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It’s Focus on Good News Friday!

Elderflower champagne

Wolf’s Pub is open for business. We’re gonna concentrate on the good news today and enjoy an Elderflower Fizzy (aka Elderflower champagne or wine) a beloved summer drink in the UK. We’ll get to that in a moment.

Can you feel the change? Our President is BACK and his “From the Desk of”  comments are lighting up the political scene again. Thank you, Mr. President! We missed you very much.


The establishment Republicans are going down like bowling pins in a strike. Lib Cheney had her sorry butt kicked to the curb, and wasn’t it so satisfying?  Kevin McCarthy is now in line for retirement. Asa Hutchinson, we’re coming for y’all. Your time “serving” in government is almost up. MAGA is here to stay.

Go on and start that third party, UniParty pukes! What a joke.

And yes, Texas RINOs, we are coming for you too! Hear that, Jared Patterson? LOL.

That duplicitous Michigan GOP chair, Heider Kazim, had his clock cleaned the other day. Adios, buddy. Don’t let the door hit ya where the Good Lord split ya.

MAGA is a juggernaut. It won’t be stopped. Nothing can stop what is coming.

Here’s one of our favorite MAGA fighters. This woman has more fight in her pinky finger then a bear. The Washington Post had a hissy fit because Mighty Marjorie confronted that buck-toothed AOC. AOC ran for the hills. See folks, that’s how you do it. CONFRONT THE LIES AND THE LIARS. Call a spade a spade.

And MTG goes all in:


Since we’re in a garden party mood, let’s all lift our pinkies in the air and be extra civil today. The sun is shining, the weather is warming, and the good news is flowing. Wolf’s rules are here. The Utree is here for any brawling, and in case we need to reconvene for some reason.


The Texas Heartbeat Bill passed the Legislature yesterday and Governor Abbott will sign it! We are saving babies! Moloch loses.

Citizens launch a petition to get PA audited!

Election Integrity: Never, ever stop speaking out:

“We are proud to be flag-waving American patriots, and we could not care less about what they say and think.  Also, we will continue to recite the Pledge of Allegiance with the phrase “one nation under God.”  As Americans, we will not shut up and quit.  We will be victorious over the Marxist insurrectionists in this country.  We will never wave the white flag of surrender to the Marxist cancel culture movement, but we will keep our God, Constitution, guns, and freedom of speech.  To say less than the truth is not the truth.  The truth cannot be compromised or negotiated.”

Don’t mess with the McCloskeys!

The NBA ratings nosedive again! Take that! Opiate of the masses no more!

California is full of patriots and they aren’t gonna take it anymore!


The MSM is going down. The proverbial Bucket O’ Water has been tossed on their witchy heads.

The great Van Morrison knows the deal. Enjoy:

The Alternative Media is growing by leaps and bounds. Just a few:

Add to that, a plethora of independent blogs, conservative political sites and websites where patriots are fighting the good fight. Our duty is to pass them along to friends, family and frenemies. I know I’m driving a few people nuts, but I’m not giving up.


Now to our fizzy summer drink, Elderflower Champagne. This refreshing drink weighs in at a light 3-5% alcohol content, unless you are using an Elderflower liqueur. But today, we are working with the old-fashioned elderflower fizz, which countless UK households have been making for generations:

Good Ol’ Traditional Elderflower Wine (this is a simple recipe although you can find recipes that do NOT use the yeast and nutrients). Many home brewers simply use the wild yeasts present on the elderflowers themselves to begin the fermentation process. Using wine yeast will ensure fermentation and a higher alcohol content. Watch here for the simplest of recipes, using only the wild yeasts on the flowers:

Here’s another video with some different techniques. There is a plethora of recipes to brew your own Elderflower Champagne.

In addition to Elderflower wine (champagne, fizz) there are Elderflower cordials, liqueurs and cocktails.

Here is a nice video by Lady Carnarvon of Highclere Castle (not up on the Fine Folk but she seems delightful) making elderflower cordial:

In honor of our growing gardens, today’s drink special is an English Garden:

St. Germaine is a French Elderflower liqueur that is widely available. Here’s a nice Italian one.

And just for nice, here’s an article about the wonderful things you can do with elderflowers for food and meds.


They are having to give away money, food, hunting licenses, college tuition and gift cards to get people to submit to the jab. Simple desperation. I’m almost embarrassed for them, if they weren’t such evil eugenic jackasses. The side effects up to and including death are turning people away in droves from taking the experimental shot.

Dr. Fauci is headed for justice. He is a murderous traitor. Do you think he’ll turn before he’s arrested, or will he stay loyal to his Big Pharma masters and the CCP scientists?

Lawyers and Doctors the world over file suit against the jab pushers.

Is the government hiding death numbers for the vaccinated?

Here is Dr. Shiva with an excellent explanation of why Big Pharma needs to push their jabs. Yeah, it’s all about the benjamins. Greed is a very deadly sin.

MIT researchers can’t understand why vax-skeptics aren’t just swallowing the BS. Hilarity ensues.

The Social Media giants are on the verge of toppling. Heavy censorship of all negative Covid information is going to cut their legs out from under them. They are committing hari-kari and it is glorious to watch. I used to think we needed to legislate them out of existence, but when their complicity in the pandemic and subsequent deadly shots are exposed, it will be their end.

A respected toxicologist has called on the CDC to halt all Covid shots. More here

America’s Frontline Doctors (here’s a great video on Ivermectin)

The Covid Blog


More climate hoaxing exposed. The climate cash cow is crashing and burning, too. 😊

Intersectionality has met its match. We just aren’t going to get into the madness with you, and we’re going to TELL YOU ABOUT IT WITHOUT FEAR.

The Deep State is being caught with their pants down…over and over again. Here we find some in the CIA are bedding down with the CCP.

More CIA Intelligence Failures:

“The CIA serves not the United States but its own corporate interests and its partisan vision.”

Let’s get the truth out. Painful, but in a good way.

Acting Attorney General Jeffrey Rosen looked like a complete moron under withering questioning by Arizona Rep. Paul Gosar. Do watch.

I think the whole insurrection thing died right there.



The military (at least the retired officers) are speaking out. They are being blunt. Finally. Ya gotta know it’s not just the retired officers. Let’s leave it at that.

The French military has been speaking out, too.

Retired French and American officers oppose tyranny:

 “The flag officers take aim at the Democrats’ “tyrannical government,” their “full-blown assault on our Constitutional rights in a dictatorial manner,” and their “population control actions,” including “censorship of written and verbal expression.”  After enumerating what can only be called “a long train of abuses,” including the government’s intentional creation of a crisis at the southern border and intentional destruction of America’s newly won energy independence, the administration’s decision to give aid and comfort to Iran’s regime of terror, and the Democrats’ use of the military as “pawns” to intimidate conservatives while coddling Antifa and Black Lives Matter insurrectionists, the retired U.S. generals and admirals warn Americans as bluntly as the French generals warned France: “The survival of our Nation and its cherished freedoms, liberty, and historic values are at stake.”


Epic fail.

The discredited fact-checkers, pretend journalists and assorted Deep State propaganda outlets are lauding Joe’s glorious first three months as Resident of the United States. What buffoons they’ve all turned out to be. They can’t stop lying.

From America First to America Last. Read it and rejoice that the Trump Curse remains powerful. Scroll down for a LONG LIST of Puppet Biden’s strings being pulled every which way but loose.

In order to tamp down the outrage over the Biden-induced border crisis, Uncle Joe had to pretend to start up the wall construction again. LOL. What a guy.


Go here and take a look around. Pretty durned nice, eh?

I’m gearing up to start the Pub Club. The Great Books await. The Iliad first? Meet at the forum one day a week? Suggestions, please.


Last, but not least, our prayers are music to God’s ears. Like a sweet savor that rises heavenward, our petitions and praise please Him. Let’s not forget to keep praying for our nation, the White Hats wherever they may be, and each other. Special prayers for those going through physical, financial, and emotional struggles right now. God bless and keep us and make His face to shine upon us.

The Prayer that saved America

And oh yeah:

Wheatie for the win! We love Wheatie!

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Say Goodbye To Your Face Buddies

bflyjesusgrl 🍊 😎NUCLEAR MAGA😎

Ahem Duchess, Call them what they are…..FACE DIAPERS
Words Matter!!😂

Deplorable Patriot

Take this for what you paid for it, but this guy has a pretty solid track record.


General McInerney

Trump had the military watching everything on election night. Why do you think people like Sidney Powell, Mike Lindell, and Lin Wood speak so confidently about the election.

Kash Patel and Devin Nunes played a major role in putting together a team of Patriots monitoring everything on election night.

We have it all.


That is excellent news General McInerney.

Umm… now what?


I’m sure someone will write a book all about it. Someday.

Brave and Free

Hate to agree, but wouldn’t suprise me at all. And it’ll be for all the wrong reasons. Can say $$$ to cover your behind?


“I’m sure someone will write a book all about it. Someday.”


I’ll gladly pay you Tuesday trade a future book about it, for a hamburger some action today… 😁

Last edited 1 year ago by scott467

Meaningless drivel. We have read this dozens of times if not more than a hundred.

Until the information IS used to trash BiteMe and restore Trump, WORTHLESS click bait.


I’m encouraged when I think about how sure they are about outcomes. It’s the timeline that’s taking longer than hoped for.

There’s never been any doubt that POTUS has the facts and evidence of what the Cabalists did – Hopefully, there are some Trump cards to be played.

Gail Combs

IIRC, POTUS was quoting numbers of votes stolen down to the single digits. I think that means THE HAVE THE EVIDENCE.


But that won’t change anything now. The vote was certified on January 6.


Good to see you, milady.

I hope all is well with you and your family.


comment image


How true, how doggone true.

Cuppa Covfefe

piper567 asked me to post this again today, as I posted it wayyyyy late on yesterday’s thread (day late and too many dollars short, as usual 🙂 )…

Here’s an op-ed from Arutz Sheva, Bye, Done is helping no-one… (then again, is that a surprise???)….

Sound (or feel) familiar???????

(We’re facing the same sort of DEMONIC terrorism, however presented)

From Arutz Sheva:

Until we assert ourselves, projecting actual power and deterrence, we will be picked apart

Douglas Altabef , May 12 , 2021 7:59 PM

We live with a functional absurdity, in which the most powerful army in the world hamstrings itself irrationally. Op-ed.

As Winston Churchill famously encountered in the 1930’s, there is an inherent reluctance of peace and freedom loving peoples to respond pro-actively to aggression. There are issues of disbelief, often predicated upon the inability of the peace lover to understand the mind set and intentions of the aggressor.

This leads to rationalizations of how the other side might feel and could be dealt with. From this point, it is just a hop, skip and a jump to wishful thinking about how to deal, or not deal, with an aggressor.

Finally, there is the reluctance that is born out of not wanting to disrupt one’s serenity, individually and collectively, in order to take the necessary and potentially costly steps to deal with aggression. Costly steps of course focus on risking the lives of soldiers, but also include risks to civilians, their lives, businesses, assets and lifestyle.

We look at other people as if they were extensions of ourselves. It is both unrealistic, and completely untrue.

If all of this sounds uncomfortably familiar, that might be because it pretty well describes the state of affairs in Israel, now and in the past, when confronted with Palestinian Arab aggression.

We live with a functional absurdity. We have invested men, materiel, treasure and brainpower in creating the most advanced – in training, technique and equipment – armed forces in the Middle East, and one of the strongest in the entire world.

Yet, for reasons cited above, as well as the ever present fear of international opprobrium, we hamstring ourselves constantly.

This hamstringing takes at least two major forms: the unwillingness to react, not in equal measure, and not to mention more intensively, in the hope that the aggression can be managed; and second, allowing ourselves to be dictated to by legal advisers and arbiters who are not focused on deterrence, let alone victory, but rather, the sensibilities of our enemies, and most certainly the judgments of the international community.

The “just keep a lid on things” strategy defines much of what passes for geo-political policy vis-à-vis Judea and the Shomron, the Temple Mount, and all things related to Palestinian Arab and Israeli Bedouins. The thought is that, left to their own natural devices, conflicts will subside, as the aggressor will understand that its not in his interest to continue down this destructive, but also self-destructive path.

But this is solipsism, meaning that we look at other people as if they were extensions of ourselves. It is both unrealistic, and completely untrue.

When Hamas leaders announced that they had found the crucial weakness to the Israelis in our love of life (which they unfavorably contrasted to their embrace of death), they were speaking from the heart.

Nevertheless, we deem it advisable to just let things play out a bit longer, because after all they will just peter out and go away.

Maybe that’s ultimately true, but think about the damage that can and will be done before the realization of letting things go takes hold.

This intrinsic reactiveness means that our enemies are always the ones setting the agenda, determining the timetable and controlling the pace and intensity of action. It is Hamas who has just issued multiple “ultimatums” and rest assured that they view them as such.

Why isn’t the response to an ultimatum the bombing of the seaside villas of the Hamas leadership? Does anyone doubt that this will get their immediate attention?

Which brings us to our cowering to legal advisers who are itching to find reasons why Israel cannot employ its might in the name of deterrence. While we have no statistical proof of this, anecdotally it seems that these advisers are possibly embarrassed by Israel’s military dominance, that we have an unseemly advantage and should therefore be willing to let the other side level the playing field a bit.

There is also very likely a rampant fear of what their European and American counterparts might think, and a desire to stay in their good graces. After all, no one wants to be indicted by the International Criminal Court and thereby forego shopping trips to Harrods or Galeries Lafayette.

If all of this sounds farfetched, it is only because of the absurdity of the actual state of affairs, which in effect invites bizarre rationales to explain an even more bizarre reality.

One of the bracing lessons of the Trump presidency was to see how diplomatic neophytes such as Jared Kushner, David Friedman and Jason Greenblatt, bright amateurs not steeped in the arcana of the State Department, could produce more successes and achievements than the striped pants set were ever able to accomplish.

Might it not be equally exciting and very likely as productive to have bright, aware, and victory focused non-professionals directing our responses to aggression? Let’s revisit the widespread but targeted bombing of the villas of Hamas leaders. Hit ‘em where it hurts is classic schoolyard wisdom, but in the case of Hamas, who licks its chops at the prospect of dead children, it might very well carry the day.

Of course, there would be the inevitable international recriminations, to which the victory-focused amateurs would reply, “you’re right, and we’re about to do it again.”

Israel needs to learn one difficult but crucial lesson: no one respects our humanity, our decency and our exquisite care for the rights of our enemies. We are still castigated, vilified and convicted.

It is time to prioritize our own safety and welfare over those of our enemies. While we might not win international accolades, we will win something far more important: enduring peace and quiet.

Douglas Altabef is the Chairman of the Board of Im Tirtzu and a Director of the Israel Independence Fund.


Just imagine how the left would’ve react if Trump had sent out a tweet like this.

OMG 😱🤭😬

🤬 😤 🤯


comment image

Elizabeth Carter

Does this make Bye-done personally responsible for damage caused by wearing a mask? That should take care of his illegal funds gathered over the years. Spread the wealth – his and Hunter’s.


Can I sue Biden if I get sick from wearing a mask (s) ?

Last edited 1 year ago by singingsoul1
Concerned Virginian

Am physically ill at the moment — found out that my step-granddaughter (just turned 13 years old) got her 1st Pfizer gene-altering experimental CCP Virus “vaccine” injection this afternoon ….her mother (an MD) posted a photo. Said “they couldn’t be happier or healthier.”


Sorry to hear that CV. These poor children.


“Said “they couldn’t be happier or healthier.””


That’s just not normal.

If she couldn’t be healthier, then she wouldn’t have sought the vaccine in the first place, and she gave no apparent indication about any relationship between an untested experimental gene-therapy injection and being ‘healthier’.

So that’s odd enough, but saying you ‘couldn’t be happier’ is just not a normal thing to say, in response to a vaccination.

It may be normal to say when you get married, or maybe when you retire, or when you realize a windfall profit… 😁

But no normal person says “We couldn’t be happier” when they get a measles vaccination, or mumps vaccination, or a polio vaccination, or a tetanus shot, etc.

It’s just not the sort of thing which elicits ‘happiness’, much less, so much ‘happiness’ that you really couldn’t be any ‘happier’. Getting a vaccination shot is generally unpleasant and something to be endured.

So whatever this woman is doing, it has nothing at all to do with ‘happiness’.

The reason why she is using her own daughter as a prop to promote untested experimental shots for Big Pharma is whole different issue… possibly fishing for validation or virtue-signalling.


It’s almost mass psychosis. From the beginning, people bragging about hunkering down, “touching” others through windows and then the actual propaganda ads on all media…”together alone”…then it was high fashion masks..then it was violence against people who weren’t wearing one..etc etc etc
Now this business of getting children injected…recall the FACTS..children were almost immune. I think the rate of infection under 17 might have been.04%. They didn’t appear to get it nor spread it………….but a year later parents are so proud to show off their vaxxed kids.


I wonder how much of it is organic, and how much (I suspect the majority) is orchestrated manipulation.

First the induced fear/anxiety (the virus) and then compelled isolation.

Since the multinational corporate fascist / government partnerships control social, entertainment and news media, it would take only a tiny percentage of the population to ‘lead’ the majority into all sorts of behaviors.

Including the seeming embrace (to the point of obsession) of dystopia that you describe (hunkering down, ‘touching’ through glass, expressions like ‘together alone’, etc.).

I don’t think it would have worked at all 20 years ago, or even 10.

It’s almost as if some ‘tipping point’ was reached, or some ‘metric’ was measured and deemed ‘close enough’ to attempt a successful media ‘push’ into the mass psychosis.

As if it was somehow determined that ‘enough’ people had given themselves over to ‘political-correctness’ (peer pressure) that TPTB could employ institutionalized peer-pressure to literally drive the entire population down a blind alley (or over a Buffalo jump).

Not everybody moves with the herd, but they don’t have to. As long as ‘most’ of the population moves with the herd, that’s all TPTB would seem to need in order to achieve whatever it is they are up to.


^^^ so agree

‘They’ seem to have the psychological metrics regarding how far Western people have succumbed to suggestion or propaganda. They have every outlet at their disposal to validate and employ the ruse. They have all media, “experts”, social influencers and 24/7 graphics, education depts.

Society is at the tipping point ?
If only they could eliminate the over 45 crowd. It would make the completion so much easier.


No, the under-25-or-so crowd has a LOT of people who won’t take the poison. My son’s crowd. And a lot of my daughter’s crowd (she’s 34 this year) won’t take it either. They have the college graduate crowd, like my 26 year old. I haven’t had the courage to ask if he took it yet.


That’s very encouraging


It’s like the low IQs that teach their toddler how to say puck the folice for a video.


It has ALL of the characteristics of a CULT. And that is what it IS.


I feel your pain ConcernedV. I’m fairly sure my daughter won’t get the kids shot up but there’s no guarantee that the social pressure won’t succeed with her. I pray I’ve sounded the alarm enough to scare her..but maybe not


And when the fertility problems arise I wonder if the genius mother will make the connection. It’s just another kind of possession, I’m convinced.

Gail Combs

Darwin Award in action.

With these graphs showing kids DO NOT DIE, why in hades would you subject your kid to an EXPERIMENTAL mRNA solution injected into their arms?
comment image
comment image


One key word is “experimental.” I never hear that part mentioned; it’s all about protecting yourself and others, and being proud to the point of virtue signalling.


As we know, no long term trials have been done on the jab. All the worst case scenarios are still speculation. All you can hope is that the kids immune system will sort things out.

Deplorable Patriot

The choice is mine to ignore any and all “helpful” direction and live my life.

Last edited 1 year ago by Deplorable Patriot

Great to see you back, FG&C. Missed you.


Hubby and I watched the clip of Dementia Joe saying this – the guy looks like a cadaver.

Creepy as heck, and a nasty, nasty person.


I’ve seen at least a dozen versions of this . . . like,

The rule is simple: either he gets fired or you don’t get the money.

The choice is yours.


“Just a friendly reminder. There are no blue states, just 15-20 big blue cities trying to tell the rest of us how to live.”

comment image



I love my big ole flat state!


And a lot of that blue is only blue because of voter fraud.


So true!


This is an interesting graphic…thanks for posting it, GA/FL.

comment image


Heh. News flash —

comment image


Sidney Powell Update

Dear Patriots,
The hit pieces we predicted last week are incoming now—in clearly coordinated droves! We note that as soon as Sidney called out Dominion after the election, the company hired Obama’s “public relations” machine, and the smear campaign of lies is going full force!

Multiple outlets are piling on to spread lies about Sidney and her use of funds from Defending the Republic.

The truth IS in the AP article but it is buried in paragraphs nine and ten.

QUOTE FROM ARTICLE: Powell didn’t respond to interview requests, but one of her attorneys said she denies Dominion’s accusations. Powell’s personal legal bills are covered by her malpractice carrier, and her nonprofit has a proper corporate structure with a board of directors, said her lawyer, Howard Kleinhendler.

“She does not have unfettered control over its funds or how the funds are spent,” Kleinhendler wrote in an email. “DTR intends to comply with all federal and state filing requirements when they are due. At that time, you as well as the rest of the world will see the necessary financials.”

These charges are being made by Dominion Voting Systems. Remarkably, Dominion is not only suing Sidney personally for exposing their crimes in the 2020 election, but Dominion is also suing her law firm and Defending the Republic itself. Dominion deliberately is causing Defending the Republic to expend funds to defend itself. The same is true for Sidney. That’s part of the evil game they play: cause diversion of time, energy, and resources of all who seek the truth.  And, they coordinate it all with their media powerhouses to brainwash any of the public who listens. Please help us share the truth.

Between suits in separate jurisdictions by Dominion, Eric Coomer who worked for Dominion, and Smartmatic who is intertwined with Dominion, Sidney personally is being sued for more than $4 BILLION for standing up for the truth and the American people. 

Dominion is especially panicked now because its crimes are being exposed in greater detail with the Arizona Audit. More evidence of their crimes will be exposed as the lawsuits against Sidney and Defending the Republic progress—that is, unless the case is dismissed on various legal grounds including the lack of any valid claim against Sidney or DTR. To read the pleadings, go to or

Here is a quote from Sidney: “It is maddening that these allegations have been floated by Dominion to the FAKE NEWS for dissemination. The donations from freedom loving people are held by us as a sacred trust. They were given with the belief and confidence that I, through Defending the Republic, would do all we could to expose vote fraud and help people who have been damaged by exposing vote fraud and protect the God-given rights enshrined in our Constitution. That is exactly what we are doing and will continue to do. Anyone who has supported Defending the Republic can have full faith that their donations are being properly used. My insurance carriers and I are funding my personal defense even though it would be proper for Defending The Republic to do so under these circumstances.”

Once again, we thank you for your continued support and trust in Sidney and Defending the Republic. 

Team Kraken

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

Dominion Voting Systems, Perkins Coie, and the Democrat Party are a pox on humanity.

Deplorable Patriot

This really isn’t such a bad place to live.


In Butte, Montana, my favorite “city” in Montana, it is legal to walk up and down the street with your drinks as you bar-hop. It’s cool.

bflyjesusgrl 🍊 😎NUCLEAR MAGA😎

Texas too!


IEA: The Global Oil Glut Is Gone
By Tsvetana Paraskova – May 12, 2021, 12:00 PM CDT

The excess oil inventories of the past year have been all but depleted, and a strong demand rebound in the second half this year could lead to even steeper stock draws, the International Energy Agency (IEA) said on Wednesday, keeping an upbeat forecast of global oil demand despite the weaker-than-expected first half of 2021.

Oil prices rose after the release of the IEA’s closely-watched Oil Market Report, with WTI Crude trading at above $66 a barrel and Brent Crude surpassing the $69 per barrel mark as of 7:49 a.m. EDT.

Prices jumped even though the agency revised down its full-year 2021 oil demand growth forecast by 270,000 barrels per day (bpd) from last month’s assessment, expecting now demand to rise by 5.4 million bpd. The downward revision was due to weaker consumption in Europe and North America in the first quarter and expectations of 630,000 bpd lower demand in the second quarter due to India’s COVID crisis.

However, the upbeat outlook for the second half of the year remains unchanged, as vaccination campaigns expand and the pandemic largely comes under control, the IEA said.

Moreover, the global oil glut that was hanging over the market for more than a year is now gone, the agency said.

“After nearly a year of robust supply restraint from OPEC+, bloated world oil inventories that built up during last year’s Covid-19 demand shock have returned to more normal levels,” the IEA said in its report.

In March, industry stocks in the developed economies fell by 25 million barrels to 2.951 billion barrels, reducing the overhang versus the five-year average to only 1.7 million barrels, and stocks continued to fall in April.

“Draws had been almost inevitable as easing mobility restrictions in the United States and Europe, robust industrial activity and coronavirus vaccinations set the stage for a steady rebound in fuel demand while OPEC+ pumped far below the call on its crude,” the IEA said.

The market looks oversupplied in May, but stock draws are set to resume as early as June and accelerate later this year. Under the current OPEC+ policy, oil supply will not catch up fast enough, with a jump in demand expected in the second half, according to the IEA. As vaccination rates rise and mobility restrictions ease, global oil demand is set to soar from 93.1 million bpd in the first quarter of 2021 to 99.6 million bpd by the end of the year.

“The widening supply and demand gap paves the way for a further easing of OPEC+ supply cuts or even sharper stock draws,” the IEA said.

The agency’s assessment for oil demand is similar to that of OPEC, which expressed optimism in its monthly report on Tuesday that accelerating vaccination programs and rising fuel demand would raise global oil demand by 5.95 million bpd this year despite the COVID crisis in India.
By Tsvetana Paraskova for

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

America Last is working!!!


For now – but – not for long!!! Hang ‘Em High!!!


ok, for the 20th time this is probably my last post – and many will be happy i am sure! 😉

but i just read through everything today and right at the end got to Concerned Virginian’s post about the 13 year old getting the injection and the proud parent.

right at the beginning i read molly pitcher and wolf’s banter about the “vax” being the end game. but even then, there was insinuation about that the vaccines could be “good” if produced by the right, trustworthy people – and that the virus is real.

last friday night i heard on the “fox news radio” hourly newsbreak how businesses were about to boycott florida because the governor had declared that businesses could not force people to prove vax status. that news right there set off the bells of the next card to fall.

last saturday, again, fox news radio, atlanta braves, new york mets and yankees opening FULL CAPACITY. shocking because it was a quick increase i thought. then came the “free vax at the park to get ticket vouchers, free concessions, discount merch” and then the kicker: SEGREGATED SEATING. vaxxed seating / non vaxxed seating.

an hour later i got more info: biden was doing his speech about working with churches, schools, communities, pro sports teams to offer “incentives”. even supermarkets and box stores were in on it.

i tried to explain this to a couple people who wouldn’t listen. they don’t want to get injected either, they laugh at funny biden memes, they think the democrats are crazy. i said, how will you feel when you go to eat at your restaurant and they say “you have to sit over there”. how will you feel when you want to go grocery shopping and they say “unclean people 8-10am ONLY”. how will you feel? again, i get the stare like it ain’t going to happen.

in the last week of march here in my state they said that my age group would be eligible for the injection in the last week of may. within 2 weeks of that announcement all restrictions were off for those 16 and above. within three weeks of that they were talking about 12 year olds, less than a week later it’s official. they want every child injected by the END OF THE SCHOOL YEAR in this state i live in.

so then yesterday comes the news: no masks for the injected. every news channel is ringing the bells what a joy it is! we are almost back to normal! they can’t wait. well i hate to say, by the end of the day (i had to work at the office until midnight actually, so it was technically this morning) i started to hear on the radio “ok now that we don’t have to wear masks how are we going to know if those not wearing them have been truly injected??? one person not wearing one without the injection can ruin our herd immunity!” so there you have it. by today it’s now pretty well known that they’re going for the “ID” portion of it next. that is why i have posted before about the MIT and Harvard “invisible markings” that track you, your medical history, your location history, your finances. this is not make believe this is actually in place and working in pilot programs according to their own admission. i don’t even have to be an eyeore or a negative nancy. it’s already done.

i am not saying there isn’t a plan. i am not saying don’t wait for the plan. i am not saying trust the plan. i am just saying if you are failing to plan you are planning to fail. guys, i say this from the bottom of my heart – please please please – get ready. if the friggin calvary comes storming around the bend then that is awesome. but where are we at now? members on here getting physically sick because their grandchildren are injected. it’s freaking real. we are now in may 2021. the whole 17 letter stuff started in freaking 2017. anyone with a discerning mind already knew everything years ago with a little paying attention (and i am not saying i told anyone anything – i only always try to tell people things in real life to let them know not to be a jerk) and people still are believing that “there’s a chance”. hey, there may well and truly be a chance, but i am not putting all my eggs in that basket.

until people really stand up and say no more to ALL POWERS and i don’t care what party, or fake organization or ideology they belong to, then we are going to lose. even this china bad stuff – just like russia bad – blah blah blah – ALL GOVERNMENTS ARE BAD. THE PEOPLE ARE SCREWED. THE PEOPLE HAVE TO GET TOGETHER. and i don’t mean on the internet.

i mean, maybe i am wrong, maybe by next week, or next month, or by the 4th of july, or by the start of the school year, it will all be over. but if it is going to be over then a whole lot of serious crap is going to have to take place super fast. is that going to be good? is it going to actually happen all comfy like? why would THEY wait to come to the rescue when our families are injecting their children? is that cool with you? i get the positive spin, but i’m 46 and been jaded since i was 5 looking for the truth and that’s not an exaggeration in the least. if anyone ever meets me in real life we will get along – you will see i am not a depressive negative – i am a super realist who knows when something is not right – and all this is WAY beyond not right.

just to close – keep cheering on the people you think are there to help, but i would only suggest really taking a deep look. and get your affairs in order and have everything you need because it’s so close to the day when you need a phone app to get into the grocery store and that’s only the beginning…

i hate to write this stuff. but my god, i just can’t help it knowing there are people not ready in case something does happen… if i am wrong – then i was only wrong. if i am right then god help us all. i choose to be free and am willing to die for that, but i know that’s a big ask for many people. i just hope i get the opportunity and do not get taken into their trap.


Find hope it 17 but never let it reduce our actual actions.

If all being ok and the “win” a foregone conclusion isn’t true we have left it all on the field and have no regrets.

If all 17 predictions/interpretations are true:
-then maybe our actions are part of the plan and part of making it come true
(Example: GOP needs to be cleaned up and cleaned out and that is happening in many counties, states and even Cheney was ousted. Hopefully the >Primary< will yield a much improved GOP field.)

-then we STILL need to do all we can do. Why? Let’s say all the bad people are arrested and the power structures of world gangs, etc. dismantled and jailed … then what? Evil will not be defeated as this is not the Great Biblical Final. Evil will never be defeated and we must be ever vigilant. IMMEDIATELY after the plan comes together as described/interpreted there Will be new actors to step into the gap left by those arrested. Might take time to rebuild, might take time for enough people to gain political positions but there will be many on the left (and a few bad apples on the right) who will run for election, gain positions in DC, in non profits, will begin new political groups.

In other words we must be ever vigilant and Never forget what lack of action, lack of involvement got us. We must be in positions of power in the GOP county parties, in the state GOP parties, in the RNC, in the non profits and the think tanks, school boards, media and curriculum publishers, school boards and active, aware parents … because it will Never be fully over until Christ’s return.

We must all do all we can to be involved, not just knowers and watchers.

PS: Andrew 1979 … don’t really remember seeing you here that much but you comment as though you have commented many times. I must have terrible brain fog today and need a nap!


To your point… Mask/no mask, injection/no injection….it’s complete chaos and no gov entity will change it

Last edited 1 year ago by mollypitcher5

Look at how short that skirt is. Not a good look for a position of authority.

Deplorable Patriot

First, do not make this your last post, please. We need all the perspectives we can get.

Second, I don’t have a problem with the segregation. In fact, when choir returns, I will make a big deal of not going back until the antidotes are available. I’m not standing within spitting distance of people who can’t get their heads out of the MSM echo chamber long enough to do their own research. Fortunately, in the one choir, since I am THE anchor voice for the whole blasted thing, they might get a clue especially since the trusted lawyer of the group knows my IQ is at genius level.

Third, I am seeing a lot of lightbulbs coming on. Slowly, and mostly through personal experience, a whole lot of individuals are seeing the light. That proof is in the number of people who got jab #1 and are refusing jab #2. I think there is more of that than is being reported.

As for XVII, I really do think we are in the “show the people” stage still, and it’s not completely taking hold because the MSM and big tech are censoring the message(s) the people need to hear. Too much fear mongering to break through the noise is going on. The plan coming to fruition depends on certain events known and unknown actually occurring and we have no idea if they have happened or not.

At any rate, I couldn’t talk my sister out of the Pfizer jab, but a colleague of hers did. The woman is a nurse, and said, “I have a friend who is an executive at Merck and that’s all I’ll say” right after telling my sister she was avoiding vaccines like the plague. That’s what it is going to take, IMO, to save a critical mass.

I feel bad for those who are forced to stand by and watch loved ones make bad decisions right now. I’m in the same boat. However, it’s not over and sooner or later the lid is going to be blown. Unfortunately, a lot of people are going to suffer due to the lies being told and blind trust in various institutions that have been practically deified when they are no where close to the designation.

Brave and Free

Absolutely with ya DP. I too have relatives getting the stab and it’s disheartening. The only way I see out of this will be Biblical I am afraid. People are awakening, but slowly. To many will regret they took the stab sadly instead of doing their own research. But there’s a large percentage of people who let others make there decisions for them and if it’s a medical decisions more so………
I for one will soldier on free from the “STAB”

Last edited 1 year ago by Brave and Free
Deplorable Patriot

The regrets are going to come when infertility is an issue any number of years down the road.

Cuppa Covfefe

The tragic part of that is that it will probably be irreversible…

Bill Gates Sr. will be celebrating…

in HELL…..


DP…encouraging that you are seeing lightbulbs ight up.
Even a little such news is good news.


Andrew, Outstanding post. Keep’m coming when you have time!!!


Andrew, I hope you’ll stay and keep posting your perspective. However, I don’t understand why you think a person can’t hope something is going on behind the scenes while at the same time preparing for dealing with everything if it isn’t? I can walk and chew gum. I think both are needed. There is always hope. And there is always preparing for what might come.


So WHAT is it exactly that you recommend people do, aside from the normal have enough provisions in place and get a generac hooked up to your gas line. As in SPECIFICS. Because the hand-wringing vapors by itself is not the answer.

I have done the above, will continue (have done so for a year+) to take HCQ/zinc for the next couple of weeks until I have enough ivermectin to switch over, and monitor the great shift toward the truth that is occurring if you choose to look in that direction. There will be false flags, just like that pipeline BS. Keep your focus on Arizona. It feels unreal like the twilight zone because it is. It cannot be sustained.


Keep commenting, Andrew, and may the good Lord continue to bless you.


BREAKING: Biden Admin Revokes Trump’s Executive Orders to Protect Monuments and Combat Online Censorship
The Biden administration has revoked more of former President Donald Trump’s executive orders, including the “Preventing Online Censorship” and “Protecting American Monuments” orders from last May and July.
The administration also revoked the Building and Rebuilding Monuments to American Heroes, Rebranding United States Foreign Assistance To Advance American Influence, Building the National Garden of American HeroesBuilding the National Garden of American Heroes, and Protecting Americans From Overcriminalization Through Regulatory Reform executive orders.

Concerned Virginian

And, just like that — one can bet the farm that the funds for these good and worthy endeavors will end up going to illegal immigrants.

Gail Combs


Didn’t the Supreme Court rule that POTUS (Trump) COULD NOT REVOKE the EOs of other presidents. Specifically the ILLEGAL move called DACA???


Yup. AND BiteMe has been revoking Trump EOs constantly since 20 January.

Special rule to throttle America First.

D-Rat socialist have no rules.


Gail Combs

It also ties up Congress for ages.

MORE Dog & Pony show without the fun of watching the animals.

Last edited 1 year ago by Gail Combs
Deplorable Patriot

Lol. Thats good. Al8nsky tactics. Ridicule works.


I like that, GMT, “More often than not, victory belongs to the God-fearing.”

If it wasn’t for Soros and Chinese money, the MSM would be out of business. Subscriptions and viewership certainly are not keeping them alive.

I am hoping that POTUS becoming active means movement towards playing his Trump cards.

Scavino’s video posting from this morning, fits your post, GMT. POTUS’ words at the end of the clip:

“The Best is Yet to Come.”


He will run for 2024 unless health changes … and he is Very healthy! 🙂

Doesn’t declare – campaign finance laws/rules would impact what he can/can’t do + would make him a candidate v. former POTUS, most recent GOP POTUS and therefore highest ranking GOP leaders/politician and therefore GOP leader of the party. If a candidate then switches as party must be neutral and give all candidates equal time. Better to be seen as the GOP leader and get plenty of stage time for a while longer. Or reasons other than this but these could be some of the factors in waiting to declare while strongly hinting he will run in 2024.

I am excited to see VP – Mike Pompeo? DeSantis? or … ?


He if was already running then GOP parties couldn’t (at least shouldn’t) sell items like Trump 2024 but can now as he is not actually a candidate so its just for fun. If he declared then would have to have hats of all or none. Just one example of changing to an actual declared candidate


Corporate “scientism” at play.

Scott “Liberals are Dangerous” (@ScottC20012) Tweeted:
Stores don’t want to get sued by someone that thinks they might have been exposed to a secondary incident of CoVID by an unmasked patron b/c “science”


Pro tip. I have yet to be challenged in any Kroger or Albertsons owned store with posted mask signs. They definitely are not going to setup a vaccine card screening at each entrance. That just screams, “sue us”.


My ralphs, walmart, etc dont clean the carts anymore. They have the cleaner out only. Walmart is still counting people in and out. Target is THE WORST. A person sitting at a desk as a health monitor and a security guard.
I dont go into target unless necessary dt a specific item.


Targets in UT, WI, CO more relaxed.

Gail Combs

Target lets men into ladies rooms. So Target is a NO GO!

If you want to REALLY get sued just let a bunch of non-white ID as female rapists follow in a mom with some little girls.


Pretty sure the corporate policy is posted. But behind the scenes the managers are told to handle it locally and don’t make a video go viral.


We are all part of the alphabet club now.

CHIZ 🇺🇸 (@CHIZMAGA) Tweeted:

Deplorable Patriot


Transvaxxite. I one time told a choir I was trans-sectional and was told that could get me kissed.


Lol. I wonder what theyd say about this one?


A miracle cure for COVID + Scientists against the New World Order
stopworldcontrol Published  April 11, 2021

Other videos and information here:


120+ retired military flag officers warn US ‘under assault’ by socialists, Marxists, urges Americans to fight back
may 14, 2021 the marshall report

Okay folks, you can get vaxed and play with magnets on your arm and the arms of your loved ones who also got vaxed, or you can WAKE UP AND REALIZE WE ARE IN A SPIRITUAL WARFARE and the enemy isn’t gonna stop! There are things you can do on a spiritual level, a social level, a human level in the flesh, and a political level in your community, state and on national levels.

There are 120 plus retired high ranking military flag officers who are urging for Americans to wake up and fight back legally!

[Excerpt] Read more at the link ago…


This should tell the normies what is really going on.

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

I would love to see a breakdown by age, sex, etc. It would be very interesting to see WHO is concerned and WHY.


I went to the dentist today and the new hygienist asked me if ive been vaccinated. I thought it was a wierd way to start. I flat out told her im not willingly changing my dna for experimental treatment. Not sure if she liked that but she said she’d gotten bc she thinks she’ll have to so she went ahead and did it.
There are a lot of factions within healthcare, but this is an obvious tell.


If there was a profession that should have got covid it was dental. With all the saliva and fluids spaying everywhere. But never heard of a rash of cases in the industry.


Excellent point, well made. Thank you.


Yes. Every one is careful. It was and is a bs political disease thats the problem. And theyve murdered 1000s.


I would not want a vaccinated hygienist.


It was a bit odd.


I think we need a breakdown by I.Q.

Guaranteed most of the smart ones “just say no.”

Gail Combs

Unless they have been brainwashed by Academia.


Educated idiots are in a “class” of their own.


Darn tootin.


Andrew1979, I read what you wrote, and it is the nightmare I worry may come true. I pray not. Thank you for just Saying It. ConcernedVirginian, I’m so sorry for your heartbreak. I have similar heart-break over young family members, also for not young ones. Love to you alll.


Cruz calls 1/6 a terrorist attack on the capitol

Gail Combs

Well now Cruz is out of the closet and showing he is in the CCPs pocket.


I’ve always thought Cruz was a slimy, used-car-salesman, smarmy-acting dick, and nothing he has ever said or done has changed my mind.

Gail Combs

Excellent description of him. And yeah he is as slimy as they come.

Deplorable Patriot

Cruz was out at least before the last election. He was backed by a hedge fund billionaire just like Rubio and a few others. They’re all compromised somehow.


Frustrating, we have an endless stream of R-CONS falsely invoking “terrorists attacks”, “armed insurrection” on the Capitol, January 6th.

There is no excuse for this false narrative.

They NEVER come to the defense of MAGA folks.
Just as infuriating, these same asshoe RCONS say BiteME won the election, fairly.

^^^ To think these shit heads expect our votes in 22, 24…

What have they done to fix, correct November 3rd?


I didn’t listen to it, but is it possible he’s talking about the actual terrorists (Antifa, etc.) who attacked the capitol?

Barb Meier

Changing the topic to finance. I checked with my credit union about getting a mortgage rate adjustment, which would mean they lower the rate but change nothing else about my home loan. I have a fairly high rate so it would mean a nice interest savings. Part of the process requires me to fill out paperwork just like I was getting a new loan. That would not be a problem; however, the credit union has outsourced the form processing to a company called Blend. Blend is located in San Francisco and the CEO is identified as a middle eastern Jewish guy. hrmmm… One never knows. The bio might be BS. I read all their paperwork and decided not to proceed with the request. The privacy and other legal info on Blend made me believe they would share my personal data with whomever they chose in addition to my credit union. They were sending me emails reminding me to fill out the forms. So I called tonight and explained that I don’t want to give my personal data to Blend because I cannot determine if they are being funded by China. Always something. The nice lady I spoke with this evening says all the banks are now using Blend’s services. Somehow I don’t believe that. Blend uses Google Analytics. I avoid Google as much as possible. I don’t check every site’s source to see if they also use Google Analytics, but probably many do. I told the nice lady that I am glad my loan was made before everyone outsourced our data.  😀 

Cuppa Covfefe

Meanwhile, everybody’s health insurance forms and data are flattering about the garbage dumps in India because they don’t understand the concepts behind data retention and protection…

If a company has to outsource because the necessary competence is not available in-house (be it IT, HR, or, horrors, manglement decision support), then that company should no longer be in business as they lack the requisite fiduciary competencies to execute tasks needed for ongoing operations.

In other words, incompetence should be punished, NOT rewarded…….


This isn’t very newsworthy except that not one person from the Thief’s administration appears to be professional and concise. They’re all amateurs

Cuppa Covfefe

Mad as a March hare…


So we need to send them a calendar?


LOL, we need to send them packing preferably at the end of a sharp object..but since that isn’t going to happen..yeah, maybe a calendar and calculators,history books, copy of the Constitution


The American Age, The American Epic Has Only Just Begun, On The Clock – Ep. 2478 
 May 14, 2021  x22report

The people are waking up, they are seeing and feeling the inflation, the [CB] is doing everything possible to cover it up, but it is not working. As inflation rises this will leave the people with less currency in their pocket, welcome to the hidden tax. The [CB] are panicking over the choice people have now, [EM] makes his move, is crypto the new gold that the [CB] is afraid of? The [DS] are ready to launch all assets to stop the audit in Arizona, the information coming out is damaging to Dominion, the country supervisors and the entire election procedures. Scavino sends messages, Trump is ready to begin his rallies, the offensive has just begun, on the clock.


Ep. 2478a – [CB] Panic Over Choice, Inflation Fear Soars, The Awakening
X22 Report Published  May 14, 2021


Ep. 2478b – The American Age, The American Epic Has Only Just Begun, On The Clock
X22 Report Published  May 14, 2021


Matt Walsh (@MattWalshBlog) Tweeted:
The morbidly obese teacher is worried that a vaccinated teenager will make her “get sick and die.”

He poses literally no threat to her. Her own diet will kill her.

In the meantime, she shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near a school ever again.

Cassandra Fairbanks (@CassandraRules) Tweeted:
UPDATE: the teacher has been placed on administrative leave


If that was my kid, that fat loud-mouthed bitch would be out of a job, or the school would be sued. Period.

Also, I would contact the local sheriff to see if I could get a restraining order against her.

AND, I would make it my business to find her wherever she tried to get a new job, and send the school board the video and all the information.

I actually did that last part once already. We had a teacher fired under “suspicious” circumstances involving a student. I found out where he was looking for work, and contacted the school board. He was not hired.

I’m tired of playing nice with these nasty pieces of crap. And I never will again.

Last edited 1 year ago by Aubergine

They do this bc unions give them cover. Esp as we have seen the abuse via zoom classes.


And why is she bending over screeching to this kid sitting on a floor? Where are the other kids? Unhinged, literally.

bflyjesusgrl 🍊 😎NUCLEAR MAGA😎

comment image


I need one of these.


This is the new policy and they will not be asking for proof. Got the mask Nazi’s heads exploding.


And it’s illegal to ask if you are vaccinated, anyway. So what are they doing?

Virtue signalling.


Correct. They will post the policy but do nothing. They know it is more trouble then it is worth. Maybe NY, CA etc will try something but there population control op is falling apart.



Sadie Slays

Q news. Dan Scavino posted a video. At 0:26, it shows a fire truck holding up an American flag. This is the same exact image Q posted on 5/14/18 (exactly three years ago to today’s date) in drop #1363.

comment image

Image search for ‘fire truck / engine’.

Letter common in front of #?

Post 74.


U.S. Flag [post] ‘Castle LOCK’ – pointed ref?

Comms understood?


Last edited 1 year ago by Sadie Slays
Sadie Slays

I had a dream about the number 74 today long before I saw this, too. This is reminding me of the pre-Q days where a bunch of weird Q foreshadowing appeared up in my life before Q did.

Last edited 1 year ago by Sadie Slays

You can read without telegram, just click cancel.

This is Flynn’s response to Trump endorsing McKissick in SC for GOP Chairperson. You can hear the livid in the post. It’s not 5D chess, there are times when Trump does things that are a complete FAIL. The election is tomorrow.

I think Lin Wood has finally taken this to heart. He posted a video earlier this evening with a plain flag cap. No MAGA. No coincidences.


Lin Wood has been unbelievably loyal , worked like a dog and taken a lot of hits for doing so. Gotta be a lousy feeling


Agree. That is what many of us posted back when Trump separated Sidney’s legal efforts from his official efforts to stop the steal.

When they are distinctly seperaated, it is more legal efforts aimed at the swamp. Fake news and Uniparty can’t lump them as a single target.


Lin Wood said this himself. He said from the start that he didn’t want President Trump to endorse him because he didn’t want what he is doing to blow back on POTUS. So I’m not sure why everyone has gotten so excited that POTUS didn’t endorse him.


My point is that POTUS didn’t NEED to endorse RINO fraud McKissick to avoid endorsing Wood.


I have read that Trump considers loyalty to be the character virtue he holds as primary in his subordinates. For that reason I find it somewhat confusing that he discards his foot soldiers with such regularity. I suppose he can fall back on the ‘greater good’ argument as a defense.


Do you not consider President Trump provocative?

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

Carefully so. Just like me!  😉 




When Mike Flynn directs a message at Trump about it, it says a lot. Bad decision making on his part. Bad.


Perhaps surprising, I have little thought on this.

We don’t know what has or hasn’t transpired behind the scenes. We read that sentiment here a lot. It’s true.

Certainly I appreciate Sidney, Lin Wood, Flynn, Lindell and others fighting on.

Looking for tangible wins. Looks like something good is going to come of AZ. Even PA. MI? GA? Some post earlier today suggested positive news out of NV. Latter would surprise me to no end. I view NV good news as VERY unlikely. D-Rats have a strangle hold on NV politics.

Always ready for a double helping of crow.

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

I don’t hear livid. I hear smart. Flynn’s disagreement with Trump is stated with a smile and with the finest of kid gloves, but the audience is not Trump, IMO – it’s us.

Lin Wood is both wonderful and toxic. Act as if that is not true, and we pay the price.

How is Lin “detoxed?” What they’re doing. If Lin Wood wins, those who opposed him are “corrected”. Lin becomes the new reality that we all, Trump included, have to “accept”.

Oh, “darn”.

What Flynn is saying is absolutely right. But it needs an independent Wood win to back it up.

If Wood fails, the fallback is a guy who has performed admirably for Trump in holding certain ground that we almost lost.

Wood, and those behind him, have the PROVE THEMSELVES.

Trump is playing chess correctly here, IMO. 5D or whatever it is.

Gail Combs

Same thoughts expressed differently.  🤓 


A week ago McKissick stated that we should stop talking about the fraud and the election was certified. And this week Trump endorses him? It’s not even something he has to get involved in.

The fact that Flynn would even make addressing Trump by name part of his statement, and that his reaction to Trump’s endorsement is that he STILL supports Lin Wood’s candidacy – is jaw dropping. How about PO’ed with kid gloves as opposed to livid. 👍🏻

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

Works for me! I like that Flynn is willing to disagree publicly with Trump in a good way. I think that shows the movement is MATURING.

Flynn has a point for the WAR, even if Lin Wood is not the proper BATTLE in which to begin stronger tactics.

Oddly, Trump is helping Lin in some ways. I won’t get into those now, but perhaps later.

Deplorable Patriot

After the Cheney ouster, I think this is part of a “cleansing” if you will exposing the [DS] actors in the Republican party. They are setting up a public discussion of sorts.

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

Makes sense!

Gail Combs

“….Trump endorsing McKissick in SC for GOP Chairperson….”

Is he playing a psych game???

This is the ABC story (Grab the salt cellar)

Georgia is VERY IMPORTANT for the election fraud crap and supporting Drew McKissick maybe a bit of back scratching and dead body uncovering. (Has McKissick flipped?)

I love Lin Wood but I think he is too new to the state and too much of a firebrand.


McKissick is joined at the hip w/ Graham and stated a week ago that the election was certified and we should move on. So Trump comes out and endorses him? Nope, bad deal and Flynn knows it. Wood is supported by Lindell and Powell as well. You know, those people laying it all on the line to HELP Trump. Bad deal.


As I said in another comment, in 2015 Trump was the high profile, for-the-people firebrand upstart that had never run for office. And it sure wasn’t for GOP chairman of South Carolina. How about we keep some perspective here. This is bad advice, and a bad look that leaves people nothing but more puzzled at a time when people NEED to see the clear pathway.

If he could not show some loyalty to Lin Wood he should have stayed out of it. Is he weighing in to races like this nationally? I haven’t seen it. In the grand scheme of things it’s small potatoes, and accomplishes nothing with his base. If anything it rubs people the wrong way.

Deplorable Patriot

I think they’re setting up a national discussion regarding rejecting the past [DS] Republicans in favor of new people. An open difference of opinion, if you will, by highlighting Wood vs. McKissick who I’m sure is not a household name nationwide.


And what exactly is the upside, because it’s lost on me. That Trump not endorse a high profile, for-the-people upstart that might lose? That Trump not endorse an outspoken loyal supporter that, given the 24/7 GOPe slander operation, might lose? Is it because of the whistleblower and the sick allegations against Pence?

So McKissick won and I guess he can put out his congrat statement. Entrenched old-boy GOPe. Rah Rah. Trump has forgotten that he was once a high profile, for-the-people upstart.

Deplorable Patriot

That Trump is setting up the RINOs for the fall.


Sorry, don’t see it. If he is not taking the same interest and weighing in on similar races nationally, he could have avoided this by simply staying out of it. It does nothing but rub people the wrong way.

Deplorable Patriot

Just ’cause you don’t see it, doesn’t mean it isn’t happening. Everything he does, he does for a reason.

And I like that he rubs people the wrong way. Outs them for the sort of people they are.


So It’s good to confound the basic MAGA person who’s wondering why there’s a deliberate 11th hour endorsement of a RINO, over the most loyal of supporters? When he isn’t weighing in everywhere equally?

I was talking about rubbing his base the wrong way. I guess they now need outing.


So very typical


^^^ That’s how D-Rat charities work. Massive overhead. Minimal support to folks needing help.

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

Party of Criminals.

Gail Combs

That is why I prefer DIRECT charity or something well vetted like the Salvation Army. Many,many ‘Charities’ are really money laundering scams.

Deplorable Patriot

Don’t let the Salvation Army fool you. They’re not all that different. They just get better publicity.


^^^ Cover for FB, TW, YT…to increase censoring EVERYTHING outside of official narrative.

AND, falsely accuse retired military, retired LE, whites….as right wing terrorists.

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

“With an intent to incite violence.”

They do not know this, and they are very poor mind readers.

I spread “conspiracy theories” so that we can find the truth.


So fuck you, Obama-Biden DHS. You SUCK. You LIE.


My belief is, Dodge, FIB, IC, IRS…believe we are, “enemies of the state”.

Their words and actions reflect they are looking to put us in their cross hairs.



Maybe next time BiteME folks, D-Rats and fake news, vilify MAGA folks and conservatives for NOT taking the injection, someone will bring up FDA and NIAID not taking the injection.


Wisconsin General Assembly Votes To Investigate 2020 Presidential Election


Good news Friday…

Six year old gets welcomed back to school after beating leukemia×540/OZaPCtNKYmyvo2Ku.mp4?tag=12

Fourteen second video.

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SteveInCO · Thermonuclear MAGA

Tomorrow’s thread physics part is written, I just have to assemble it. Within an hour, tops.

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Or maybe it will take me longer.

I’m getting a bogus “login” window when I try to edit posts.

It won’t accept my password. I think it’s my old “wordpress” password it’s looking for?

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Have you tried turning it off and on again?

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I had to log in, using my *wordpress* password, in order to edit.


Well, it’s rolling now. Have a beer.

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Actually, I’ll probably look at the Friday thread. I haven’t read any of it yet.


Behold the awesome power of “AND”!!!!

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Well, the real issue is I have that one little thing in common with Trump: teetotaler.


Have an enjoyable beverage (we currently have eight full cases of TJ’s lime mineral water on hand about 18 feet from me).


Insty has been using lines from the song “One Night in Bangkok” as the titles of his open threads for a few days. It’s beginning to feel more like “One Month in Bangkok” now.

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New daily is up, exactly one hour late.

Sorry about the delay, I just didn’t have time to write the thing until Thursday evening, then I extensively revised and extended it Friday evening


Another sublime post, GinT.

I noted the Hayman’s gin in one of the videos. Ours is a Hayman’s household — many varieties, all excellent.


Please keep us posted. 🙂