The Google Whistleblower Strikes YouTube – with BLAST.VIDEO

Big hat tip to The Liberty Daily.

I’m going to try to keep this fast.

Remember Zach Vorhies, the Google whistleblower who was subjected to all kinds of shady police action when he tried to tell the world what was really happening at Google?

The man has a deep inside knowledge of what goes on in Google-world, but he also knows that there are problems in Patriot-land and TRUTH-WORLD. Our comms are FRAGMENTED.

One problem I have, is finding great videos on hot topics on our side.

YouTube used to be wonderful for finding all the videos I needed, until they started aggressively removing videos that didn’t take the “woke” viewpoint. Next came DuckDuckGo – which was not much better, fronting MOSTLY YouTube – and then it became DuckDuckWoke.

Rumble’s content is good, but their search is crap. BitChute and some of the others are not much better. And they’re ALL separate.



This thing will take me RIGHT to what I want.

For instance, I’m thinking about covering the Eric Greitens story. It’s complicated, but the message is simple. Karl Rove and Mitch McConnell GOT CAUGHT trying to RIG the Senate for the UniParty, playing a dirty communist trick on Eric Greitens. These assholes are gonna pay for their CCGOP skulduggery. I would love some GREAT HOT VIDEOS to catch people up to the story.

Blast Dot Video does the work.

Type Eric Greitens or Karl Rove in the search and just find what you need, at the top.

This is exactly what I needed. Once they get some fresher OANN videos in here (there is a delay right now), it will be fully Wolf Moon compliant, as we say around here.


Or just remember it. BLAST DOT VIDEO.


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Cool! Thanks for the tip!


I have been fallowing the Greitens story and just knew it was a set up and slander. I saw it on Bannon. Anyone who worked for Bush is suspect in my opinion. McConnell I think has made it personal with Trump. It is now black and white out in the open. He needs to be removed.


So true about McConnell same with Georgia.
All about money they are beholden to their greed.

Cuppa Covfefe

Yep. Looking at Turtle (who, sorry to say, I defended early on, partly because of his handicap and soldiering on through it), and then looking at his wife (follow the wives/families), there had to have been something. And growing up in the SF Bay Area, dominated by RED Chinese and other Asians, I knew what kind of skulduggery could well be afoot (e.g. Chinatown in SF, beyond Larkin and Taylor, changes into a whole different world once the sun goes down… boy, could I tell some tales about that)…

The picture of the Eagle is great. Reminds me of PHC… (RIP)…

Brave and Free

Mitch was complete compromised when he got married more than likely


That is a great site! I searched for Jack Maxey and got a page full of videos. I think only the first five are about Maxey and the rest have some other form of “jack” in their names. But that’s okay; the ones I would want are there, and I doubt Maxey has done many interviews.


Bookmarked. Thank you.


Well, the revolution may not be televised but it will be recorded on video.


Bookmarked….thx Wolf…


Thanks, Wolf. Bookmarked.

Deplorable Patriot

For your Greitens collection.