OAN Hosts Amazing Anonymous Documentary on Discovery and Suppression of Ivermectin for COVID, and How Gilead and Fauci Gamed a Remdesivir Study

My dear wife is the one who found this, so let me start off by thanking her.

After working outside Tuesday night, I came in the front door, and my wife IMMEDIATELY told me to start watching what was on OAN. It was an anonymous Rumble video about ivermectin and remdesivir that OAN re-bannered and broadcast, after being unable to identify or contact the author.

I’m very glad OAN decided to promote this video.

I caught only part of the ivermectin story, but ALL of the remdesivir story, and THAT was enough to get me searching for an online copy of the video for all of the readers here.

You can watch the OAN-rebannered video at the following link. (The original video is below.)

LINK: https://www.oann.com/the-story-of-ivermectin-sheds-light-on-the-history-benefits-of-the-drug/

Here is the text version for those that need it.

‘The Story Of Ivermectin’ Sheds Light On The History & Benefits Of The Drug

OAN Newsroom
UPDATED 12:30 PM PT – Wednesday, October 13, 2021

Despite doctor testimonials, clinical trials and international studies showing the efficacy of Ivermectin, mainstream media continues to suppress information regarding the drug as a treatment for COVID-19.

One America News would like to shed light on the history and the benefits of Ivermectin by showing a video recently posted to Rumble by a user called ‘Temporarily Grounded.’

While we could not make contact with the user, we urge our viewers to email via our contact page at oann.com if you have any information on the video’s creator, including his name and direct contact information.

Fortunately, the original video is still on Rumble.

LINK: https://rumble.com/vlpecw-the-story-of-ivermectin.html


This video basically shows the solid background of ivermectin, including some truly excellent and unbiased scientific information. However, about halfway through, it switches gears, and talks about the suppression of ivermectin.

The latter quickly segues into the promotion of remdesivir – and THAT is where it’s really, really powerful.

Who, you might ask, is behind remdesivir?

It’s SHOCKING – it’s not who you would expect – and you NEED to watch.

Beyond that, the documentary explains exactly how the bias for remdesivir was built into the trials – and that, too, is shocking.

I have been trying to warn people just how FAKE science is right now. This documentary backs me up BIG TIME. Thus, very glad to share it now.


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Watching now!


This is a must watch. I don’t know who put it out but they have to be a WH in some capacity.

Not too long, covers all the pertinent points, and puts blame where it is due–on the tech lords, MSM, and Fauci/NIH.

This could red pill many if widely shared.

Thank you, Wolf. I’m sharing!


The comments are face palm worthy, though. May be BH trying to discredit it.

Deplorable Patriot

The author will not surface until it’s all over, I’m sure. This GLOWS.

Information warfare.

Deplorable Patriot

I agree, there’s WH involvement. Whoever did that video knew EXACTLY where to look for the ties. George Schultz surfaces AGAIN as an investor or board member in one of the companies involved. He was also involved in the start-up in California that’s currently in litigation.

This just GLOWS all of a sudden.

Valerie Curren

Me too, in that I’m sharing it on Gab & a link to Wolf’s post too 🙂



Valerie Curren

& just saw this timely Gab item 🙂
comment image

comment imageHonos Virtus
Aug 26

Conspiracy theorists have done more pure research on what they believe than the modern journalists ever do.



Excellent video! …And yeah, this is a Must See!
 😊  👍 

The info about Ivermectin I knew already — but the info on Who is behind the push for Remdesivir is really good to know!

Thanks, Wolf, for shining a spotlight on it!

Cuppa Covfefe

Would be interesting to, erm, dig up the names of Skull and Bones members/alumni who are invested directly or indirectly in this. I rather expect that most of them are. And their highest loyalty is to the illuminati, NOT any state or country, no matter where they live or work…

Bushies go back at least four generations in S&B. Kerry, Heinz, and a host of others as well…..

Brave and Free

Thanks Wolf and give your wife a hug from us all here.

Valerie Curren

marriage, what a timeless wonder. He who finds a wife finds a good thing & finds favor with the Lord. God bless Wolfie & his wonderful wife!




Powerful video. Must watch and share.


HOW DARE Front Line Doctors and their cheap IVERMECTIN interrupt the Hospital Corporations and Pharmaceutical Corporations CASH COW???!!!

Concerned Virginian

Wolf Moon
Thanks so much to you and to your wife

This video has to get to Sen Dr. Rand Paul.

Bottom lines:
Bush family and hangers-on (Rumsfeld etc.) are tied closely to GILEAD.
NIH = DR. FRANCIS COLLINS. He had to know about, and sign off on, the “COVID-19 Treatment Panel” AND on its recommendations. He KNOWS that he’s a target for Nuremberg II. So he’s quitting as of this December in hopes of saving his own skin.
For his “panel” to recommend treatment of COVID-19 patients ONLY with Remdesivir and ONLY after the patient is intubated, when Collins KNEW that IVM would have positive effects EVEN IN a critically-ill COVID-19 people, IMO goes beyond medical malpractice — it is accessory to manslaughter.

Anthony Fauci KNEW that his NIAID paid for the “study” that “proved” how “effective” Remdesivir is in treating patients with advanced COVID-19 when he made his White House “announcement” in April, 2020. SO DID FRANCIS COLLINS, since the NIAID is PART OF NIH, and that he would have had to SIGN OFF on the funds being dispersed to GILEAD.

BOTH Fauci AND Collins KNEW that GILEAD was involved in writing the paper that was used by the NIH in crafting the “COVID-19 Treatment Panel” guidelines.

Anthony Fauci KNEW about the use of IVM for COVID-19 prophylaxis and treatment WHILE AT THE SAME TIME, was using NIAID money (again, through NIH) to FUND development of the MODERNA “vaccine.” January, 2021, the SAME month that Uttar Pradesh had ZERO deaths from the virus due to widespread use of IVM, was the month that PFIZER-BIONTECH began its campaign for the use of its COVID-19 “vaccine” in the U.S. after getting its original EUA in December, 2020.

This entire stinking scenario begs more questions:
Who EXACTLY told the MSM to suppress and write lies about, the effectiveness of IVM both as a prophylactic and as a treatment for COVID-19?
Who EXACTLY told YouTube, Twitter, and other social media to suppress and disseminate lies about, the effectiveness of IVM both as a prophylactic and as a treatment for CODI-19?
Were the MSM and social media outlets PAID for their efforts? How much? By whom? When?
Are there any ties between GILEAD and the WEF?

Concerned Virginian

Agreed that there needs to be more revelation first. One will say, however, that at times, one wishes that the faucet would be turned completely “On” regarding the flow of information / proofs…

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Thank you, Wolfmoon and also to dear wife Mrs. Wolfmoon. This documentary needs to be spread far and wide. It could save a lot of lives if Gilead and its backers are exposed to the light of day.



bflyjesusgrl 🍊 😎NUCLEAR MAGA😎


Dr. Anthony Fauci describes his ‘very different’ relationships with 5 presidents (cbs58.com)
The veteran doctor spoke in glowing terms about his relationships with earlier presidents. He highlighted his close relationship with President George H.W. Bush, noting that “just by accident I developed a really close friendship with him because he came to the (National Institute of Health) in the late 80s when he was vice president and was thinking of running for president, and he sincerely wanted to learn about HIV.”

Fauci said that he got to know President George W. Bush amid the crises of 9/11 and the 2001 anthrax attacks before he “had the privilege of being close to him and developing PEPFAR,” or the President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief.
Fauci considers Bush’s PEPFAR — an unprecedented, $3 billion-a-year program to help the world fight AIDS — “one of the most important things any American president has ever done,” he said, noting that “it saved millions of lives.”

George W. Bush, Bono praise Fauci in trailer for new NatGeo doc | TheHill

Video emerges of George HW Bush calling top health official who has contradicted Trump a ‘hero’ | The Independent | The Independent


The Bushes are rotten to the core.


Go further back to get to the seeds. HW was spawned from Prescott who was spawned from Samuel. Evil is intertwined. HW was just doing his part in the family business that had developed long before him, which he passed to the sons and expanded family members. There are good reasons W bragged about the Bush’s being a legacy family like the Kennedy’s. So follow those families back to their roots and alliances with other evil power brokers.

Again, they are all in the same group. They play parts to appear they are adversaries or in different camps. There is some competition for power and money between them, but it rarely crosses the line of revelation of who they are and how it all works. If that is threatened or happens those going rogue are eliminated – just like JFK, RFK, and attempted with RR. So many lesser names and players have been eliminated for what they know or when their usefulness ends.

Reality is far different than what is portrayed to the commoner deplorables.

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Cuppa Covfefe

Yep. Room 322 has a lot of bodies buried in it, both literally and figuratively…

Valerie Curren

Room 322″ ???


sk_ull & bo_nes

Valerie Curren



I did not know the history thank you 🙂
They are worse than I thought. We have been mislead for a long time it looks.

Deplorable Patriot

Reality is far different than what is portrayed to the commoner deplorables.

What if everything you “know” is a lie?

I keep coming back to that when it comes to the history of the last five hundred or so years.


Doesn’t even have to address the gene therapy jabs. Handles the entire COViD issue with Ivermectin as we all know on here.

Excellent, factual video. Thanks, Wolf! Sending the link it to everybody I know.


This came out yesterday so may have already been posted. If you’ve not already seen it though it’s worth a watch. Covers a lot of ground, doesn’t pull punches on the poison dwarf.


Cuppa Covfefe

She looks like she could do with a little more running (indeed a lot more running).

I’m sure there will be plenty of opportunity for that in the exercise yard in prison, waiting for her final judgement for her crimes, fraud, and unfettered (but certainly not unfuttered) evil (though the last of those three will be the White Throne Judgement)…


Sorry posted on the wrong page.

Deplorable Patriot

Follow the money.

Always follow the money.