Welcome to The Q Tree Forums

The ACTUAL forum is ready for people to begin USING IT.


RULES are minimal, other than basic civility as per HERE, in all forums but ONE.


There are THREE types of forums.

  • Main Forums
  • Q&A Forums
  • Test Forums

The number of forums will GROW AS NEEDED in each of the 3 types.

Main Group Forums

The MAIN group is where most posting will be.

Right now, there are FOUR forums in the main group:

  • General Non-Political
  • General Political
  • Article Discussion
  • The U Tree Air B&B

There is a sticky welcome message as a TOPIC in each of these.

General Non-Political

This is the forum to start any topic which does NOT fall into “ranty stuff” – which would be contentious points of religion, culture, and politics.

None of that stuff here, please.

Bring all the nicey-nice stuff here. Also the sads, the personal, and the poignant. GOOD STUFF. Religiously motivating – NOT religiously argumentative.

Do you have a non-political forum or subforum idea? Let me know. Or just try it as a TOPIC or series of topics first. Experiment!

But keep this place NICE and FRIENDLY.

Abortion, euthanasia, desecration, news, libtard insanity and ChiCom mendacity – all of THAT belongs on the next forum.

General Political

This is where to start topics on the FIGHTS in politics, culture, and religion – where most of our normal discussion goes. This is the WAR ROOM. There may be some war here, but it will be CIVIL. So to speak. If it gets out of hand, WE’VE GOT OPTIONS.

Article Discussion

This is where AUTHORS can re-direct commenting on their articles, or where discussion about one or more articles ON THE MAIN SITE can be held.

I will demonstrate this with the commenting for this very article. There is a LINK at the end that leads to the discussion.

The U Tree Air B&B

This is a substitute for MOST of the discussion on the U Tree. Advantage – it’s OURS and not a property of WokePressDotCom. Disadvantage – if you can’t get on the main site, you can’t get on this one, either. So continue to use The Real U Tree to get back in here, when you’re locked out.

Rules will be like The U Tree.

Civility? Shirley, you jest!

Q & A Group Forums

This is where we will put any forums which need to use the special “reddit style” / “tech style” format.

Right now, there are only two forums – regular and test. Our 2 prior test threads are in the TEST forum. People can use that to TEST ideas for this forum group, too.

As we gain experience and people have ideas about something the want to try here, we can add forums. I suspect this won’t get a lot of use, but I could be wrong.

Test Group Forums

This is where I stuck all the old test threads from the different formats EXCEPT Q&A, which don’t really translate to the THREADED format used in both the MAIN GROUP and the TEST GROUP.

The Simplified and Extended tests are now here, in Threaded format. They won’t make a lot of sense that way, unless you keep that conversion in mind. Most of our testing was in the Threaded format, like here, so it all makes sense.

Feel free to TEST USE OF THE SITE HERE. However, try not to encourage discussion here. We want most of the discussion to be on the main board. This is a place to test stuff, then bring it back to the main discussion board.

But if you mess up here, no biggee!

This place is like a quarry where you can shoot guns, blow things up, and try JACKASS stuff, to see if it works.

I could call these the “Hold My Beer, I’m going to try the EXPLODING BACON VIDEO SPOILER” forums.

Test it here – if it works – use it on the main forums. Actually, I don’t really care if you do stuff on the main forums, either, but some people need extra reassurances, and I REALLY REALLY don’t care if the test forums get messed up.

That’s it. Go for it.

Discussion and comments are at the link below. This is a demo. I will close “normal” comments on the article itself.

LINK: https://www.theqtree.com/community/articles/comments-welcome-to-the-q-tree-forums/