Yes, Crowder Is Loud, And His Critics Are Avoiding His Points

We haven’t had much in the way of discussion regarding the dust up between Stephen Crowder and the Daily Mail last week here at the Q Tree, but it’s one of the most important stories out there right now, hence, me actually being compelled to write about it.

First off, what happened.

Stephen Crowder left The Blaze in December over disgust with message suppression due to content being sanitized so that he – and other content providers to The Blaze – and his social media channels would not be deplatformed. This happened AFTER a merger with another media company. Apparently, The Blaze, like so many other online publications relies quite a bit on ad revenue to pay staff, or so they want said staff to believe. Really, in the history of all media, that has been a business model used by journalism, specifically.

When Crowder left, his audience, supposedly the largest in the online world, presumably left with him. That meant, a loose cannon who believes in the true conservative movement, not the milquetoast one pushed at us everyday, has the largest audience in conservative online media.

Somewhere in the background, Crowder received an offer from another online publication, one of several, that offered him a lot of money – $50 million, which, apparently Daily Wire has to spend, or anticipates having to spend on this endeavor – to be his distributer for a set amount of content over four years. That money would have to cover his staff and running his shop, with financial penalties for not producing content or being deplatformed.

Somehow, some way, this was a straw for Stephen Crowder, and he kind of snapped. On Tuesday, January 17, 2023, he put out this video, which is worth a watch in its entirety.

The first a lot of us saw of this was an article from Sundance who has been harping on the big money behind all of this for years.

Steven Crowder Goes to the Mattresses Against Big Con

The problem he outlines is an inside baseball dynamic taking place in the background of the conservative media.  It essentially boils down to a financial issue CTH raised a long time ago when the first signals of this troubling trend started.  Most of the “well known” conservative media outlets have been purchased and co-opted by a financial system that ultimately controls their content.

Essentially, online media has had a lot of mergers and acquisitions in the last decade.

For some inexplicably reason that may well have to do with all of the other online content creators’ reaction to the whole fiasco, the Daily Wire came out, and said they were the shop looking to co-opt Crowder and his Mug Club, and they published the actual contract offer.

From there, a whole lot of finger pointing at Crowder came from the voices of Conservative, Inc., including JP Sears, actually, among various outlets, and all concentrated on the $50 million dollars he turned down (almost as if it was coordinated) and not the true message Crowder was trying to send:


There’s a lot to unpack here.

First off, what Crowder’s objection is that the young and upcoming content producers in the America First conservative movement are being tied up in multi-year contracts by shops with better reach, which will – and I’m sure do – put a “chilling effect” (that’s an actual communications law term) on the content, by bending it to what the overlords at the social media platforms will allow to be published. This is EXACTLY the same tactic used in entertainment – specifically the music industry – to tie up talent for years and strangle creative development. (Think Prince/The Artist formerly known as Prince when he legally changed his name to get out of a contract with the record label. This is essentially the same sort of thing.)

This is now, and always has been, the Achilles heel of online publishing in the conservative media realm. The people behind the platforms themselves make the rules of the sandbox, and EVERYONE plays by them, or content is suppressed or made financially disadventageous. The independent people who actually survive in the conservative online world are not financially dependent on their content production efforts or have adopted different business models, like donations and merchandizing.

Multiple sites where I used to produce content went under because we could not spread word of our content on social media sites. Several people were banned, and the algorithms throttled reach. This is unquestionably by design. We all know that.

Crowder’s message is not just that this is happening, but that he is willing to find a way to give the grassroots voices of conservatism – not what Conservatism, Inc., is peddling – a platform, and he will find a way to finance it.

After the Daily Wire put out the actual contract offer, and Conservative, Inc., piled on regarding the money, Crowder responded:

It’s not just business, it’s about the country, saving it, and doing it in spite of big tech, big con, and the deep state trying to essentially bribe the content producers into doing their bidding. Crowder’s sin, then, to Conservative, Inc., is exposing what they are doing with proof.

Personally, I applaud Stephen Crowder for taking this stand and standing on the courage of his convictions. The reaction by the rest of the crowd certainly did show some true colors, as well.

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Brave and Free

Thanks for the clarification DP.

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

We’re getting some real transparency on how media and tech control content! Bravo to Crowder!


Thanks for bringing all of this information to QTree.

While I did not know, the level of arm twisting producers levy, I was NOT surprised to read it. Why…

  • Greed, control, faux “conservatives”. “It’s Business”, corrupts the message.
  • Monopoly: Who Own The World, popped into my mind a couple minutes into the first video. <<< That video Continuously Resonates with me, as I observe daily happenings.

As for recording the conversation(s).

  • Easy bet, Crowder knows the state laws involved. Stayed within the law.
  • Expectation of privacy, may have been tossed in these conversations, as Crowder WAS Thrown Under The Bus. <<< My understanding AND I am good with it.

100%, I Applaud Crowder.

Thanks again for posting this article, videos…


It does depend on the state you’re in. I hope it was legal.


Pulling back the curtain is usually very enlightening. This is no exception. Thanks for posting, DePat. I learned some stuff.


I have actually been following crowder on yt literally within a few months of him first starting to post, closing in on 15 years. Crowder is a happy warrior type, but bombastic and irritating to too many who dont get it.
It is absolutely about the silencing of conservatives with him and completely not the money. He has had health problems and surgeries over the years and mug club has been his priority.
He has stayed w youtube bc its a fan family, not bc he ♥ the platform.
He was completely independent and several people many years ago including Crowder went w a trial run on pj media. Many others quit.
He actually cares about being a “real” conservative.
The coiffured brook bros who run con inc dont like him….they are trying to shut him up.
He would end up w like 15% of that contract after any fines or fees.
Anyone trying to say hes a whiny bch bc he talked about an offer is ignorant or promoting con inc themselves.
Remember, be careful who you follow!


I went and read through so many replies…over and over its just the cash they think he wants.
DP, i also agree on the recording. I told him to be careful after the 1st video. Thats not how I expected him to handle it, but its done. Will see what happens.


I think the whole dw being the perceived winner is very odd. I casually knew probably the most popular alternative dj in socal in the 80s during the early 90s who had a habit of not using the oral filter. He did 1 thing too many and was suspended and replaced….except the show was 100% his creation and content. The corporate station got him to agree to a big payout but he wasnt able to dj ANYWHERE for 5 years and the show wasnt his, and he was morphing into a talk radio guy who got several careers started. Well after that, his career was done completely. No one remembers him now.
It was my 1st intro to how things are done.


In California, non-competes can only arise from the sale of a business and must be narrowly drafted to apply to that business.


This site has a chart showing the laws in each state. It looks as if a number of them allow one-party consent. According to the “Louder with Crowder” LinkedIn page, his company is based in Dallas.

Texas is a one-party-consent state. It’s interesting that it’s not unlawful to disclose the content either.

It is not unlawful for an individual who is a party to or has consent from a party of an in- person or electronic communication to record and or disclose the content of said communication unless the person is doing so for the purpose of committing a tortious or criminal act. An individual may also disclose the content of any electronic communication that is readily accessible to the general public.


Tyvm. Its good to know its not universal.

Gail Combs

I think NC is also a one party consent also.

Wen you think about it it makes sense. If I testify in court I was threatened by Joe, that is not hear say, so why can I not have a recording of Joe threatening me? The recording backs up what I am saying.


The recording always makes sense. The l.a. city council one recently released did too. Y3t theyre trying to find out who did it to prosecute bc it affected dimms.


Most of the states I’ve lived in, have been one party states.

Have never recorded a conversation. But for some reason I have looked it up, for most of the states I have lived in.

Since I AM a smart ass. Many times when I call or some business calls me, they, advise me the call is or may be recorded.

I then tell them, I may or am recording the conversation also. <<< Takes the goof back.

While I have not recorded them, I do it anyway.

Gail Combs

5 million sounds like a lot BUT that is for FIVE YEARS.

So that is 1 million per year.
AND It is NOT just Steve, he has a crew of I think, 2 to 4. who also have to be paid and then there is the studio and travel and ….

SO you are down to ~200,000/ person IF NOTHING GOES WRONG… AND they OWN all your content PERIOD.

It really is a shitty deal.


Ty. I couldnt understand the division but thats nothing.


Just finished the first video, that was great. I missed this story at CTH. Besides recognizing his name, I didn’t know very much about Stephen Crowder, but that was outstanding.

Gail Combs

This is the URL he put up:


I signed. Good for Crowder. Take a stand. Blow it up. Be Samuel Adams.


All I could think of listening to these was Sean Hannity and Mark Levin shilling for gold, or home title lock, etc. They sound ridiculous, but they’re locked in to a contract.

Go Crowder. Burn it all to the ground.

And fuck Daily Wire, if they are doing this to people. Money is their god.

Linda Harrison

Thank you, this was interesting and helps put things in perspective. In order to watch you tube, you must have something “google” on your computer. If you want to comment or like a video, you must sign in using your google account. Each channel is pushing something. I was surprised to see it here when I read the story about the golfer and I wanted to see what the golfer was endorsing so I clicked on “No Boss”, it took months for the ads to go away. I had no idea what no boss was. (All golfers endorse something.) They were on every site I went to including my e-mail. I now stay far away from those stories.


“I was surprised to see it here when I read the story about the golfer and I wanted to see what the golfer was endorsing so I clicked on “No Boss”, it took months for the ads to go away.”


I never see any ads anywhere. Not on you tube, Tweeter, nowhere. I forget ads even exist, until I read a post like yours that mentions them.

I have the following plug-ins for Firefox browser:

Privacy Badger
uBlock Origin
Adblocker Ultimate
Sponsor Block

Some of those are probably redundant, but they don’t seem to conflict with each other.

Linda Harrison

Thank you Scott. I have always used MSN and never changed. They had always been really good about blocking ads until the past year or so. I will have to try Firefox, it is on my computer but I never think to use it. The ones I mentioned on you tube are the ones the you tubers are pushing like honey, tea, long term food items that will last longer than you can live, lol. The No Boss was just everywhere I went, like searching for something and I was barraged with ads.

Brave and Free

Ran across this DP. Another article about Crowder.

bflyjesusgrl 🍊 😎MEGA MAGA GAME ON😎

Oh boy, it’s hitting the fan on Poso’s thread. He and Cernovich are firing back at Crowder. Looks like they may have caught Crowder in a fib.