Conspiracy to Suppress Competing Science – The Case Against Bill & Melinda Gates

I think it is now quite clear that Bill and Melinda Gates need to get the hell out of science and medicine for the good of humanity.

I am going to show you why.

I am not saying that Bill Gates is doing anything new. I am saying that he moved his disastrous “Windows Effect” from information technology – which Gates corrupted and hindered with his inferior product and short-sighted greed – to human health – where Gates is doing the exact same thing, only with more obvious damage to society and individuals.

I’m going to start at the END – with the most recent bit of evidence, which finally compelled me to write this article.

Hat tip apudlo on Gab for reposting this link, leading me to this study.

New Ivermectin Study — Same 70% Reduction in Deaths

Not using Ivermectin killed about 688,000 Americans

Igor Chudov


This isn’t just a 70% reduction in mortality of COVID-19 relative to no treatment. This is 70% reduction relative to treatment with Anthony Fauci’s “gold standard of care”, remdesivir.

Actually – let’s take a bit of a sidebar and then a hypostrophe (return from a parenthetical discussion) on the subject of remdesivir.

Now – as I have said before, and I mean said before repeatedly, and again and again, remdesivir AT BEST does nothing…..



…..but more likely, it’s worse, and remdesivir is killing advanced hospitalized COVID-19 cases by mimicking the damage from advanced COVID-19 itself.

The Murder of Veronica Wolski by Fauci and Gilead’s Zyklon D

There will be justice for Veronica Wolski, because we will DEMAND IT. And until there IS justice, we will drag the CRIMES of Anthony Fauci and Gilead “Pharmaceuticals” and their SLEAZY ASSOCIATES thorough the headlines, over and over, until people SPIT IN THEIR PATH as they walk down the streets. So where do we begin? …

NIH and Gilead Blamecasting Remdesivir Renal Toxicity to an Excipient

Well, they can lock us out of The Q Tree, but they can’t stop the truth from getting out. Enjoy a post first over on The U Tree and now HERE. Here is a quickie in my WAR ON REMDESIVIR. Fellow Treeper barkerjim dropped an interesting document today, from back in July, which showed the …

Hat tip DP…. wait for the remdesivir part…..

This is actually quite analogous to what the “medical establishment” did with mercury back in the day, when calomel and other mercury medicines killed and injured MILLIONS of Americans in the 19th century.

DEAR KAG: 20220304 – The Pub is OPEN / Mercury and Arsenic as the mRNA and Remdesivir of Pre-Fauci America

The Pub is OPEN! We are NOT serving mercurials or arsenicals today – or EVER – but we ARE serving MODERN SUBSTITUTES like penicillin – to the non-allergic, of course. While our beloved REAL bartender takes a needed break of unknown duration, we continue to ENDEAVOR TO PERSEVERE. Christmas Spirit And now, the rules of …

But let’s return to BILL GATES.

Fauci and remdesivir are another story. Bill Gates is all about the vaccines. If Gates is kicking remdesivir under the table, I would not be surprised, but I tend to doubt it, because Gates seems to respect OTHER corrupt players, to some extent.

The point is, this brand new study CONFIRMS what we know from many other studies – that ivermectin really does reduce death from COVID-19 – and that it does so substantially.

Not only THAT, but the “70% reduction” figure has appeared MULTIPLE TIMES before, and is not only confirming in its magnitude, but is also extremely indicting of Bill Gates, as we shall see in a moment.

One “70%” case is cited in the link – a recent Malaysian study – where is appears that the authors deliberately misinterpreted their data, effectively HIDING a 70% reduction in mortality by ivermectin, by claiming the “p” value of the results meant they were insignificant, being only 91% instead of 95% or 99% (basically, the study was too small).

This “capture and kill by underpowering the study” is a NIFTY TRICK, which was also discussed by Steve Kirsch, and which I have covered previously.

DEAR KAG: 20220225 – … Failure of Socialized Science and Peer Review Exposed in a JAMA-Published Ivermectin Study

The big picture, however, is that (1) authors have a variety of means of making a paper produce conclusions that are completely at odds with the data, and (2) they are using such techniques to satisfy their sponsors when the “science” doesn’t give the results hoped for by the sponsors.

Don’t believe me?

It turns out there is ANOTHER 70% reduction ivermectin paper we need to talk about.

And in that case, there is strong evidence that BILL GATES is behind the effective SCIENTIFIC BURYING of the result.

Hat tip to eilert and Sundance for this one.

This is the biggie. This is where Bill Gates showed his true self to the planet.

TIME and PERSISTENCE have narrowed down WHERE and WHEN it was, that ivermectin was blocked from becoming a universal treatment for COVID-19.

This work is mostly due to Tess Lawrie, who was one of the speakers (from England, via internet video) at the Defeat the Mandates rally in Washington, DC.

Sundance at CTH brings us the story HERE.



The article frames a video by Tess Lawrie, which, as Sundance rightly states, is STUNNING. Yes, it is somewhat professionally produced, but speaking as a scientist, this is one of the most insightful and direct explorations of institutional scientific misconduct which has ever been put on the table.


It is shockingly clear from this video that ivermectin was saving OVER 70% – in fact 75% – of hospitalized patients who would have otherwise died. They are talking about tens of thousands of patients DAILY. Using an EXTREMELY safe drug.

This video lays it all out – who was responsible for the corruption of the conclusions of the preprint which blocked ivermectin – a FRONT ORGANIZATION for Bill & Melinda Gates called Unitaid. We don’t know the names of the individuals in Unitaid yet, but it’s very clear that TENS OF THOUSANDS immediately, and ultimately HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS – worldwide even MILLIONS of people died – because of an ABUSE OF SCIENCE.

It’s very simple. Anybody can see what they did there.

“Let them die – we want the money.”

But now, let me tell you something MORE.

There is also evidence that Bill Gates has done EVEN MORE to block “old” drugs for COVID-19.

Begin with “LancetGate” and the “LancetGate Effect“. LancetGate was the first instance, where a FALSE anti-hydroxychloroquine paper – later RETRACTED – literally caused DEATHS that could be seen on a graph, due to panicked withdrawal of HCQ from patients in Switzerland, by a RASH bureaucratic ban on treatment with it.

This is explained in an article I did, covering a SECOND case of the LancetGate effect, where a ban on ivermectin was lifted, resulting in suppression of a wave of the delta variant in Indonesia.

LancetGate Effect 2.0 – Indonesia

The murderous LancetGate Effect is back, and this time it killed thousands before bureaucrats relented and allowed doctors to save patients. [ Hat Tip to barkerjim for alerting me to this Indonesian case. ] Part 1 – LancetGate Effect 1.0 and 1.1 Ah, the memories of LancetGate! That moment when “they” “finally” “proved” that hydroxychloroquine …

I have always suspected that Bill Gates was somehow behind the retracted LancetGate paper, but I’ve never been able to prove it. Part of that suspicion dated back to the very beginning of the COVID pandemic. When Bill Gates, “Mr. Vaxx and Vaxx Alone”, decided that treatments needed study, I knew that THE FIX WAS IN.

FIRESTARTER Bill Gates Downplays Effectiveness of Water on Fire – Says “We Need To Study All Kinds of Liquids and Promote The Best Ones”

Yeah. This fucker can PAY FOR MY RESPIRATOR. Just read this. The guy who funded the UNETHICAL virus research that gave me the fucking shortness of breath….. The guy who promoted a curiously fortuitous corona virus “exer-psy-op” while his CHINESE FRIENDS let loose the ChiCom-19 virus….. The guy who worked with DEMOCRATS to try to …

And then, when LancetGate hit, I suspected Gates.

However, it was only LATER that I stumbled upon ANOTHER instance of Gates’ apparent meddling in the scientific examination of hydroxychloroquine. Discussed HERE:

DEAR KAG: 20211224 – Christmas Eve – The Pub is OPEN / How Bill Gates Took Down Hydroxychloroquine

The Pub is OPEN again! With a blend of humor and seriousness, like any good bar, we celebrate this grand re-opening of WOLF’S PUB on Christmas Eve, December 24, 2021, by actually opening near closing time on Christmas Eve Eve, but what the heck. IT’S ALMOST CHRISTMAS. While our beloved bartender takes a needed break …

This one was actually a bit of a gold mine. Not only did I find that Facebook, Twitter, Gates and Pfizer were all tied behind a study which trashed hydroxychloroquine – there was ANOTHER study in the mix, funded by this gang, which pooh-poohed ivermectin.

These papers did NOT get big play in public – rather, they were used to quietly influence doctors behind the scenes. Gates is CUNNING, and he clearly does NOT want the “crowd” interfering in his delicate, moneyed, subversive operations.

He LEARNED after LancetGate, IMO, to be a bit more stealthy.

I have NOT looked at these two papers since the discovery of the funding. I do believe that when it first came out, I may have read the HCQ paper, if it’s the one I think it is, which was done in Brazil. I remember that at the time, I thought it was problematic for some reason, but I don’t really want to look at it again, because I think it would be better if OTHER scientists looked at these two studies and figured out what’s wrong with them.

Because I will BET MONEY there is something wrong with them. But I would rather just be the one to point out the funding issues, and let others find the science problems independently.

Now – there is one other potential scandal here, which almost nobody is talking about except me, and that has to do with the “suppression” of the fact that simple, normal, drug-store antihistamines have a rather profound effect in preventing death by COVID-19.

You didn’t know that, did you?

The Spanish nursing home study. Never heard of it, unless you follow a few sites like this one, or Jo Nova, or Karl Denninger.

This signal showed up in the literature several times, and NOBODY followed up on it. But in terms of saving lives, simple, over-the-counter antihistamines have been IMPRESSIVE.

All covered here:

The Zyrtec Rebellion

Everybody underestimates Spain. The last letter in “PIGS” is far less of an insult than an error. Years ago, when I was at a conference, and Japanese industrial spies were getting me drunk (it was a great red wine), I decided that I had to give them SOMETHING for their time and effort, if only …


Dear KMAG: 20220103 Joe Biden Didn’t Win ❀ Open Topic / Benadryl Could Have Saved Grandma / The Gatesification of Science

Joe Biden didn’t win. This is our Real President: AND our wonderful REALFLOTUS. Hopefully, this great couple is getting some REST, because they may NEED IT. I am telling y’all – the Trumps may very well be on their way back to the White House in 1-3 years. In fact, the way Obammunism has been …

You see, it’s actually rather ironic, but while we were all distracted by the drama of hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin, nicely seeded by the other side, nobody paid any attention to the massive live-saving signal from drugstore antihistamines.

Something out in the public, that nobody could have stopped us from using. Something that – from THEIR point of view – could not have been allowed to become a public controversy, if they wanted the vaccines approved.

This is why – even though I am totally in favor of HCQ and ivermectin – I think it’s important to look deeper, and see how ALL OF US were fooled. The Spanish nursing home study was DONE treating patients in June of 2020. The results were in. The doctors finished their paper in September, but had already gone to the media 3 weeks into June.

There is no reason we could not have been saving people worldwide with their protocol, other than the likelihood that somebody didn’t want that knowledge to get out. And one of the ways to do that, is to set up a Hegelian conflict where the media sides AGAINST treatments in favor of the vaccines as “the only way”.

EVERYTHING after that is just a story of the FAILURE of human science, with all its “big data” and all its “artificial intelligence”, to FIND THAT SIGNAL, AMPLIFY IT, and START SAVING LIVES.

But that’s not what happened. Using a Hegelian process, we were made to fight over TWO DRUGS that THEY COULD CONTROL – and our minds were steered away from even safer and possibly even more effective common drugs that THEY COULD NOT CONTROL.

Even famotidine (a digestive tract H2 antihistaminic) is a distraction from the obvious truth that respiratory-tract-affecting H1 antihistaminics were found by both the Spanish authors and Dr. Chetty in South Africa to completely eliminate mortality from the inflammatory stage of COVID-19, if administered as soon as hypoxia ensues, or better still, at the first symptoms of the disease.

Well, here’s what I think.

I don’t think this signal was “lost”. I think this signal was covered up when possible, and distracted from when it could not be covered up.

And if you don’t think Bill Gates was somehow involved in that, you have a lot of catching up to do.


Event 201 was designed to give people PRECONCEPTIONS.

Event 201 was designed to make sure people believed certain things – many of which science was about to find were simply UNTRUE. It was also designed to make sure people did NOT believe other things – or think them possible. And, I believe, Event 201 is also why much of the World Health Organization’s early advice was just plain BAD.

THEY were misled TOO.

At this point, I’m not sure how much Bill Gates is responsible for, but I do know this.

I am prepared to question every single word that comes out of his mouth.

He is NOT HERE TO HELP. I am not sure what in the hell he is up to, but he’s not here to help.


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I think it is now quite clear that Bill and Melinda Gates need to get the hell out of science and medicine for the good of humanity. be investigated for and indicted with conspiracy to commit murder.


Edited for specificity…the former being an outcome of the latter.


“Conspiracy to Suppress Competing Science”

Murder for profit. Gates had invested millions in vaccines. Had off-patent Ivermectin been allowed to be shown as effective against COVID, as it is, Gate’s profits would have been substantially reduced if not erased.

At a minimum, naked greed was the motive.

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Be nice IF proof was found the error WAS intentional. Find the email traffic behind creating and funding the study. Bet there is crystal clear dialogue showing fraud.




I want people held accountable! 😡 They literally are getting away with murder.

I don’t want the public to forget the personal inconveniences, the depression, the effect on the children, the elderly living and dying alone, the difficulties of visiting loved ones in hospitals, the denial of life-saving treatments because Fauci or the CDC or the WHO said so and therefore the hospital administration said so, the time lost with friends and in social events that had to be cancelled, the jobs lost, feeling forced to get a vaccine they didn’t want because they need work, feeling forced to get vaxxed in order to continue attending the college they were enrolled in, the economic hardships, and the alteration of life as we knew it. We must never forget, and they need to pay.


Yes for two years crickets no one visited my home. Yesterday my daughter announced she will visit in summer. What has changed  😂 
No one wants to talk about the virus they all behave in my family as if never happen.
This is all so strange. I do not want to forget what CDC and Fauci includes Biden did to us for the past year with the shots and mask and to our young people.
One who else will cowls from under the woodwork.

Last edited 2 years ago by singingsoul1

Nuremberg II for everyone who participated in creating/exploiting this diseases.
These people are truly psychopathic.

In fact Dr. Hill is a relative minor player. (I don’t want to diminish his role in it, however)

This pandemic could have been a minor epidemic and this was known early on.


Hill was the scientific authority that gave the Ivemectin is bad credibility to the psychopaths. That alone is indefensible and that is why his punishement needs to be according to the cause and effect of his deed in the crime.

Last edited 2 years ago by singingsoul1
Deplorable Patriot

comment image

Gates was born into the big club that wants to reduce population.

He hides behind that computer geek style he sports, but never forget he’s just as ambitious and ruthless as the rest of them. If half of the stories about him and the deals made for Microsoft products are true, he’s just as much of a monster as the rest.

And then he ripped off Apple with Windows.

Cuppa Covfefe

Actually Xerox PARC, and, to a large degree Doug Englebart, who not only invented the mouse, but the concept of a windowing system…

Seems like BillyGhoul steals what he can, and kills what he can’t. People, too…


I’m ready for the “…needs to be prosecuted for…” to the “…has been prosecuted for…”.

If government and/or the medical community is sincerely interested in the preservation of human life from a disease, of which human life is the only real capital of value the world possesses, said government will marshal all of its power and knowledge to provide the most cost effective therapeutics they can distribute quickly to accomplish the mission of healing as many people as possible. Meanwhile, they will research and work on other safe therapeutics and methods to curb the spread in the future as well as develop traditional vaccines and other methods of prevention. They understand that with a virus, every single person on earth will eventually be exposed to it and our created bodies were designed to address said virus as well as any variant that subsequently followed with the result subject to each individual health situation.

That did not happen in America.

It took random people and non-brainwashed, ethical medical professionals to even try to do that against all odds and institutionalized opposition. These people and ethical professionals over time have now been proven to be correct. Other nations around the world have followed their real science and won while many other progressive, more advanced societies like ours have not and continue to restrict access to life saving therapeutics.

Which proves it was intentional, institutionalized genocide by the participating nations.

Follow the money and the people who have promoted the methods that cause the genocide. Who are their extended known associates?

When presented with HCQ as an option by PDT, how did the professionals, politicians, and media respond in not only America, but other “advanced” societies in Europe, NZ, Australia, etc.? They responded with lock downs, cultural destruction, financial destruction, reviling those who suggested otherwise and so forth. How did the medical community respond to Ivermectin? Enlist the media hounds to portray it as a horse dewormer. Entire populations psychologically tortured along with specifically stunting the long term growth of children physically and psychologically. Now we know factually that the mRNA “vaccine” is indeed gene therapy and that it does reprogram the DNA. We now know factually, that some of the jab lots were hot and that the excessive spike proteins attack the personal immune system that has been compromised by the jabs themselves. We now know factually that people with co-morbidities are hit worse and that the use of Remdesivir, Fauci’s “gold standard”, combined with a vent in an ICU is a death sentence. We now know that people who have been jabbed are far more likely to die or be injured than those who have not if they contract COVID. Karl projects a minimum of 1 in 30 of the jabbed will die or be severely disabled – soon. His analysis is based on hard data that has slowly been released not only in the US, but around the world. Some of it has only been released under pressure through FOIA requests and lawsuits. I suspect we will see more and more of it coming out over time that will spell the end of Moderna and Pfizer. Honest people, governments and companies do not need to hide the truth by using cronies, attorneys, criminal acts by government agencies, criminal judiciary actions, etc. Honest people and companies are open with their information and want to share it so others may receive the positive impacts. The companies make a profit the right way.

All of it for what? Power, money, and Satanic goals of death and injury to much of mankind. If I and many on here know all of this – how can “normies” not have access to the same information and not come to the same conclusion? Without doing so they are doomed.

As a result I am losing sensitivity to their plight. I have been shaking the dust from my feet too often lately. The day of reckoning is coming and I do not glory in its arrival. I pray more are saved. I pray for confession and repentance by those who led others astray and ridiculed the righteous. It will not relieve them from the discipline they receive for having done so, however, at least their lives will be spared and some souls saved. As in the days of Noah…

Last edited 2 years ago by TradeBait2

I’m ready for the “…needs to be prosecuted for…” to the “…has been prosecuted for…”.

^^^ Hopefully in a state that executes murders. Maybe they can televise the execution, but not pay-per-view.