The Vaccine-Powered Rona-Coaster

Is the Directed Evolution of Variants - Something Deeply Understandable to Joe Biden's Science Advisors - Being Abused by the Corporate-Government-Academic Axis? Yeah, you remember that one! Several hat tips to Sundance on this one, too. It's now becoming very clear that the mercenary Bill Gates getting involved with healthcare was one of the LAST … Continue reading The Vaccine-Powered Rona-Coaster

Dear KAG: 20211215 Open Thread

No, the camel is not getting a clot shot. Apparently, she flunked out of a beauty contest. Let's see where to start.... How about with Doctor Zelenko. Funny he should talk about that. And from another man of faith (he's one of the good guys). CORONA CONSPIRACY: German Cardinal Warns of “Surveillance State” … Continue reading Dear KAG: 20211215 Open Thread