Please Watch All WordPress Sites For WordPressDotCom Fake Posts

Just got this in my notifications. I *KNEW* this was coming.


Native Sponsored Post notification has started testing Native Sponsored Posts. This is an extension of our advertising program and will have the same controls and restrictions as our standard ad placements.You may see these Sponsored Posts running on your sites as we expand testing. They may be promoting content, marketing initiatives, or brands.

Longer term, we hope to offer Sponsored Posts to our users as a way to help drive traffic and promote content discovery. For any questions or issues, see our Native Sponsored Posts FAQ.

Whatever they’re up to, it’s not for our good. Please keep your eyes on it.

The most likely sites to be affected are the old WQTH, The U Tree, or our new “backup” Q Tree.

However, even this site might be affected, if the fine print of JetPack usage involves this form of editorial takeover.

Like I said – keep your eyes out for it, and let me know if you see it.

Thank you, and WOLVERINES!!!


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Brave and Free

👍it’s been along day on the road for me returning from relatives 😩😩 I’ll keep my closing eyes open.

Deplorable Patriot

Also, watch your email for this sort of thing. I saw one earlier today. DELETE


Fix my name please


Thanks again :


New Computer…… Testing

Deplorable Patriot

I feel your pain.


Ok….. Thanks


Seems I have it fixed……. Thanks again




What the hell?! Like all of a sudden, some rando post shows up on the Q-tree by some unknown author who’s “sponsored.?”

You gotta be kidding me.

Gail Combs

They tried that early on @ Stevengoddard’s aka Tony Heller’s.

We had a grand ole time kicking the stuffing out of the poor bots. Tony even had Arch villain Physicist David Appell the appalling show up. We twisted him into knots.


You got it.