20191028: President Trump's Speech to Police Chiefs ~ Chicago, baby!

Pack your bags, we’re going to Chicago!!!!!!!!!!!! This is my home town, that toddlin’ town, back on State Street, that GREAT Street! Ohhh, how I do miss Chicago! It’s calling me home!!!!


President’s remarks at Andrews on the way.

The President will address the Police Chiefs, IACP.

There is also a fundraiser. Interesting. Remember, Ricketts was the guy who hired Erik Erikson to trash Candidate Trump during the last Presidential election. Guess Ricketts has learned how to win??? https://www.nbcchicago.com/blogs/ward-room/president-trump-chicago-fundraiser-speech-563557941.html

An invite for the fundraiser, obtained by NBC 5, indicates that the event will be hosted in part by Todd Ricketts, the Republican National Committee finance chair and part-owner of the Chicago Cubs.

Also listed among the hosts for Monday’s event were RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel, Co-Chairman Tommy Hicks Jr. and Trump’s Campaign Manager Brad Parscale. Tickets ranged widely in price, from $2,800 per person for a ticket to the lunch to $35,000 per couple for a photo opportunity, reaching $100,000 per person for access to a roundtable discussion with Trump himself.


As a special tribute to the “Members of the Illinois Law Enforcement Community” AND the great city of Chicago (and all the police cars wrecked during the making of this movie), we offer the following……. cause we all need Someone To Love. We need You, You, YOU!

Okay, okay, okay, but I have to tell you more about Chicago!! Cuz it’s so wonderful.

Chicago is the home of Wrigley Field and the Cubbies. Mrs. Dvorjack took us to Cubbies games (when I couldn’t go with Dad), and SHE taught me how to keep score, sitting on that third base line. Ahhh, yes, Don Kissinger, Ron Santos, Billy Williams, Joe Pepitone, and God Bless Ernie Banks. Those were the days! Five generations of our family cheered for the Cubs, and when they finally won, I swear I could hear Aunt Hazel cheering from heaven!

And then there’s Soldier Field! First time, I was only five years old. Little Blue Snowsuit, wrapped so tight I could barely move and couldn’t wipe my nose. Dad had four tickets as a salesman. He invited two clients and had an extra ticket….. of course, he dragged me along. I loved it. And yes, I have seen the mighty Gale Sayers run the field many times. Glorious. Gosh it was fun to tag along with Dad, and I begged to go with him. I really thought referees were aliens until I was about 12yrs old. First time I ever saw Dad cry was the movie Brian’s Song.

But wow, Dad has his fingerprints all over Chicago. Dad and a small team invented/perfected high speed elevators. Their first challenge was the elevator which goes around for the St Louis Arch. After that success, Dad was transferred to Chicago for the Amoco Building (70 stories), the Hancock Building (98) and finally, Sears Tower (110 stories). And we were in the THICK of it all, I was a kid, but I remember. Most little girls idolize their dads, but my dad could build buildings which pierced the clouds.

I remember the day the the cornerstone was laid for Sear’s Tower. Later on, 3rd grade, the mechanics went on strike, and the execs had to service the elevators (schedule maintenance). Dad took me with him. He lowered the elevator manually and stepped off onto the cab, and extended his hand to me……… and I stepped on top of the elevator. I was inside the shaft and looked up. WOwwwwwwww, I thought. No fear, never even thought about it. Dad wasn’t afraid so why would I be? Golden moment.

But the union guys and architects were always at our house. They haggled and bounced me on their knee. Wonderful men, the best of men, the men who built our country! Dad had a big BBQ and the liquor flowed. One weekend, the same men who built Sear’s Tower built me a swingset. My God, it was divine! Higher and higher, faster and faster, we would swing…. almost reaching those same clouds, Dad’s clouds.

Best place ever was the Museum of Science and Industry by the Lake. My girlfriend and I would tag along with Dad on Saturday mornings when he went to the office. We would squeal with delight at Lower Wacker Drive and all the congestion. Afternoons were spent at the Museum and we explored every corner. She ended up as a math major and a lawyer…… great days. Museum of Natural History was good but not as good as Science and Industry.

And the Polish/Greek/Russian Jewish bakeries where dad would pickup pastry or candy…. I can still taste it. Years later, I took Big T back to Chicago for a Bears/Saints NFC game and hunted and hunted for those bakeries…… just to have one more taste. Finally, on a return trip with Gunner, we found them…. and just as good as before. Years melt away with one bite, close your eyes and you’re 8yrs old again. It’s magic pastry.

And the oysters, steaks and martinis. It doesn’t get any better than in Chicago. Dad was a member of the Playboy Club back in the 60’s. I always wondered why mom was a little mad when he went there. Why couldn’t I go?

Then there was our playground, the Morton Arboretum (Morton Salt family). At the end of our street was the entrance to the Arboretum. We could ride our bikes and because we were kids, the guards let us in all the time. It was a wondrous place, like a foreign land, with Japanese Tea Houses and exotic gardens and greenhouses, woodland trolls and mazes. I had never seen anything like it. It was like reading a book……..and imagining what the scene looked like…… and then suddenly being IN the book. Around the corner there could be a Prince, a Wicked Queen, or a Mongolian Warlord. Does that make sense?

It was a place of natural beauty. We always stayed too late and then had to pedal fast to get home before the sun set. I can still feel the chill sting on my face as we would stand up to pedal faster, streamers in a straight line off the handle bars, and barely touching that sparkly green banana seat. The evening temps dropped fast.

President Trump reminds me a lot of my dad. Funny how so many people say the same thing. Appropriate that President Trump would have a hotel in Chicago. It’s a big one too, right on the Chicago River.

You know that River, the one they dye green for St Pat’s Day.

So, WELCOME to Chicago! We’re glad you’re here. Eat well, dance a little, and try to keep up with our President today! He’s on the move, AGAIN!

We will post links as soon as they are available and run a thread for the speech.

Remember, we’re putting the band back together, “We’re on a Mission from God”

PS: I miss ya, Daddy. You were the best!

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WH LIVE is the only live stream I can find right now – but likely Fox will cover this speech.

VERY daring of our PDJT to ‘go there’ after that horrible campaign rally three years ago!
But NO FEAR seems to be the operant mode of this man.
BALLS of Titanium – the size of….well…comment image


Kudos to our Lion for going into the belly of the beast.
The police union is not happy with their dickwad superintendent who is skipping the President’s speech:


It would be irony indeed if there was ‘trouble’ that got out of hand today in the city known for mobs, crime and murders – during a Police Chief Convention!
The Secret Service is well prepared to protect our President and I bet there will be undercover agents of every kind today.
Remember Wictor’s video showing how a super skilled level one operator took down a troublemaker in a riot/protest?


Oh yeah. There’s a few

A Fortiori

Your post reminded me of something that makes PDJT unique. Just as your dad used to socialize with union guys, so too did PDJT throughout his life. This sets him apart from the bulk of the population of DC, and from virtually all of his competition.
Most deplorables work with their hands or have family or friends or neighbors who do. Those who call us deplorables do not.


Amen! and Agree 100%
Too many calluses to count……
For someone that works at a computer all day (Most days)
Then after work…. the REAL work starts 🙂


Confronting, not shirking from evil, is the way of the Lion.
Thanks for a great personal story to start the day, daughn.


Thank you Daughn for this wonderful thread … I love how you describe what you experienced … how absolutely wonderful to read it and be there with you in spirit … top drawer .. 😉👍❤️🇺🇸❤️‼️


Whenever I’ve been in Chicago, it was on some sort of business….which makes me generally think of it as a place I had to go and get out. Thank you for portraying it as a place with its own charms.


The crowd is loving this…they sound like a rally crowd!


“And then you have this wiseguy…Jesse Smollett.
He beat up…himself.”


We’re giving you the respect – tremendous respect – you deserve!




Or Morgan?


It’s Mark Morgan. I soo hope they find a spot for Homan, he’s excellent, takes no BS, he fights!! DHS Sec would be awesome, but they’d never confirm him, he’s too much Law and Order! SAD.


He’s all business, isn’t he…the crowd likes him.


You can tell that our President really loves our LEOs…and they love him back.


Re: AG Barr. Apparently there is an amazing interview with Barr. Going to bother some folks (not us) on what he had to say regarding help from Wray and FBI. Ongoing investigations require sealed lips – no matter the attacks. Anyway, Daughn when this gets out, might you put up a separate thread?


Ahh Daughn, “We’re getting the band back together. We are on a mission from God.”
VSGPT isn’t going to do everything by himself. We will rally in D.C. under the standard of the Tree.


where do you find the time to do all these wonderful threads? I can’t even find the time to read them all—but I DO APPRECIATE all the threads and commenters that bring the events to life for those of us who can’t watch!!!!!!!!


you are modest!!


Trump Takes On Chicago Police Chief…Pastor Marty ! 😀

latest !

Deplorable Patriot

Thank you so much for this thread. I was otherwise occupied when this was happening.
And Chicago…despite the rivalry, it’s a great place. I LOVE the Field Museum and the Art Institute. Wrigley is definitely a trip, I will say that. Now, if the Cubs would PLEASE not pass out t-shirts with the team logo when the Cards are in town, that would be great. OTOH, the Cubbies did provide me with bathroom scrubbing attire.


“Tickets ranged widely in price, from $2,800 per person for a ticket to the lunch to $35,000 per couple for a photo opportunity, reaching $100,000 per person for access to a roundtable discussion with Trump himself. ”
Hmm… pretty expensive photo.
I wonder if any regular people will be attending the roundtable discussion… or if it’s strictly for the fabulous-class?


Daughn – loved your trip down Memory Lane in Chicago. I have similar stories on all the locations you wrote about. Even drove our 3/4 ton pickup hauling a 27’ boat from Denver to Lake Michigan to celebrate my 30th birthday with friends and family.
Here’s a great picture posted by Dan Scavino an hour ago. This is pretty close to where we were docked for the week.


VSGPDJT nailed it: the badge strikes fear in the hearts of criminals and pride in the hearts of law abiding citizens.
I will never forget my first Trump rally. After it was over and people were filing out, so many people stopped to thank individual police officers and deputies who worked security for that event. At the second rally I attended, there were standing ovations whenever cops walked past the waiting crowds. That’s the real USA, as opposed to the fake USA under the prior administration that implemented Sorosian anti-police riots in Ferguson, MO and elsewhere. (Full disclosure: I was so disgusted by the way the media and paid rioters railroaded Officer Wilson that I ordered a hat that said “Ferguson Police Department.”)

Valerie Curren

Morton Arboretum is where my aunt (a world travelling botanist & mountaineer), her daughter, & her son-in-law worked for many years. One Christmas we spent w/ her family in the Chicago area (late ’70’s or early ’80’s) & we went to the Arboretum for a Yule Log event & hot wassail, since I was a kid I don’t remember the details. I do recall bitter cold weather (I think it was -40F w/ wind chills into the -80 to -100F range if memory serves). My dog had to sleep in their garage & even next to a wood-burning stove there her water dish was frozen over!

Valerie Curren

It’s also a city that doesn’t sleep. In my college days we blew through to drop a companion off in the Windy City for a Break & I was surprised to see people out walking on the street & going into restaurants to eat at like 4 in the morning! Another time as my family skirted Chi-town on a trip West we were amazed to see what looked like a Detroit-esque level of traffic snarl (like rush hour congestion) at 2 or 3 AM–yikes!!!