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Friday has come round again and Wolf’s Pub is open for business. Welcome back! Another eventful week. Getting really tired of the show. I’m so full of turkey and white wine that I can hardly keep my eyes open.

Perhaps it’s time to reflect on the upcoming season of Advent.

Advent officially begins on Sunday, November 28, but there is still time to prepare our hearts and homes. According to Fisheaters:

“The mood of this season is one of somber spiritual preparation that increases with joy each day, and the “gaudy” Christmas commercialism that surrounds it in the Western world should be overcome as much as possible.”

According to Crosswalk,

“Originally, there was little connection between Advent and Christmas. Scholars believe that during the 4th and 5th centuries in Spain and Gaul, Advent was a season of preparation for the baptism of new Christians at the January feast of Epiphany, the celebration of God’s incarnation represented by the visit of the Magi to the baby Jesus, his baptism in the river Jordan by John the Baptist, and his first miracle at Cana. During this season of preparation, Christians would spend 40 days in penance, prayer, and fasting to prepare for this celebration.”

Advent was most probably focused on the Second Coming of Christ at first but has evolved to also celebrate His first incarnation.

There are many traditions associated with Advent, notably the Advent wreath with its candles, and the Advent calendar. The links provide a wide array of articles and resources to light our way over the next month. May this Advent season help us prepare to receive Him.


It sounds very hopeful. We sure could use a major victory right now.


Lt. Col. Lohmeier speaks up:

American Greatness says: Stop Joining the Woke Military!

Personally, I think a “cleansing” of the brass is needed, but we still need to be grateful to our rank and file:

Thanking Our Military


The World Health Organization is back in the fray.

WHO calls a special meeting to discuss mutations. Oh great.

WHO tells fully vaxxed to get back in masks and social distance!

WHO warns of more deaths in Europe by spring.


By now most of us are aware of the internecine fighting that has been going on between the Lin Wood contingent and the General Flynn contingent. It’s getting nasty. People are having trouble seeing the forest for the trees. It’s dark in those woods. I suspect Lin will emerge without spot, as he usually does.

Is Kyle controlled?

My take on the Kyle Rittenhouse attack on Lin Wood is that Kyle has been carefully coached. Like others, I am mystified that the young man who collapsed during his acquittal was able to handle interviews and meetings with top media people within the span of a day.

That his mom is now living with the alleged disgraced Navy Seal who is central to the attack on Wood, is quite the twist. These sorts of things are to be expected. The devil is in the details, as they say.

Warriors deal with the issue at hand and move on. No handwringing necessary.

Anyway, poor Kyle it seems is going to have to deal with some very deep issues beyond the trauma of that night over a year ago when his life was on the line.

The fight will go on, and we will see some drop in our estimation and esteem. There is much more than meets the eye. For those interested, here are some Telegram accounts that are involved:

Lin Wood Speaks Truth

Professor David Clements

Jarrin Jackson

Deep State Dave

Gen. Michael Flynn


While we can bicker with the best of the best, our house rules keep us on the up and up. Civility is the watchword as we wait for Christ and Christmas. Go here to review. If you’re in a Herod mood, head over to the Utree to get some exorcise (pun intended). If all hell breaks loose here or at the Utree, head over to this place for a third option.


Eau De Vie of Douglas Fir

Tonight’s special is a complex cocktail named “Into the Woods.” It originated in New York in 2013 and includes an obscure liqueur called Eau De Vie of Douglas Fir or Douglas Fir Brandy.

You read that right. Eau De Vie of Douglas Fir is made with the bud tips of a fir tree. You’ll notice a few more familiar ingredients:

Now, here’s some info on Eau De Vie of Douglas Fir. Not cheap, but intriguing. We don’t know when we’ll be out of the woods with this Great Reset, but at least we can go into the woods with a drink that adds some zest to our journey.

I actually found a video on distilling the Eau De Vie of Douglas Fir!

Prayers all around for peace, and a Douglas Fir Brandy seems somehow in keeping with an Advent Wreath.


Very little matters if we don’t fix 2020. The intrepid Mike Lindell has a site: Fix 2020 First

On the Covid front here are some good links to see how the fight is shaping up. There is hope. Many doctors and medical professionals are standing up to the tyranny.

Global Covid Summit

Unity Project (to prevent mandatory Covid shots for children)

Dr. Malone on the hunting down of doctors world wide

Corey’s Digs has a great article on how the elites manipulate us with fear: The Biggest Game of Chicken in History

After you read Corey, here’s just what she was talking about…the fearmongering they impose upon us:

Lew Rockwell on the myths of smallpox

Horrific Mutations in new variant

Speaking of which, Dr. Malone speaks eloquently on the mass hypnosis that has overtaken so many millions of people. Worth every bit of 25 minutes.

Has a mass die off begun among the world’s population?

What is a Kulak? Are you ready to be one?

The Burning Platform found Archie Bunker was right all this time:

Also from the Burning Platform, we see that people are getting serious about their freedoms. Said to be from Greece, but it may be Spain or Argentina. Wherever, the protestors have had enough.

Very relateable.

John Zmirak on why the National Review doesn’t matter anymore.

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Lin Wood has released the audio, in three segments, of his phone conversation with Patrick Byrne – which took place yesterday I think. Byrne called HIM. You literally will not believe it. The people that have telegram know where to find it.


Sidney Powell is not at ALL what everyone wanted so badly to believe, me included.

Last edited 7 months ago by Gingersmom2009

Byrne’s just trying, unsuccessfully, to not come out of this reeking of feces.

Gail Combs

Isn’t Byrnes the one who was brought up on, I think it was bribery charges in connection with the Clintons??


I really don’t know. He founded Overstock way back when, don’t know his details at all.

Deplorable Patriot

Yes. IIRC, he cut a deal of some sort.


Yes and the Russian girl that was a spy he has an affair with. Did he not do a job for inteligent service like CIA or FBI ?

Gail Combs

Yes, so we KNOW he is probably compromised because the IC have their teeth in him.


Now, I have to say, Patrick Byrne is the one guy in all of this I just don’t like or believe. He is one weird dude.


The hottie Russian “spy” story always seemed a bit….peculiar.

Byrne, formerly of, casually meets this Russian chick. Calls up FBI — “hey, I’ve encountered a Russian woman who seems unusually friendly. Are there national security implications?”

FBI calls him in, interviews him. A couple of weeks later, they call him with a plan — Byrne needs to reciprocate the affection, boink the Russian as often as possible, and get back to them if her pillow-talk involves Russian state secrets.

This sounds more like the musings of a tenth grader with carbonated hormones than it sounds like something likely to happen in the real world.


When this first was discussed on here further up page my thoughts went immediately back to that.
It didn’t ring right to me then, and the foggy waffle he’s coming out with now seems much the same.
At a guess I’d think he is a disrupter.


Doesn’t it?

It also sounds like the stories of a ego-inflated serial liar.


Could you please summarize it for those of us who can’t get telegram videos to play. If we’re going to have a discussion about it, I’d like to know exactly what was said.


I hope someone will summarize it or that we can somehow get access. Here is what Prof. David Clements says:

The Professor’s Record

So, Patrick Byrne thinks Lin Wood is “kooky,” yet tells everyone that his intention was to retain him as counsel. Retention is done through a legal contract that carries with it attorney-client privilege. Retention of Lin Wood, would be an attempt to silence him.

Gail Combs

Thanks for that info.




Sidney Powell tried to seduce Byrne? That’s not even believable.


High on the ick factor! Ewww…


He’s a sleezball.

Deplorable Patriot

As someone who used to book speakers and paid the fees on a regular basis, why are speakers’ fees a problem?

Deplorable Patriot

Honestly, it looks like Byrne is jealous, actually, of the attention the others get.


Bingo 🙂


It’s way too complicated with twists and turns. I really cannot summarize. Sorry.


Byrne had produced a video, then Wood released the audio of their phone conversation to show what really was said, and now Byrne has released another video. I haven’t watched it.

The Professor’s Record

Patrick Byrne has another video to explain away the lies he told in the first video.

And in the process… Patrick tells more lies.

Be sure to read the comments. We the People are awake!

Deplorable Patriot

People, in perusing all my usual internet haunts, the theme of the day is don’t be distracted from the Ghislaine Maxwell trial, which starts Monday. The new “variant,” the whole patriot infighting thing (which has just about all accounts lined up on one side or the other), whatever else is going on, DO NOT BE DISTRACTED.

If what I am seeing is correct, the UN was just as much a part of Maxwell’s operation as Epstein. So was the Clinton Foundation. The potential for explosive information revealed given her clientele is there.

I just want to put this out there. I suspect this case is actually bigger than just human trafficking.


“I just want to put this out there. I suspect this case is actually bigger than just human trafficking.”


If there was any threat, at all, to any of the bad guys, then why didn’t she take the TP Plunge like her pal Jeffy?

They have a hundred ways to get rid of her.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Strzok walked in the courtroom and executed her, turned himself in, and then Joey Crackpot pardoned him.

Who would stop it, or do anything about it?

No one.

That’s what people keep forgetting.

There is NO law enforcement mechanism.

People have spent their whole lives imagining that there was, when there isn’t, and hasn’t been, for decades.

Deplorable Patriot

Strzok is apparently busy stirring up crap about General Flynn, according to one report.

And don’t forget, Maxwell asked the UN for help getting her out of jail. Why would she do that? Has anyone else ever done that?

Last edited 7 months ago by Deplorable Patriot
Gail Combs

I think Maxwell was a lot higher up the food chain than Epstein was.

Gail Combs

AND that is what makes me think she was Epstein’s ‘Handler’ for the Cabal. It is SHE who controlled the blackmail material.

Deplorable Patriot

I can go along with this. I mean, one post I saw today claimed that her appeal to the UN to get her out of jail was playing a deep state card. She’s a pivotal figure in the whole behind the scenes apparatus.

Cuppa Covfefe

So how do you plan on getting it back???


“So how do you plan on getting it back???”


I don’t.

How many times do you want me to answer that question?

We did our part, we elected DJT against impossible odds.

Not once, but TWICE.

Then nothing happened, either time, because apparently Triple-D 3D underwater-chess genius was fooled by practically every single hire in his administration.

And fooled by the vaxx mafia.

And fooled by Cabal.

And fooled by the 4-year long Coup (even though we all knew about it, but apparently the WH isn’t wired for Internet).

It’s all so stupid.

When NO ONE in a position of leadership is willing to fight, when there is NO LEADERSHIP, and when the military is out to lunch, then what are you or I supposed to do?

There are lots of feel-good things we could do.

A national strike is one. It would be fun, and cause all kinds of havoc.

But it wouldn’t ultimately force the criminals out of government, because a national strike is missing a crucial element, and that element is FORCE.

But we can’t talk about FORCE, because it’s part of the circular game. Force is the only thing that has ever worked in the history of the world.

If any other tactic or strategy has ever worked, what is this new thing under the sun?


Force is required to remove criminals, because criminals don’t ever go away voluntarily. But nobody wants to talk about that. If anyone talks about force, half the people on our own side shout us down and remind us that the enemy is just looking for an excuse.

So we censor ourselves, so the enemy doesn’t have to. Which is nice of us. And then we get pissed that nothing ever gets any better, only worse. Or we take another hit off the hopium bong, and pass out like Lotus Eaters at Woodstock 😂

It’s like our own twisted version of Groundhog Day 👍 😂

Gail Combs

Unfortunately, Unlike the Rittenhouse trial, This Ghislaine Maxwell trial will be in complete secrecy.


At this point, gotta wonder….

How do we trust whatever information we supposedly get from it…particularly anything that threatens the Cabal?

We’re (and I include myself here) thinking WAYYYYY to small right now.

Lemme ask you this…..

What is more important at present?

1) The tiff between Woods and Byrne?

2) The Maxwell trial

3) The fact that our worst fears may be coming true…this next round of ‘rona was planned for all those who took the clot shot…

4) Did we really allow ourselves to believe the End Times would NOT feature biological evil on a scale never witnessed in human history??


God help us.

Truly. I sincerely mean that, more than I ever could.

God help us all.

Whenever they say it’s not about the money, what is the one thing you can be sure of?

Spoiler alert!!


Deplorable Patriot

4) Did we really allow ourselves to believe the End Times would NOT feature biological evil on a scale never witnessed in human history??

I don’t actually subscribe to the end times concept for our current situation, but do recognize that the biological evil is part of this near civilization death experience. Rejection of God, yes, has led to this, but I go with the idea of being in a period of chastisement rather than end times.

The battle between good and evil is too out in the open.

As to what to believe, the Maxwell trial will not be tried with cameras in the room, unlike Kyle Rittenhouse. Why? We will be dependent not on video, but reporting, which has been proven to be unreliable. Why? Well, because the people who own the information conduits are likely to be exposed.

It’s such a bramble bush complete with a tar baby.


Federal courts do not allow cameras. Many State courts do.

Deplorable Patriot

That may be why the case was taken over by the feds.


Do not be distracted from the 2020 steal … this is WHAT this is all about …

Deplorable Patriot


I try again sorry if I double posted.

I am not sure why we are trashing out Woods, Flynn ans Powell? They are minor players in the scheme of things.
We the people are the real thing not two Lawyers and a General.
This is like ripping off a bandage and getting an infection. These three are now infecting this side.
I forgot Byrney, so it is 4 players stirring up whatever that is contaminating the deplorable.
Remember it was Pence setting up Flynn.

Wonder what the end game is sure does not sound the best interest of the country our movement or President Trump.

Last edited 7 months ago by singingsoul1

The problem is that people follow those people, unconditionally in some cases, and could be led into spiritual heresy, or in the opposite direction of those who are trying to help the country.

I don’t see all of this as a “tiff,” as some have said. Whatever is behind it is massive and dangerous. I think it is extremely important — especially if it reveals that some people are not who we thought they were, or, worse, that they are actually working for the other side. I don’t know that to be the case, but I need to know, and that is why I’m so interested.

This is what got my attention: I have read a lot of what Lin Wood says on Telegram for a while now, so I generally know his character and attitude and what he thinks is important, as well as his standards and ethics. (I also glean this from what others say about him.) So when Kyle Rittenhouse made disparaging comments about Wood, I didn’t take them at face value, and wanted to hear what Wood had to say.

And I am very puzzled why a number of conservative pundits automatically discounted Wood and believed Rittenhouse, even when evidence was revealed that Rittenhouse is being influenced by a grifter. Why aren’t patriots standing together, with Wood, to get the truth out?

These three are now infecting this side.

That’s the problem: Someone could be literally infecting our side (causing discussion on this site) and sabotaging our efforts to investigate and fix the 2020 election. If people we trust are doing that, we need to know it. We need to separate the wheat from the chaff, or they will destroy us from within. It is very serious, not just gossip about people’s spats.


I am very puzzled why a number of conservative pundits automatically discounted Wood and believed Rittenhouse, even when evidence was revealed that Rittenhouse is being influenced by a grifter.

I was the one who used the word “tiff”, but that was by comparison to mass murder and end times.

And as one of those you may presumably be alluding to, let me say it is not so much that I “believe” Rittenhouse about Mr. Wood, but rather the incredulous allegations coming from Mr. Wood in the wake of Rittenhouse’s own accusation.

In effect, Mr. Woods is saying…”It wasn’t me, it was those guys, and those guys are working with Gen. Flynn and Sidney Powell.”

So, to sum up…

According to Mr. Wood…..both Gen. Flynn and Sidney Powell must be dirty in order for Mr. Wood to be clean.

Let’s be clear about that.

Lin Wood is asking you to believe his accusations as proof that the ones made against him are false….he is asking you to believe his own accusations re: Gen. Flynn and Sidney Powell.


I want evidence.

Presumably, Mr. Wood has it, but the phone call with Byrne is hearsay about anything to do with Gen. Flynn or Sidney Powell.

And I trust neither Lin Wood nor Byrne as much as I do Gen. Flynn and Sidney Powell.


According to Mr. Wood…..both Gen. Flynn and Sidney Powell must be dirty in order for Mr. Wood to be clean.

Not true, in the least.

Lin Wood is asking you to believe his accusations as proof that the ones made against him are false….he is asking you to believe his own accusations re: Gen. Flynn and Sidney Powell.

Again, not true. Wood began by providing evidence against the grifter who is influencing Kyle Rittenhouse.
1) Rittenhouse made accusations against Wood. That was the first accusation, the one that so many conservative pundits took at face value.
2) Then Wood provided evidence about Hancock, who is influencing Rittenhouse.
As for Flynn, Powell, and others, Wood was watching Flynn and commenting about him before the Rittenhouse comments happened.

I want evidence.

I also want evidence. Wood has provided evidence about Hancock. He has provided evidence that Byrne lied in his video. He has provided evidence about Flynn and the prayer. Wood has provided financial records of his FightBack organization.

Wood produced the audio of the Byrne phone call to prove that Byrne was lying about him, and probably also to reveal Byrne’s character, as someone who would say those things about Powell.

Last edited 7 months ago by TheseTruths


I could care less, by comparison sake.

Show me the evidence of Gen. Flynn.

No, a printed prayer which he may or may not have altered at the time of stating it doesn’t count. Not against the preponderance of evidence against that stands against it and in his good name.

Show me the evidence against Sidney Powell.

Show me the court cases which Wood’s name was not supposed to be attached to, as well as the evidence that Sidney Powell knew his name was not supposed to be there and….if it were there….that it wasn’t by simple mistake or accident.

Surely Mr. Wood has the evidence, and not just the accusations.

I want to repeat that I have not taken a side save for (now) speaking in defense of Gen. Flynn and Sidney Powell.

You are correct in that knowing the truth here is of grave concern, but I think we should demand real evidence from Mr. Wood (and a pocket prayer is not it (for me)).

Last edited 7 months ago by ForGodandCountry



I could care less.

You should care about Hancock. His influence over Kyle and his dishonesty are what started this.

If you want to see what evidence Wood has, you can read his Telegram channel. You don’t have to be signed in to read it. (Allegations and evidence are dripping out, though, so don’t come back and say there’s nothing there.)

I am also looking for evidence. I already have it, regarding Hancock and the truthfulness of Rittenhouse’s accusations against Wood. Those accusations are false. But patriot pundits are believing it. I want to know why.

Back to your previous assertion:

both Gen. Flynn and Sidney Powell must be dirty in order for Mr. Wood to be clean

This is false. Wood is “clean” of the Rittnehous allegations, separate and apart from what is happening with anyone else. But others are not looking at the evidence against Hancock, and are believing Rittenhouse over Wood. That is some of what Wood is pointing out and investigating.

Last edited 7 months ago by TheseTruths
Deplorable Patriot

Thanks for this. It’s all rather strange.


“Why aren’t patriots standing together, with Wood, to get the truth out?”


Because we don’t have any leadership.

If there is anyone fighting for ‘our side’, they don’t want “us” involved, that’s why they leave us in the dark.

To fight against ourselves, and divert our attention.

They play us the same way the enemy does, which is why it’s hard to tell if there actually are any good guys.

As far as I can tell, the only reason anybody thinks there are any ‘good guys’ is because they assume there must be, since there are ‘bad guys’.

The only people who ever move the ball or score any points are the ‘bad guys’, so if there are any ‘good guys’, they’re not very good, except at keeping everything secret from We the People.

Which means they have a lot more in common with the enemy than they do with us.

Which again should bring into question whether there actually are any ‘good guys’.

Deplorable Patriot

This is not satire for once. He nails it, though.


Great message.

Any idea where this guy is based?

Deplorable Patriot

California somewhere, I think. Not really sure.


Thanks. Scenery in that video reminds me of the Reno downtown, with Truckee River passing through.


First time I’ve heard of the ‘lightning network’ , wondering if it is a blockchain protected/organized system ..sure would be nice to cut out a lot of middle men BS in communication. no censorship by itself would promote TRUTH .
Keeping my eyes open for zion

Gail Combs

Dave Clement has some new videos up. I have not watched them yet.

Deplorable Patriot


Hey, looks like this guy never left the fight and has-been-with-us-ever-step-of-the-way!

Last edited 7 months ago by para59r
Wolf Moon


Wolf Moon

Time to call it the POOH VIRUS.


I think I had the poo virus last week.


Hope you are back on top of your game.

Deplorable Patriot

And they think the people are so afraid we don’t see through their $#!+.


Gail Combs

I agree with Scott it is past time for these SOBs to do the mussolini dance.

Wolf Moon

They’re just making this shit up as they go, to inject their depopulation bogus spike protein monstrosity.

These people are NUTS.



At this point, why wouldn’t they be willing to murder a billion+ people with a “new” “variant”….which could well have been developed in a lab just like COVID19 was?

Realize this….they can now murder as many millions they like, and openly blame it on their own virus(es). In fact, they PLAN on it.


That is, this slow guys perspective. Also goes for Delta variant. ALL of it.

Between Covid 19, variants AND injections / boosters, simply, mass murder.


I know I posted early on about things Byrne said, but I’ve Never really trusted him as he was involved with the Clintons and I think the Clinton Foundation, and I suspect he’s working for people we don’t like in order to stay out of trouble with the “law.” I will stand by Sidney, as, for one thing, I heard her give a very credible Christian witness, and I can usually smell fakery in that realm, from miles away. I can’t figure out about Flynn and satanism and Lin Wood–that’s all clear as mud to me, but I hope it will begin to become clear soon. I do also respect David Clement (the professor) not sure of name spelling. Also just want to say, Singing Soul, I think you are a very wise woman. Oh, and regarding Sidney supposedly trying to seduce Byrne, disgusting and implausable, and a gentleman wouldn’t tell. So for me, that’s all I need to know about Byrne’s character.


Gentleman??? I thought they all went extinct.  😀 

Last edited 7 months ago by pgroup2
Deplorable Patriot

An unfortunate byproduct of a casual society.


Another brick in the wall of you’re-watching-a-movie …

The newest variant name came from TV [a form of movie]. It is about death of all:


I wonder if Oo is like Oh no?

Same page fitting some what the movie mentioned above…
Astronomy[edit]Omicron is used to designate the fifteenth star in a constellation group, its ordinal placement an irregular function of both magnitude and position.[2][3] Such stars include Omicron AndromedaeOmicron Ceti, and Omicron Persei. Maybe Steve will clue us in on this part.

Deplorable Patriot

That’s interesting.


Pgroup2, not Quite all. How do you do?


Don’t nit pick me. 🙂

Doing better than most, according to oncologist. Prayer + competent doc + health supplement expert (brother-in-law) = WINNING

Wolf Moon

Good news!


Appreciate that report. All the best.


The subject is CRS, a unit inside DoJ civil rights division. The text of the comment struck me as potentially applicable to more than CTH. [side note – LoL at the play on CTH motto]:

“So, what do we do with this information? Some of the commenters seem delighted to get it and praise you highly. I’m not sure why though. To me it just looks like just another way in which our government is abusing its powers with no accountability -does anyone in the congregation believe that there will be any disciplinary action taken? He/she/it/(other) will probably get a raise and maybe a bonus.
So, what good does this do us? I’ll make it #459 on my list of travesties committed by the left over the years. This one has been going on for years based on the 2013 article you wrote about CRS, and obviously no one has done anything about it. Since you’ve known about it for at least 8 years, I have to conclude that you don’t have suggestions either.
Before I retired for medical reasons, I held jobs where I had to bring problems to my boss’s attention. If I hadn’t nearly always brought suggestions for fixing the problems, I would have been retired, (unemployed), a lot sooner than I was.
This doesn’t seem to apply to conservative media. Writers are always throwing the latest garbage from the left in our faces. I have to wonder what the point is. This site doesn’t feel like the Last Refuge. It, like most others, seems more like the Latest Refuse.
If the Declaration of Independence hadn’t come with an army, there would never have been a USA. While we talk, the country disintegrates. But at least we’ll be well-informed losers.”

Last edited 7 months ago by pgroup2

we’ll be well-informed losers.”

At least you are honest.

Wolf Moon

OK, folks – I have symptoms and a positive antigen test.

I will be updating on the health updates thread, now sticky at the top.


Time for some horse medicine then. No need to wait. You can call the first dose prophylactic. If you think you need the second dose you can call that one therapeutic and then hopefully its done. And of course hit those high numbers on the supplements if your not there already.


(Stole this from

Omicron is moronic scrambled. 😂