Ivermectin – The Preparation

OK, people. It is time for THE WOLF to GET PATTON ON YOUR ASSES. As you may know, we now have many of our dear members actively fighting COVID-19, including one (gil00) in the hospital. Several have received Regeneron. Thus far, praise God, we have not lost anybody - and I intend to keep it … Continue reading Ivermectin – The Preparation

Dear KAG: 20211117 Open Thread

Unfortunately, in cropping that image, the artist was cut out. Back to camels next week. https://youtu.be/TUdqHBA3SsM It's like listening to Ying and Yang critique me warming up. She likes to sing along. He would just bark. I miss that dog. Somebody actually went there when it comes to AIDS and vaccine researchers. https://twitter.com/Perpetualmaniac/status/1460660516091678724 https://twitter.com/Kukicat7/status/1460503161811214337 Man, … Continue reading Dear KAG: 20211117 Open Thread