Back In My Day: Arkansas – Follow the Money

This part of Goober Gump’s adventures will finish the story of my college friend before divulging the money players of the Arkansas mafia back in my day, whose descendants have continued the “family” businesses. I will expand the parallels and comparisons in the part that follows this one. Don’t think that ole Goober is just focused on himself, read on and be rewarded with knowledge.

From the NFL to the Pulpit

I will first focus on my college friend referenced in the last part. Jerry Muckensturm (Muck) is his name. Long before he and several other football players of our school’s team joined our fraternity, I admired the way they played the game. My first love in playing team sports was football, however, I did not have the size to play at a D1 level (now FBS D-1) at what I excelled at in high school. So I stayed with the baseball/academic scholarship and admired the play of the football program at Arkansas State.

Muck had a reckless abandon and would just nail ball carriers. His senior year was exceptional. He led the defense and conference in stats while the offense was led by a tiny, quick QB in the triple option who had played safety his first three years at our school. The brief linked story explains the rest.

It might have been partially Goober Gump’s fault Muck missed the phone call from the Bears on draft day. It was the spring, graduating soon, there was this party at Goober’s apartment…

However, Muck was not the only high quality player on the team. Something happened in those years with that second fiddle university in a state that whole heartedly supported the larger university and Razorback program. It recruited a big school roster that was the envy of smaller programs around the country. The coaching staff led by Bill “Bull’ Davidson was top notch. Over the four years I was there something special was built. From 1974-1976 the program had 15 NFL draft choices. That was unheard of for a school of that size and standing. Follow the money…maybe?

It even included the longest field goal kicked in collegiate history to that point during my junior year at 63 yards. Joe Duren was the kicker and he did it old school, not soccer style, albeit wind aided that day. He also kicked a 56 yard game winner as time ran out in the same game against McNeese State. His achievement was publicized nationwide and later earned him a tryout in the NFL. Goober Gump just managed to be places when stuff happened.

Another frat friend, Ken Jones was drafted even higher than Muck in the second round that year. He went on to play in the NFL for 11 seasons with Buffalo and the NY Jets along with Steve Burks, who was a receiver with the NE Patriots for 3 seasons. Defensive back Roy Painter went on to play with Edmonton in the Canadian Football League for a season before heading back home Arkansas to the farm to get out of the cold. He, Muck and several others are in the Arkansas Sports Hall of Fame. Another star on the team, Leroy Harris, played fullback with Miami and Philadelphia for 5 seasons.

It was pure joy to watch these guys and others I ran with playing in the NFL. For what it’s worth, football players generally make crappy racquetball players. They think they can knock the walls down and run head long into them chasing that little ball. Never lost one game to any of them. Which drove them crazy. 😂

But the thing that matters most to me is that Muck found grace in the arms of Jesus and responded to his calling to teach The Word of God. He has made far more of an impact on the world with what matters most with that than any of his exploits on a football field.

Back to Business

Enough with the glory years. The point has been made that money made it all happen. It helped many student athletes like me who could not afford college. It also helped the university add more accomplished students and create a higher profile through athletics. Most of all it helped the big dog employers in the state who had a larger stable from which to choose employees.

Time for the meat. Let’s follow the money of the Arkansas Mafia. If you want to know who is in just one cluster of the NWO Big Club, look no farther than the membership roll of Augusta National Golf Club, the home of the annual world renowned Masters Golf Tournament. The task is to gather all the member names from this somewhat secretive bunch. Then you simply tie the known associates, businesses, political affiliations and so on to those names. Which leads to more clubs, secret societies, politicians, financial/business connections and such.

Would it surprise you to know that Bill Gates and Warren Buffet are members? Of course the NFL would have their crony commissioner there, Roger Goodell, along with Rob Manfred of MLB. CEOs of international corporations litter the rolls along with Condoleeza Rice and famous athletes.

In summary, you’ve got to be a big dog at something and get an invite to this exclusive 300 member club. Before that invite comes, trusted members have to approve it. Sort of interesting that Trump has not been a member, isn’t it? He loves and plays the game well, is active with professionals that play it, and owns beautiful world class courses. He obviously has the money and contacts. But the PGA has even gone to the point of ruling out tournaments at his courses.

Yet, other prominent Dem and GOP supporters are all in there.

Do we think that might be a clue? We all know PDT would never have kept quiet about his membership if he was in it. But he rocks the Establishment boat a bit too much.

Then there was Bloomberg’s infamous list of 118 members out of the 300 total that leaked out that they pieced together in 2015.

The club has always been secretive and exclusionary that way since the great Bobby Jones founded it in the early 1930’s.

There is a Chairman elected from the membership who leads club affairs and is also assigned to handle the annual Masters Tournament, which is what brings the high profile to the club internationally. The links below list past Chairmen with brief backgrounds.

My “Follow the Money” story features one of those seven Chairmen, Jackson “Jack” Thomas Stephens. Buckle up.

Back to the Bank

It was the spring of 1977 and by now, Mike and I had pretty well figured out that we were minions in the middle of the Arkansas mafia. One day, Paul, Slick’s college roommate and on-going confidant, asked me to jump in his car with him to go to the airport as he was flying out with some folks. He wanted to make introductions and then I would drive his car back to the bank as he was going to be gone for awhile to lobby in DC. When we arrived we walked to a waiting Falcon jet. Inside were Jackson “Jack” Stephens and his lady friend who became his wife several years later, Mary Anne Hurst (maiden) Keller Smith Stephens. It was a brief introduction with Paul explaining who I was and what I handled for the bank. There were several others from Jack’s investment company, Stephens, Inc. already on board. Having completed my duty, I headed back to the car. However, it was not the last time I would see Jack and Mary Anne.

Jack Stephens had an older brother named Witt Stephens, who was very well known in the state and nationally as a wealthy king maker. He was the founder of the largest off-Wall Street private equity firm in the nation in the run up and including the Clinton POTUS years. He also had ownership in many other large business holdings including fossil fuels, which is where the big money was made. Witt and his family’s story is interesting. The following is a really good business history type primer that is easy to follow from the current company website. There are also other more personal stories about Witt available from numerous other sources. They include stories about his belt buckle, Bible, and highway bond selling days. Go to the History to learn more.

Paul and the bank’s close association with the Stephens brothers tied it all together. Do you see any interesting names of corporations you know in the company history?

Remember my previous discussion that my bank employer (Union National) was later sold to the largest bank in the state, Worthen, and then Worthen sold to Boatman’s and Boatman’s sold to NationsBank and NationsBank merged with Bank of America as the dominant owner while taking the name of Bank of America? Guess what family’s investment company held ownership through all those mergers? Yup. The rich got mega richer. Their holdings in the banking empire was only one of many investments.

Their business interests also led to Riady and Indonesia as well as to the Middle East and the House of Saud. Which gives their descendants inroads into all globalism worldwide even today. Yes, that is The Riady related to Slick’s escapades.

If it wasn’t so sick and obvious it would be funny as you watch these slime balls pretend to be honest and sincere human beings. Please note the Riady connection to the PRC.

As a side note, guess who worked for Union National and found himself later working for NationsBank after my bank employer at the time sold out to them after the completion of the Pilot financing? Yup, this guy. Who then left a year later to begin my small business banking career. It’s just one big circle of strange for Goober Gump.

There are many internationally sourced investors involved when it comes to private equity placements of large transactions. There is less regulatory oversight (as if that even matters today) when private funds are used to make investments into and by companies that generate revenues from a multitude of sources including private business, domestic and foreign business and governmental related contracts, military industrial complex contracts, etc. Many more ways to launder the cash. So, an Indonesian source originating funding for NWO cabal and Clinton political objectives would be a great big nothing to accomplish, especially since the Indonesian sources were connected worldwide all the way to China. The one mistake you do not make as an investment money manager in these situations is to lose the client’s investment. That would be a very bad thing for remaining alive.

Again, we will stay focused on Jack’s side of things; although the succeeding business, politics, etc. interests of Witt’s children will lead in a direction of their own. Can your stomach stand for you to see more of the financial network that propelled the coke snorting womanizer from Hope, AR into the highest elected office in America? Then read this unauthorized account of Jack’s involvements that does not appear in the cleaned versions one finds on the web. When I add my observations to them, well, it just is what it is.

For the record, he did not switch to support Clinton for POTUS as he had always supported Clinton in his governor races while supporting Reagan and HW in their POTUS terms. Jack Stephens always placed his bet on the person and not the party because of his own membership in the uniparty. Notice some of his reported business “activities” and “connections”? CIA, cartels, NSA, Hong Kong, Macao, gambling, illegal drugs, etc. all on the list; that can also be found on the list of other business leaders and politicians worldwide. By just connecting Riady to him you know the linked report is largely true.

Would it help explain things even more if I mentioned that Cankles, Webster (Hubbell) and Vince (Foster) were employed by Jack during some of those family business development years through the Rose Law Firm where they worked? While I worked down the street for a bank that was in the middle of all that mess for a couple of years and later, when I made business trips to the capital in my future management role. Again, a supposed staunch GOPer using a Democrat owned and operated law firm.

More information provided in the following.

There always seems to be another hidden side of things with the NWO types. Taking them at face value and to not dig deeper is a mistake.

The foundational software the NSA used to track the most sophisticated banking system in the world at that time was owned by Witt and Jack Stephens’ company, Systematics. It was later sold in 1990 to Alltel (remember that company name from the aforementioned Stephens company website) who later sold the “Information Services” (software systems) in 2003 (before Jack’s death) to Fidelity National Financial. Alltel was in the telecom industry and held an early wireless phone (cell/mobile) company that was sold off in pieces to Verizon and AT&T.

So what does that tell us about Fidelity National?

With Systematics…

So the largest title company in North America, which knows every real estate property, owns a one time banking operations software company that provided the NSA access that now claims to focus on Sales, Accounting and Performance Analysis. What could possibly go wrong?

That is what we were facing then and even more so now. Does it help you understand whatever fraud is next to be sprung and sold to the American public? It is a system with a methodology they follow to the grave, which is perpetuated by the generations that follow. Belief that America has political parties who oppose each other is a fantasy. It is all a projected image. The majority are playing parts and are on the same team while simply posing to influence voters in their districts/states. You can tell by the bills that receive an element of bipartisan support with the opposing side rotating supporters subject to each bills appeal to their constituencies.

All of which becomes less important the more they can build the walls around the vote cheating mechanism – that both sides use. Oh Dominion, wherefore art thou? Alas, in red states as well as blue. However, that mechanism is just one of several utilized. We will discuss another that has been used for decades in the next part. We all are seeing the ballot harvesting in states that intend to cheat with both political parties knowing it.

Has the GOP leadership or Establishment politicians protested the illegal ballot harvesting we have seen in 2020 and currently in 2022? Nope. Uniparty.

The only things standing in their way are Donald Trump and We the People.

For an example, officially, brother Witt Stephens was a Democrat and Jack Stephens was GOP. The cleaned public press releases and media stories state Jack and wife, Mary Anne, were tireless supporters of Reagan and HW. The revered Reagan did not necessarily bow down to Dem demands. But he could be influenced into supporting some by Establishment, RINOs and Neocons. HW was the fox in the henhouse all along. All former CIA officials are as we have learned through the years. Jack knew all of that because he and Witt were in The Big Club.

How did you feel about it when you learned from the links that Jack and Jimmy Carter were close buddies going back to the Naval Academy? How about the large hunting lodge Jack owned in Jimmy’s native south Georgia? Or that Jack was a member of Augusta National in Georgia since 1962 knowing that major Democrat and RINO GOP supporters have always been in that club? How does that square with Jack handling the initial public capital offering (IPO) and being on the Board of Walmart for 15 years with its founder, Sam Walton? The same retail legend, Sam Walton, who along with his family members were/are Clinton as well as GOP Establishment, RINO and Dem supporters? All of it happening while having token HR John Paul Hammerschmidt, representing their district, working for their interests inside the GOP back in those days. The connections are mind boggling. Uniparty all the way, which continues today.

Truth is all uniparty participants play parts in the Big Club even if they are not full members. Jack’s sons and grandkids are doing it the same way today. They just have less media profile. The following news article from 1993 is quite revealing

This more recent one breaks each primary family member down.

What do you think of their claim that Jack, Jr. was a strong conservative with Tea Party connections while supporting Jim DeMint, Marco Rubio, and Sharron Angle? Ridiculous. However, that is how it is done. Build a story based on creating images, assumptions and misdirection; then claim it as factual repeatedly in the media until the general public accepts it.

All while brother Warren is openly playing with GOP Team Establishment. You may have noticed in the Bloomberg article that he took over his deceased father’s membership in Augusta National. Imagine that. The sons were admitted into The Big Club or Warren would not be in Augusta National membership.

The sons are both establishment globalists who lean GOP when it is in their best interests, yet, work with Dems with ease to win in other ways. That’s how it works in The Big Club.

Marriage and Divorce

So what happened to Mary Anne? She became Mary Anne Stephens in 1981. Mary Anne had burned through two marriages to average Joes by her late 20’s. After the second one, she got involved in politics and started meeting powerful men. Along the way and about the time I was in Little Rock, she began hooking up with Jack Stephens, who was over 20 years her senior, closer to his sons’ ages. One thing you will not observe is any public connection or acknowledgement in the media of Jack’s first wife, Mary Goodman Amerine Stephens, the mother of his two sons. It is as if she never existed in most press accounts. But divorce her he did in 1971. She took custody of the sons and moved to Alabama for ten years before returning to Little Rock. She never remarried and passed away five years after Jack. She was well taken care of financially by Jack. The local word was she was not all that torn up over divorcing him as they lived separate lives anyway.

Mary Anne married Jack in 1981. She was younger, attractive and useful to him working the societies and with the Reagan and HW campaigns as well as POTUS administrations.

We had moved back to my ex’s family roots in late 1977, where I took a job with a predecessor company to Arkansas Power & Light that would lead to a business office management position a year later. One day about a year before Jack and Mary Anne married, I saw them again in a small town not far from The Rat Ranch. They had flown into a nearby airport for Mary Anne to visit with family (IIRC a grandmother of her or her ex), which was in the same small town of some of my ex’s extended family. My ex’s family were invited to come by and see them. According to my ex’s family members, said family Mary Anne was visiting was allegedly raising her kids from her last average Joe marriage. Oops. We cordially talked after I became reacquainted as it turned out my ex’s parents knew them. So, my wealthy Democrat supporting ex’s family knew the supposed staunch GOP Stephens power couple, with both Jack and my ex-FIL knowing Jimmy Carter well and openly supporting Slick’s rise to power. It was not a surprise when I learned my ex-BIL went hunting at a lodge in south GA not long after that.

I received yet another wake up call.

The link below provides more info about their ten year marriage that ended in 1991. Seems they got sideways over politics and society life, with Mary Anne being the high profile player politically. With the divorce, gold digger Mary Anne received the couple’s Indian River, Florida mansion, which she sold recently for $12 million. She also received alimony of $1 million a year for life with no regard to her future marital status and continues being paid from family trust assets for the remainder of her life.

Jack wanted her gone from his life as he was the one who filed and did not remarry. She was just too much to handle with her need to be in the news and high profile politics. He liked to work and pull strings in the shadows. The divorce was finalized the year he was named Chairman of Augusta National. Over the ensuing years I would see Jack with Jim Nantz at the mic on TV in Butler Cabin awarding the green jacket to the winners of each Masters Tournament. Yes, it was surreal and would take me back to a time I wanted to forget.

Within two years of the divorce, Mary Anne remarried. You’ve probably heard of the fella she married – Don Shula. Yeah, the same guy who played in the NFL and then became a Hall of Fame head football coach for the Baltimore Colts and Miami Dolphins. The later being the only team in NFL history to have an undefeated season. Another high profile, society marriage for Mary Anne to a man 15 years her senior. It does appear they were very happy together in a marriage that lasted about 27 years. Fourth time was a charm for her. She could stay high profile and Don did not care since his primary income came from speaking fees. Some history below.

Don passed away in 2020 at 90 years old. Mary Anne sold her home afterwards.


The story about the Arkansas mafia during my day could go many directions from here. I have handed you, the reader, a major key to what we have seen play out on the national stage in politics and some related business endeavors leading up to Obama. There has been enough presented for digging purposes if you choose to jump into some rabbit holes. Simply go backward and forward from Witt and Jack Stephens. You will find Rockefellers and other cabal elites from around the world. The Stephens brothers and many of their noted contemporaries have passed away. However, their family members are still involved in the wealth building along with related international connections that developed over time.

Oftentimes I write my stories in generalities. I no longer have much interest in digging deeper into what I already know from past personal observations or involvement. It is all so horribly corrupt, criminal, and murderous. You don’t have to take my word for it. You can take what I write and run with it, see for yourselves where it leads. You will see the names, places, and events that will tie to what I offer you now and a whole lot more.

The masses never much believe what we “conspiracy theorists” say anyway. They would rather cover their ears and pretend all is well as good sheeple do. However, God cares. He knows all of it before it even happens because He knows what is in our minds and hearts. Which is what has been missing with so many of the people I have described in the Arkansas stories and will continue to describe in other Goober Gump adventures that follow. It is a lack of connection to their Maker that could provide a moral compass. In reality they rarely came across a line they did not cross if it would put money in their pockets or add power. They would just act on it without a second thought.

So, if you want to know what or who has kept Slick, Cankles and their cronies out of prison or worse, look no farther. In all deference to Q, they are still playing the game. They are intertwined with all of the connections in this story. They, their cronies, handlers and puppet masters know stuff about each other while playing their parts in all of it. Violating the confidences results in bad things happening to the revealer and/or their loved ones and associates. Which is why nearly all of them go to the grave with it. Arkanciding and being Epsteined are real things, plus a whole lot more.

The next part in this series will tie up some loose ends and provide some more interesting connections of prominent people. I will address a real world experience of voting in elections without being registered or actually physically voting. Still happening today as you know. Then we will dive into a few real reasons for the War Between the States, the Civil War, the War of Northern Aggression, or whatever your favorite term is for that untidy event. Were you aware the war is still being fought?

However, for now let’s go back in time to a song that still says it all.

Until next time be blessed, wear the Belt of Truth, and always, always Follow the Money.

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comment image

money….the mother’s milk of politricks


very interesting subject you’ve posted, BTW.

a lot to digest there !


it’s all so deeply enmeshed, been slowly building for a very long time behind the scenes, and now is entrenched.

it is pure evil, conspiratorial, deceptive, calculated & intentional.

psychopathic, sadistic & machiavellian

and, Ultimately, it will lose.

thank GOD.

it’s important for people like you to be able to expose it for what it is, from experience.

we all have a role to play, in GOD’s Plan, especially at a time like this.

carry on…


Cannot resist commenting on a trivial detail of your fascinating post.

Buffalo Bills fans have always loved the “real” guys on the team, whether they are HOF, all pro, or just a reliable player. The important thing is whether the guy is playing because he loves to play. A guy who gives his all.

So, for example, Thurman Thomas is one of those guys, despite being HOF. But so too is Fred Jackson – – another running back who is beloved – – but who is not HOF.

Ken Jones was one of those guys. We loved him.

Now, the guys who are loved will often make Buffalo their home. No place else will they get such constant love.

Apparently after Jones spent his last year with the Jets, he came back to coach high school football in Niagara Falls (just up the road), and seems to live there still.

BTW, completely off topic (sorry), Ryan Fitzpatrick may be the most beloved Bills QB ever, maybe moreso than Jim Kelly.

Keep the details coming, TB2, they are intriguing!


What a great memory!

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

Say, do you mind if I tweet about this, now that I’m back on Twitter? It would bring this fascinating article some wider attention from both sports fans and observers of Arkansas politics. There are both pluses and minuses to that attention, but I’m thinking mostly the former at this point.

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

No problem!