Dear KAG: 20220817 Open Thread

Will be on the lookout for primary results…or the constant recounting that will most likely occur.




Dear Professionally Republican….

MAGA is the voice of the working class.

The working class is what keeps all the shit working. We are the binding within the patchwork quilt of our constitutional republic.

The working class that had been beaten, put down, isolated, disconnected from policy, ridiculed for not having pedigree, all of it, became United in MAGA.

It’s a massive political tent. The biggest political coalition in the history of American politics.

Candidate Trump introduced the professional GOPe to economic nationalism. They, perhaps you, hated him for it.

President Trump then initiated economic nationalism.

The MAGA working class immediately felt the benefits of economic nationalism.

This is what unifies the MAGA base and attaches to President Donald Trump.

This is what both wings of the professional political class just do not understand, and even more dislike.

Judge Who Approved Trump Search Warrant Was in Role by Chance


DOJ Keeps Affidavit Sealed and Fuels Red Wave

For those following me, you knew this was coming. This confirms our narrative that Trump is the one advocating for transparency, and that the Deep State are looking to hide and deceive.

I can guarantee you, if they found something, we would have heard about it. The fact that they do not want the public to see the “probable cause”, indicates that they didn’t find what they were looking for in order to justify this raid. If they had a legitimate cause, they would release it, because it would help fuel their narrative and public image, which has gone completely off the rails.

Instead, the enemy use powerful and misleading language to suggest that Trump is a threat to national security, and will attempt to use this as a media narrative before the midterms. If he was actually a criminal, the FBI would have leaked it to the press the moment they had something. To me, this proves they have nothing and this was all political theatre. Political theatre that has mysteriously only benefitted Trump immensely.

Just one person’s opinion. Most of red America finds no mystery in the benefits to President Trump. He was wronged.

We Win, They Lose. That Simple.

Exciting times.  A dangerous but exhilarating moment in history to be alive.  The ground beneath us quakes, and everything once held certain seems turned to mush.  Whatever we grasp for balance proves unsteady, too.  The world is crashing down, it seems, and no countervailing force exists to keep everything in place.

When we accept this reality, when we look around and say, “Hey, what was will never be again,” then the troubles around us become a little lighter to bear.  We are not here to fight for yesterday; we are here to fight for tomorrow.  Yesterday gives us guidance; tomorrow gives us purpose.  Yet just because we fight for tomorrow does not mean we aren’t also fighting for today.  When you learn to punch, you’re taught to aim beyond your target.  You punch through what you mean to hit to maximize force and minimize pain to yourself.  In the same way, we aim for the future in order to seize today.  We picture together what type of future we want.  We strive for that future with ferocity and perseverance.  And one day we look around and realize that we’ve managed to build a remarkable world right here in the present.  Nothing endures in this earthly existence but that cycle.  It’s what we do when challenges arise that matters.  Those acts, fleeting though they may be, are our shared legacy to one another.  

So look at the international communists’ “Great Reset” or “Build Back Better” dystopias as inevitable if you want, but do so knowing that you’re watching strikes being thrown into the catcher’s mitt without ever swinging.  Your mind and soul provide a powerful bat.  Our enemies are throwing heat right down the center of the plate.  And there has never been a better time to swing for the fences! 

Study Claims More Kids Are Fat And Unhealthy Because Of GLOBAL WARMING


It wouldn’t be due to a crappy food supply and parents using electronics as babysitters, now would it?

Inconvenient Truth: “The GOP Is Nowhere Near as Committed to Saving America as Democrats Are to Killing Her”

It’s true. The vast majority of Republican lawmakers in DC, especially those who are running for reelection, have taken the safest possible road. They are acting as if this nation is in good enough shape that if we wait for the midterms, everything can be made whole. This is far from the case. One can even argue that they haven’t put up much of a fight against, well, anything because they hope the Democrats get their legislative wishes. That way, Americans can see just how bad their policies really are.

It’s a decent election strategy in normal times, but the current state of the nation is nowhere near normal. We needed them fighting when the 2020 election was stolen. We needed them fighting the very day Joe Biden was installed into the White House. We’ve needed them to continue fighting tooth-and-nail ever since. Instead, they whine about things while helping Democrats pass the expensive yet worthless infrastructure bill. They talk about conservatism while many helped pass gun control.

Dodge Challenger, Charger production is ending. Here’s how to snag one

Electric muscle cars. It’s just unAmerican. I mean….

Joe Biden’s 2022 Migrant Flood Breaks Records

Another 199,976 economic migrants arrived at the southern border in July, ensuring President Joe Biden’s 2022 migration exceeds the total 2021 numbers, even though August and September numbers have yet to be added.

More busses should be arriving in Washington any time now.

Washington DC and the Pundits Won’t Talk About This, But I will

Reading all the professional political chatter from both wings of the uniparty bird about the DOJ position on the Trump raid in Mar-a-Lago, something sticks out to me that readers here will relate to, but others, likely not so much.   Consider this written to all the reasonable and intellectually honest people.

You see, there is an actual mechanism that is being ignored by members within the professional DC silos and the DC ‘outrage’ stenographers.  I was reminded of it when reading the professional obfuscation in the Wall Street Journal as they outlined how Merrick Garland “weighed the raid on Mar-a-Lago for several weeks” prior to August 8.

Technically there is a mechanism for executive branch conflict resolution that involves actual transparency, not the political talking points of the illusion of transparency.  However, when the Fourth Branch of Government was created, the conflict resolution measure that provides oversight and escape from accusations of unequal application of law was dispatched.  It was dispatched because, well, the unequal application of the law was the intent.

What I am talking about is the legislative branch oversight mechanism known as the Gang-of-Eight.   Whenever the executive branch runs into a conflict that involves sensitivity within an issue they define as “national security,” the executive branch is supposed to use the tool of the legislative branch to extricate themselves from the conflict.

Quite simply the DOJ/FBI could have briefed the Go8 on the nature of the sensitive ‘national security’ issue, and this bipartisan briefing to both democrats and republicans removes Main Justice from the appearance of political impropriety.  If, later on, the nature of their investigation is ever questioned, Main Justice (the representatives of the executive branch) have the shield of telling the American public that congress was notified.

Yeah, but that’s not what happened.



Have a good day y’all.

(I don’t remember who brought this to a daily in the comments, but thanks.)

And, of course, the obligatory George Carlin:

Per the Boss:

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MATTHEW 20:1-16

1“For the kingdom of heaven is like a householder who went out early in the morning to hire laborers for his vineyard. 2After agreeing with the laborers for a denarius a day, he sent them into his vineyard. 3And going out about the third hour he saw others standing idle in the market place; 4and to them he said, `You go into the vineyard too, and whatever is right I will give you.’ So they went. 5Going out again about the sixth hour and the ninth hour, he did the same. 6And about the eleventh hour he went out and found others standing; and he said to them, `Why do you stand here idle all day?’ 7They said to him, `Because no one has hired us.’ He said to them, `You go into the vineyard too.’ 8And when evening came, the owner of the vineyard said to his steward, `Call the laborers and pay them their wages, beginning with the last, up to the first.’ 9And when those hired about the eleventh hour came, each of them received a denarius. 10Now when the first came, they thought they would receive more; but each of them also received a denarius. 11And on receiving it they grumbled at the householder, 12saying, `These last worked only one hour, and you have made them equal to us who have borne the burden of the day and the scorching heat.’ 13But he replied to one of them, `Friend, I am doing you no wrong; did you not agree with me for a denarius? 14Take what belongs to you, and go; I choose to give to this last as I give to you. 15Am I not allowed to do what I choose with what belongs to me? Or do you begrudge my generosity?’ 16So the last will be first, and the first last.”

This is the psalm today. So many settings.

As always, prayers for the fight against that which seeks to enslave us are welcome.

Please include: President Donald Trump, the Q team, our soldiers in the field, special forces, tactical units, first responders and those working behind the scenes…and any and all people with family members in the hospital, COVID or not.

And…members of the QTree who no longer participate for one reason or another, as well as Gil, RDS, Bakocarl, Nora, Cthulhu (who is getting prayers whether it’s life threatening or not) and any others facing serious health issues right now..

It is quite clear, as per Wolf’s message from July, that we are under spiritual attack. Building up a robust arsenal of prayer and discipline is a must in fighting the enemy and his minions.

In that spirit, the Prayer to St. Michael the Archangel from Tuesday’s threads, and the Breastplate of St. Patrick, not to mention the Litany of Humility are favorites recommended by exorcists in spiritual warfare.


Not Really Satire Section

Amen, JP. Amen.

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Mullets are still a thing….?

Cuppa Covfefe

Easier to go both ways?????



“Between the fiscal years 2006 and 2019, the agency spent $21.3 million on guns, ammunition and military-style equipment, using the funds to stockpile 4,500 guns and five million rounds of ammunition.”


Why, yes — I think there should be a checkbox on the 1040 to get part of your refund in the form of ammo and firearms.

bflyjesusgrl 🍊 😎NUCLEAR MAGA😎



I’m glad Catturd can laugh about this. His two pups are tearing up a couch, and the cat is watching with disdain. 😅

So this just happened. Prepare to LOL! 😂 😂 😂


That is a sofa with slipcover I have two of those can wash the covers. The dogs need to be in a crate if he cannot watch them otherwise they eat the house and will not outgrow the habit. My one rescue 5 years old when he came to me ate the walls and the house. They got rid of the Weimeraner. I put a leash on him when I could watch him and correct him. When I was not in the room he was in a crate and hour in the morning and an hour in the afternoon and at night. He became the best dog ever. A dog needs to be trained early not to turn into a problem.


Your last sentence should read: “A child needs to be trained early not to turn into a problem. 😆 

Gail Combs

That too.

Goes for ALL animals (and kids) Heck all my goats and sheep come into a catch pen to be fed. That means I can catch them easily for medical treatment. If they get out, a shake of the feed bucket in the pen has them come running.

NONE of my goats or sheep butt people either.

ALL my ponies come to a whistle. And they ALL know they are not to kick or bite. or they WILL get a good spanking.

YOU NEVER EVER ALLOW BAD BEHAVIOR no matter how’cute’ in a young animal.


That also 🙂


Eating the walls is a new one to me. I had wondered if the puppies were going to chew on things in the house. Silly me, of course they were!


The Weimaraner put holes in the walls in his previous house. he also ate everything off the counter or whatever he could get. When he came to me I set the rules right away. After three months I did not have to close the door on his crate. He needed lots of love lots of walks and playtime. He turned into a wonderful dog.

bflyjesusgrl 🍊 😎NUCLEAR MAGA😎

I’d stick their noses in it, spank the snot out of em(not hurt them, just their feelings), shame them, crate and then ignore them.
Then periodically do the nose and shame routine. NO NO NO BAD DOG!
If they do it again, they’re outside dogs.
I got stories….Expensive Ethan Allen poster bed and dresser TWICE!!, sheetrock and door moldings in bath and utility rooms. ARGH!!! Outside they went!



bflyjesusgrl 🍊 😎NUCLEAR MAGA😎

I had paid an expensive furniture repair guy to haul off the poster bed. Intricate pineapple and motif detail from their Ernest Hemmingway collection. $$$ No bed for a week. He was able to fix the dresser corner onsite. Then the little $h!ts ate the same dresser corner AGAIN!!! LAST STRAW.

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

Dogs need pack discipline. Daddy and mommy BITE – and snarl the dickens out of the little devils. There’s a reason.


It takes patience and persistence to train a dog. That has to be from day one. No slacking. I never had problems. The dog needs to know what is expected. The crate is the best friend for the owner and the dog. I always had the crate in my bedroom. Dogs also need quiet time and feel secure.


Imagine 9 pups!

bflyjesusgrl 🍊 😎NUCLEAR MAGA😎

Garage time!!

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

Yup. Early discipline is essential. We taught ours to be gentle with her toys. She learned how to carry delicate things, and had a huge collection of toys that she cared for and loved.


YEP, CANNOT LET THEM GET AWAY WITH DESTRUCTiON!! Especially of things that are not theirs. Give them lots of their own toys that they can chew til their hearts content. My rotten doggies had just about every toy ever made. All of them missing the squeakers, LOL. My girl Aussie was super smart, knew the toys by name. If I said go get the frog, she’d hunt til she found it and put it in my hand. She ALWAYS wanted to play fetch. She’d bark and bark at me non stop, keep putting the toy in my lap or hand, til I threw it. OVER AND OVER AND OVER AGAIN.


Mine has a basket full of toys and one that speaks. He loves Mr Bill 🙂 Mine does not eat toys either. They say when they try to chew furniture or rip pillows to give them a chewy . I did that with mine and they learned not to chew things.

Gail Combs

TEETHING PUPS!  🙄  😫  😲 


My goats who were on loan to a neighbor for understory clearing decided it was time to come home. I found them this evening on the porch waiting to be let in to their feed pen to be fed.

My neighbor showed an hour later in a panic looking for them. We were busy changing bandages on an injured pony so did not have a chance to call him when we first saw the goats arrive…

Luckily the pony will be OK. We were not sure at first but the vet was happy with his progress during her second visit. NO INFECTION!  🤗  And the stitches are still intact.


I don’t know if we have the equipment any more. People used to use a lightly rolled newspaper so it would make a lot of noise and not do more than a surface whack. I guess now you’re supposed to load an app and hit ’em with a cellphone.

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

Spare the rod, spoil the domesticated wolf.


I’m betting the pups ran in the room to see what all the commotion was about, as the cat was interrupted a quiet stretch/clawing exercise on that couch arm.. that cat has that guilty look, pups are just finishing what the cat started  😃 


KanekoaTheGreat, Truth Social

Second half of this article is NOW posted!

Konnech’s software helps manage the poll workers, polling locations, mail-in ballots, and supplies necessary to run elections in the United States.

The company’s CEO and software engineers have graduated from numerous Chinese universities including Zhejiang University, Nanjing University, Beijing University, HuaZhong University, University of Science and Technology of China, and China Agricultural University.


Word to the wise:


Note that he Wyoming primary results were announced in a timely manner, followed quickly by a concession speech.

We have NOT heard the last of the Cheneys, the Bushes, or the Clintons.

Mark my words.


The political mafia will not go into the night quietly. To much money will be lost for them also to much power. They think they are Royalty and entitled. It is we the people who decide and it is not their birthright .


Another Captain Obvious comment by SD. 😀 Cheney has given every indication that she’s not going away. I mean, what does a statement like “I’m going to do everything in my power to make sure Donald Trump never goes near the White House again” mean? That she’s going to take up beekeeping?

She will be courted and promoted and given speaking engagements by the RINOs. She will fund-raise and have secret strategy meetings. She’s an enemy to MAGA.

bflyjesusgrl 🍊 😎NUCLEAR MAGA😎

Actually, that orignal tweet was from a Dem about Trump. David Plouffe maybe? Some Dude’s being funny, true, but funny.


It is a paraphrased version of David Plouffes now-deleted tweet:
comment image

(He’s NOT WRONG !)

bflyjesusgrl 🍊 😎NUCLEAR MAGA😎

That’s the one!




Got it!


I wouldn’t make any kind of comparison that would put Cheney on the same level as PDJT, though.


Purely laughable, Cheney ever being on par with Trump.


OK. More Rinos outed.

Trump runs, Rinos will largely line up with Trump. Wussy Rinos can be rounded up.

May be very entertaining.

bflyjesusgrl 🍊 😎NUCLEAR MAGA😎

Oh, I so hope she enters the 2024 Primary!!!! 🤣🤣


(by “she”, do you mean Liz or Hillary ?)

bflyjesusgrl 🍊 😎NUCLEAR MAGA😎

Either, Both, Trump will trounce them all!!!!


Well, yes… but will your vote COUNT ? Will there even be an ELECTION ?

bflyjesusgrl 🍊 😎NUCLEAR MAGA😎

Yes there will be, and I’ll stand in line all day on the 1st Tuesday in November if I have to!!!



bflyjesusgrl 🍊 😎NUCLEAR MAGA😎


That is smart if one once and needs the Trump Maga crowd.


comment imageDonald J Trump


The Fake News Media continues to push Crazy Liz Cheney and the fact that, despite losing her Wyoming Congressional race to a far superior candidate by an unprecedented 40 points, she has a “bright” political future. Really? I don’t think so, but perhaps that’s why we call it the FAKE NEWS!


Only if “bright” means “flaming out!”

Cuppa Covfefe

Like a moth flying to a candle flame…



Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

but perhaps that’s why we call it the FAKE NEWS!

I love this man! He fights and never gives up!!!


THAT’S why he can be INDICTED, but he MUST NOT BE ARRESTED !


comment imageThe Bias News


CNN: Trump considering releasing surveillance footage of FBI Mar-a-Lago search


IMO — Do It.



Do It.



Have some film director set it to mood music. Make a production out of it.

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

OMG, it could be HILARIOUS!!!


Looks like it may be MORE than PDJTs PRIVATE surveillance footage; DOJ/FBI video/audio/body-cam; etc:

comment imageThe Epoch Times


“The raw and unedited video footage…will be the best chance the American people have of knowing what actually happened.”

America First Legal filed a #FOIA request demanding the #DOJrelease video and audio recordings from the #FBIRaid on Trump’s home.
comment imageAmerica First Legal Demands Justice Department Release Video Recordings From Trump RaidAmerica First Legal filed a Freedom of Information Act request demanding the Justice Department release video and audio recordings …


As a retired paralegal who still has an irrational fixation on political/legal matters, let me just say this excites me. No further details will be forthcoming.  😊 


C’mon… OUT WITH IT !

Gail Combs

Redpill 78 The Pit – A Postmortem: Thoughts & Takeaways

Here is my postmortem on the pit, the tools presented and the final act which was not broadcast live. I also want to specify CATHERINE DID NOT TELL PEOPLE TO FORGET ABOUT 2020.

45 minutes. He brakes down the pit in simple terms. Worth the 45 minutes. There is some new information I was not already aware of.

Oh, I forgot. He lists a number of things WE the people can do to protect our elections.

Last edited 1 month ago by Gail Combs

I learned some things too.

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy



Eric Trump — “I remember we used to bullseye womp-rats out in the desert, and they’re just shy of two meters.”


MOAR on the Anne Heche story.

Best comment. So..the Uvalde fire department was in town that day on a rescue mission i reckon ..”


Brutal comment.

(Only read the comment.)

Last edited 1 month ago by kalbokalbs
Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

Farber is an excellent journalist, willing to handle the toughest stories that don’t necessarily resolve.

These two paragraphs are key, IMO.

The post 2021 tradition of mass media barely raising their opera glasses when a celebrity suddenly dies, aborting the entire obsessive media conversation about how exactly, precisely, they died, is a clear tactic to deflect mass death by covid shots. It’s new.

Anne Heche’s death represents a return to old, pre-Covid traditions of mass media coverage of a celebrity death, complete with random doctors being interviewed about cause and manner of death. This contrasts sharply with the past 1.5 years of intense gaslighting by mass media and big tech, who simply ceased all interest and reporting on how a celebrity died, to avoid the black elephant. (Vaccine deaths.)

This is really key. This is part of what I’m seeing – that the depop shot-protecting narratives are in retreat. The depop axis forces are pulling back inside CDC. They’re pulling back in media. They are – in my opinion – beginning a COVER-UP OPERATION.

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

“There is no secret global communist surge with concomitant depopulation.”