Dear KAG: 20220413 Open Thread

Let’s see…Spy Wednesday…what’s out there….

Former Trump Attorney John Eastman Pushes for Decertification of Wisconsin Election Following Recent Discoveries of Extensive Fraud

In recent weeks we discovered the following about the 2020 presidential election in Wisconsin:

** Operatives stuffed 957,077 new registrations into the state voter rolls in the 10 months preceding the election, or 29% of the total vote.
** There was 100% turnout in nursing homes in Zuckerberg-funded Wisconsin cities – they stole the votes from seniors.
** The voter rolls were deliberately not cleaned in the state with millions of extra names.
** The state election commission charged Republicans $12,500 for data requests but Democrats were given similar data requests for free.
** 7% of the ballots were illegally trafficked – over 137,000 votes!
** At least 107 ballot traffickers were identified in the state.

When it all appears in a list like that, it’s kind of hard to ignore.

About the diamonds:

Oh, and by the way, under a lupe every diamond is unique. The flaws are specific.

And thanks to DeBeers, they’re worth a lot of money.

Ukraine…a psy-op in many ways?


Pedro L. Gonzalez Profile picture

Pedro L. Gonzalez

The Western intelligence apparatus won the information war in Ukraine before a shot was fired. Even new publications like the Kyiv Independent have received support from NGOs that do in public what the CIA used to do in private. My story in @HumanEvents +🧵

The Independent is a good example. It’s got growing subscriber base now, but according to the Committee to Protect Journalists, it was created with an “emergency grant from the European Endowment for Democracy,” a spinoff of the National Endowment for Democracy. What is the NED?
On the surface, it’s an NGO that promotes civil society worldwide by, among other things, sponsoring and providing training for journalists and activists directly or indirectly. The reality, however, is different.

Here’s ProPublica’s characterization: “The National Endowment for Democracy was established by Congress, in effect, to take over the CIA’s covert propaganda efforts. But, unlike the CIA, the NED promotes U.S. policy and interests openly.”

The NED’s co-founder, Allen Weinstein, admitted as much. “A lot of what we do today was done covertly 25 years ago by the CIA,” he said in an interview with the Washington Post entitled, “Innocence Abroad: The New World of Spyless Coups.”…“The biggest difference is that when such activities are done overtly, the flap potential [i.e., embarrass or embroil the CIA in controversy] is close to zero,” Weinstein said. Recall that in 1967, Ramparts magazine humiliated the agency by exposing . . .

. . . that it had turned the National Student Association’s international activities into “an arm of United States foreign policy” through undercover financing and secret collaboration. Now, “Openness is its own protection,” as Weinstein put it.

In fall 2021, a profile of the Independent’s chief editor, Olga Rudenko, appeared in ProMarket, a publication of the Stigler Center at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business. Rudenko was visiting the school for a journalism development program.

According to ProMarket, she is also a board member at the Media Development Foundation, an NGO that has received at least $225,140 from the NED. You won’t find that without a digital archive because the NED’s records of funding projects in Ukraine was recently moved or deleted. The archived page shows that from 2014 to the present, the NED has granted $22,394,281 through 334 awards to Ukraine. However, since the change, the NED only allows users to search back to 2017.

More at the Thread Reader.

Jim Jordan just says it.

Have a good day y’all.

(I don’t remember who brought this to a daily in the comments, but thanks.)

And, of course, the obligatory George Carlin:

Per the Boss:

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MATTHEW 26:14-25

14Then one of the twelve, who was called Judas Iscariot, went to the chief priests 15and said, “What will you give me if I deliver him to you?” And they paid him thirty pieces of silver. 16And from that moment he sought an opportunity to betray him. 17Now on the first day of Unleavened Bread the disciples came to Jesus, saying, “Where will you have us prepare for you to eat the passover?” 18He said, “Go into the city to a certain one, and say to him, `The Teacher says, My time is at hand; I will keep the passover at your house with my disciples.'” 19And the disciples did as Jesus had directed them, and they prepared the passover. 20When it was evening, he sat at table with the twelve disciples; 21and as they were eating, he said, “Truly, I say to you, one of you will betray me.” 22And they were very sorrowful, and began to say to him one after another, “Is it I, Lord?” 23He answered, “He who has dipped his hand in the dish with me, will betray me. 24The Son of man goes as it is written of him, but woe to that man by whom the Son of man is betrayed! It would have been better for that man if he had not been born.” 25Judas, who betrayed him, said, “Is it I, Master?” He said to him, “You have said so.”

When COVID hit, I was part of a group working on The Song of Mark by Marty Haugen. The music itself and the voices are not the greatest, but the text…like Monty Python, imagine what went on around the Passion that was out of eye and earshot of the Evangelists.

As always, prayers for the fight against that which seeks to enslave us are welcome.

Please include: President Donald Trump, the Q team, our soldiers in the field, special forces, tactical units, first responders and those working behind the scenes…and any and all people with family members in the hospital, COVID or not.

And…members of the QTree who no longer participate for one reason or another.

It is quite clear, as per Wolf’s message from July, that we are under spiritual attack. Building up a robust arsenal of prayer and discipline is a must in fighting the enemy and his minions.

In that spirit, the Prayer to St. Michael the Archangel from Tuesday’s threads, and the Breastplate of St. Patrick, not to mention the Litany of Humility are favorites recommended by exorcists in spiritual warfare.

And JP comes through again.

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I know what tomorrow brings!


Hump day.


I once worked at a place where the owner and CEO was Italian. Many of the workers were hispanic. And every year, during Holy Week, the natives grew restless about time off on Friday. So the owner instituted a custom that, starting at about 10:00 AM on Friday, anyone could go into his office and have a brief talk — and either leave with full pay or go back to work. Mind you, this was good fun back in the ’80’s but would probably have the entire Federal Government try to crush you today.

After the door closed and people sat down, the talk started with, “so, you want time off because of Good Friday. What does it commemorate?”

Mind you, it wouldn’t have mattered if the respondent were Catholic, Jewish, Hindu, Moslem, Shinto, atheist, Buddhist, Animist, Mormon, or (*shudder*) Baptist — if you got the right answer, you could go pack your stuff and leave for the day.

If the employee got it wrong, they got a very, very abbreviated version that went something like, “according to Christian doctrine, Jesus took upon himself the sins of the world and was tortured and crucified as sacrifice for them. Good Friday is when the sacrifice was accepted and Jesus died.”

It was amazing how many nominal Catholics were surprised and shocked by this.

Many returned to work — and we usually closed shop around 3:00 anyway because things were getting non-productive. Some got feisty in the interview and said that they wanted to talk to their priest — they were released along with the informed. Some of us knew, but just worked because things needed to get done.

But it was always very funny when people tried to say, “I should have paid time off because of Good Friday” when they had no idea what it meant.


Wife and I have Good Friday as a paid holiday. Working for the state gov’t.


Some people just insist on making an ash of themselves.


Instead of camels, maybe we should try a teeter-totter. Just for fun.

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Barb Meier

I was having the urge to get an adult-size swing set. Thanks for the reminder!


My inadvertent good deed for the day.  😄 

Barb Meier

Those are some of the best. 😀


I was messing with cthulhu.


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Wolf Moon

China Joe. BOMBED. With a bomb made in America.


Camel day!!!

And again we’re only singly-humped this week.

OK, more seriously, I went to a local meeting of a conservative women’s group and they had Tina Peters on a virtual link. She’s planning to continue the fight of course, as she runs to replace the odious Jena Griswold for Secretary of State (which here, at least, is in charge of elections).

The candidate I met months ago decided to step aside and let her do it; he’s running for the county commission.

Wolf Moon


So this could explain why the communists indicted Peters, if they thought she might seek higher office.


Alternatively, she decided to run for higher office only after she uncovered the rampant fraud. Of course that would still be before the indictments.

BTW what she did wasn’t illegal, and this is implicitly admitted by the fact that there is a bill in the legislature right now to make it illegal.

Wolf Moon

WOW. Interesting. Just like the bill to prohibit Pence from actually doing his job in the Electoral College! It proves that he could have – at least to me.


In both cases, it’s possible the current situation is ambiguous rather than clearly in our favor, thus arguable either way [not just our way] and the bills are being passed to ensure the “other” reading for the future.


Thinking – “SteveInCo” is not a “he” you’re a “her”?  😉 


Nah. Getting close-up and stirring interest amongst the local womenfolk. “How ’bout you come to my place and pet my lizard?” wasn’t working out so well.


Nope, assuredly a “he.”


Did you have that signed-off by a biologist?

Last edited 4 months ago by cthulhu

meet Ivan !

A Weekend With An Amish Farmer  💖 

so cool !


Witness, 1985

soundscore by Maurice Jarre

one of the best movies ever made !

beautiful soundscore


Ah, Maurice Jarre. Dr. Zhivago and Laurence of Arabia. 👍🏻


Whoa!! This is an amazing wave and the surfer rode it.


what a thrill that must’ve been !



Watch the video at the 17 second mark onward. He surfs through a Q.

Wolf Moon

OMG, that’s hilarious! “Watch The Water”.



From today’s postings…

“The Russian military found an UAV with liquid containers and sprayers on the territory of one of the military units abandoned by the Armed Forces of Ukraine”
(several, with pictures)


Someone posted some tweets by Russian with an Attitude yesterday and I believe we saw his posts a few times before bringing the the other side of the story. Well, last night Twitter Suspended his account.

Wolf Moon

Only Ukrainian-Bidenazi propaganda allowed! No Russian! Them’s the rulez!


Wolf Moon

This shows EXACTLY how the Ukrainian Nazi influence is SATANIZING Ukraine.


Yes… no mention that it is an annual TRADITION, which it is…


Verse of the Day for Wednesday, April 13, 2022

“Ye are the light of the world. A city that is set on an hill cannot be hid.” 

Matthew 5:14 (KJV)

comment image

Thank You, Jesus, for blessings received and prayers answered!!!



comment image


comment image



Father God, I now follow your command to put on the full armor of God, because my battle is not against flesh and blood but against rulers, authorities, the powers of this dark world and against spiritual forces of evil in the unseen world.

I first pray on the Belt of Truth that it may be buckled around my waist, may I be centered and encircled by your truth dear Lord. Hem me inside all that is true and right, and may I be protected and held up by the truth of your living word, in my Lord Jesus name.

I pray on the Breastplate of righteousness, please protect my vital organs and my inner man, cover my integrity, my spirit, and my soul. Guard my heart for it is the wellspring of life, please strengthen and guard the most vulnerable places in my life with that which is right, good, and noble that I might not receive a fatal blow from the enemy, in my Lord Jesus name.

I pray on the Gospel Shoes of Peace. I choose to stand in the shoes of your good news, and on the firm foundation of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, the solid eternal rock. All other ground is sinking sand, I pray that I will not slip or fall, but that my feet would be firmly fitted on your lordship, my Lord Jesus. I choose to stand on you, so that the peace of God, which transcends all understanding will guard my heart and mind in Christ Jesus, the eternal Rock of Ages. I receive your holy peace now my Lord, from the sole of my feet to the crown of my head, in my Lord Jesus name.

I pray the Shield of Faith into my hand now. As I take up the shield of faith, I ask that you might extinguish every dart and arrow, that is launched from the enemy to take me down spiritually, physically, mentally, emotionally, and every attempt of the enemy to destroy my joy. I ask that my faith in you would make it flame out. Extinguish every flaming arrow that would come against me, my life, my family, my home, or my ministry. May my faith always be out in front of me like a shield. Give me the courage to “faith my fears” by choosing to walk by faith and not by sight, in my Lord Jesus name.

I pray on the Helmet of Salvation, that you might protect my mind from the thoughts that can lead me astray. I choose to take every thought captive, and arrest all intentioned ideas and motives that would harm others, or distract me from your holy will for me. I submit every captured thought to the Lordship of my Lord Jesus Christ, and ask that you would imprison those thoughts that are not of you my Lord. Transform my mind and renew my thinking that I may think God thoughts, and have a sober mind that is focused on your glory. Please protect me from being double minded that I may allow my mind, I reject to live an earthly life, because I choose to live a holy one, governed by you My Lord Jesus, the prince of peace, please have my mind to be saturated with the holy mind of Christ, in my Lord Jesus name.

Finally, I take up the Sword of the Spirit which is the holy word of God, I pray this powerful offensive weapon into my hand, and ask that your holy word would be fitting for every encounter I face. As the enemy gets close to me, please give me the insight, wisdom, and skill to wield the word of God to drive away the enemy, in my Lord Jesus name.

May the enemy and his team flee from me, upon hearing the word of God spoken by the power and direction of the Holy Spirit. Give me the sword of the spirit to cut through the wiles of the devil, so that I may discern the schemes of the enemy when he is near.

With all kinds of prayers, supplication, and intercession I pray to you my Lord God as the one who fights my battles. Now that I’m in your holy powerful armor, I walk away covered and ready to face my day as you go before me, and please protect me in the midst of the spiritual warfare in this unseen world, in my Lord Jesus name.

Thank you my Lord, for the spiritual weapons of armor and prayer that you have given me. It is written no weapon formed against me shall prosper, and you will refute every tongue that accuses me. 

Thank you Father God, my Lord Jesus and the Holy Spirit, that I am more than a conqueror in my Lord Jesus. I pray all of this in the mighty name of my Lord God and Savior Jesus Christ.


comment image


Wanna read something scary……

The DemocRATS are scared and scrambling…the two most ambitious Demon-rats ever – Hillrotten and Øbastard – Schumer, Schiff, et al, have to be scheming about how they can take the presidency over and put pathetic pigeon poop President Joe out to pasture. The behind the scenes wrestling has to be at near violence levels.

Here’s an interesting article from a Christian site that lays out the scary possibilities: 

The Brew: Obama Eye-Balling a Constitutional Loophole to Take Over Biden’s Last Two Years?

comment image

“If I did, whatchu think you can do about it, sucker?


“The Return of Barack?
Yes, it’s Holy Week. But it’s also 202 days to Halloween. Close enough to conjour up a fright, courtesy of Andrea Widburg over at American Thinker. (Here’s the link. Children may want to cover their eyes.)

Widburg saw all that fawning over Barack Obama last week. How he brushed aside Joe Biden like a piece of lint on his fancy suit. How he called Biden “Vice President” … lamely passing it off as a joke.

Widburg posed “an admittedly wild theory about how Obama may intend to fix things: Obama’s aiming to get back into the Oval Office.” Crazy?

Not so crazy. The 22nd Amendment says a person cannot be “elected more than twice.” And cannot serve more than two years of another’s term. So in reality, a president isn’t limited to two terms. They’re limited to 10 years. Meaning, Obama has two years, if he can arrange it.

Widburg imagines Harris getting dumped first, with Obama being named VP, and then Biden resigning. It could work the other way too. Biden out, Obama named Harris’ VP. Certainly Obama could figure some way to push Harris out. Obama’s made a career out of disposing of politicians who stand in his way … by any means necessary.

Gov. Mike Huckabee comments on Widburg’s theory in the context of the media’s sudden interest in the Hunter Biden story: “Who pulled the switch and got the mainstream media in gear on this story. Our thought is that it’s none other than former President Obama pulling the strings.”

See “Watch Out: How the Left Will Play the Biden Scandal.”

The Guv is right. The media is now in gear. The latest? Yahoo! News reporting on the curious business ties between Biden, Inc. and the criminally charged Chinese businessman Patrick Ho. “New Hunter Biden revelations raise counterintelligence questions.” Note the article is co-written by Michael Isikoff. If this longtime DNC asset is going after Hunter, that’s a good sign the word has gone out.

Link to live links –


Seems like if Obamination did want to do this, Dems don’t use rules unless they feel like it. Honestly I think Harris would gladly cede over the presidency to him. They installed her for a reason. I don’t think we’ve seen what they wanted her there to do yet


Astute observation.


^^^ Quite the asterisk for the first “women” pResident. Blew her way into various position(s). Not a clue how to LEAD, nor a Strategic instinct in her head.


She doesn’t even appear to be ambitious for power or accolades. She’s had plenty of opportunities to outshine Potatus, so many times she could’ve shown that she, not potatus, is on top of the issues and can function.

She’s coasting.


VPs are NOT supposed to outshine the pResident.

Hoe has underdelivered in spades, being more WORTHLESS than BiteMe.

Not an easy feat, with feeble dementia dummy BiteMe as “46”.


Harris is barely more coherent than Biden.


Hoe specializes in utter nonsense… She babbles AND NEVER delivers anything tangible.

GWP Video at the link.

Listen to Kamala Harris’ Brilliant Answer When Asked What the Biden Admin is Doing to Combat Inflation
“I acknowledge one must acknowledge that prices are going up, and that people are working hard and, in many cases, are worried about whether they can get through the end of the month and make it all work,” Harris said.

“What I can say is that people deserve to know that their president, that our administration, is concerned enough to do something about it, so that is what we are doing,” she added.


Making this worse, Hoe IS being coached on talking points, delivery…


Perhaps Harris is also an “actor” ?

Wolf Moon

For their side – not ours.

She does have a real double, who she has used, and got caught using, but that double only passes with a mask on.

Cuppa Covfefe

The DEMONRATS are Hell-bent on bringing the DESOLATION of the Øbamanation…

Not realizing they’re going to have to swim in the Lake of Fire…


I’d like to believe the Senate, UNIPARTY, would NOT APPROVE hussein.

But, they are all on the same team, that OPPOSES America..

Wolf Moon


The Bidenazi military and the Gaystapo/Jillboots Faction in the Pentagram love Hussein. Farkas isn’t the only one with banjo eyes for NATObama!


I talked about a version of this last week. They’ll get rid of Joe, and Harris will appoint him VP. Appointed not elected.


We can all conjecture based on their personalities and past modus operandi….

Will they also dump Pelosi and appoint another Dem Speaker?

Will they try to reinstitute the crooked ballot boxes?


Nominated, not appointed. Must be ratified by Senate IIRC.


By both houses, no? I just looked up Nelson Rockefeller. So if they get rid of Joe before November you don’t imagine the usual suspects would confirm Barry?

Last edited 4 months ago by Gingersmom2009

Both House AND Senate IS my understanding.

Cuppa Covfefe

Hmmm. Two Ho(e)s and a Joe… Typicsl DEMONRATS… Eating their own…


An Ø, 2 hoes and a Joe.


And an order of curly fries & coke / sniff sniff

bflyjesusgrl 🍊

Fox and Friends happening NOW – Showing over and over 1st Charter bus from Del Rio, Texas with 23 illegals arriving in DC…..Several Venezuelans, happy to be here, want to work, want to go to Miami

Game of chicken going on, Now Creepy has stopped dumping illegals in Texas so there aren’t as many to put on the Charter busses. Where oh where are they dumping them now???

Last edited 4 months ago by bflyjesusgrl 🍊 😎ULTRA MAGA😎

Watch the airfields at night.


So Gov. Abbott is engaging in human trafficing just like #FJB. Check…


Interesting take – but literally true.

Brave and Free

Yeah, why not turn south and dump them over the border in Mexico or keep going to S America?


I thought the bus could hold over 40. What happened?


Might want to read this one from Karl today. Wolf, you may have a take on his conclusions. Data being what it is and all…


My take on this is, a once every six months dose of Ivermectin can’t hurt, and may PREVENT CANCER, so what’s the downside of taking a dose every six months?


That’s the way I read it too. Good way to use the horse paste before it expires sine I’m not to worried about the CV as other things though used minimally, seem to be working fine. 😉


Expiration date does not mean the medicine is not safe to use.

Wolf Moon

That too!


Same here.


Down side of a dose every six months? This fool thinks none.

I do wonder why six months. Guess it is conveniently based on the frequency ~30 African countries take Ivermectin for parasite problems.

As for myself, weekly until Covidiocy fully goes away. More frequently IF WEF sends us another Covidiot strain.

After Covidiocy fades, perhaps monthly, with potential cancer in mind. Family has a history of cancer. Rumors also hold Ivermectin likely has other benefits, which escape my memory at this point.

Yea, I know less meds is generally better. IVM may be one worth taking. At least for me.

Wolf Moon

My sentiments exactly. Mostly, no meds is better. But I have to admit – I came out of my SECOND case of COVID not just feeling GREAT, but most of my “long haul” symptoms from the first case were GONE.

The main difference was treating the second case with IVM, aspirin, and antihistamines.


You’ve quite helpfully shared lots of personal info, regarding your bouts of Covid.

I missed, or forgot the following.

  • I came out of my SECOND case of COVID not just feeling GREAT, but most of my “long haul” symptoms from the first case were GONE.

^^^ Absolutely great news. ^^^


This was posted the other day, I apologize I do not remember who posted this.


I don’t really think of Ivermectin as a med. It is the fermentation byproduct of a natural bacteria. Your plan sounds fine to me!


Wait!!!… it’s more like….beer?


Hadn’t thought about it, but…yeah!


Paging BiteMe for comment.


Probably posted already – Tucker, speaking at Awaken Church (CA), no shot for him. 👍🏻



Wonderful news!


Happy for Chrissy’s stoopid move to CNN+.



Wolf Moon

Jumped on the CNN funeral pyre, he did!


I’m always amazed at how out of touch the media is with the real people out here. But all they had to do was look at the ratings, which have been steadily falling. They’re losing viewership, so why would they think launching a new platform would be successful?


Remember this is the same sort of idiot who, when they saw how phenomenally successfull the 1970s series “Kojak” (you know, Telly Savalas) was, figured maybe it was something about the name. So suddenly there were all sorts of series named things like Kodiak, Kolchak, etc., all of which bombed. It never dawned on them that Kojak might just have good stories.

So maybe they thought just changing something that any SANE person would think was not essential, would do the trick of reversing the ratings slide.

Last edited 4 months ago by SteveInCO
bflyjesusgrl 🍊

  :wpds_lol:   :wpds_lol:   :wpds_lol: 



^^^ R-Cons DON’T call out the ignorance. ^^^

^^^ Pravda News does NOT call out the ignorance. ^^^

Wolf Moon

Republicans in the House and the Senate are no good. NONE of them will call out the climate lunacy. They leave it for Trump. COWARDS!!!


The R-Con bastards ENABLE BiteMe.

Cuppa Covfefe

Janet should be Yellen about something that’s important…

Then again, she’s just another puppet of the WEF… another desperate, ugly, lonely, evil, radical liberal, unsatisfied, impossible-to-satisfy, abortionist, Malthusian, miscreant misanthrope…

In short, a typical DEMONRAT “woman”…..


If I Only Had a Brain
Judy Garland ..

I could while away the hours 
Conferrin’ with the flowers 
Consultin’ with the rain 
And my head I’d be a scratchin’ 
While my thoughts are busy hatchin’ 
If I only had a brain

I’d unravel ev’ry riddle 
For my individdle 
In trouble or in pain 
With the thoughts 
That I’d be thinkin’ 
I could be another Lincoln 
If I only had a brain

Oh, I could tell you why 
The ocean’s near the shore 
I could think of things 
I’d never thunk before 
And then I’d sit down 
And think some more

I would not be just a muffin’ 
My head all full of stuffin’ 
My heart all full of pain 
And perhaps I’d deserve you 
And be even worthy, even you 
If I only had a brain


Note that this is sung by the Scarecrow (Ray Bolger).

Cuppa Covfefe

Bye, Dung probably self-identifies as Dorothy…

Then again, he meets a new friend in the mirror every morning, if not more often… today, Dorothy, tomorrow, the wizard, the next day, Cornpop the conqueror…


LOL … UGH .. 😖🤚


“I won’t try to manage things…cause I don’t think”
The perfect iconography for pigeon poop Joe. Alas, if he “only had a brain.”

Cuppa Covfefe

If Joe Biden were a car 🙂

comment image

(every time I see this “car” is makes my brain twist)…


It hurts my head .. 🤕




Covidiocy continues…


AP Source: CDC to Extend Travel Mask Requirement for 2 Weeks


Must be the same 2 weeks to flatten the curve.😏😬

Wolf Moon

Exactly. It’s a foot in the door to the election.


That damn curve should be a bloody huge crater by now … 😡😤


Marine Le Pen: France Will Withdraw from NATO’s ‘Integrated Command’ if she’s Elected

The presidential hopeful said that she doesn’t want France to exit the EU: “This is not my goal… But at the same time, I want this European structure to evolve.”

Le Pen added that she will offer NATO “to carry out a strategic rapprochement with Russia” when the conflict ends.

Subscribe to RT


via Cambridge Dictionary:

noun [ C or U ]   formalUK  /ræpˈrɒʃ.mɒ̃ŋ/ US  /ˌræp.roʊʃˈmɑːŋ/

an agreement reached by opposing groups or people:
There are signs of (a) rapprochement between the warring factions.


So should every other nation, IMHO nato is past its sell by date and morphed from it’s original purpose into the armed wing of the NWO.


Yes RAC… I totally agree … needs to be dismantled. I believe POTUS was going to do that

Valerie Curren

Great Comment!!!

Cuppa Covfefe

As the first NATO Secretary General, Lord Hastings “Pug” Ismay said to a group of British Conservative backbenchers in 1949,

“NATO exists for three reasons—to keep the Russians out, the Americans in and the Germans down.”

England (now the UK) have never given up on taking the USA back as their own…



First impression. Smacks of De Gaulle NOT joining NATO to keep France’s nukes seperate from NATO (US & UK). Something like that.


Decouple from NATO, (US & UK), to push for EU military structure?


Hopefully decouple from Nato … and others will join in that action… and NATO will be gone. It has exceeded its expry date. DeGaulle was very savvy… saw how the MIC would dominate Europe and wanted no part of it.




It’s from a Frog. Same place where Vichy came from.


comment image


Do you have links to these contracts?


They’re online … gov’t contracts are public domain


So you don’t have links to the actual contracts?

Do you know who made the meme?

I’m asking because I’ve seen too many fake assertions wrapped up in memes.

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Yep. Having a handy link saves time. If link is not available, the search can go from there. Thanks.


I’ve read it a couple of times, once may have been here in one of Gail’s posts. I don’t always carry sauce in my drive-by cab 😉



Yea, Gail is a treasure trove of great info.


The only threat reduction needed for ukraine was keeping all the corruption hidden.



Cuppa Covfefe

But the blackmail potential for TPTB in Ukraine was/is enormous…

Even a Klown like Zelensky wouldn’t do the dancing he is now unless there was a lot of money, etc., at stake… in exchange, perhaps, for him not burning at the stake…

Hmmm. Gives a whole new meaning to stakeholder…..


il Donaldo Trumpo / @ilpresidento 04/13/2022 10:49:36
ID: Not Available
Truth Social: 108125315139061840
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Too late, ….. bwahahahahaha … ewwww 😖🤚 .. yuk

Cuppa Covfefe

First there was Hell-the-BEAST and her perpetually missing shoe.

Now there’s Bye,Dung, DEMONstrating the old adage, “If the Foo shits, wear it”.

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Wolf Moon


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Well then, we’d better hope devolution is false. Because otherwise “whoever” turns out to be Donald Trump.

Valerie Curren


Wolf Moon


IMO, “allowing Obama and his puppet Biden to (hopefully incompletely) destroy America as a means of destroying themselves” is a risky but effective strategy – and one that is NOT the same as “controlling Biden”.

Thus, I can see some kind of “devolution” as a passive-aggressive strategy of allowing the left’s failed overreach to devolve the government in boomerangs and backfires, but I cannot see it as a highly managed strategy where the other side does what they’re told.

Valerie Curren

encouraging insights from CS Lewis

On heaven

The symbols under which Heaven is presented to us are (a) a dinner party, (b) a wedding, (c) a city, and (d) a concert. It would be grotesque to suppose that the guests or citizens or members of the choir didn’t know one another. And how can love of one another be commanded in this life if it is to be cut short at death?

Think of yourself just as a seed patiently waiting in the earth: waiting to come up a flower in the Gardener’s good time, up into the real world, the real waking. I suppose that our whole present life, looked back on from there, will seem only a drowsy half- waking. We are here in the land of dreams. But cock-crow is coming.

From The Collected Letters of C.S. Lewis, Volume III
Compiled in Words to Live By

The Collected Letters of C. S. Lewis, Volume III: Narnia, Cambridge, and Joy 1950-1963. Copyright © 2007 by C. S. Lewis Pte. Ltd. All rights reserved. Used with permission of HarperCollins Publishers. Words to Live By: A Guide for the Merely Christian. Copyright © 2007 by C. S. Lewis Pte. Ltd. All rights reserved. Used with permission of HarperCollins Publishers.

Valerie Curren

something else to ponder from CS Lewis…

TO BEDE GRIFFITHS: On Lewis’s favorite novel by Charles Dickens; on the desire to die; on longing; on joy; on having; and on wanting.

5 November 1954

The best Dickens always seems to me to be the one I have read last! But in a cool hour I put Bleak House top for its sheer prodigality of invention.

About death, I go through different moods, but the times when I can desire it are never, I think, those when this world seems harshest. On the contrary, it is just when there seems to be most of Heaven already here that I come nearest to longing for the patria. It is the bright frontispiece [which] whets one to read the story itself. All joy (as distinct from mere pleasure, still more amusement) emphasises our pilgrim status: always reminds, beckons, awakes desire. Our best havings are wantings.

From The Collected Letters of C.S. Lewis, Volume III
Compiled in Yours, Jack

The Collected Letters of C. S. Lewis, Volume III: Narnia, Cambridge, and Joy 1950-1963. Copyright © 2007 by C. S. Lewis Pte. Ltd. All rights reserved. Used with permission of HarperCollins Publishers. Yours, Jack: Spiritual Direction from C. S. Lewis. Copyright © 2008 by C. S. Lewis Pte. Ltd. All rights reserved. Used with permission of HarperCollins Publishers.

Valerie Curren

This is a great & hard truth..

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Valerie Curren

Jesus is all this & so much moar!!!

Hard scriptural truths about Jesus’ suffering, several different versions…

That Jesus was a man of sorrows & acquainted with grief is of great comfort to me–what a suffering servant Savior!!!

Isaiah 53:3-4
New International Version

He was despised and rejected by mankind, a man of suffering, and familiar with pain. Like one from whom people hide their faces he was despised, and we held him in low esteem. Surely he took up our pain and bore our suffering, yet we considered him punished by God, stricken by him, and afflicted.

King James Version

He is despised and rejected of men; a man of sorrows, and acquainted with grief: and we hid as it were our faces from him; he was despised, and we esteemed him not. Surely he hath borne our griefs, and carried our sorrows: yet we did esteem him stricken, smitten of God, and afflicted.

New International Version

He was despised and rejected by mankind, a man of suffering, and familiar with pain. Like one from whom people hide their faces he was despised, and we held him in low esteem. Surely he took up our pain and bore our suffering, yet we considered him punished by God, stricken by him, and afflicted.

Read at Bible Gateway

Read all of Isaiah 53

Book Offer
NIV Quest Study Bible, Comfort Print: The Only Q and A Study Bible
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King James Version

He is despised and rejected of men; a man of sorrows, and acquainted with grief: and we hid as it were our faces from him; he was despised, and we esteemed him not. Surely he hath borne our griefs, and carried our sorrows: yet we did esteem him stricken, smitten of God, and afflicted.

Read at Bible Gateway

Read all of Isaiah 53

Book Offer
The King James Study Bible
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New Living Translation

He was despised and rejected— a man of sorrows, acquainted with deepest grief. We turned our backs on him and looked the other way. He was despised, and we did not care. Yet it was our weaknesses he carried; it was our sorrows that weighed him down. And we thought his troubles were a punishment from God, a punishment for his own sins!

Expanded Bible

He was ·hated [despised] and rejected by people. ·He had much pain [L A man of pain/suffering/T sorrows] and ·suffering [one who knew/was acquainted with pain/grief]. People ·would not even look at [turned their backs on; L hid their faces from] him. He was ·hated [despised], and we ·didn’t even notice him [or did not esteem him]. But he ·took [bore] our suffering on him and ·felt our pain for us [carried our sorrows/sickness]. ·We saw his suffering and thought God was punishing him [L …stricken and afflicted by him; C God].

New American Standard Bible

He was despised and abandoned by men, A man of great pain and familiar with sickness; And like one from whom people hide their faces, He was despised, and we had no regard for Him. However, it was our sicknesses that He Himself bore, And our pains that He carried; Yet we ourselves assumed that He had been afflicted, Struck down by God, and humiliated.


Valerie Curren

now we know in part…

“We know not what we shall be”; but we may be sure we shall be more, not less, than we were on earth. Our natural experiences (sensory, emotional, imaginative) are only like the drawing, like pencilled lines on flat paper. If they vanish in the risen life, they will vanish only as pencil lines vanish from the real landscape, not as a candle flame that is put out but as a candle flame which becomes invisible because someone has pulled up the blind, thrown open the shutters, and let in the blaze of the risen sun.

From The Weight of Glory
Compiled in A Year with C.S. Lewis

The Weight of Glory: And Other Addresses. Copyright © 1949, C. S. Lewis Pte. Ltd. Copyright renewed © 1976, revised 1980 C. S. Lewis Pte. Ltd. All rights reserved. Used with permission of HarperCollins Publishers. A Year With C.S. Lewis: Daily Readings from His Classic Works. Copyright © 2003 by C. S. Lewis Pte. Ltd. All rights reserved. Used with permission of HarperCollins Publishers.


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I wonder if there is a city named Ohio in Delaware. Doesn’t seem fair if there isn’t….


There is, after all, a “Wyoming” in Pennsylvania.


California in Maryland.

Nevada in California.

Prolly a fewdozen more like instances. 🙂


Wonder who Trump has endorsed for Ohio US Senate seat. JD Vance, the millionaire or the other one. Latter embraces Ukraine nonsense.

JW in Germany

Sorry if I have missed the discussion about John Paul Mac Isaac and his explanation that Jack Maxey’s claims of having an additional 450GB of data from Hunter’s laptop from hell is impossible.

Mac Isaac says that the copy sent to Rudy was not a clone of the original drive and simply a data copy onto a brand new SSD hard-drive…so any deleted data on the original drive would not have been transferred to the new drive. Also, the original drive 250GB was too small to preserve all of that data deleted or not.

Mac Isaac claims that the laptop was water damaged and made it impossible for him to make a one-to-one clone of the original 250GB drive.

So, is Maxey an agent attempting to inject fake evidence into the narrative in an attempt to muddy the waters when the real evidence is revealed to the public?


I can’t answer your question, but I just checked Maxey’s GETTR account. He comes out swinging at Joe Hoft of Gateway Pundit, who said he would publish a statement by Maxey and then didn’t do it.

For the people constantly posting shit from the #Hoft losers and their disinformation reprint internet rag @gatewaypundit. Here are the complete and total conversation I had with them.. Note @jpmacisaac – I still left you alone even after you followed me on @ericbolling and ran your mouth. I never play games with anyone – you can ask anyone with the tread marks to prove it. #benotafraid #dutyhonorcountry

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JW in Germany

Maxey will even pay for airfare…and Mac Isaac declines. Very interesting.


Well, I won’t fly on principle until they make flying like it was on 9/10/01. So there’s that. Maybe Mac Isaac feels the same.


Maxey actually reached out to Isaac on 17 March already ,through Josh Boswell from Daily Mail, to compare discrepancies. Isaac did not respond at the time, but now comes out, after Maxey offered to fly him out to Switzerland, yesterday




Note the offer was from a month ago . . . . . . read my comment in thread too. Something definitely stinks.




·Apr 12

@jpmacisaac Simple question, did you use #Diskdrill in your “recovery”?  Also, offers open for you to arrive with one of your pure copies anytime. I’ll pay the airfare.



Replying to @JACK_MAXEY

I’ll pass, but thanks for the offer.

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to Which Maxey Commented:



· 12h

Replying to @JPMacIsaac

Ok then let the games begin. Boswell also told me that your attorney told him and even negotiated for a contract from Merrymen and Associates to get your bit by bit copy that your lawyer told DM they had. Who is lying you or your attorney or Josh Boswell? You just opened yourself up like a can of worms. Not a game Mac and I never once wanted you to come to more harm . . . very sad to watch.

JW in Germany

Thanks! Looking like somebody got to Mac Isaac<<<compromised.


Maybe he’s just scared.

JW in Germany

That is the most likely scenario I think.

I mean there is a reason why Maxey had to flee to Switzerland.

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For those who can understand that there is more data after recovery then the drive could hold, here is another reply:



·Apr 10

Replying to @JACK_MAXEY

I see this bullshit a lot. This is my recently recovered 6TB hard drive (which crashed and became unreadable) recovering 8.87TB of data using Disk Drill available to us Normies.

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Also Sam Faddis has an article on this:

JW in Germany

Awesome! I learned something new…looking like Mac Isaac has some ‘splainin’ to do.

JW in Germany

Archived and compressed files can often reduce the file size by as much as 90%. What this means is that after extraction a 50-gigabyte compressed file might take up as much as 500 gigabytes. While not familiar with Maxey’s extraction, the claim that he has a tremendously expanded number of emails and text messages is completely believable if his copy was a bit-by-bit sector-by-sector copy or disk image.

So here is the sticking point. Mac Isaac claims he was not able to do a bit-by-bit clone of the drive…and only did basically a data copy because of damage to the laptop.

If Mac Isaac is telling the truth, then where did Maxey get the exact image? Of course, Mac Isaac could be lying…I can only imagine the pressure he has been put under.

Barb Meier

I have never had a meaningful file that compressed by 90 percent or anything near that. I’m happy to get a 20 or 30 percent space savings. Of course, that’s just me and my files.


Note that you could have a 1.2M floppy with 40 files of 20-400 bytes each, and it will say that it has 20K of files on it because each file will “take up” an entire 512-byte cluster. If you copy those files onto a 256G drive with 64K clusters, it will say that you have 2.4M of files on it because of the greater “slack space” — which is pretty good considering that you copied the files off of a 1.2M floppy.

Again, focusing on the arcana of storage space is premature — and will remain so until there is actual data to be evaluated.

Cuppa Covfefe

Maybe he was using Macaroon-is False Image…

(gets me coat, wine, baguette, BreE,… 🙂 )…

(Or maybe he bought the new “destination” drive from Amazon Marketplace, where the “overprovisioning” is linked to a wormhole in hyperspace… or even AWS [ok, same thing…].

An outfit here was giving away promo 128 or 256MB sticks (was a loooong time ago). Unfortunately for them, the sticks only had 16MB REAL capacity, at which point they overwrote what was already there… some former customers were quite ticked… c’t had an article on it..



★ 𝔸𝕝 𝔾𝕠𝕣𝕓𝕒𝕔𝕙𝕖𝕧 ★ (@RealAlGorbachev) Tweeted:

Valerie Curren

Ground Report

Saw several people walking Alone outside fully masked–spit!

Church Food

I just got groceries from the local church again & wanted to roughly document what was in this week’s gift.

This is the first time they asked about if I wanted certain veggies & I turned down potatoes & cabbages because we have a decent amount of those from 2 weeks ago. This is also the first time they didn’t hand me any literature. All other times there were directions on the route to & through the church’s parking lots & where the line was to extend into the adjacent neighborhood. They also had previously shared Bible verses & sometimes testimonial literature. This is the first time I’ve seen kids helping with the distribution!

I got there about half way through their normal distribution time & was in line just over 1/2 hour. I saw the family friend (hunting buddy & long time prayer group member w/ my parents) & he prayed with me. He also knew stuff about Michael from FB–yikes, probably stuff he didn’t even tell me, being a guy & all 😉 & he shared news about a memorial service for another prayer group widow whose daughters had both died recently & whose memorial service he’d recently attended.  Those daughters were within a few years of my age, one a couple years older (used to give me rides to youth group) & the other about the age of one of my brothers–very sad losses…

This week the items were a bit less than previous weeks. Every week (4 now) I’ve been there has included:

Gallon of milk
Powdered milk to make One gallon
Small jar of peanut butter
loaf of bread
2 tomatoes (other weeks were much larger & this week they were in a bag & partially crushed & 1 w/ mold)

This week these were the additional items we received:
2 cans of tuna
2 bags of dried legumes
small bag of rice
box of donuts
several individual chip bags
several individual candies
pound of butter
small bag of onions
small bag of oranges

I asked the lady at the end about how many families they were helping & it is still about 400 per week, obviously a necessary ministry! I’m actually thankful for this slightly smaller amount of food because hubby went to the store last night to get stuff he preferred for his box lunches that he’s been taking to trucking school. We are Blessed!

I’m thinking once we have income coming in again & are paid back on our transition borrowing we should give some donations to this very generous church. 


Overheard librarian telling another patron that something (didn’t catch what) was now closed indefinitely “due to covid”–sigh…I wondered if it’s Social Security, for I Still haven’t heard from them since dropping all that income info on my son off in January, I think….

I had to copy taxes (haven’t done that in 25 years for hubby would always copy them at work) & paid 10 cents a copy. I tried to get the library to acknowledge that I should have a nearly $40 credit for a book they made me purchase to replace (when I couldn’t find it in a timely manner & to prevent late fees; they’d changed the regional system & no longer had a couple slots for “claims returned” on a library card for a holding pattern when books due couldn’t be found in a timely manner–a Huge Benefit w/ young kids–I’d bought the book which I then “owned” but immediately turned it in) & they claimed they had zero cash in there any more. So they still have the book I “own” & I bought it again for them apparently…26 copies were needed between feds & state taxes.

Post Office

2 windows open w/ one handling 3 1/2 customers before the other was done. They now had plastic covid? shields except about 6 inches open at the bottom. Only one customer I saw of about a dozen people was masked. A very garrulous customer from Atlanta up visiting his mom in a nearby community was inquiring about delivery times. He claimed that when he mailed things to her she got it in a couple days but when she sent things to him it took 2-3 weeks. Clerk’s answer was a BS runaround, at least to me…

My fed tax envelope was so thick she had to run it through a “slot” to make sure it was OK & it just fit. She didn’t weigh the state envelope but by its feel in her hand she determined it only needed the regular amount of postage. Hopefully she’s right…

At the postal loading dock there was a UPS (what can brown do for you) semi-truck, which I’ve never seen before & zero mail trucks or USPS vehicles…hmmm…

Gas Station

Gas prices were “down” about 20 cents to $3.79–thanks Brandon!


My mother volunteers with food organizations. As a volunteer she gets extra. She also privides food for about 50 families and still gets more.
You may want to find other organizations that are larger, volunteer, and get more food.

Valerie Curren

Thanks for the suggestion, Gil. So far we’re doing OK & have a freezer stocked w/ meat & a pretty full pantry. Mostly just buying perishables as needed. Nice of your mom to help others in that way 


Ok. She probably could do more but its starting to wear them out a bit.

Valerie Curren

Moderation & balance in all things is important, especially as people get older. My mom used to say Yes to practically every volunteering opportunity at their church (an hour from their home). As they are now in their 80’s my parents are discovering that their energy is not sufficient to attend to all the things that they used to do. They still need to give themselves “permission” to be where they are. They missed a funeral at their church last week due to low energy & I tried to encourage them that they’d made the right choice.

Change & aging are never very easy around here!


Argh. Im feeling it now too. Middle age smackdown begins.

Valerie Curren

Well you are also still healing from some major physical upheavals so give yourself a break! Plus you homeschool so hats off to ya 🙂




Ahem….I think you’ve got the “youngster with a kid you’re schoolin’ who just had herself a personal surgery while watching the state you live in go berserk and the nation go mad” smackdown. Middle age smackdown is more achy and has less of a mental component.


Ah hah! I think youve made the right call. He has another week of language arts and health science. Then we are only doing book studies and art for a couple hours a day.

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Is that this guy?

NYC Black Supremacist Terrorist: ‘O Black Jesus, Please Kill All the Whiteys’

FIB or sister Sea Aye Ehh likely had him wound up like a clock, triggered to spring.


Most likely they did.
Can’ hardly wrap my brain around our own govt doing what they do. Regime changes, color revolutions, entrapment, unlawful detention for political purpose, voting fraud, political persecution.

They sure used hollyweird to craft the image of super patriots, always loyal to their ideals…..I can’t change the channel fast enough on any show or movie portraying them as the good guys.

Valerie Curren

.I can’t change the channel fast enough on any show or movie portraying them as the good guys.” ditto!

JW in Germany

OMG! Again, sorry I am still catching up.

Are Flynn and Pompeo running for President? Did they have Trump’s plane tampered with?

Maria Zack claims that they are both covering up the election fraud and are attempting to take Trump out. I do not want to believe her…but what I have heard from her in a couple of videos sounds very convincing.

Flynn has been going against Q lately. All smoke and mirrors?


Don’t know about “Kansas” but I have now forgotten Flynn and his krewe. Do not trust them at all.


Comprehensive piece on the lead up to the War in Ukraine. Everything we know and more. (not short)

Valerie Curren

Trucking School stuff

Hubby’s been having some good success at trucking school lately thankfully. It seems like all the parking lot maneuvers are pretty down pat now. Though he will likely get one last day to prep parking before testing w/ the DOT.

He’s had 2 different driving instructors, as of last evening. The first one is usually for people w/ Some truck driving experience & that was a rough day for M. He could have that guy again today since the instructor the rest of this week, so far, has Wednesdays off. That 2nd instructor explained things in a way that resonated w/ hubby’s learning style & that helped him to get much more comfortable with all the gear shifting intricacies.

Some days there are Five students & one instructor in the truck for 8-9 hours. The newer drivers would mostly get practice on a closed loop track in an industrial area. Those w/ some experience get out on the roads, though it seems they try to stay on less travelled industrial road ways. Some people have also been on the interstate.

Michael observed a couple different students along a service drive for I-75 where a lot of the DOT examiners take the testees to try to trip them up w/ curves, curbs, & passing cars. This location is like a mile from hubby’s job of almost 20 years (he worked in 3 locations for his 25 years at the company). It’s like knowing you might get tested in your old stomping grounds 🙂 which might give him a tad of a mental edge.

So far the trucking situation seems to be on the upswing. He could finish up by the end of this week or early next week, probably at the latest. Some classmates didn’t pass the DOT the first time. If you don’t pass you have to wait at least 2 days before a re-test.

Hubby communicated w/ one of the trucking companies he was referred to by the school. According to them he would be “an automatic hire” if he wants to go that route. The job would likely pay 20-30G more than the job he recently left. Though this isn’t necessarily the job he Wants to take it is a bit of a comfort & safety net to “know” that this opportunity is there to fall back on.

We’re hanging tough & hanging on to Jesus! & tomorrow we get to celebrate Brandon’s Fire Academy graduation with All of our Curren clan. By the way We are the Only Currens we have ever known (besides hubby’s dad who died when he was a teenager & who he only saw twice after his parents’ divorce when he was 5 or 6).

I jokingly refer to Michael as the “patriarch of his own existence” (not to be confused with “I am my own grandpa”), & think of him being somewhat like Abraham, a stranger in a strange land, coming with “nothing” & being very blessed by God in the land of his inheritance. If “our” line is the only related Curren line, well we are very thankful that this generation is firmly planted on the rock that is Christ Jesus!

Oh hubby discovered some storm-chasing freaks online & spent hours last night watching the tornado system develop as these chasers tracked storms from Texas to Iowa, at least. He said it’s the first thing, since school started, that’s really helped him to take his mind off things & that he really enjoyed, so that was a special treat too. The weather guy, who has a youtube channel & does live streams reminded me stylistically of MilSpecOps Monkey, who I haven’t seen any posts about in a while…hmmm…

Well thanks for your prayers & interest in our family’s transitional journey to trucking, etc. God Bless YOU ALL!!!

PS Michael thinks he Grandpa name might end up being Pops! We’ll see 😉


Valerie~ sounds like your husband is doing fine. My older brother had some life changes, job-wise when he was about 60 yrs old. He committed to trucking school and we paid for his schooling . Afterward we hired him to drive for our company. He did great. 60 yrs old out there with the young bucks! He had never had any experience on any big things, no tractors, no diggers, nothing more than a riding mower.

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Valerie Curren

That is very encouraging news & what w blessing for your brother! Hubby is in his mid 50’s, but a bit of an emotional guy so there are some up & down roller coaster aspects to our journey. Today he ended up in the parking lot so hopefully he drives w/ his preferred instructor tomorrow.

Valerie Curren

Hubby can’t wait for all the transition to be done & is Really looking forward to driving…soon!

JW in Germany

Judge Denies Sussmann Motion To Dismiss Case, Trial Will Begin Next Month
A federal judge has denied a motion from former Clinton campaign lawyer Michael Sussmann to dismiss the case brought against him by Special Counsel John Durham.
U.S. District Judge Christopher Cooper ordered on Wednesday that the trial will move forward and begin next month.


Get a load of this.

Western Dissent from US/NATO Policy on Ukraine is Small, Yet the Censorship Campaign is ExtremePreventing populations from asking who benefits from a protracted proxy war, and who pays the price, is paramount. A closed propaganda system achieves that.

If one wishes to be exposed to news, information or perspective that contravenes the prevailing US/NATO view on the war in Ukraine, a rigorous search is required. And there is no guarantee that search will succeed. That is because the state/corporate censorship regime that has been imposed in the West with regard to this war is stunningly aggressive, rapid and comprehensive.

On a virtually daily basis, any off-key news agency, independent platform or individual citizen is liable to be banished from the internet. In early March, barely a week after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the twenty-seven nation European Union — citing “disinformation” and “public order and security” — officially banned the Russian state-news outlets RT and Sputnik from being heard anywhere in Europe. In what Reuters called “an unprecedented move,” all television and online platforms were barred by force of law from airing content from those two outlets. Even prior to that censorship order from the state, Facebook and Google were already banning those outlets, and Twitter immediately announced they would as well, in compliance with the new EU law.

But what was “unprecedented” just six weeks ago has now become commonplace, even normalized. Any platform devoted to offering inconvenient-to-NATO news or alternative perspectives is guaranteed a very short lifespan….

Cont….Greenwald is packing it in here. Looks like this an info war they will not loose. Includes Russians With Attitude being suspended, list of sudden war experts, big winners the Arms industry with the end objected of seeing this war prolonged forever more until dust does Ukraine part and there is moar…


Per Faux News, Sussman’s motion to avoid trial has been rejected and his trial starts next month.

(If you are having as much trouble as I am keeping track, that’s the Klinton operative that Durham has charged.)


by Bernhard at MoA

April 13, 2022

U.S. Military Intelligence Official Refutes ‘Russian Atrocities’ Claims
Russian soldiers left the town Bucha in Ukraine on March 30. Two days later the Ukrainian Gestapo like SBU and men of the fascist Azov battalion moved in to find and remove ‘traitors’. On April 2/3 video was published that showed freshly killed men laying on the streets of Bucha. Several of them had white arm bands signaling to Russian forces to see them as friendlies.

The ‘west’ and Ukrainian officials immediately called those dead the result of ‘Russian atrocities’.

had called it a provocation:

The Bucha ‘Russian’ atrocities propaganda onslaught may have worked well in the ‘west’ but it lacks evidence that Russia had anything to do with it.

The former Indian ambassador M.K. Bhadrakumar calls it an outright fake: …

And a fake it was.

Thankfully there are still some sane U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency officials and William Arkin is talking with them:

Last Wednesday, Bucha Mayor Anatolii Fedoruk said that 320 people had been killed in the town of 37,000.

“It is ugly,” a senior official with the Defense Intelligence Agency tells Newsweek. “But we forget that two peer competitors fought over Bucha for 36 days, and that the town was occupied, that Russian convoys and positions inside the town were attacked by the Ukrainians and vice versa, that ground combat was intense, that the town itself was literally fought over.”

“I am not for a second excusing Russia’s war crimes, nor forgetting that Russia invaded the country,” says the DIA official. “But the number of actual deaths is hardly genocide. If Russia had that objective or was intentionally killing civilians, we’d see a lot more than less than .01 percent in places like Bucha.”

320 of 37,000 is not .01 percent. But we do not know how many of those dead were Russian or Ukrainian soldiers. Some of the dead were so called ‘civilian defenders’ which were supposedly local civilians to whom the government had handed guns to ‘fight the Russians’. During a war a ‘civilian’ with a government issued gun shooting at enemy soldiers is a combatant, not a civilian.

The DIA official continues:

“Have the Russians been indiscriminate? Absolutely. But it shouldn’t too surprising. It’s part and parcel of the Russian way of war, lining up their artillery guns and letting loose,” the DIA official says. “But here in particular, in Bucha and the other towns around it—Irpin and Hostomel—there was intense ground fighting that involved almost 20 battalion tactical groups.”

I doubt that there is really intentional ‘indiscriminate’ Russian artillery fire. The Russians have held back quite a lot and paid in blood for it.

One should also note that the often shown mass graves in Bucha were not from recent actions but had been dug on March 10 after heavy fighting when Russian soldiers tried to enter the town:

Maxar Technologies, which collects and publishes satellite imagery of Ukraine, said the first signs of excavation for a mass grave at the Church of St. Andrew and Pyervozvannoho All Saints were seen on March 10.

“More recent coverage on March 31st shows the grave site with an approximately 45-foot-long trench in the southwestern section of the area near the church,” Maxar said.

The DIA official clearly says the civilian casualties in Ukraine, which are quite low, get overplayed and that attributing them solely to Russia is wrong:



Update 13/4/22

Briefing by Russian Defence Ministry

▫️The Armed Forces of the Russian Federation continue the special military operation in Ukraine.
❗️A commercial seaport in Mariupol city has been completely liberated from Nazi Azov fighters.
▫️All hostages held by the Nazis on the ships in the port, including foreigners, have been released.
▫️The remnants of the Ukrainian and Azov Nazi units in the city have been blockaded and deprived of the opportunity to break out of their encirclement.
💥During the day, high-precision weapons destroyed 36 enemy assets. Among them: 2 repair bases and 2 missile-artillery weapon depots of the 57th and 24th mechanized brigades of the Ukrainian Troops in Vrubovka and Berestovoe; 5 strong points of units of the 24th Separate Mechanized Brigade in Popasnaya and Barvenkovo; 1 command post of the 15th Separate Regiment of the Ukrainian National Guard in Cherkasskoe.
💥The HQ and fuel storage facility of the 128th Separate Mountain Assault Brigade near Gulyai Pole have also been destroyed.
✈️💥Operational-tactical and army aviation hit 10 military assets of Ukraine. Among them: 1 command post, 3 missile and artillery weapons depots, and 6 areas of concentration of Ukrainian weapons and military equipment.
📊In total, 130 aircraft and 103 helicopters, 244 anti-aircraft missile systems S-300, Buk-M1, Osa AKM, 447 unmanned aerial vehicles, 2,173 tanks and other armored combat vehicles, 243 multiple launch rocket systems, 937 field artillery and mortars, as well as 2,082 units of special military vehicles of the Armed Forces of Ukraine were destroyed during the operation.
▫️We see attempts of sabotage and strikes by Ukrainian forces against facilities on Russian Federation territory.
❗️If such cases continue, the Russian Armed Forces will strike at decision-making centres, including in Kiev, from which the Russian army has so far refrained.

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Huge rise in ‘unexplained heart attacks’ in Australia…


As of today – there have been 890 – young athlete Cardiac Incidents – Arrests – Deaths
This website keeps meticulous records – continuously updated.

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Yikes… a few days ago it was in the 700s and now it’s about to go into the 900s!


Place your bets ! :



JUST IN – Russian missile cruiser and Black Sea flagship “Moskva” seriously damaged, crew evacuated, according to the TASS news agency.

Ukraine says they hit the ship with two Neptune anti-ship missiles earlier today. The Russian Defense Ministry claims ammunition detonated “as a result of a fire” aboard the major warship.


Russians With Attitude (@RWApodcast) Tweeted:
Ukrainian Telegram channel “Всевидящее ОКО” (over 1 million subscribers) briefly posted and then deleted a pic of the Iranian IRIS Kharg that caught on fire & sank in the Gulf of Oman last year as proof. No other confirmation so far.


I can’t see their tweets (they are “protected” (?) and I am not on twitter), but they are also on telegram (which I assume “mirrors” their tweets):

Their most recent post is interesting:

I believe the war is about to heat up, for four reasons: 

1) The siege of Mariupol is almost over; its end will free up a ton of Russian & Donbass troops for other major operations. 

2) Strategic bombers of the Russian Aerospace Forces have reportedly been put on high alert.

3) The Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has announced that NATO vehicles transporting weapons for Ukraine are considered legitimate military targets.

4) The Russian Ministry of Defense has threatened to bomb “decision-making centers” in Ukraine, including Kiev, if the Ukrainians fire at Russian territory again.


They are adamant not to choose sides and question everything, but proud of their personal history.


I just checked and they closed off their account. Something mustve just happened.
I keep finding the accounts i really like do this, then disappear.



“Seems that when I get to likin’ someone, they ain’t around for long…” – Josey Wales

“…Seems that when you get to dislikin’ someone, they ain’t around for long, neither…” – Lone Wadi





Confirmation just in.


Lol lol 😆. Seems about right.

Cuppa Covfefe

Yep. After you’ve tried everything else, tripods…

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Emerald thoroughly enjoys delivering this video.   :wpds_razz:  Cracking up here…

Video at the link, ~1:37.

FTA Emphasis added.

Apparently it never occurred to anyone over at CNN that a news organization that very few people will watch when it’s free is unlikely to be a great success when you have to pay for it.

This was news to Chris Wallace of course.


She did that very well 🤗


Reposted by NeonRevolt over at gab:

*Someone is placing massive VIX calls expiring in June*

[Editor’s Note: This letter was written by Sovereign Man’s Chief Investment Strategist Tim Staermose.]

Late last month, somebody made a huge bet that by this June, the stock market will crash…

The Chicago Board Options Exchange Volatility Index – the VIX – is a key measure of market volatility.

If the stock market is stable, the VIX could be as low as $8-10. And if there’s instability or the potential for market disruptions, the VIX can spike to well over $20.

Generally, the VIX trading range is $13-19.

Back in March 2020, when COVID was racing around the world and markets were going haywire, the VIX jumped to $82.69.

And even further back, in October 2008, right after Lehman Brothers collapsed and the financial system was in total disarray, the VIX spiked to $89.53.

So, two of the most market shaking events of the past two decades drove the VIX up to… at most, about 7X its normal trading range.

Now, fast-forward to March 25, 2022…

Someone – or more likely several people – bought over 19,000 VIX contracts… betting that by June 15th, the VIX would spike to $130.

That’s up to 10X the normal trading range! If the VIX were to hit $130, that means that the stock market would be in a complete meltdown. And again, someone, or a group of people, are making this bet.

We don’t know who’s behind this call. Maybe it’s a bunch of clueless, small retail traders who are trying to make a 10,000% return.

Or maybe it’s smart money with insider information, like an investment bank or hedge fund. Or maybe even expert trader Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi (and her hedge fund husband).

Regardless, you have to admit: This VIX bet is unnerving.

Does someone know something we don’t?”

——-end of cut/paste————


This is strange too.

“Edwin Conway, global head of BlackRock Alternative Investors, and Russell Steenberg, global head of BlackRock Private Equity Partners, said in the memo: “BlackRock made the decision to terminate all three employees after learning of their intention to depart the firm in a coordinated fashion.”

The move seems somewhat bizarre to us. Why would the company fire the employees who planned on quitting anyway? Now it’s far more likely that BlackRock could be on the hook for paying the fired employees’ benefits.

We won’t be surprised if there’s “another shoe to drop” in this story. We’ll keep our eyes peeled…”


NOT taking BlackRock’s side.

In general, firing three, who planned to quit in coordinated fashion, is NOT a surprise.

  • Disgruntled or whatever, WHILE WITH BlackRock, hey had access to privileged BlackRock files.
  • They MAY have been planning to ask others to join the coordinated resignation. (Quite possibly how BlackRock learned of the planned coordinated quitting.)
  • Quite likely a cancer of sorts within BlackRock.

100% agree, there is more to the story, “another shoe to drop”.

Guessing BlackRock has been, IS up to NO GOOD. Yea, a case of the OBVIOUS.

BUT it is NOT weird the three were canned. IMO.


Ok. I can see the deny access in case they sabotage anything preemptive firing. Being blackrock and they all left to go to the same firm, and worked a very large account, makes me wonder if the reason is a doozy.

Wolf Moon

Yeah, I’ve seen this kind of thing before. BlackRo