This is actually about establishment of Space COMMAND as a predecessor to Space Force. If the accidental Wolf Moon logo placement on today's post is to be taken as me being 100% behind our VSGPOTUS, you are free to take it that way! Here are some of SpaceCom's first tweets and re-tweets! … Continue reading SPACE COM

Comey Report Released

Please place comments here. We will add report and other news as it streams in. Personal Impressions: After two brief meetings and very little time spent with Donald Trump, Comey describes Trump as "fundamentally dishonest". How could Comey know Trump was dishonest? How is it possible for a FBI Director to be so … Continue reading Comey Report Released

Dear KMAG: 20190829 Open Topic

NOTE: This is the last of the James Coburn HOT AUGUST open thread posts. Enjoy him while you can, ladies. Next month is LIGHT IN SEPTEMBER, in which we do our part to turn this world from DARK TO LIGHT, followed by the month of ROCKTOBER, during which we celebrate our wonderful President, ROCK STAR … Continue reading Dear KMAG: 20190829 Open Topic