CCP: The Hidden Tax On Chinese Money That Always Comes Due

I have been warning people about “taking money from China” for a long, long, long time, but I finally realized that this warning is best expressed in exactly the same TEMPTATION that China uses.


Here is the truth, expressed in MONEY.

All. Chinese. Money. Comes with a string attached. A TAX. And that TAX is WHATEVER THE CCP WANTS TO TAKE.

It’s as if there is a TAX on any profits you make in China, and that tax is GREATER – always – than the profits you were promised, more so the lesser profits you will actually GET, if you are LUCKY. You will have to get that tax money from OTHER PEOPLE. By cheating your customers, by losing your reputation, by helping create a Chinese competitor who will use YOUR intellectual property.

SOMEHOW you will pay.

You CANNOT get past this. China doesn’t ASK – it TAKES. And if you refuse, they take something else.

This tax is not something that goes away. It’s not something you can cheat BETTER than the CCP to get a leg up on them.

The ONLY way to WIN is to NOT PLAY.

Take, for example, the CHAMBER OF COMMERCE.

Remember when the CoC was regarded by almost all people as a LEGITIMATE VOICE OF CONCERN whenever they WERE in fact “concerned”? Remember when people worried about what the Chamber of Commerce said, rather than thinking “OK – the Chamber of Chinese Commerce In America is against it – so it’s good – right?”

And I am NOT alone on this any more.

The thing that REALLY clued me into the power of Chinese money to OWN people, was the way that HOLLYWOOD was essentially lost to China.

Who does THAT? Who suckers HOLLYWOOD? Man alive, talk about GIFTED! That is criminal genius!

I have covered Hollywood and the CCP before, and that picture is not pretty.

A short bibliography on Hollywood, caught between the Scylla of China-backed cultural Marxists here in America, and the Charybdis of Chinese CCP-taxed investment money – a WHIRLPOOL of destruction where all bucks flow to CHINA.


I’m going to make a list of four important points about Hollywood – (which was to a large extent ideologically molded by communist RUSSIA, and is now significantly owned by communist CHINA, although being uniquely developed by AMERICAN communists) – and elaborate on those four points for your interest. Remember – this is from the …

Why I Believe That Chinese Communism is Raping Western Symbols And Must Be Punished by Tariffs on Hollywood Investments

It was the MOMENT that I realized that we are dealing with DEGRADATION of Western symbols…. That we are being forced to DEGRADE THEM OURSELVES…. That it is being done using RACIAL REVENGE as a psychological subtext…. And it was ALSO being done using SEXUAL REVENGE as a psychological subtext…. That REVENGE is a form …

Why I Believe That Chinese Communism is Fomenting Civil War in America and Must Be Punished by Tariffs on Hollywood Investments

Perhaps you remember my last column on Chinese Communism’s insidious cultural attack on America through Hollywood. If not, then here it is for your background consideration: Why I Believe That Chinese Communism is Raping Western Symbols And Must Be Punished by Tariffs on Hollywood Investments It was the MOMENT that I realized that we are dealing …

HATE PORN – The Most Evil Weapon in the Arsenal of Hollywood’s Cultural Marxists

Do you remember the movies “Walking Tall” and “Billy Jack”?  Do you also remember the hundreds of “me too” movies…

Ultimately, it sometimes seems like TRUMP is the only person who has a CLUE how to play hardball in a game where the CCP actually plays hardball, but will let everybody else pretend it’s softball all day long.

That is how the CCP’s overwhelming, smiling, lying, SOFT POWER works.

It is VERY instructive to look at all the victims of the CCP, and simply say “maybe I’ll do something other than what they did.”

Hollywood not only cannot contradict China – it can’t even TALK about China, except in approved ways. Worse still, Hollywood has to accept “instruction” from idiotic cultural radicals in America, who are BACKED by China, and who would be CRUSHED in China, but who force Hollywood to contradict AMERICA, insuring Hollywood’s alienation from its core market, until – yeah – who does Hollywood serve?

However, if you REALLY want to see the TAX extracted by China, look no further than CHINA JOE and his weak, pathetic, demoralized, mind-controlled administration.

You’ve seen the news – the DRESSING DOWN that Biden’s State Department nebbish received from China.

Complete Foreign Policy Disaster in Alaska During U.S-China Summit – Secretary Blinken Destroyed by His own Arrogance, Had to Recall Journalists to Hear Talking Points After Initial Public Statements

To say the first major diplomatic summit between the United States and China was an unmitigated mess would be an understatement.  Apparently U.S. Secretary of State Tony Blinken thought it would be of value for the domestic audience if he was to lambast the Beijing delegation in public and on camera.  His efforts were a complete fail as the Chinese knew everything was presented for domestic consumption… so, the Red Dragon threw fire right back onto the purple hair and obviously stunned an unsettled U.S. Secretary.

This is NOTHING. This isn’t even the BEGINNING of the TAX that the Biden administration will pay to China for its little Dominion hoax to make sure that the little Democrats got their little White House.


The Democrats were almost over a barrel with the GOP and Trump.

Now, the Democrats are completely over a barrel – NAKED – with China in control.

To understand where we are at, it’s very helpful to take an hour and enjoy some “Fake Entertainment” from Hollywood, when it was on a “demoralization” kick, and one of the later incarnations of “The Outer Limits” was making a fairly prophetic statement, in a 1996 episode about tyrannical geopolitics dressed up as science fiction, called “The Deprogrammers“.

I warn you – even the demoralization-loving LEFT thinks this episode is depressing. Watch at your own risk.

The Mao Jackets – the sullen workers – the haughty and oppressive aliens living in luxury over the masses – it’s all there except – OH WAIT – yes – COVID-19, or at least the aftermath, even makes a cameo appearance!

There is a line at about 56:00 minutes into the show that is straight out of the China Virus. The word “jollem” is a disparaging term for humans, who are all slaves to the aliens.

“Jollem aren’t allowed to touch anybody! EVER!”

Yeah. That is EXACTLY where we are at. One would almost think the people behind this show had a direct line to the future to plant this stuff.

Or maybe the predictive programming knew exactly what it needed to get us used to – I don’t know – for some weird reason that maybe we discover eventually.

The Outer Limits S02E16 The Deprogrammers from Abraham Hickey on Vimeo.

Now – we don’t HAVE to live like this. We can talk back to it.

Start small. You don’t have to BOMB CHINA yourself.

Come to the aid of the next victim of the COVIDIAN ALIENS.

Yeah. Even Israel. Americans, Israelis, and Chinese.

JOLLEM. We’re all JOLLEM to the CCP.


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In a situation like that one on the plane, all you have to be is FIRST.

Most, maybe ALL of the people will follow you, but NO ONE ever wants to go first.

Just be the first. It’s the right thing to do.


Good job! I have trained myself to withstand the fear of “going first” for a long time. It is literally physically almost painful to go first. We are conditioned not to. I think it is a survival mechanism that we have to overcome.


You know, if the only thing that phrase ever did was keep you on the outside that day, that is enough!


“It is literally physically almost painful to go first.”


I don’t even think of it that way.

If something is ‘wrong’, I’m going — it doesn’t matter if I’m first or if I’m the only one, and nobody follows me… 😂 🤣 😂

In which case, the zombies are on their own 😁

I don’t even like being close enough to the herd that they might follow me… 😂

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China is the biggest polluter on the planet.

The ChiComs are not without vulnerabilities…and this is one of them.

‘The Environment’ is one of those things that Hollywood and the whole Leftist-sphere claims to care about, bigtime.

The ChiComs care about propaganda.
That is why they set out to gain control in Hollywood…which is like propaganda-central.

It’s hard to shame a Leftist.
They have no shame when it comes to lying, cheating or moral depravity.

But pollution?
That’s one of the things they hold dear.

“Though shalt not harm mother Gaia!” …This is a leftist credo.

So I say: Shame on you, Hollywood. You are giving cover to the Biggest Polluter in the world!

And then there a Human Rights.
This is something else that the Leftist-sphere claims to care about.

Well China sucks at that too.
The list of the ChiComs human rights abuses is long.

These are just two things that I think we can fight back with.

Great essay, Wolfie!
 😀  👏 
Spot on!

Brave and Free

I believe there expecting payback sooner rather than later. Joe’s on the way out, Hoe’s on the way in and they know it. Can’t let Zero’s puppet get to comfortable in that position. Zero only cares about Zero and the Muslim countries. So there going for the jugular know to knee cap Zero before he gains full control again.


Or if the [JB] administration wanted to, they could get their payback against Chyna now, then throw [JB] overboard, blame it on him, and start fresh with Skank-ho.

Like DJT using Scaramucci to do some dirty work, and then getting rid of him.

But that would only be, if the [JB] administration (ultimately Hussein) was actually at odds with Chyna.

My understanding is that Hussein is on team Globalist Nazi World Order, which is all the usual billionaire American and Euro assclowns, plus the 11 or 13 ‘families’ (Roths, Pays, etc.), plus Chyna.

And it was also my understanding that Chyna owns [JB], that [JB] is compromised by Chyna, via his own legendary graft and via his son Hunter, the family Bagman.

If so, then any ‘payback’ the [JB] administration does would be purely theater, choreographed and scripted ahead of time by the CCP.


Never hear any crap about Chinamart with their ENDLESS PLASTIC BAGS, or COKE or PEPSI with their plastic and aluminum cans.

Hollywood, what’s happening? Why are you so quiet?

No complaints about China and their mega polluting ways?

Hollywood are a bunch of whores. They speak Chinglish fluently.


I just posted this on Gab:

comment image


𝐂𝐡𝐢𝐧𝐚 𝐢𝐬 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐁𝐢𝐠𝐠𝐞𝐬𝐭 𝐏𝐨𝐥𝐥𝐮𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝐨𝐧 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐩𝐥𝐚𝐧𝐞𝐭.
Why does Hollywood and the entire Leftist-sphere give the ChiComs a pass on this?

comment image


Article complimentary to your topic – esp. point #2 in their article


China has proved over and over that it is ruthless, inhumane, cheats and plays very dirty in trade and quality of its exports:
-low grade steel – dangerously low.
-toxic wall board
-toxic baby food
-toxic dog food
-glass ovenware that explodes
-counterfeit trademarked goods
-counterfeit medicines and medical equipment
-cyber spying
-cyber theft
-deadly drugs – fentanyl, etc.
-pollution of air, water, land
-organ theft/marketing
-development and spread of pathogens – biowarfare
and many more.

And China is extremely aggressive to expand its power, territory, resources, wealth and influence.

Last edited 3 years ago by GA/FL
Brave and Free

That about sums it up nicely in a nutshell GA/FL
China is Asshoe!!


TY, Wolf!

Regarding your most excellent adticle, I believe that Blinken was part of the CCP Takedown Skit.

Those remarks by China were well-prepared, tailored for US citizens (maybe jointlywritten?) and ready to go. Blinken just needed to provide the opening salvo.

I would say he acted his part quite well.


Only my opinion…but I did NOT sleep at a Holiday Inn last night!


Taxes are for subjects, not the sons. – Jesus (paraphrase)
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