They’re Nazis

H/T Sundance.


Sundance has some excellent thoughts on this. It’s worth checking them out.

This stuff is so clearly Germany in the 1930s, there is no way around it.

The bottom line is that we are on the right side.

Now – some more interesting information which confirms that – yes – they ARE Nazis.

The LITTLE LIES that people are forced to give en masse – check out what THIS NURSE says.

(Two hat tips – first to GA/FL for the short version, and to Sundance for the long version.)





It’s important to go to the CTH link to understand how the POLITICIZED MEDICINE is being pushed from the top down. This is EXACTLY what was done to push the Global Warming Hoax in science. SD has some additional evidence that confirms WHY doctors are backing off – because medical organizations are apparently under political pressure to control their memberships, and are THREATENING doctors.

NOW – it gets worse.

The nurse ABOVE states that half the staff in the hospitals REALIZE that the vaccines are doing the damage, and that people are then being diagnosed with “COVID” instead of vaccine injury, but that doctors don’t even want to hear about vaccination being associated with the symptoms.

We have seen this from the VERY beginning of the vaccines.




I’ve discussed this before – I think this CNA was doing good, honest science, and realized that the “superspreader story” given for post-jab deaths was politically motivated BS.

SO – where does THIS go?

This fits in very nicely with something from KARL DENNINGER (H/T barkerjim for posting this crucial information).


The gist of this article, from Denninger’s viewpoint, is that a recent data release from the British Health Ministry is the beginning of PROOF that getting the vaccine is starting to make the recipients MORE susceptible to the virus.


I told you a few weeks ago I was seeing very disturbing data that strongly suggested the jabs were, in some form or fashion, destroying existing immunity or otherwise potentiating more-severe disease.  I didn’t have the hard data to quantify it, but I’ve mentioned the drift in the data streams for some time now.  It was clear and convincing, but not quantifiable.  Until now.

I didn’t then (and still don’t) know the mechanism; I don’t have billions of dollars of lab laying around I can play with.  But on the data it was happening; it was not conclusive but the evidence shift was clear in the data pattern; what had been protection from being harmed if you were jabbed was trending toward neutral in the aggregate and anecdotes suggested harm.

Well, now we have it, and yeah, it’s harm.

Note the right two columns.  They adjust for per-100,000, which is the only accurate way to do it — you must adjust raw rates for the population prevalence of the specific condition under test.

This data shows conclusively that for anyone between 40 and 79 being vaccinated makes it more-likely for you to get Covid-19.

That means what you think it does: If you took the jabs you are the plague rat; you are more-likely to get (and thus transmit) the disease than an unvaccinated person.

Britain had studiously avoided publishing the ranged data like this in their updates until now.  I don’t know why they did it this time but it doesn’t matter.  Their data continues to claim that the jabs are effective in preventing hospitalization and death but the exact opposite is true when it comes to getting Covid-19 which means those who are vaccinated may acquire personal protection but in doing so become Angels of Death to others.

If you have trouble with numerical tables here it is in bar charts:


[ Back to Wolf ]

NOW – Gail pointed out some things, and I think our discussion is worth repeating simply for that.

BUT – yes, there is more.

Gail and some of our other Q Treepers have pointed out earlier that the “Faucists” have pulled a fast one on everybody by labeling all people who “get COVID” within 14 days of getting vaccinated as having been “unvaccinated”.

There are a thousand reasons why this is BS, but the most important one is that it can be used to HIDE vaccine adverse events which happen to look almost exactly like COVID because – lo and behold – they are BOTH using the same damn toxic spike protein.

Well, one of the things I noticed was that this disastrously wrong policy – this FRAUD-PROMOTING policy – can also be used to FLIP the relative safety of being vaccinated VERSUS being unvaccinated. In essence, the VACCINE INJURED and the VACCINE FAILED (because immunity was too slow, if it’s reallly COVID and not vaccine injury) are both shoved into “unvaccinated”, which REVERSES BLAME, and in essence “blames the victim” instead of the vaccine – and we know that blaming the victim is a communist specialty.

So, with that in mind, here is our discussion from yesterday:


barkerjim Offline Wolverine September 11, 2021 12:58


I Hate Being Right in [Market-Ticker-Nad]

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Wolf Moon

Wolf Moon Online Admin Coyote Reply to  barkerjim September 11, 2021 13:59

This is critical stuff.


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Gail Combs

Gail Combs Online Reply to  Wolf Moon September 11, 2021 16:07

ABRIVIATED LOOK AT CHARTS (I hope I copied correctly)

Page 14
Table 4: COVID-19 cases by vaccination status between week 32 & week 35 2021
………………………………………….…(Rate per 100,000)…(Rate per 100,000)
AGE…..TOTAL …Not Vax….2 doses……Rec’d 2 doses …….Not Vax


Page 16:
Death within 60 days of first positive test….. Rate per 100,000
………………………………………….…(Rate per 100,000)…(Rate per 100,000)
AGE…..TOTAL …Not Vax….2 doses……Rec’d 2 doses …….Not Vax
>18…..3…………………3…………0……………..0.0 ………………0.0
18-29..24……………….15……..…4……….…….0.1 ……….………0.4
80+…1,266……………165…..1,052……………40.8………….…129.45 Reply

Gail Combs

Gail Combs Online Reply to  Gail Combs September 11, 2021 16:16

This is the earlier article:

Well, Duh. This Is Why It Was Stupid

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Wolf Moon

Wolf Moon Online Admin Coyote Reply to  Gail Combs September 11, 2021 18:11

OK – look at page 15 – the deaths within 28 days of vaccination VS unvaccinated.

Looks favorable to the vaccine – RIGHT?

This is how they gamed things, in order to FLIP the relative values of the last two columns, AND to hide vaccine deaths. So what they do is they count all deaths within 14 days of the vaccination as being due to being UNVACCINATED.

That not only HIDES the vaccine deaths – it flips the values of the 28 day report.

IMO if you have fine-grained data on deaths before scheduled (as a baseline) and AFTER vaccination, what you will see is that there is a characteristic COVID-mimetic death bell-ish curve AFTER vaccination which shows deaths CAUSED by vaccination. All those deaths need to be shifted out of the “non-vaccinated” column into a third column – DEATHS BY VACCINE.

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Wolf Moon

Wolf Moon Online Admin Coyote Reply to  Wolf Moon September 11, 2021 18:13

This is a SMOOTH fake science operation, where media and science media pressure prevents scientists from talking about VACCINE DEATHS.

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Gail Combs

Gail Combs Online Reply to  Wolf Moon September 11, 2021 21:30

A real life example of HOE TO LIE WITH STATISTICS!

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cthulhu Online Reply to  Gail Combs September 11, 2021 23:35

Step 1 — HOE checks validity of STATISTICS’ bankroll.

Step 2 — HOE lies with STATISTICS….

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Concerned Virginian

Concerned Virginian Offline Wolverine Reply to  barkerjim September 11, 2021 15:17

The article and the comments are brutal.

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Another hat tip to GA/FL – she came up with some startling information – link HERE – that CDC is now pulling the same trick, as when they are hiding days 1 through 14, by LIKEWISE calling people UNVACCINATED if it has been over 90 days since their last jab.

The hiding of days 1-14 made sense mostly for hiding vaccine injuries, as well as the slow and migratory pharmacokinetics of the vaccine, and early vaccine failure to immunize. But cutting off at 90 days is the same thing for hiding ADE and failure against variants.

Hopefully, we get as aggressive on their “90 day scam” as we were on their “14 day scam”.

Here is our discussion:

Wolf Moon

Wolf Moon Online Admin Coyote Reply to  GA/FL September 11, 2021 19:12

Georgia – am I reading that correctly – about the 90 DAY part – that they are basically “unvaccinating the vaccinated” at THREE MONTHS after their last injection?

THAT is HUGE – because that basically keeps most people being classified as unvaccinated.


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Wolf Moon

Wolf Moon Online Admin Coyote Reply to  Wolf Moon September 11, 2021 19:13

In theory, the only way to stay “vaccinated” is to get FOUR PER YEAR.

That will have a HUGE impact on human fertility.

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Concerned Virginian

Concerned Virginian Offline Wolverine Reply to  Wolf Moon September 11, 2021 19:16

Wolf Moon
AND it will be a MUCH faster way to decimate / destroy the body’s natural immune system.

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Concerned Virginian

Concerned Virginian Offline Wolverine Reply to  Wolf Moon September 11, 2021 19:15

Wolf Moon
And that would ALSO be a “convenient” way to DENY the fact that the “vaccines” compromise the recipient’s immune system, making the person MORE vulnerable in real terms to COVID / any of the “variants.”
Cases in point: My son and DIL, both MD’s, both “fully vaccinated” in FEBRUARY of this year, both coming down with “breakthrough cases” of COVID in AUGUST.

Last edited 9 hours ago by Concerned Virginian

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It is really becoming apparent that they will cover up using any method, or tell any science lie, to give us these bad vaccines. This kind of pig-headed determination that KILLS people is clearly Soviet, Maoist or Nazi – take your pick.


A final note, going back to the anonymous whistleblower nurse.

She talks about patients – isolated from family and friends in the lockdown COVID ward – getting REMDESIVIR – a drug which is GUARANTEED to be more useless than any “horse dewormer”.

This is the drug that Fauci the LIAR announced under Trump, and called the new “gold standard of care”.

Oh, Fauci was having fun there.

You see, he was TAUNTING US.

When he said “gold standard”, he was talking about MAKING A LOT OF MONEY – and I would further stipulate they planned to do it with a “goldbrick” drug.

At the time Fauci announced it, we were able to see the study. That study results were actually revealed a day or two before that, and on the news, the stock market reacted badly, because THEY could see what I saw, when I looked at the results.

WORSE than hydroxychloroquine. WORSE than ivermectin. And substantially so. I mean, it was CYNICAL to even suggest that this was an “OK” drug, much less a “gold standard”, when it was WORSE than the results for drugs that THEY said don’t work.

And worse yet, the patients getting remdesivir CLEARLY suffered kidney damage, including going on DIALYSIS. This was all BACKWARDS from reality.

This was not merely my reading of the results. LATER STUDIES confirmed this.


The doctors in this article almost ACCUSE the makers of remdesivir of shaking down patients and insurance, it’s so obvious that the stuff does not work, except to make money.

COZY, this little arrangement. Not necessarily for the People.

That Chinese organization called “WHO” has actually taken notice, and like a stopped clock, is correct in no longer recommending remdesivir.

And suddenly, I remembered something.

Cthulhu had talked about Fauci seeking an AIDS vaccine FIRST, and then going to the toxic drug AZT, which was in itself a plague and a scandal.

Well, we’re seeing BOTH of those scandals again – a vaccine AND a drug for a retrovirus (AGAIN – people are not talking about the ESSENTIAL Jaenisch paper.)

And it’s the SAME GUY.

But NOW, with his former young protege running CDC.

Something is not right here. It’s not just the vaccines, and it’s not just the drugs. AND LOGIC may have a whole bunch of things for Suspicious Cat.


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“Oh! What A Tangled Web We Weave When First We Practice To Deceive” 
.comment image


the dead eyes of a psycho/sociopath.


Oooohh… scary little monkey man!

Brave and Free

Thanks Wolf again for pulling this all together. When we see theses individual acts of deception linked together the picture becomes much easier to see.


It’s horrifying. Much like a black-and-white horror film about experiments on humans who can find no way out. Those who are not hospitalized are okay for now, but our fellow men, women, and children are dying at the hands of those who have sworn do “do no harm.” And we are faced with *what if* we or a loved one has to be hospitalized. What can/will we do?

Last edited 1 year ago by TheseTruths

There is a reason Dr Z and many docs are clearly saying, Stay Out Of The Hospital.


Yes, but sometimes you can’t. People with existing disease get sicker, people have bad accidents, they get pneumonia and have heart attacks and strokes, etc.




In the past I only went into Catholic hospitals run by Nuns 🙂
They were good having my babies there in St Louis.
Here in town they had a Catholic hospital run by nuns.

Maybe 20 years ago I did some translating for a doctor who had a group of Germans visiting. He told me stay out of hospitals if you want to stay healthy. I was surprised because he was the head honcho.

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Two incidents of virulent vaccinated asymptomatic spread:


Svlad and Dieter?

Valerie Curren

excellent finds, thanks for sharing!

Cuppa Covfefe

If they’d only quit monkeying with the virus and the “vaxx”…


I hope they cave the gorillas Ivermectin?


The nurse above also mentioned that the hospital at one stage was giving the patients Ivermectin in addition to Remdesivir and the patients were recovering. After they discontinued using Ivermectin and used only Remdesivir. This resulted in the recovery rate going down. This hospital actually has data that shows Ivermectin works, but they still refuse to subscribe it now.

Deplorable Patriot

Follow the $$$.

They’ve been threatened somehow.


Always. Look there first.


reposting this…

legal resources to…


a list of law firms that can help…






why I keep posting it


Here’s a link to a brilliant article about the COVID con. H/T to a commenter over at CTH.

Here’s an excerpt to wet your whistle:
“This Deep Dive exposes why, from day one, the promise of COVID-Zero can only ever have been a deliberately dishonest shell game designed to prey on a lack of public understanding of how our immune systems work and on how most respiratory viruses differ from other viruses that we routinely vaccinate against. We have been sold a fantasy designed to rope us into a pharmaceutical dependency as a deceitful trade-off for access to our lives. Variant by variant. For as long as the public is willing to go along for the ride. 

Exposing this story does not require incriminating emails or whistleblower testimony. The story tells itself by diving into the long-established science that every single virologist, immunologist, evolutionary biologist, vaccine developer, and public health official had access to long before COVID began. As is so often the case, the devil is hidden in the details. As this story unfolds it will become clear that the one-two punch of lockdowns and the promise of vaccines as an exit strategy began as a cynical marketing ploy to coerce us into a never-ending regimen of annual booster shots intentionally designed to replace the natural “antivirus security updates” against respiratory viruses that come from hugs and handshakes and from children laughing together at school. We are being played for fools.”


Yes it is.

They also get to the solution to end this Reign of Terror:


But now that you see the con, you can’t unsee it. And now that you understand the threat and how the game is being played, there is a weight that comes off your shoulders. 

When you know there’s a threat, but you don’t know exactly what it is, every movement in the grass might be a tiger or a snake or a scorpion. It’s paralysing and exhausting to defend yourself against an invisible unknown and they have used that fear masterfully against us to keep us frozen. But once you spot the tiger in the grass, you know where to direct your focus, your feet become unglued, your voice becomes bold, and you regain the clarity of thought to defend yourself.

The con is clear. So, we can let go of all the worries about depopulation and bioweapons and all the gaslighting about variants and focus all our might on stopping this runaway train before it takes us over the cliff into a police state of no return. Rent-seeking snake-oil salesmen don’t set out to kill their customers in a subscription-based economy. It’s just that they are not that bothered if you’re maimed or killed as collateral damage to their wild reckless con. They are the threat. They are the danger that deserves our undivided attention. Stand up. Speak out. Refuse to play along. Stopping this requires millions of voices with the courage to say NO — at work, at home, at school, at church, and out on the street. 

Nonviolent direct action seeks to create such a crisis & foster such a tension that a community which has constantly refused to negotiate is forced to confront the issue. It seeks so to dramatize the issue that it can no longer be ignored.” — Martin Luther King Jr.

Compliance is the glue that holds tyranny together. Non-compliance breaks it apart. One person alone cannot stop this. But if millions find the courage to raise their voices and the courage to refuse to participate in the system on these tyrannical medical terms, it will throw the system into such a crisis and create such a tension that the community will be forced to confront the issue. Without enough truckers, no-one eats. Without enough medical staff, hospitals close. Without enough workers, supply chains break. Without enough policemen, laws cannot be enforced. Without enough garbage collectors, cities grind to a halt. Without enough cashiers, box stores cannot stay open. Without enough administrators, institutions cease to function. Without enough staff, corporations lose profits. Without enough servers, restaurants cannot serve their customers. And without enough customers, businesses are brought to their knees. 

Tyranny is not sustainable if the system grinds to a halt. Make it grind by being a thorn in everyone’s side until they give us back our freedoms and end this ridiculous charade. They are trying to impose vaccine passports and mandatory vaccinations. But we hold the cards… but only if we are bold enough to stand up even at the risk of finding ourselves standing alone. Courage begets courage. It was Martin Luther King’s secret power. It must be ours.

Now that you see the con, you also know the simple recipe to make this virus go away before their reckless policies turn it a monster virus for real. Remember 1918. End the war on the virus. Let the young folks come out of the trenches. Let people go back to their lives. Provide focused protection for the vulnerable. That is how this virus fades into the history books. 

It’s time to be bold. It’s time to call out the fraudsters. And it’s time to reclaim the habits, values, and principles that are required to fix our democratic and scientific institutions to prevent this from ever happening again. 

Feudalism was one giant stinking cesspool of self-serving corruption. Individual rights, free markets, the democratic process, and limited government were the antidotes that freed humanity from that hierarchical servitude. It seems we have come full circle. The COVID con is a symptom, not the cause, of a broken system.


Yes, we need a Great Reset. Just not the subscription-based version that the World Economic Forum imagined.

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Last edited 1 year ago by eilert

Americans must NOT comply. If we allow this con to continue, we will become Australia, where cops and representatives at a local level become the brownshirt COVID enforcers, before Christmas arrives. This is why the Capital Police are opening offices outside of DC!


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comment image

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Gee, who else might it be that has been saying this? Nanzi?

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I have only taken the flu shot twice in my life, both times because of employment.

BOTH times, I immediately GOT THE FLU. As in really, really sick. And I almost never get the flu if I’m NOT vaccinated. So rare that it’s 2-3 times in my life.

I don’t know why this is. Maybe my immune system is sensitive to “artificial” injection. But I know MANY other people who say the same thing, so it isn’t just me. Some of us appear to be susceptible to “flu by flu-shot.”

In the case of the Covid clot-shot, maybe some people are almost immediately getting Covid. They are within that fourteen day window. When they die they are classified as unvaccinated. But the shot killed them, as surely as the flu shot gives me the flu.

This, plus the 90-day rule, is the game. The only way to defeat the game is to prove that:

A) Some people get the disease FROM the shot

B) ADE is actually happening, sometime after the 90-day mark

WE know it. But how do we get others to know it?


I had the same problem with the flu shot. My daughter and science son told me that I do not get the flu from the shot. My daughter told me her friends say the same after a flu shot they got sick. The last one i took was real bad reaction and that was the end.
Hey as I always say what do I know 🙂


Me, too. What do I know?


🙂 🙂 🙂 ” I know nothing”


Sergeant Schultz, that’s me.


🙂 🙂 🙂



Lara Logan on FOX segment from 9/10 (Tucker’s show)…

Mandate Nation


Valerie Curren

I’m using a public library computer but your video above says:

“Video unavailable

This video is restricted. Please check the Google Workspace
administrator and/or the network administrator restrictions.”

I’m using the Google Chrome browser on the public computer…fyi

Valerie Curren

glad you saw this to throw into your super sleuth techie troubleshooting bag-o-tricks!

By the way it looks like all the employees here at the library & most of the elderly are all masked up. So sad & frustrating to see people in chains  😥 

I want to shout this post out to the room but think that these people are not ready to be unplugged!

Hope this is the correct movie bit, as no headphones so cannot hear the dialog!


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MEDIA BLACKOUT : Renowned German Pathologist’s Vaccine Autopsy Data Is Shocking…And Being Censored


August 2021

Cuppa Covfefe

Yep. Merde-Kuh has an iron hand on all YSM/MCM media here, be it radio, TV, print, internet, etc. She met a few years ago with Zuck (and I think others) probably in preparation for this “truth lockdown”. No comments about the Mozzies, the vast increase of the number of rapes, robberies, stabbings, “honor” killings, and other crimes fomented by them since they started their latest invasion (and now we get the Afghanis, too).

Göbbels must be jealous as all hell. In Hell…

But there are alternative media outlets such as, and German versions of many other ones. And is also relatively objective, especially since they don’t discourage honest comments (so the comments section there is fantastic).

My wife has a number of clued-in (as in completely un-woke skeptics) in her bible-study group who are working to spread the truth (and THE TRUTH), including a few in the medical fields, some of whom are digging deeper into what is REALLY going on.

There IS hope. The problem is getting the sheeple to finally wake up. Almost a “don’t bother me with reality” attitude.

Great article (I think it was mentioned here a while back, as it looks familiar, at least Professor Dr. med. Peter Schirmacher. Kind of funny (not) how they keep quoting the Paul Erlich Institute (radical anti-population group) as well as the Robert Koch Institut, who are just as crooked as the CDC…

Valerie Curren

Another Excellent post, Wolfmoon!!! Thank you so much for putting this together. I hope you have archived this post & Every Link you shared so that the Deep State cannot make this very important info disappear.

God Bless you as you continue to battle for Truth & Freedom from tyranny! You Rock!!!
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comment image
comment image

Deplorable Patriot

That’s the thing about history. It repeats itself if not enough people know it. That is what these demon spawns are counting on: not enough people knowing their history. Put a hive together and the holes in the collective memory get filled.

Except for the age of the internet, they might have been able to pull it off, but too many people are aware.

Concerned Virginian
Credit to Bloomberg
1 hour ago
“Here’s What the Next Six Months of the Pandemic Will Bring”

Down and Dirty Summary: According to “experts”, the next 6 months will be brutal for the entire planet regarding COVID-19. Variants will appear that render the current “vaccines” useless in terms of protection. The unvaccinated will get very sick and hospitals will again be filled. FTA: “Almost everyone will be either infected or vaccinated before the pandemic ends, experts agree. Maybe both…As a result, COVID could be like the flu, requiring regular vaccine top-ups to remain effective as the virus evolves.”
The article then speculates that another “novel influenza” virus, or another coronavirus “making the leap from animals to humans” can also emerge during the coming months.
“Experts” apparently agree that it will take 90% to 95% of the entire population of the planet getting “vaccinated” to “tame the current outbreak.”
FTA: “Without vaccination, one is like sitting duck, because the virus will spread widely and find most everybody this autumn and winter”, said Lone Simonsen, an epidemiologist and professor of population health sciences at Roskilde University in Denmark. She says that COVID is only in the middle of its “second wave”, with no end in sight.
And the economic impacts of the pandemic will take years to heal.


Did Biden not predict a dark winter? What did he know and when?


“Did Biden not predict a dark winter? What did he know and when?”


Not much, and not for long… 👍😂


>>”90% to 95% of the entire population of the planet“<<

Hmmm …

Now where have I heard that before?

Oh wait – yes! – it’s the percentage range of the DEPOPULATION goal from Agenda 21.

Some “coincidence”.


The difference between this pandemic and prior one’s is the foolish attempt to vaccinate into it with a weak leaky vaccine. In the past the pandemic ran its course and they were typically done in 18 months. Many times with no one really knowing there was one going through the population. Thanks social media.


“The unvaccinated will get very sick and hospitals will again be filled.”


Except me… always with the broad, sweeping all-inclusive declarations… it’s like they don’t even know me 😁


#20 – Doug Ross Top Twenty Tweets.

Dr. Robert Malone (Inventor of mRNA vaccines and RNA as a drug) asks a dad gum good question:

Please ask yourself, “Why is the USA requiring vaccination for all with an outdated vax, when many have already been infected, recovered, developed natural immunity?”. Stop. Think. Why the censorship? Why the mandates? Why the constant propaganda push?”

Link –

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