20200908: MAGA Rally, Winston-Salem, North Carolina, 7 pm EDT

Too bad this rally isn’t tomorrow. From, Wiki:

Winston-Salem is called the “Twin City” for its dual heritage. “Camel City” is a reference to the city’s historic involvement in the tobacco industry related to locally based R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Company’s Camel cigarettes. Many locals refer to the city as “Winston” in informal speech. Winston-Salem is also home to many colleges and institutions, most notably Wake Forest University and Winston-Salem State University.

Camels a day early, let’s see….

The last time I saw somebody with a pack of these, I was in Italy.

Just like so many places in the historic south, the housing was built high to avoid the fumes from the horse droppings.

The origin of the town of Salem dates to January 1753, when Bishop August Gottlieb Spangenberg, on behalf of the Moravian Church, selected a settlement site in the three forks of Muddy Creek. He called this area “die Wachau” (Latin form: Wachovia) named after the ancestral estate of Count Nicolaus Ludwig von Zinzendorf. The land, just short of 99,000 acres (400 km2), was subsequently purchased from John Carteret, 2nd Earl Granville.

On November 17, 1753, the first settlers arrived at what would later become the town of Bethabara. This town, despite its rapid growth, was not designed to be the primary settlement on the tract. Some residents expanded to a nearby settlement called Bethania in 1759. Finally, lots were drawn to select among suitable sites for the location of a new town.

The town established on the chosen site was given the name of Salem (from “Shalom” meaning “Peace”, after the Canaanite city mentioned in the Book of Genesis) chosen for it by the Moravians’ late patron, Count Zinzendorf. On January 6, 1766, the first tree was felled for the building of Salem. Salem was a typical Moravian settlement congregation with the public buildings of the congregation grouped around a central square, today Salem Square. These included the church, a Brethren’s House and a Sisters’ House for the unmarried members of the Congregation, which owned all the property in town. For many years only members of the Moravian Church were permitted to live in the settlement. This practice had ended by the American Civil War. Many of the original buildings in the settlement have been restored or rebuilt and are now part of Old Salem Museums & Gardens.[8]

Salem was incorporated as a town in December 1856.[9] Salem Square and “God’s Acre”, the Moravian Graveyard, since 1772 are the site each Easter morning of the world-famous Moravian sunrise service. This service, sponsored by all the Moravian church parishes in the city, attracts thousands of worshipers each year.[10]

In 1849, the Salem congregation sold land north of Salem to the newly formed Forsyth County for a county seat. The new town was called “the county town” or Salem until 1851 when it was renamed Winston for a local hero of the Revolutionary War, Joseph Winston.[11] For its first two decades, Winston was a sleepy county town. In 1868, work began by Salem and Winston business leaders to connect the town to the North Carolina Railroad.[12] That same year, Thomas Jethro Brown of Davie County rented a former livery stable and established the first tobacco warehouse in Winston. That same year, Pleasant Henderson Hanes, also of Davie, built his first tobacco factory a few feet from Brown’s warehouse. In 1875, Richard Joshua Reynolds, of Patrick County, Virginia, built his first tobacco factory a few hundred feet from Hanes’s factory. By the 1880s, there were almost 40 tobacco factories in the town of Winston. Hanes and Reynolds would compete fiercely for the next 25 years, each absorbing a number of the smaller manufacturers, until Hanes sold out to Reynolds in 1900 to begin a second career in textiles.

So, Winston-Salem actually started life as two different cities and was combined by the post office, actually, in 1880

In the 1880s, the US Post Office began referring to the two towns as Winston-Salem. In 1899, after nearly a decade of contention, the United States Post Office Department established the Winston-Salem post office in Winston, with the former Salem office serving as a branch. After a referendum the towns were officially incorporated as “Winston-Salem” in 1913.

The Reynolds family, namesake of the R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Company, played a large role in the history and public life of Winston-Salem. By the 1940s, 60% of Winston-Salem workers worked either for Reynolds or in the Hanes textile factories.[13] The Reynolds company imported so much French cigarette paper and Turkish tobacco for Camel cigarettes that Winston-Salem was designated by the United States federal government as an official port of entry for the United States, despite the city being 200 miles (320 km) inland.[13] Winston-Salem was the eighth-largest port of entry in the United States by 1916.[13]

In 1917, the Reynolds company bought 84 acres (340,000 m2) of property in Winston-Salem and built 180 houses that it sold at cost to workers, to form a development called “Reynoldstown.”[13] By the time R.J. Reynolds died in 1918, his company owned 121 buildings in Winston-Salem.[13]

I’ll add live links to this post during the late afternoon as they become available.


In the meantime, please post tweets and videos below of what’s going on in Pennsylvania, and any travel stories you may have of the place.

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Sylvia Avery

He’s half competent and heading south rapidly…..
(Ouch, that’s gonna sting!)


Sylvia Avery

Biden’s fueling attacks by his constant slander of police.

POTUS has support of almost every Police group all over country!! 🦋🤸‍♀️🦋

Sylvia Avery

These people are stone cold crazy……..you don’t want to be dealing with the left.

My heart is with all hard working Patriots….not anarchists, rioters…..

Sylvia Avery

We’re gonna win and we’re gonna win big.


Sylvia Avery

I’ve actually done more than I promised!
You never heard me talk about Space Force.
We built Space Force. I only figured that one out
after i became President.

I’ve done more than I promised
🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀SPACE FORCE🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀

Sylvia Avery

They never say it but Mexico is paying for the border. We’re putting a small toll on and we may do something with remittances.

Over 300 miles of Wall.
Mexico is paying for it.
Small toll at border crossing.
Maybe we’ll do something w/remittance.
27,000 MX soldiers protecting us so we don’t put tariffs on their products

Biden-Bernie Manifesto😁

Sylvia Avery

Biggest order of corn, beef and soybeans by China. Farmers are happy.

Chyna buying more beef, soybeans…… I can’t wait to see them freak when POTUS gets re-elected. HAMMER TIME!!


I think the “hangar rallys” are actually working out BETTER then any of the other venues !
Only thing I think might be better is a “HANG ‘ER!” Rally !comment image

Sylvia Avery

I think so, too. Big crowds!!!! Easier logistically.
(And I like your idea…………a LOT!)




Biden’s plan is ‘appeasement of the terrorists’ – My plan is to ‘arrest the terrorists’ !!!

Sylvia Avery

Ha! McMuffin!!!!

Fake Impeachment
With exception of 1/2 a vote from Romney….you can have him….52 1/2- 1/2

Sylvia Avery

If they gonna cheat these big beautiful crowds are useless. Go be poll watchers.

Too many Dems
Be poll watchers…watch the theiving and stealing

Sylvia Avery

Mick Mulvaney!
Mark Meadows! Big cheer.

Sylvia Avery

50-0 on hostages. We got hostages back from countries you never heard of,

Mick Mulvaney!!
Robert O’Brien…50-0 hostages returned

Sylvia Avery

Miss Lindsey.
Tim Scott

Death Tax
Does anybody here not love their children, Please raise your hand. YOU! 😂
Man raises baby, THAT’s a Keeper. I looked, no Q on back, maybe front??😁

NC lost 43% of mfg jobs due to Nafta courtesy of Sleepy and his friends

Sylvia Avery

JOe Biden’s agenda is Made in China, mine is Made in USA

Chyna’s plundering, rampant ransacking of jobs……His language gets harsher each time.

I’ve noticed that, too!

Iran wants Sleepy to win, they’re waiting til after election, win I win they’ll make a deal so fast…..Their GDP went down 24%!!

Sylvia Avery

China and Iran want Joe to be elected. Iran is in trouble but they’re waiting till after the election. Then they’ll come and want to make a deal.
I like being energy independent, don’t you?


comment image

Sylvia Avery

Green new deal……….its’ the green new nightmare.

Gas under $2.00
How do you like being energy independent??