Dear KAG: 20220330 Open Thread

Let’s see what is in the open tabs today.

A little bit about the BRICS and other countries turning their backs on the petro-dollar:

Dollar reserve system frays with India-Russia currency deals

Russia and India took a small but important step towards non-dollar trade financing and investment on March 25, when the Reserve Bank of India allowed Russia to invest the proceeds of its arms sales to India in local-currency corporate bonds.

Russia’s account with India’s central bank is small, with a reported balance of US$262 million, but the prospective advantages to both countries are enormous: India will pay for one of its most important import items, namely Russian weapons, in local currency, and Russia will invest the proceeds in a financial market safe from sanctions.

India changed its rules on external commercial borrowing to accommodate the Russian proposal, Bloomberg News reported. The US, European Union (EU) and Japan seized Russian central bank reserves as well as the assets of wealthy Russian nationals after Moscow’s troops invaded Ukraine in late February.

That is another small but indicative crack in the framework of the US dollar reserve system. Saudi Arabia reportedly will accept RMB in payment for oil shipments to China, its largest customer.

That implies in turn that the Saudi kingdom will maintain a significant portion of its reserves in Chinese currency, possibly in an arrangement like the Indian-Russian agreement for reinvestment of the proceeds of arms sales.

Then there was this that could well be mis/dis information:

Bombshell: CIA Officer Openly Confesses To Rigging 2020 Election For Joe Biden And Says They Would Do It Again

A CIA officer has confessed that the ‘Deep State’ rigged the 2020 election in Joe Biden’s favor, and has boldly admitted that the agency would do it again.

Former CIA officer John Sipher claimed in a stunning Twitter thread that he took “particular joy” in discrediting the Hunter Biden “laptop from hell” narrative and enthusiastically admitted to “shifting” the election away from Trump.

Sipher was among the many “intelligence experts” who falsely claimed the Hunter Biden laptop story from the New York Post back in October of 2020 was part of a “Russian disinformation campaign.” reports: A March 18th report from the New York Post mentioned how Sipher was among those “officials” who’d “signed a letter saying that the laptop ‘has the classic earmarks of a Russian information operation.’”

Don’t forget: Cypher was the villain/bad guy/black hat in the movie “The Matrix.” Yes, it is spelled differently, but….

The opening sequence of this video of Jack Maxey talking about the laptop features the Russian information operation montage from the dinosaur media.

Also of interest is a RedVoiceMedia clip from Dr. Zelenko. It seems he has landed on some sort of pharma hit list.

And now for the usual fare.

Biden’s body double doesn’t know what he’s saying, either.

It’s not just the big names getting banned.

The latest in bread and circuses:

That was actually proven in the 1940s.

Dr. Evarts Ambrose Graham with his smoking machine. He proved smoking causes lung cancer in mice.

And some good news courtesy of one of our participants.

Have a good day y’all.

(I don’t remember who brought this to a daily in the comments, but thanks.)

And, of course, the obligatory George Carlin:

Per the Boss:

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ISAIAH 49:8-15

8Thus says the LORD: “In a time of favor I have answered you, in a day of salvation I have helped you; I have kept you and given you as a covenant to the people, to establish the land, to apportion the desolate heritages; 9saying to the prisoners, `Come forth,’ to those who are in darkness, `Appear.’ They shall feed along the ways, on all bare heights shall be their pasture; 10they shall not hunger or thirst, neither scorching wind nor sun shall smite them, for he who has pity on them will lead them, and by springs of water will guide them. 11And I will make all my mountains a way, and my highways shall be raised up. 12Lo, these shall come from afar, and lo, these from the north and from the west, and these from the land of Syene.” 13Sing for joy, O heavens, and exult, O earth; break forth, O mountains, into singing! For the LORD has comforted his people, and will have compassion on his afflicted. 14But Zion said, “The LORD has forsaken me, my Lord has forgotten me.” 15“Can a woman forget her sucking child, that she should have no compassion on the son of her womb? Even these may forget, yet I will not forget you.

As always, prayers for the fight against that which seeks to enslave us are welcome.

Please include: President Donald Trump, the Q team, our soldiers in the field, special forces, tactical units, first responders and those working behind the scenes…and any and all people with family members in the hospital, COVID or not.

And…members of the QTree who no longer participate for one reason or another.

It is quite clear, as per Wolf’s message from July, that we are under spiritual attack. Building up a robust arsenal of prayer and discipline is a must in fighting the enemy and his minions.

In that spirit, the Prayer to St. Michael the Archangel from Tuesday’s threads, and the Breastplate of St. Patrick, not to mention the Litany of Humility are favorites recommended by exorcists in spiritual warfare.

Not that this needs any more attention, but….

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comment imageThe Bias News


NEW: Representative Cawthorn says in a meeting with House Minority Leader McCarthy that remarks suggesting his colleagues have done cocaine in front of him and invited him to orgies were “exaggerated.”

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

This is how the UniParty shuts down and protects the pedos, druggies, and satanists, and makes it all a conspiracy theory.


Yup… waiting to see what’s going on with Matt Gaetz… weather or not they “got to him”. Yet.


SO was Cawthorn’s interview a day or two ago, exactly as he reported? He was invited to an orgy with lots of drugs.


Cawthorn willingly participated and tried to walk it back.

I am guessing it IS as Cawthorn reported a day or two ago.

IIRC, Cawthorn IS the guy D-Rats tried to get tossed off the ballot in NC.


Something REALLY, REALLY smells here. NOT a COINCIDENCE.

  1. D-Rats tried to get Cawthorn tossed from ballot in NC.
  2. Cawthorn makes his allegations a couple days ago.
  3. NOW, the McCarthy TW AND Cawthorn admits he lied about the orgy and drug stuff.
  4. Couple days ago ROVE implicated in setting up a Republican running for re-election.
  5. There was another Republican that the D-Rats ran a hit job on, ultimately getting him to quit the reelction race.

ht PR

Check the second part of the TW.

Also says Cawthorn admitted his orgy & cocaine allegations were exaggerated/untrue.

Am I missing something or recall something incorrectly?


Maybe that is why he is being tagged. He does not stick with the lets go to War script?

Rep. Madison Cawthorn calls Zelensky a ‘thug’ – The … › politics › 2022/03/10

Mar 10, 2022 — Rep. Madison Cawthorn (R-N.C.) called Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky a “thug” and said the Ukrainian government is “incredibly evil” at .


Yes… looks that way. Guess it;s not called the uniparty for nothing!


Yes it is sickening.


This one weird trick can rally millions to risk getting nuked!

Here how it works. The MSM’s trusted sources all seem to follow the same ‘ISW’ analysis on Ukraine. The analysis is all grim for the Russians. They can be beat is the subtle ISW analysis. (Receipts included)


BBC – The BBC coverage is the go to for many, including other MSM.

The BBC credits ISW as its source for maps and analysis.
The ISW (Institute for the Study of War) provides MSM trusted analysis of the war.

ISW is owned by Kimberly Kagan.
Who is Kimberly Kagan?
She is married to Frederick Kagan.

Who is Frederick Kagan?
Frederick Kagan is the brother of Robert Kagan.
Who is Robert Kagan?

By sheer coincidence, Robert Kagan is married to none other than Victoria Nuland.
Who is Victoria Nuland?
Never heard of her?

Other examples of ISW as a source include:

“According to a report by Washington think tank the Institute for the Study of War, two leaders of the Russian intelligence service were placed under house arrest Friday.”
…”Washington-based Institute for the Study of War said in a briefing”…

TL;DR: The MSM gets its war assessment from Victoria Nuland’s sister in law. Some say she organized the 2014 coup in Ukraine. Weird, right?


Goebbels would be proud…

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

This is a really interesting infiltration. What kind of enemy can do that?


Russian troops are mopin up the Nazis in Dombass … Ukraine has lost, won’t surrender, just continuing to kill citizens… HORRIBLE lies being told by Western Media…


Russia could arrange 24/7 live broadcast from Ukraine…broadcasting truth.


Wow 😱


Behind enemy lines in California. Day 3. Gas is running $5.80 to $6.20 for regular. All the businesses I visited for work were mask optional. So I was actually surprised which has made the week bearable. Everything is still crazy expensive. Dickeys brisket. My go to on the road is up to $25 a pound here. Was $19 just a couple of months ago.

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

People have to vote these psychotic Democrats out of power.

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

Neon Revolt has a good prediction here. We have to push back hard.


Mark Smith reposted

comment image


They’re trying to ramp back up covid narratives now, to lay the groundwork for mail-in voter fraud and the like come the midterms.

That’s why China is locking down again and why Biden got his televised jab today.



Biden got a fake jab?
Yes I kept hearing Covid 19 sister is roaming the country. Was it Omecron 2?