Tips on Stopping Hoax Calls

Did you notice that they let people with Q shirts and gear into the same Trump rally where there was a REALLY WEIRD Q post just a couple of hours earlier?  I think there may be a connection.  I know this is a much different (and less catastrophic) interpretation than a lot of them – which is why I think this interpretation may have some legs.  No missiles or submarines involved.
Allow me to elaborate.


You’re having really great TRUMP RALLIES, and SOMEBODY who doesn’t like people who like TRUMP, keeps making BOMB THREATS and HOAX CALLS and saying that some of Trump’s biggest fans, who admire some mysterious group called “Q”, and who just want to be a part of it, are actually bad people who want to blow things up and hurt people.
And then the Fake News media which loves Hillary Clinton supports this crazy accusation with lies about violence, yet at the same time they say the Q thing is all a big “conspiracy theory”.  This, even though many smart people believe that Q is a real person  (or group) in the administration – somebody who knows a lot of things.
Wouldn’t it be great if the hoax calls would just stop?
So how do you stop the hoax calls?
Well, here is how I THINK somebody did it.  I may be wrong – it may be a big coincidence, but just think about it.



Remember the last time political hoax calls were a big problem.
Sure you do.  They helped a CERTAIN PERSON keep control of the Democrat party.  There was a lot of fighting over antisemitism and Islam and “alt-right white nationalists” (who were not responsible, oddly) and “why doesn’t Trump do more”, but in the end it was all about Hillary Clinton maintaining control of the Democrat party through raging communist Tom Perez, and Obama NOT maintaining control of the Democrat party through raging antisemite Keith Ellison.
Communists.  They LOVE to get other smart people to carry their dynamite.
She was careful.  You have to admit.  Very careful.


Remember the last time political hoax phone call problems were solved.
So the guy was an Israeli, and he had a lot of EXPENSIVE SPY EQUIPMENT.  WOW.
Yeah.  We remember.


Other similar crimes were noted in that same time-span, and are interesting.  I am trying to be fair here – I think these were all done by American hands.  No Israelis involved.
Case 1:  Juan Thompson
This guy set off all kinds of communist alarm bells.  Not only was Thompson fired from a leftist paper for FABRICATING STORIES – a common Marxist activity – the crimes he is accused of would benefit the COMMUNIST in the Democratic race – Tom Perez.  There is a STRONG probability that these were HOAX attacks, and used this BLACK SOCIALIST so that if caught, it would look like Ellison did it.
Case 2:  A Drunk
I just think this one was good at hiding his motive.  People want these crimes to go away, and even dumb criminals know better than to admit to ANYTHING racial or antisemitic.
Yeah, he was drunk.  But I think this was not a coincidence.
Case 3: Big Cemetary Vandalism in Philadelphia – Unresolved
This one (100 gravestones toppled) was not just some drunk or vandals.  NO WAY.  I think this was designed to get the political response that it did – including a Vice President visiting to help put gravestones back in place.  I think that THIS was likely done by somebody very much like Juan Thompson – a MARXIST political operative who was helping Hillary and Tom Perez retain control of the Democrat Party.  I will bet black as well, to blame-cast to Keith Ellison.
Remember – I don’t LIKE Keith Ellison.  But I don’t think his people were behind this.  This was HOAXING for POLITICS – a communist specialty.


Find the same players again.
Someday the NSA and the FBI may reveal how they found the same players again.  Surely it was a miracle!
Sorry – I’m just being snarky.  I think that Hillary is willing to use foreign intelligence “ex-player” guns for hire like Hakluyt, Black Cube, and far worse (like this operation) to get jobs done.  I think she did it once.  I think she would do it again.


  • Identify their OLD BOSSES (six letters, starts with an M) PUBLICLY.

This is known as an offer of quid pro quo.
You can just imagine what would happen if the media – which – let’s have a moment of special honesty here – might actually house a few assets of OTHER intelligence agencies in addition to the CIA – got wind of possible release of another BAD LOOK for other intelligence agencies or their respective countries.  All the administration would have to do would be to go to the media with information on the source of the hoax phone calls.
Or, translated into a Q post:
For the visually impaired:

Israeli intelligence – stand down.
Media assets will be removed.

Now this post COULD mean other things.  Many other things.
It was POSTED right before a Trump rally where – MIRACULOUSLY – the Secret Service was able to let Trump supporters wear their “Q” shirts and hats into the venue. So my leading candidate is based on this alleged connection.
But it could be OTHER THINGS, if we interpret “media assets” that “will be removed” to be – say – people that were escorted out, e.g., for misrepresenting who they were.  So if some Israeli intelligence agents were there “under cover”, then I can see that the Secret Service would have to remove them.  That’s just logical.  Nothing personal.
Again – there could be still more explanations.  I’ve explained my two top candidates.


Have a nice, peaceful Trump Rally without making people remove Q gear.
Oh, darn – Twitter hides the Q shirt for SOME REASON!  Well, we don’t have to!
Why, even Q noticed this!
Is there a connection between the two Q posts?  Who knows?  I think there might be.


Enjoy some guy like me figuring it out, because he realizes that ALL our intelligence agencies are having one hell of a time dealing with treacherous “deep state socialist Hillary-supporting factions” right now.  And contractors.  And “exes”.  Yes – it’s a real MESS.
You know what I mean?
Yeah.  You know what I mean.

Or maybe Mossad had an operative in the FAKE NEWS playpen, and they got a bit too sketchy with their comms for the Secret Service to let them keep playing.  Another nice interpretation.  We like that one, too.  Israel is an ally.  But they’re another country.  We always have to remember that.  America First.  That’s my motto.


Admit that it’s complicated.
Yeah.  It’s complicated.


Save the Tweet as an image since there is a lot of weirdness on Twitter right now.


“Look, lady.  Your ID is fake, and the Trump rally starts in 3 hours.  You will kindly get the fuck out and tell your friends to cut the shit with the hoax calls.  Oh.  And tell Michelle Fields I said hi.”

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Hey W, looking at this, what’s your take on the latest on CTH?

Plain Jane

Hopefully we have a few untouchables. If we do, they seem to be too good at masking themselves for us to see. I’m extremely patient. Have to say some of my patience is because of Q.


Patience, a fruit of the Spirit, very much in short supply these days.comment image

Plain Jane

All the times I prayed for His gifts through the years, without full understanding of all the gifts, when I was young, I never thought He would make me practice the gifts of patience and understanding so much. 🙂

Plain Jane

Extremely well put Wolfmoon.


There is one act that can never be wrong: INVITE GOD.
There is one question that is always appropriate: JESUS, WHAT DO YOU WANT ME TO KNOW ABOUT ?


Hey there Wolfie. So, I am off topic as I wondered about your bandwidth issues and if you’ve been seeing attempts with kits appearing on yer puter.
Have you? I caught the “root” of most of mine, coming out of virgin ia.
Will check back.


I’m used to the issues, have had them since 2007. Still have two sits just “sitting” that I no longer post on, but others do so I feel like I’m still working them. Can’t even remember my own pws tho. lmao
Anyway, glad I stopped by, I’ll be participating when I’m not busy negating the negatives. 😀


Damn WP.
two SITES.

Brave and Free

I was thinking along those same lines, seems like two views are emerging. Ultimately I believe they may converge into the same place in the end. Hopefully with the DC swamp in tatters.

Brave and Free

Just was over to CTH reading your post. I definitely will let that sink in and digest for a while! Thanks!


Great post, Wolfie!
So many false flag operations going on these days…and these hoax calls fall into that category, don’t they.
This so-called ‘protest’ that has been going on in DC against Kavanaugh is a big false flag op too.
They’re using paid, trained foot soldiers to masquerade as ‘protestors’.
Those are political mercs. Politi-mercs.
They bullied the Pro-Kavanaugh demonstrators so bad…that they stayed away yesterday.
That crosses the line into domestic terrorism, if you ask me.
I wish those Dark Left operations would be exposed for all to see.
Laid bare, including the people at the top.
About Mossad…
I always thought those guys were our allies.
But I guess not, huh?
There were some episodes of that NCIS show about the duplicitous nature of the Mossad.
When I watched those…I just figured it was CBS’s way of making the Israelis look bad.
But I guess that was art imitating life.
I’m glad you zeroed in on that Q-post about “Israeli intelligence — stand down”.
I saw that and went ‘Woah‘.
Sounds like the Q-team has ID’d some of them in the media.
This is just the best movie, ever.
God Bless our VSG President and keep him safe.


They HAVE to be Israel first… imagine living there.
So, here I am after debate. lol
Awaiting moderation, with some of my absolute faves here also.
You sent me. 😀


That’s no problem!


Hi there wheatie! Awesome to see you here, hope you see this reply… because you rawk!


Aww…thank you, THC.
It’s great to see you here too!
So glad you’ve found Wolf’s hideout that he created for us Q-readers.
I look forward to your input.


Thanks wheatie! 😉


Since Sundance’s article on the Swamp was mentioned here. A new prophetic word on Elijah List in last couple of weeks talks about God’s timing on dealing with the Swamp.
There is a lot more in this prophetic word, and I strongly recommend reading, processing, and praying over this one at least up until the new congress is in place next year.
“The Lords says,
“Be diligent watchmen.
Be disciplined in fasting and prayer.
Be humble, slow to speak, slow to anger.
Listen to Me, don’t worry so much about draining the swamp
as you are about restructuring over the swamp.
For I will put pillars in their place.
I build over the swamp,
so the swamp cannot touch those
who walk on My pillars and My structures.

For the swamp has its appointed day and appointed time,
and it is not yet time for it to be removed.
For I have My time and you have your time.
For I always build over the top of anything
that resists Me when you surrender to Me.
“Times will be tough, and battles will rage.
Don’t ask Me to remove pressure from My herdsmen,
for they are those who will bring the lost to My house,” says the Lord.
“Build your houses upon the Rock.
Build your houses high and lifted up,
and I will exalt you in due season.
Remember that your alignment is not on this earth,
but from above.
Trust Me.
Remember, I created the flames as well as the furnace.
I use darkness and light.

Plain Jane

Wow, think x 3,
That clicked with me. TY. Will check out the site.

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