The Zyrtec Rebellion

Everybody underestimates Spain. The last letter in "PIGS" is far less of an insult than an error. Years ago, when I was at a conference, and Japanese industrial spies were getting me drunk (it was a great red wine), I decided that I had to give them SOMETHING for their time and effort, if only … Continue reading The Zyrtec Rebellion

They’re Nazis

H/T Sundance. LINK: Sundance has some excellent thoughts on this. It's worth checking them out. This stuff is so clearly Germany in the 1930s, there is no way around it. The bottom line is that we are on the right side. Now - some more interesting information which confirms that - yes - … Continue reading They’re Nazis

If You’re Not Following Denninger, Follow Him Now

COVID Vaccine ADE Biological Explanation #n+1 Pushing vax mandates in spite of this IS NOT MERE STUPIDITY. I'm keeping this short, but HIGH PRIORITY. There's a guy who simply plays BEAR MARKET on coronaviruses, and he's almost always RIGHT. If you care about this damn COVID crap, then you need to be following him. Here's … Continue reading If You’re Not Following Denninger, Follow Him Now