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Badlands News Brief – April 3, 2024

Is America First Just a Cult?

Governing by Hope Instead of Fear

Has The Dissident Right Gone Mainstream?

At 75, Has NATO Outlived Its Use?

It’s only use was to enrich the Military Industrial Complex. Now that the American people are onto the racket, yes, it’s outlived its usefulness.

‘Rights Come From God’: Dismantling The Dangerous Lie of Personal Autonomy

‘Trump Lost All His Election Cases!

Diddy’s horrifying Appearance on Nickelodeon

Trump and Bin Salman Communicating as Tensions Rise in Middle East




And now for the business portion.

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Auntie DePat’s requests as we are all supposedly adults and don’t just play them on TV like the body doubles pretending to be the squatter in chief:

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Thank you so much for any and all attention to such details. It is GREATLY appreciated by more than one party here.


ACTS 3:11-26

11While he clung to Peter and John, all the people ran together to them in the portico called Solomon’s, astounded. 12And when Peter saw it he addressed the people, “Men of Israel, why do you wonder at this, or why do you stare at us, as though by our own power or piety we had made him walk? 13The God of Abraham and of Isaac and of Jacob, the God of our fathers, glorified his servant Jesus, whom you delivered up and denied in the presence of Pilate, when he had decided to release him. 14But you denied the Holy and Righteous One, and asked for a murderer to be granted to you, 15and killed the Author of life, whom God raised from the dead. To this we are witnesses. 16And his name, by faith in his name, has made this man strong whom you see and know; and the faith which is through Jesus has given the man this perfect health in the presence of you all. 17“And now, brethren, I know that you acted in ignorance, as did also your rulers. 18But what God foretold by the mouth of all the prophets, that his Christ should suffer, he thus fulfilled. 19Repent therefore, and turn again, that your sins may be blotted out, that times of refreshing may come from the presence of the Lord, 20and that he may send the Christ appointed for you, Jesus, 21whom heaven must receive until the time for establishing all that God spoke by the mouth of his holy prophets from of old. 22Moses said, `The Lord God will raise up for you a prophet from your brethren as he raised me up. You shall listen to him in whatever he tells you. 23And it shall be that every soul that does not listen to that prophet shall be destroyed from the people.’ 24And all the prophets who have spoken, from Samuel and those who came afterwards, also proclaimed these days. 25You are the sons of the prophets and of the covenant which God gave to your fathers, saying to Abraham, `And in your posterity shall all the families of the earth be blessed.’ 26God, having raised up his servant, sent him to you first, to bless you in turning every one of you from your wickedness.”



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Thank you, De Pat, for this marvelous marquee madness post.


*looks around, startled*



Gail Combs

Thank YOU for all the work you do to keep the QTree alive!


on this one:

At 75, Has NATO Outlived Its Use?

It’s only use was to enrich the Military Industrial Complex. Now that the American people are onto the racket, yes, it’s outlived its usefulness.

I note that the author does not touch on the KEY NATO issue:

NATO is where the Nazis went after they supposedly lost.

Nazi war criminals became high ranking commanders in NATO after WW2

….For decades former Nazis and German war criminals served at the highest echelons of NATO. Most of them were highly decorated Nazis, who later served in top positions in the Western German army, and were later promoted to serve as Commander and Chief of all NATO forces in Europe. This was not a unique event, but a very common phenomenon in post WW2 western Europe and especially in Western Germany. Nazi war criminals and people who supported and helped Hitler to carry out the holocaust and other war crimes, genocides and crimes against Humanity were almost never put on trial for their crimes against the Jews, the Poles, the Greeks, the Russians and the people of Europe, but instead were installed in top positions in NATO, in the western German government, army, industry and western German society at large…

The most famous of them was Adolf Heusinger, chief of the Operationsabteilung from 1940-1944. He was actually Hitler’s chief of staff and helped plan the Nazi’s invasions of Poland, Norway, Denmark, and France. He was promoted to colonel on August 1, 1940 and became chief of the Operationsabteilung in October 1940, making him number three in the Army planning hierarchy. After the war, this German war criminal, the man who helped Hitler plan and execute his invasion of neighboring countries which directly led to the deaths of millions of people, was not even put on trial, quite contrary he was allowed to take over the newly established West German army, the “Bundeswehr”. 

  :wpds_arrow: In 1961, Heusinger was made the Chairman of the NATO Military Committee (essentially he was NATO’s chief of staff). He served in that capacity until 1964….

HMMMmmmm, Maybe that is why NATO is so gung-ho to support the Nazis in Ukraine. With the help of the CIA of course, the other place the Nazis migrated to.

This document that WAS CLASSIFIED BY THE CIA. It was written by an Ex CIA agent.
How Allen Dulles and the SS Preserved Each Other


….Following the war, Henry Kissinger, who had become General Alexander Bolling’s German translator and principle assistant.

(Bolling, of course, was the Godfather to the Joint Intelligence Objectives Agency that ran “Project Paperclip,” the secret exfiltration of approximately 2,000 high level Nazis…  including Erich Traub, Hitler’s top biological weapons developer and virus expert

It was this operation that principally spirited the creation of the CIA as a cover agency for the powerful Gehlen Org, the German intelligence agency run by Reinhard Gehlen — an organization whose power superseded even the Nazi SS because of its prewar connections with German military intelligence.

After Hitler, Gehlen served Allen Welsh Dulles, whose “Operation Sunshine” brought Nazis into the U.S. spy service….

Pivotal Role of Allen Dulles in Shielding Nazi War criminals Operation Paperclip

Allen Dulles was the longest-serving CIA Director who dominated American intelligence for a generation.

comment image


comment image


Nice reality check.

ALL age groups cite the economy as top issue!

ALL those likely working significantly peg economy as top issue.

Last edited 1 month ago by kalbokalbs

I would think that ALL those likely buying groceries or gas might significantly be focused on the economy.

Gail Combs

As far as I can tell the everyday items I buy have nearly DOUBLED in price.

For example:
Dec 2023 on sale T-bone at Foodlion was $7/lb it is now $10/lb.
I could get chicken on sale for $0.60/lb. It is now $0.99/lb
Pork loin roast was under a dollar, it is now $1.79
Froz veggies were under a $1.00 and are now ~$2.30
Oil oil has gone thru the roof. 68 oz for $20.oo ?!?

Diesel was $3 now it is $5….

Even soda and candy bars have nearly doubled in price! (That will get the attention of working class Mom’s. I hear them muttering in the Groc line.)


Hamburger so versatile, a staple around here. Always was, just more expensive. Along with stew commonly.

Gail Combs

I would pick up and freeze T-bones so I have them for birthdays and such. Otherwise it is hamburger & chuck roast and chicken. (Just did a turkey and making soup.)

For hamburger we make meatloaf (and spaghetti and beef storganoff and moussaka…)

3 lbs burger
3 eggs
1 large red onion
1 cup oatmeal
any spices you want, pepper, thyme, marjoram, sage, oregano, basil….


I can make five meals for two people out of one roasted (or Instant-Pot cooked) chicken:

1) One breast, sliced, with gravy from 1/2 cup of the pot juices, mashed potatoes, veggie

2) Second breast chopped up into chicken salad, sandwiches with sweet potato fries

3) Leg and thighs plus remaining scraps of chicken meat, two cups pot juices, one cup rice, cook twenty minutes (with the thighs in the pot on top of the rice), veggie (save half the rice)

4) Stir-fried leftover rice with my eggs and some frozen peas and carrots

5) Simmer the chicken carcass in a quart of water, and make homemade soup of choice.

Even with a ten-dollar Hutterite chicken, these are cheap meals.

Last edited 1 month ago by Aubergine
Gail Combs

My chicken (today it is a turkey) gets eaten as freshly cooked then what is left gets sliced off the bones and frozen for sandwiches (Hubby) or for adding to salads (me)

The bones get frozen and when I have enough they go into the stock pot to make soup. (Onions, celery, carrots. The pre-cooked rice added as serving) I may add mushrooms to my servings. Water chestnuts, bok choy, peapods… can also be added but should only be cooked for a few minutes and they do not freeze well at all.

I bought a couple of 10 lb mushroom flats at the flea market a year ago and sauteed and froze the mushrooms for use in various dishes.

Spiced up brown rice, onions, mushrooms and diced meat can usually be found in my frig for a fast meal. Just scoop into a dish and Zot in the micro zot.

I also use cooked meat (chicken, turkey, goat or pork) for stir fry. Sautee red onions, water chestnuts, bok choy, peapods & fresh ginger root… (I get mushrooms🤗 hubby hates them🤔 )


Sounds yummy!

Gail Combs

I just tried a bit and it is. Sort of Chinese hot & spicy with a bit of sweet, probably from the onion.

I am not particularly fond of turkey but this soup really turned out well.

Valerie Curren


Gail Combs

Cold here too. That is why I am making turkey soup. 😉

Valerie Curren

We often make chili w/ hamburger & Mexican meat for various dishes.

pat frederick

i like NY strip steaks–here they are $12.97 a pound. i can get 2 of them for about $23. i cut each in half and hubby grills one for me on a Sunday–he likes brats or shrimp on the grill–which are not my favorites…so it’s a win win. I add a baked potato and a small salad…good to go.
so i spend $23 for a month of steaks on Sundays. (when i see really nice ones, I buy more and freeze.)

Gail Combs

I like T-bones but I eat them once a month if that.

I do like chuck roast so I generally cook a roast a week and ‘snack’ on it cold.

pat frederick

i buy a rump roast and cut it in thirds. hubby is not all that fond of beef for the most part. a small roast is so tender in the crock pot. and i make an awesome beef gravy!

Gail Combs

I like a lot of MOOOooo left in my beef so it gets cooked in the oven.

We find my chuck roast and his meat loaf cook for about the same time so we cook them together.

Hubby likes cold meat loaf sandwiches, I toss chunks of my rare beef into my already warmed up rice or on to a salad.

Since I can not have salt, when we are doing gigs, hubby eats beef jerky and I eat cold beef, along with carrot or other raw veggie strips, nuts, cheese strips, fruit… We no longer eat out at all.

We are probably a lot healthier because we do stay away from eating out.


For me:

My favorite “cheap” coffee; was $6 a can, now $10.

Grape tomatoes (can’t grow ’em in winter!) were $2, now $4

Cheese was $6 for a big block, now at least $9

Pasta was $1 a box, now $2 minimum. And that’s the cheap stuff. The good pasta is $4-$5

Mayo, was $3 a jar, now $6

I am shopping sales as much as I can, but the above prices ARE sale prices.


Smith’s (Krogers) weekly sales, “stuff” dominates the ads.

Food not advertised as prominently as a few years back.


Yes. Cheap Chinese-made tchotchke is “cover” in the ads.

Gail Combs

What I noticed is the last time I looked for frozen veggies there were no straight up SIMPLE veggies. Everything was specialties:
California Blend
Veggie Spirals
Risotto Medley Riced Veggies
Asian Vegetable Medley…

Of course those were all ‘Value Added’ so the store could charge more.

On line they show a lot more choices but I could not find them in the store!😫

Gail Combs

I do not mind mix veggies, I just do not want to have a fancy label added so they can charge more.

I used to buy mixed veggies all the time, although they are mainly corn with carrots, green beans and peas tossed in.


With frozen peas I gut fresh carrots in if I want mix. I do not like corn we do not use it. i also use sauerkraut and make my own when Amish have cabbage. We try to buy seasonal as much as possible. Meat I get shipped about every weeks. Old type of French chicken I by at Whole food every time they have them about every 6-8 weeks.
We eat twice from it dogs and cats get a snack from it then I make chicken soup.
I feel sorry for people with families. I know when I get company I feel the high prices specially when people are fussy eaters 🙂

SteveInCO · Thermonuclear MAGA

I learned a long time ago that at a restaurant, “mixed vegetables” in a descrption meant cauliflower, B-coli, and carrots.

They got a third of that right. Unfortunately carrots that taste like cauliflower are basically ruined, so even that third is worthless.

I got to the point where when I saw “mixed vegetables” I’d tell the waiter/waitress not to bother with it and just bring the main dish.




I froze a lot of green beans from the Amish. Some I caned. Still have greens in the garden .
We are only two people we do not use to much. Lots of things I do not buy.

Gail Combs

yeah, you do not see ANYTHING, even candy for under a dollar anymore.

Gail Combs

Peppers are on sale for under $1 sometimes.

I then make stuffed peppers.

pat frederick

how does your produce look?
our celery is all a nice green color, but LIMP…the peppers look weeks old and the lettuce? yuck

pat frederick

me too. there’s a local stand the next town over and so many farmers selling corn right off the field

Gail Combs

We have a veggie stand at one end of the road and a guy with a green house at the other end. Not to mention all the neighbors with veggies.


Stick limp celery into a vase of water and the next day it will be crispy again.

Magic.  😆 

pat frederick

i soak it in ice water for about 10 minutes–that does the trick too,


If you already knew that, why did you whine about limp celery?

Sheesh.  😂  😆  😍 

Last edited 1 month ago by pgroup2
pat frederick

i just didn’t think fresh celery would already be limp.
i want some kudos for not making the obvious limp jokes here…lol

SteveInCO · Thermonuclear MAGA

Glad to hear you’re not dicking around with that stuff.




He’s liable to say darn near anything.  😂 


You can celery into a jar with water in the fridge same as fresh herbs.

Valerie Curren


Gail Combs

We have a former polymer engineer for a produce manager at my local food lion.😉 He is GREAT about making sure the produce is tip top.

He told me the store has won TOP Honor in the company ever since it opened. The beef is very good too.

Hubby likes to shop at WallyMart but now I have broken him of buy anything except milk and bread and non-food items there.

Valerie Curren

We got a reasonable bunch of asparagus for 98c at Wal-Mart & also saw it in the high 90’s at Kroger last week. It might have been a loss leader for both stores though & was prominently placed.



Shoppers can’t miss the huge mark ups in food prices.

A couple add ons to Gail’s list.

Eggs were commonly under $1.00. Now lowest are $3.99.Butter was commonly $1.25. Now lowest is $4.15.Hamburger 85% commonly $1.50. Now lowest $4.50.
Gas 87 Octane $2.08 when Briben was installed. Now lowest is $4.19.

Mortgage rates were 2-3% as I recall. 7% with higher home prices.

Most fast food and regular restaurants smaller portions AND up 40% and more.

Last edited 1 month ago by kalbokalbs

As previously posted, CA doing what it can to increase prices AND unemployment.
Before fast food worker may get $16 an hour. Now $20 an hour. 25% labor increase.

  • Prices either jump massively or businesses shut down.

Burger King, In-N-Out, and Others Raise Prices Significantly 2 Days After California’s $20 Minimum Wage Kicks In


Trump needs to be HAMMERING the economy with every post, every word, and every speech.

WE here have some other concerns, like the J6 prisoners, etc. But we will vote for him no matter what.

The normies need to hear ECONOMY over and over and over.


It’s The Economy Stoopid.

  • Folks know it. Remind folks so Pravda News can’t divert their attention to other, also stoopid shit. Ukraine, invasion over the borders, drugs, Covidiocy…

Burger King, In-N-Out, and Others Raise Prices Significantly 2 Days After California’s $20 Minimum Wage Kicks In Samuel Short, The Western Journal Apr. 4, 2024 7:00 am 499 Comments

The old minimum wage for these restaurants was $16 an hour per state law. With an increase of $4, the Post found several chains have increased menu items to offset that.

The Texas Double Whopper meal at Burger King went from $15.09 on March 29 to $16.89 by April 1. The Big Fish Meal went up from $7.49 to $11.49, with other items on the menu going up by 25 cents to $1.

In-N-Out Burger saw burgers go up 25 cents and soft drinks by a nickel. Hart House, owned by actor and comedian Kevin Hart, increased all milkshake prices regardless of size by a dollar, sandwiches by 50 cents, and large fries by $1.10 going from $4.49 to $5.99.

While Chick-fil-A, McDonald’s, and Wendy’s haven’t seen price increases, one would have to imagine they are on the way.

California Democrat Gov. Gavin Newsom, explained at a news conference, “This is a big deal. … Eighty percent of the workforce are people of color, two-thirds are women, the majority are breadwinners. And we have the opportunity to reward that contribution. Reward that sacrifice”.

How Convenient! Commiefornia’s $20 Minimum Wage Doesn’t Apply to Restaurant Co-Owned by Gruesome Newsom

Commiefornia, Home of the $17 Double Whopper

(incase you don’t know what a whopper is, it’s one of those tiny burgers that is more bread than meat, not to be confused with a quarter pounder 😁)

Last edited 1 month ago by para59r
Gail Combs

I tried to check prices here but they no longer list them on the on-line menu!

Gail Combs

Also at $17, I rather buy a couple NY strip steaks ($8/lb) a couple Russet potatoes (microwavable) $1/ea and salad fixings (Deli salad $3.50/lb) & a gal ice tea for $3.00 So for ~$25 I have a nice steak dinner for 2.

I just priced the food at

SteveInCO · Thermonuclear MAGA

I had a coworker who would bring in a potato somewhere between a golf ball and a tennis ball in size. And he’d put it in the microwave.

Even that dinky potato took 10-15 minutes to microwave, and a line would start forming…

I called it the Potato of Doom.

Gail Combs

If I wanted to microZot a potato I would slice or dice it first so it would cook faster.

I generally cook basmati rice and then reheat in a microZot instead. (Keeps the carb problems down to a dull roar)

Gail Combs

NO! The store has that label.

For potatoes when I do cook them (A rare treat) I stick them with a fork, rub butter all over them, wrap them in Al foil and bake in the oven.


“We do, though, have aluminum foil under the rack in one oven.”


That’s where I keep my hat too 👍


Greasy Newsom: “This is a big deal. … Eighty percent of the workforce are people of color, two-thirds are women, the majority are breadwinners.”


So, another destructive move, in the name of helping everyone except white men, per usual.


Benny Johnson:

Nebraska GOP Chair just EXPOSED Ronna McDaniel for REFUSING to help flip the states electoral votes for Trump.

He begged the former RNC Chair for help but Ronna told him giving Trump MORE electoral votes was “NOT that important”

Insane clip from Charlie Kirk Show:

SteveInCO · Thermonuclear MAGA

Worthless c*nt.

Speaking of which one of the RNC pukes from Colorado is running for the job again, and the scuttlebutt is that she voted for RINO McDaniel.

I didn’t know the ballots weren’t secret. But even if they are, 2 chances in 3 she did.


“Worthless c*nt.”

My sentiments exactly.


comment image


Panicked Democrats Call Nebraska Winner-Take-All Electoral Vote Proposal ‘Threat to Democracy’

Democrats are calling a Nebraska Republican proposal to return the state to a winner-take-all electoral vote system as a “threat to democracy” – despite all other states but Nebraska and Maine allocating votes via that method.

The possibility is gaining steam after Democrat State Senator Mike McDonnell (R-5) switched from Democrat to Republican, giving Republicans a filibuster-proof majority in the unicameral legislature.

As Breitbart reported:

The state currently has a split electoral vote awarding system that gives “two electoral votes to the state popular vote winner, and then one electoral vote to the popular vote winner in each congressional district,” as Newsweek’s Natalie Venegas pointed out.

In 2020, former President Donald Trump won a majority of support in the state but did not win all electoral votes. He earned five, while one went to President Joe Biden. In a winner-take-all system where Trump earns a majority of the overall vote, he would carry all electoral votes.

Democrats have become apoplectic at the notion, as the additional one electoral vote likely to go to Trump in that scenario could give Trump the necessary 270 electoral votes in a tight race.

Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee Communications Director Abhi Rahman channeled the breathless hysteria from national Democrats in a Wednesday statement, calling the proposal the latest in a line of Republican “anti-democratic efforts that would make it easier for Trump to win all five of Nebraska’s electoral votes.”

Rahman accused Republicans of wishing to subvert democracy through “anti-democratic extremism.”

“The only way to preserve our democracy is to elect Democrats to state legislatures across the country,” Rahman said. Ironically, Democrats across the country have worked to prevent Trump from even appearing on the ballot.

Democrats are hoping the fast-approaching end of the legislative session will prevent the change from taking place. Democratic state senator Wendy DeBoer (D-10) said passing the bill on an expedited timeline “would literally take a complete distortion of all our rules. It would be incredibly unprecedented to try to make all of this happen now.”

  :wpds_arrow:  It is true that Republicans would need to act fast. The final day of the state’s legislative session is April 18.

Looks as if they need to hear from the people.


If Dems are so concerned about the sanctity of this system (by Congressional district), perhaps they should consider it for California and New York.


Now you’ve done it. No more fancy democrat party invites for you.


Prolly no worse than attending fancy r-Con parties.   :wpds_shock: 

I assume they all suck, to varying degrees.   :wpds_unamused: 

SteveInCO · Thermonuclear MAGA

If every state did this, the GOP would likely benefit.


As might the nation.

comment image

SteveInCO · Thermonuclear MAGA

Sorry, but that’s meaningless if not deceiving, since many congressional districts are microscopic on that map…literally impossible to distinguish from their neighbors.

I need to see NUMBERS of CDs, not land area.


Because winner-take-all means that 51% of a state can entirely disenfranchise the other 49%, I would expect that gerrymandering and vote-rigging would be encouraged under such a system.

I chose this map (CDs for POTUS 2016) to highlight the overall distribution and weird shapes of districts.

Gail Combs

And some how NC got a DemonRat Soros funded lawyer as a Gov….. OH THATS RIGHT he was the state AG and refused to fight for the voter ID law that was passed and the DemonRats got scuttled in court.

SO, 20 of the 100 districts had MORE VOTES than live adult bodies… AND THE RINOs DID NOT FIGHT IT!

North Carolina Voter Rolls Rife with Deceased, Duplicate Registrations After 2020 Election03/29/2022

Tens of thousands of deceased and duplicative voter registrations were found after the 2020 election in North Carolina, according to a Tuesday report from the Public Interest Legal Foundation (PILF).

PILF, which describes itself as a public interest law firm dedicated to election integrity, cross-referenced state records and found that 7,933 North Carolinians were still registered to vote “long after death” in 2020. Roughly 12,940 deceased registrants were found on the rolls in the spring of 2020, “ranking the state 8th in the nation.”…

As far as duplicative registrations, 42,984 North Carolina voter registrants left the state and “established or renewed their out-of-state registration before the 2020 election.” PILF reportedly used the U.S. Postal Service National Change of Address (NCOA) systems and the organization’s national voter database to track voters moving from their in-state address to another state to determine if they established a registration before November 2020. 

“The vast majority of this NCOA study shows that interstate duplicate residents cast ballots outside of North Carolina in 2020, accounting for roughly 87 percent. Only 8 percent of the duplicate registrants cast a ballot in NC….

Over 13,500 North Carolinians were also found to have registered twice in the state under variations of their names. According to the report, the state’s registration system, like other systems the organization has studied, can be “tricked” into registering the same person several times using similar biographical data inputs at the same addresses.

Tom Fitton: Judicial Watch Settles North Carolina Voter Roll Lawsuit After State Removes Over 430,000 Inactive Names From RollsFeb. 17, 2022


This just happened in JANUARY!   :wpds_whew:   :wpds_beg: 

Seems the DemonRats were not happy about having their dead and duplicate voters removed.
Democrats win challenge to North Carolina voter election law

Joe Biden quietly scored a legal victory in North Carolina this week, in what could prove to be a consequential development in a closely divided state.

The Biden campaign notched the win as part of a lawsuit filed a few months back by the Democratic National Committee and the North Carolina Democratic Party. The suit challenged several aspects of the Republican-backed election law, S.B. 747, that Democratic Gov. Roy Cooper vetoed but the legislature overrode. The law included new rules for voters who registered and cast a ballot on the same day, requiring additional photo ID and address verification — changes Democrats pounced on.

The Dems’ lawsuit, drafted with the help of Biden campaign officials, specifically sought preliminary relief for those same-day registration provisions. Under the new law, voters opting for same-day registration but who don’t get their requirements verified on time could end up having their ballot tossed.

Late Sunday, U.S. District Judge Thomas Schroeder, a George W. Bush appointee, sided with Democrats and blocked one provision of the law unless it’s revised. In a 94-page filing, he wrote that the plaintiffs are likely to successfully claim that the law violates the Due Process Clause of the U.S. Constitution and that it would result in the tossing of legitimate ballots.

Schroeder said that the state failed to show a strong enough reason to prevent these voters’ ballots from being counted if there’s an error by the U.S. Postal Service or poll workers in confirming their address. Under the new law, any voter who uses same-day registration will be sent a postcard to confirm their address. If the postcard is returned undeliverable, election officials can toss the ballot as invalid without telling the voter.

While Schroeder’s ruling is not a total take-down of the sweeping law — which also adds new restrictions, removes the three-day grace period for absentee ballots, and empowers partisan poll watchers — it’s a win for President Joe Biden.

  :wpds_arrow:  His campaign hopes to put North Carolina on the map in 2024, four years after he lost the state to Donald by 1.4 percentage points. More than 100,000 North Carolina voters have used same-day registration during the last two presidential elections — votes that could tip the scales in a tight rematch between Biden and Trump….


Thank you.
This ABHI RAHMAN is someone to keep an eye on. He appears to be a real piece of work:
“Idolizes” Barack Obama.
Worked for the Stacey Abrams campaign.
Statistician, strategist, advocated gun control, etc.
Is working via DLCC to get as many DemCommunists into state legislatures as possible:
Anti-Christian: his tweet from 30 March 2024:

Last edited 1 month ago by PAVACA

I emailed yesterday. I will again.

pat frederick

are you from NE? cuz i was wondering what are the chances of this passing? i saw the first vote failed but there is a later vote..???

Gail Combs

She is in Montana.

pat frederick

oh…my mistake.
dang i was hoping for positive news about this…lol


I’m not. I’m in Montana.


comment image


Retarded Liberal should have listened to Trump’s Snake Story.   :wpds_lol: 


It’s a hit song, too 👍😂



comment image


I know, it’s so awful, it’s hard to believe it really happened. Like lost footage from the Texas Chainsaw Massacre 😂🤣😂

I’m pretty sure that’s not actually Angela Merkel, but it’s close enough that it sure looks like it could be!

Last edited 1 month ago by scott467
Gail Combs

It should be a jack ass not a bunny.


comment image


First line made my head hurt. Second line…


Helps you out with historical fact.

Buddhism was the majority religion before Islam showed up.
Because of their peaceful ways, they were the first to go and have never recovered. In India, home of Buddhism, they are .07% of the population today.

Gail Combs

That is my main problem with libertarians. They forget about the Thugs on horseback who would rather STEAL (and enslave) than actually work.

Or in their case (Minerva) the irate guys in a canoe.

SteveInCO · Thermonuclear MAGA

It does depend on the libertarian, of course. Some have this unrealistic attitude that we don’t need any sort of organization whatsoever to deal with thugs (both internal and external). Others do understand what a government is for and why it is necessary (but with great care).

Gail Combs

You could call that type ‘Objectivists.’😆

…The principle of non-initiation of force was popularized by Ayn Rand, and it certainly is a key aspect of the Objectivism. To this extent, the Objectivist politics is libertarian. In fact, Ayn Rand’s advocacy of individual rights and limited government in her novels and speeches ignited the rebirth of libertarianism in the 1960s, and her thought is still a major influence in the general libertarian movement. However, there are significant differences between the Objectivist politics and the views of many, perhaps most libertarians. Rand herself thought these differences so great that she rejected the label “libertarian.” She preferred to be known as a “radical for capitalism.”… LINK

Hubby went to Rand’s lectures at Ford Hall Forum. She called the Libertarians ‘feelthy heapies’ (Hubby’s spelling of her pronunciation.)

SteveInCO · Thermonuclear MAGA

Not all in that camp are Objectivists, though.

Gail Combs

True, but I wanted to yank your chain anyway.

SteveInCO · Thermonuclear MAGA

Didn’t even take it as a chain yank.


East Button for the win.   :wpds_wink: 


A meme, but I don’t want to deface the comment section with this unsightliness…
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We’re pretty much immune to that looney.


I just don’t want to see that face any more than I have to. 😅


Good news…


March 2024 Marks 56th Consecutive Month of More Than One Million Gun Sale Background Checks



If you chop his legs off before you deport him, it’s much harder to come back.

He would have to really want it the second time.

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If he had left his heart in San Francisco, they would only have had to deport him once.

Gail Combs


Permanent India ink tattoos, made by injecting ink below the skin with a needle, can’t be removed except through laser tattoo removal.

𝗔𝗹𝘀𝗼 𝗮𝗱𝗱 𝗮 𝗺𝗶𝗰𝗿𝗼-𝗰𝗵𝗶𝗽.

July 27, 2004 – Under-the-skin ID chips move toward U.S. hospitalsVeriChip, maker of subcutaneous RFID tags used to unlock doors or identify people, gets preliminary nod from FDA.

VeriChip sells 11-millimeter RFID tags that get implanted in the fatty tissue below the right tricep. When near one of Verichip’s scanners, the chip wakes up and radios an ID number to the scanner. If the number matches an ID number in a database, a person with the chip under his or her skin can enter a secured room or complete a financial transaction

Wed 13 May 2009 Luddites still objecting to having an 11mm chip implanted in an arm will no doubt be relieved to hear that VeriChip has developed an even-smaller implantable RFID tag, measuring a diminutive 8mm by 1mm.

8mm = 0.3 inches.

 the smallest RFID tag for tracking can go as small as 0.4 x 0.4 mm

The smallest RFID tag for tracking was developed by Hitachi in 2007. It has a size of 0.4 x 0.4 millimeters. It looks like a speck of dust on a human fingertip…

What makes it unique is the semiconductor miniaturization technology that lets users write data on the chip. Despite the size, it can store information needed for unique applications. Also known as mu-chips…

For instance, suppose you have joined some sort of a rally. If police agencies sprinkle the powder tags around, every individual could be tracked. Later police will be able to identify each person through powerful tag scanners….


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Unbelievable. Republicans just don’t want to win.

Change my mind.


Blackmail and or outright bribes playing in the background.

It’s the Only thing that splains r-Cons constantly voting left on key issues.

Gail Combs


That explains the hysteria about POTUS TRUMP. They had NOTHING ON HIM!

Bribes are just used to keep them happier.


Yea, prolly blackmail mostly.

My post above, I nearly included a Soros like Billionaire(s) funding honey pot and drug parties. OR simply one-on-one seduction in everyday situations.

  • Politicians weak morals, convictions AND seemingly discrete opportunity for a quickie. DW or GF will never know. 😍🙃😡

National and state politicians invited to an innocent party or bated, politician arrives, bate provided AND cameras roll.

Not hard to see. Not hard to believe.


You are correct.

The kinds are humans who are drawn to politics in general are of low moral character. Decent people don’t crave power.

Degenerates are not difficult to degrade, so they almost all fall prey to some blackmail trap or another. To maintain their power, the information must be hidden, so they are owned.

The only way I could see out of this is random assignment of Congressional seats to American citizens for one term only, something like the jury system. At least we’d have a shot at getting some decent people into office.

Gail Combs

We would be better off picking people at random out of the white pages of the LOCAL phone book!

At least that way we would know they have an ADDRESS in the area.



Gail Combs

Remember what Ivan Raiklin said.

22:30 discussion of jan 6th. and how POWERFUL the Capitol Police & police board are the Most powerful entities in DC. 
They control congressional e-mails ==>(Sargents @ Arms control …gov at 47 min), phone conversations of members of Congress & Staff  AND have VIDEO FOOTAGE. Senate & House Leaders also have access…

Think of the SLUSH FUND

Rush Limbaugh — Congress Has a Slush Fund to Pay Off Sexual Harassment Claims and Nobody Calls It a Crime!Dec 10, 2018

…“The ‘duckie pajamas’ congressman used taxpayer dollars to secretly settle a sexual harassment suit. Representative Blake Farenthold, perhaps best known for his interesting taste in pajamas, settled an $84,000 sexual harassment claim with taxpayer dollars,” this is all in a report by Politico, “after his former communications director, Lauren Greene, sued him for gender discrimination, sexual harassment, and creation of a hostile work environment.” He’s a Republican.

Blake Farenthold “reached a secret $84,000 sexual harassment settlement paid with taxpayer funds,” from a fund members of Congress set up with the approval of the Ethics Committee. Sitting members of Congress had their sexual harassment claims paid for by your tax dollars, and then NDAs were signed with the people making the allegations to keep ’em quiet. Why hasn’t the U.S. attorney for the District of Columbia gone after these guys for impeachable offenses? Why haven’t we started hearing stories about how these people may be indicted?

“According to the lawsuit, filed in December 2014 in D.C. federal court, [Farenthold], along with one of his aides, made lewd and sexual comments to Greene, and then fired her when she complained. … The two parties reached a private settlement that included a confidentiality agreement barring both [Lauren] Greene and Farenthold [the congressman] from discussing the settlement. It also ‘expressly provides that both parties deny all liability.’


And what has worked for the democrats in WA DC has likely been implemented across the board in state houses across the country.


comment image


comment image


ABOUT THAT SOLAR ECLIPSE – ““A solar eclipse occurs when the Moon passes between Earth and the Sun, thereby obscuring the view of the Sun from a small part of Earth, totally or partially. 

Such an alignment occurs approximately every six months, during the eclipse season in its new moon phase, when the Moon’s orbital plane is closest to the plane of Earth’s orbit. 

In a total eclipse, the disk of the Sun is fully obscured by the Moon. 

In partial and annular eclipses, only part of the Sun is obscured. Unlike a lunar eclipse, which may be viewed from anywhere on the night side of Earth, a solar eclipse can only be viewed from a relatively small area of the world. 

As such, although total solar eclipses occur somewhere on Earth every 18 months on average, they recur at any given place only once every 360 to 410 years.”-

What’s the big deal? Well – The cabal may be hyping it up – creating a big scare to create more chaos – perhaps to use it as a way to implement computer glitches – with a directed EMP attack on conservative computers or some such false flag nasty trick. Too bad this didn’t happen in November so they could mask their manipulation of the Dominion voting machines.

SteveInCO · Thermonuclear MAGA

There seems to be a significant number of Christians who think it’s an omen of the end times. Of course many of the same individuals probably believed Camping…all three times.

It’s rather interesting that an event that happens every 18 months or so is suddenly imbued with apocalyptic significance…just because it’s going to happen to them instead of someone on the other side of the world.

Valerie Curren

sigh…(not for you but for foolish Christian “leaders”)…

I’m showing my ignorance but who is Camping & what did he claim 3 times?

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SteveInCO · Thermonuclear MAGA

Harold Camping specified in advance the date of the Rapture 3 times.

And of course has exactly the same record everyone else who does so, has.

Yet people believed him the second and third times.

Apparently he had a substantial following; I am surprised you’ve never heard of him.


I’ve heard of Camping. His predictions were in direct contradiction to Scripture saying that “no man knows the hour.”

Matthew 24:42
Watch therefore: for ye know not what hour your Lord doth come.

Matthew 25:13
Watch therefore, for ye know neither the day nor the hour wherein the Son of mancometh.

Mark 13:32
But of that day and that hour knoweth no man, no, not the angels which are in heaven, neither the Son, but the Father.

I can’t fathom why anyone followed him. I liken it to what I also see in politics, the seemingly insatiable need to be in on a mystery that puts people on a never-ending quest. IMO it is not the kind of digging and research that Q was leading us to do.

SteveInCO · Thermonuclear MAGA

I can’t fathom why anyone followed him.

Neither can I, but for different reasons, obviously. But I do know that, for the reasons you cite, from within a Christian context the guy was dubious before his predictions failed.

What blows my mind is that anyone, even Christians who were mistaken on your points, still believed him the second time.


Same here: mind-blowing.

Valerie Curren

The wiki poo article said that some claimed he was a cult leader, fwiw…


More than that, his followers sold everything and gave it to him at his direction. And again

Valerie Curren

Outrageous! fleecing the flock it would seem 🙁

Valerie Curren

I’ve never been someone to follow all the Rapture talk & don’t have a firm End Times theology myself. My husband is solidly in the pre-Tribulation Rapture camp & has Hated discussing End Times stuff w/ me over the years because of my critical/analytical approach.

I have a book from Seminary, that I’ve never fully read (but skimmed many years ago) called, iirc, Contemporary Options in Eschatology, that gives chapter & verse for Each of the nuanced End Times views. Since Each view, & presumably others not yet considered, can be supported scripturally (at least superficially, it would take considerable work to check the “proof texts” to see if they are in context & reasonably within the meaning of the original language & understanding of the verbiage at the time they were written) for me it seems a pointless pursuit to attempt to Nail Down an End Times view.

Frankly it’s a topic I don’t worry about to any great extent.

In a strange way this is similar to why I never bought into “Q” nor became a follower, though even more so because “Q” admittedly used disinformation so it couldn’t ever, in my mind, be 100% reliable…

I was working in a Christian hospital psych ward in the late 80’s & one of the psychiatrists was reading something like “88 reasons why Jesus is coming back in ’88” & he really thought it would happen. Off the bat I thought this should not be believed since “no man will know the day or the hour” when the Son of Man will return.

When my husband plays any such teaching in my hearing I give it cursory attention but am thankful that the Christian prognosticators are at least attempting to filter current events through a biblical lens. Digging deeper into Scripture, whatever one’s motive or end game, is always a good thing. God has gotten ahold of some skeptics/atheists that way even, or so I’ve heard  😇 

I’ll check your link in a bit–TY

Robert Baker

I have read, but never tried to verify this information, that the Rapture doctrine was developed mostly in the 19th century. If that is so I find it suspect that it was unrecognized for 1900 years. I grew up in a church where the Rapture was one of the end time doctrines. As I have matured I have found it less compelling but classify it as one of those doctrines that cannot be proved wrong convincingly enough to discard it. I am not particularly curious about it. Psychologically it would be nice to skip physical death but it seems every Christian would share such an opinion.

Valerie Curren

I appreciate & resonate with this view too. I’ve heard about the Rapture stuff really beginning in the 1800’s too but haven’t ever verified it myself. My brother came to believe that some of the End Times events have already happened historically, including the “Abomination that causes desolation” & that may have happened about 1000 years ago. He wrote up about these views for his Master’s thesis from a Bible College & was going to let me read it but never did, yet. I would have loved to have seen his analysis & research & talk about it further with him. Maybe some day…

Valerie Curren

From your link:

Camping is notorious for issuing a succession of failed predictions of dates for the End Times, which temporarily gained him a global following and millions of dollars of donations.[4][5][6]

In March 2012, he stated that his attempt to predict a date was “sinful”, and that his critics had been right in emphasizing the words of Matthew 24:36: “of that day and hour knoweth no man”. He added that he was now searching the Bible “even more fervently…not to find dates, but to be more faithful in [his] understanding.”[20] “

“Family Radio spent over US$100 million on the information campaign for Camping’s 2011 end times prediction, financed by sales and swaps of broadcast outlets.[29]

In 1970, Camping published The Biblical Calendar of History (later greatly expanded in his 1974 book Adam When?), in which he dated the Creation of the world to the year 11,013 BC and the Flood to 4990 BC. This was in contradiction to Bishop James Ussher’s famous 17th-century chronology, which placed the Creation at 4004 BC and the Flood at 2349 BC.[30] Camping argued that Ussher’s dates “agree neither with the Biblical nor the secular evidence”, asserting that Ussher’s methodology was flawed.[31]

Central to Camping’s teaching was his belief that the Bible alone is the word of God in its entirety, and thus is absolutely trustworthy. However, he emphasized, this does not mean that each sentence in the Bible is to be understood only literally. Rather, the meaning of individual Biblical passages also needs to be interpreted in the light of two factors. The first is the context of the Bible as a whole. The second is its spiritual meaning.”

  • Departing from scriptural doctrines stating that no one can know the time of Christ’s second coming, Camping taught (until 2011) that the exact time of the Rapture would be revealed sometime near the end of the world (as per the Daniel 12:9–13 prophecy).”

TY for the link, which was an interesting read. Even my husband, who is into the End Times stuff, didn’t know of Camping. In 1994 we were new parents & pretty distracted living in Northern Michigan. If we still had lived in the Bible Belt at that time maybe we would have known about him  🤔 

I was taught about the 4004 BC date of Creation date in the required Catechism of an Independent Spirit Filled church I attended in my youth (my parents still go there) but I don’t recall if they taught it was accurate or just that Someone had calculated it as a Possible date of Creation, fwiw…

SteveInCO · Thermonuclear MAGA

The Hebrew and (old) Orthodox calendars both attempt to date from Genesis 1. And they are wildly different. The current year is 5784 in the Hebrew calendar, and the Byzantines would call this 7532. If we had gone to Ussherian dates this would be 6027. (If you’re wondering why not 6028, it’s because there was no year zero, so 4004 BCE is 4004 years before 1 CE.)

Using the same scripture, they each came to very different conclusions. But Ussher’s dates were oftentimes printed in the margins of KJV bibles, so they “took hold” in the English speaking world as authoritative.

Valerie Curren

TY for this tutorial 🙂 What did/do the Byzantines & Ussherians (who are they?) base their dates on? I would think the Hebrews would be using similar biblical material as did that 1800’s Christian who came up w/ 4004 BC for creation. What accounts for the nearly 250 year difference between them?

SteveInCO · Thermonuclear MAGA

Sorry…I “invented” the Ussherian calendar…it’s basically the year number we would be using if we decided to number our years based on the creation date according to Ussher (who dated creation to 4004 BCE). We never made that decision. But still; according to his figuring, it has been 6027 years since creation; contrast with the other two computations that did become the basis for year numbers.

The Byzantine Empire (a/k/a the Eastern Roman Empire) was Eastern Orthodox, and at least some clergy in that branch of Christianity attempted to compute the same thing using the same scriptures that Ussher did, and got an answer a thousand years more than Ussher’s. The Jews, similarly, but they got an answer a few hundred years less than Ussher. That was my point. Russia used that year numbering scheme before 1700.

Valerie Curren

TY for All of the Fascinating info…


with all due respect, Steve…maybe you don’t yet have ears to hear…

suggested reading…

just for starters..

Luke 21 : 25-27

Isaiah 13:10

Joel 2:31

HE also warns us to watch so we aren’t caught unaware…so we will be ready…

comment image

and that might help you understand the enthusiasm Christians have, especially these days, for certain types of events.

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SteveInCO · Thermonuclear MAGA

I’ll give those a read, if you promise to re-evaluate your methodology (not your faith as such but your methodology and lack of critical thinking) on April 9 after nothing happens.

In particular I’d like you to acknowledge, at least to yourself, that many of the people you pay attention to are repeatedly full of shit.

To be clear I am not talking about human caused events like terrorist attacks, I’m talking about earthquakes, natural disasters and the Rapture.

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Gail Combs

Solar eclipse is April 8, 2024.

More likely on April 10th, or the Saturdays on either side.

Saturday, Apr 06, 2024, is Laylat al Qadr

Wednesday, Apr 10, 2024, is Eid-al-Fitr (End of Ramadan)

We have gigs for muslims on the NEXT Saturday, Jun 15, 2024 Waqf al Arafa – Hajj

Laylat-ul-Qadr: Understanding the Night of Power
April 11, 2023 – The Night of Power (Laylat-al-Qadr) allows you to multiply your rewards. This night is better than a thousand nights. The deeds performed on this night are better than those accomplished in a thousand months. 

 Laylat-al-Qadr, is the night when the Quran was revealed to Prophet Muhammad. It is supposed to be a night of peace.


full of shit ?

aren’t you the nasty arrogant one.

you can keep your story…

I’m going with HIS story….it has the ring of Truth.

and you totally missed the point… in your angry rush to be seen as superior.

Last edited 1 month ago by smiley2
SteveInCO · Thermonuclear MAGA

But is this HIS story?

As I said I am not asking you to reevaluate your faith.

But there sure are a boatload of charlatans out there proclaiming this eclips is an omen of the end times…and THEY are full of shit.


bug off.

you aren’t even making any sense.

done with you.

don’t care what yr asking me to “re-evaluate”.

as if I have to answer to you ?

never once did I post anything to suggest that the eclipse has anything to do with “the Rapture”….no one knows that day or hour…

but every single Christian on the face of this earth knows we are getting close…

we are to watch…and to anticipate…and to pay attention to the signs given to us…

pick up a Bible and try reading it once in a while before you spout off about ppl being “full shit” or being ‘dipshits” simply because we don’t align ourselves with your ignorance.

Last edited 1 month ago by smiley2

Smiley, I understand where you’re coming from. I am only stating my opinion here, not trying to be authoritative or to ruffle feathers.

You say: “and to pay attention to the signs given to us…” I think that is where issues arise. I believe that whether some of the things we think are signs really are signs is open to interpretation. Some people, reading the verses you presented as well as other verses, will think a total solar eclipse, with the sun being darkened, is a sign that is mentioned in the Bible. Others will think that it happens so frequently in the universe that it doesn’t necessarily have the significance that some people place on it.

Where problems arise, as far as I can tell, is when people impose their views or, in the case of Harold Camping, mislead others into following them and believing certain things that are not true or that we can’t know for sure.

Again, just my opinion: I am a Christian, but I don’t know that this eclipse is one of the signs mentioned in the Bible. I know that I’m to be aware of what is going on, to acknowledge God as sovereign, and to try to be spiritually and physically prepared to the best of my ability. I tend to recoil from people imposing their opinions about these things on me (and you’re not doing that, so please don’t misunderstand) because so many have either been wrong so many times or have been shown to be living lives totally at odds with what we know to be God’s will.

Valerie Curren

Amen, TT. Well said 🙂


Thanks. 🙂

Valerie Curren

YW 🙂


For the record. The Biblical Eclipse Theory all in one place. Most of this we assmembled ourselves, so ya’ll know it, however someone wrote it all out in one place.


But there sure are a boatload of charlatans out there proclaiming this eclips is an omen of the end times…

As noted above, total solar eclipses happen about every 18 months, so the sun being darkened has happened frequently over the course of time. And as you pointed out, some people only think they are significant when they occur in their particular part of the world. That doesn’t make sense to me, especially for people who believe in God as the omniscient Creator and Ruler of the entire universe.

…total solar eclipses are not rare on a planet-wide scale. A solar eclipse of some kind occurs on Earth between two and five times each year, though most years have two eclipses, according to Timeanddate. On average, a total solar eclipse happens every 18 months, but there’s often just less than a year between them. For example, the last total solar eclipse was on April 20, 2023, and the next is on April 8, 2024. That gap is the same as a lunar year — 12 orbits of Earth by the moon (a lunation) — and is the shortest time possible between two total solar eclipses, with one exception…


Christians know that Jesus will come when we are not looking for him. This Bible says so. We prepare for Him by always being “ready” for His return.

Looking for “signs” of coming things is built in to human nature for whatever reason. Everyone, from Christians to pagans, does it. See the I-Ching, Tarot, Biblical prophecy, etc. for examples.


Mr Obvious says -Meanwhile, something planned or not the leftist cabal still wins if nothing happens as they then point to the hysterical right.

Best thing to do is not get hysterical and point out the possibilities calmly while taking prudent measures and wait to see if there’s a “I told you so” moment and then hype that.

SteveInCO · Thermonuclear MAGA

I’m specifically referencing natural disasters and Rapture/end times stuff.

Obviously some dipshit might decide to hold his terrorist event at the time.


thanks for posting, GA/FL.

this is also my concern, too.

why all the state of emergency declarations from Texas all the way to Niagra Falls as well as The National Guard being activated ??

since when is a 4 minute solar eclipse a state of emergency ?

ok…traffic jams & crowds pouring into the path of totality areas of the various locations.

but we do have local law enforcement, State Troupers, ambulances, fire depts available, right ?

it’s as though something is anticipated to occur that will cut off mobile phones, points-of-sale at cash registers, gas pumps, water availability, computers, GPS signals and maybe even shut down vehicles resulting in everybody being suddenly stranded & panicked on the highways, in the parks, campgrounds, hotels parking lots, under brdges, on top of bridges, and/or trying to drive over train tracks.

really ?



2017 in Idaho.

  • Before the eclipse large traffic inflow. Spread out over hoors, likely a day or so.
  • After the eclipse huge traffic jam leaving Idaho as once the eclipse ended, folks went home.
  • US95 single lane out of Idaho, into Oregon, Nevada was a steady stream of vehicles. That US95 normally very lightly used. 200+ miles.
  • Majority of the vehicles, or so it seemed were assholes from California. Driving like the rude assholes they are. Tailgating AND unsafe passing very common. Assholes.

I was there and YEP.

SteveInCO · Thermonuclear MAGA

Nebraska. I avoided the I-25 clusterf*ck for people returning to Denver from Wyoming by getting situated in Nebraska.

But even so, getting back to I-80 in North Platte NE, required sitting in a traffic jam for about half an hour. At that point we opted to continue south on US-83 to I-70 at Colby KS. I-70 simply didn’t have any eclipse traffic that far west (though I am sure it got clobbered in Missouri and Illinois).

Gail Combs

The Pagan Demon worshipers do like their astrological signs.

(I am NOT clicking on this stuff! just reading the search descriptions)

The Secrets of the Pagan Zodiac Astrological Correspondences

Another site says:

Within pagan traditions, astrology is utilized as a means of aligning with the energies of the cosmos during rituals and ceremonies.

In NJ, Wiccans and witches see spiritual power in solar eclipse›story/news/2024/04/03/spiritual-…

solar eclipse occurs only during a new moon, which to Branco and her fellow witches represents a new beginning.


With all this solar eclipse “stuff” happening, might be wise [entertaining] to go back and catch the first 1/2 of “Apocalypto” for reference points to “the End Times…” Just Sayin’ … 🙂

SteveInCO · Thermonuclear MAGA

And if THAT comes to pass I won’t be surprised; it’s the people who think there will be a natural disaster or end-times related event that I quibble with.

Gail Combs

It is also a really great time to either blame it on Islamic terrorists or instigate an attack by Islamic terrorists.

The next week is a week to be very careful.


you sooo miss the point !

keep quibbling.

SteveInCO · Thermonuclear MAGA

Well we’ll still be here on April 9th to argue about it.


and I bet you can not wait to start arguing “about it.”

like a dog with a bone to pick…

round & round you go…

got a burr up yr ass, on tilt, about “end times stuff”.

as if anyone here said anything about the world ending on April 8.

like a toxic killjoy, you suck the nice right outa me, dudey.

arguing about the argument, BTW, is a classic trait of narcissism.

SteveInCO · Thermonuclear MAGA

Ah yes when all else fails psychologize.


comment image

comment image

comment image

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Sadly, I’d expect to see more of this over the coming seven months.


I don’t really understand how google and similar can exert such influence. I can remember a couple of sites that could be accessed merely by typing in their IP address.

Gail Combs

Sundance says:

….This comment by Eliot Ness is being used by Google Inc. to outline a violation of terms of service, and Ness’s threats to violence reported to DHS for operational CTH targeting therein.  Note, it is not the content of CTH that is the problem; comments are now the source of infractions that can lead to CTH deplatforming.

You do not need to be a deep weeds thinker to see the issue here. After years of unsuccessfully targeting our research directly, the Google overlords are now targeting us based on reader content. They are turning  fellowship into a vulnerability. I am furious and working earnestly to develop a solution…..

The comment was removed AFTER THE FACT, however that does not keep State Actors from setting up a site they want to take down with a comment SPECIFICALLY MANUFACTURED to trigger google’s AI search bot.

Of course the whole thing is about FREE SPEECH. There should be no such thing as ‘hate speech’ laws. Either you were making a direct and SERIOUS THREAT or it was just blowing off steam. And even the direct threat should not actually be ‘illegal’ It should just be part of the determination of premeditation.

REMEMBER: Police Have No Duty to Protect You, Federal Court Affirms Yet Again

👉Neither the Constitution, nor state law, impose a general duty upon police officers or other governmental officials to protect individual persons from harm👈 — even when they know the harm will occur,” said Darren L. Hutchinson, a professor and associate dean at the University of Florida School of Law. “Police can watch someone attack you, refuse to intervene and not violate the Constitution.”

The Supreme Court has repeatedly held that the government has only a duty to protect persons who are “in custody,” he pointed out…

In the cases DeShaney vs. Winnebago and Town of Castle Rock vs. Gonzales, the supreme court has ruled that police agencies are not obligated to provide protection of citizens..

If the government HAS NO DUTY TO PROTECT AGAINST PHYSICAL HARM, then how can they have a duty to protect you against ‘hate speech’ ?


they’re available only to enforce the law, to keep order.

they used to be known for keeping the peace…

but not anymore.


Uh, blue shitholes, LE does NOT even enforce the law, keep order…

Hell weekly we read another blue shithole LE will NOT respond to 911 calls.

On a larger scale, FIB only surveils AND CEATES cases against conservatives. So DOJ can create a BS case in the courts. J6ers, Trump, Trump supporters…

But I digress.


Asking annoying questions again, I see.  😂 

Gail Combs

Of Course! (I drove my teachers nutz.)

SteveInCO · Thermonuclear MAGA

You? Lil’ ol’ sweet, demure Gail?

Say it ain’t so…

Gail Combs

“…sweet, demure Gail?”

YUP! Until I turned 18 and decided to change my personality I was very shy and withdrawn.

Heck I was in my late 30s before I used a swear word and still do not drink or smoke.


You may not smoke, but you’re still smokin’….

Gail Combs



👉“Neither the Constitution, nor state law, impose a general duty upon police officers or other governmental officials to protect individual persons from harm👈


Until or unless that is fixed, the government (and law enforcement) are de facto enemies of the people.

Because if they don’t have a duty, not even in principle, to protect, then there is not even a pretense to prevent them from being tyrants.

And the nature of man and his relationship with POWER is that tyranny is always the end result, ABSENT the strongest possible checks and balances.

Removing the duty for police and gov’t to protect individuals from harm was taking the ‘checks and balances’ and throwing them on a bonfire.

And it’s not as if they were too stupid or shortsighted to recognize it and see the obvious problem it would create from 10,000 miles away. It was done by intent.

They made themselves Nazis on the day that ruling was issued.

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Gail Combs


You already know I have a very low opinion of many of the Supreme Court rulings over the last century. THAT is just another in a long list.


IMO, it’s interesting to read SD asking TCH regulars to start acting as “private censors” of comments made there. Then, SD outlines how people can donate to the site.


Guess he overlooked ALL of us during the BANNING censorship … just sayin’ … 😉

Valerie Curren


I read through his rules for commenting & elevated my appreciation for Wolfmoon & the Q-Tree, if that were possible. Shaking the dust off from Sundance & CTH   :wpds_chuckle: 

Gail Combs

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Looking forward to Defected Ep. 66.

Heading back to the Pence Trojan Horse for a closer read. So much to take in on Judas Pence.

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Gail Combs


“..operating Los Santanas gang activities from a shelter in Texas.”

Is that one of those ‘Religious Charity’ shelters that has been tossing out all those independent investigators like James?

Is this WHY they do not want to be investigated?

Texas’ Battle With Catholic Migrant Ministries Raises Religious-Liberty Concerns

Some say the government’s crackdown on groups like Annunciation House infringes upon believers’ right to live out their faith through service, while others contend the state is animated by concern for the rule of law, not anti-Catholic bias….

…critics contend that the government’s actions against these Catholic entities — who primarily provide food, hygiene needs, temporary shelter and, for asylum seekers permitted in the country by the government, assistance in traveling to family members — are politically motivated. Texas is locked in a showdown with the Biden administration over immigration policy, and targeting Catholic charities, critics say, may be a way of complicating even legal immigration and causing additional disorder at the border in order to influence federal policy.

Jennifer Carr Allmon, director of the Texas Catholic Conference of Bishops (TCCB), said it was “disingenuous” to claim that Catholic ministries were encouraging illegal immigration.

No one is undertaking the perilous journey to America for a brief stint in one of our shelters,” she told the Register….

Phone: (800) 356-9916


Mail: National Catholic Register

            P.O. Box 100699

            Irondale, AL 35210

Perhaps we should ask if they are the shelter ALLOWING Los Santanas gang activities to operate in Texas. (And are they willing to be held libel for  accessory before-the-fact in the crimes they are facilitating.)

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They either believe Pelosi or they love the almighty$$

“Rep. Nancy Pelosi is defending the violent gang MS-13 after President Trump on Wednesday called them “animals.”

The House Democratic leader struck a theological note, saying each gang member possesses a “spark of divinity.”

“We believe, some of us who are attracted to the political arena, to government and public service, that we are all God’s children, there is a spark of divinity in all people on earth,” Pelosi said at a press conference Thursday. “And as we recognize our responsibilities with that spark, that divinity within us.” 

While Trump was specifically referring to MS-13 gang members when he spoke of “animals,” Pelosi broadened the characterization to all illegal immigrants.” 

Gail Combs

Pelosi needs to have some real ‘quality time’ with the Los Santanas gang.


“Why was he allowed to cross at all when there were warrants for his arrest in Columbia? Why was he allowed to shelter in Texas for so long?”


Because Barack Hussein Obama is (and has been, from the beginning) actively seeking to DESTROY the United States of America.

That’s why.

It’s not complicated, it’s just hard (for most people) to believe.

And because our government is totally corrupt, with people in positions of power and authority doing everything they can to turn America into a lawless dumpster fire.

And because so-called ‘law enforcement’ doesn’t give a *&%# about anything, just like the military. They just take their paycheck and do whatever they’re told.

The girls of SWAT are a perfect example.

They know &@#% well, after the 3rd time ‘swatting’ the same person, that it’s a bogus complaint, but they’ll raid the same house a FOURTH time, and a FIFTH time, regardless, because they do whatever they’re told.

Their oaths mean nothing.

They have no honor.

They’re just thugs with badges, doing the bidding of evil people.

Prove me wrong.

Show me.

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Valerie Curren

with people Illegitimately & Unconstitutionally in positions of power ” fify  😡 

pat frederick

so this illegal was one of obummer’s DACA–came as a “child” illegally, got work permits and was deported because of crimes. so he crosses AGAIN illegally and commits murder. THANKS OBAMA–THIS IS ON YOU!
What started as a dream for Mexican Brandon Ortiz-Vite ended in a nightmare for the Grand Rapids family of Ruby Garcia.
New information from Immigrations and Customs Enforcement reveals Ortiz-Vite entered the United States illegally as a child, and was later approved for the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program created by the Obama administration, WZZM reports.
He now faces multiple potential life sentences in Garcia’s murder last month.
Those approved for the DACA program, known as dreamers, are shielded from deportation for two years and allowed to secure work permits in exchange for good behavior. The program, which was repeatedly rejected by lawmakers, was expanded by former President Barack Obama in 2014. The expansion was then rescinded by former President Trump, before President Biden reinstated the expansion by executive order in 2021.
A federal judge in September ruled DACA violates federal law, though the program remains in place pending an appeal.
Ortiz-Vite’s DACA status expired on May 10, 2019, following several crimes including driving without a license and burglary that ultimately resulted in his deportation to Mexico by the Trump administration on Sept. 29, 2020, according to ICE.
Ortiz-Vite returned sometime in the years since, and is currently lodged in Kent County Jail with a detainer request from ICE.
State Police investigators allege Ortiz-Vite confessed to shooting Garcia multiple times with an illegally purchased handgun before unbuckling her seatbelt and dumping her body along US 131 near downtown Grand Rapids on March 22. He was arrested two days later.

pat frederick

Loomer bringing more sauce…the judge’s daughter and now THE WIFE! she worked for…letitia james…small world of hate for one man…Donald Trump

EXCLUSIVE: LOREN MERCHAN’S MOTHER AND JUDGE MERCHAN’S WIFE WORKED FOR THE TRUMP HATING NY AG LETITIA JAMES You won’t get this information anywhere else ! Now that Judge Merchan has expanded the Gag order tonight on President Trump, preventing him from speaking about the judge’s family after I exposed Loren Merchan, it’s time for me to introduce you all to Loren Merchan’s mother.
Meet LARA MERCHAN! Lara Merchan is the mother of radical leftist political operative Loren Merchan, who’s father is Judge Juan Merchan, the rabid TDS suffering judge presiding over Alvin Bragg’s Lawfare attack against President Trump, was a Special Assistant Attorney General, under New York AG Letitia James. ANOTHER MAJOR CONFLICT OF INTEREST! Lara Merchan was employed by the New York State Attorney General from 2009-2022. Letitia James was “installed” into office in 2019 after running on a campaign to “Get Trump”.
I wonder if they’ve ever met. Do you think they all go on family date nights to the Voodoo shops in Chelsea, NY to put pins into Trump dolls? I think about that sometimes… RECEIPTS! I have provided a copy of Judge Merchan’s mortgage satisfaction document to prove that he and Lara are or were married.


pat frederick

leftists have one mode: HATE


Commonly effecting their personalities, actions and appearance. A sad lot, they are.


As to this, the standard boilerplate in DePat’s daily…:

“The discourse on this site is to be CIVIL – no name calling, baiting, or threatening others here is allowed. Company manners are appreciated.”

…please take a look at this, from CTH today:

Spiders are ubiquitous creatures. I am informed that on average, 61.84 spiders can be found per home. There is probably a spider within reach of you right now.

That is all.

pat frederick

they’re all over the “web”




Pat wins with a TwoFer.   :wpds_wink: 


Spiders would be extremely hard to squash if they are gathering comments taken out of context to create some kind of tally. To be successful against such a tactic would require curbing speech to an extreme degree frowned upon by the 1st Amendment. Meanwhile leftist sites, the few that allow comments because they can’t afford free speech are not many at all and are guaranteed to be spider free.

The fact that the Cabal is gathering such information is not concerning. That’s a vehicle they could drive onto the highway at any time of their choosing and there is little any one can do about it except watch that car sputter and die <<<—😆.

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It’s not hard to say what one wants to say without threats or pejoratives. It just takes more creativity.

It’s interesting, but things people would NEVER say in polite company are common in online conversations.

Some things aren’t about free speech, just about good manners. Would you call someone a “___head” to your neighbor?

Gail Combs

Well, around here they would!

After 9-11 targets with errr p0rtr@it$ were common at the Turkey Shoot in the months after.

Valerie Curren
Valerie Curren

Not to my Muslim neighbor 😉

The preferred term in my HS, back in the 80’s, was CJ for Camel Jockey, which could be construed a compliment of sorts, given the Lawrence of Arabia clip shared here recently 😉 😉

pat frederick

they need to issued punch cards (electronic ones) where so many rapes by a illegal equals castration.