The Diamonds Must Be Returned

Beautiful post by REALPOTUS. Virginia Patriot MAGA reposted Donald J Trump@realdonaldtrump7h· The major Michigan Election Fraud case has just filed a bombshell pleading claiming votes were intentionally switched from President Trump to Joe Biden. The number of votes is MASSIVE and determinative. This will prove true in numerous other States. All Republicans must UNIFY and … Continue reading The Diamonds Must Be Returned

Dear KAG: 20210511 Open Thread

Cover image: Spring in the Rockies by Kenneth Shanika. Just in case you missed it.... Please note the Prius and the Subaru in the background. Virtue signaling as a way of life. These people are so predictable. The waiting continues. Apparently, the leaks have been plugged again and the pipelines of information on what … Continue reading Dear KAG: 20210511 Open Thread