Name & Shame: Edward Hospital in Naperville, Illinois Tried to Murder Sun Ng and Failed

I’ve talked about this story before, but it turns out that it’s actually WORSE than I thought.

This is the story of the hospital in Illinois that fought to prevent a patient from getting ivermectin, but after multiple judicial interventions, the patient was finally treated and LIVED.

Well, it turns out that the hospital actually tried to pull the plug on the guy, and his daughter refused.

And it’s even worse than THAT.


Just read this stuff. Hospitals have been turned into Nazi death camps in America.

Thanks to Karl Denninger for bringing this to my attention.

LINK 1: No, You Cuck. This Is How

LINK 2: Horowitz: Why every red state has an obligation to fight hospitals killing patients on ventilators


According to a court affidavit, at the time Ng was “in the same state for many, many days … critically ill,” and a nurse suggested that Dr. Ng “stop all this aggressive care and let [her father] die naturally.” On November 5, after Ng was on a ventilator for three weeks, DuPage County Circuit Court Judge Paul Fullerton ruled in favor of the family and allowed Dr. Bain to administer 24mg doses of ivermectin from Nov. 8 through Nov. 12. The result? Within five days, he was able to breathe without the ventilator and on Nov. 16 walked out of the ICU. By this past Sunday, Ng was breathing without supplemental oxygen on a regular hospital floor.

Shockingly, the lawyers had to go through five different appearances in this case just to save this man’s life from a hospital that senselessly blocked lifesaving treatment. Originally, the judge dissolved his order because the doctors lied and said the patient was getting better. Then they blocked Dr. Bain from administering the ivermectin because he wasn’t vaccinated. According to reporter Mary Beth Pfeiffer, Judge Fullerton overruled the hospital again because he had testimony from a hospital doctor who estimated that “someone in his condition being on a ventilator like that has a 10 or 15 percent chance of survival.”

Ralph Lorigo, the lawyer on this case, told me that the patient was able to extubate himself from the ventilator, yet the hospital is still appealing the decision! How dare this man live! “You shouldn’t have to have a lawyer to come out alive,” said Lorigo in an interview with TheBlaze.

Horowitz (second link) thinks state attorneys general need to get involved.

There is an immediate need for every attorney general to do battle with these hospitals and every legislature to pass a law specifically barring hospitals from blocking any patient from seeking the use of an FDA-approved drug at the direction of a physician to treat COVID. Hospitals cannot be allowed to become prisons where patients are denied rights they would otherwise have.

Denninger thinks that we have to actually start CHARGING hospital administrators with felony crimes such as murder.

The way you stop it is simple: Charge the hospital administrators with felony manslaughter for each and every Covid-19 patient who dies and is either (1) denied medication they, their family or their physicians want to use OR (2) is given Remdesivir, which generates a rebuttable presumption that the drug killed them and not the virus.

Said presumption can be rebutted by autopsy if and only if their kidneys and liver are not damaged, which is what the drug does.

Charge the hospital administrators with felony manslaughter for everyone they kill this way and watch their tune change immediately.

Oh, and people will stop dying of Covid-19 too.

Until and unless you advocate and in fact demand that **** you Mr. Auschwitz.

I suppose Denninger is engaged in some typical friendly fire there, but still – the fact is, SOMEBODY has to make these punks sweat.

And it ain’t gonna be KAPO at DODGE or the Coiffured Commie at FIB. They’re after the TRUTH-TELLERS.

It’s very clear that SOCIALIST MEDICINE / MEDICAL SOCIALISM does not give a damn if it kills you.

It may even WANT TO DO IT.

Act accordingly.


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Valerie Curren

How apropos!


*>According to reporter Mary Beth Pfeiffer, Judge Fullerton overruled the hospital again because he had testimony from a hospital doctor who estimated that “someone in his condition being on a ventilator like that has a 10 or 15 percent chance of survival.”<*

This is being overly optimistic. Actual rates of survival are more like 5%.

Brave and Free

Yeah that’s what I heard from one of my RN friends from where she works


Pure and simple MURDER!
.comment image


Murder by medically supervised torture. Every ghoul involved should face Nuremberg 2.0 and go from the courtroom up the stairs to the noose. If we lose 2/3 of our doctors and empower that many eggplants, we’ll be improving the situation.


welcome to Fauci hell on earth
comment image


This is plain old willful, premeditated murder on the part of the hospital administrators and those medical personnel who go along.

That a patient cannot advocate for his own treatment protocol using vitamins and Ivermectin is to be a slave to the hospital beast system.


The hospital was after their extra monies for a covid death, plus a vent bonus!



Deplorable Patriot

Over the years, I think one person I’ve known has actually come off of a ventilator. It’s used, supposedly, to deal with pneumonia, and honestly, all I can tell is that it kills people. I could not for the life of me understand why it was demanded for treatment of whatever this bug really is, if it exists or not.


I think getting all those ventilators early on will have been down to fauci’s deliberate misdirection.


As it turns out Remdesivir he “gold standard” at killing people.


“…is the…” smh at auto correct


This is how it feels to be a small, insignificant, involuntary participant in the largest Dr. Mengele type human medical and phycological torture experiment in world history.

We pray for your mercy and grace, Lord.


“psychological” – I hate auto correct because it is always wrong correct.


Ralph Lorigo is the chairman of the Erie County (Buffalo NY) Conservative Party. The Conservative endorsement is highly desired in Erie County politics, especially by Democrats who need to pretend they are not left wing lunatics (although they are).

How one gets the endorsement is not pretty.

You can imagine the enviable PERSONAL position Lorigo is in. He might be the most popular politician in Erie County.

Nonetheless, his representation of eyemac clients is wonderful and praiseworthy. God bless this man for his efforts and courage.


IF you are able to fight your way into the hospital to sit by your relative, administer the Ivermectin YOURSELF.

Put the paste in a foot-cream container, and if questioned, say your dying relative always loved a foot rub, as you lovingly rub Ivermectin into their soles.

Fuck these people. Break their rules. Dare to save lives.


Ha! That’s a great idea, Aubergine.


I have said for a long time that they don’t want to make a subversive of someone like me.

I’ll play it like a game, and come up with a new way to get over, under, around, or thru their bullshit every day.


Thanks! All it takes it nerve. What are they gonna do, take away my birthday?

Gail Combs

Do not forget moxcydectin aka Cydectin Sheep Drench if you can not get ivermectin. It will stay in the system longer than ivermectin. (AS TOPICAL to rub on the feet.)
comment image

Gail Combs

Wolfie I mention it as a last resort since Ivermectin is increasingly hard to come by.
What is nice is it can be applied topically so it doesn’t mess with a queasy stomach.
What is BAD is the dosing is hit and miss.


Gail, I can just picture you with a big jug of that stuff sneaking into the ICU and rubbing it on the soles of every patient on a ventilator.  😎