Saved From The Frankenvax

How a Psycho Vaccine Marrying the Infamous COVID Spike Protein to HIV’s Neurotoxic gp41 Was [Allegedly] Canned by a Mere Testing SNAFU

How Australia Dodged The First Mad Vax Bullet of the WEF Scamdemic / Plannedemic

How Science Monetization and Corruption Has Broken All Vaccine Safety Mechanisms and Made Sneaky Liars Out of Scientists

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Intro – Prepare To Be Shocked

This is one of the craziest stories your either never heard, or barely heard. I am certain of the following. Nobody ever spelled out to you how NUTS this failed vaccine really was. This absolutely bonkers vaccine, that was almost used on all Australians.


The fact that nobody even followed this story, shows that the captured corporate media is absolutely not doing its job. Either THAT, or their job is to help deceive us.

And you know where my money is on that.

Surely, in the past, both journalists and scientists might have said something to the effect of “Hey – marrying a cardiovascular pathogenic bat virus spike protein and a neurotoxic AIDS protein in a vaccine to prevent a cold seems a little weird.”


And yet, some of us, few as we might be, might still have some questions.

We assume – ASSUME – as in ASS / U / ME – that all people in all of science are acting in all of our best interests all the time.

I have been completely broken of this spell, and I can tell you – what I can see now is not pretty.

I need to prepare you for what I’m about to tell you.

State of Corruption of Vaccine Science

First, a fantastic interview of Dr. Robert Malone by Tucker Carlson. It’s very folksy and long – a bit over an hour – but it will absolutely cure you of any idea that science in 2022 has not been almost totally corrupted by money, power, and SECRET AGENDAS.

This guy Malone is as close to a Moderna insider / honest outsider as you’re gonna get, and he clearly sees the dirty play from the Moderna point of view.

Hat tips to FG&C and GA/FL for keeping this video in play. Gail has been pumping this video, too. EVERYBODY need to watch this.


In fact, I suspect that there is some relationship between this interview dropping that the following “factoid”.

Indeed, let’s just save that tweet as an image, in case Twitter decides Jack is becoming too much of a liability.

One of the biggest BOOMS dropped in the video, IMO, is the fact that Robert Malone WARNED the FDA about the toxicity of the spike protein, and they SHRUGGED IT OFF.

Yes. Malone gave them documentation, as asked, and they came back to him and said everything was OK. And THAT is when he started to think something was very wrong.

We’re about to do it AGAIN – only I’m not the first – I’m just rediscovering an obvious “why the heck are they doing THAT” point.

But we’ll get to that in a minute. We need to broaden our list of corrupt suspects.

You see, corporate “science” isn’t the only bad actor here. What about governments that conspire with the corporations to “mandate” their products for a mutual PAYOFF?

It turns out that both Justin Trudeau and the Canadian government have a very large incentive in mandating the broken, dubious, and just plain BAD Moderna and Pfizer “vaccines”.


When you realize that Justin Trudeau is not only following his mandate madness for WEFfian ideological reasons, and for Papa Fidel power, but also for CASTRO CASH, you understand what’s REALLY going on.

SO – now that you realize THESE PEOPLE care more about other things, than they care about us, the following will make more sense.

The Frankenvax That Almost Was

So just today, FG&C posted THIS TWEET which made me go WTF…..

Basically, an Australian COVID vaccine that falsely triggers AIDS / HIV tests was recalled. The vaccine was NOT sent out for use by the public, because it gave people positive AIDS tests.

GREAT, but…..

  • WHY did the vaccine do this? And by the way….
  • Didn’t this happen BEFORE – like over a year ago?
  • I could have SWORN this happened before.
  • Or did they bring the SAME vaccine BACK?
  • Or even worse….. AND logic…..

You see, I remember something just like this bit of news, over a year ago. It was some vaccine from an Australian university that accidentally triggered AIDS tests.

Well, when I looked closer at this, it turned out to be THE SAME NEWS. Meaning that this recent tweet was just OLD NEWS.

HOWEVER – I happen to know a lot more now, a year later, so I dug DEEPER and FOUND MORE.

And now I want to explain to you, exactly what is going on.

Because this monster AIN’T DEAD.

VolksWackcine 451

Let’s begin by looking at the actual announcement that all this news came from. The paragraph in BOLD is the critical one. If you’re going to TL;DR past all the rest, read THAT paragraph.

Update on The University of Queensland COVID-19 vaccine

11 Dec 2020

Friday, 11th December, 2020: The University of Queensland (UQ) and CSL today announce that the Phase 1 trial of the UQ-CSL v451 COVID-19 vaccine has shown that it elicits a robust response towards the virus and has a strong safety profile. There were no serious adverse events or safety concerns reported in the 216 trial participants. However, following consultation with the Australian Government, CSL will not progress the vaccine candidate to Phase 2/3 clinical trials.

The University of Queensland commenced a Phase 1 trial of their COVID-19 vaccine candidate – v451 – in July 2020, to assess safety and immunogenicity in healthy volunteers. CSL was working towards taking responsibility for the Phase 2/3 clinical trial and large-scale manufacture of the vaccine, upon completion of successful trials.

The Phase 1 data also showed the generation of antibodies directed towards fragments of a protein (gp41), which is a component used to stabilise the vaccine. Trial participants were fully informed of the possibility of a partial immune response to this component, but it was unexpected that the levels induced would interfere with certain HIV tests.

There is no possibility the vaccine causes infection, and routine follow up tests confirmed there is no HIV virus present.

With advice from experts, CSL and UQ have worked through the implications that this issue presents to rolling out the vaccine into broad populations. It is generally agreed that significant changes would need to be made to well-established HIV testing procedures in the healthcare setting to accommodate rollout of this vaccine. Therefore, CSL and the Australian Government have agreed vaccine development will not proceed to Phase 2/3 trials.

The Phase 1 trial will continue, where further analysis of the data will show how long the antibodies persist, with studies so far showing that levels are already falling. The University of Queensland plans to submit the full data for peer review publication.

UQ Vice-Chancellor, Professor Deborah Terry, said while the outcome was disappointing, she was immensely proud of the UQ team who had shouldered a heavy burden of responsibility while the world watched on. “I also want to thank our many partners, our donors – including the Federal and Queensland Government – and of course the 216 Queenslanders who so willingly volunteered for the Phase 1 trials.”

UQ vaccine co-lead, Professor Paul Young, said that although it was possible to re-engineer the vaccine, the team did not have the luxury of time needed. “Doing so would set back development by another 12 or so months, and while this is a tough decision to take, the urgent need for a vaccine has to be everyone’s priority.”

“I said at the start of vaccine development that there were no guarantees, but what is really encouraging is that the core technology approach we used has passed the major clinical test. It is a safe and well-tolerated vaccine, producing the strong virus-neutralising effect that we were hoping to see.

So we will continue to push forward and we are confident that with further work the Molecular Clamp technology will be a robust platform for future vaccine development here in Australia and to meet future biosecurity needs.

Dr Andrew Nash, Chief Scientific Officer for CSL said “This outcome highlights the risk of failure associated with early vaccine development, and the rigorous assessment involved in making decisions as to what discoveries advance.”

“This project has only been made possible by the innovative science developed by world-class scientists at The University of Queensland and the strong collaboration between our organisations, and many others, over the last 10 months. CSL and Seqirus are committed to continuing our work to protect the Australian population against COVID-19. Manufacture of approximately 30 million doses of the Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccine candidate is underway, with first doses planned for release to Australia early next year. In addition, CSL has agreed at the request of the Australian Government to manufacture an additional 20 million doses.”

UQ and CSL acknowledge the support of the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations (CEPI) in partnering to enable the rapid development of the vaccine candidate through clinical trials.

– ENDS –



So what they’re saying is that this vaccine – which uses the HIV protein gp41 – sets off HIV tests. And THAT made the test unacceptable to move forward. The remaining phase II and phase III trials were cancelled, while the phase I trials continued to finish collecting data.

And WHILE they say that the phase I testing showed that the vaccine was safe and effective, if you look more closely, they only tested it on 216 people.

We KNOW from the Moderna and Pfizer tests, that even after HUGE phase II and phase III trials, using thousands or tens of thousands of participants, there are serious side effects that are STILL not discovered until actual roll-out to the public, when millions receive the shot.

And that does NOT include long-term effects. We know NOW that this determination can be critical in many cases.

And one more point for the record. As you can see by the statement at the end of the press release, this vaccine was supported by the Bill Gates organization CEPI.

Yeah, that CEPI, and THAT Bill Gates.

Like I say, CEPI is how Gates gets TWO VOTES, and GAVI is how he gets THREE.

So the bottom line – this vaccine was killed because it set off AIDS tests.

But let’s dig a little deeper into that.

So What’s With HIV and the COVID Vaccines?

When I first heard about this particular Australian vaccine (UQ-CSL v451, or v451 hereafter) triggering HIV tests, my immediate thought was that this might be proof that the Indian researchers were CORRECT – that the spike protein really contained those four inserts from HIV, and that THIS was setting off tests for HIV.

Later, I heard that – no – there was actually some segment of HIV protein being used in the v451 vaccine INTENTIONALLY. Thus, the whole problem seemed stupid, the use of the HIV protein seemed short-sighted, and I promptly forgot about it. No smoking gun – just a stink bomb.

However, a year’s time changed all that.

Think how different the perspective is now.

  • virus almost certainly came out of a biowarfare lab in China with PLA/NIH ties
  • Fauci, Dazsak and minions now known to have LIED about origins
  • Fauci gang also lied when pooh-poohing the Indian HIV insert hypothesis
  • mRNA vaccines seem to be producing immune deficiency, a.k.a. “VAIDS”
  • there are working hypotheses now which explain immune deficiency
  • Fauci’s history with HIV mirrors current history with COVID – lies and hidden agenda
  • Fauci seems to be obsessed with immunodeficiency and vaccines
  • Fauci promoted bad killer drugs as treatments in both cases (AZT, remdesivir)
  • Fauci seems to have an agenda clearly counter to truth as we know it, and is likely serving something beyond the increasing “fake” science which the public believes is operant in the world, but which is very likely a “reduced set” intended to deceive us

Thus, with all that WEIRD background, it NOW seems a bit “par for the course” that somebody in that world would want to bring HIV into the COVID equation.

But is that a good idea?

Now – before I go talking about why this might be a BAD idea, I want to give you plenty of references as to why they SAY it was a good idea.

Let’s start with a good explanation of why the false positives occurred. This article includes a lot of information on the v451 vaccine itself.



The article mentions, without too much detail, that the HIV protein is part of a “molecular clamp” – a trimeric molecular “holder” of spike protein molecules. This holder allows three molecules of any attached spike-type protein to stay locked into a rigid, parallel conformation, which will remain in the desirable pre-fusion (with a cell) configuration, and not change into the useless post-fusion configuration.

The article also links to a scientific paper on the technology:


Front Immunol. 2020; 11: 592370. Published online 2020 Nov 4. doi: 10.3389/fimmu.2020.592370 PMCID: PMC7672035 PMID: 33250897

Rapid Response Subunit Vaccine Design in the Absence of Structural Information

Danushka K. Wijesundara, 1 , 2 Michael S. Avumegah, 1 , 2 Julia Lackenby, 1 , 2 Naphak Modhiran, 1 , 3 Ariel Isaacs, 1 Paul R. Young, 1 , 2 , 3 Daniel Watterson, 1 , 2 , 3 , * and Keith J. Chappell 1 , 2 , 3 , *


Prior to 2020, the threat of a novel viral pandemic was omnipresent but largely ignored. Just 12 months prior to the Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic our team received funding from the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations (CEPI) to establish and validate a rapid response pipeline for subunit vaccine development based on our proprietary Molecular Clamp platform. Throughout the course of 2019 we conducted two mock tests of our system for rapid antigen production against two potential, emerging viral pathogens, Achimota paramyxovirus and Wenzhou mammarenavirus. For each virus we expressed a small panel of recombinant variants of the membrane fusion protein and screened for expression level, product homogeneity, and the presence of the expected trimeric pre-fusion conformation. Lessons learned from this exercise paved the way for our response to COVID-19, for which our candidate antigen is currently in phase I clinical trial.

Here is part of a really good graphic from the paper.

You can see how it’s possible to produce a spike protein with the “molecular clamp” attached, and then simply let this recombinant construction TRIMERIZE (form a triple, side to side) around the three molecular clamps, and thereby stabilize the three spike protein molecules next to each other.

This is a bit like a “motif” within an actual virus, where spike proteins, sticking out next to each other, protect each other’s sides. THAT is the basic idea of this thing.

Remember how Novavax assembles a bunch of spikes via modified ass ends into a kind of antigenic cloved apple, to create a kind of fake virus? Same very basic principle.

Indeed, the molecular clamp is even a bit like TWO motifs, since gp41 serves a somewhat similar purpose in the HIV virus, being the root of a stalk to an attack mechanism.

HIV-1 fusion process. It involves both subunits of the envelope spike complex. Notably, gp41 is shown in green with its transmembrane region buried in the virion membrane, both segments of heptad repeats (CHR closer to the virus and NHR closer to the host cell) before and after conformational changes, and the N-terminal end of the ectodomain in gray. In the last two panels pointed out by the red arrows, gp41 is observed following penetration of the host cell and following a conformational change resulting in the six-helix bundle which brings the viral and cell membranes into close proximity.

So – in a very real sense – this whole “vaccine” thingie is a literal marriage of HIV and coronavirus – the simplest possible one.

And they didn’t tell you ANY of this shit – did they?

So all of that WORKS, but the problem is that antibodies don’t just form to the attached spike protein – they ALSO form to the “molecular clamp”, meaning to the gp41 protein.

And what does that mean?

An AIDS Vaccine in Disguise?

The people who made the v451 vaccine say they didn’t expect there to be so much antibody response to the gp41 parts of the vaccine, thus triggering HIV tests.

You know what?

I don’t believe them.

I think they were gaslighting us all along.

Part of this is due to the fact that I’ve seen gp41 named numerous times as a potential basis for subunit vaccines against HIV. In fact, in one reference, I saw it named as THE BEST HOPE for an AIDS vaccine.

They didn’t mention that? LOL. OH, REALLY.

So WHY would anybody be using gp41 as part of an antigen, and not expect it to generate antibodies?

In fact, one might almost look at this v451 vaccine and regard it as an HIV vaccine, with spike proteins tacked onto gp41 as a kind of “nasty adjuvant” to initiate the immune response to the HIV protein.

Seriously – which is the real target here – COVID or HIV? Or BOTH?

This looks to me like a perfect example of…..



But let’s just set that aside for now, and pretend that the thing which COULD be a vaccine for EITHER ONE of the two things they stuck in it, is REALLY a vaccine for the fakey-fake cold that we don’t need a vaccine for, and NOT a vaccine for the sexual disease that stands in the way of Luciferian scum creating their polyamorous sexual paradise of literal epic random phuckery.

OMG, these people have just lied, and lied, and lied again. And they will KEEP lying.

But we’ll pretend they’re not lying, for just a little while longer.

So if we have an actual COVID vaccine here…..

… it a good idea to include the HIV gp41 protein subunit?

Well, after what we’ve seen with the spike protein, I was thinking maybe it wouldn’t be.

And it turns out, I wasn’t the first person who thought of this.

Doorless Carp’s Suspicious Cat In A Box

When I went looking for the toxicity of the gp41 protein, one of the first things that came up was some guy or gal who appears to have been actively suppressed on Twitter, eventually banned to Gab, and whose substack article on the topic has only two likes – ONE OF THEM MINE.

Doesn’t mean the article’s not important. And I think it’s about to get a few more hits.


Update on The University of Queensland COVID-19 vaccine. “..trial did not give trial participants HIV”, just a neurotoxic glycoprotein

11 Dec 2020

DoorlessCarp Feb 11

This is a wonderful article that is simply SKEPTICAL of the entire “it was pulled because of triggering AIDS tests” reasoning.

DoorlessCarp read the same press release I cited above, and pokes and prods it from the point of view of somebody who knows a heck of a lot about HIV and AIDS, and doesn’t buy what (s)he’s reading in that press release. Something doesn’t sniff right to “them”, and “they” spell out the issues.

I will attempt to summarize DoorlessCarp’s concerns (noted as “DLC” hereafter).

First, DLC admits to actually being led to the problem by one of those Fake News “straw man fact checks”, which attempt to either “debunk” facts or mislead scandals by setting up an adjacent strawman and knocking it down. OBSERVE.

“Fact check: An Australian vaccine trial did not give trial participants HIV”

LOL. No. The truth they’re protecting is that the “COVID vaccine” gave them HIV antibodies, and it was very likely the whole point.

To quote DLC about the Aussie vaccine researchers: “I wouldn’t let these clowns dispense aspirin, let alone design fast tracked vaccines.

DLC then makes this statement, noting that there is a curious skew between the reality of HIV testing and the idea that there is some kind of a problem here.

Interesting rapid response to the effect that antibody only HIV tests have long since been debunked as a diagnostic tool on their own due to cross reactivity from other antibodies. They don’t tell you anything useful.

DLC then quotes extensively from this letter which explains why HIV testing via antibodies is actually a rather horrible mishmash of false positives and negatives, ultimately requiring a clinical diagnosis and “validation by lifestyle facts”.

Which leads to the next section, which I quote:

So what was the real reason for pulling the Australian trial, was it the gp41 toxicity?

The antibody problem raises more questions than it answers as spike S2 has homology to P24, GP41 and GP120.

This is dark stuff, P24 has been ported straight across from HIVs capsid to the spike protein. Here’s the proof, at least as far as what specific antibodies are telling us, which don’t lie:

What is p24 antigen?

“One distinctive HIV antigen is a viral protein called p24, a structural protein that makes up most of the HIV viral core, or ‘capsid’. High levels of p24 are present in the blood serum of newly infected individuals during the short period between infection and seroconversion, making p24 antigen assays useful in diagnosing primary HIV infection.”

This section makes the following points:

  • suspects the real reason for pulling the vaccine was the toxicity of gp41
  • notes that the spike protein already has potentially dangerous homologies to three HIV proteins, p24, gp41 and gp120
  • p24 is basically the nucleocapsid protein of HIV
  • p24 tends to be detected early in the AIDS process, before antibodies to it form

DLC then cites several papers demonstrating that there is already a lot of understanding of antibody cross-talk between the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein and either (1) original SARS-CoV proteins, and (2) HIV-1 proteins.

In the latter case, there is specific interaction with gp41.

References given:

The SARS CoV-2 spike directed non-neutralizing polyclonal antibodies cross-react with Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV-1) gp41 (Dec. 2021)

Cros-reactivity of SARS-CoV-2 with HIV chemiluminescent assay leading to false-positive results (2020)

DLC then lays the hammer down on the fact that gp41 is responsible for the dementia of AIDS.

I’m including the whole thing here.


Accumulation of β-Amyloid Precursor Protein in Axons Correlates with CNS Expression of SIV gp41 (2002)

“In this study, a strong association (p = 0.005) was identified between elevated axonal β-APP levels and the amount of SIV gp41 present in white matter, implicating HIV/SIV gp41 as a mediator of axonal damage.

For those who don’t know, beta amyloid is associated with several degenerative neurological disorders:

Amyloid-β and Parkinson’s disease (2018)

Beta-amyloid 42 accumulation in the lumbar spinal cord motor neurons of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis patients (2004)

Alzheimer’s Disease and the β-Amyloid Peptide (2010)

They knew this way back in 1999:

Mechanisms and Structural Determinants of HIV-1 Coat Protein, gp41-Induced Neurotoxicity (1999)


Of the individuals with human immunodeficiency virus type 1 (HIV-1) infection, 20–30% will develop the neurological complication of HIV-associated dementia (HAD). The mechanisms underlying HAD are unknown; however, indirect immunologically mediated mechanisms are theorized to play a role. Recently, the HIV-1 coat protein gp41 has been implicated as a major mediator of HAD through induction of neurocytokines and subsequent neuronal cell death. Using primary mixed cortical cultures from neuronal nitric oxide synthase (NOS) null (nNOS−/−) mice and immunological NOS null (iNOS−/−) mice, we establish iNOS-derived NO as a major mediator of gp41 neurotoxicity. Neurotoxicity elicited by gp41 is markedly attenuated in iNOS−/− cultures compared with wild-type and nNOS−/− cultures. The NOS inhibitor l-nitroarginine methyl ester is neuroprotective in wild-type and nNOS−/− cultures, confirming the role of iNOS-derived NO in gp41 neurotoxicity. Confirming that iNOS−/− cultures lack iNOS, gp41 did not induce iNOS in iNOS−/− cultures, but it markedly induced iNOS in wild-type and nNOS−/− cultures. We elucidate the region of gp41 that is critical for iNOS induction and neuronal cell death by monitoring iNOS induction with overlapping peptides spanning gp41. We show that the N-terminal region of gp41, which we designate as the neurotoxic domain, induces iNOS protein activity and iNOS-dependent neurotoxicity at picomolar concentrations in a manner similar to recombinant gp41 protein. Our experiments suggest that gp41 is eliciting the induction of iNOS through potential cell surface receptors or binding sites because the induction of iNOS is dose dependent and saturable and occurs at physiologically relevant concentrations. These data confirm that the induction of iNOS by gp41 and the production of NO are primary mediators of neuronal damage and identify a neurotoxic domain of gp41 that may play an important role in HAD.

Keywords: HIV-1, HIV-associated dementia, neurotoxicity, gp41, immunological nitric oxide synthase, nitric oxide

DLC’s concluding remark:

“Off to Moderna we go”

Insist that love drive the clown car – Pam Grout

Yeah, I kinda get this sentiment.

And I quote again:

I wouldn’t let these clowns dispense aspirin, let alone design fast tracked vaccines.

Is gp41 a danger? It may well be. And nobody is asking the question, because (IMO) the neural pathogenic initiator that gp41 is, was passed off as a “molecular clamp” instead of the REAL ANTIGEN.

If they’re going to resurrect this weirdo COVID-HIV vaccine – and YES, they’re thinking about it – then there needs to be some examination FIRST of what the HELL is going on.

So What The Heck Is Going On Here?

When I was a young lad in the old days of science, there was lying, misrepresentation, and thievery, but it was on a much smaller scale.

We used to joke very cynically, back in the ’70’s, that every natural product being synthesized in a laboratory cured cancer, because we all knew that was not true.

We knew that these substances were really being synthesized merely because the molecules were a synthetic challenge, and a way for professors to make a name for themselves in synthetic chemistry. Almost NONE of these substances would EVER be used to treat cancer, and most would wash out very soon upon investigation. Almost none of them would ever even LEAD to a useful cancer drug. But LYING about their importance was how people got money for their labs. Every structurally interesting new molecule was always the next savior – until it wasn’t.

I used to think that the people giving out the money were fools about this, but not any more. I am beginning to think that the “givers” have always been just as corrupt as the “takers” – they’re just the “insiders” who turn on the spigots for their fellow “outsiders”.

I have no reason to think that vaccines are any different.

I think that a false crisis was used as a massive MONEY-BOMB – a global pile-on of the giddiest and most corrupt kind.

Probably the biggest one in 20 years.

I think that an AIDS vaccine was passed off as a COVID vaccine, by plausibly passing off the natural function of the HIV subunit as a new tool for other things, because – well – it IS such a new tool – just like every new interesting molecule MIGHT actually be some amazing new drug that cures cancer.

They lie skillfully, and they lie with truth, and it’s almost impossible to PROVE that the secondary “oh by the way” was actually the primary motivation.

We have changed from white lies that everybody understood WERE lies, to much more devious lies where scientists engage in fooling not just the public, but even other scientists.

I do think we have to wake up now. We can no longer afford the luxury of pretending not to know.

If I have to thank Joe Biden and his puppetmasters, including his “handler” Obama, for anything, it is for WAKING ME UP with these stupid mandates.

Nothing worked so well, to show us that the NEW WORLD ORDER is a direct threat to humanity, and needs to be stopped.

Science can be good again. But it must never, ever, abandon TRUTH.

And here we are.


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another reason why they want…and need…to destroy national borders…and the entire notion of nationalism.

open borders = spreaders


Great post wolf! Will take a few read throughs for me but it’s all adding up.

I watch Harry because I think he’s been deployed here to cause trouble.

This headline….

Prince Harry: get tested for HIV to protect others in same way as for Covid

He said: “Every single one of us has a duty, or at least an opportunity, to get tested ourselves to make it easier for everybody else to get tested.” Noting there had been a drop in HIV testing during Covid, he added that with people regularly testing for coronavirus, it should be “ingrained in us that that’s what we need to do, to know our status in order to be able to keep other people safe”.

He plans to continue his mother’s work with HIV. Why now? Why here?

In the DM Super Bowl story with all the celeb. pics everyone was maskless and socializing except Harry and Eugenie sitting dourly in their seats masked up. Very strange.

Last edited 1 year ago by holly
Cuppa Covfefe

I think that Luc Montagnier also knew the truth, and was offed for it… as it would look like a “natural causes” death at his age… He was an expert too, and warning any and all, whether they listened or not…

Valerie Curren

Saw this one in the replies to one of the tweets Wolf shared:

comment image


Harry and Eugenie sitting dourly in their seats masked up.

^^^ Skeered. Them dumb asses prolly believe masks work. Sorta like they believe the Climate Change BS.

Difficult to name two more disconnected from reality fools, than Harry and Eugenie.

Harry’s handler, MeAgain absent.


He’s an opinionated little twerp who thinks the world is hanging on his every word. He’ll say any thing, put his name to any book, make any video that will keep him and what’s her name in the limelight.
His mother had the same though less obvious trait. Land mines and HIV were her thing and it made her popular with some. I think the ginger brat’s riding her coat-tails for a little reflected glory and a paragraph in the news.

Valerie Curren

This is of lesser importance, but another Super Bowl commercial featured a black young lady getting courted by a bunch of seeming European princes in a “reality” show called Courtship, iirc. That reminded me of Megan & Harry (who, I believe, is no longer “officially” royal & the fact that he’s not actually of the “Windsor” bloodline allows for some of his & his wife’s more ridiculous antics to go relatively–no pun intended–unchecked), fwiw 😉


Wolf, as I have said before, I am a simple gal.

What I read in all of this directs me to one word:




All of those interesting graphs we have seen of the progression of various viruses through humanity (diphtheria, measles, etc.) where, just as they were almost completely eradicated by our God-given natural immune system, a “miracle vaccine” was introduced, have completely convinced me that “vaccination” is a failed scientific experiment by fallible mankind. The human body eventually accepts and harmonizes with illness in a natural progression of immunity. Interference with that is an exercise in futility.

Human beings are miracles. We just are. Stop for a minute and really appreciate the incredible beauty of humanity……..


Does this mean that no one ever gets sick or dies? NO, of course not. But we are not meant to live forever, and we are NOT meant to never suffer. If that were what God meant, that would be what IS.

The question for me has literally come down to:

Do I believe in God, or do I put my faith in Man? I’ll bet you can guess my answer.

Man makes “science.” While science is interesting and useful in some applications, when it attempts to “remake” the human body, it is asinine.

Imagine, the HUBRIS of trying to improve PERFECTION.


Amen. ^^^ this a million times over.



Thanks, TB.

Cuppa Covfefe

AMEN. And they are doing the same thing with Gore-Bull “warming” and climasstrology…

Thinking they can modify or influence one of the largest self-regulating systems that exists (and yes, I think that GOD designed it as a self-regulating system)…


I think so, too.


Lol! Go, God!


The smoking gun. As much as I appreciate this, Wolf, I also hate knowing it equally as much.

I try not to be profane because of who I obviously was before my total surrender to Jesus. I try so hard at times. Then I am reminded of what Jesus did to the evil money changers in the Temple of God in Israel and what He said about the viper Pharisees.

Per scripture our bodies are the Temple. Full stop.

Everyone of these evil Fauxi/Gates led asshats deserve torture before death and then being cast into Hell. The lone qualifier to that statement from my perspective is if it be God’s will. Perhaps it is a self fulfilling prophecy. For the unwitting participants some reprieve granted if they confess and repent. For the rest, I want their demise to be painful.

F Them.

One of my very best friends, really more like a brother, is suffering daily because of what the Pfizer did to his L-4 and L-5 and he has recently been diagnosed with lateral sclerosis as described in the link above. It started a couple months after the two jabs. Did not have back problems at all until then. Cannot stand for more than 15-20 minutes at a time now. Getting cortisone shots and doing 45 minutes of therapy provided exercises daily to stay upright.

Suffering because he did not know what was in it and trusted the government and medical people. He lacked the wisdom to say “no” to his wife and PCP, who insisted on the jabs due to his age. He agreed despite being an accomplished educator by profession who was also in pharmaceutical sales before going into secondary education and administration. Not a dummy – just naive and trusting.

Now multiply this times millions of people in America and billions around the world.

It makes me sick to my stomach.

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TB2 – I am very sorry to hear about your good friend and what has happened to him. However, your comments made my ears perk up …..I will be losing my job April 1 because I refuse to get the jab….There is a possibility that I can get a medical exemption, but i need more evidence of a link between the Pfizer jab and the Lumbar Radiculopathy (in the L5 area) that I suffer from. Any information or documentation that may shed more light on this topic would be greatly appreciated by me. Thank you very much for any assistance you may be able to provide.


I’m very sorry for your friend. I hope he gets a miracle and recovers.


Grateful for this site Wolf. Great work..again. Science so explainable, even a Caveman can see it,over and over and over again..
Blogosphere is the news now.
Having difficulty finding page one of the comments  😅 


Having difficulty finding page one of the comments

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Thank you for the tip, I’ll have to try that. I must confess though, It was my own error..
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It can be confusing!


The Vigilant Fox 🦊 (@VigilantFox) Tweeted:
Dr Bryan Ardis gives a thorough presentation on COVID-19, arguing that questionable hospital treatments and protocols were the primary cause of _____, not the virus itself.

“The vaccines by far was the end agenda. They had to convince [the population] it was a deadly virus.”




Pepe has the right answer for all this.
Nuremberg II.

Pepe Lives Matter



Make tribunals great again.



YouTube just BANNED this video, so you know it’s over the target!
The COVID vaccines have triggered a global AIDS pandemic (because they have destroyed our immune system) but THANKFULLY Moderna is working on a DNA-altering HIV-AIDS vaccine to combat this problem.
The new AIDS-vaccine will likely require two initial shots, followed by 4 booster shots per year for the rest of your life!

[video src="" /]


I found it. Thanks!

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Cuppa Covfefe

Seven-and-a-half BILLION of us, a few THOUSAND, max, of them.

Time to teach them some maths…


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Who is this?

Here’s another link –

But, I want to know who is talking, see the evidence.

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I found out more about her – she posts videos on a bunch of topics and several sites under the name of WhatsHerFace. She has a members only pay channel on Patreon.

She alternates her image from comic to glamor. All anonymous.

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Wolf Moon
WOW, thank you so much!
So it would appear, if I’m understanding things correctly, that there are HIV elements in the ORIGINAL COVID-19 virus, the one unleashed on the world around November, 2019? And that there is at least one more HIV element incorporated in the COVID-19 “vaccines”?
And it would appear that the HIV / bat neurotoxins in the “vaccines” would be responsible for the “sudden stroke”, the “sudden onset of dementia”, the “brain fog” in the “vaccinated.”
But what about those who were infected with the original COVID-19 and recovered BEFORE the “vaccines” came into use? Do these people have neuro damage? Is this evidenced by the symptoms of “brain fog”, “difficulty concentrating”, etc., that appear in people with “Long COVID”?
FLCCC has a protocol for people with “Long COVID” called “I-RECOVER.” It may well be that ANYBODY who EVER had COVID-19 and recovered, whether or not they were “vaccinated”, could have brain damage from the spike protein combo in the virus, let alone in the “vaccines.” This may well call for following a protocol, like I-RECOVER, for the rest of one’s life, to try and keep the brain running as well as possible. (This is aside from damage to the heart, lungs, ovaries, testes, and bone marrow that the “vaccines” cause; and damage that the virus itself causes to the heart and lungs.)
Didn’t Dr. Nathan Thompson show proof of “immune system collapse” in a healthy patient of his who got “fully vaccinated” — and the blood test Dr. Thompson used was one that would measure immune system response in a person with HIV?