Why I Believe That Chinese Communism is Fomenting Civil War in America and Must Be Punished by Tariffs on Hollywood Investments

Perhaps you remember my last column on Chinese Communism’s insidious cultural attack on America through Hollywood.

If not, then here it is for your background consideration:

Why I Believe That Chinese Communism is Raping Western Symbols And Must Be Punished by Tariffs on Hollywood Investments


It was the MOMENT that I realized that we are dealing with DEGRADATION of Western symbols…. That we are being forced to DEGRADE THEM OURSELVES…. That it is being done using RACIAL REVENGE as a psychological subtext…. And it was ALSO being done using SEXUAL REVENGE as a psychological subtext…. That REVENGE is a form …


While I feel that the use of SYMBOLS against us is a very powerful form of degradation, hinting strongly at the origin of the attacks, there are some things coming out of Hollywood that are just SO SICK, and SO OBVIOUSLY designed to FOMENT CIVIL WAR, that there is only one place they could even POSSIBLY be coming from.




Thus, the following exchange today, on the Daily Thread…..

In fact, let me repeat that last part so that the ChiCom web crawlers can pick it up CLEARLY.

August 8, 2019 at 01:20
I refuse to watch. Just the beginning of the trailer is 100% obvious to me.
This is ChiCom civil war propaganda.
I am deadly serious. This is ACTIVE DISINFORMATION.
China needs to be punished for this. BIG-TIME.
Increase Tariff’s by 10% for this movie. I am not kidding. This is exactly what I said earlier about ChiCom investment in Hollywood. They have WEAPONIZED HOLLYWOOD AGAINST US.
We need to have TARIFFS on Chinese investment in Hollywood, and SURTAXES on crap like this.
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Wolf Moon, 8/8/2019

And in case that last part isn’t COMPLETELY CLEAR to Chinese Intelligence….


Now, there is no way I’m going to give you a LINK to this garbage, or anything more ABOUT this crap. Most of all, there is no way I’m going to give you the TOXIC VIDEO ITSELF (which I have not watched, but from which I’ve seen the horrified reactions of multiple normal Americans, as well as their informed comments, like those of our dear Wheatie and Molly).

Oh, do not kid yourselves. THIS is straight out of China. And the icing on this self-cutting shitcake is the fact that the American brainwash DOPES who made it have NO CLUE whatsoever.

I spent YEARS working with dozens of Chinese spies in science and tech, and for the few Americans who actually know how to see into their psychological operations, they are a RICH source of information on how degradation and demoralization of Americans works. Sadly, they are very good at what they do, and it often takes YEARS to figure out their more subtle stuff.

Cunning, it is. VERY cunning. But how does Q put it? Oh, yes.

Future proves past.

I’ve tried to put a finger on when things REALLY went bad in Hollywood, and I think I have figured it out.

It was when Nixon signed that idiot deal with China in 1972. Almost IMMEDIATELY, the nastiest and creepiest YOUTH-ORIENTED “Bad M / R for teens” films began to get easy “lift” past all forms of moral gate-keeping. Hollywood started LOSING all morality and began letting SCHLOCK rise to the top. The rating system fell apart at the theaters, despite the most earnest LIES that it was working.

Of course, there was much more going on, changing youth culture in the 1970s. The ChiComs were not the only actors here – maybe not even big ones, although I suspect that their BLACKMAIL HAND and certain ingenious forms of West Coast MK were already hard at work in Hollywood. Still, national demoralization is a complex web, and everything feeds into it. SIGNALS – even just the acquiescence to “let’s make a lot of money in China” morality – changed how everybody behaved. How everybody THOUGHT.

“AND” logic will serve you well here. MANY things were used to destroy “boomers”. It was not an “either / or” proposition.

One of the most significant forms of schlock in film was “justified ultra-violence” – a kind of drive-in blood porn that saturated Middle America, starting in the early 1970’s. While this was almost certainly the result of SOVIET cultural influence in Hollywood, it was undoubtedly CHINESE MONEY that began to move into the cheap end of Hollywood, pushing the WORST of the WORST. How it got there is probably a VERY interesting story.

If you look at the FIRST and MOST CLASSIC “anti-white, racially justified, let’s kill white rednecks for peace” movie – BILLY JACK (1971) – the concept and production history of which ran from roughly 1967 to 1971 and beyond, you can actually TRACK the preparation of the inflection point.

[SIDEBAR: I was once very shocked when a Chinese demoralization agent, in America in some kind of medical exchange program, launched into a spiel that might as well have come from Billy Jack himself. That should have been a tip right there, but I didn’t realize he was an asset until many years later. Like I said, they’re GOOD, and we were VERY stupid and naive back then.

Most of the preparation for Chinese support of communist memes in Hollywood was actually SOVIET influence. You can easily see the Soviet roots of American ANTIFA in Billy Jack. We know from both HISTORY and VYSOTSKY that there are very similar SOVIET roots in both German ANTIFA and American ANTIFA. Nonetheless, China has always driven a lot of wind into ANTIFA-supporting memes, not all of which they created. However, the ChiComs are very careful how they do it – they are generally much less obvious than Soviet cultural Marxist emigres.]


SO – I’m sure if people look, they will discover a PATTERN to both Soviet CULTURAL investments in Hollywood, and Chinese MONETARY investments in Hollywood.

But for our purposes, I want you to THINK about what is happening in Hollywood’s products that we consume (if we’re not careful).

CHINA can get Hollywood to take a tiny PATCH off an actor’s jacket in a movie because it offends them. A TINY PATCH. A SYMBOL THEY DON’T LIKE.

OH, but Hollywood will create and proudly put forward an entire movie which DEGRADES Americans of ALL KINDS in ways that border on the INSANE.


The Soviets and the ChiComs actually MKed the entire boomer generation, starting in the 1970s, into a kind of amazing self-and-other-disrespect, as teens watching paleo-ANTIFA-porn like Billy Jack, guilt-fests like Bless the Beasts and Children, and ancestral versions of The Hunt like Death Race 2000.

Using that leverage, THOSE “adult children” boomeroids crank out mega-schlock like The Hunt today.

So what are we going to do about it?

Well, I will come back to what I said before.

Allowing ANY investment by China in America’s self-image is stupid as hell.

I think that should be pretty obvious by now, but let’s be honest. It’s gonna take Hollywood a bit longer until they wake up in a drool pool on the floor of China’s fentanyl dungeon, and realize that they are in a whole heap of trouble.

Meanwhile, we at home can prepare the legislation that gives Hollywood the BITCHSLAP of reality that they need, before we get them into a MAGA methadone program.

We need TARIFFS on Chinese investment in ANYTHING that endangers America if sabotaged.


Yeah, think about it. But for starters. Hollywood should be off limits to Chinese money and influence as SOON as possible. Investment tariffs are just the beginning. All KINDS of Chinese influence, interference and SABOTAGE need to be punished SEVERELY with surtaxes and fines.

Raise the rates until the ChiCom money is just a trickle. Maybe less.

Welcome to your future, Hollywood. Your addiction to CHINESE MONOPOLY MONEY stolen from the paychecks of Middle America is about to END. Pretty soon, you may even hold down a REAL JOB.

Face it, Hollywood. Being China’s junkie gunman was only going to get you into REAL trouble. It’s good that you’re getting out now, while you still have a heartbeat. Time to flush your stash and GET A LIFE.

And TRUMP’S AMERICA is here to help get you clean!



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Since our Treasury Secretary, Steve Mnuchin, was a movie producer in his previous life…I would imagine that he might have some insights into this.
He cannot possibly be happy about the Censorship that is going on, as a result of the ChiComs holding the pinkslips on so many studios.
Mnuchin strikes me as a diehard capitalist.
He also sees what the ChiComs are trying to do, worldwide.
Propaganda is a Big Thing to communists.
It helps them to gain power…and it helps them hang onto it.
The ChiComs have invested in Hollywood for it’s propaganda value.


Hollywood likes Chinese money AND their propaganda. They serve the same master – Satan / Devil / Lucifer.
Take the Chinese out and Hollywood will simply continue spewing their filth. The demons are loose in the world, and they are NOT hiding anymore …

Deplorable Patriot

“What if Mnuchin saw this stuff WAY, WAY, WAY before anybody else? He probably never thought he would get the chance to do something about it.”
All along, this has felt like revenge. I wondered why Steve Mnuchin was the choice for Treasury when there were so many others. He didn’t have to give up making a lot more money to do that job. Maybe this is it.


The left’s hyper-interest in labeling their enemies as racist dovetails neatly with the building conflict with China. If Chi-coms have helped foment this, it wouldn’t be surprising. If China, being largely racially homogeneous, can undermine their enemy as racist, (in a highly charged climate) they are already making great headway toward the goal of demoralization of that enemy. That increases the difficulty in building sentiment against China.
China gutted their movers and shakers during their Cultural Revolution. The only survivors were those who went along with the Chi-com program. Part of the program is a decidedly anti west mindset. They are still angry about the way the west opened China to western trade. The anger is easily tracked. Even the most cursory look at Opium Wars tells the tale of English and to a lesser degree French actions in forcibly addicting a populace to weaken them. (Update…think fentanyl…coincidence?)
The racist (heh) Chinese are lumping us in with the Limies and Frogs in seeing us as generational enemies.


Yep. If you aren’t Han you are dirt.


Good idea, Wheatie, Mnuchin would have excellent insight.


Good. He knows where the bodies are buried


China is the Dim’s ally, more especially now that POTUS has escalated the trade war. As I said before, 2020 is for ALL the marbles. The Satanic cabal is slavering at the prospect of 2020. They have marshalled China, Iran, Germany, France, 49% of Britain, 25% of the USA, Mexico, much of South America to co-ordinate a Storm such as the likes one would not want to witness in “peace” time. They are under the impression that it is they who have set this in motion …
PDJT’s clear and purposeful engagement with all these foes in the last 2 years is clearly designed to culminate in “something” in the next 15 months. Times are going to be pretty interesting to see what plans PDJT / Q / US Military have lined up for what they have initiated …
This is clearly what POTUS referred to as the Storm when he referenced “The Calm before the Storm” in mid 2017 …


AND, D-Rats pointing every day at Russia, Russia, Russia…
While D-Rats in bed with China…all corrupt as can be.
President Trump knows this.
Patiently waiting for D-Rats to be exposed as the ChiCom shills they are..
As a wise person commonly says, come out it will;-) I believe it!!!


Yup – Q has given us reason to hope 🙂

Brave and Free

I very rarely go to the movies because 99% of them are total BS full of violence or a total mockery of real life.
Know that you explain how it all works it all makes sense now Wolf.
I don’t know what you’ve done in the past but it sure most have been interesting or frightening. Stay safe my friend!
Once you see it you can’t not see it

Deplorable Patriot

Not all is a total mockery. Every now and then an “Office Space” slips through that is brilliant commentary on what amounts to the slavery situation here. People who don’t work in hells with fluorescent lighting and who are not in management didn’t get it. The rest of us did.


China is already right royally fucked. They been propping up their economy with billions borrowed from hsbc.
See draw and strike. It’s delicious


Gonna make that Barclays Bank thing into a hiccup. No matter how much they paid him it’s pointless. What use is $ if you’re shark shit?


Ehh… would love to see daughn face when she reads it. People will think SHES a witch she’ll be cackling so uncontrollably


I see a direct correlation between political campaign contributions (funding)..AND Hollywood movie funding..
Just as beezal-bubba showed DC politicians how to trade American tech to the Chi-coms for political campaign funding.. Hollywood was introduced to the same Chi-com deep money pockets ..just to stay afloat.
Americans were REJECTING Hollywood productions same as they were REJECTING the DC politicians.
The deep pockets of the newly created Chi-com economy served BOTH interests .
The Chi-coms began making more money than they had ever dreamed , and acquiring ownership of BOTH .
buying cultural and political influence as an investment . smart .


This is why both Hollywood and congress critters are so out of touch with regular Americans…. I often wondered if pols were watching movies and thought “yeah, this makes sense, this is what Christians who live in Hickville (Middle America) flyover country are really like” or if the politicians gave directions to Hollywood… either way, they are both based in greed and power and essentially…. evil.


What if Gitmo has been prepared for a certain E/VSG declaring war on Satan, or rather his chief representative principality i.e. China? I know that this is “out there”, but it does seem to fit …
Gitmo then becomes the place to send all sympathisers of Satan. Hillary number one, for selling military secrets. Hollywood, Satan’s propaganda machine since the 70’s. The Deep State. Etc, etc …
America will never be Socialist – SOTU address …
Ally with Vlad – Russia collusion was based on THIS fear. SECDEF in Mongolia?
Just shooting from the hip here, and hoping I’m wrong, but the Communists will NEVER deal with a FREE country – the VSG most likely knows this …
Satan is running rampant around the globe, because most(?) people think God is dead …
I have it on pretty good authority that we are in the End Times – have “known” since 2003 …


“Some very deep stuff is going on – this is clear.”
Just a question is time spent on computer , iPad and iPhone disconnecting people from God?
Is obsessing with shopping and constend quest for acquiring disconnect us from God?
While I had down time in Shaker Village no Internet I read a book by Henry Nouwen on Solitude
and “believing in the Mercy of God.”
We can reconnecting to God in contemplation in solitude. God has not left God is waiting always waiting it is we who are out.
How can people believe in God when children do not spend time in nature and explore the miracles that nature shows every day. How can we believe in God when we kill the miracle of life?
How can we believe in God when we stuff family in nursing homes and miss the wisdom of age?
I believe in the Mercy of God all we have to do is accept it.
One would think I got much reading in but I read a little contemplate on the reading then write my insights and on and on. It takes a long time for me to finish my books.


E/VSG ??
what does the ‘ E’ stand for ?
typo ??
following you on gitmo


Perhaps Jason is referring to the time that Pres Trump said “extremely stable genius”.
It was back in May, I think.
And many of us used ESG for a while, instead of VSG.


Yup, thanks 🙂


What Wheatie said … 🙂

Sadie Slays

Thanks for the reminder, Wolfmoon. My homework for today was to see how many Chinese connections I could find to this sick film and you read my mind!
“Perfect World Pictures and Universal Pictures have announced the completion of a $500 million slate financing deal running up to five years that will make the Beijing-based maker of films, television programs and online games a major investor in one of Hollywood’s most successful studios.”

Sadie Slays

The produce of “The Hunt” has his own separate deal with China as well:
“Donald Tang’s Tang Media Partnership has struck a feature film collaboration venture with Blumhouse Productions, the company of ace Hollywood producer Jason Blum (“Paranormal Activity,” “Insidious”).”




You dig like a backhoe. You go girl!


Great research, Sadie!
You rock!


I’m glad you’ve got China in your crosshairs and have been informing us on them wolf. The fruits of Soviet infiltrated higher ed are pretty obvious by now with all the lil american socialists running causing problems but people have seemed asleep to what the chicoms have been up to. Commies are so insidious which goes against the nature of western values so a lot of us don’t think like they do.
Notice asians seem to stay out of any racial conflicts, so quiet and unassuming, who would suspect anything from a nerdy little chinkipen? (Can we call them that again?) I know [b]Chyyynna[/b] is salivating at America disarming itself, that’s about all they need to put themselves at the top of the worlds pecking order. Insidious and demonic but very wise and cunning. Yeah, they are our enemy and I’ll echo wolf, fuck them … and the democrats.


And I already forgot how to use bold 🙄 lol.


Use these< to enclose b and /b


Thanks GA/FL, I should have double checked before thinking I knew what I was doing. 😬


I’ll member next time! Maybe (see if italics work…)


YES!. To imagine, I made a few websites a short 15 years ago or, how quickly I’ve forgotten html 😄


Welcome to my world

Cuppa Covfefe

And asians benefit by being a “minority” as well (though in SF and Milpitas, at least, they are the majority, and then some).
I had a Korean colleague who wasn’t bashful about talking politics, and was a bit racist. He said, although the Koreans HATE the Japanese, and that goes back even longer than the atrocities of WWII, they would stand together with them and other asians against the whites without batting an eye.
The ONLY race and culture which is afraid to take care of its own, and stand by its own, is the Western, white culture. And don’t give me any bull about “non-hispanic white”. I’m WHITE (aka Caucasian), and that’s that.
This has been creeping into our culture since the 1950s. Over here in Germany, the SJW snowflake libtard gubmint had a HUGE debate a few years back about “should we call ourselves the ‘Leitkultur’ or is that racist”… In other words, exceptionalism is out, Multi-Kulti is in.
Trouble is, now the people who are “refugees” from the countries they made into $hitholes are hellbent on making Germany and Europe a $hithole too. And therein lies the problem. We aim to be better, and over centuries have done it. We are (usually) more civilized. They, on the other hand, persist in living in the 6th Century, and the Greens and Watermelons will have us financially and resource-wise forced to live in 6th-century (or worse) conditions. They want to destroy our culture as well.
Finally, the RED Chinese government, and the Communist Russian government are Godless and evil, just as the globalists in Brussels and the UN.
We are being presented with the decisin of “will we be wheat or chaff?”. As a former pastor of ours said, “it’s time to either fish or cut bait”. Whom shall ye serve…..


Great reply! I’m so thankful I’m not there or in France or London for that matter. From what we see over here it looks like the invasion has been rapid and successful. Though there are a few areas in the US that are concerning, especially judging by what people in certain areas will elect to Congress 😳. Good to know that the One whom we ultimately serve and put our trust in is in control of the entire universe.


I wish those who legally immigrate do not live in tight ethnic communities but spread out a little. That takes conscious effort and will benefit the next generation. It is always more comforting living in the same cultural environment but for the immigrants to assimilate they need to dare to spread out.
By spreading out there is also not the danger that we get people in congress who do not have the best interest of the whole US at heart and not keep looking back to the country they immigrated from or their parents.




China has been a nation state whilst Europe was still dragging itself out of the dark age and America wasn’t even a twinkle in the Europeans eye. They worship their ancestors, their culture and loath the west ,who they feel ,has usurped their preeminent position on the world stage. (Remind anyone of another culture that feels like the west has stolen their place? Ie Islam). Their hatred is deep, visceral and wise. They know it’s our way or their and the spoils do the victor. The loser goes into the trash can of history


‘Thinking China “will change because they should change because everybody needs to be like us” – that is the embarcation point of every FOOL’S ERRAND.’
viz. “The End of History”, 1989, by the Eternal Sophomore, Francis Fukuyama. That is one essay I knew was BS when it first came out, without ever reading it, just from its title, how much it was hyped, who hyped it, and why.
Unless Fukuyama was part of the psy-op, in which case, I should stop calling him the Eternal Sophomore, and instead call him the Faithful and Subtle Cog in the Globalist Propaganda Machine.,,

Deplorable Patriot

Hollywood, and what comes out of it, is part of the anesthetizing program. It’s part and parcel of keeping us all distracted with minimal human resources. No longer do the people need theaters and orchestras to keep us entertained. No, we have movies and music available in mass production, thus limiting the number of artists, writers, composers, and IDEAS in the art forms.
Are the Chi-Coms doing a slow rollout? Could be. I mean, the demise of John Hughes alone was a blow to real Americana (well, Chicago, anyway) in the movies. Nothing moved in to really fill the void. Franchises got old and tired, just like all the franchises did back in the 30s and 40s (three movies is really the limit). Violence and action took the place of actual well written dialog to hold an audience’s attention. And Jane Austen has never seen so many adaptations – and Bollywood’s was the best one of Pride and Prejudice.
Not having seen all the hunt movies, and not being a fan of horror, I can’t speak to the 1972 date, but there was another turn after the 80s. Too much great stuff that was purely American was produced between 1975 and 1989 to really say they were completely in control, IMO.
As for being set up for civil war, yes, that’s been going on for a while.


I think the 1972 is probably pretty accurate. It comes not very long after the Walter Cronkite false reporting on Vietnam for instance, another key date in media history. It also was not long before the set up job that would become Watergate.


I think even the Chico’s were gobsmacked at how they inverted reality on the Vietnam war in the media and public opinion. They must have thought, fuck, were on a winner here


The symbology is what screwed them. If they’d just slithered back under their rocks and into their swamps while keeping quiet they might have had a chance. BUT they thought they could take down Potus. They though they had their hands on enough levers of power . Hubris. Potus and his team have had their steely gaze on these bastards for years, mapping out their networks and exploring their vulnerabilities. They know every skeleton every vice everything. See Rex’s Trumps praetorian guard in quod verum. By needing that 100 year date they sealed their fate


“It also was not long before the set up job that would become Watergate.”
I bet preplanning and movement of key personnel for Watergate started as soon as Nixon was elected.


It started with LEAKS… hmm where have we heard THAT story…? HMM??


I had a buddy in college who was discovering all the 50s McCarthy history for himself. He told me that he found a list prepared by the Senator’s team of suspected Communist agents in America, and that certain ones were struck off from further investigation because they were too young (still studying in university.) He said one of the struck off ones was none other than that same wavy-haired Strangelovian traitor you mentioned. At the time of the McCarthy hearings, Kissinger apparently was still at Harvard working on his doctorate.
My Mom once told me Kissinger would go off on his own when visiting the Kremlin, which is strictly forbidden. American rules require American officials to stick together there.


What about tariffs on foreign investment in other media – Newspapers and Television?
What about foreign investment in land, particularly for the purpose of controlling waterways, creating ghettos and amassing political power in our cities?


Excellent article, Wolfie.
We remember the Sony buy in during the 1980’s and we were worried about Japanese influence over the music/media.
Movies do strongly influence our culture – and now, because the market for OUR movies is China, Hollywood takes a nod to the big red communist.
When Weinstein’s problems surfaced, we wondered how many good women we lost, how many talented actresses we never given screen time, because they would not “massage” Harvey Weinstein.
How many others were blacklisted because they would not perform similarly fr other Weinsteins?
When the campaign of 2016 geared up (but really, long before ’16), Hollywood politics were strict, hard left. How many conservatives have been lost in Hollywood?
With China, we’re talking about Hollywood content. The chance to get your movie green-lighted…… or not.
Hollywood is definitely not a free place. Can only think in one way, kids/women/men are sexually idolized or abused, and freedom of political ideology no longer exists.
We need to free Hollywood. They’re enslaved.


The VAXXED movie was to play at the Indy film festival.
Someone got to DeNiro and it was pulled at the last minute.
We need to free the creators to freely create!


Easier said than done. They have taken the knee in return for what they desire…fame riches etc. They’ve paid the price, they want to keep it. Hence dezero and all the other hysterical fools


Soviet influence on Hollywood, the news, the recording industry, the world of concert music, etc. was already really bad in WWII, after the Red Decade, and during the interminable administrations of Franklin Roosevelt.
As early as the 30s, they talked about the “homintern”, the hard Left, underground society of homosexual men that dominated, or at least strongly influenced, many aspects of work and career progression in the creative fields in London, New York, and California. And probably elsewhere in Western arts and entertainment.
The name, of course, was a play on “Comintern”, the Soviet propaganda and control operation to maintain control of all Communist parties, above and below ground, in the world, which masqueraded as an international council of Communist organizations.


I wonder why Antifags are nowhere to be found if “Bikers 4 Trump” are present? /s

A Fortiori

Excellent analysis Wolfie.
One of the fascinating things that has occurred in the wake of PDJT’s election is that we have finally begun to consider the effects of the way our enemies use their money. Indeed, if you consider these effects to be acts of war, moving to greatly strengthen the US economy is the equivalent of a military build up. And great cause for optimism.


So true.
Changing the grid to include the malice of bad state actors makes a huge difference in how we feel about the enslavement of our nation. We did not “do it to ourselves” as much as we were coldly and maliciously undermined at EVERY point of strength from morals to intellect to nutrition.


China will soon be embroiled in it’s own civil war.
See: Hong Kong
The entire world is awakening.

A Fortiori

It is not only Hong Kong. China’s lack of arable land means that it can only support so many peasants outside its cities. And it has already increased its population well beyond the ability to feed itself with its own agriculture. Thus, it faces a twofold problem. The only way China can increase the standard of living of the millions and millions of people who live in its cities is through trade. Worse yet, as trade declines, China’s ability to feed its population declines.


This is why the chicoms are, have been setting up supply chains from other countries. Buying up farm land meat processing factories etc. The absolutely NEED the soy beans from the US and Brazil. Their own pigs have been culled because of a disease so they NEED to import. They have greatly degraded their own agricultural lands and even if they instituted best practice modern farming they can’t make up the shortfall. They do , however , has about 5 million men with no chance of marriage due to their skewed birth control over a generation. These are expendable and would fight for the chance at wives from conquered nations.They have a million Muslims in re-educated camps. Even if they awarded all the women to their bachelor army it doesn’t make up the shortfall.


China’s in a quandary with HK. They are a subset of the population that had 100years of British rule. Ergo they are well educated, aware of human rights, very tech savvy. Sure the Chinese could anihilate them easily militarily but how to win the PR war and how to keep the goose laying golden eggs. HK may be a life line to their beleaguered economy. It’s going to be interesting to see how this plays out. Either way is going to cost them face and money.


Bring down Hollywood!!!!!

Sadie Slays

Sort of related, but I strongly recommend reading Neon Revolt’s investigation of Franklin Leonard when you have a moment. The extreme tl;dr is that Franklin Leonard is an extremely influential figure in Hollywood right now in determining what movies and people get the greenlight in Hollywood. Neon found a whole bunch of connections tying this man to IRAN. Yes, IRAN.
Not trying to detract from Chinese influence over Hollywood, but they’re not the only foreign power meddling there.

Sadie Slays

One of the more recent films Blumhouse Productions did was “BlacKKKlansmen.” Another propaganda film.
“BlacKkKlansman, whose August 10 release date is timed to the one-year anniversary of the white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, ends with footage of neo-Nazis marching and the fatal car attack, an elated David Duke and Donald Trump’s “fine people on both sides””
Didn’t realize August 10th was the Charlottesville anniversary. Oof. Expect trouble this weekend.

Sadie Slays

Jason Blumhouse’s wife is a journalist. She used to write for the WSJ, but now writes for Rothschild-owned “The Economist.” Let’s take a look at her WSJ bio:
“Lauren Schuker Blum is a national real estate reporter for The Wall Street Journal.
She has written features about the wave of Chinese buyers in the American real estate market, the rise of federal contracting in Washington D.C. and its impact the city’s real estate boom, and the conversion of churches into homes.”

Sadie Slays

Damon Lindelof wrote “The Hunt.” You might remember him from LOST (Sidenote: Ever wonder why so many time travel movies and shows came out in 2004? I’ve got theories, but that’s not the purview of this thread). Let’s see what else he is up to.
Damon is current writing a TV show based on “Watchmen.” But wait! There’s no more Cold War! How will this fit into 2019?
“White Supremacy Is the Big Bad
Building off of the idea that well-intentioned white people have been in charge for years and years in the Watchmen world, the driving force behind the series is a group of masked white supremacists taking out cops (cops of any race), which might seem antithetical to some viewers, but Lindelof sees this as a way to tackle huge issues facing American in 2019.
“What, in 2019, is the equivalent of the nuclear standoff between the Russians and the United States, and it just felt like it was undeniably race and policing in America,” says Lindelof, adding that the contradiction of the white supremacists working against the police is something that will be explored.”
It’s awfully coincidental that this company keeps producing highly divisive content that frequently portrays conservatives, whites, and President Trump as violent threats.


Anonymous conservative great today. Lots of tie ins to above


Yes. Yes. Yes
CNN is going to lose its airport monopoly.
“In response, a CNN spokeswoman said that its airport network has been ‘a valued brand for over 21 years’ and a ‘reliable source of current news programming…”


Andy ngo on Twitter
Dayton Daily News reports in May the Dayton mass killer came armed w/a rifle (similar to the one he used to kill last weekend) to an #antifa rally of ~600 against nine KKK supporters. He wore black block-style clothing to mask his identity


For the dipshits worried about children ripped away from the Mississipi fiasco.
This is really what happened.

ICE’s primary purpose for being at the locations was ongoing federal criminal investigation, not an immigration enforcement action. (2/2)

……..an ongoing federal criminal investigation……
The plot thickens


Not saying anyone is wrong about China and movie industry far from it.
But I am going to offer a different opinion on this and tell you where IMO this is headed.
Where has everyone gotten the opinion that this movie is bad and against deplorables?
Ans. Writers from Hollywood Reporter. Let that sink in.
So what happened?
Some one produced a low budget, well filmed movie, with fresh faces, using a fairly successful model/motif (rich hunt poor) and brought it into contemporary times. Because the past successful model for the film and low cost this likely did not get much attention until it was ready for release. Now that it is ready for release they (likely your China folk or elites in general), want to pull it back. This leads to reports on the movie coming out of Hollywood telling us its not a good time considering the recent shootings while in the body of the reports they amp up how the deplorables are treated and down play how the deplorables become heros in an effort to cut off support for this movie. They also couple the negative reports on the movie with a more obscure trailer than the one shown here ensuring people do turn away from this movie.
Right now you can turn to a long list of conservative web sites and radio stations that have run with what Hollywood told them about this movie, leaving about 95% of deplorables exposed to this that don’t want this movie to show and many are furious.
Where they got it wrong. It isn’t just the shootings that are going on. It is the actual talk of eradicating conservatives that is happening in real life and these Hollywood types have just used that as an additional excuse to get you to turn away from this movie not realizing how sensitized to that conservatives have become.
Where it gets worse. If this movie does get released it’s going to be one of those sleeper successes spread by word of mouth as people tell each other its actually a pro deplorable, anti elite movie. Meanwhile the antifa types will slink out of theaters having seen how conservatives win the day yet again.
Yes its bad that we get baited into watching violent movies, but it is something many of us do. Right or wrong It is part of our culture.
That Hollywood has lied about its own movie is already causing them trouble.
Should this movie actually show, they will pay the price again.
Lastly there is likely little “satire” in this movie. The word is used to get you to turn from the movie.


Apologies if before, but worth it:
“Heading for civil war”
… Well Worth The Read …


You know it annoyed me that Canada blocks their “cultural” industries, aka propaganda arms…
But they do a better job protecting their media that the U.S. does.
We really should make sure we have appropriate laws, FTC enforcement (NOT FCC), and that they are followed and enforced…

Gail Combs

The Chinese forgot that we farmers FOUGHT Premise ID.
The Chinese forgot that we farmers FOUGHT NAIS.
The Chinese forgot that we farmers FOUGHT CODEX.
The Chinese forgot that we farmers FOUGHT the transfer of LIABILITY from the processing plants TO the small farmer.
The Chinese forgot that we farmers WITNESSED the take over of the US Pork industry that was eventually SOLD TO CHINA!
INFO from that old fight.
Officials of the USDA are now using the term “confused” as the politically correct term for “so well informed I see though your propaganda” After researching NAIS, I have lost all confidence in the USDA. The USDA is no longer interested in protecting American food safety or helping the American farmer. Instead they are busy handing control of American farms over to world agencies
You might wonder if there is really anything to be concerned about, or if instead I am seeing schemes, plots and cover-ups where none exist. Below I’ve listed several of the protocols, agreements and organizations that I’ve looked into. They all purport to have good intentions and to support internationalism, harmonization, and world government over petty local concerns such as the US Constitution. The President, members of Congress, and all Federal employees take an oath to defend the Constitution, not to defend the USDA, or the planet or some slaughter house or large cattle company.
GATT 1994 is the umbrella agreement for trade in goods and covers the basic principles that form the foundation of the multilateral trading system. Its rules continue to apply where not superseded by a more specific WTO Agreement. The OIE is the intergovernmental organization responsible for improving animal health worldwide. It is recognized by the World Trade Organization(WTO)
From the SPS Agreement of the World Trade Organization (WTO)

The Agreement…AIMS TO ENSURE THAT GOVERNMENTS DO NOT USE QUARANTINE AND FOOD SAFETY REQUIREMENTS AS UNJUSTIFIED TRADE BARRIERS… It provides Member countries with a right to implement traceability {NAIS} as an SPS measure.
[This means that NAIS is allowed instead of testing.]

From the OIE Animal Health Code

…minimal conditions a country or region has to fulfill in order to be recognized free from some selected OIE List A diseases” In Foot and Mouth Disease if the USDA slaughters everything in the designated “kill zone” and quarantines the owners, then trade exports can resume in 3 months. If Vaccination is used instead of killing all the animals then exports can resume after 24 months.

Obviously it is in the best interest of the large producers behind NAIS who are closely linked to the USDA and the WTO to decrease testing for disease, since Positive Tests will lead to trade bans. It is also in the interest of large producers to have animals at family farms killed instead of vaccinated so they can resume exporting in 3 months instead of 24 months.
Testimony from Mr. Stan Painter, Chairman, National Joint Council of Food Inspection Locals, .

…when we see violations of FSIS regulations…we are instructed not to write non-compliance reports . Some of my members have been intimidated by agency management in the past when they came forward and tried to enforce agency regulations and policies.

United States Government Accountability Office (GAO) Statement of Lisa Shames, Director Natural Resources and Environment:

In January 2004, GAO reported that incomplete and inconsistent inspection records made it difficult to determine the frequency…of violations,…and that USDA was not using consistent criteria to determine when to suspend [slaughter] plant operations in cases of serious or repeated violations…. USDA’s most recent report said very few infractions were for inhumane treatment, but GAO found that at least one-fourth of the infractions were for ineffective stunning which fails to meet humane standards. GAO…reported that FSIS was not adequately recording instances of noncompliance…..Although the FSIS budget has increased since 1988, staffing levels have declined since 1995, and some districts have experienced high vacancy rates among inspectors, possibly impairing enforcement of HMSA and food safety regulations generally. Meanwhile, the volume of meat and poultry inspected and passed by FSIS has grown, along with the number of pounds of recalled meat and poultry.

The following show examples of the USDA and WTO’s policies of decreased testing and the results of this policies.

The Bush administration on Friday [USA Today 5/9/2008] urged a federal appeals court to stop meat-packers from testing all their animals for mad cow disease, but a skeptical judge questioned whether the government has that authority


The high prevalence of bovine tuberculosis in Mexican cattle was discussed. A multiagency investigation in New York city identified 35 cases of human M. bovis infection. Fresh cheese from Mexico was identified as the likely source of infection” (Winters et al., 2005). In 1995 the USDA tested 10,576 cows in California for Tuberculosis, but in 1999 decreased testing to 1,425…..
.At Santa Teresa, NM, Chihuahuan cattle producers (a private Mexican Organization) operate both sides of the cattle port-of-entry…..And in April 2001, the USDA’s Veterinary Services published an interim rule requiring Mexican feeder steers to originate from herds that had recently been tested for TB [in Mexico]. The USDA then agreed to grant waivers to the whole-herd testing.[meaning USDA would no longer do 100% TB testing at the border]

Now we have TB in Texas, New Mexico, Oklahoma and California and a major outbreak in the wild deer of Michigan. (In Canada A small number of cases of bovine tuberculosis have occurred sporadically in cattle herds occupying land adjacent to a park since 1991, and a bull elk was confirmed positive nearby in 1992.)
USDA inspection of imported food has dropped from an 8% sampling rate to 0.6%.
Most imported food is not inspected at all. FDA data shows you are three times more likely to eat dangerous pesticide residues on imported foods In imported foods the FDA has found illegal pesticides, parasites, diseases, unknown and unapproved drugs, and unsafe color additives,,,, Vibrio, caused by seafood, increased 78% in last 10 years.
After premises ID is in place (stripping fourth and seventh amendment rights) what else does WTO and USDA have planned for American farmers?
In applying the SPS Agreement, the WTO relies heavily on food “standards, guidelines, or recommendations” set by a United Nations affiliated organization called the Codex Alimentarius Commission” The Codex’s draft “Guide to Good Farming Practices” contains so much government red tape that a UK farmer said he spends 60% of his time on paperwork. This is what American farmers can look forward to, as the next step in handing control of American farms over to world agencies. Which, Thanks to Senator Burr (R NC) was done in the Food Safety Modernization Act.
In 2002, the National Institute of Animal Agriculture (NIAA) began the major push for NAIS. You might notice that the majority of the members are agricultural corporations, large livestock companies, and RFID technology companies–the very ones who stand to profit. When I was reading the following reports, I wondered whether the high cost of NAIS, which will be paid by individuals but not large corporate farms, is a move to force small livestock owners out of business.

… automaker Mitsubishi, which also controls the second largest bank in the world, has become one of the world’s largest beef processors, demonstrating the degree to which capital has flocked to the agribusiness sector…. Source: W. Heffernan, “Concentration Of Agricultural Markets,” Unpublished paper, Department of Rural Sociology University of Missouri-Columbia (October, 1997).

….big investors are “hurriedly moving their wealth out of stocks and shares and into farmland…. The [London] Times article suggests that, “Across the world, hedge fund managers, property developers and other investors” are all ready to buy up British farmland. http://www.deepjournal.com/p/7/a/en/1237.html
Barton Briggs, one of Wall Street’s most legendary investment strategists, is advising the rich and powerful to buy up farms and stock them with “seed, fertiliser, canned food. wine, medicine. clothes etc.” (The “etc” would seem to mean guns, to keep away the rest of us…) http://warmwell.blogspot.com/search?updated-min=2008-01-01T00%3A00%3A00%2B01%3A00&updated-max=2009-01-01T00%3A00%3A00%2B01%3A00&max-results=2
Here are some additional interesting links:
Planned eradication procedure: http://www.fao.org/DOCREP/004/Y0660E/Y0660E00.HTM
History of UK 2001 foot & mouth disease: http://www.warmwell.com/footmoutheye.html

Gail Combs

This was suposed to go under Daughn’s article about farmers.

Sadie Slays

More Chinese propaganda via the Obamas!
Hollywood regulars: Obamas ready to debut their first film in late August
“More significantly, the couple is now readying their first release, a documentary titled “American Factory,” which chronicles the culture clash between Chinese and American workers in a U.S. auto glass factory. It is set to debut on Netflix before 139 million subscribers in 190 countries on Aug. 21 and will also be screened in select theaters around the nation.”
Prediction: The Chinese will be portrayed as the “good guys” and the American factory workers edited to look like big bad racist MAGA white men.

[…] Is this retaliation, being taken out on California’s citizens by California Democrats, like Dianne Feinstein,  Nancy Pelosi, and her family members, and many in Hollywood, who have made treasonous deals with the Chinese, behind the backs of the American people? https://wqth.wordpress.com/2019/08/08/why-i-believe-that-chinese-communism-is-fomenting-civil-war-in&#8230; […]