The Vaccine-Powered Rona-Coaster

Is the Directed Evolution of Variants – Something Deeply Understandable to Joe Biden’s Science Advisors – Being Abused by the Corporate-Government-Academic Axis?

Yeah, you remember that one!

Several hat tips to Sundance on this one, too.

It’s now becoming very clear that the mercenary Bill Gates getting involved with healthcare was one of the LAST things that one could reasonably expect to help it.

We were such chumps.


They don’t “change”. They don’t “turn over a new leaf”. They GRIFT MORE and they GRIFT BIGGER.

Two international vaccine experts can help us to see how we got into the SUSTAINABLE GRIFT of needless vaccines to endlessly mutating viruses, which Bill Gates helped engineer.

Notice that I didn’t say sustainability grift – that’s a different grift, that uses MIRAGES of process sustainability to sell the opposite.

An excellent example of the sustainability grift is wind power, which – when you count all the resource consumption and natural destruction needed to “move lots of matter around with low energy output”, wastes more energy and resources overall, than it produces – and in the long run is NOT actually “sustainable”.

Wind power uses a mirage of overall sustainability which results from hypnosis by the microscopic sustainability of just ONE STAGE in the process, to sell a totality which is not truly sustainable or even efficient. Solar power is very similar. It has its uses, but the mirage they sell is far outside of the truth.

This type of grifting uses a misleading focus on part of the truth to sell a larger untruth, which is how many science grifts work.

Perpetual motion machines are an exemplary grift, and Anthony Fauci’s “antibody hypnosis” is an exemplary misdirection.

No – a sustainable grift (which can include the sustainability grift, cutely) is a grift that maintains itself in perpetuity, provided nobody looks closely. One of the best ways to create such a grift, is to pose a general source of a problem as a solution to it, so that the central problem will NEVER be solved.

This is a form of misleading by REVERSING reality. It’s a CYCLIC grift, that creates a false solution which is really a problem source.

Black Lives Matter(TM) is precisely that kind of sustainable grift.

To solve policing problems, BLM/Soros creates more problems and mischaracterizes them so that they can’t be solved.

BLM(TM), working with Soros DAs and AGs, creates thousands of new criminals of all kinds, at the same time hindering police, in the name of mercy for criminals who are intentionally misportrayed as innocent.

If you can pull it off, this kind of misleading can create monumental, whole-of-society grifts, that in some cases can NEVER be undone.

Climate change / global warming / global freezing are all beautiful GRIFTS of that nature, joined by the principle that “together, we can all do something impossible” – even better if it’s something needless. If the workers of the scam movement get busted, they just change the story – like all criminals do.

“Government will protect you from what it cannot affect.”

Fall for that kind of scam, and you are a SLAVE FOR LIFE.

So where does this go with vaccines?

Bill Gates Takes Over Global Vaccination

Astrid Stuckelberger figured out what was happening to global public health when Bill Gates took control of it, but she figured it out too late.

I highly recommend reading this article:

Let’s just save that image for when Bill Gates’ friends finally take down that article.

Here is the relevant section:

Stuckelberger also underscored that the “WHO is not the same organization as before”. There was a change in 2016, she explained.

“It was special: Organizations such as GAVI – the Global Alliance for Vaccine Immunization led by Bill Gates – they came to WHO in 2006 with funding. Since then, the WHO has developed into a new type of international organization. GAVI gained more and more influence, and total immunity, more than the diplomats in the UN. GAVI can do exactly what they want, the police can do nothing.”

The WHO underwent an audit in 2014 and after that, it became more like a company with countries as its subsidiaries.

“When I worked with international relations in the WHO in 2013, I saw that GAVI came in more and more. GAVI presented a global action plan for vaccination 2012-2020. That is, eight years where GAVI had everything in their hands. Bill Gates handled the vaccination, he took over.”

The WHO wields enormous power over countries, she said. “Before, all countries were free. But now, when I do interviews around the world, I see that each country is part of a ‘WHO company’. WHO is no longer a democratic member organization, like the UN. The various governments form the basis of the ‘enterprise’. It logically agrees with what is happening now, since the ‘companies’ want money, business, and to control people. It’s like slavery. The taxes we pay, they go to governments that are subject to ‘the company’. Under the multinational organizations, such as GAVI.”

“GAVI, the World Bank and the WHO entered into a contract called IFFM: International Facility Finance for Immunization. Our countries, our people, pay to the WHO, the World Bank and GAVI to carry out their immunization programs. Which means vaccinating the entire population. When you see the plan from GAVI, you see that from 2012 to 2020 they have had this as a goal. But then it did not work, they had to create a pandemic.”

She said the pandemic was most certainly planned. ” You can see this from all the documents. Everyone can analyze them, they are in the open, right in front of our eyes.”

I urge you to read more – if not now, then later.



GAVI is only ONE of Bill Gates’ “hidden hand” organizations, by which he gets TWO TOP VOTES on any council or advisory board. GAVI allows Bill Gates to control a putative solution – vaccines.

There is another organization called CEPICoalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations – by which Bill Gates controls the PROBLEM for which VACCINES are allegedly the answer.

Note that Bill Gates is controlling both the problem and the solution – and if the solution CAUSES THE PROBLEM, then he has just achieved what he needs as the basis for a cyclic, sustainable grift.

Do you see how CEPI – about epidemics – is only pointing toward one solution – vaccines?

Subtle, but learn to be a grift-catcher, and it just jumps out at you.

Let’s take a closer look at CEPI.

Quite obviously, CEPI was all over Event 201 – although the SPONSORS were slightly different.

See how that works? SELF-DEALING. Gates is an absolute expert at it. He controls VACCINES, and he controls EPIDEMICS. The PROBLEM, and the “SOLUTION” – which, if one tells the big lie just right – can CAUSE THE PROBLEM TO LAST FOREVER.

It’s CYCLIC, and it’s SUSTAINABLE, and it’s the same GRIFT PRINCIPLE as the wrap-up smear, where one hand claims that the other hand is the “news source”.

See how the control arises? Read that bit about CEPI. “Collaboration with regulators”? What do you THINK is going to happen? Same thing. Eventually, it’s all one side, and there are no checks and balances.

Gates is such a sharp operator. SO much sharper than the chumps he fools.

But there is HOPE in THE TRUTH – and Gates’ organization DID produce a TRUTH-TELLER.


When I heard a vaccine expert – a veteran of GAVI – namely Geert Vanden Bossche – saying that vaccinating into the pandemic was a BAD IDEA, well THAT is when my ears perked up, WOLF-QUICK.

Take note of the fact that this guy IS NOT and never was the HEAD of GAVI. He was NEVER one of their top clowns. He just worked for them. The head of GAVI can NEVER say anything like this – something that doesn’t back up Bill Gates 100%.

But this guy Vanden Bossche, who worked in vaccines his whole life, including for Bill Gates’ own organization GAVI, has expert knowledge that Bill Gates is pushing the wrong solution in our current situation.

Well, THAT is interesting.

Now – listen to Vanden Bossche talk about VARIANTS and vaccinating CHILDREN, when Gates and “other organizations” (COUGH, COUGH) started pushing THAT.

Remember – this video is JUNE 1, 2021. Everything Geert said has come true with Delta, and it coming true AGAIN with Omicron, as he predicted. This guy understood directed evolution of variants from the very beginning, and how those variants are why we have to STOP VACCINATING.

There are other people – on Biden’s scientific advisory board – who also understand directed evolution of variants. The question is, what are they doing with that knowledge? Are they causing the problem? Or are they even looking at the solution? We’ll get to that later.

Also – just a warning – Geert speaks ANNOYINGLY SLOWLY – but also EXTREMELY CLEARLY.

This is a 10-minute video that takes 35 minutes to get out, but there is NO MISTAKING what he says.

So – was Geert right?


Let’s bust out that tweet.

It’s behind a paywall, but this much shows through:

“Data from Denmark shows that just over 70 per cent of omicron cases have been among those younger than 40.”

If you now go back and listen to Geert, starting at around 28 minutes, and from there to the end of the video, you will see that he predicted exactly what is happening – that the disease under pressure of the bad vaccines would mutate and move into the [generally] unvaccinated younger people – AND – and this is important – that VACCINATING THEM WITH THE CURRENT SUB-OPTIMAL VACCINES IS THE EXACT WRONG THING TO DO.




And he explains HOW it will be worse. It could be as bad as a Marek’s disease scenario.

This is what people are NOT GETTING – that the current vaccines are NOT GOOD ENOUGH, and that they are CAUSING MORE PROBLEMS THAN THEY SOLVE.

That’s GREAT if you have a GRIFT that depends on the bad vaccines. It’s NOT SO GREAT if you’re somebody who actually cares about SOLVING problems (plural).

You know – like not making a new problem worse than the old one, and covering it up.

NOW – lo and behold – Joe Biden actually has two people advising him, on his board of science and technology advisers, who should care DEEPLY about this problem – if they actually ARE still scientists, and not pawns of industry and government.

Let’s meet them.

The Genetics and Evolution Girls Currently Advising Joe Biden

I kinda stumbled onto this story.

I was over on The National Pulse, looking at a link which ForGodandCountry gave me, when I found ANOTHER story in the sidebar.



Oh, the BOARDROOM INCEST gets better than that. That’s not even the beginning.

This woman is the CEO of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Advising Joe Biden.


Dr. Susan Desmond-Hellmann – a member of Pfizer Inc.’s Board of Directors – previously served as the Lead Independent Director at social media giant Facebook. The site has routinely censored posts relating to COVID-19 vaccines, with Pfizer in particular eliciting support from major corporate outlets.

Hellman was appointed to the social media platform’s board in March 2013 and served as it Lead Independent Director from June 2015 until October 30th 2019, shortly before the first reported case of COVID-19.

Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook founder and CEO, said “Sue has been a wonderful and thoughtful voice on the board for six years, and I’m personally grateful to her for everything she has done for this company” in response to her departure.

“I remain positive about Facebook and the mission to give people the power to build community and bring the world closer together. Facebook’s Shareholders require a Board of Directors that is fully engaged and committed to address the critical issues confronting Facebook at this time,” Hellmann explained in reference to her role as the CEO of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

“Unfortunately, increasing demands from my CEO role, my extended family, and my own health make it no longer possible for me to commit the necessary time and energy required to properly serve Facebook and its shareholders,” she added in a public statement despite joining Pfizers board in 2020.

Amidst Hellmann’s tenure on the Pfizer board, Facebook has initiated campaigns to censor COVID-19 vaccine skeptics, as leaked internal documents from the company reveal algorithms aimed at “drastically reduc[ing] user exposure to vaccine hesitancy (VH) in comments.”

And much more.

Here is SOME of what I said to FG&C:

She links, at the highest levels:

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
U.C. San. Fran.
U.C. Berkeley
AIDS research in Uganda
Rockefeller Foundation
Bristol-Myers Squibb
Federal Reserve Bank of San Fran
Global Health 2030

She’s behind a data initiative that basically reports individual patient data back to researchers to “accelerate research and learning blah-blah-blah”.

From Wikipedia:

Precision medicine based on Google Maps

In 2011, Desmond-Hellmann co-chaired a National Academy of Sciences committee that recommended creating a Google Maps-like data network aimed at developing more diagnostics and treatments tailored to individual patients — a concept known as “precision medicine”.[12] The so-called “knowledge network” would integrate the wealth of data emerging on the molecular basis of disease with information on environmental factors and patients’ electronic medical records and would allow scientists to share emerging research findings faster, thereby accelerating the development of tailored treatments. It also would allow clinicians to make more informed decisions about treatments, reduce health care costs and ultimately improve care.[13] The NAS report, titled “Toward Precision Medicine: Building a Knowledge Network for Biomedical Research and a New Taxonomy of Disease”, was described by Keith Yamamoto, Vice Chancellor for Research at UCSF, as “the most important National Academy of Sciences Framework Analysis since that advisory body recommended that the United States go forward with the Human Genome Project”.[14]

In 2021, Desmond-Hellmann was appointed by President Joe Biden to the President’s Council of Advisors on Science and Technology (PCAST), co-chaired by Frances Arnold, Eric Lander and Maria Zuber.

So – as a SIDEBAR – this woman was involved in the “freeing up” of electronic medical information which has basically DESTROYED medical privacy.

Which was GREAT for Democrat trial lawyers, by the way. Just today I got a call from AMBULANCE CHASERS based on a “confidential” diagnosis (nothing bad – don’t worry) that just went into my electronic records a few weeks ago.

I was SHOCKED that these people came on to me. It’s like Obamacare knifing my doctor in the back. The only way they knew, was access to my medical records. It should be absolutely illegal as hell for anybody – much less Democrat ambulance chasers – to know about that rare diagnosis and actually cold-call me to try to stir up a case. But yeah – destroying medical privacy in the name of helping researchers like her – that is just one example – a small example – of how “Inception” by the bad guys works. Find a smart dupe and get them to pimp an idea you need. Maybe even make them THINK they thought of it.

Free up the data with the EXCUSE of the good guys getting it, so that the BAD GUYS can do all kinds of things with it.

I know all about this – about being used as a PROXY to advance an idea because that proxy has respect as a scientist. It’s a nasty game.

Anyway….. [end of sidebar]

I am NOT of the opinion that this woman is as bad as someone like – say – Bill Gates. But I AM of the opinion that she’s very likely a politically correct “reliable board skirt” who always votes the way people are SUPPOSED to vote on board decisions. She’s Bilderberg fodder. She’s SMART and she GETS IT DONE. But she always does the “right thing” – the expected thing – the thing that somebody with more power and more control wants done.

So THIS woman is NEVER going to tell Joe Biden what Bill Gates doesn’t want him to hear.

But if there is any wonder why Joe Biden keeps trying to mandate vaccines, yeah, it’s because one of his science advisors is the CEO of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

Pretty convenient.

Now – let’s move on to the other gal.

THIS ONE will not only understand what Geert Vanden Bossche is saying – she may actually respect that wisdom.

Frances Hamilton Arnold (born July 25, 1956)[1] is an American chemical engineer and Nobel Laureate. She is the Linus Pauling Professor of Chemical Engineering, Bioengineering and Biochemistry at the California Institute of Technology (Caltech). In 2018, she was awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry for pioneering the use of directed evolution to engineer enzymes.[2]

Since January 2021, she serves as an external co-chair of President Joe Biden‘s Council of Advisors on Science and Technology (PCAST).[3]

So – THREE important points about Frances Arnold:

  • Pioneered the use of “pushed” evolution of organisms in the lab to make them useful
  • Nobel Prize winner
  • co-chair of Joe Biden’s “board” of science and technology advisors

So what’s up with this “directed evolution”?

From Wikipedia…..

Arnold is credited with pioneering the use of directed evolution to create enzymes (biochemical molecules—often proteins—that catalyze, or speed up, chemical reactions) with improved and/or novel functions.[25] The directed evolution strategy involves iterative rounds of mutagenesis and screening for proteins with improved functions and it has been used to create useful biological systems, including enzymesmetabolic pathwaysgenetic regulatory circuits, and organisms. In nature, evolution by natural selection can lead to proteins (including enzymes) well-suited to carry out biological tasks, but natural selection can only act on existing sequence variations (mutations) and typically occurs over long time periods.[26] Arnold speeds up the process by introducing mutations in the underlying sequences of proteins; she then tests these mutations’ effects. If a mutation improves the proteins’ function she can keep iterating the process to optimize it further. This strategy has broad implications because it can be used to design proteins for a wide variety of applications.[27] For example, she has used directed evolution to design enzymes that can be used to produce renewable fuels and pharmaceutical compounds with less harm to the environment.[25]

One advantage of directed evolution is that the mutations do not have to be completely random; instead, they can be random enough to discover unexplored potential, but not so random as to be inefficient. The number of possible mutation combinations is astronomical, but instead of just randomly trying to test as many as possible, she integrates her knowledge of biochemistry to narrow down the options, focusing on introducing mutations in areas of the protein that are likely to have the most positive effect on activity and avoiding areas in which mutations would likely be, at best, neutral and at worst, detrimental (such as disrupting proper protein folding).[25]

So – there you have it – “mutagenesis and screening“. In a way, it’s still just breeding horses or labradoodles, but much more technical and scientific.

If you suddenly think that, “Hey, this sounds a lot like what Fauci, Baric, Daszak and Bat Lady were doing” – you know – gain of function – well, that’s precisely it.

And think about this.

The SPIKE PROTEIN is a protein just like an ENZYME is protein. The only difference there, is that FAUCI and his gang were controlling the “directed evolution” of viruses making proteins toward whatever goals THEY thought useful, whereas Arnold was controlling the “directed evolution” of bacteria making proteins toward whatever goals SHE thought useful.

I remember when Arnold’s work was frequently showcased in Chemical & Engineering News. Yeah, a lot of it was feminist championing of a woman scientist by the C&EN media leftoids – BUT the fact is that Arnold’s work was very interesting stuff, and her interests and abilities always struck me as authentic – that she was NOT a “manufactured” science celebrity. She was showcased more than created.

One can argue about whether she deserved to be Beast-marked by the Dynamite Prize or not. Doesn’t really matter. To borrow from Trump, “Knowledge is the prize.”

In principle, this lady is capable of understanding and RESPECTING Geert Vanden Bossche’s arguments. If she’s going to disagree with him HONESTLY, then it will be for good reasons.

But that’s not the end of the story.

Let’s talk mutagenesis.

Remdesivir and Molnupiravir as Mutagens

Now I’m not saying that ALL of these new COVID drugs are human mutagens or teratogens. In fact, most likely, NONE of them are. The Pfizer drug is not a mutagen as far as I know – but then that drug is actually a binary drug, and one of THOSE two drugs is an established AIDS drug, which is quite fishy in light of VAIDS.

What I am saying is that TWO of these drugs are PROVEN viral mutagens.

Sorta like that critical step in Frances Arnold’s work.

So are we trying to ACCELERATE the appearance of variants? Are we consciously trying to CHANGE how or how fast they vary? Is SOMEBODY consciously trying to change how or how fast they vary?

Here is where I talked about the apparent public health contradiction of using drugs like molnupiravir and remdesivir on a virus which mutates into “variants of concern” before:

The Molnupiravir Contradiction

Why would we mass treat a virus with a drug which forces the virus to mutate, when mutation is how the virus creates new variants that reinfect the vaccinated? Before I explain the title contradiction, let me start with an admission. Most of my life, I have been very friendly with the pharmaceutical industry. I …

In that blog post, I explained that (1) remdesivir has been PROVEN to “push” SARS-CoV-2 toward evolution of variants, including “variants of concern”, and (2) molnupiravir works on the principle of “mutation catastrophe” in the SARS-CoV-2 reproductive process, so it likely does the same thing even more.

So are we “doing the Arnold” or what?

I will leave that up to others to answer.

Let me close instead with one more great article which summarizes where we are.

It’s Vanden Bossche without Vanden Bossche.

Eugyppius & The Conservation of Corona

If you have not found this anonymous German dude’s substack account, you need to be watching it. It’s almost better than Alex Berenson’s account, which is a pretty hard thing to do.

Among several great posts, this one is critical.

Let me just quote the first few paragraphs.


The ascendancy of more transmissible (and possibly also more pathogenic) Delta strains is a consequence of the worldwide vaccination campaign. This is now the most salient and the most important side-effect of our vaccines. They elicit antibodies that select for more aggressive SARS-2 lineages, which escape vaccine-induced immunity by replicating in the lungs of infected people faster and earlier.

All our evidence is that the alpha (Kent) and delta (Indian) lineages emerged at the same time, in September or October 2020. Delta was more aggressive than alpha, but alpha had the upper hand until vaccines killed it off. Probably, Delta is too aggressive in completely unvaccinated populations, causing severe illness before very many of its hosts can do much spreading.

Consider the entirely typical case of my country, Germany. Most first doses here were administered over the course of nine weeks, from early April to early July. In precisely this period, Delta began its rise to absolute dominance. The genetic diversity of SARS-2 has been totally destroyed in Germany and everywhere else too.

What you see happening to Alpha in this chart, is what the vaccines were supposed to do to Corona as a whole. But then it was Corona’s move, and Delta is the hand it played.

Nothing about how the pandemic plays out now can be disentangled from the vaccines. The more aggressive spread of Delta among the unvaccinated is as much a part of this campaign, as its continued spread among the vaccinated. We have totally changed the environment in which SARS-2 circulates, and in response SARS-2 has become more transmissible and more volatile across the board.



SO – have I convinced you of the obvious? I’m convinced.


It’s bloody obvious.

So are they incompetent or evil? Or maybe both?

Your call. I’m just watching from the cheap seats.

And getting ready for the Biden Depression.

Cheers, Eugyppius and Geert. You guys get da Woof Prize.


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[They] have been planning this for a long time.

It would be good to know Who pushed for legal immunity for the vax-manufacturers.

It was something that sounded reasonable…at the time.
I remember that part of the argument was “so that the drug manufacturers will give us inexpensive vaccines that the people need”.

But then, no one dreamed that drug companies would come out with drugs that are designed to kill us!


And hide them under the guise of ‘vaccine’!


That we know who is behind the drug companies specially vaccine development. Evil sick minds are crafty and filled with god complex of self importance. They have to much money and they think they own the world and everything in it.

Last edited 2 years ago by singingsoul1

[They] have been planning this for a long time.

It would be good to know Who pushed for legal immunity for the vax-manufacturers.

^^^ Which, for me to mRNA technology. Fully believe Malone created mRNA technology for all the right reasons. Yet,mRNA technology hijacked for evil.

Early proponents and funding source(s) likely part of the problem.

There is much to learn here, regarding all of the evil mRNA injections.


CEPI, partner of the European Commission.

European Commission established EMUNI, and made Joseph Mifsud it’s first president.


Good stuff, Wolf! Like you, I am just watching and trying to get ready as best I can for what is coming. Honing my skills, so to speak.

What I see in these people, the scientists and tech people like Gates, comes down to one thing; they either worship God, in which case they are working for Good, or they worship Technology (which includes Science), and in that case they are working for Evil.

All those capital letters are for a reason. These are the forces at work. Science has become an idol in our times. It could be a TOOL used for Good, but in the hands of Evil, it is not. Technology is the handmaiden of Science.

I am NOT anti-science. Note the small ‘s.’ I AM anti ‘Science,’ the false idol, and Technology, the whore it uses.

Science is the language of God in my opinion. BUT we have but a MOTE of understanding of that language, and only fools believe otherwise. And these wielders of their puny understanding of God’s language are FOOLS. We see but through a glass darkly, but some are convinced they see CLEARLY. And they believe that sight gives them the right to kill us all in pursuit of their vision of the future of Man.

My belief in God permeates every little thing I do. The hubris of these people is an offense to my Soul. I am wounded every day by what is being done to humanity by these evil, idol-worshiping demons.


Right there with you and share your observations, faith and pain, Aubergine.


Thanks, TB. Good to know there are others.

Keep the faith. We will prevail.

Valerie Curren

Well said, A, & spot on!


Thanks, Valerie.

Valerie Curren

YW 🙂


It eventually had to come full circle to this. Some of us predicted and expected this was the case.

Wolf – you have produced from your own knowledge, that of non-biased International experts, scientific observations/research, and data/statistics evidence that clearly leads to the conclusion we believed to be the case. It is settled as far as I am concerned. I just want to continue to follow it until the train wreck grinds to screeching halt.

If the evil perpetrators of the largest, mass non-lab experiment in human history that resulted in the largest, mass genocide in human history that continued the largest, mass mutation of human DNA in history are not destroyed in this world, they will be when they come before the Judgment Seat if they do not acknowledge, confess and repent of their horrible sins prior to their last breaths.

Thank you. Also thanks for the glimmer of hope you provide that a knowledgeable top scientist in the enemy’s camp is a truth teller and that another leading one could become one if she has a conscience.

Last edited 2 years ago by TradeBait2

Wolf Moon
Thank you so much for this great post of collected information! Sorry you had to deal with the “ambulance chaser” call — methinks this is going to be a new “niche industry” for lawyers. The imposition of the EMR (Electronic Medical Record) was a horrible thing. A few years ago, one could “opt out” of sharing any information in one’s chart except for people that the patient would designate. That option appears to be pretty much gone. Many doctor’s offices no longer keep any printed / hard copy records on patients.
This “omicron variant” — it appears to be a mutation engendered by the spike protein actions in the “vaccinated”, which through shedding, will spread everywhere — and to the “UN-vaccinated.” One is persuaded that “omicron” is intentional, by a factor of two: One, the “vaccine” spike protein action, which damages the immune response of the recipient AS WELL AS manufacturing more “variants”; and, Two, literally as a campaign to “convince” the “UN-vaccinated” to get the shots, because they ALSO will be exposed to, and get infected by, the variant.
Let’s look at the Merck “magic pill”, MOLNUPIRAVIR:
A search of for this drug name comes up with seven different studies, starting back to APRIL, 2020, under the name EIDD-2801. The most recent study is STILL ONGOING until APRIL, 2022. This implies that “magic pill” drugs for COVID-19 were being researched AT THE SAME TIME that the “vaccines” were nearing developmental stages for their manufacturers to start applying for EUA authorizations from the FDA.
EIDD-2801, developed by Ridgeback Biotherapeutics, was the original name and formula for the drug.
In July, 2020, MERCK bought the exclusive rights to this drug from Ridgeback and renamed it MOLNUPIRAVIR. Merck is the “responsible party” in the most recent clinical trial of the drug, the trail that’s ongoing until April, 2022.
Again, any EUA that is issued by the FDA for MOLNUPIRAVIR is based on “results” of studies that are STILL ONGOING. In the case of the most recent study, there are ONLY about 1300 participants — what appears to be a very small study cohort.
Regarding Bill Gates — one is of the opinion that he believes himself to BE a “god” — omnipotent, omni-present, and with the powers thereof. One feels that Gates didn’t start out that way decades ago — he got warped out over time.

I truly believe that this Christmas will be the last decent one in quite a while. The immune-system and DNA damage caused by the “vaccines” may very likely start showing up soon. And the “UN-vaccinated” will need to stay on guard on all fronts.

Last edited 2 years ago by RDS

Raheem Kasim on Bannons War Room, just now, predicts:

The Biden Facists and other Leftist will use “Vax to Vote” for the next elections as a condition for participation.

Last edited 2 years ago by eilert

And here I thought States controlled State elections.


The takeover needs to be fought.


Absolutely. We never lose sight of…

Never Give In.  Never Give Up.  Never Quit.





Over 900 positive cases on the Ithaca campus this week, some omicron:

Here’s the county data:

Note the spikes in vaccinations in November/December due to mandate deadlines that were later extended due to labor contracts and lawsuits at the federal level. (This graph resembles the graphs of late night vote drops.)

Also notice the absence of data for the week of 12/4-12/7. County health department appears to be struggling with how to report this.

Hochule sits on the board of trustees. Also, Fauci’s alma mater.


I’m bringing this over from Marica’s because I found it particularly interesting —

[…] The Vaccine-Powered Rona-Coaster […]