creating a world wide movement…….

Military is the only way – Q

________you are inside Operations

The Storm of the CENTURY..



Q !CbboFOtcZs ID: 0b60d7 No.1769202 

Jun 16 2018 00:50:56 (EST)

8C9667D6-57DF-4736-9C33-FD8ADC34D8E5.pngcomment image

comment image

These reporters and networks have been named in the WikiLeaks to have colluded with the DNC or Hillary campaign during the 2016 election cycle:

ABC – Cecilia Vega

ABC – David Muir

ABC – Diane Sawyer

ABC – George Stephanoplous

ABC – Jon Karl

ABC – Liz Kreutz

AP – Julie Pace

AP – Ken Thomas

AP – Lisa Lerer

AURN – April Ryan

Bloomberg – Jennifer Epstein

Bloomberg – John Heillman

Bloomberg/MSNBC – Jonathan Alter

Bloomberg – Mark Halperin

Buzzfeed – Ben Smith

Buzzfeed – Ruby Cramer

CBS – Gayle King

CBS – John Dickerson

CBS – Norah O’Donnell

CBS – Steve Chagaris

CBS – Vicki Gordon

CNBC – John Harwood

CNN – Brianna Keilar

CNN – Dan Merica

CNN – David Chailan

CNN – Erin Burnett

CNN – Gloria Borger

CNN – Jake Tapper

CNN – Jeff Zeleny

CNN – Jeff Zucker

CNN – John Berman

CNN – Kate Bouldan

CNN – Maria Cardona

CNN – Mark Preston

CNN – Sam Feist

Daily Beast – Jackie Kucinich

GPG – Mike Feldman

HuffPo – Amanda Terkel

HuffPo – Arianna Huffington

HuffPo – Sam Stein

HuffPo – Whitney Snyder

LAT – Evan Handler

LAT – Mike Memoli

McClatchy – Anita Kumar

MORE – Betsy Fisher Martin

MSNBC – Alex Seitz-Wald

MSNBC – Alex Wagner

MSNBC – Andrea Mitchell

MSNBC – Beth Fouhy

MSNBC – Ed Schultz

MSNBC – Joe Scarborough

MSNBC – Mika Brzezinski

MSNBC – Phil Griffin

MSNBC – Rachel Maddow

MSNBC – Rachel Racusen

MSNBC – Thomas Roberts

National Journal – Emily Schultheis

NBC – Chuck Todd

NBC – Mark Murray

NBC – Savannah Gutherie

New Yorker – David Remnick

New Yorker – Ryan Liza

NPR – Mike Oreskes

NPR – Tamara Keith

NY Post – Geofe Earl

NYT – Amy Chozik

NYT – Carolyn Ryan

NYT – Gail Collins

NYT – John Harwoodje

NYT – Jonathan Martin

NYT – Maggie Haberman

NYT – Pat Healey

PBS – Charlie Rose

People – Sandra Sobieraj Westfall

Politico – Annie Karni

Politico – Gabe Debenedetti

Politico – Glenn Thrush

Politico – Kenneth Vogel

Politico – Mike Allen

Reuters – Amanda Becker

Tina Brown – Tina Brown

The Hill – Amie Parnes

Univision – Maria-Elena Salinas

Vice – Alyssa Mastramonoco

Vox – Jon Allen

WaPo – Anne Gearan

WaPo – Greg Sargent

WSJ – Laura Meckler

WSJ – Peter Nicholas

WSJ – Colleen McCain Nelson

Yahoo – Matt Bai


Bridge between media, FBI/DOJ, HRC+

Why did the Podesta Group close?

Public charges?


Why close?

When did Huber start?


JP/ Huma NOV.


Do they know?

Why did the Podesta group close?

Why no leaks?

Who else knows?

HRC deal request?



Can IG disclose evidence in pending criminal cases in public disclosures/reports?

Why not?

Grand jury TAINT/BIAS?

Everyone has an opinion.



Note what network is NOT named.

Note how many of these people are gone from their networks.

This is far bigger than just Ukraine.

Cuppa Covfefe

Only thing I’d add is look at the spouses/families. Somewhere there was a graphic or table with people in the Øbøzø administration and the various media outlets and manglement thereof. And those people are probably back for Øbøzø’s “third term”…

It was astonishing, to say the least…

Valerie Curren

Hey beloved Q-Treepers, this is a bit of a drive-by drop–things have been hopping in my household between birthdays, looming “virgin” grandparenting 😉 , weather, sports, pre-marital counseling runs w/ my son & his fiancée, & my husband’s recent decision to resign his job of 25 years to go to trucking school & look for work as a trucker (I’ve been helping him in the job search).

Soooooo, I’m still quite behind on catch-up reading around here. With so many things happening to attempt to keep some tabs on I’m “compelled” to read each post & All the comments, so not sure when I’ll finally get to “today” (I’m wrapping up Steve’s Last Saturday post today, hopefully).

Anyway, I ran across this article from a Gab post & wanted to share it here in case it hasn’t been seen or discussed. Sorry if it’s repeating someone else’s previous shares.

There are multiple images & links to video discussions of the blood slides by the doctor & his audience…

This appears to be good info, though I’m not the most qualified to make such a call. Hope Wolf & Gail Combs might check this material & expound accordingly.

Blessings to All.

normal red blood cells

comment image

The next image is of a person who has been injected with the experimental Covid drug. The blood is coagulated, the misshapen red blood cells are clumped together. The cell encircled in the image is a healthy red blood cell, one of the few in the image, sitting alongside the graphene fibres. You can see the size of the graphene fibres in relation to the size of a red blood cell. Fibres of this size will block capillaries. You can also see the graphene fibres are hollow and contain red blood cells.”

comment image

A couple of weeks before the video below was made, Dr. Philippe began noticing a magnetic or electrical polarity effect on different sides of the graphene fibres. In the image below, to the right of the fibre the cells are coagulated and on the left-hand side is what looks like a gap or roughly backwards “C” shaped spacing. Dr. Philippe says that this “behaviour” was not seen before but now, all of a sudden, it is being seen in almost every sample. It is an indication that “these things have changed, their reaction with surrounding blood cells has changed … and I don’t know what triggered it,” he said.”

comment image

The image below is of a blood sample from a vaccine-free, or unvaccinated, three-year-old child. It shows pieces or “shards” of graphene that “are the result of shedding,” in other words the graphene has been transmitted from “vaccinated” parents to their unvaccinated child.”

comment image

Below is the image of a blood sample from an eight-year-old unvaccinated child whose blood has been contaminated and destroyed by the transmission of graphene from those around him/her who have had a Covid injection. The child’s right arm and upper right leg are basically paralysed, the child is unable to lift his/her right arm and the thigh is not functioning properly.”

comment image

I haven’t finished the article, nor watched the videos (yet) but this is pretty alarming stuff!

I wonder if he had blood samples of the children Before they were exposed to people who took the “vax” for comparison’s sake. “Proving” the “shedding” might still be problematic, but this appears, at a minimum, to be compelling circumstantial evidence!

Valerie Curren

Glad the images are showing OK!!!

Valerie Curren

Oh, also Marica’s had a post dedicated to Phoenix Rising yesterday, who is doing better & back to communicating online again. Praise the Lord (& keep passing that ammo)!!!


All very interesting, disconcerting, well have to get to the bottom of it. A wider array of reported instances where this is reported to be happening would help of course and welcome back! It certainly sounds as if you’ve been quite busy.

Valerie Curren

Yes busy, but mostly reading on the “wrong” day…for a while now… 🙂

Valerie Curren

This was in the comments to the above article, someone trying to explain how “shedding” Might occur…
Rhoda Wilson

Reply to 
Turn Around When Possible
 23 hours ago
I would do more research on self-disemanting vaccines and Covid injection related transmission to try and understand it better.
But from what I’ve seen there seems to be some early speculation, since early 2021, that the spike protein is transmitted via exosomes which are expelled from an injected person’s body either via breath or on their skin or both. If it was a virus this would be termed “infectious and contagious.” Flu, they say, is infectious for example.
I don’t fully understand what the purpose of exosomes are, but I think one of their functions is to help cells get rid of waste, debris or unwanted particles. Something packages up the unwanted material, envelopes it, and forms an exosome to transport it and get rid of it.
I’m guessing a similar mechanism could be happening with graphene. People are breathing out exosomes which have enveloped the graphene, or they are in body fluids or coming out through people’s skin. So contact, exchange of body fluids, breath, maybe? I’m not sure …
However it’s happening, it’s ominous that public health bodies and medical bodies are gaslighting it instead of investigating.


Very interesting. This quote from the article presumes a lot:

Below is the image of a blood sample from an eight-year-old unvaccinated child whose blood has been contaminated and destroyed by the transmission of graphene from those around him/her who have had a Covid injection. 

But I think you phrased it correctly, that this has yet to be proven.

“Proving” the “shedding” might still be problematic, but this appears, at a minimum, to be compelling circumstantial evidence!

Valerie Curren

Yes, I agree. SOMEthing is going on, clearly, but what exactly & how it’s happening are surely open to debate. And these things Should be debated & not suppressed. Inquiring minds want to (must) know!!!

Valerie Curren

Can’t wait for your take on this too! Sorry if I’m (yet again) the bearer of some form of disinfo…”Red meat for da Wolf” to quote you from previously…

I “presumed” the images were some type of factual info, but the suppositions around them seemed a stretch. Not having watched the videos the “doctor’s” explanations may be more nuanced than what’s written in the article…

Valerie Curren

Thank you for this–I hope you copied it elsewhere so other people can see it. Are you saying that that “bowl of white worm-looking stuff” that embalmers have pulled out of corpses is Just Fibrin??? Has anyone actually scientifically tested that “white worm” material?

That one picture had at least one “worm” that looked like it was edged w/ perfectly uniform squared off “teeth”–kind of similar, to me, to architectural “dentition” I think it’s called. It seems that that would be unlikely to be naturally produced by a fibrin-ish clotting process.

So I clearly don’t “know” Anything here, just raising questions from things that seem unlikely. It would be interesting to see some type of Equation that explains the possible processes that are being observed.

So at this point is the “magnetism” issue completely false? I read your personal experimental posts when they were fresh but have seen/heard other things over the months that made me think that there Might be Some aspects of “magnetism” that were still in play, especially when you factor in the 5-G stuff. My daughter-in-law swears that she knows several people that had the magnetic stuff happening & was an eye-witness to it a number of times. I used some of your experimental mag info to try to dissuade her back then but she remained convinced it was real…

You don’t have to directly answer me in this conversation. But if any of this triggers further investigation/elucidation on these topics from you I hope you’ll include it in some future covid commie post!

Sadie Slays

Glad you’re able to post normally again. Thank you for the update on PR!

Valerie Curren

Thanks Sadie. Blessings!



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comment image



Father God, I now follow your command to put on the full armor of God, because my battle is not against flesh and blood but against rulers, authorities, the powers of this dark world and against spiritual forces of evil in the unseen world.

I first pray on the Belt of Truth that it may be buckled around my waist, may I be centered and encircled by your truth dear Lord. Hem me inside all that is true and right, and may I be protected and held up by the truth of your living word, in my Lord Jesus name.

I pray on the Breastplate of righteousness, please protect my vital organs and my inner man, cover my integrity, my spirit, and my soul. Guard my heart for it is the wellspring of life, please strengthen and guard the most vulnerable places in my life with that which is right, good, and noble that I might not receive a fatal blow from the enemy, in my Lord Jesus name.

I pray on the Gospel Shoes of Peace. I choose to stand in the shoes of your good news, and on the firm foundation of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, the solid eternal rock. All other ground is sinking sand, I pray that I will not slip or fall, but that my feet would be firmly fitted on your lordship, my Lord Jesus. I choose to stand on you, so that the peace of God, which transcends all understanding will guard my heart and mind in Christ Jesus, the eternal Rock of Ages. I receive your holy peace now my Lord, from the sole of my feet to the crown of my head, in my Lord Jesus name.

I pray the Shield of Faith into my hand now. As I take up the shield of faith, I ask that you might extinguish every dart and arrow, that is launched from the enemy to take me down spiritually, physically, mentally, emotionally, and every attempt of the enemy to destroy my joy. I ask that my faith in you would make it flame out. Extinguish every flaming arrow that would come against me, my life, my family, my home, or my ministry. May my faith always be out in front of me like a shield. Give me the courage to “faith my fears” by choosing to walk by faith and not by sight, in my Lord Jesus name.

I pray on the Helmet of Salvation, that you might protect my mind from the thoughts that can lead me astray. I choose to take every thought captive, and arrest all intentioned ideas and motives that would harm others, or distract me from your holy will for me. I submit every captured thought to the Lordship of my Lord Jesus Christ, and ask that you would imprison those thoughts that are not of you my Lord. Transform my mind and renew my thinking that I may think God thoughts, and have a sober mind that is focused on your glory. Please protect me from being double minded that I may allow my mind, I reject to live an earthly life, because I choose to live a holy one, governed by you My Lord Jesus, the prince of peace, please have my mind to be saturated with the holy mind of Christ, in my Lord Jesus name.

Finally, I take up the Sword of the Spirit which is the holy word of God, I pray this powerful offensive weapon into my hand, and ask that your holy word would be fitting for every encounter I face. As the enemy gets close to me, please give me the insight, wisdom, and skill to wield the word of God to drive away the enemy, in my Lord Jesus name.

May the enemy and his team flee from me, upon hearing the word of God spoken by the power and direction of the Holy Spirit. Give me the sword of the spirit to cut through the wiles of the devil, so that I may discern the schemes of the enemy when he is near.

With all kinds of prayers, supplication, and intercession I pray to you my Lord God as the one who fights my battles. Now that I’m in your holy powerful armor, I walk away covered and ready to face my day as you go before me, and please protect me in the midst of the spiritual warfare in this unseen world, in my Lord Jesus name.

Thank you my Lord, for the spiritual weapons of armor and prayer that you have given me. It is written no weapon formed against me shall prosper, and you will refute every tongue that accuses me. 

Thank you Father God, my Lord Jesus and the Holy Spirit, that I am more than a conqueror in my Lord Jesus. I pray all of this in the mighty name of my Lord God and Savior Jesus Christ.


comment image

Deplorable Patriot

More thoughts on Ukraine:

Q) The Storm Rider /Official Page

Forwarded from 

Patel Patriot

Here’s my take on what’s happening in Ukraine/Russia. I’m just spitballing here. Like everybody else I have more questions than I do answers but I think this plays into Devolution.

First think about what Ukraine is – It’s the epicenter of corruption for the political establishment. Victor Pinchuk, George Soros, Ihor Kolomoisky… All funding “deep state” agendas worldwide, all based out of Ukraine. We know their ties to the Clinton foundation and liberal politics in America.

If Trump was going to truly drain the swamp, he would have to tackle the corruption in Ukraine. The oligarchs have funded their own militaries in previous color revolutions. Trump could wouldn’t be able to take them down without a fight. So if Trump is going to clean up Ukraine he would likely need boots on the ground to do it.

Enter Putin.

It’s no secret that Putin hates Soros as he banned him from Russia long ago, and it’s also no secret that Putin despised the “deep state” tactics of implementing color revolutions to overthrow pro-Russian leaders and install ones that would play ball with the “deep state”. It’s speculated by many that Putin could be working with Trump in the fight against the “deep state” and it’s hard to argue with. The enemy of my enemy is my friend.

So think of the brilliance that might be taking place right now.

Boots on the ground were likely necessary to fully remove the problem in Ukraine, but Trump couldn’t invade Ukraine with US troops. Somebody else would have to do it. However, if somebody like Putin were to do it while Trump was president, it would make Trump look week and the media would have a field day.

What better time to clean up the mess in Ukraine than with Biden in office? Kills two birds with one invasion. You make the Biden administration and the MSM look like fools, while taking on the “deep state” in one of the most corrupt countries on the planet.

Putin is simultaneously helping Trump to serve up red-pills while fixing a problem that actually benefits the USA and the rest of the world – the denazification of Ukraine.

We won’t have any definitive answers until this blows over but make sure you guys are using the 24 – hour rule with news reports coming out about this stuff.


This is what makes the most sense to me, given all that I think I know is true.




Re: Ivermectin, you wrote:

“It’s not a miracle cure, but it WORKS – particularly in preventing DEATH – its only real purpose.”

Well, if it prevents me from DYING, from something that is apparently killing some people, I consider that to be a MIRACLE CURE!

“But let’s not blame Alex too hard. THE AUTHORS OF THIS STUDY – that’s right – the authors themselves – didn’t see it, either.”

The authors didn’t see it, or didn’t SAY IT?

Berenson’s a moron. Obviously just my opinion.


Didn’t say it. But you knew that. 🙂

WHY…. Studies are funded to deliver results, the funders require.




Any copper cooking or eating vessel should be lined with TIN.

You can actually re-line and use very old copper pots. Here is how to DIY a tin lining:

I have a very old copper mug. It looks something like this one:

comment image

Deplorable Patriot

Panic. Pure Panic.

QAnon Isn’t Dead. It’s Growing.

In November 2020, Donald Trump lost the presidential election. In December 2020, the anonymous poster known only as “Q” stopped posting updates, or “Q drops.” In January 2021, in the wake of the Capitol riots, social networks purged their platforms of accounts and groups associated with QAnon. 

Many saw these developments as the final nails in the coffin of a conspiracy movement that had briefly consumed millions of Americans who now believed that a group of Satan-worshipping elites from Hollywood and the Democratic Party was operating a child sex-trafficking ring in order to harvest children’s blood. But with Trump’s loss, Q going silent, and access to Twitter and Facebook removed, the reasoning went, the QAnon fever was sure to break.

But the reports of QAnon’s death have been greatly exaggerated. In fact, the number of Americans who say they believe in some or all of the core conspiracy theories pushed by the QAnon movement is now greater than it was a year ago.

That’s according to a new survey from the Public Religion Research Institute, a nonpartisan research group that shared its findings with VICE News before the survey was published Thursday morning.

The survey found that 16% of Americans believe in the core tenets of the QAnon conspiracy theory, up from 14% a year ago. QAnon believers are deeply distrustful of government and other institutions, the survey found, and believe deeply that there’s “a pervasive threat to their culture and way of life.”

While white Republicans are more likely to be QAnon believers, the survey found that the movement is hugely diverse: There are QAnon adherents all over the United States, at all levels of education, and from numerous religions. But the researchers found that far and away the single biggest predictor of belief in QAnon conspiracies is a preference for watching right-wing news outlets, including Newsmax and Fox News. 

While other surveys have found belief in QAnon to be much lower than what PRRI’s research indicates, Jackson said this can be explained by how PRRI’s questions were presented.

“With Trump out of power, with Q themselves not being particularly active, we might have expected a dropoff in people believing these things,” Natalie Jackson, director of research at PRRI, told VICE News. “But, the way we phrased the questions intentionally did not mention QAnon. This was so we could capture the people who are willing to believe these really out-there things, but would be tipped off by the word QAnon to know that it’s something that they should back away from.”

In the wake of the Capitol riot last year, where QAnon adherents played a central role, members of the community had already begun to distance themselves from the term “QAnon,” falling back on an old Q post that said: “There is Q, There are Anons. There is no QAnon.”

Just a hit peace trying to portray the movement as fringe. That sixteen percent is low, IMO. There’s more than that who follow, even if they don’t admit it.


It’s also more difficult to follow Q, if Q has been scrubbed from many sites AND not actively posting.

But yea, 16% seems way low.


These kinds of descriptions of Q and Q followers are always off base and say more about their authors than the subject they seek to describe.

It’s not as if Q came on the scene with a bunch of ideas, and people started hopping on the bandwagon. People already had those ideas and knew a lot of things, and Q helped to flesh things out, provided material for research, and revealed some new information.

The “Qanon fever” is not going to “break” — because it’s not about Q. It’s about what IS. The problem for people like this author is that the public is waking up.


There is no such thing as Qanon. Perhaps the author might start being accurate FIRST.

If you’re standing at the North Pole, your compass is lying.


Nice start to the day, Wolf. Thanks.

They all saw the Ivermectin study for what it really is IMO, bud. They just know most people don’t understand what they read or just read the headlines. Narrative building for nefarious purposes. Simply cannot buy the stupid or oops angles. Berenson is controlled op.


comment image?w=960

Cuppa Covfefe

Joe iTZUzu… 🙂

comment image

comment image

I trust the second one more…


The ignorance demonstrated by BiteMe, Hoe and his administration IS boundless.


Stunning: Biden Defense Officials Are Trying to Figure Out How to Train Ukrainians to Fight by Online Video


This was at bb .

UPDATE — 11:46 AM EST: The New York Times reports: “The U.S. met with China over three months to present intelligence showing Russia’s troop buildup near Ukraine and to urge Beijing to help avert war, U.S. officials said. Chinese officials rebuffed the U.S. and shared the information with Moscow.”


Are they ignorant or trying hard to stoke a war to make money?


Channelling money to Where’s Hunter and The Big Guy.

Deplorable Patriot