Are You Prepared for the BIDEN DEPRESSION?

There is a reason that the Bidenistas and Bidenazis are worried freaking out.

Trump correctly predicted – as with all his well-aging tweets, that a Joe Biden win would be an absolute economic disaster for the United States.


Don’t think it’s coming? THINK AGAIN.

And this time, in COLOR.

All the “meta” re-orgs in the WORLD cannot stop what is coming to the stupid assholes who threw the election, and condemned the entire planet in doing so.

There’s a REASON that the Bidenistas had to call in their media allies for an emergency economic pow-wow. The Bidenistas know the BIDEN DEPRESSION cannot be stopped. All they can do is LIE about it – and hope that the Bidenazis don’t force them into a new arrangement to limit the damage to THEIR end of the swamp.

YUP. Trump called it, and THEY KNOW IT’S TRUE.

Fox Business

Trump says Biden’s coronavirus policies would cause ‘crippling, long-lasting depression’

Thomas Barrabi
August 13, 2020

President Trump said Thursday that presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden’s “defeatist” approach to addressing the coronavirus pandemic would result in long-term damage to a U.S. economy that is already showing signs of recovery.

Trump warned against further lockdowns shortly after the U.S. Department of Labor announced that unemployment claims had dropped below one million last week for the first time since the pandemic brought the economy to a near-complete halt in March. The president claimed that Biden “rejects the scientific approach in favor of locking all Americans in their basements for months on end.”


“He wants to shut down our economy, close our schools and grind society to a halt,” Trump said during a White House press briefing. “He wants it done by a federal decree. This would lead to a crippling, long-lasting depression.”

And THAT prediction was WITHOUT the terrible, stupid, America-sabotaging vaccine mandate.


Are you prepared for SEVEN MORE YEARS of President Obama?

Sundance is spotting what’s coming, and it’s NOT GOOD.

Yesterday, Sundance came out with THREE economic articles, and you need to read them.

He Did It – White House Celebrates Joe Biden Reaching Inflation Milestone Set By Jimmy Carter, 6.8 Percent and Rising

December 10, 2021 | Sundance | 161 Comments

Clueless Joe Says Federal Spending Doesn’t Increase Inflation, Reality Begs to Differ

December 10, 2021 | Sundance | 123 Comments

MAGAnomics vs JoeBamanomics, a Simple to Understand Graphic

December 10, 2021 | Sundance | 4 Comments

I really recommend reading these articles, which explain THESE TWO GRAPHICS:

My interpretation of this data is NOT GOOD.

In my opinion, this committed folly is a TEXTBOOK RECIPE for DEPRESSION – and in particular, a 1930s socialist economic depression, just like the one FDR forced upon America, and blamed on his ideological opponents, with the help of the leftist media.

THAT is where I see this going.

Economic Afghanistan.

Fresh off my recovery from DELTA COVID, after pushing site preparation for a BAD WINTER (much credit goes to Aubergine for repeatedly warning about this), I can tell you that my WOLF INSTINCTS are in RARE SHAPE.

I can smell trouble coming from miles away, and I have no hesitation to call it out.

Well, THE WOLF can tell you that things are going to get MUCH WORSE.

YOU – ME – YOUR FRIENDS and NEIGHBORS – everybody needs to PREPARE.

We are not even a year into the Biden PRE-DEPRESSION – which is just the BIDEN RECESSION and BIDEN INFLATION, and we have at least 3 more years of this crap – more likely SEVEN MORE YEARS.

Obama, who is the bad counselor actually running this administration from afar, is careening his pasty white crash-test dummy Joe Biden into every object he can hit with him. It’s SICK FUN for Obama, but you know he’s loving it. Socialist rigor with ZERO responsibility.

And it’s not just going to be economic failure. Expect MILITARY FAILURE as well, to permanently scuttle the Bidenazi military, keeping them subservient forever to the true-believin’ leftist Bidenista overlords.

It is even possible that Obama will be able to do what he could not do, even with McCain’s help – to get our troops into a LOSING engagement with Russia – then make us submit to a humiliating phony settlement that gives Putin and China everything they want.

The Bidenistas, through INTENTIONAL FAILURE, CONTROL OF CIVILIAN GOVERNMENT, and SHADY DEALS WITH FOREIGN POWERS, will always be able to put the Bidenazi CHUMPS in their place as the second-string totalitarians who run this country on occasion by the only way they can – by eking out small 9/11-ish dramatic interregnums between massive communist main acts.

Just observe how the Bidenistas dealt with the Bidenazis in Afghanistan. THAT was a warm-up.

Obama is basically recapitulating the 4-term socialist, FDR. Do the math.

Of course, you never know. The Pentagram could always come up with a different plan that Obama and company can wreck into new and unforeseen outcomes.

Just pray that honest, patriotic Americans can survive 3 to 7 more years of this crap.

It’s gonna get worse. A LOT worse.



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Seven more years? I don’t think America can survive that. I think if another presidential election were stolen, the people would not sit back and take it.

Dave of X22 Report says they want to get the U.S. into a war that we will lose (unthinkable for America to lose a war, but they want to weaken us so that can happen). What happens to the loser in a war? They lose their form of government, which means our Constitution, and all that is America. The Bill of Rights, gone.

It’s depressing, but we have to keep fighting. The good thing is that people all over the world, including here, are already tired of this 💩. States are changing election laws and procedures. Poll watchers are being recruited. People can see that the economy is tanking. Will it be enough? I don’t know, but it’s waking up more people.

How to prepare? Have plenty of food, cash, medications and supplements, personal protection, water for drinking and for other uses. Be ready at all times for a disaster of any kind — weather, supply chain problems, sabotage of the electrical grid, communications blackouts. And be prepared mentally to be tough and survive and take our country back.


Having a network of like-minded people is one of the things I thought of, as well as knowing who might be hostile and ready to turn you in to authorities for a perceived infraction. Bartering might come into vogue again. And, as much as possible, do business with people and companies who are at least neutral on the social-justice scale, and especially those who support American principles.


Firearms and ammunition will probably be a hot item for bartering.
Especially firearms that are unregistered and off the grid.


I hope you are feeling better. 😊


Yes, thank you…finally.
Started running a fever, but that finally broke.


Good to hear. We need all Wheaties on deck.


Has hopes. You showed up at your normal time 🙂
Well, maybe a bit early. Ninesih-Tennish is your normal time… not Eightish.

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Be careful. If you have a fever that comes and goes, you may have a low-grade infection somewhere (lungs, sinuses?) that isn’t going away without antibiotics. I am not a pharma-fan, but they do have their uses!


My grandson had undiagnosed pneumonia for two months, until an ER doc ordered an x-ray, and found what several other docs had missed. My daughter was terrified. Thought he had cancer or something. Antibiotics cleared it right up.


I am happy you feel better. 


Good to see you Wheatie 👍😁


Thanks, Scott.


The concept of “registered” and “on-the-grid” firearms is going to evaporate in about eighteen seconds when things get harsh. And, incidentally, I hope that none of your favorite firearms requires some weird rare ammunition only found at specialty stores — you’ll be much more successful in scavenging common LEO/NATO rounds like 9mm.


The neat thing about having one gun is you can use that to get more. Includes their ammo too.


“I avoided saying anything about HOW to prepare – I want YOU ALL to share your ideas.”



How about a current passport, maybe some Bitcoin and whatever gold you can afford, stored in an overseas vault that has no connections to the U.S. (i.e. global) banking system?

Unfortunately, there’s not really anywhere to go, because America is the last stand.

It doesn’t seem like most people are grasping the enormity of what appears to be happening, which of course is natural and understandable and expected. Just like people didn’t want to recognize what was happening when Hitler came to power, or the Soviet Union after WWII.

Whether the nation collapses into lawless chaos, or whether an Iron Curtain descends over America, if we’re inside the border when it happens, it will be like getting caught on the wrong side of the Berlin Wall.

If it’s a Mad Max scenario, all our ‘prepping’ will do is make for a big, fat juicy target for roving bands of marauders.

If it’s an iron-fisted totalitarian regime, the Jack Boots will pick off any individual hold outs, or compounds or organized neighborhood ‘resistance’.

If there are any realistic ideas, I’m all ears.

History is a good barometer for whether something is realistic or not.

If it never happened before, or never worked before, that’s a good indicator that it’s not realistic now.


Strengthen your bonds with your neighbors. If you live in lib-ville, as I do, get better neighbors first.


“Strengthen your bonds with your neighbors. If you live in lib-ville, as I do, get better neighbors first.”


Maybe we could build a fire, sing a couple of songs, why don’t we try that?

👍 😂 🤣 😂

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There IS NO historical precedent for attempting to install Communism on a people whose entire national identity grew under the Constitution of the United States. None.

Americans are different. The breaking point WILL come.

Things are gonna get spicy.


THIS, I believe. Folks are largely fed up with being lied to. Moronic Omicron is a dud. Masks are largely laughed at. They gotta coerce folks to get injected.


Yeah, with burgers and stuff. As if.


I agree with you but something magical will happen good people will unite and support each other. Friendship will be forged that are deeper than anyone can imagine. People will share and life returns to simple and is valued more.
Everyone will know who the snitch in the neighborhood is and in workplace and other places. You all better learn how to whisper and how to avoid that big brother listen in what you say.
Yes history is a good indicator no wonder they do not teach history in school any longer.


“I think if another presidential election were stolen, the people would not sit back and take it.”


Why wouldn’t the next presidential election be stolen?

Hussein & the Globetrotters got fat, lazy and stupid, and as a result, they had a near-death experience in 2016.

That was THEIR wake up call.

And they went all-in to prevent a repeat.

Does anyone think they’re going to ease-up now, with 2016 still fresh in their memory?

So if the next election can be stolen, it most certainly will be.

What would prevent it?

Deus Ex Machina?

It won’t be Scooby and the soap opera gang, not that it ever could have been.

Who else does that leave?

The military?

The military is the only viable opposition to hostile foreign nation states, it’s the whole reason for the existence of the military.

They had their chance between November 3rd and January 20th, and they punted on our Republic.

Which means they punted on humanity, because who else stands between freedom and global tyranny, besides America?

So if it was never going to be Scooby, and the military bailed out, who does that leave?

We used to have the narrative that the military was actually in control and running things, and that was nice for a while. Does anyone still believe that, is that still the narrative?

Or is it something else now?

If it’s something else, what’s the new narrative?


Why wouldn’t the next presidential election be stolen?

The election could still be stolen, of course. The Left never gives up and never runs out of ways to cheat. But a number of thinhgs are different now and will be different by 2024. I’m not saying they will be enough or will work, but I’m not giving up.


I’m not giving up either, I just hate the idea of fooling ourselves that anything will change for the better without actually DOING something.


We should all go through the Stargate (inside Cheyenne Mountain).


It’s a cookbook!!!!!

Valerie Curren

To Serve Man 😉

Barb Meier

Isn’t it occupied?


There will be two types the hardcore and the one who needs the job goes along. We are already living under a soft dictatorship.
The military is being cleansed of anyone who questions. There are always those who are not ideologues but go along for job security and benefits. Hitler had those in his rang and so did DDR. Mosley these are weak people sometimes an ideologue might wake up and counter the evil and pay a big price.


I am always prepared because I believe in the Biblical seven good years and seven bad years. If one looks over a life time one can see it. Seven bad years are easier to handle when one knows there is an end and beginning.

Last edited 2 years ago by singingsoul1
Barb Meier

If phone connections don’t work, sometimes one can still send a text message. Having a planned connection chain to connect family and friends might be useful.

Since I moved to the mountain in the summer of 2008, I have tried to be prepared since there is no one I can ask to help me. After all these years, I do have a few local friends who I could ask for help but I would be reluctant unless it was a ‘house on fire’ thing.

Thanks for focusing on this possibility, Wolf! I will recheck my list and take into account all the great suggestions everyone has offered!


If phone connections don’t work, sometimes one can still send a text message.

^^^ THIS. ^^^

When cell lines are jammed, busy, text messages typically go through.

2008 Tornado Suffolk, VA cell phone service

  • We could NOT call out.
  • Very few calls in worked. BUT ONLY, from out of area.
  • Text did flow pretty well.

No idea IF land line phones worked.

Electricity out for several days.

Gas shut off for over a week.

Valerie Curren

Land lines often still work, even if power is out, but not for a remote phone, which needs power for the “corral”. Our wall phone usually works OK during a power outage…

Barb Meier

I had to sleep on it before replying too. My initial reaction was to tease you about being so ‘positive.’ LOL When I came back, everyone make it go in a positive and valuable direction. I was too tired to think it through last night.


I have to say that the people in the photos living in a vehicle or a shack look cleaner, more sober, better educated, more family-oriented, and more approachable than the drugged-out homeless riff-raff in the San Francisco Bay Area today.


Those photos kind of reminded me of my grandparents packing up their 5 kids and what little they had in a beat-up pickup truck and leaving Oklahoma during the Dust Bowl, working wherever they could along the way, and finally ending up in Oregon. My grandparents were such sweet people, I seldom think about how tough they had to be to get through all they went through in those awful years. I guess we’re going to find out if we have that in us as well.


My maternal grandfather moved across the country six times before the interstate highway system was implemented, some times with kids. My dad drove from Delta, Colorado to California in a Ford Model A. Too often these days, we have become slaves to “our stuff”.


One of things to remember, as well, is that society wasn’t as mercenary then. “I just blew into town with five kids to feed and need to move west” would get something like “I’ve got three days of work to get paid for, and our church can provision you for another day west beyond that.”


I worked for a church here and we had a fund for that. Seriously. Gas and food money for the stranded.


That’s because you live in a civilized place.


I am so blessed. Grateful EVERY day.


Message of hope:

Buy lots and lots of rice and flour and beans and yeast. Then buy sugar and salt, and lots of it.

You can buy one pound packages of yeast and stick them in the freezer. They last a long time.

Put your beans and rice and flour in totes. Keeps the bugs out. They can be stored in closets, if need be.

You can make it through some rough times with those items. The rice and beans can be shared easily. Make up packets to be shared.

All of these items are cheap. Even budget-conscious people can afford to stock up. It can be the difference between standing in food lines for questionable govt handouts, or surviving yourself and helping others.



Totes are a great idea. Storage environment is stable AND the extra packing is solid idea.

Cub-bards and pantry are jammed. We store in hallways and all over the house.

We continue to INCREASE our stocks. BOTH as a readiness issue AND a hedge against inflation. Early Covid stocks increased with the Nov 3 debacle. With BiteMe and his gang actively destroying America, even higher.

Broad based stocking food, household supplies, water, OTC, vitamins and prescription meds.

  • Vitamins stock target two years. May increase based on shelf life.
  • The day I pick up a prescription, I mark the calendar 80 days out to refill the script.
  • Prescription meds are filled as early as possible to INCREASE on-hand prescription meds. 90 day scripts are refilled at 80 days. Increases on-hand med by 10 days. Presently have 9-12months of script meds on-hand.
  • If the dose changes, we keep the old script med.
  • OTC med shelf life expires, generally keep.

Rice stockpile presently at 300 LBS.

  • COSTCO. Same brand we always buy. 50lb sack. Eight months ago $22. One month ago $28. Today $32.

Recently we purchased a vacuum sealer and good supply of ready made bags and rolls to make bags. Also have a nice stock of zip lock bags.

Hawk mark down meat and scoop up good deals when they arise. Ideally we get mark down meat that is factory/plant vacuum sealed. If it is not, we freeze the meat, then vacuum seal the meat. Mark bags date, contents and weight. Good for 1-2 years.

We started stocking durable clothing and shoes/work boots.

Would buy more ammo, but the prices remain obscene AND we stocked up pre-Covid prices.

Tri-fuel generator plus two smaller gas generators. 21 gallons of gas in cans that we rotate every six months. 100lbs charcoal. Propane tanks maintained. Lots of candles. Good quality batteries AA, AAA, D and 9V have ten year shelf life in stable environment.

  • Need to figure out lanterns. Fuel has long shelf life as I recall.

Cash. Some of that stuff we can drop on our toes and feel the hit. No Bitcoin. Don’t understand Bitcoin and don’t care to figure out.

Last edited 2 years ago by kalbokalbs

And 1 more, and it took me surprise. Yesterday morning went to get an oil change, guess what? They had no oil! Moderate size garage that gets oil delivered in bulk and stored in underground tanks. WTH?
Service guy was amazed as I, said it could be January before their shipment comes in. Granted that the oil is a synthetic blend to keep my warranty.comment image


Thank you for that tip.


Thanks for the reminder.

A few months back, when oil appeared poorly stocked at Wally World, I purchased two five gallon jugs of synthetic 5W-20W.

Also, windshield washer fluid. Six, one gallon jugs of -20 washer fluid.

Extra spark plugs for generators.


You are good in prepping. I think my husband has don as much as he is going too.
I horded as much as I could so we have good supply but would go with more dry beans. My husband just cannot imagine that there will be less. I do not blame him he has never lived uncomfortable without his parents provided for him because they did not wanted for him to experience what they did. I am not sure how he will react if the worse happens.
I would also like to buy more pets food for at least a year but have to contend with 3 months.
My husband will not get a generator or stock water or anything else. He thinks I am overreacting and all will be good. Maybe I am overreacting past is a good teacher.

Last edited 2 years ago by singingsoul1

Over react can be a good problem. NOT reacting can be anything from difficult to over come to impossible.

Water wise, maybe consider Life Straw or Family Straw. Available Bass Pro, Sportsman, Cabella’s, Amazon…


Need to look into it. Thank you 🙂


I have a Berkley


I do, too. And I love it.


So do I the good thing is my husband does not have those big boxes of water up the steps. I noticed he still buys bottles not as much. I cannot wean him off the plastic.
I have 5-6 bottles of Lifefactory bottles. I have one next to the bed with Berkey water. I walk around with them all day long and when I go out. Love the water love the glass bottles.


TY. Just ordered mine. Looks great, and what I have been looking for.


You will not be disappointed. The water taste very good. 🙂


I actually got the extra filters, stainless steel spigot (plastic gets really yucky over time) and hand primer. I have not the faintest idea what the hand primer does, but to my unpractical mind, it SOUNDS like something that will be useful.


We also bought extra filters and stainless steel spigot. Works well and have not had problem.
Primer is a thing to flush out the filter I believe . Makes it easier.


Most water pumps don’t do so well when pumping air — and, yet, water systems have many clever ways of causing the pump to be “dry”. Priming systems just put enough water in the pumping part so that it can happily pump water instead of air.


I do not think so. Let him find out when all goes kaput. (Rolling eyes.)


I do not think anyone is prepared here? Maybe my neighbor across the street they have a big extended family and seem to share everything.
I need to go to Lows with him. I know what it is he rather writes papers for publishing or does academic work. To him is one more thing to do what he does not like to do.
Thanks for the tip might come handy 🙂


Not as easy where I live. We see.
How long did it take to get the package from the place we do not name 🙂 2 weeks 3? They seem to keep us informed.


Like the couple of 5 gallon buckets of oil idea 5 gallon  😉 


So glad you posted ^^^. So i can CORRECT.

I purchased two, five QUART jugs of Synthetic 5W-20W motor oil.



A few months back, when oil appeared poorly stocked at Wally World, I purchased two five gallon QUART jugs of synthetic 5W-20W.




I normally skip a pill now and then. Have since the CV began. That plus the times I normally forget to take any has given me 180 day and slowly growing excess in supply. One that might be important not to skip I break in half. 180 of that too.

Last edited 2 years ago by para59r

Good strategy. As you indicate, depending on the med and circumstances.


Just your favorites. Pinto beans, navy beans, kidney beans…


Dried: Navy, great northern, pinto ,red kidney, split green peas for a start.
We always keep an eye out for smoked ham hocks.. some are better than others,
When we find a good source, it’s time to stock the freezer.
A Ham hock and a bag of red beans with some spices on the pot all day over some rice is hard to beat anytime, it will make at least a couple meals, a little of your favorite hot sauce will put you right in Naw’lins
A little Hot sauce on beans really wakes them up.If you have not tried it, you don’t know what you’ve been missing.Just Plain navy bean soup with hot sauce.
jmho, nothing beats the whole smoked ham bone flavor.
We make a large pot at a time, break it down to 3 serving portions and freeze it.
Enjoy it on a cold day.  😃 


Put your beans and rice and flour in totes. Keeps the bugs out. They can be stored in closets, if need be.”

Totes are great for the large bags of rice, smaller bags of dried beans can be packed around them.
The totes can then be stacked vertically,lighter totes to the top starting in the closet corner to conserve space.
I found it handy to tape a piece of paper on the side of the tote, so at a glance I know what is inside.
5 gallon Homer buckets with the sealing ring in the lid work well too.
Spread the ammo out, have some in every room.. ditto with firearms, knives, axes, etc
If you don’t already have one, make sure your knife sharpening stone is serviceable.
Keep your pitchfork sharp !

 😁  😁 


Put your beans and rice and flour in totes. Keeps the bugs out.

By “tote,” do you mean something like a large plastic container that will seal? Or some other kind of container?


TY! These look great for the additional rice and beans I am going to get!


We have mice in the basement. MAN! They can get through a LOT. But these totes look mouse-proof, and the Lowes is very close.


Metal bins that people use for trash should be mouse-proof. Rodents can’t chew into them. They’re not stackable, though.

Last edited 2 years ago by TheseTruths

That’s what I was wondering!




Always a good idea to have some extra 2x4s laying around. Also, plywood, which is great for many things, including window coverings.

The men would know more about that stuff.


Excellent idea. 2 X 4 and sheet of plywood on my stuff to pick up list.

^^^ Nails and or screws go with that.

ALSO. I have several used tarps around that I use for painting . PLUS, two news 16′ X 20′ tarps marked Emergency Use Only.


A reminder of how we are getting screwed? Just turn on the news.


Yup. I keep a full box of self tapping in, increasing sizes. 2″, 2 1/2″, 3″ and 3 1/2″.


The screws that get used most around here for “structures” are, essentially, “deck screws”. They tend to be easy to drive, aggressive in wood, coated for ease of installation, and reasonably resistant to corrosion.

Remembering that a 2×4 is actually 1-1/2 x 3-1/2, and figuring that 3/4″ plywood is within your materials stash as well…..

Putting plywood on the flat side of a 2×4 is 2-1/4 inches, so the best screw is 2″. Putting a flat 2×4 on another flat 2×4 is 3″, so the best screw is 2-1/2″. Putting a flat 2×4 onto an edged 2×4 is 5″, so you’d use a 3-1/2″ — anything larger actually increases your chances of splitting the board. It’s something of an art to getting enough screw threads in your thinnest piece of wood.


Agree with all the great info. Coated deck screws are what I stock. Along with galvanized nails. Amongst other stuff gathered over the years.

In some situations, have resorted to drilling pilot holes, to reduce cracking the wood.

Until SHTF arrives, won’t know the optimal screw or nail to use. Hopefully, SHTF will remain elusive.


That is no joke. I used to pick up all kinds of good pieces at Habitat for Humanity, but they hardly ever have any now.


Aint that the truth!

Deplorable Patriot

Some one of the videos I listened to while on the treadmill yesterday said that 73% of the world is awake now. I don’t know that the number is that high world-wide (it definitely is not in my circles), but that was the point of this entire exercise.


So, we have the Irish Potato Famine, the Spanish Flu, and the Great Depression foisted on us all at once to break the matrix.

The financial crash is the last piece. It’s not pretty, no. But, the people have to wake up and figure out that the system we were stuck in for so long was downright criminal the way it was run. What replaces it is a good question. The “insiders” are pretty much saying all the same thing, but I’ve never quite bought into the idea that’s presented.

It all has to be taken down before it is built back up. That includes the government.


It all has to be taken down before it is built back up. That includes the government.

^^^ THIS. ^^^


I have lots of things going for me, but the one thing I don’t have is much money. And I have a mortgage. However, I have a unique setup that allows for two households to live here, so that helps.

That said, here are my prep-tips for the ones among us who don’t have much, and could honestly end up homeless if it went really bad.

Develop whatever little piece of real estate you have into a food plot. Learn to grow some stuff. Even if it’s just lettuce and tomatoes, it’s food. And it’s healthy, so it will help keep you going if the rest of your diet is beans and rice. Even if all you have is a patio, go for it. And buy seeds. Lots of seeds. Store them properly and they’ll last a long time. One way they could kill us is to cut off the seed supplies.

Most places allow a couple or three chickens in the backyard. And chickens are not really hard to keep. Clap together a little coop from scrap wood. Try a Re-Store for pieces. Or re-purpose an old dog house. Eggs are good solid protein.

Get some oil lamps and lamp oil. If electricity gets too ridiculous, or there are blackouts, you’ll want the light.

Last thing, and this one is a bit extreme (but I’m an extreme kind of gal). Find yourself a camper or RV that you could live in in a pinch. Get an old one and fix it up. Scrounging around for stuff, you can do it cheap. You can enjoy it for summer camp outs if a miracle happens and the shit doesn’t hit the fan. But if it does, and you have to, you could live in it. Stock up on whatever is needed to run it, like propane.

Make a plan for what you would do if you had to “go on the road.” I would have to drive south, because while it can be done, camper living in a Montana winter is brutal. There are people all around me doing it right now, because we have such a housing shortage. So many people fled to here because of the Covidiocy in their states nobody can find a place to live. If you make a plan ahead of time, all you have to do is execute it. Under extreme stress, planning is harder than just doing.


Seeds. Recommended brand or source?

Oil lamps. Another hole I need to fill.

The RV option is solid. Shelter. Place to sleep and eat, as we shift locations. Circumvents the lunacy, IF somehow Covidiot passports take hold.

Short of the Feds and big cities, I don’t see Covidiot passports being enforced, ever.


Moronic Omicron is a dud. Quite real. Just NOT the threat our idiot government TRIED to hype a few weeks ago.

So, what is Evil Global Asshoes planning for us? My GUESS is we have a preview of the Dark Winter.

  • Collapsed economy?
  • Supply chain broken?
  • Fuel shortages.
  • Corrupt healthcare system refusing to treat unvaxed?
  • Increased anarchy. LAWLESS behavior UNCHECKED by “;law enforcement”. Hell, the LA Sheriff said, “Do NOT visit LA”. LA IS UNSAFE. THIS behavior is SPREADING.

I think the “health route” has failed. I don’t think they can use the “scariants” as a tactic, too many people are over it. And I think you are absolutely right about the passports. Not happening. There are too many “sanctuaries” for people to flee to, right here in the good ole USA.

So economy it is. All of it. Supply chain, fuel shortages, food shortages.

Seed sources are important, but MOST important is what to look for. You want HEIRLOOM varieties. These are the seeds you can reliably save the seeds from your crops if you need to.

A few years ago, the big seed companies realized that if you can save the seeds, you won’t need to buy them. So they switched to “ORGANIC” seeds, which means exactly NOTHING. Almost none of the big seed companies carry heirlooms anymore.

So, to buy HEIRLOOM, here are some places I use: (they have veggies, too)


Appreciate the links.




Order early. The seed companies are often sold out of a lot of stock by January.


True story! Good advice.


My seed stash is a tad, shall we say, excessive 🙂

At the end of the season, if I see an heirloom variety on a sale rack, I buy it. And I use the oldest seeds first, and just plant extra to make up for the reduced germination.


Yes. And before it is REALLY expensive. We think it’s bad now….

Barb Meier

On a totally different note… Afghanistan showed us when our own military intentionally failed their exit, wise veterans stood up and did what they could to help others. One problem they had was that while they could get planes, the state dept refused to give them the okay to land in the U.S. or other friendly nations. We have military stationed in many other nations. If this kind of thing happens again, we need to figure out how to work around our own government not just abandoning our own people and those who have helped us, but willfully betraying us. Perhaps veterans groups can sign memorandums of understanding (MOUs) with friendly airports to allow them to land in states of emergency. I thought no airport would deny an emergency landing, but apparently that happened.

Barb Meier

Glaring hole in my preps, is a ham radio set-up.

Thinking I’ll reach out to local ham radio club. Get their advice on a decent ham radio / antenna. Figure out the license thing.

Maybe look at a couple walkie talkies. One mile range affordable. (I think)


While you are looking at radios.. check out the smaller hand held walkie talkie-CB models.The vehicle mounted CB antennae can limit the use,
The portable hand held often comes with weather channel, radio, charging ports etc, and you don’t need to be tied to the vehicle.


Great insights. Thank you!


One is going to posit that what’s coming is a combination of FDR-type Depression plus Hitler/Stalin totalitarian government. This very likely may entail a confiscation of gold / silver / firearms and ammo. Be prepared to inventory and bury in advance.
Don’t forget to provide for any animals that live in the household — including any meds they take.
In terms of “community coming together” — be prepared for some close family and/or some close friends to “show their true colors.” Be OK with moving on from them.
“Loose Lips Sink Ships” in terms of disseminating information about one’s “efforts.”
Have a pocket-sized copy of the Bible.
Having spent summer vacations in an old house in Maine that had NO electricity, yours truly can testify that “LAMP SAFETY” is paramount — especially if there are children and/or animals about (a good-sized dog can run into a table that has a lighted oil lamp on it, or a cat can jump onto that table — can create a really bad scene,)

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Also — at least one battery-operated radio, with lots of extra batteries.
And at least one manual-wind table clock; or at least one battery-operated table clock, with lots of extra batteries.


It IS a big desert out there. 🙂

[…] work, people. Standing in the way of the BIDEN DEPRESSION is an honorable […]


Not that good at practical stuff and am strictly an amateur at prepping, but …

For the past several years I have saved most of my pruning for wood. I have a very small suburban home, but the trees and bushes actually produce a nice amount of wood.

LOL … for the first time in my life I got all the right tools: chainsaw, nice small handsaws, loppers, etc.

For some reason, pruning is one of my favorite pastimes. I realized several years ago that I was throwing out perfectly good pieces of wood.

I had plastic crates, and always saw plastic crates thrown out, and I garbage pick those. So I figured out, I could prune my bushes and trees, saving the branches which could be cut to the size of the crates, and the crates more or less stacked. The wood are like 8 or 10 inch logs about two or three inches in diameter, plus lots of miscellaneous wood of various sizes and shapes,

People also throw out cinder block and pavers. Every year I see these items neatly piled at the side of the road, and if they look any good I will take them home. I try to thank these good people if they are home. I have made beautiful use of them in various ways, but with a mind to create an out door fireplace if ever needed. Even I can do that!

My one car garage is very small, but I had a guy build a loft sort of storage space in the back, higher than the car, and it actually created a LOT of unexpected storage space. And I had him build a small shed. 2K bucks, but he did an excellent job, and again a lot of storage.

I put the crated wood in the shed. My wife thinks I am a nut case, and she may be right. But if we ever need wood for a fire, we are set for a while. I also buy bags of charcoal when they are discounted, which actually does happen occasionally if your keep you eyes open at the end of season.

I just got the Berkeley water purifier at the suggestion of Singingsoul and Aubergine. I have been looking for a water purifier for a couple years, and looked at the Familystraw suggested by Kalbo, which looked very nice. But when I saw the Berkeley, I knew that was exactly what I wanted.

So, water and fire are somewhat covered. And miles to go before I sleep.

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Great info.

Yup. Looked at the Berkeley. VERY nice.

Have not actually used the Life Straw or Family Straw. Rather they are in one of my emergency use totes. SHTF scenario.

Charcoal. End od season good deals as mentioned. Plus around Memorial Day, 4th of July and Labor Day sales.


Some good tips in here. Thanks, gang. Where there is no vision, the people perish… (Prov. 29:18). Not a problem here. So others…

Add Faraday cage(s) -see link. They are for EMP attacks as well as solar events that can ruin your important electronics. Even a microwave oven will help. Use them for other storage until needed.

Highly recommend the tri-fuel generators for obvious reasons. If you use any generator with a transfer switch into your panel remember to ground it. Without a switch and not using house wiring by going with extension cords and such you should be good to go without it. Also, for electronics you may want the clean power of an inverter generator.

Extra water jugs with twist on caps that have been cleaned for storage of water that has been boiled to purify or with Life Straw, Berkley, etc.

We have wheeled mini-fridge that we use in the truck that runs off both 12V DC as well as house current. Will go down to like 4 degrees if desired. Can transfer some food items from our second fridge and shut it down to reduce load on generators or for on the go. Trickle charger and/or regular auto battery charger with battery powered air pump is preferable.

Work out family, friends and neighbor arrangements. Communal living time. Work out communications. Good walkie talkies work well. Have plenty of reading material availalble as well as writing utensils, journals, note/legal pads, etc. You are going to want to record your thoughts and activities if an extended period.

Print out prepping, gardening, etc. info. You may not be able to reference the web or your saved docs for a time. Print list of contacts info. Cell phone may not work.

Cash, coins, guns, ammo, securing property, etc. The scared, dumb and criminal get aggressive at times. But in general, be at peace and know the Lord is with you.


Solid ideas and thoughts.

Gail Combs

A few items to add to the list.

OLIVE OIL &/or VEGGIE OIL!!! = a lot of calories in a minimal space.

from tractor supply, 15 foot cattle panels, T-posts and HEAVY water proof canvas. These can be used to build a quicky shelter. With CLEAR PLASTIC it becomes a green house.. If you use a cattle panel as the two sides and then others bent in a semi-circle as a roof, you can have a much taller shelter.

Taller– These use pallets as the sides:
comment image
comment image
comment image

Valerie Curren

Playing catch up reading after a busy weekend. I’ve been thinking of setting up some type of rain barrel system to collect rain water for free. I wonder if anyone has any experience w/ this or thoughts.

Since this is a late to the party comment I realize that few will see it.

Great Post Wolf, up there w/ your Ivermectin post to get the Pack prepping pronto!

Valerie Curren

Thanks Wolf! Blessings. Glad you are feeling better & have the stamina to keep cranking out your epic & crucially important posts!!!

Gail Combs

Save Water (and Money!) With a DIY Rain Barrel System

Don’t let an abundant natural resource go to waste. Build a rain collection system right in your own backyard with our easy-to-follow instructions.

Rain barrels collect rainwater from your roof by rerouting a section of your gutter’s downpipe into a nearby reservoir. They are fairly simple to install and once you have one set up, the Environmental Protection Agency estimates a single 55-gallon rain barrel can save you up to 1,300 gallons of water during the hot summer months….

If you wanted more water you could use shed roofs.

Valerie Curren

Thanks Gail!!! <3