The Lawfare Playbook Is Already Written

I just had a profound realization over at the Treehouse.
And that’s not counting the fact that the scenario I describe probably solves the Kavanaugh case via Ed Whelan’s findings. THAT is just one of many.
I believe I understand what is going on with Kavanaugh’s accuser.  This is based on the fact that a MORE LIKELY PERPETRATOR was found – a (still) lecherous drinker who grew up in a house that fits the accuser’s party description perfectly.
I have copied my posts of REALIZATION as follows.  Watch how my thought progresses.  Check my earlier Twitter for the lead-up.  Even a few days ago, I was beginning to see how it comes together, piece by piece.

wolfmoon1776 says:

I believe that we are on the path to the truth, and that it passes through this man. In fact, if this was ever REALLY investigated, I think Garrett would be the top suspect. I think we have a perp who is being ingloriously defended by a liar. This is Democrat CIA playbook. I’ve been in a script like this. I know how it works. The guilty party is supposed to shut up and let the miscarriage work out the way the Dems want.
The Dems write these lawfare scripts based on the idea that people behave predictably in complex cases to protect themselves, and trust me – they do. I behaved predictably – but I never forgot what really happened.
I’m sorry – at this point it’s a MESS. This is why we need Rule of Law, etc. But when the Democrats decide to mud-wrestle, instead of rule of law, we cannot back down. We fight back, out in the open, until the truth is found.
They want to do it this way? Then their accuser GOES DOWN THIS WAY.
Democrats turned it into a kangaroo court. REMEMBER THAT IN NOVEMBER.
People want to end this kind of mud-slinging? Then VOTE THEM OUT. It is the ONLY WAY.


jetstream says:
Curious as to what you mean:
“I think we have a perp who is being ingloriously defended by a liar.”
Agree that the Democrat’s kangaroo court of manipulated public opinion obliterates Rule of Law. No one should be persecuted by accusation and innuendo without a proper investigation and evidence. Sorry to hear you went through such an experience.

Liked by you

Thank you. You just solved this. Digging into that solves this.
Here is how it works. Diagramming this out makes me even more certain this is what happened.
ABCD are four acquaintances.
A commits a petty semi-forgotten crime against B. A few people know about it, but it dies.
C and D know the others. C *may* know about the crime. D does NOT.
Years pass.
B obtains motive against D. If D had done to B what A did to her, D would be destroyed.
Now – something interesting happens.
C has written a book which may or may not share motive. It somewhat describes the crime, but not completely. It uses D’s name – almost – for A’s.
Note that this is very suspicious now, and resembles long-range discreditation operations I’m familiar with. This book has little reason to exist, IMO. Its greatest attribute is taking out Kavanaugh. Do the math. Seriously. Cause-effect reversal can crack cases.
The time arrives to discredit D. B lies about the crime and says D did it, not A.
A’s crime is protected by B’s lie that D is the perpetrator, and not A. As long as A stays quiet, no problem. As long as C stays quiet, no problem.
This is particularly true if C got money for the book and was compromised somehow in the process, such as being informed about things that make him an accessory before the fact.
I think it’s a conspiracy, with the word of 3 against 1. It’s beautiful. An almost perfect crime. But the crowd beat it.
I believe that the reason we see the same “playbook plays” over and over is that the plays are ALREADY CONSTRUCTED. They are already written. This fits with the discred ops that were prepared against me. They seemed to have been prepared YEARS in advance.
So what I am saying is that similar conspiracies have been prepared for EVERY one of the Republican SCOTUS nominees. I am not kidding.
Doesn’t that explain a lot?


This is all based upon a Twitter thread that starts with THIS tweet:
and which is summarized by a link in this tweet:
Direct link here:
I have a variety of tweets surrounding these tweets that explain more fully why I think Whelan has something here – OTHER evidence that falls in line with his thinking.  Just check my timeline around the above tweets.

It is my opinion that:
1. Judge Kavanaugh should be confirmed.
2. The FBI should be ORDERED to investigate a case of CONSPIRACY against Judge Kavanaugh.  (Note:  The FBI’s prior rejection of the case was somewhat according to script (figure this out to follow me here – this is weaponized psychological relief – a pattern in this case and others that provides predictable behaviors), and thus there needs to be an internal investigation at FBI surrounding their part in this.  Somebody is helping.)
3. A special counsel should be launched to investigate CIA/DNC political frauds, crimes, and conspiracies, based on results of this case, Spygate, Watergate (induced conspiracy), Halper/Reagan, and any other similar conspiracies, including leverage operations against private institutions and individuals.  This will include murder of witnesses and attempted murder of witnesses.
Actually, we may need a few special counsels.


Wolf Moon enjoying the headlines that are coming.

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Have you listened to this?

Seems like evidence of conspiring to bring down Kavanaugh.
Typical leftist hypocrisy.
She talks about them having “standards” for nominees that they approve of.
But conservatives are not allowed to have such ‘standards’.


This just in, from Ed Whelan…he doesn’t really elaborate though.
The replies to this tweet are interesting.
Turns out, Whelan has pretty strong ties to the Koch Bros.
There is already speculation that he did this on purpose.


Lets imagine sasha and malia obama getting treated like judge ks girls? Yet another liberal double standard.


Did you see the posts over at 8chan where some of the Anons are saying that her dad was C_A?
There were some documents posted, on Pa Blasey…but I didn’t see how it was ‘proof’ that he had been C_A…but those Anons thought so.
At this point, I’m thinking she won’t testify.
Trouble is…the damage is done to Kavanaugh.
Which is infuriating.
Either way, this woman deserves to be exposed and the whole thing must be exposed for the Hoax that it is.
It’s the only way to repair the damage done to Kavanaugh.


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