20200908: MAGA Rally, Winston-Salem, North Carolina, 7 pm EDT

Too bad this rally isn’t tomorrow. From, Wiki:

Winston-Salem is called the “Twin City” for its dual heritage. “Camel City” is a reference to the city’s historic involvement in the tobacco industry related to locally based R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Company’s Camel cigarettes. Many locals refer to the city as “Winston” in informal speech. Winston-Salem is also home to many colleges and institutions, most notably Wake Forest University and Winston-Salem State University.

Camels a day early, let’s see….

The last time I saw somebody with a pack of these, I was in Italy.

Just like so many places in the historic south, the housing was built high to avoid the fumes from the horse droppings.

The origin of the town of Salem dates to January 1753, when Bishop August Gottlieb Spangenberg, on behalf of the Moravian Church, selected a settlement site in the three forks of Muddy Creek. He called this area “die Wachau” (Latin form: Wachovia) named after the ancestral estate of Count Nicolaus Ludwig von Zinzendorf. The land, just short of 99,000 acres (400 km2), was subsequently purchased from John Carteret, 2nd Earl Granville.

On November 17, 1753, the first settlers arrived at what would later become the town of Bethabara. This town, despite its rapid growth, was not designed to be the primary settlement on the tract. Some residents expanded to a nearby settlement called Bethania in 1759. Finally, lots were drawn to select among suitable sites for the location of a new town.

The town established on the chosen site was given the name of Salem (from “Shalom” meaning “Peace”, after the Canaanite city mentioned in the Book of Genesis) chosen for it by the Moravians’ late patron, Count Zinzendorf. On January 6, 1766, the first tree was felled for the building of Salem. Salem was a typical Moravian settlement congregation with the public buildings of the congregation grouped around a central square, today Salem Square. These included the church, a Brethren’s House and a Sisters’ House for the unmarried members of the Congregation, which owned all the property in town. For many years only members of the Moravian Church were permitted to live in the settlement. This practice had ended by the American Civil War. Many of the original buildings in the settlement have been restored or rebuilt and are now part of Old Salem Museums & Gardens.[8]

Salem was incorporated as a town in December 1856.[9] Salem Square and “God’s Acre”, the Moravian Graveyard, since 1772 are the site each Easter morning of the world-famous Moravian sunrise service. This service, sponsored by all the Moravian church parishes in the city, attracts thousands of worshipers each year.[10]

In 1849, the Salem congregation sold land north of Salem to the newly formed Forsyth County for a county seat. The new town was called “the county town” or Salem until 1851 when it was renamed Winston for a local hero of the Revolutionary War, Joseph Winston.[11] For its first two decades, Winston was a sleepy county town. In 1868, work began by Salem and Winston business leaders to connect the town to the North Carolina Railroad.[12] That same year, Thomas Jethro Brown of Davie County rented a former livery stable and established the first tobacco warehouse in Winston. That same year, Pleasant Henderson Hanes, also of Davie, built his first tobacco factory a few feet from Brown’s warehouse. In 1875, Richard Joshua Reynolds, of Patrick County, Virginia, built his first tobacco factory a few hundred feet from Hanes’s factory. By the 1880s, there were almost 40 tobacco factories in the town of Winston. Hanes and Reynolds would compete fiercely for the next 25 years, each absorbing a number of the smaller manufacturers, until Hanes sold out to Reynolds in 1900 to begin a second career in textiles.

So, Winston-Salem actually started life as two different cities and was combined by the post office, actually, in 1880

In the 1880s, the US Post Office began referring to the two towns as Winston-Salem. In 1899, after nearly a decade of contention, the United States Post Office Department established the Winston-Salem post office in Winston, with the former Salem office serving as a branch. After a referendum the towns were officially incorporated as “Winston-Salem” in 1913.

The Reynolds family, namesake of the R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Company, played a large role in the history and public life of Winston-Salem. By the 1940s, 60% of Winston-Salem workers worked either for Reynolds or in the Hanes textile factories.[13] The Reynolds company imported so much French cigarette paper and Turkish tobacco for Camel cigarettes that Winston-Salem was designated by the United States federal government as an official port of entry for the United States, despite the city being 200 miles (320 km) inland.[13] Winston-Salem was the eighth-largest port of entry in the United States by 1916.[13]

In 1917, the Reynolds company bought 84 acres (340,000 m2) of property in Winston-Salem and built 180 houses that it sold at cost to workers, to form a development called “Reynoldstown.”[13] By the time R.J. Reynolds died in 1918, his company owned 121 buildings in Winston-Salem.[13]

I’ll add live links to this post during the late afternoon as they become available.


In the meantime, please post tweets and videos below of what’s going on in Pennsylvania, and any travel stories you may have of the place.

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Since there’s a few hours until the rally, I’m going to throw some observations into the mix.
Winston-Salem is part of the “Triad” area of North Carolina — the other two cities being Greensboro and High Point. This is to be contrasted to the “Triangle” area, which is focused around the cities of Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill — all of which contain major universities (Duke, UNC, and NC State) and which service the Research Triangle Park — a major tech hub in the same business space as Silicon Valley (Stanford) or Massachusetts Highway 128 (MIT). Besides the three cities that anchor each area, there are many subsidiary cities that are distinct parts of each region. In the Triangle, this includes the city of Cary — which is otherwise known as the “Containment Area for Retired Yankees” and, when I first visited it, had housing prices comparable to Silicon Valley suburbs.
As a native-born Californian, geography has always been problematic to study. Due to plate tectonics and peculiar erosion, the “lay of the land” has always been somewhat schizophrenic and its effects on humanity have always been peculiar. Mining towns and ghost towns and irrigated deserts producing abundant crops are just things.
By contrast, geography is a big deal in the east — especially in the southeast. There is the Atlantic coastal plain, which is dead-flat and serves as the model for everything “Southern” that Californians “know” about the region — swampy, alligators, humid, Spanish Moss. Then there is the Blue Ridge Mountains, an eastern branch of the Appalachians that runs through Asheville — private, secluded, suspicious…..moonshiners? In-between is the Piedmont — literally pie (foot) d’ mont (mountains) — the foot of the mountains, where the plain broke into rolling hills but never gained much elevation.
This was a huge influence when Europeans settled the region. The natural places to have cities was where deep-draft ocean-going vessels could safely shift cargo — port cities like Wilmington, NC. Incoming cargo could be transferred to barges and make its way inward across the coastal plain to the “fall line” — the first waterfall on a river….past which, barges could not be poled. A line of cities was established along this “fall line” for barges’ incoming cargo to be shifted onto wagons. And (somewhat less precise), there had to be some area where minerals from the mountains or luxuries from across the passes were traded. Each “shift” point needed warehouses, insurance agents, brokers, accountants…..
Further, there was no sense in building a lumber mill in the coastal plain — while there might be plenty of timber, you’d have to burn it to power the saws. Better to build a lumber mill in the piedmont, where you could use a waterwheel to power the saw — it’d be cheap to barge the timber up to the mill. Same was true for growing cotton — grow it on the Atlantic coastal plain, barge it up to the piedmont to be made into fabric.
The lowlands became largely agricultural, the ports and fall-line cities became increasingly financial, and the piedmont became the center of manufacturing in a very organic fashion.
And then, China, the WTO, and a bunch of horrific trade deals happened. These areas got hammered by globalism — and they should be naturally favored by the grace of God and geography.


Excellent summary!


Coming back to the Triad, in the piedmont — one city is Thomasville. Remember Thomasville furniture? Remember Thomasville cabinets? The city has a park on their main drag with “the world’s largest chair” as a centerpiece. The center of town is a humongous factory with rail lines and semi docks……that is currently surrounded by chain-link fence and quiet. Thomasville used to ship hardwood furniture that would last for generations, but were shafted by DC and people now have particle-board crap that they can brag about on Tik-Tok.
There is a major international trade fair held in High Point twice per year — https://www.tradefairdates.com/High-Point-Market-M1796/High-Point.html — once it was because a substantial amount of merchandise was produced within a 50-mile radius……now it’s just inertia.
I was driving around Winston Salem and arrived at a place…….it was surrounded by tobacco warehouses. Each had a rail connection at the back, and the front of each had shipping docks. On the sides of the brick buildings, in faded paint, there were the logos of tobacco companies. It was all empty.
The Triad is full of places that want to make things — have the rail lines and docks to make things — can break things down and bulk things up…..but have been shafted by the rules that VSGPOTUSDJT has been railing against. The more that he is successful, the more the Triad will succeed.


Textiles…rugs…too, and clothing manufacturing in same area.
We purchased many things In Highpoint that are currently in our house …so many places to see, it was exhausting to see them all. It was a 2-3 day buying trip.
There was a high -end women’s clothing manufacturer in a very small, quaint town in the area (name of brand escapes me at the moment.). I don’t think it was sold in stores but rather in “private showings, as many of these exclusive lines are (or were). Sadly, they stopped using local seamstresses and sent it all to China, but kept a showroom and warehouse still in this little town. They sent out postcards to anyone on their mailing list for a twice a year huge sale and several of us would make a day trip. It was worth it…also lots of fun. Now, even that is closed, a reflection of what was.
Many years ago, we went to an area of Massachusetts on a golfing trip. They were originally from the area and it was where shoes, I believe mainly men’s, were manufactured….all shut down and the surrounding towns slowly dying.
Have no idea if they are still there, but the big outlet complexes housed in old manufacturing buildings in Redding, PA (home of Vanity Fair women’s under garments). Used to be bus trips galore going there to shop.
The idea of opportunity zones , so heavily endorsed by Senator Tim Scott might be an answer to breathing life back into some of these once vibrant areas. Let’s hope.

Gail Combs

EXCELLENT summary cthulhu and Teagan.
At the fleamarket we some times do, across from us were three older guys who still made furniture. Sofas and chairs for the living room. Very nice. Unfortunately one died about a year ago and a second had a heart attack. The third has leg problems but comes to visit us every time we set up at the flea market. He is a rabid Trump supporter.
Davis Furniture is still in business in the Winston- Salem area (High Point, NC ) BTW.

About Us
Davis Home Furniture is a 3rd-Generation, Family-Owned and Operated Business. The Davis family opened Western North Carolina’s first five-and-dime store in Canton, NC in 1935. Visit our Davis Home Furniture Megastore in the heart of Biltmore Village at 100 Fairview Rd. in Asheville to see Western North Carolina’s largest furniture selection showcased in our 150,000 square foot showroom!


Terrific job DP! Thank you.


Excellent background and history, DP!!!
I worked in tobacco in high school. We made $4. per day from 4 am when they picked us up and we rode to the field in the back of their big farm truck with high wooden sides. It was the way young people earned money for school clothes and supplies during the summer. It was also fun.
All the kids over 14 worked in the summers – in town or on the farms. That’s where the cute boys were and their Mamas fed the field hands so well! One dear lady would ride up in her big old Chevrolet at noon and open the trunk – there would be metal dish pans full of gorgeous home-cooked food with farm-raised vegetables! Fried Chicken, acre peas, rice, gravy, sliced tomatoes and cucumbers, squash casserole, biscuits, blackberry cobbler!!! OMG! I would have worked for free!
Later, in college, I dated a boy from NC whose family had a tobacco warehouse in our hometown and in NC too. A friend of mine and I were guests of their family and toured Goldsboro, Chapel Hill and Raleigh, and all around the state. They showed us around their warehouses and the tobacco plants in NC. We saw the whole operation of what happened to tobacco once it left the farm and our home town.
They were fabulous hosts and it was lots of fun. We ate so well – from fresh fish at their place on the Neuse river – to Beef Stroganoff at the Rathskeller in Chapel Hill – to Carolina BBQ – which is distinctive – more mustard and vinegar than the tomato based sauce of my Georgia upbringing. This country girl had never eaten or been hosted so well.
Many fond memories of North Carolina!


History I didnt know. I really like that youve helped continue this DP.


People are lining up!


Trying to get news of the rally is extra hard – Twitter is putting up negative stuff ahead of any Trump supporters and attendees tweets.
All I could find is this garbage:
– One NC GOP ‘leader’ has demanded President Trump wear a mask.
– Biden has issued a ‘statement’ (hahaha – his people wrote it)
– Democrats are claiming it’s horrible and irresponsible to hold a rally due to the dire epidemic conditions in NC.


We can expect the censoring and anti-Trump news in all media from broadcast to print to social media will grow worse as the election approaches.

Gail Combs

“…due to the dire epidemic conditions in NC…..”
Are they KIDDING???
NC Population: 10,611,900
NC deaths: 2,937 or 277 per million
USA for mid June ~ 360 per million of population

….Adults over 65 account for 80% of Covid-19 deaths.
North Carolina has 201 ongoing outbreaks in nursing homes, 102 ongoing outbreaks in residential care facilities and 43 ongoing outbreaks in state correctional facilities.

Seems Cooper is following in Cuomo’s foot steps.


The lack of control of infection in NC nursing home is awful !!!


President Trump LIVE NOW!


I smiled when I read the Florida event was at the Museum…know it very well….lovely spot where the Intracoastal goes out into the ocean. That Inlet can be extremely dangerous for boaters.
Perry Como lived almost across the river from the museum. He always mentioned it at the end of his TV Shows. Lots of great stories about Perry…a Kind, generous man we often saw in the grocery store and around town.
A little story…Perry belonged to our golf club there and often had Sunday brunch after church. He was always had a table in a corner overlooking the course and it was known as Perry’s Table.
My mother may have been one of his biggest fans and one time when she was visiting us from across country, we were having lunch there and in comes Perry, who stopped to say hello. It may have been one of the highlights of her life…and it was just by luck.




Air Force One has landed!

AF1 Landing now. 🛬🛬🛬🦋🤸‍♀️🦋

On your 6. 🌞🌞🌞

They’re playing Lee Greenwood.

Encore, while he greets crowd.


Miss Sylvia in da Howse!!💖💖💖

Hey bfly!!! Wouldn’t miss it for the world!


Enthusiasm beyond 2016!
Most important election we’ve ever had.




Joe is a DISASTER.
If he wins, CHYNA wins.
Simple as that.


If Biden wins, CHYYYNNAA wins!

You’re state should be OPEN.
Crowd ROARS!!

Look what they’re doing to our beautiful New York, so SAD.
November 4th, they’ll all open.
Economy doing well.
Greatest economy before Chyna Plague
Will have Great 3rd quarter
Next year will be greatest year country has ever had.


We’re going to have a GREAT third quarter!
And NEXT YEAR……. 😀

If they win, the mobs win.
Did you see Portand arrests last night. We threatened to go in.

Sylvia Avery

The poll numbers came in. That’s why he left his basement. His handlers know what that means. He doesn’t.

This is no 2nd place crowd!
If we win, AMerica wins.


If WE win, AMERICA wins!!! <3


THIS CROWD is on fire – enthusiasm off the charts!!!!

Defeated ISIS 100%
We’re bringing our great Warriors HOME.

Encouraging them to vote in new Governor!

EO – Knock down statues, go to jail for 10yrs…It stopped.
DC Committee want to get rid of our monuments….Not happening.

Comma-la….Nobody Likes Her

Sylvia Avery

If our foreign adversaries were trying to design a plan to cripple America they couldn’t do worse than Biden Harris

Women don’t LOVE Trump, I think they do…..ROAR!!!!

Look at that beautiful dress….she wears that right through the middle of Hollywood. He must be talking about Joy ViIla.

They’re going after me because I’m fighting for you.
And they’re going after me.
Sir would you like to take the car? Why? I hear you have a limp. I don’t have a limp!
FAKE made up stories.

They got caught spying on my campaign. If it was other way around, they’d be in jail already for 50yrs.
It’s a disgrace that it’s taken this long.

Gail Combs

Our nephew traveled all the way from MA to be there today. Unfortunately we do not have the stamina to go and stand for hours. (We also have make sure the animals are fed.)

Sylvia Avery

The Washington vultures ripped apart our towns to get him nominated.

What’s difference between Crooked and Sleepy?
She’s meaner, but smarter….He’s nicer, but not smart
You know who’s lefter than Crazy Bernie?


He knows that BLM IS OCCULT!!!


Bernie’s the greatest loser I’ve ever seen
Any children here? They’ve heard it before.
He got screwed 4yrs ago and he got screwed again.

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