The Diamonds Must Be Returned

Beautiful post by REALPOTUS.

Virginia Patriot MAGA reposted

Donald J Trump

The major Michigan Election Fraud case has just filed a bombshell pleading claiming votes were intentionally switched from President Trump to Joe Biden. The number of votes is MASSIVE and determinative. This will prove true in numerous other States. All Republicans must UNIFY and not let this happen. If a thief robs a jewelry store of all of its diamonds (the 2020 Presidential Election), the diamonds must be returned. The Fake News media refuses to cover the greatest Election Fraud in the history of our Country. They have lost all credibility, but ultimately, they will have no choice!


The diamonds must be returned.

Don’t stop saying it.


PS: Joe Biden didn’t win.

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Yes! …𝐉𝐨𝐞 𝐁𝐢𝐝𝐞𝐧 𝐝𝐢𝐝𝐧’𝐭 𝐰𝐢𝐧!

𝕋𝕙𝕖 𝔻𝕚𝕒𝕞𝕠𝕟𝕕𝕤 𝕞𝕦𝕤𝕥 𝕓𝕖 𝕣𝕖𝕥𝕦𝕣𝕟𝕖𝕕!


I love this part too:

The Fake News media refuses to cover the greatest Election Fraud in the history of our Country. They have lost all credibility, but ultimately, they will have no choice!



Yes…and he’s gone beyond a “tweet” now.

What he’s doing now is more like an official proclamation or something.
It’s quoted and reposted across all platforms.

Which is great!


That’s right!

“Can’t stop the signal, Mal.”

The dickhead @Jack actually did us a favor by banning RealPotus.


I keep hoping this is true, and keep waiting for evidence it is true! A daily topic of conversation among my set is how thoroughly the power of the left is believed and supported by a huge hysterical, deluded part of the American population, regardless of how Potemkin it is in reality. They really and truly believe in the facades, which atm is giving the left great power.



We have the power. Let us USE it!

Gail Combs


Wolfie, I have been meaning to tell you that I found vit. B12 – 2,500 mcg sublingual (under the tongue) works very quickly to relieve my breathing problems. (Bronchial spasms aka asthma)

SteveInCO · Thermonuclear MAGA

B12–the reason our bodies need cobalt.


Depends. If you have an MTHFR variation cyanocobalamin isn’t processed correctly and builds up in your system causing toxicity. I have two.

As we age we lose intrinsic factor which is what allows you to access B vitamins from foods. The answer is fewer carbs and more meat.


My maternal grandparents would inject each other with B12, starting in their late 50’s. I found this disturbing and odd at the time, but I’m coming around to understanding it.


I got the impression that they did it every couple of months and not daily.


I was less able to understand why he had — so, y’know those cardboard cylinders with clamp-on lids that are about the size of 55-gallon drums, that are used to ship a variety of industrial items and are sometimes used at Goodwill collection points?

So, imagine one of those, fitted with a plastic bag that clearly could fill the entire thing and be tied off, but open and only a quarter full.

Of barbiturates in capsules. I discovered it in a “spare room” after his death.

He had likely purchased them while it was still legal to do so and had been casually consuming parts of his supply along the way for decades. He was clearly not dealing them — he just liked to buy in bulk. He clearly had more than a lifetime supply.

He had a much more modern PDR than his collection of other “medical stuff”, and I remember looking it up and going “oh, @%#&@%!!!”


I don’t think he even used them that often. But, yeah, prepper.

Another scary thing he had in bulk was capacitors. Old capacitors. Leaking electrolyte. I may have shortened my lifespan cleaning those up — I could smell them.


Good to know!

Nosmo King

Diamonds are forever.


There seem to have been three parts to the fraud: 1) Constitutional; 2) computer; 3) old fashioned (dead votes, etc).

IMO the Texas case was the cleanest, surest and easiest basis for rejecting the phony results. Also IMO, SCOTUS knew this. But it was also the most “theoretical” and abstract basis. AND, although the constitutional violations were necessarily and directly connected to a huge segment of the resulting fraud, Constitutional violations did not establish the fraud necessarily, nor directly, but only permitted the inference that fraud could be committed by the unconstitutional processes; and in any event, the inference of potential fraud was entirely unrelated to the legal question.

Not taking the Texas case on standing grounds will eventually be regarded as one of the most craven and political decisions ever made by SCOTUS. There was zero merit to the standing argument. Having said that, anyone can imagine the results. If they took the case, they would have to decide the case favorably to Texas. And deciding favorably to Texas would have caused some giant degree of violent chaos, up to civil war.

The next best thing was for the Traitor Pence to have forced a thorough investigation by the Senate. There was more than enough to do so. I was in favor of that, despite the inevitable political turmoil and vuvuzela-like Fake News and threats of violence. In retrospect, I wonder if such an investigation could have been successfully achieved, or might in fact have been used to fraudulently endorse the fraud. Too many moving parts where the enemy was involved and empowered by law.

I was also in favor of the President taking whatever action was necessary by the military, to seize the evidence and have it investigated objectively. And IMO the President must have considered this, but again in retrospect, I doubt he had the necessary support to take such an unprecedented and drastic action, however justified. It appears the President had very few advisors, let alone people in power, who could have helped him. And as great a man as he is, he could not do it alone. (I think of Lincoln’s struggles).

So maybe the present circumstances were always the best “process.” There is much that lies ahead, and I have my doubts that the present “process” will not be sabotaged by the communists, as well as subject to successful fraud and Fake News propaganda.

But it is hopeful.


…” the President had very few advisors”…

Been reading about the “National Biodefense Strategy”, part of the NDAA for 2017, sponsored by John McCain, and signed into law by BHO in December 2016, just days before the BHO WH paved the way for gain of function research funding to be restored.

Congress made the DOD, HHS, DHS, and the DOA responsible for developing this strategy within 275 days of enactment. The policy was delivered in Sept. 2018, and enacted by Presidential Memorandum.

Follow those involved in drafting and responsible for implementing this strategy…McCain, Obama, House of Representatives defense committees, Mattis, Azar, Kelly, Purdue. With the exception of the DOA, the was considerable churn in the leadership of these agencies while this document was being drafted.

While dual use and gain of function research is discussed as a considerable risk, there is no mention of the ban on funding gain of function research or it’s restoration, or the GoF research funded the HHS underway in China.

From the document:

than 275 days after the date of the enactment of
this Act, the Secretary of Defense, the Secretary
of Health and Human Services, the Secretary of
Homeland Security, and the Secretary of
Agriculture shall submit to the appropriate
congressional committees the strategy and
associated implementation plan required by
subsection (a). The strategy and
implementation plan shall be submitted in
unclassified form, but may include a classified
(d) BRIEFINGS. Not later than March 1, 2017,
and annually thereof ter until March 1, 2019,
the Secretary of Defense, the Secretary of
Health and Human Services, the Secretary of
Homeland Security, and the Secretary of
Agriculture shall provide to the Committee on
Armed Services of the House of
Representatives, the Committee on Energy and
Commerce of the House of Representatives, the
Committee on Homeland Security of the House
of Representatives, and the Committee on
Agriculture of the House of Representatives a
joint briefing on the strategy developed under
subsection (a) and the status of the
implementation of such strategy.
(e) GAO REVIEW.—Not later than 180 days
after the date of the submittal of the strategy and
implementation plan under subsection (c), the
Comptroller General of the United States shall
conduct a review of the strategy and
implementation plan to analyze gaps and
resources mapped against the requirements of
the National Biodefense Strategy and existing
United States biodefense policy documents.
COMMITTEES DEFINED. In this section, the
term “appropriate congressional committees”
means the following:
(1) The congressional defense committees.
(2) The Committee on Energy and
Commerce of the House of Representatives
and the Committee on Health, Education,
Labor, and Pensions of the Senate.
(3) The Committee on Homeland Security of
the House of Representatives and the
Committee on Homeland Security and
Governmental Affairs of the Senate.
(4) The Committee on Agriculture of the
House of Representatives and the Committee
on Agriculture, Nutrition, and Forestry of the
Consistent with the requirements of the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year
2017, the primary drafters for the National Biodefense Strategy are the Departments of
Defense, Health and Human Services, Homeland Security, and Agriculture. In addition,
the National Security Council Staff coordinated the review and finalization of the National
Biodefense Strategy with the Departments of State, Treasury, Justice, Interior, Commerce,
Labor, Transportation, Energy, and Veterans Affairs, the Environmental Protection
Agency, the Office of Management and Budget, the Office of the Director of National
Intelligence, the Office of Science and Technology Policy, the U.S. Agency for
International Development, and the Federal Bureau of Investigation.”

If we put a name to the person responsible at each agency/entity listed above, would we have the membership of the plannedemic steering committee?

Brave and Free

This Plandemic and the desired results have been planned for years IMO. They never believed that we would connect all the dots. The more their exsposed, more panic sets in with them. Will be a glorious day when all is laid bear for the world to see.


Exposure is a huge thing. You can see that they didn’t have a plan for that. They just keep telling more and more lies and continue on the same path.

It will be glorious when the bowling pins start falling.


And honest, ethical, well-deserved lawfare.

The animal use is regulated, under AWA and other statutes. Standards apply. OSHA becomes involved. The subgrantee maybe in China, but the Grantee, and the funding agency is not, and are subject to US law.

Guide to the Care and Use of Laboratory Animals. Interesting reading. Whole section on biological risk.

Link to regulations:

Any lawyers want to roll up their sleeves?


They have lots of schemes, I mean plans, but they don’t work. They’re Daffy duck and we’re bugs bunny. Or if you prefer, they’re Wile E. Coyote, and we’re the sheep dog.


Not sure there is much panic on their end. The media won’t report it. The DOJ and investigative arms won’t touch it. The military only looks outside the USA for threats. So pretty much no one to do anything.

It would take some serious citizen journalist reporting with smoking gun evidence, not blurry 1,000 foot away video to sell this to all the lemmings.

Cuppa Covfefe

I hear SD calling… Eeeyore….eeyore…


Fuck you to.


True. The challenge is getting word to the masses without there filter. Best maga phone sits in Mara Lago.

Brave and Free

So the prison reform was able to knee cap the BLM movement somewhat?
There definitely was an increase of black support for PDJT in the second election. Which kinda took the wind out of the BLM sails, which of course means they need more martyrs for the movement..


…”the “Hundredth Monkey Phenomenon.” This phenomenon was baptized by Lyall Watson, who documents the case with references to five highly respectable articles by Japanese primatologists (Imanishi 1963; Kawai 1963 and 1965; Kawamura 1963; and Tsumori 1967).”…


…” Watson’s discussion of this phenomenon covers less than two pages. (Except where noted, all references to Watson are to pages 147 and 148.) But this brief report has inspired much attention. Following Watson, a book (Keyes 1982), a newsletter article (Brain/Mind Bulletin 1982), and a film (Hartley 1983) have each been created with the title “The Hundredth Monkey.” In addition we find a journal article entitled “The ‘Hundredth Monkey’ and Humanity’s Quest for Survival” (Stein 1983) and an article called “The Quantum Monkey” in a popular magazine (Science Digest 1981. Each relies on Watson as the sole source of information on the remarkable and supernatural behavior of primates.
The monkeys referred to are indeed remarkable. They are Japanese macaques (Macaca fuscata), which line in wild troops on several islands in Japan. They have been under observation for years. During 1952 and 1953 the primatologists began “provisioning” the troops – providing them with such foods as sweet potatoes and wheat. The food was left in open areas, often on beaches. As a result of this new economy, the monkeys developed several innovative forms of behavior. One of these was invented in 1953 by an 18-month-old female that the observers named “Imo.” Imo was a member of the troop on Koshima island. She discovered that sand and grit could be removed from the sweet potatoes by washing them in a stream or in the ocean. Imo’s playmates and her mother learned this trick from Imo, and it soon spread to other members of the troop. Unlike most food customs, this innovation was learned by older monkeys from younger ones. In most other matters the children learn from their parents. The potato-washing habit spread gradually, according to Watson, up until 1958. but in the fall on 1958 a remarkable event occurred on Koshima. This event formed the basis of the “Hundredth Monkey Phenomenon.”
(to top of page)
The Miracle on Koshima
According to Watson, all of the juveniles on Koshima were washing their potatoes by early 1958, but the only adult washers were those who had learned from the children. In the fall of that year something astounding happened. The exact nature of the event is unclear. Watson says:
. . . One has to gather the rest of the story from personal anecdotes and bits of folklore among primate researchers, because most of them are still not quite sure what happened. And those who do suspect the truth are reluctant to publish it for fear of ridicule. So I am forced to improvise the details, but as near as I can tell, this is what seems to have happened. In the autumn of that year an unspecified number of monkeys on Koshima were washing sweet potatoes in the sea. . . . Let us say, for argument’s sake, that the number was ninety-nine and that at eleven o’clock on a Tuesday morning, one further convert was added to the fold in the usual way. But the addition of the hundredth monkey apparently carried the number across some sort of threshold, pushing it through a kind of critical mass, because by that evening almost everyone was doing it. Not only that, but the habit seems to have jumped natural barriers and to have appeared spontaneously, like glycerine crystals in sealed laboratory jars, in colonies on other islands and on the mainland in a troop at Takasakiyama.
A sort of group consciousness had developed among the monkeys, Watson tells us. It had developed suddenly, as a result of one last monkey’s learning potato washing by conventional means. The sudden learning of the rest of the Koshima troop was not attributable to the normal one-monkey-at-a-time methods of previous years. The new phenomenon of group consciousness was responsible not only for the sudden learning on Koshima but for the equally sudden acquisition of the habit by monkeys across the sea. Watson admits that he was forced to “improvise” some of the details – the time of the day, the day of the week, and the exact number of monkeys required for the “critical mass” were not specified in the scientific literature. But by evening (or at least in a very short period of time) almost everyone (or at least a large number of the remaining monkeys) in the colony had suddenly acquired the custom. This is remarkable in part because of the slow and gradual mode of acquisition that had typified the first five years after Imo’s innovation. Even more remarkable was the sudden jumping of natural boundaries, apparently caused by the Koshima miracle.”…


wolfie, well, I am encouraged by recent published numbers ab msm viewing…they are abysmal!
Maybe DS people know this too?
When polls are taken asking Americans this and that, the opinions are always surprisingly on “our” side.
These people are getting their information Somewhere!!!
Alt media is expanding exponentially, and many listen to Tucker who has done a more than passable job of asking the right questions.
I believe the tide is turning, albeit slowly.

But Americans ARE slow to respond…we are very self-absorbed.
Yet I think the overt actions of the biden regime are beginning to backfire.
BIG mistake, the rise in fuel prices…As someone said, lefties hate gas lines as much as conservatives do.

Valerie Curren

I believe there was like a 30-some part series at Political Moonshine detailing the many machinations of BHO’s team to corral Trump at every level w/ the “pandemic” so that he could be removed from power if he didn’t walk their treacherously tricky tightrope 🙁


It appears that they left a well marked trail. FBI gave feedback regarding the National Biodefense Strategy. McCain sponsored the 2017 ADAA that commissioned and funded it. There’s a video out there of him presenting it to the Brookings Institution.

What if the plannedemic was the insurance policy that the FBI discussed? Is it possible? Does it’s timeline align with the lovebird texts?

Valerie Curren

Sounds like some Anon-level sleuthing needed to answer that!


Very interesting!

Brave and Free

I am in agreement T, we so much wanted PDJT to prevail that I believe we were somewhat blinded to the actual circumstances that were in motion at the time. Plus the fact that we believed the “not so supreme ” court was going to act according to the law. In the end this may be the best outcome for the reasons you mentioned. Everyone is totally exsposed now for what they are, and I am sure there’s still more traitors lurking we don’t know about yet.


Q is a creative research tool. It’s a use of the Paranoid Critical Method of the Dadaists. The method is about entertaining the phenomenal, the coincidental, serendipity, at least for a few moments. Look how far the process took the research.

Last edited 2 years ago by marymorse

I am thinking the whole “Q phenomenon” was incredibly important / played a key part in the absolutely gargantuan task of getting in the collective face of the American people and insisting—- “WAKE T.F. UP!!!!! “.

We had sort of collectively settled into a rather ossified way of being/thinking/behaving/non-responding on our walk through life…[ Wayyyy too much Television/movie-watching….] Q came along and immediately we got intrigued…—challenged, invited, enlightened, taught– Got people involved…. The old grey matter came to life and started working—in new and different and very satisfying ways. Some became fabulously talented at deciphering Q posts—figuring out the whole (long mystifying) Q thread… Soon developed the whole Anon phenomenon—put the Anons on it and it was a race to figure out yet another Q drop.

“The Great Awakening”—so much more than 3 words on a page!– a whole process of inner and outer transformation, of coming A L I V E. —and becoming what God intended each to be: an alive thinking/feeling/thoughtful/discerning/caring, loving—-and willing to be a c t i v e!—- human being.

To my mind it has taken us these whole past 4 years— with this past stolen election on top—for us to become more—more like those venerable, very well-educated, deeply caring and moral Ancestors of ours—our Founding Fathers.

Shucks. –wondering here, what am I trying to say??—- just feel that God’s hand has been all over/very much in and throughout this whole thing, especially in leading and guiding “Q”, ——and He’s now in our fabulous Patriot-leaders—–AND, more important—-more and more, alive and well in each of us.

—->He wants us back, and in close and personal. The way He always intended it to be.

Wow. What an incredible time we are in!!! Dear Lord, dear Lord—lead on!—we hear You and are with You. ——So help us God!


Interesting isn’t it that just as the lid is about to blow off the election and the virus, we have the pipeline/gas shortage distraction. And Israel. McInerney is shockingly blunt on that front. And he posted that POTUS would be leaving for NJ until October, a week and a half ago.

Last edited 2 years ago by Gingersmom2009

Gas shortage..biden family energy investment plans moving ?

Gnl. McInerny’s Telegram

South Fla can be pretty hot and humid in the summer months.
NJ, too, But under a Bermuda High, quite pleasant.
Not unusual for those with the means to shuttle back and forth with the seasons.


Wasn’t the pipeline hacked by an eastern European entity? Who made that determination? Crowdstrike?

Isn’t Dmitry Alperovich an eastern European entity? LOL.

(An example of the use of the Paranoid Critical Method)


Most people with a bolthole outside of Florida do leave the state around now because the weather gets so hot.

With all due respect to General McInerney, returning to Florida in October is logical.


Who has been pulling China Joe’s strings?

Has POTUS been taking an extended vacation with certain aspects of the military?

Notice how it all went quiet on the server they secured in Germany?

Remember what Gen. Flynn said after the election about who the POTUS would be?

Remember what SoS Pompeo has said before and after the election?

Remember what Acting Defense Secretary Chris Miller said about Mike Pence.

Were all these people and events along with countless others lying or fake?

Who is supposedly in control now?

What are they known for relating to children, sex cults, human trafficking, Luciferian rituals, election tampering, blackmail/extortion, false flags, and so on?


Symbolism will be their downfall.



Chris Miller took over the leadership of the DoD. He was part of the leadership of the NBS.

What was Senator Pence’s role in McCain’s 2017 ADAA? Ryan as Speaker of the House would have a role in the NBS thru the House committees noted above?


IIR, the State Department raised the alarm about safety at the lab in 2018?


Due to the many clues that something is afoot, just a reminder in no specific order:

Nothing can stop what is coming.


Patriots on guard.

Watergate x1000.

This is not a drill.


Public awareness kills all protections.

Dark secrets.

Sometimes you must walk through the darkness before you see the light.

Have faith in humanity.


Do you see a pattern?

Q & TB2

So often we make assumptions that are not true or proven because we grow impatient with the process and do not see things through to their conclusion. It is OK to have hope while dealing with harsh reality. Isn’t that what the Bible teaches us repeatedly? Being faithful throughout the process builds character, wisdom and joy.

Last edited 2 years ago by TradeBait2

I particularly like the Sept 2018 posts,at this moment. Presidential Memorandum related to the NBS is dated 09.18.18

SteveInCO · Thermonuclear MAGA

Just stopped in to add that Joe Biden didn’t win

Since no one else here seems to have thought it worth mentioning. 😀



SteveInCO · Thermonuclear MAGA

Whoops, did I do something a bit edgy on one of Carl’s threads?