NIH Deploys Countermeasure Study on Ivermectin to Retain Credibility – and How the Study Can be Forced by Deplorables to Reveal the Truth

This is interesting.

NIH is sponsoring a new TRIAL of ivermectin to treat COVID-19.

The latest chess move by NIH may be a move toward truth, or it could be more smoke and mirrors. However, I am telling you now – WE THE PEOPLE can force the play to yield TRUTH, if we keep our eyes on the ball.

In my opinion, we are FORCING – by the threat of NUREMBERG 2 – various government agencies to turn away from the Faucist false narratives they KNOW will do them as much good as “We were only following orders” helped the lower-level Nazis.

For example, the recent FDA 16-3 vote AGAINST sketchy, unproven, and very likely USELESS or actually counterproductive boosters – which the Faucists had to REVERSE by diktat of CDC’s Rochelle Alinsky – tells me that people in government who KNOW THE SCORE are starting to REBEL against “top-down” medicine, if only to save their own skins.

Yes, YouTube is holding the line for Comrade Alinsky, but others are starting to move away from the pounding gavels of NUREMBERG 2, sounding from just over the horizon of time.

So with that in mind, take a look at THIS:


Notice how FAKE NEWS can’t help but go after ivermectin, even reporting that NIH is giving it a trial.


Now – trust me – there are a thousand ways that people inside NIH, CDC, NIAID, or FDA could game the results of this study. I may talk about some of the other methods, but there is ONE in particular that was already used against hydroxychloroquine.

Fool us once, shame on you. Fool us twice, shame on US.

The way to insure a FAIL of any trial of an antiviral against COVID-19 is to give it too late. That includes “standard” antivirals like acyclovir, remdesivir, etc., AND it includes non-standard antivirals like hydroxychloroquine or ivermectin.

To validly test an antiviral, you have to give it early enough that it makes a difference. For a safe but highly nonstandard (and likely WEAKER) antiviral, “early enough” means VERY EARLY.

Dr. Zelenko recognized this IMMEDIATELY. That is why he jumped on very early outpatient hydroxychloroquine PLUS azithromycin (Raoult’s therapy, moved up in time) PLUS zinc, knowing that all three have a very HIGH margin of safety, so there is no need to wait – thus better to GET THE JUMP on both SARS-CoV-2 AND bacterial pneumonia, as well as any possible zinc deficiency.

Zelenko moved Raoult’s therapy to ALMOST prophylaxis, and removed the concern of zinc deficiency, common in the elderly.

It was SIMPLE, but it was BRAVE and GENIUS.

Now – LATER – there were COWARDLY attack studies, where hydroxychloroquine was administered too late, too much, and to dying patients, long after both antiviral and antirheumatic activities would do absolutely no good.

The scientific community called these studies out, but still – SHAME.

Will it happen again here?

Not if we can help it.


The beauty of this study is that WE THE PEOPLE are the ones who “call in” when we get COVID. The earlier that is done, the more likely that ivermectin will PROVE its awesome ability to stop COVID in its tracks.

Thus, it is imperative that truth-seeking Deplorables (or libtards who are red-pilled enough to believe me) who are at risk for COVID-19, be READY to get into this study the MOMENT they are diagnosed.

And the easiest way to do THAT is to simply do the following:

  • Be familiar with the study
    • have the site bookmarked
    • have its phone number saved to your contacts
  • Have a COVID test on hand at home
    • Abbott BinaxNOW test is $25 for two (2) tests
    • antigen test is highly accurate, is NOT a PCR test
    • test takes 15 minutes and is very simple to perform
  • Use ALL OPTIONS to accelerate delivery of the treatments

Here is information about the study:


Let me repeat that in TEXT:

Welcome to the ACTIV-6 study

Working together to help people with COVID-19 feel better faster. Call 833-385-1880 today!

The ACTIV-6 Study

The ACTIV-6 research study is testing several medications that are already approved for other diseases to see if they can help people with mild to moderate COVID-19 feel better faster and stay out of the hospital.

If you are 30 years old or older, have tested positive for COVID-19 within the past 10 days and have at least 2 COVID-19 symptoms for 7 days or less, you can help make a difference by participating in ACTIV-6.

You can participate from anywhere in the U.S. Medications are shipped to you at no cost. You will keep track of your symptoms and how you feel over 90 days.

Medications in the ACTIV-6 Study

ACTIV-6 is evaluating repurposed medications for effective, safe treatments for mild-to-moderate COVID-19. Repurposed medications are already approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for other indications. The study is now testing these medications:


an inhaled steroid commonly prescribed for asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease


a selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor (SSRI), often prescribed for depression


used to treat parasitic infections

These medications can be shipped anywhere in the United States at no cost to participants.

Why This Study Is Important

Vaccines are available, but access is limited in some areas and new, more transmissible variants of the virus are emerging in the U.S. People are still getting sick, and many remain at risk for the disease.

Results from ACTIV-6 will help researchers understand how existing medications can improve symptoms and limit hospitalizations for people with mild to moderate COVID-19.

Study Eligibility

ACTIV-6 is for you if:

You are 30 years old or older

Tested positive for COVID-19 within the past 10 days

Have at least 2 COVID-19 symptoms for 7 days or less

Frequently Asked Questions

I am enrolled in ACTIV-6. How do I report a new health concern?

Click here to report a concern or medical event to our Call Center.

Does participation cost anything?

No, there is no cost to you to participate. All activities can be conducted on a private and secure website or over the phone.

Am I compensated for participating?

You may receive a gift card of up to $100 upon completion of the study.

News & Information

  • Nationwide Clinical Study Expands Platform to Test Medications to Treat Mild-to-Moderate COVID-19
  • Better treatments for COVID-19 are still needed, especially for patients with mild to moderate illness who are not hospitalized.
  • ACTIV-6 is part of a larger public-private partnership, Accelerating COVID-19 Therapeutic Interventions and Vaccines (ACTIV), announced in 2020 by the National Institutes of Health.

Enroll Today!

Fill out the screening form to have a study team member contact you, or call 833-385-1880 to speak with a study team member.

Screening Form

Call Us

Together, we can change the future of COVID-19 treatment.

This site is intended for United States residents only.

Copyright © 2021 Jumo Health, Inc. All Rights Reserved

ACTIV-6 Study – Study Website – 29 – June – 2021 – English (Master) – V2.0

Now – I want to be absolutely clear about something – which is another way of saying that I want to rub FAKE SCIENCE’S NOSE in it’s own POOP.

We are not “gaming” this study by FORCING better science on establishment science. We are making sure that this is not a “gamed” study, by REMOVING the most likely (and proven) source of gaming the study to NOT SHOW A RESULT.

If the average starting time of therapy goes DOWN to where conclusive results are shown, that is GOOD DESIGN. That’s what we’re banking on here.

So – be sure to bookmark this sucker. If you get COVID, and this study (or a successor study) is running, you want to get into it.

And you want to get into it FAST.


Allegedly being taken seriously by NIH.

Whoda thunk?


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Seems like there are a couple issues.

I don’t know anything about Fluticasone or Fluvoxamine, but if I’m sick with China virus, I want the Ivermectin.
Presumably, we would not be able to choose our treatment.

And even if we could, there’s no way we could trust the NIH people to send us the right medication, or even any medication at all, as opposed to a placebo as part of a control group.

The problem is a complete and total lack of trust.

These criminals have murdered millions of people for money, and they may have murdered a couple billion more who just don’t know it yet.

So when Dr. Joe Mengele hangs out a new shingle and says “I’m doing a drug test, would you like to be part of my study?”, how does anyone participate, who already knows what kind of monsters these are?


Except for DAN ( ) that should probably be no.


Besides all that, I’ve already got the ivermectin in-house (as well as flonase, claritin, and zyrtec) that I got from a more trusted sources than these schmucks — why should I give them a chance to adulterate or underdose me?

I’m already completely convinced that there are some things that are just abomination to a Republic — and among these are government-controlled healthcare, government-controlled education, and vote tabulation machines. Why should I play along with the falsehood that there is anything good about these?


My first thought. I wouldn’t trust them to dispense an aspirin.



Only with one caveat; I take fluticasone daily and have for years, for allergies. It’s safe and it works.


Screw these people and their bullshit. Sorry, but I am not getting on THAT train.


“Some young people have thoughts about suicide when first taking fluvoxamine. Stay alert to changes in your mood or symptoms. Report any new or worsening symptoms to your doctor.”

“Do not stop using fluvoxamine suddenly, or you could have unpleasant symptoms (such as agitation, confusion, tingling or electric shock feelings). Ask your doctor before stopping the medicine.”

Anti-depressants are a TRAP. I have watched people suffer through the “step-down” process of getting off of them. That “electric-shock” shit is REAL. It goes through the BRAIN, and it is painful and scary.

No thanks.


Good to know.


I can’t wait.

Unfortunately, I am locked out again. 🙁

Valerie Curren

Great catch, boss. Something to keep one’s eyes & ears on…

Valerie Curren

Excellent 🙂


I’m wondering if they will also give people zinc with the ivermectin. That was another way they screwed up the HCQ study.


“Avoid sunlight, eat only gruel, and avoid any other supplements to ensure the results of the study are not contaminated. Take as much Fluvoxamine as you wish.”


steroids, antidepressants, oh my


The theory that they are trying to get a combo drug that gets the masses all on a psychotropic… ugh

Deplorable Patriot

Found this one this week, and haven’t had a chance to use it.

The truth about why humanity is sick.png

We’ve been burned so much…it’s hard not to give this the side-eye.
comment image

I did a search on Jumo Health, Inc. who is doing this study.

Founded in 2009, looks like Jumo Health is primarily an outfit that makes ‘informational’ videos and comic books for children…to ‘explain’ healthcare to children.
For adults too, but they seem to be focused on children.

That’s when the big push for Obamacare was going on.


If anyone has a number of family that need tests (before visiting elderly that are afraid of the bug, etc), this might come in handy.

Oh, wait, I’d like to add that Amazon has this at <$16 but I am boycotting them.
This is $25/kit * 6 kits @ $150.

No idea about shipping.

Walgreens seems to have these on the shelf, but I’ve not visited to check it out.

Last edited 1 year ago by Gudthots

The new Merck pill to fight covid is something to keep an eye on.

Merck says its COVID-19 antiviral pill is effective against variants (


Merck, which is currently conducting late-stage trials of the drug, said Wednesday that because the treatment does not target the spike protein of the virus, which differentiates the COVID-19 variants, the drug should still be able to effectively combat any of the coronavirus strains.

Molnupiravir has been designed to target an enzyme that allows the virus to make copies of itself, thereby introducing errors to the virus genetic code, according to Reuters.

……………….More at link.

Sounds like the pill uses genetic manipulation to fight the virus.

Pfizer is also working on a similar pill.

Merck has already reached a $1.9 Billion deal with the US govt to purchase 1.7 million doses:

U.S. reaches deal with Merck for oral COVID-19 drug (


Merck didn’t participate in the rush to get a ‘vaccine’.

Looks like they just stepped over that…and quietly went about creating a pill to kill the virus.
Appears to kill the variants, too.

I like the fact that they are in stage 3 of trials on it.


designed to target an enzyme”

Enzymes are pretty important to the body. Is it an anti-metabolite. Thinking of Bactrim and how it affects things that give the body vitality.

Would it be more effective than say, taking L-Lysine when symptoms start?


I bet it will be a reformulated drug based on Ivermectin, which they happened to have the patent to before it expired.
It will be reformulated just enough that they can patent this as a new drug and make tons of money from it and most probably will not be as effective as Ivermectin itself.

They were actually saying in March that Ivermectin is actually unsafe (their own drug) and a few weeks later they got this federal contract.


Ah. Thanks for the additional info, Eilert.


They are hoping to cut off the animal use Ivermectin as a long term treatment for an awakened population.


Merck may come out of this smelling like a rose.

The others not so much. It looks like it may be sinking in with Pfizer et al that the death jabs aren’t gonna cut it, so now the pills are the next cash cow for Big Pharma.

The whole thing is so disgusting. I hope and pray that a Nuremberg 2 happens.


Oh this is too rich not to share.

comment image


This deserves more play time.

comment image

Deplorable Patriot

At Duke University, no less. Not all that far from UNC where Baric was cooking up the virus.



Note from my “Healthcare Provider”:

We wanted to reach out and let you know that we are here to support you with all of your wellness needs and talk a little about the COVID vaccine.

If you have already taken the COVID vaccine; thank you for doing your part to help protect yourself and those around you. If you would like to schedule a COVID vaccine; please call the center to schedule an appointment. We have the Moderna Vaccine onsite and available!
If you have questions regarding the vaccine, please reach out to schedule an appointment with one of our providers who can discuss the vaccine using evidence-based guidelines while respecting your right to choose.


Quite interesting.

Truly, I am missing something, or a lot.

NIH study appears doomed to fail, BY DESIGN.

One needs to have had two symptoms for seven days, or less. AND Positive for ten days. The latter, someone potentially took a Covid test without symptoms? Seriously, ten days? Yea, I guess people take the tests without symptoms.

  • THEN NIH (Duke) MAY ship the drugs.
  • MORE days as a Covid positive guinea pig, pass withOUT treatment.
  • Two positives over two days, OK. NOT ten days.
  • IF I test positive, I am treating on DAY ONE.

WHAT about those “gold plated double blind studies“, that FDA, CDC, NIH like to flout as their proof shit (Remdisivir) works and proven drugs (HCQ) don’t work.

  • What is to keep NIH from shipping me PLACEBOS, that look like the real thing?
  • Guinea pig has no idea IF NIH meds are REAL or FAKE.

WHY did they not include ZPack?
IS zinc within Fluticasone or Fluoxetine?

IF I were to sign up for this drill:

  • I’d take my IVM from FLCCC. My ZPack from AFLD. Increased C, D and Zinc.
  • AND
  • DEMAND NIH scripts wired to local pharmacy of my choice. I’d likely take the local pharmacies Fluticasone and Fluoxetine.
  • AND
  • NIH can pay for my TELEMED consultation(s) with FLCCC or AFLD doctor(s).

NIH has a SERIOUS credibility problem with slow guy. Thinking I am a HARD PASS on this

Last edited 1 year ago by kalbokalbs

Well stated. 👍 No early treatment…sketchy meds…recovery rates potentially very low. Study decides Ivermectin is a fail.

Wyoming Sheperd

See I thought the same thing. I was going to say after the talk the other day but I didn’t have time that I take flonase as for some reason it works better for me. Any way we have been rubbing Ivermectin on my dads arm as he has a cold. He had a negative coof test and they said the could do the CPR test but even he couldn’t see way to take it. I mean he had the antibody test that was negative. Why go further I told her if it was as contagious as they say we would all have it. My sisters and I have been taking care of him for a bit here as he has had stroke this winter.

Any way I have been having a hard time keeping up and things are not going to get better as oh it is hunting season and I work at a neat plant for a month. So I will read some but probably not comment as I have not been doing so any way. Just wanted to say I,m still here and still in the fight.

Sighing off Wyoming Knucklehead

P/S. Wolf thanks for the info much appreciated.


Nice post.

“Wyoming Knucklehead.” I can relate to the latter. 🙂


Wolf, fyi. I met a very like minded individual today who is likely a very good fit here. I gave her the site and told her about the delay in seeing posts. if she does post, i also said for her to mention that she met a friend in CA with the first couple posts. Nice person, very informed, wants to meet others.


Got it. Thanks.

Concerned Virginian

Their research scientist, LIN-FA WANG, of the Duke University Medical School Extension in SINGAPORE, worked on Gain-of-Function research with BAT NEUROTOXIN VIRUSES along with Dr. Zheng-li SHI and PETER DASZAK in the creation of COVID-19.
“Viruses in bats and potential spillover to animals and humans”
January, 2019
DUKE UNIVERSITY was one of the funders.

This is only ONE of the many papers from Lin-Fa Wang about bat neurotoxin viruses and how they can make the jump from bats to humans.

Last edited 1 year ago by RDS

Looks like Mitt Romney has joined the black eye club. Lin Wood has a picture of him in a mask and a black eye in his Telegram timeline. Unfortunately, those don’t post here, but here is the post:


Oops. Wrong thread. Sorry.

Concerned Virginian

Now here’s something ** interesting ** —
“Fluvoxamine for Early Treatment of Covid-19 (Stop Covid 2)”
Recruitment Status: Active, not recruiting
First Posted: December 16, 2020
Last Update Posted: May 21, 2021
Actual Study Start Date: December 22, 2020
Estimated Primary Completion Date: July 2021
Estimated Study Completion Date: September 2021
Phase 3 Study
Number of Participants: 1100
No Results Published (per the website, checked today)

It appears that Fluvoxamine (Luvox) has been in a Phase 3 study investigating early treatment of COVID-19 since December, 2020 (at the SAME TIMEFRAME that the “vaccines” were being prepared to hit the market).
Fluvoxamine is used normally for management of major depression and/or Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder. It is an SSRI (Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitor).

Fluvoxamine is sometimes prescribed for other issues, like neuropathy, chronic pain, fibromyalgia).

Fluvoxamine can interfere with the neurotransmitters in the brain. The list of side effects is a mile long.

Why would Fluvoxamine be studied for use as a treatment for COVID-19, when Ivermectin (cheap, works, can be used over an extended period of time) or HCQ (cheap, works, can be used over an extended period of time) do the job?

Is the goal to create a “hybrid” medication to not only treat infection by COVID-19, but to have potential continuous use as a prophylactic? Both IVM and HCQ are safe for a continuous-use scenario (IVM for animal use; HCQ for millions of people who live in countries prone to malaria and other types of diseases).

Fluvoxamine, used continuously, can interfere with the parts of the brain that govern cognitive thought and memory. It needs to be monitored by a doctor.

IMO, it’s not without the realm of possibility to posit that, with failing to control the entire population of the United States by forcing people to take non-sterile gene therapy shots called “vaccines” against COVID, another type of “control system” can be developed — the “daily pill” one would have to take that combines IVM and an SSRI.

Concerned Virginian

I neglected to add that IVM is most likely as safe and effective for HUMANS as it has proved to be for animals.

Cuppa Covfefe

The side effects and drug interactions of SSRIs are horrifying…

My son takes various meds (beta-blockers, ACE-inhibitors, etc.). He’s taken them for more than ten years now, and at one time was taking six different meds, as well as the occasional antibiotic.

Each and every one of them warned about serious interactions with SSRIs.

I’m reminded of an article from years ago where the scientist, speaking of “mental health meds” said, effectively, “we don’t know HOW they work; just THAT they work”…

Wonder who (WHO?) was paying for his vacations and/or second home…….

(Kind of funny [or not], my son has been losing his hearing over the years, and we’ve been very thorough in checking the package inserts and studies, etc. on the web about ototoxicity of antibiotics and other meds. So, if he got an ototoxic med prescribed, we’d question the doctor, and would get an alternate. Seems that most docs aren’t really well-informed about ototoxicity, even though it’s far from uncommon, and, in some individuals, a huge risk due to inherited sensitivity… Aminoglycocides [-micins] in particular)….