DEAR KAG: 2021-10-01

Welcome back to Wolf’s Pub. Friday at last! I’ve been hearing that we shouldn’t be buying stuff from China. Seems like it has become a conservative mantra lately.

That would be nice, but as a seasoned shopper, I have to tell ya, IT’S DAMNED HARD TRYING TO FIND STUFF NOT MADE IN CHINA.

Walmart is among the worst of the worst. They sold their corporate soul to China years ago, and every single Walmart is stuffed to the brim with CRAP FROM CHINA. Once in awhile Walmart pretends to care about American-made goods and American jobs by featuring some item that is actually Made in America.

They usually put it on the end cap or the middle of an aisle and that constitutes their virtue-signaling for the average sleepy shopper.

DISGUSTING. Walmart and the other multi-nationals left us for China long ago. They are content to let serfs and slaves produce the goods they provide to American consumers, because they don’t want to pay the worthy laborer for his hire.

They will tell you that Americans demand cheap goods and they are simply providing what consumers demand, but I don’t see it that way. If American companies paid good wages to produce their goods in America, then Americans could easily afford and purchase goods made here.

In fact, I would say a majority of Americans would happily pay more for goods that they knew were being produced in America, with quality materials and American know-how.

Is any American happy and content that upwards of 80% of our medicines are produced in China?

In fact, if you want to purchase something made in America, you have to seek long and hard. Amazon seems reluctant to tell us where many of the products they sell originate.

Well, I’m at this point: From Anywhere But China (FABC)

But we need help to get there. Pressure MUST be put on the companies that locate and do business with China. Something needs to be organized, like rolling boycotts of certain companies. Imagine if a large number of Americans stopped shopping at American Walmarts for two-week periods.

What if we stood outside the Walmart in our town and protested with signs once a month or so? We could educate the public about the slave labor in China and how Walmart couldn’t give a rip about the slaves that make the goods we buy, or the jobs they’ve taken away from us.

What if we all stopped shopping for weeks at a time at Amazon?

I have already stopped buying all my linens from other sources. I buy exclusively from Mike Lindell’s My Pillow. He’s also got an online presence with goods Made in America by Americans.

Corey’s Digs has another source for American-made goods. And GAB has been promoting a parallel financial economy.

Let’s put our money where our mouth is.

Christmas is coming. I think it’s time to purchase a boatload of My Pillow towels and linens for my liberal family. I know they will appreciate the quality of the items. 😊


We’ve got to be more entrepreneurial. I know that we’ve all had good ideas for a business. We might know someone who only needs a little crowd-funding to get an American business up and running. Even now, even in this tyrannical takeover.

Let’s go the extra mile. Every little thing we can do will add to the effort. Victory is in our sights.

Americans can accomplish anything.


It’s falling apart. The Covid Commandments change from one day to the next, and even the most devoted adherent is experiencing cognitive dissonance.

That damned mask is understood as a sign of unholy submission to the Covid Religion. The High Priest of Covidism (Fauci) has now deemed masks effective for school children. His Priestess (Walensky) has deemed it the First Commandment to take the Holy Jab.

Yet, Ivermectin and HCQ and the other therapeutics are winning the day. There are enough heretical brave and morally advanced doctors and other medical professionals who kept and keep speaking the truth every day.

Youtube/Google will rue the day they exposed their impotence by trying to shut down the dissemination of truth about vaccinations. We won’t even have to destroy you. You have destroyed yourselves.

Big Pharma will have to swallow the medicine of mass correction. Let us endeavor to help them purge themselves of the greed and diabolical evil that infects their body.

They don’t own our hearts, our minds, or our bodies.


We don’t owe Big Pharma a thing. But around here we owe each other civility and perhaps even the benefit of the doubt. To review the rules go here. They keep us real.

The Utree is useful for cranky moods, and for reconvening when needed. And frankly, we need it for reconvening much more than the cranks.


Today’s drink special is the Moscow Mule. Ah yes, that iconic cocktail that purported to begin with a copper mug from Moscow, a man trying to sell his ginger beer, and the owner of the Cock and Bull bar in Los Angeles.

As is common with alcoholic cocktails, its history is shrouded in mystery. Read here for three theories of the Mule’s genesis. I prefer the first, which actually includes a Moscow connection.

From this article:

“The Moscow Mule origin has been questioned time and time again. One theory speaks of a woman named Sophie Berezinski, a Russian-born woman attempting to immigrate to the United States in 1941. You see, Sophie was moving continents with little to no possessions to her name other than 2,000 pure copper mugs.

Sophie’s father was apparently the owner and operator of the Moscow Copper Co. in Russia. Sophie had the bright idea of copper-made mugs, and designed the original version herself. Her father saw to it that Sophie’s design was stamped out in the factory, and 2,000 copies of her mug were made. 

At this time, America was seen as the land of opportunity. Selling 2,000 copper mugs in Russia was not something that Sophie or her father were capable of doing. They decided that Sophie and her husband would travel to the USA with the 2,000 mugs, and would do whatever they could to see to it they were sold. 

The land of opportunity proved less than fruitful, and, after a few months of sitting on the thousands of mugs, Sophie’s husband became ready to throw in the towel. He gave Sophie the ultimatum of either finding a buyer for the mugs, or throwing them out once and for all. 

Not ready to abandon her goal, Sophie set out on foot and began walking door to door through Los Angeles. She approached every bar, lounge and restaurant she could find, in hopes she could convince an establishment owner to invest in some or all of the copper mugs. 

It was on this day that Sophie wandered hopefully into the Cock ‘n’ Bull; a pub in Ocean Park, close to Santa Monica and Venice Beach…”

Here’s a lovely site that is actually dedicated to the Moscow Mule, a cocktail originally made with Smirnoff vodka, ginger beer, lime juice and a copper mug.

Here’s a fun video about the Moscow Mule, and the bartender is already a bit toasty:

I had a taste of a Moscow Mule last night. Sweet, tart, refreshing. No wonder it has stood the test of time. A toast to Sophie from Moscow and her copper mugs!


The Audits are all important, even though Covid sucks all the air out of the room. Denninger lays it out very succinctly here. It’s very short. A must read. Where do we go from here? Keep up with Seth Keshel and The Professor’s Record for good updates and inspiration. These warriors will never give up and neither shall we.

The “Three Warfares” doctrine from the CCP seems an awful lot like Lawfare.

If you want a good laugh, do watch this Jewish fairytale, An American Pickle. It’s streaming on HBO. Just a great comedy, with plenty of social commentary. Not a fan of Seth Rogan, but he does himself proud in this film. Lost count of how many times I laughed out loud. It’s about family and honoring family.

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Okay, okay … I’ll be first.


Now I have to go read your post!  😍 


Another fascinating Friday post.
Thank you.
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I gave my love a cherry
That had no stone

I gave my love a chicken
That had no bone

I gave my love a story
That had no end

I gave…



The thing about buying Chinese is that there are some things that only make sense when a component is extremely cheap.

As an example, you can make mosaic garden decorations very easily. Let’s try a step-stone. First, make a wooden box with an inside the size of your intended step stone, but just a little deeper. Then, get some REALLY CHEAP dishes and throw them at a concrete wall until the shards are the desired size. Line the bottom of your box with putty, then arrange the shards in the putty as desired. Mix concrete, and pour into box, poking and shaking so that the bottom gets filled nicely. Trowel off the top of the box flat.

Let sit for a couple of days, then disassemble box, flip over, and clean off putty.

You would not want to do this with fine dinnerware, so you get the plates from Walmart or IKEA or someplace — not quality made American.

Similarly, I know a guy who made a bunch of this sort of thing with a 3D printer —

— what did he use for “marbles”? Cheap Chinese ball bearings. Half of ’em will end up under his couch, anyway. But just ask him if he’d use those ball bearings in anything non-frivolous and he’d tell you “no” in approximately 250 words.


Incidentally, if you have a 3D printer, you don’t have to do more design than you want to — you can just download designs from , then scale ’em and slice ’em* and give them to your 3D printer.

There are other websites, as well.

* Additional info:

Scale ’em — you get to decide how big or small you want the object (and how many you want).

Slice ’em — regular filament 3D printers don’t build things in a normal way. Instead, it’s like building things by squirting out toothpaste in layers, letting it harden between squirts. When you run an object through a slicing program, you get to pick out how big the toothpaste squeezes are. In addition, your object will have walls and fill, and you get to pick out how thick the walls are and how dense the fill. The result of this is an instruction file for your 3D printer telling it exactly how to move and squirt to build your object how you want it.

The same object can be made in 40 minutes or 4 hours, depending on how you slice it. If you use thick layers and little fill, it will be flimsy and rough — you will feel a horizontal “grain” between the layers. If you use thin layers and a lot of fill, it will feel more solid and smooth.


In the video, the narrator notes that it took 29 hours to print the main piece, but that it came out of the printer complete and clear.

Sylvia Avery

“You would not want to do this with fine dinnerware, so you get the plates from Walmart or IKEA or someplace — not quality made American.”

Me? I’d hit the thrift stores…..


Sometimes. But only for real junk. Unfortunately, much of the stuff in thrift stores is of higher quality than the import crud. I’d feel bad about depriving a struggling family of the ability to use quality dinnerware.

There’s also a thriving Maker subgenre about taking IKEA furniture and surgifying it into something completely different — drilling holes through some parts and attaching pieces in odd ways. You wouldn’t want to do that to a solid-wood piece of American furniture. It only makes sense if you can get a “desk” for $40.

Deplorable Patriot

In the thrift stores you’re more likely to find high quality stuff. I’ve seen full bone china services for the price of a single place setting new. I mean good stuff from the 40s and 50s. Real Fiesta Ware.

Last edited 1 year ago by Deplorable Patriot
Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy



I collect art in thrift stores. No joke, one time I bought a painting for $3.99, which I sold a week later for $7500.00. That’s not a typo. And it was UGLY, some German artist’s landscape. I bought it because I liked the frame, and then looked up the artist just for fun.

Paid for my new patio.

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

Great story.


Thanks. There’s all kinds of great stuff to be found in thrift stores. I think we should buy more stuff that way. Keeps money local, not with big corporations.


We used to go thrift shopping, but not so much since the oriental flew showed up.


One of our thrift stores here never made people mask up. Not surprisingly, maybe, it is run by the local women’s shelter. They would be more sensitive to traumatizing people. I went there a lot. They also now get all of my donations exclusively, and will forever.

Elizabeth Carter

When Walmart first started they were advertising American goods. It was their focus. Hillary was on the Board of Directors and on the Boards of Directors of all of the others that were started in AK. Bill Clinton was Governor. The start up money came from Iran Contra drug running to destroy our country. Mena, Arkansas brought us Tyson, JB Hunt and others. They are all involved in drug running and human trafficking according to many articles and books I have read. It did not take long for them to change from American Made goods to Chinese goods.
It is strange how public this information has been over the years and yet no one who could do something about it seems to ever know anything about it.
Biden is another fine example of everybody knows and no one cares because they are well paid by TPTB to maintain the status quo.
Bush, Clinton, Obama and Biden are birds of a feather. They stick together. IMO some tar would make the feathers stick even better.


The part about Wal-Mart is total BS, IMO.

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

I remember the Clinton early presidential days, when all of the sketchy stuff about his time as governor of Arkansas came out. People were rightly horrified. I loved the way British journalist Malcolm Muggeridge (IIRC) described Arkansas to his readers – “an anglophone Guatemala”. In some ways, YES.



Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

Government corruption.

Deplorable Patriot

Walmart started LONG before Clinton was governor. The original storefront in Fayetteville is now a museum.

Sam Walton drove a station wagon and was pure buy American. He died and his family was all about profits. They were the ones that sold out. I mean, at one time, the employees were not even allowed to own foreign cars. When I visited Fayetteville, I saw cars made by Lotus, Astin Martin, Lamborghini, and more.


Uh – Elizabeth, Wolf and DP are all correct. Without giving myself away to the evil doers – I was there and worked in the financial community for a time in LR when Clinton Rising occurred. It was not just Iran/Contra. It was HW/CIA/illegal drug and human trafficking/Hot Springs-NY mob and so on that fueled the start of a lot of the names there. But the right names have not been mentioned that bankrolled the politicians and provided capital to the business people. First, some of the state’s banks were intertwined into the whole network. Second, the names of the kingmakers who were connected with the Illuminati (Rockefeller lineage) were Witt and Jack Stephens. One was in natural gas and the other was in oil. They both owned a large, privately held bond firm on Wall Street. They played on different sides of the political aisle while making RINO’s for the GOP and assigning a pecking order with the Dems. Jack was GOP and became a friend of PRR, but had been a friend of Jimmy Carter since their time in Annapolis together. Jack later became Chairman of the Masters Golf Tournament and his wife became Don Shula of the Miami Dolphins wife after he died in 2005. Witt was older and literally was the kingmaker of all politicians that mattered from that state for decades.

That’s as far as I am going to go with this. The second generation of of the Walton clan on are globalist. I am aware of very few in that state that made big money/businesses or in national politics who are clean.

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

Thank you for what you were able to share!!!

Elizabeth Carter

I watched what was happening. I was alive then and still am. I watched Iran Contra unfold. This is a good summary article about it. I have read many of these books and sources over the years. I really liked Sam Walton originally but back then I liked Bill Gates. You live and learn.
MENA COCAINE CONNECTION: When the Bush-Clinton Crime Family Ruled Arkansas – The Millennium Report
This is also interesting about Sam Walton.
Walmart, Martial Law, RFID and FEMA/Homeland Security Concentration Camps Located – American Media Group (
Do I know the truth for certain? Do you? I spent years researching it. I watched the Iran Contra hearings and really liked Oliver North at the time.
I read Sam Walton’s book about how wonderful he was and agreed with it.
In 1996, I found a question about why so many huge companies came out of Arkansas. It all linked back to Iran Contra drug and human trafficking. It led straight back to Mena, Arkansas.
It broke my heart at the time. I still wish we had honest people in charge. I still wish they loved America. I still hope that Trump can help us stop this mess.
I don’t trust anyone as easily now as I did back then.
I pray constantly for America and for God Almighty to intervene. This is beyond my paygrade. It always was, but God likes to have witnesses to his mighty works. I believe God will take care of this.
I know that God wins. He already has. My job is to pray, watch, wait and step up in every way that He asks me to. I can only do my part, but my part is important. As a member of the Body of Christ, I have a purpose and God has a plan for my life. I pray for the guidance and courage to do my part.

Valerie Curren

I don’t trust anyone as easily now as I did back then.
I pray constantly for America and for God Almighty to intervene. This is beyond my paygrade. It always was, but God likes to have witnesses to his mighty works. I believe God will take care of this.
I know that God wins. He already has. My job is to pray, watch, wait and step up in every way that He asks me to. I can only do my part, but my part is important. As a member of the Body of Christ, I have a purpose and God has a plan for my life. I pray for the guidance and courage to do my part.”

So true. Thank you for articulating what so many of us know but maybe don’t know how to say. God Bless YOU!!!

Brave and Free

Amen Elizabeth, right there with ya. I believe God, and trust God through out this time. No matter how it turns out, God’s work is being done, we may not see it or like it.
But His will be done not mine.


I’m just saying it goes back much farther than that. I agree that Iran/Contra happened and it went through Mena. But it interconnects back before WWII. Tie it back to Prescott Bush, Rockefellers and others. Winthrop Rockefeller was sent down by the family to build a beach head in a rural nothing state for good reasons. In doing so he served a couple of terms as Gov in the 60’s.

They are all in the same group, the same party. There is only a splintered, small MAGA group to go with some independent thinkers like Rand Paul. Everybody else is on the other team and are activated as and when needed. Jack Stephens was buds with Jimmy Carter as well as PRR. Prescott Bush was a Nazi sympathizer and supporter of FDR while acting like FDR was his enemy. Prescott served on a bank board with Averell Harriman that held a lot of Nazi gold. It’s the high level game they play.

As an aspiring businessman you can agree to secure capital from what appears to be a legitimate source without knowing or refusing to look at the true origin of the capital. Hold your nose and say yes, or just compromise your principles and join the group. Say hello to Sam Walton, John Tyson, Hugh Wilbourn, Charles Murphy, Bill Dillard, Jerry Jones, JB Hunt, etc. It’s all interconnected.

Sam Walton, JB Hunt and John Tyson got theirs from Witt/Jack Stephens. Kingmakers in Arkansas for the Illuminati. That’s no up for dispute. As an example, their investment firm underwrote the IPO of Walmart. They had investors in their stable that bought its stock. Sam knew that. We can believe he did not know where the money came from or we can believe he held his nose.

Jerry Jones’ first $1 million loan to build a business that failed came from Hoffa and the Teamsters Union. He made up for it and paid it back from his job at his dad’s insurance company in Missouri whose business began growing immensely right after Jerry joined it. Imagine that?! Ever wonder why RINO’s/Dems love unions?

Follow the money – always. I was just a peon observer in the financial industry who saw things in an interesting period of history there and got out as soon as I could. The rest of my career was spent avoiding people like that while still doing the Lord’s work that He rewarded. There’s much more, but that’s enough. I could write a novel or two on it, but choose to just stay out of the way and not interfere with the Lord’s clean up.

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Elizabeth Carter

Thanks for sharing this information. I knew parts of it but you brought in many points that I did not know. These people are so entrenched and intertwined that it is difficult to remove them from power.
The Rothschilds and McCain’s are entrenched in AZ. I am hopeful the audits will help us finally get an honest vote. It is at least a beginning on the clean up.


Good points on AZ, Elizabeth. By nature I am not a conspiracy theorist and want to believe the best about people. But yours are facts and thanks for bringing them to everybody’s attention. I really wish more of We the People knew the truth. It would scare many to death. Others would react with disbelief. But there would be a core group that would get it and make an effort to reveal and make changes in their spheres of influence.

It’s right in front of us. The march toward UN control and its world courts and international laws. The changes in the monetary system and the totally worthless, non-backed state of our currency. The push to remove currency and go completely digital.The one world watered down religion. The lock downs on dissent. Rewriting history to what they want it to be in the public square and textbooks. Open media lying and manipulation in every broadcast. Control and manipulation of science and medical functions. It goes on and on. Most people should understand by just observation, but many are too busy with micro and not focused on the macro. Some because they are scared and don’t understand. So, the go along with the evil and rationalize it while standing against those that would save them.

As a sidenote, don’t worry about our children and their children having to repay the national debt. They can’t. The Fed will have to be bankrupted and all its functions returned to the Treasury with currency backed for this to end. There is a legal, Constitutionally supported path to doing this if Congress can ever be sanitized enough to make it happen.

It’s 100% foretold in The Word. It’s also right in front of our eyes and ears today. America was the last bastion of freedom and our culture of God first is what has kept us afloat IMO. The evil doers started with the sins that remove God’s hedge and worked from there. Once we fall, the rest fall. All in God’s time.

Our focus should be to get as many as possible to the Cross of Christ so more will be saved before His return.


Positive news in AUS.
1 premier who the ICOC(independent council on corruption) announced theyd be investigating her just yesterday has Resigned today. She is up to her neck in it i expect.

ValGlass2.0 (@AussieVal10) Tweeted:
Bye bye – now Dan’s turn. He doesn’t like to be outdone by anyone.

Craig Kelly MP (@CraigKellyMP) Tweeted:

Gladys is being investigated by ICAC

The ICAC has announced it will hold a public inquiry on Monday October 18 relating to Ms Berejiklian & whether her conduct had involved a breach of public trust


That’s what we need – a Council on Corruption. Unfortunately, it would be filled with corrupt people helping the other corrupticrats escape prosecution.


Then it would seem that we don’t need it.  😅 


We already have that exact thing


Hope they throw this fascist b**** in jail.



Jail is where Aunt Bee brings you pies while Andy and Barney keep you company and Opie visits each afternoon to play checkers with you.

Cuppa Covfefe

Being Australia, it’s actually Gaol.

And it’s the real deal…

They have *cough* a lot of experience with incarceration….

Incarceration nation 🙂

Last edited 1 year ago by Cuppa Covfefe

The guy was getting dangerously close to a Moscow Mojito….


Oct 1 Strike! Teachers, police, heathcare, firefighters, miners, airline staff, truckies, to protest mandatory vaccination « JoNova (

Oct 1 Strike! Teachers, police, heathcare, firefighters, miners, airline staff, truckies, to protest mandatory vaccination

Coercion is not Consent!

Censorship is not consent either.

Vaccine mandate strike in Australia, Friday October 1. By Rod Lampard.

A united cross-section of Australian industries is set to strike on October 1 over State-sanctioned, and unconstitutional medical conscription.

While the Australian federal government maintains COVID-19 vaccines are NOT mandatory, in an apparent “workaround” section 51 of the Australian constitution, the Morrison government has enabled the states to make COVID-19 vaccinations compulsory.

The 16,000-member strong Facebook group, Australian Education United said:

All work sectors are uniting against mandatory vaccines & covid passports. On October 1 we RECLAIM THE LINE that was taken from us. Freedom, liberty, and our right to choose if we take the vaccine.

With Sky News Australia being the exception, the strike is conspicuously absent from most legacy media organisations. Strange, considering the strike is set to go national and is of national importance.


comment image


Good for the Aussies!

I wonder how long their Strike is going to last?

A one-day strike will make a good statement…but it could be ignored after it’s over.


The government can always outlast any strike, but the People can’t.

So the strike has to last long enough to compel the People to get rid of the government, for their own survival.

I suspect the People are not nearly desperate enough yet to break through their programming, and act.

But it’s a good first step.

Maybe by the fourth or fifth national strike, the People will be organized and ready 👍


“Over 70,000 healthcare workers in New York are willing to be fired rather than take the mandatory shot. What does that say to you?”


That they’re are putting the health and safety of their democrat friends ahead of their own, by going to the back of the line, making sure there is enough vaccine for every democrat to get at least 3 shots first?

Cuppa Covfefe

Nothing like positivity, eh?

SteveInCO · Thermonuclear MAGA

Actually, if they let the dems get all three shots FIRST, that’s more dead democrats…so it IS positive.


Higher Wages are not the whole reason why manufacturing has left the country.

Excessive Regulations are another big reason.

There are Federal Regulations…then there are State & Local Regulations, that manufacturers have to contend with.

These regulations are expensive to comply with.
Manufacturers must add the cost to what they sell their products for…or they cannot afford to stay in business.

A simple solution is to levy Tariffs on the imported goods, to try and equalize the burden that our domestic manufacturers must bear.

This is why our RealPotus PDJT was levying Tariffs on Chinese goods…and on other cheap imports.

Tariffs go a long way towards ‘leveling the playing field’ — but they don’t go all the way.
Reducing the regulatory burden would help too. Bigtime.

Democrats claim to be ‘for’ the working men & women.
But it’s bullshit.

Dems have been largely responsible for heaping regulations on our manufacturers.
Dems have also been the driving force behind raising the minimum wage.

We drove our Manufacturers away and into the welcoming arms of 3rd world countries.

Then came the cover story of…’Globalism’.

Remember back in the 80’s and 90’s when Globalism was being promoted as something good?
“Go Global” was the mantra.

The Clintons had taxpayer paid junkets flying our business people to Asia to promote ‘Going Global’.

We were told that Globalism was the way of the future.
It was bullshit.

Globalism has been good for the rest of the world…but it has been devastating to the US.


I should have included Taxes in my rant.

Our businesses and manufacturers also have Taxes to contend with, that foreign companies aren’t burdened with.

For example…Social Security/Medicare taxes.

A US employer must match every dime that they withhold in SocSec/Med taxes.


If an employee and employer shake hands at $10/hour, the employee will (if lucky) take home $7, and it will cost the employer (at least) $14.


Yes, exactly.

And the cost for the employer goes up from there, depending on what the state & local burden is.

Cuppa Covfefe

Same here, in Germany. And the Greens want to pile on even more. And we have the highest energy costs in the whole world because of that. Look up EEG. We’re paying for the damned birdchoppers even if they don’t run, and for the poisonous solar panels even when they aren’t producing…


Those Greens are an odd lot! Obsessive to the core.

comment image


The California Air Resources Board is in a class of their own.

I had my 1994 car repainted about 12 years ago. Because of CARB, the painter guy was on his third Paint System in five years.

When you change a paint system, you have to redo the ventilation; change all the pumps, mixers, sprayers; completely change all your tints and solvents; and change your paint bases. If you use computer estimating software, that changes — and all your timing changes so you can’t give someone a firm delivery date until you’re more familiar with the new system. In addition, all your registrations with the fire and sewer guys all change. Costs are in the mid-to-upper five figures.

And CARB had made him do it twice. In five years.


Yep…the regulatory burden that our businesses have to deal with is excessive.
And expensive.


Big business is the natural ally of government, because that nips little business in the bud and minimizes competition. It effectively becomes, “if you aren’t big enough to employ a lobbyist, you get what’s coming to you.”


Oh yeah, they’re not innocent.
No way.

It’s just that we haven’t given manufacturers any incentives to stay here and create jobs.

And factories have a ripple effect on an economy, stimulating the growth of smaller businesses such as restaurants & grocery stores, etc…which creates even more jobs.

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy


The bottom line is that DEMOCRATS drove business overseas.

Deplorable Patriot

Republicans did nothing to stop it, either.

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

YUP. They just invested in the China funds.

Cuppa Covfefe

And Globalism has been, and is devastating for Germany, and many other countries. It’s destroyed our economy, and with the Gore-Bull warming madness, which is getting worse by the day, industries and entire sectors of the economy are packing up and leaving. To the former Eastern Europe…

The only ones for whom globalism is good are the globalists themselves. And they’ll take their ill-gotten gains with them to the deepest darkest pits of Hell…..


Re: excessive regulations….

Don’t forget the EPA.

China has no EPA.

Wait… mean I can mass produce my incredibly toxic car batteries in China with no EPA restrictions (read: costs), and sell them for the same price I was selling them for in the US when I made them there at great expense??

Funny how the greenies here in the USA have no issues with that.


Yes, exactly.

China is the number one polluter on the planet.
But the Demoncrats are conspicuously silent about that.


If you didn’t hear this interview of Dr Judy Mikovits that was posted yesterday by D.P. then I’d recommend you take the 20 minutes to listen. She gives solid information and hope. Both in short supply these days.

Deplorable Patriot

This one is a good companion to it.


^^^ Truly shocking TRUTHS. Excellent refresher, why NEVER GET INJECTED. ^^^

What is MORE SHOCKING to me, we still have smart guys like Rand Paul saying, GET INJECTED.


Worth listening in on and SHARING.


Great video!

I went to the Pro Immune site she suggested and it was way over my head. Is there anyone here who can make sense of it and recommend what to look into?


The Pro-Immune was a single item in her very long list of substances that can support the body in clearing the negative impact of the spike and/or other substances (if you got the shot). The key is understanding her view of disease is that the body’s defenses are over stimulated and need to be calmed down.

“It’s the oxidative stress that is causing the disease. That’s what’s causing the immune dysfunction.” – Mikovits

Taking ivermectin or HCQ for a preventative was at the top of her list.

NAC is very powerful. Life Extension brand has 500 mg capsules. I’ve bought it from a couple of times. In use people seem to take it only when already experiencing inflammation. A friend used one capsule 3 times a day during a COPD-like episode and they could tell it was very helpful.

Using hemp-based lotions on the skin is an interesting idea.

“Cannabinoids … [turn down] the dimmer switch of the immune system.”

I’d also highlight DMG. It’s used for getting oxygen into the brain. I took it while I was having mild air hunger symptoms in Spring of 2020. It did help.




Thanks for another great Wolf’s Pub Friday thread, Gmtx!
 😊  👏  💗 
So much good stuff!
Thank you.

I had never heard of a Moscow Mule…it sounds potent.


first I’ve heard of Moscow Mule, too.

sounds quite tastey..

except for drinking out of a copper cup….I’ll pass on that part.

a rocks glass for me.


I’ve got a vintage copper coffee mug. Always thought it was weird that one would have been made.

Maybe it’s an original that was used for the Moscow Mule?


copper has certain healing or restorative properties…but, personally, I don’t like to drink from anything metal.

esp alcohol.

( or anything out of a box ! )

Deplorable Patriot

Copper won’t hurt you. Aluminum, yes, but not copper.


I still don’t like to drink from anything metal.

I am aware of aluminum.

SteveInCO · Thermonuclear MAGA

Yeah, I remember aluminum is a no-no.

I forget why.


I see what you did there.

Deplorable Patriot

Copper is an efficient heat conductor. We have a pot with a copper bottom and that’s that only one I will use to make preserves because of the way the heat is distributed.

When the Farberware finally dies, I’m going to hunt for vintage Revere Ware, and the copper bottoms are exactly why.


Same here. My favorites are the old fashioned coffee percolators that you use on a burner. Have two sizes. They get used when camping or if the power goes out. Makes the coffee taste better, too.


Now I know why my strawberry jam comes out so good. Using a copper bottom pot from a set I got 45 years ago. It’s called my jam pot during strawberry season. Actually all year, but I use if for mashed potatoes and spaghetti the rest of the year.

Deplorable Patriot

I use it for everything. It’s the smallest of the stock pots we have, but definitely the most versatile.


Old copper stuff is lined with zinc. I have a very old zinc-lined copper coffee mug.

Deplorable Patriot

Those cups have been in the stores here for a couple years at least. I kept wondering where they came from.


Carbon Crimes !

comment image

 👉  ECOCIDE 😫 

please take a few minutes to read this excellent article…

The Legal Doctrine of “Carbon Crimes” ~ Torturing Law and Reason To Rid The Planet of Climate-Change Deniers


by Prof. Em. Dr Lucas Bergkamp, LL.M.

the radicalization of the climate movement is a threat to economic and political freedoms and the rule of law.

the climate movement has now discovered criminal law as a tool for conducting climate politics…

 👉  to invoke torture and the new crime of ecocide.

…intended to target corporate execs, politicians and anyone else who dares to oppose their preferred policies.

and these activists are being assisted by a judiciary : The European Court of Human Rights.

this excellent article shows how law, in the climate movement’s “vision”, must be used to supplement civil and administrative laws to eliminate any and all opposition to its plan for a climate utopia.

…including the legal concept of torture as a crime against humanity.


The Legal Doctrine of “Carbon Crimes” ~ Torturing Law and Reason To Rid The Planet of Climate-Change Deniers


What if I don’t deny climate change at all?

What if I accept the premise of Globull Warming — for the sake of argument — and I ask just one question:

What’s the downside?

Well, what is it?

What’s the argument?


you’re a threat to humanity.

remember : this is an (((emergency))) !!!

got that ?

if you read the article, it explains the totalitarian control agenda behind this utter crap.


“you’re a threat to humanity.”


That’s not an argument.

What is the DOWNSIDE to increased globull temperature?

Is it more CO2?

Is it rising ocean levels?

What’s the argument?

There has to be one… 😂 🤣 😂


like I said…

you’re a threat to humanity..

you think too much.

you ask too many questions.

you expect actual answers…

…even worse, honest ones.

..and that is a form of unlawful torture.

(notice…I didn’t say “illegal”, I said unlawful.)

you’re more than just a threat…

you are a CRIME against humanity.

Last edited 1 year ago by smiley2

Then THEY are a threat to humanity.

If they don’t need to make a credible argument, then neither do we.

If their position doesn’t need to make sense, then neither does ours.

Two can play that game.

The religion of Globull Warming is a form of unlawful torture.

And the Constitution prevents the imposition or establishment of a state religion anyway.

Which of course means we need one, right away.

A state religion against the unlawful torture of Globull Warming.


depends on who’s in charge…

if the animals are in charge, it’s…

four legs good, two legs bad.

simple as that.

no arguments allowed.

everything else is moot.

Cuppa Covfefe

In the land of the Greens, it’s “Kill a baby, save a tree”.

That simple.

And they do not care one whit.

They should probably retroactively abort themselves…


Yes, what smiley explained is in essence critical theory, where they do not have to entertain a damn thing you say and will indeed hold it against you and then what you said back, don’t accept any thing they say. Next step is one side backs up backs down or you have a state of conflict normally resolved by this thing called war.


While we’ve begun pushing back and not backing down, we are doing it for singular issues where as now that Demons are in charge of the state apparatuses, they are able to apply their pressures in multiple ways and multiple fronts. We need a universal NO to all their bull, everywhere, no compromise, our way or WAR.


All of these idiots should have to successfully run an aquarium for two years before they are allowed to vote.

If you want a lush planted tank, you frequently will add a CO2 injection system to assist plant growth. Just a little, so it doesn’t hurt the fish, but it really perks ’em up.


I think you’re missing the point of the article.

it’s not about making sense or applying reason.


These are Degrowthers. Degrowthers are a real thing. They want everything in the fish tank to die. When it’s all dead, they will come out from their hiding places and “Build Back Better”.


What a crock!

The earth’s climate has been changing since the atmosphere of the planet formed.
It is a given.

The climate was changing long before humans invented the combustion engine!

These ‘climate change’ people are science deniers!


Maybe they should do a sabbatical on Mars, where the climate is also changing….


 😆  👍 


“Maybe they should do a sabbatical on Mars, where the climate is also changing….”


No need to go that far.

Half way would be good enough 👍😁


Better let them observe the climate from the bottom of the ocean. Cheaper and we eventually get a carbon return thing.


yes and if you go to that link, you will be able to navigate that site, and read their take on it.


it’s not about the climate or the weather or the earth…

it’s about control…eroding and destroying freedoms…the use of natural resources…productivity…private ownership of property..etc etc..

by criminalizing the opposition…

and RESETTING us into global serfs.

Last edited 1 year ago by smiley2
Sylvia Avery

Thanks grandma, love your opening post! I’ve been boycotting Amazon for a long time. I seldom shop at Walmart anymore, either. Haven’t been inside Costco in years. I do think it’s important to use the power of the purse to support American business.

 bakocarl is having a surgical procedure today. Please say a prayer for him that it is successful.


Me too, Syl.
Been boycotting Amazon for years!

We stopped going to Walmart this year, too…after they went Woke and donated millions to BLM.

Thanks for letting us know about Carl.
I pray that his procedure goes well and that he gets better real soon.
 🙏  😔  💖 

Sylvia Avery

Thanks Wheatie. I’ll try to remember to keep you updated if we hear anything.


Thanks, Syl.
 🤗  💗 

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

Thank you for this! Very important!!!

Sylvia Avery

YW, Wolfie!

Deplorable Patriot

The one thing that I will go to Walmart to get is an annual calendar/planner. They have one I really like.



Doctor Rand Paul vs (sham) Lawyer Xavier Becerra, the U.S. Sec’y of Health & Human Services…

video here…

Becerra has NO medical or science degrees.

Becerra is a totalitarian control freak.

he knows nothing about natural immunity.


Becerra is a gift from California.


What I cannot understand, will all we know about the faux Covid injections, WHY would Rand Paul say he thinks more should get injected?

^^^ THIS lacks common sense. What am I missing?


I didn’t hear him say that exactly.

I think his point is the authoritarian ego & arrogance of Becerra who as zero medical/science credentials yet is insulting and shaming anyone who chooses not to get the jab as being a “flat earther”, while preventing second medical opinions from actual physicians, and so on..

Becerra’s utter and shameless HYPOCRISY is what’s being called here.


^^^ Which is the way I took it. ^^^

I’d rather Rand and others talking up IVM, HCQ, etc., trash any notion of getting injected. Why? Injections are not needed AND ARE unsafe. IMO.


comment image

comment image


comment image

comment image

Victor , lower right (no threat…so far).

Hurricane Sam is now one of the longest lived hurricanes on record.


The animated satellite image of weather activity is amazing technology. I often wonder what the response might be if something like this was seen for the first time 50-plus years ago.


sci fi twilight zone war of the worlds


One instance that I think of was during WWll when the Third Fleet got caught up in a typhoon in the area near the Philippines. It was very destructive for the ships. Three destroyers sank during the storm with heavy loss of life. Commanders were mostly blind to its movements and strength.


then came…

Barbaralla !
comment image

Last edited 1 year ago by smiley2

Are you trippin’? LOL!


it’s that one Moscow Mule too many before 6 am.


Sometimes too much of a good thing is not good.



One thing I do to avoid buying a made in China product is to go on eBay and search through listings for a particular item with USA in the search. Also, you’ll find items that are old stock that are made in the USA before manufacturing was sent outside. Old stock often doesn’t show up as ‘Made in the USA’. You’ll have to look through the photos of the product packaging to find it. Time consuming, but worth it to me.

Sometimes I have to settle for buying an item that is made in another country, but at least it is not from China.


here’s a link with MAM (Made In America) companies & products…

(hopefully none is soros, vanguard or blackrock affiliated.)


Thanks. I had that bookmarked once, but lost it when I had my desktop worked on.




This is a link to Lin Woods Strike Back For Freedom.
They intend this to be an aggregation site for MAGA patriots both business and individuals:

Lin Wood

Below is an update for all the Patriots striking back against the enemy and fighting for their freedoms alongside the movement.

Our #FightBack team is doing a massive overhaul to the #StrikeBack user interface, interactive map, and how businesses and individuals who believe in Jesus Christ and hold American Values can readily connect with each other.

Myself and the team at #FightBack and #StrikeBack, now more than ever, appreciate your patience in times like these.

As a great American hero and Patriot once said, “These are the times that try men’s souls.” – Thomas Paine

The partial delay in timing is in effect because our team is building the entire website infrastructure and backend securely from the ground up. Big tech will not be able to cancel, censor, or deplatform any longer.

Stay tuned for more with a big announcement next week! Never give up. Keep Fighting. God has already won the battle.

Trust God.

Also Mike Lindell is building a shopping/promotion site for businesses who are being cancelled by the Fascist Woke social media sites.
Wach Frank – The Voice of Free Speech Social Media ( for upcoming announcements. They have an ‘Online Store’ button, which currently goes to the My Pillow store, but they intend to extend this to other businesses who want to sign up later.


As the guy said on GAB, “I’ll just leave this right here.”

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

4 years ago. Las Vegas.


And that’s on top of the 20,000 getting ready to cross into Mexico.

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

That Denninger post is great! Love it. A very concise explanation of the “Maricopa grift”.


SPIKE PROTEIN ADDICTS: Covid vaccine junkies are lying about being unvaccinated so they can get extra booster shots

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy


Deplorable Patriot

And do you know what’s really sick about it in my circles is that the people with auto-immune diseases are the ones who are shot happy.


^^^ The STOOPID is strong with these idjits.

That said, I DO hope they get all the injections they want.


I dont care if they constantly do it. Once the approval for kids rolls out thats where im concerned these ijits will do damage.


Sadly true.


comment image





comment image

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

Good GRIEF. Washington is a POX ON AMERICA.


At THIS point, Sinema and Manchin are BIG impediments to this becoming reality.

AND, there must be a handful of Pierre DeLecto’s, R-Cons that support this $3.5 Billion farce. Advertised as costing ZERO dollars.

The ignorance IS stunning.

  • Fake news can’t even muster the integrity to say, $3.5 billion EQUALS ZERO is a LIE.

NY RINO John Katko is a YES vote.

Deplorable Patriot

When buying local and American, I will suggest attending craft fairs and art fairs for decorative items, and the like. Farmers markets around here do have local artisans as well. Yes, you pay cash, and it’s more expensive, but you’re buying someone’s art and hours worth of work.

For those who are novel readers, you might try to find the self published on Amazon, Barnes &Noble, Apple Books, etc. Yes, the retailer and the distributers take a cut, but those novels are MONTHS of work to produce, and they are not dependent on the New York publishing houses at all.

It’s amazing that people with money – and this has happened to me – will be willing to pay ten dollars for a baby hat that took five to six hours to make with the yarn itself costing twelve. That was the end of me making Santa hats for babies. Grandmas think they’re cute, but have no clue what it takes to make them.


and don’t forget the Amish if you are in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Indiana….

handmade furniture

wonderful fresh fruits & veggies

roofing, carpentry

barn raising  👍 

dairy, cheeses, fresh eggs

whole sides of beef (aww I know poor cows)

chickens (aww)

and more.

Deplorable Patriot

Mennonites, also. There’s a woman who has a booth at one of the farmer’s markets who has fantastic cheese..


And some pigs…if nothing else, piss off some muzzies. 🙂


More importantly…B A C O N.

Last edited 1 year ago by kalbokalbs

speaking of bacon…notice the rising cost lately ??

Deplorable Patriot


Is the wait over?

Deplorable Patriot


The wait for what, exactly?

Deplorable Patriot

Good question. I have no idea. I’m just waiting for it to happen, whatever it is.

Deplorable Patriot


Deplorable Patriot

Let’s see how low my social credit score can go….

Concerned Virginian

There will be “Bonus Points” if one can speak or read Chinese.


People will be dead long before they obtain a status they accept either from the shot or not.

Deplorable Patriot

Forwarded from 
Stay focused on what is important — The Future of our Country is at stake. Doing nothing against the tyranny we are facing risks the very future of our children and our grandchildren. Doing nothing is no longer acceptable.

The following list is not inclusive nor is it in order, but these are the major issues bombarding America’s psyche and that is exactly what the Left wants—sheer confusion and chaos. Don’t lose sight of the goal

1. Healthy tyranny, forced jabs
2. Entire city & state lockdowns
3. Mass firings of nurses & docs
4. Massive & Natl Election fraud
5. Epidemic #s of illegals
6. Opioid crisis still looming
7. An assault on our military
8. Mass coordinated censorship
9. Media collusion w/ the Left
10. Cancel culture across the govt
11. Religious persecution
12. Mask mandates of children
13. Approx ~ $7T spent in 9 mos
14. 1/6 Insurrection crucifixion
15. China on the rise/winning
16. Afghanistan surrender/retreat
17. FBI abusing 1 abuses all of us
18. Add your own here

No sane American voted for this nonsense and yet the Grand Old Party (GOP) plays the fiddle. The GOP (Republican Party) is absolutely pathetic. Talk about DO NOTHING. I want America back and I am going to fight for those who are willing to fight with me and for us all. We will not relent to this tyranny, we will fight at the local level against school boards, on street corners, in front of city halls, or states capitols or wherever each of us can have the greatest impact. We have to stop complaining and get off the couch and run against any politician that is not standing up for our constitutional rights. This is no more “politics as usual.” Our Nation is in grave risk.

Every Republican Governor can, should and must do more. Exercise big, bold, and courageous LEADERSHIP in your states immediately. I don’t know how else to say it. Your citizens are watching every move and they are not happy. To those republicans in the US Congress, you are not listening. The time to stand up for American values and principles, and our God-given constitutional rights is NOW!

“Local Action = National Impact”

Stand up, step up and get involved! Do not allow this monumental moment in history to pass you by.

God Bless America


PHUC….BOTH the Demonrats and the Republitard Parties!

Or NO “parties” at all!

Last edited 1 year ago by rayzorback
Deplorable Patriot

Not sure what to believe here.

Q) The Storm Rider /Official Page

>Former CIA Director Mike Pompeo Responds to Julian Assange Kidnapping Report

Former CIA Director Mike Pompeo joined Glenn Beck on the radio program to give his response to the explosive new report from Yahoo News alleging some Trump officials — including Pompeo — considered kidnapping or assassinating WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange.

“I would say three things. First of all, [Michael] Isikoff, we’ve seen he was a big Russia hoax perpetrator. So take that for what it’s worth,”

“Second, there are many stories out there now about how the president and I were engaged in things that were crazy, right? There was talk about there being an effort to drop a nuclear weapon on China in the last week of the administration. This story is of that same ilk, right? I couldn’t tell you who they have as their sources, but those sources didn’t know what we were doing.”

“The third point … we were very worried about the fact that we had bad actors who were stealing really, really sensitive material from the United States,” Pompeo added.

“And I make no apologies for the fact that we, and the administration, were working diligently to make sure that we were able to protect this important sensitive information, whether it was cyber actors in Russia, or the Chinese military, or anyone who was trying to take this information away from us. And not just commercial stuff, like intellectual property theft, but real national security secrets. So we were working hard to go after those bad actors who were trying to do that.”

Glenn asked Pompeo if he would classify Julian Assange and WikiLeaks to be a “journalist in a media outlet, or a hostile intelligence entity.”

“So I came to believe that they were, in fact, one of the first, non-state, hostile intelligence entities,” Pompeo answered. “They weren’t engaged in even crappy reporting, like Isikoff does. They were engaged in active efforts to steal secrets themselves, and pay others to do the same in a way that violated the central understandings that I think the American people get, and second, violated U.S. law as well. We’re always careful. I’m all about a big, bold, strong First Amendment. But these folks were acting in ways that were deeply inconsistent with that.

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

I’m buying those arguments, personally.

Deplorable Patriot

It makes sense, actually. Some of the channels and accounts I follow think that the US wanted Assange because exposing the corruption, which on its own merits is true, but the state secrets are something else entirely.

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

People can have different motivations, and find themselves on the same side regarding a certain action – very common in spy world.


>>”the state secrets are something else entirely”<<

I would ask how many of our “[S]tate secrets” have ALREADY BEEN sold?

Perhaps these imbeciles – of a “higher (read: lower) loyalty” – wish instead to monopolize their product, so that they are the only sellers!

The bonus is covering up their monumental mistakes (at best) or their seditious collusion (at worst, maybe!) against our nation.

Many of these people deal in lies from the moment they wake up, to the moment they fall asleep.

Betcha they DREAM in lies as well.




From the “world(s) I worked while Active then GS, ~forty years, I understand the need that, many, most, whatever descriptor, state secrets must remain secret.

THAT aside, much of what the government engages in needs to be exposed.


I am beyond tolerating the standard lies, how the government hides the truth. When they invoke groundless statements, to AVOID ACCOUNTABILITY. AVOID TRANSPARENCY.

  • “Sources and Methods”.
  • Can only answer a question in a “secure setting”.
  • That’s “classified”.

^^^ These over worked BS lines are NEVER challenged.



Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

Is it real, or is it Memorex? YOUR CALL.

Concerned Virginian

IMO, could be one of the “better” body doubles.

Deplorable Patriot

Nope. The eyes are wrong, and unless she had collagen injections, the cheeks are wrong, too. Plus, her hair isn’t done which her handlers have been careful about since her first month in the Senate when she really did show up to work looking like a hag.


Looks like another person entirely.

Deplorable Patriot

The chin is wrong, the bags under her eyes are wrong. Jawline…the real Hillary has a more Celtic look to it.
comment image

Last edited 1 year ago by Deplorable Patriot

This picture shows exactly who/what Hillary is. A heartless, murdering psychopath. That evil doesn’t show in the woman pictured above. imo.