Keeping COVID Shot Transfer Out Of Your Life

Our dear boss, Wolf, has been busy putting together scientific primers on just what it is the various shots and inoculations marketed to be preventative of severe symptoms of COVID do, but what hasn’t been addressed for those of us who chose not to be shot up with whatever is in the syringes is how we AVOID all the transfer that seems to be going on from the “vaccinated” to the unwitting victim who is not.

This post is about collecting that information and stashing it someplace convenient. A topic on the QTree Forum has also been started for storage.

The most simple way to avoid being vaccinated without consent is, of course, to stay away from those who have been shot up. In close contact, the virtue signalers will self identify, and evasive action can be taken. It seems that one has to be close enough for bodily fluid to be exchanged, so no hugs and kisses, and anything else of that sort. Also, there is a theory that toilet flush plumes are a way for transfer to occur, so it’s best to avoid public restrooms, and toss a Clorox tab in the tank at home so long as septic systems allow it.

Doing all of that is great and all, but how can we be pro-active in other ways to stop the spread and avoid being one of the unwillingly shot up.

This was posted over at Marica’s:

May 4, 2021 at 8:30 am

There is a method to reverse it – this was posted here at some point:

EXCERPT: “My friend’s brother, who has been working for the “Alliance” and Pentagon, was in a conference call with doctors (not the vax pushing doctors of course), and he relayed this info to me.

For anyone who has gotten the quackccine, the nanoparticles can be detoxed from your body.

You need to get a tens unit, set it at 150 hz, use it for an hour a day, for 30 days, while eating clean…alot of fruit and veggies, no crap food of course, 8000 mg vitamin C daily, 10,000 IU of D, and zinc, and vitamin A.

The 150 Hz frequency will start destroying all the nano particles. The supplements help the body get rid of the debris and heal.

What is a TENS unit?

What is a Tens Unit?

TENS stands for (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation). which are predominately used for nerve related pain conditions (acute and chronic conditions). TENS machines works by sending stimulating pulses across the surface of the skin and along the nerve strands.

The stimulating pulses help prevent pain signals from reaching the brain. Tens devices also help stimulate your body to produce higher levels of its own natural painkillers, called “Endorphins”.
We also encourage you to read about How a Tens Unit Works.

Basically, it’s a device to send electronic pulses across the nerves for pain relief, but in this case will also help strip the nanoparticles out of the body with the help of clean eating, and vitamins.

So, what is clean eating?

Clean eating is in essence a diet — just a way of eating. But it is also a way of living that lends itself to improving one’s health and well-being.

Clean eating involves a few key principles that align with basic principles of healthy eating:

Eat more real foods. Sound familiar? One of the tenets of the Mayo Clinic Diet is eating more real foods and fewer processed or refined foods. Convenience food is OK, sometimes even necessary, just make sure that what’s in that can or package is the real thing with few other ingredients.

Eat for nourishment. Eat regular, balanced meals and healthy snacks that are nourishing and not too rushed. Eat at home more often and prepare food in healthy ways. Pack food to eat away from home when on the road, at work or at activities. When you do eat out, choose wisely.

There are many resources online to help with clean eating if one needs more information.

If the participants here come across any pertinent information, please share it as we are all in the same boat.

Boondocksaint posted this over at Marica’s. It was put forth by General Flynn.


Experts believe that transmission from the vaxxed to the unvaxxed is airborne. Doctors are seeing sterilization, miscarriages and other strange bleeding and clotting in women, men and children exposed to the Covid vaxxed. Transmission is occurring without direct physical contact, therefore the expert consensus now is that the vaxxed should be quarantined immediately. They should at least be wearing a yellow badge out in public so the unvaxxed can identify them and steer clear.

Another important point made by the medical panel is that the vaxxed are not “shedding” as we earlier thought. Shedding is a common phenomenon which usually happens after vaccination but these are not vaccines. Covid shots are a form of gene therapy however the “therapy” part has been inverted because the messenger RNA technology is not programmed for healing but for cell destruction. Therefore, we are dealing not with “shedding” but with bioweapons transmission, the panel makes clear.

Pfizer whistleblower Dr. Michael Yeadon has warned us about the looming extermination of the human race. He estimates those who were injected in Big Pharma’s Biotech experiment have one or maybe two years maximum, to live. He informs us that each additional Covid shot reduces the life expectancy even more. I pointed this out in a previous article after industry insider Dr. Geert Vaden Bossche issued a world public health emergency warning and called for an immediate halt to the Biotech experiment.
You have only to look at the latest Adverse Events and Deaths reported to VAERS to know that death and injury from the Covid shots are far worse than the Corona virus, which is no more deadly than the seasonal Influenza flu.

Vaccination vs Transfection

A normal vaccine injects a pathogen into your blood stream to evoke an immune response whereby your body produces antibodies to the disease. Never has a vaccine inserted anything directly into human cells before.

The Covid shots are raping the human being by a process known as biohacking. Messenger RNA (mRNA) and adenoviruses are being directly deposited into your cells for genetic reprogramming using a lipid-nanotechnology delivery system. None of these Biotechnologies have ever been tested on humans before and now they are being used worldwide without Informed Consent of the ingredients or Adverse Reactions.

Synthetic and foreign RNA is being fused to your tissue through the use of semiconducting Hydrogels and literally changing forever what it means to be human. This process of genetically modifying the human race and creating a new species of hybrid humans, is called transfection not vaccination. Big Pharma, mainstream media, government and leading health authorities are lying to us because this is not vaccination.
Worse yet is that the cells of the Covid vaxxed are being programmed to produce the synthetic spike protein of the pathogen they were injected with. So their bodies are now pathogen creators and they are transmitting the disease to others. It’s unclear whether this pathogen production ever stops. Production of this disease by your own cells, causes the immune system to produce antibodies to the spike protein. This triggers the body of the vaxxed to attack itself.

Do you understand what you have an immune system for? Your immune system is there to identify pathogens and attack them so they don’t harm you. How on God’s green Earth could injecting a pathogen into your cells and programming your cells through genetic engineering, to produce that synthetic pathogen in the form of a spike protein, be a good thing?

We are just discovering that Big Pharma only needed to inject part of the population with their bioweapons experiment in order to sterilize the rest of the population and exterminate the majority, potentially.

Unfortunately, it may well be too late. This post is just a start. Any information that pertains to cleaning the gunk out is welcome.

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Repost from Daily Thread.

Dr. Mikovits says there’s an anecdote to the mRNA vaccines.

“There’s an anecdote because these people wouldn’t be injecting people unless they knew the answer.”

Suramin…..Medicine for African Sleeping Sickness.

Deplorable Patriot

Thank you


Thank you, DP. I’ll be watching this thread with interest as most of my family has now been vaccinated and I really can’t just stop seeing them. This is so ironic. After all the shaming about how we’re going to kill grandma if we don’t get vaccinated, it might just turn out that vaccinated grandma is going to kill us!

Deplorable Patriot

I can’t stop seeing my family, either. Although, my parents, at least, I THINK got saline rather than the real shot.


My 90 year old mother has had no adverse reactions at all – beyond a sore arm the first day. So maybe she also got saline. I can only hope!


Thank you for this thread, D.P. I know what you mean about vaccinated family. I will not shun them. It is so cruel.

Deplorable Patriot

I can’t. I’m the oldest, and I’m a girl. There’s a lot that goes with that role.


Tell me about it.

Valerie Curren

There was a video w/ Dr. Tenpenny, a male pediatrician, & 3 other female doctors I watched recently & there were some recommendations given to help combat the “vax” transfer & rid one’s body of the spike protein, I believe. The one female doctor, who’d been on Oprah before, gave info on a bath including alfalfa & scrubbing w/ some named products, one in the tub & one to use on the body. If someone knows that video, sharing it here w/ time stamps for the info might be helpful too.

Thanks for setting up this thread!!!


I remember that video, Valerie! But unfortunately don’t have a link to it. That doctor was talking about Benjamite clay baths that get rid of heavy metals.


Wait, I think I found it. That doctor was Dr. Christiane Northrup. Here is the video, but I don’t know at what point she mentions this.


She mentions in the latter half of the video, more toward the end. She said the other thing to use in the alfalfa bath was Dr. BRONNER’S Peppermint soap.

Valerie Curren

Thanks for the info Linda!


Thanks for putting up this thread, DePat.
Very good idea…and it will be great to have a place to stash things about this.

This a good video with 5 Doctors who don’t think this injection should be called a ‘vaccine’.
They see it as a Bioweapon.

Dr. Larry thinks that people who have been jabbed should be wearing a pin or something to warn others that they are around.

Dr. Tenpenny says that a weekly dose of Ivermectin and an every-other-week dose of one HCQ tablet is a way to offset being exposed to the jabbed.

Tenpenny starts at the 42:15 mark…and I recommend watching her through to the 55:55 mark.

Will try to imbed the video, but it may not show up:

Tenpenny also mentions a Webinar that they are going to do on May 8th, which will probably be good.


Trying again on the video:

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Deplorable Patriot

Copy from May 10 Daily:

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 May 10, 2021 01:26

We’ve been discussing what to do about being around people who are shedding spike protein from the vaccinations. Someone mentioned Suramin. I wasn’t sure what that was, but just discovered an article about Pine Needle Tea, which contains Suramin, by Mike Adams at Natural News. Here is one interesting paragraph:
“Dr. Judy Mikovits asserts that globalists are well aware that pine needle tea is the answer to covid depopulation weapons, and they are secretly using pine needle tea to protect themselves from the very plague they have unleashed upon the world, Mikovitz explains.”
Read the whole article here: