A Seven-Day Journey Through COVID-19 in Seven Minutes, Treated with Ivermectin

This is a great selfie video, done by a young lady with a glorious Southern accent, chronicling her week of COVID-19 and recovery, treated with ivermectin.

It’s short – just under 7 minutes – but it captures a lot of information about symptoms and relief by the drug.

I can’t embed the video here due to the very obnoxious auto-play – you have to watch it on Gab TV.

Here is the URL:


I will, instead, provide a brief synopsis here for those who don’t want to put in the time to watch right now.

Ivermectin Day 1

The young lady starts the video laying in bed, having just taken ivermectin on DAY 3 of COVID, but DAY 1 of Ivermectin.

She will mention symptoms during the remainder of the video as she remembers them.

Later on Day 1

She is now sitting up in bed.

One important thing she notices is that her headache from the last two days (COVID days 2 and 3) is now subsiding. This tells me that ivermectin may be acting directly (and immediately) against cerebrovascular actions of the spike protein. She also notes that she is not as weak.

Ivermectin Day 2

She has just taken her second dose, but notes that she is describing changes due to the FIRST dose (Ivermectin Day 1).

She states that she feels completely different – “so much better”. No body aches, fever is down, reduced congestion, “feel like a different person”.

“This stuff is amazing – it’s really working good for me.”

She then logs back on and does a medical disclaimer that she’s not giving any advice – just telling her experience. LOL!

Later on Day 2

Obviously she’s gotten up and changed clothes.

The young lady describes herself as “almost 100%”, and that she feels like she could do a workout. Energy back, no headache, very little congestion, cough infrequent. She does mention that her nose was “running all night, pouring like crazy” on the night of Day 1, but that now it’s OK.

Likewise, her throat was still sore on Day 1, “like I was swallowing needles”, now it’s much better. “I feel 1000% different.”

Still Later on Day 2

At this point, she recognizes what has been called “brain fog”, and that her thinking was clouded on the previous days (she uses more descriptive terms – worth a listen). Ivermectin Day 2 was better – she talks about all the things she did – but the prior days, she was unable to do simple tasks which she describes.

[WOLF – Clearly this effect of the spike is (IMO) one of the things that plagues long-haulers. Why on EARTH we would give people mRNA to make this stuff inside and possibly even dump the instructions to DNA – I have no clue. Ridiculous!]

She also notes that she was still suffering anosmia on Day 2, and she describes that effect in detail. She notes that she lost BOTH her taste and smell on COVID Day 2.

Ivermectin Day 3

She actually goes out for a run!

She considers herself “completely back to normal” after the first two doses, since she doesn’t believe that the third has “kicked in” yet. She engaged in many activities, worked out, energy levels back to normal, but still a little bit of congestion and cough.

She does a GREAT retrospective of how sick she was on the first three days (COVID Days 1-3 / Ivermectin Day 1) – how exhausted she was.

Ivermectin Day 4

Obviously she has put on makeup and is “feeling so good today”.

She describes a little bit of congestion and “loose stuff”.

“I feel so good. I feel so good.”

Ivermectin Day 5

This is her last day of ivermectin. Day 5 of ivermectin, Day 7 of COVID.

She notes that she started ivermectin based on TESTING – that she got a positive test on her THIRD TEST, which was either late on the second day of COVID, or on her third day of COVID. This is important, because it means she was already experiencing systemic symptoms on Day 2, including anosmia, loss of taste, exhaustion and mental clouding, and yet it was only shortly after THAT, that she tested positive.

She “feels like a million bucks”, however she notes that she has STILL lost her senses of taste and smell, although she thinks that she might have actually begun to taste biscuits and bacon just a bit.

She notes that she no longer has any chest congestion or cough [meaning lower respiratory symptoms]. She also notes that she never had any oxygen issues (“PTL!”)

The End / Thank You

She states that she’s “over all this COVID crap” and that she’s done.

She thanks everybody who sent her well-wishes and comments, and notes all the people who thanked her, and who believe they have or will benefit from her videos which she posted.

“I am so happy that I’m able to help all of you with this, and some of your loved ones. It makes me so happy!”

There you have it. I loved this video, and wanted to spread it.

“Hope y’all enjoy it!”


PS – Flipped Image

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Brave and Free

Thanks Wolf,


Good video!

When she is describing how sick she was, it reminds me of how sick I was when I had it. Sickest I have EVER been.

The fact that she got messages from people who were UNAWARE of Ivermectin as a treatment is UNACCEPTABLE to me! I hope she and other young people are able to reach many people. This message must be HEARD.


Agreed on an Amendment! Guarantee our rights!


“The bottom line is that MEDICAL FREEDOM matters and it’s worth FIGHTING FOR.”


And being averse to SHOTS pays off again 👍 😁

(meaning myself!)

Like a gift that just won’t stop giving 😂 🤣 😂

Last edited 2 years ago by scott467

“We need an Amendment as strong as the First for medical freedom.”


We might want to shoot for stronger than the first or second.

They’re both proving to be incredibly weak.

The only reason either one still exists is because of the physical reality of the 2nd being in a hundred million different hands.


And if they’re anything like Australia — or anywhere else in this Jim-dandy of a world we’ve got here — our friends and relatives in Law enforcement would be strangling women, running over maskless people with their squad cars, and all the other massively excellent Nazi tactics that cops appear so eager to inflict on others.

Because they’re sick Nazi *&^%s.

Welcome to it, ‘family and friends’.

Go take a look in the mirror.

Seig Heil!

Prove me wrong.


If nothing else, but there are many things I’ve learned, I have now come to completely understand how Nazi Germany happened, and why the Third Reich got as far as they did.

Seeing the “Nazi” in mass numbers of people has been a somber learning experience.

Brave and Free

And what was that PDJT fought for? The access to experimental drugs……..
Did he know the corruption that was going on in Big Pharm/ and the Medical Field too?

Gail Combs

Yes, Remember he talked of hidden cures for cancer et al. t one point IIRC.


Oh yes, the expensive killer drug MUST be used! Not the cheap, no side-effects one.


“Oh yes, the expensive killer drug MUST be used! Not the cheap, no side-effects one.”


Except me.

I’ll take the cheap one… 👍😂🤣😂


I’ve got the cheap one in the cupboard ready to go. We are the smart ones.


So the key is to take Ivermectin BEFORE you go to the hospital, and take a Remdisivir antidote on your way to the hospital.

That way you treat yourself and give youself the best chance against Covid, while at the same time protecting yourself from Lab Coat Murderers, Inc.

What’s a good Remdisivir antidote?

Patients openly combating murderous prescriptions should go ‘viral’.

Need some cheap and effective way to sabotage ventilators too. Preferably something that is quick and doesn’t show any outward signs of tampering.

Also some way to get back at the Murder Docs, like dosing their coffee with a full box of laxatives. How ya likes me now, Doc? Two can play this game — makes for a whole different experience, huh? 😁

Now show me your best goose-step, as you make another run for the border… 😂 🤣 😂

Last edited 2 years ago by scott467

Sounds like you’re better off taking your chances at home, live or die.

At least at home, there’s nobody trying to kill you.


It absorbs through the skin perfectly. I’d be giving my loved one a much needed foot massage with my own special blend.


wolfie, true. A good friend’s Husband was hospitalized, given Regeneron and monoclonals, when Remdesivir was mentioned. They refused, and Docs said, OK.
He’s better btw, although still having trouble with consistent 02 levels.


wolfie, NO intubation…nasal cannula for 02, which he was on and off at hospital.
I use topical magnesium…on feet at bedtime, w sox. Read somewhere good absorption. But I WILL tell Linda ab the magnesium. Thanks!!

Concerned Virginian

Wolf Moon
“the cerebrovascular actions of the spike protein”
COVID-19 may have been developed with incorporating “splices” of various BAT VIRUSES THAT HAVE TOXIC NEUROLOGICAL EFFECTS.

The bat neurological toxic effects are IN THE RNA OF THE AFFECTED BAT.

This leads to the following hypotheses:

The RNA of these bat neuro toxins were combined into a PARASITIC ENVELOPE in creation of the COVID-19 virus.

The parasitic envelope targets BOTH the brain AND the heart – lungs.

The combination of the bat virus neurotoxins PLUS the parasitic envelope is present in the COVID-19 virus. This is IN ADDITION to any snake venom protein present in the virus AND/OR in any of the “vaccines.”

The mRNA “delivery system” (Pfizer-BioNTech, Moderna “vaccines”) AND the adenovirus DNA “delivery system” (Johnson & Johnson “vaccine”) BOTH embed neurotoxins AND the parasitic envelope into the recipient’s body.

A search for “neurological virus in bats” turns up papers written by LIN-FA WANG, who works at the DUKE UNIVERSITY Medical School Extension campus in SINGAPORE.
Lin-Fa Wang ALSO worked with Dr. ZHENG-LI SHI on bat viruses since AT LEAST 2006.

There are ALL KINDS of bat neurological viruses. They are found in bats in Asia; Australia; Africa; Mexico; and many other places. They have various names. However, the Coronavirus – SARS bat neuro virus in particular has the following effects on humans:
peripheral nerve disease;
mental confusion;
(Hung et.al. 2003; Chao et.al. 2003)

“The Role of Bats as Reservoir Hosts of Emerging Neuroviruses”
April, 2016

List of papers by Lin-Fa Wang as lead author or co-author. Zheng-li Shi is a co-author of several.
Also — PETER DASZAK is listed as a co-author of other papers that Wang was involved with.


Well, I was hoping it wouldn’t be necessary, but I guess we need a new law.

Any doctor caught working on bioweapons loses both hands.

And their tongue, so they can’t instruct anyone else to be their hands.

It had to be this way.

Last edited 2 years ago by scott467
Concerned Virginian

My research leads me to posit the following:
** that COVID-19 is a “lab created combo-virus” of bat virus neurotoxins + parasitic bacteria, which were “spliced” during a series of experiments in VARIOUS labs over a period of years (Baric’s lab at UNC; Wang’s lab at Duke University Medical School extension, Singapore; University of Minnesota; the Wuhan lab, etc.) — with the “final product” to be produced at the Wuhan lab under the direction of Dr. SHI, since it seems she’s the “link researcher” among these various other institutions and scientists;
** that this type of created “animal virus / bacteria jumping to humans” research has been going on since at least 2003;
** that the creation of COVID-19 is a “refinement” of an earlier created bat-related virus, SARS and SARS-2, which was unleashed into the world in about 2003;
** that while the original research that came up with SARS and SARS-2 may have been purely “to prevent and combat viruses that leap from animals to humans”, the research became “perverted and diverted” for other, nefarious, ends;
** that the creation of COVID-19 was finished at the Wuhan lab, and was unleashed into the world somewhere between the late fall of 2018 – early fall of 2020 at the direction of Xi Jinping to destroy POTUS45’s re-election in November, 2020;
** that Peter Daszak, Anthony Fauci, Ralph Baric, and likely others, knew for years what was going on and funded the research through various means, including the U.S. government;
** that a “Nuremburg II” may be necessary to stop the ongoing destruction of freedoms, bring back trust in scientific research, empower the process of rebuilding economies through freedom of commerce, and restore government as existing ONLY by the consent of the governed.

Last edited 2 years ago by RDS

“– and some are in our military.”


I wouldn’t be holding my breath or counting on them.

Cuppa Covfefe

I think we should do the following:

1) end ALL joint “research” with any and all Chinese entities
2) end ALL scholarships, fellowships, grants, research grants, projects, etc. with RED Chinese-based researchers, companies, students, professionals, and others with ANY connection to RED China or its agents
3) revoke ALL student and temporary visas for RED Chinese students and “workers”
4) send the lot of them back home to RED China
5) reclaim ANY and ALL properties, real or intellectual (which is probably ours, anyway) and seize them as a national security imperative (which it indeed IS)
6) impose punitive tariffs on the RED Chinese: 100% or more
7) tighten the screws in any ways possible, and then some

They’ve been cheating us and screwing us for the last century, at least. Time to, erm, return the favor…


Mine the ports and “de-industrialize” the passes.


peripheral nerve disease”
Upon “recovery” from the Rona, I developed sciatica….
Severe pain in my left leg and numbness in my left knee….
I wonder if this might be related?

Gail Combs

I am having a lot more trouble with my arthritis since I got the ‘flu’ this spring (Delta variant my immune system fought off or shed spike protein from customers, dentist???) I was only sick for 36 hours and I had my avermectin with goat spit ‘bath’ after that.

Of course it could be that I am old and trying to act like I am in my 20s. 😄 
However I have never had pain in my hands like I have had this summer.


Will watch the video after posting this.

#1 take away. IF I get Covid, BACON will be my bell weather, on taste returning. 🙂

Yea lame attempt at a funny of sorts.

Hope folks get IVM or HCQ in their hands, so they are readily available ON DEMAND. At a minimum, antihistamines. .

bflyjesusgrl 🍊 😎NUCLEAR MAGA😎

comment image
comment image
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Last edited 2 years ago by bflyjesusgrl 🍊 😎MEGA MAGA GAME ON😎

I was so struck by the part where she talks about not being able to think straight before she began taking IVM. There has to be a neurological component to this.

Just an aside, I’ve seen that same ad while shopping. 😄

Last edited 2 years ago by Gingersmom2009




Concerned Virginian

Agreed — and take a look at what I posted above regarding the hypothesis that bat neurotoxic virus components were “spliced into” the lab-created COVID-19 virus that was released from the Wuhan lab.

Last edited 2 years ago by RDS
Deplorable Patriot

That would explain the senses going off the charts, too. That’s what happened to me.


Great communication of an essential message! We can help ourselves!

Concerned Virginian

About the “brain fog”, confusion, etc., that comes with COVID-19 — there are likely MILLIONS of people who were infected with the virus from around the fall of 2019 into the winter of 2020 (and didn’t know if it was the flu, a really bad cold, the “novel coronavirus” COVID-19), and recovered from it. A possibly high percentage of these people likely had no symptoms / very mild symptoms, and just pushed through it into recovery.
BUT — if, as may well be the case, bat neurotoxins were “spliced into” the virus, AND the infected people felt “brain fog”, difficulty concentrating, weird headaches for no reason, “sudden” inability to complete usual tasks, etc., — they had neurological impacts.
It can be posited that NON-“vaccinated” people who get COVID can also have neurological impacts, like the young woman in the video.
How many of these people have lasting neurological impacts?
What, if any, connection is there between these bat neurotoxins in the virus and, say, “sudden onset” of Alzheimer’s Disease? Or cases of epilepsy in people with no known family history of the condition (epileptic seizures are another of the neuro reactions of humans who get infected with a coronavirus-SARS bat neurotoxin).
Assuming that the “vaccines” all have some elements of bat coronavirus neurotoxin and/or snake venom toxin (with potential neuro impacts) embedded in them — it may be posited that every person who’s been “vaccinated” carries these neurotoxins in their body. (This is aside from their ALSO carrying the virus RNA and the parasitic elements in their hearts, lungs, and other organs.)
What do the people who had COVID-19 in the “pre-vaccine” months of its release into the world and recovered do to, as it were, strengthen their brains against potential bat coronavirus neurotoxin damage, or to recover from it? What about NON-“vaccinated” people who get infected and recover now? What about “COVID long-haulers”? For that matter, what do “vaccinated” people do?
There was a suggestion on a thread, I think it was yesterday, of following a ketogenic diet. There are herbs and spices, like Turmeric and garlic, that can be taken.
Other ideas?


I am reading people having success with this protocol.


Thanks Wolf. Nice of you to give the detailed synopsis. It’s all fascinating.


Not just no – but HELL NO – I’m not getting that damned vaccine!

Dr. Cole continues to see a dramatic increase in cancers – including atypical cancers in younger patients – 

Dr. Ryan N Cole – https://independentdocsid.com/RyanColeMD

Short Video – 

Transcript – “But what we are seeing in the laboratory, after people get these shots, we are seeing a very concerning, locked in, low profile, of these important killer T cells that we want in the body, it’s almost a reverse HIV. In HIV you lose your healthy T cells, but what we are seeing in this vaccine is a drop in the killer T cells the CD8 cells (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cytotoxic_T_cell) and they keep all the other viruses in check. What am I seeing in the laboratory – I’m seeing an uptick of herpes family viruses – I’m seeing herpes, shingles, mono, I’m seeing a huge uptick in Human Papilloma Virus, in the cervical biopsies and cervical pap smears in women. In addition to that, there’s a little infectious bump that kids get called mulloscum contagiosum. What do you need to keep that in check? You need CD8 killer T cells. I am seeing a 20 times increase in individuals over the age of 50 with this little bump and rash. It’s innocuous, but what it tells me is that the immune status of these individuals who got the shot were literally weakening the immune system of these individuals. 
Now most concerning of all is that the pattern of these types of immune cells in the body are those that keep cancer in check. Well, since January 1, in the laboratory, I’ve seen a 20x increase of endometrial cancers over what I see on an annual basis….a 20 times increase – I’m not exaggerating at all…cause I wrote my numbers, year after year, and thought gosh, I’ve never seen this many endometiral cances before. I’m seeing basic melanomas in younger patients, and we usually catch those early and they are thin melanomas. I’m seeing thick melanomas skyrocketing in the last month or two. I’m already seeing the early signals. They are modifying the immune system to a weakened state. There’s a study out of Germany, that look at these profiles on young individuals after the Pfizer, showing this locked-in, and we don’t know how long – maybe the immune system is going to regenerate and those ratios will go back up – but who’s studying it and where are the longterm trials – 2 months, 4 months, how long is this (low T cell) profile locked in – we don’t know.”

Full length video – https://gloria.tv/share/w96jGcRid2a64kPwmSLtZ2fin

Biography – Dr. Cole is a board-certified dermatopathologist (AP & CP) and the CEO/Medical Director of Cole Diagnostics. He has worked as an independent pathologist since 2004. Some highlights from his CV: Ackerman Academy of Dermatopathology (July 2002-June 2003): Dermatopathology Fellowship (Chief Fellow). Mayo Clinic (July 1997-June 2002): Resident in Anatomic and Clinical Pathology. Chief Fellow, Surgical Pathology Fellowship. Medical College of Virginia (1993-1997): Researched immunology. Served as President of Student Family Practice organization. Coordinated activities and seminars on the practice of family medicine and rural medicine. Earned MD in 1997.


Dr. Cole has an impressive CV – and he knows what he is talking about. The increased cancer pathologies are directly related to decreased T-cell activity in the body. I believe that these COVID vaccines are basically causing derangement of our natural immunities.

Not too dissimilar to what the drug companies have to list as potential side effects for all those immune suppressant drugs they push – by suppressing the immune system – infections, cancers and other diseases entities – which would normally be taken care by a healthy immune system – the impaired immune system cannot fight off these illnesses.



The large DoDefense study showed increased incidence/vulnerability to coronavirus and pneumonia with the 2018 flu shot.



The first thing I noticed (I’m an RN) was her improved color later on during the 1st Ivermectin day. Looks like she increased energy to change her shirt. Ongoing improvement is clearly noted.

On a personal note. About two weeks ago, I had a viral thing – slight cough, sore throat and hoarseness. Low-grade temp, but no headache. I did not think I had COVID. Did let the doctor know, and they wanted me to come in for a test. In the meantime, I had been taking Ivermectin, but not the full dose (not realizing that my caps were 250mg vs 500mg recommended with Zinc) So, on Wednesday evening I took the correct dosage, the next morning – everything had literally improved. Fever gone, I could feel the throat loosening, and energy improved.

I had enough energy to drive to doctor for tests – which was negative – the Quick Covid test. They sent it off for the CRP too. Negative result. I did test positive for some kind of viral flu…

Conclusion, and hubby agrees, it’s clear that Ivermectin had an overall antiviral effect on me – even without it being COVID.

Last edited 2 years ago by ladypenquin

I meant to say Quercetin, not Ivermectin. Had her treatment on my brain – but Quercetin was the OTC that I took which clearly had anti-viral properties even for a minor viral “flu.”


Did you take Zinc and D3 too?


Yes. I took Zinc 50 mg and Vitamin D – which I already take 4,ooo iu daily to keep adequate blood levels. I took the Quercetin and Zinc for 3 days. Will take maybe 1-2x a wk just for prophylactic purposes, but I had an immediate and distinct improvement after my first full dose of the Quercetin and Zinc.

Deductive reasoning leads me to conclude that there’s very nice antiviral properties to Quercetin – for more than just “COVID.”


I keep forgetting to buy Quercetin.


Absolutely worthwhile. Works as a zinophore. Similar to HCQ – gets the zinc inside the virus cell and interferes with viral replication.

Get it while you can. The Feds want to take it away from OTC. We got ours from SwansonVitamins com.


My story – I had irritated upper respiratory – sinuses – etc. by breathing potting mix/manure/sand dust while potting plants without a mask. I now know better than to sweep the garage or blow the driveway/sidewalks without a mask – but I forgot about the dust from dry potting soil. Now I’ll remember.

It’s just like remembering to spray with tick repellent before mowing, trimming near the woods – after that bad blistered bite and month of Doxycycline, I’ll remember to spray!

Anyway – with my sinuses/nose stopped up and irritated, I took some HCQ, Zinc and D3, and felt better the next day.

I keep HCQ on hand in case of known exposure to CV19.

I also bought some of the FLCCC recommended mouthwash and nasal spray for OTC prophylaxis Treatment to use at the first sign of CV19 symptoms or any irritation:

1. Rhinocort or Walgreen Generic – Budesonide Inhaler nasal spray for seasonal allergies.
2. Gargle – 2 x daily – gargle (do not swallow) antiseptic mouthwash containing cetylpyridinium chloride (e.g. ScopeTM, ActTM, CrestTM), 1% povidone/iodine solution or ListerineTM with essential oils. Walgreens only had the Crest brand.


Honestly, I was impressed. So was my hubby. It had been the first time in the past 2-3 years that I’d had any kind of viral infection. Not even a sinus infection. We’re pretty sure my hubby had “COVID” in Dec 2019 – flulike cold, and he really looked and felt like he had the flu – despite getting the flu shot. So when the news about COVID showed up – it was the first thing we thought regarding his illness – he is one of those who “never get sick.”  😎 

Gail Combs


I had surmized a while ago that the common key between those who are obese and those in old folks homes was Vitamin D deficiency and that is what made Covid LETHAL.

SEE: Vitamin D in obesity

Recent findings: Vitamin D is fat soluble, and distributed into fat, muscle, liver, and serum. All of these compartments are increased in volume in obesity, so the lower vitamin D likely reflects a volumetric dilution effect and whole body stores of vitamin D may be adequate. Despite lower serum vitamin D, obese adults do not have higher bone turnover or lower bone mineral density. Patients undergoing bariatric surgery do have bone loss, and ensuring vitamin D sufficiency in these patients may help to attenuate bone loss.

Summary: Lower vitamin D in obese people is a consistent finding across age, ethnicity, and geography. This may not always reflect a clinical problem. Obese people need higher loading doses of vitamin D to achieve the same serum 25-hydroxyvitamin D as normal weight.

Doctor Cole says the same thing (~ 5 minutes) 28 minute video


Last edited 2 years ago by Gail Combs

Vitamin D has only been recently recognized (past 10 years or so) as being significant and important to all functioning of the body’s cells. Then they’ve realized how important Vitamin D is to immune function. Until one’s levels are at least 45-50 (USA) numbers, the Vit D goes for cell functioning, after that it helps the immune system.

Once I got my Vitamin D levels up _started at “16” my recurrent sinus infections went away. Being out in the sun isn’t enough as our bodies don’t process/convert Vitamin D as well as we age. But they’re also finding the young deficient – my daughter is.


Those of us who are non-vaxxed are actually more at risk from the vaccinated than vice versa.

Gail Combs



[…] A Seven-Day Journey Through COVID-19 in Seven Minutes, Treated with Ivermectin […]

[…] A Seven-Day Journey Through COVID-19 in Seven Minutes, Treated with Ivermectin […]