TRUMP 2024!

Well, I hope I’m not stepping on any toes by putting up this thread, but today is, we hope, the BIG DAY! Trump teased us by hinting that he would make an announcement at J. D. Vance’s rally, but I think he wanted to make all the press show up for J. D. the night before the election.

Which seems like an eternity ago, to me, even though it was last week!

You can watch the announcement here on Rumble:

Or here, on Youtube with RSBN:

I hope to be around for at least part of the festivities! But I gotta go take care of a few things first.

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The beauty of this is that the fake news media has been working OVERTIME to pump air into their narrative that MAGA is washed up and Paul Ryan’s “Trump’s a drag on the Republicans” wishful thinking

He gave them a full week to embarass themselves

Tonight he let the air out of their balloons!
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Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

Trump is the solution.

And a huge part of the problem – Nancy Pelosi – is GONE.


Great analogy.


We need to have a way to donate to MAGA Trump only. I don’t want any of it to seep into the RNC. They want us to unite as a party ? THEY need to support what MAGA supports.
WE have the numbers. WE’re motivated and we do vote


Trump had the Save America PAC, and then he transferred the funds to the MAGA PAC in October. My understanding is that that is controlled by him. This article says he used some of the funds to support certain candidates. I think contributions to this PAC are not related to the RNC at all. I need to look into it further.


Text ‘TRUMP’ to 88022


“We need to have a way to donate to MAGA Trump only. I don’t want any of it to seep into the RNC”
I agree fully !


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Trump officially announces he is running for president in 2024 for the third time | Daily Mail Online

‘Make America great and glorious again’: Trump defies Republican critics by officially announcing he is running for president in 2024 for the third time and says U.S. ‘can’t take four more years’ of Biden and the Democrats

  • ‘I order to make America great and glorious again, I am announcing my candidacy for president’, he said 
  • Trump vowed to put ‘America first’, said U.S. ‘can’t take’ four more years of Biden and attacked the Democrats 
  • Former president defied Republican critics and those who blamed him for the GOP’s disappointing midterms 
  • Confirmed run in front of family in his Mar-a-Lago ballroom with opulent gold trimmings and chandeliers
  • Trump will now go to battle with fellow Republicans likely vying to be on the ticket, including Ron DeSantis  

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The excitement on here is infectious! Great day for Americans!


Just watched video on RSBN.


Now we’re back in the fight again. 👍

From now on, every time the Nazi totalitarian fascists do some insanely evil thing, there will be more than traitor media simply singing the Nazi’s praises.

There will be a voice for the People saying “No”.

And every time DJT opposes these monsters, his popularity will increase.


giloo, you’re back! 👍😁

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy


Are people complaining, really!?? Some people just cant be happy.


Some people just can’t be happy.

Yes. That’s why I have been saying that if people’s expectations are too high, they’re going to be disappointed.

But the bigger point is “SOTU.” It WAS about the state of the union, and that’s a speech the president gives. It was brilliantly done.

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

Yeah, she’s on Twitter, so the same applies – know the difference. She has bots, trolls, and every conceivable type following her. Probably a lot of nervous nellies freaking out. LOL.


A shot of the ballroom before the speech. 😉

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hey Wolf, for the time being, perhaps you should rename this website: the Q Train!
otherwise, carry on my good man!