Mike Pence –Trojan Horse

This is dedicated to the Badlander Hosts who still think Pence is not a Deep State Player. Kyle commented something to the effect that those of us who still dislike Pence are not thinking. So here is my rebuttal.

If You look at Pence’s CV there is NOTHING to recommend him to America First or Trump.

Like many of our career politicians Pence is an EMPTY SUIT LAWYER. As one commenter said, Pence is “one of those guys who gets to put esquire after their name and Honorable before it.

What was that the Constitution said? Oh Yeah.
No Title of Nobility shall be granted by the United States””

Neither Pence (nor DeSantis) have EVER BUILT ANYTHING or worked at a real job. They just marked time until they were old enough to run for office. Pence? He gets a degree in FAUX history.🙄 He worked for a college from 1981 to 1983 🙄 , gets a law degree (1986) lost two State House bids in 1988 and 1990 while working as a lawyer [DOING WHAT? Wills?? no one says], becomes president of Indiana Policy Review Foundation from 1991-1993 & then does a radio show to get some polish and exposure before jumping into politics for another try. OH, and Pence was a Democrat 🙄 [WIKI & BIO]

Whenever I think of Pence the word smarmy comes to mind and always has.

For more on Mikey’s background I strongly suggest reading this Huff and Puff article:

Here’s What You Should Know About Mike Pence

it really shouts RINO!

He supported the war in Iraq…

He expanded Medicaid in Indiana.

Pence, like Trump adviser and New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (R), is among a minority of Republican governors who implemented the Affordable Care Act’s expansion of Medicaid…

Pence has long been a favorite politician of Charles and David Koch

He criticized Trump’s call for a ban on Muslim immigration...

He also splits with Trump on trade.

Another key facet of Trump’s campaign that the two Republicans disagree on is free trade. But as The Washington Post notes, Pence voted in favor of every free trade agreement that came up while he was in Congress. He’s also a supporter of the controversial Trans-Pacific Partnership🤮 as well as the Central American Free Trade Agreement….

He attempted to start a state-run media organization.

Last year, Pence’s staff tried to launch a state-run news organization funded by taxpayer dollars….

According to Angelo Codevilla’s definition, Mikey is a good fit to join his brother as part of “…America’s Ruling Class, the group of bipartisan political elites who run America….”

Codevilla’s Article – This is a MUST READ!

America’s Ruling Class–And the Perils of Revolution

Or his book (87 pages):

The Ruling Class: How They Corrupted America and What We Can Do About It

by Angelo M. Codevilla, Intro by Rush Limbaugh 



If you cast your mind back to 2016 towards the end of the primaries, you may remember that Ted Cruz was agitating for a rule change and for the RNC to pick someone besides Trump.

03/30/2016  GOP panelists eager to scrap rule that helps Trump — POLITICO

All four early appointees to the rules committee for this year’s Republican National Convention told POLITICO they’re prepared to weaken or scrap a rule that could limit the convention’s alternatives to Donald Trump.

The four took issue with a rule, originally imposed by Mitt Romney forces in 2012 to keep rival Ron Paul off the convention stage, requiring a candidate to win a majority of delegates in eight states to be eligible for the party’s nomination — a threshold only Trump has exceeded so far. If preserved, the rule could block John Kasich or Ted Cruz from competing with Trump at the convention, set for July in Cleveland.

If the committee scraps the requirement entirely, it could open the door to multiple candidates, possibly even some who never entered the primaries, competing for the party’s nomination at a brokered convention. And even a lower threshold would make it easier for Trump’s rivals to challenge him…

This is why Trump hired Manafort to pilot him through the shoals of the convention. I would not be surprised to find Manafort’s success is why the Cabal later had Manafort mistreated & imprisoned.

April 13, 2016  Trump Just Hired His Next Scandal — Bloomberg

His convention strategy is in the hands of a former lobbyist who’s been linked to one corruption scheme after another.

Late last month Donald Trump hired Paul Manafort — who has represented his organization in Washington — to make sure his delegates at this summer’s convention in Cleveland actually end up voting for him. And for this task, Manafort is well-qualified. He ran delegate operations for the campaigns of Gerald Ford in 1976 and Bob Dole in 1996…

So the price of winning the RNC nomination was taking on Pence as his VP.

As a side note, I find it very interesting that Ronna Romney has been kicked out and Trump supporters are now running the RNC… That maybe a LOT more important this time around than we think.


Rumor has too much power in today’s media but this piece starts with the rumor that Donald Trump actually wanted General Michael Flynn as his Vice Presidential running mate. Alas, we are not inside the Trump inner circle so rumor is all we’ve got.

As the election nominee process evolved on the Republican side, the RINOs and NeverTrumpers were apoplectic at the thought Trump might actually win the nomination and with General Flynn as a VP they knew their days would be numbered in single digits. Then how did Trump end up with Mike Pence, a Globalist, as his running mate?

If you think Pence is loyal to Trump you probably don’t even know about the Cleveland Deal made just before the Republican National Convention. Oathkeeper NavyJack @USNJack shares, “There are a LOT of NEO-CONs in the cabinet (Pompeo, Coats, Haley, Perry, Cohn, Preiebus, etc.). All of them came with the Pence/Cleveland Deal. Paul Ryan was about to change the rules to allow delegates to vote however they wanted on the first ballot. Trump would not have been nominated.”

So how could Ryan alone change it? The rules had to be voted on by delegates. NavyJack shares, “And they would have voted for it had Ryan allowed it to come to a vote. He did not because of the deal.”…

[What follows are a bunch of E-mails backing up this information and a lot more.]



“….the presidential transition of Donald Trump, led by then vice president-elect, former governor Mike Pence…” — WIKI


Key responsibilities of a presidential transition include the identification and vetting of candidates for approximately 4,000 non-civil service positions in the U.S. government whose service is at the pleasure of the president; arranging the occupancy of executive residences including the White House, One Observatory Circle, and Camp David; liaising with the United States Strategic Command for receipt of the Gold Codes; and briefing senior civil service personnel about a new administration’s policy priorities.

Recent developments

A law enacted by the United States Congress in 2016 amending the Presidential Transition Act requires the incumbent president to establish “transition councils” by June of an election year to facilitate the eventual handover of power.

The National Academy of Public Administration (NAPA), meanwhile, launched a new program called “Transition 2016” in 2016. Led by Ed DeSeve and David S. C. Chu, the program was described by NAPA as one which provides management and procedural advice to the leading candidates in establishing transition teams.

Remember the transition team relegated Dr Peter Navarro to the HALLWAYS of an out building (no office) and removed his entire staff in hopes he would quit.

While Katie Walsh, and later John Kelly, knew that the Boss would never tolerate my firing, they thought that if they could humiliate me enough, I would simply quit and go back home to California with my tail between my legs. Walsh and the globalists in the West Wing she was carrying water for were wrong on that account, as they were wrong on so much else. It was on more than one night I thought. Screw them. Stay the course.

Walsh, by the way, lasted barely two months and got fired for leaking. Karma is truly a schadenfreude bitch. (From page 11 of  In Trump Time by Dr Peter Navarro.)

According to Sundance at the Conservative Tree House, there were MANY MANY COMPLAINTS of people putting in EXCELLENT RESUMES and getting turned down while at the same time POTUS complained he could not fill positions.

So Pence was put in charge of the transition team and almost all of those he recommended were later fired by Trump.



At this point I want to mention assassination attempts. The Cabal’s favorite fallback is ASSASSINATION. This was the main reason for saddling Trump with a Cabal selected VP.

Somewhere I heard there were more assassination attempts against POTUS Trump than any other president but I can not verify that. It is “Interesting that google doesn’t list how many attempts on Trump while pres. Try a search, all they want to show you is everybody else…” David in the comments to the following article.

August 11, 2020 Assassination Attempt On US President Donald Trump Foiled By Secret ServiceGreat Game India

From Q # 4829 — Oct 07, 2020 9:54:18 PM EDT

Media Keywords: missile pic washington assassination attempt

Media Keywords Contributor(s): justkeke8

Do you remember when they told you this was a HELICOPTER?


From Q # 4833 — Oct 08, 2020 8:48:53 PM EDT

Media Keywords: missile pic washington ASSASSINATION attempt 25th amendment

Media Keywords Contributor(s): justkeke8

Nothing is random.

Everything has meaning.


There are other drops dealing with assassination but I wanted to highlight these since they point DIRECTLY towards the Deep State embedded in the US government. Even if the Cabal could not kill Trump, Mikey had a major role to play as the Judas within the Trump Admin.

The Treachery of VP Mike Pence Explained


Emerald eviscerates Pence. I suggest reading her entire article.

1) Who Fired General Michael Flynn?

Let’s begin with Mike Pence’s least favorite question: “Why did you insist that President Trump fire his National Security Advisor Michael Flynn in the opening days of the administration?” The official story is that Gen. Flynn had lied to Mike Pence about Flynn’s contacts with Russian diplomats. Nobody has bothered to ask Pence exactly how he was informed about Flynn’s private conversations. Think about it: somebody went to Pence with transcripts of Flynn’s calls, and told Pence that Flynn was a national security risk. Who would have access to such phone calls? Who would want to lie about the nature of those phone calls to get Flynn fired?

It almost certainly must have been disgraced FBI agent Peter Strozk.

It’s likely that Strzok was the one who pushed for VP Pence to fire Flynn because we know that Peter Strozk’s assistant was Katherine Seaman — the wife of Mike Pence’s chief of staff Josh Pitcock. We also have the text exchanges between Strozk and Page discussing infiltrating the Trump White House in great detail. (This was the subject of an extraordinary letter from Senator Grassley and Senator Johnson to AG Bill Barr.) What did Pence know about the FBI’s attempts to spy on the Trump White House? Is it even possible that Mike Pence was totally unaware that his chief of staff’s spouse worked directly for the chief of the counter-espionage unit of the FBI?…

2) The Ukraine Impeachment

During the failed Ukraine impeachment of President Trump, plenty of State Department and NSC swamp creatures crawled out of the shadows to hurl lame accusations about Trump’s phone call with Ukraine President Zelensky. Did you know that one of main accusers was a national security official on Vice President Mike Pence’s staff?

A State Department official named Jennifer Williams was placed on Pence’s staff in April of 2019 — which was just in time to get involved in the Ukraine call and the subsequent impeachment. (What a coincidence that she arrived mere weeks before the call!) Just imagine being a few months into your new job in the White House only to volunteer to testify against the President in an impeachment trial over phone calls you didn’t like.…

During her testimony before Congress, Jennifer Williams identified her working colleagues on Ukraine issues as Alex Vindman, Fiona Hill, and George Kent. She also testified that Trump’s call was”unusual and inappropriate” without explaining her legal reasoning. (That’s not so strange because Williams had defied an order from the White House by agreeing to appear for her deposition at all.) She was then sent off to CENTCOMM right after the Ukraine impeachment was over…

3) Olivia Troye And The COVID Vaccines

The worst mistake that President Trump made during his administration was probably turning over the COVID Task Force to VP Mike Pence — because Pence turned it over to his chief of staff Marc Short and Marc Short turned it over to a little known national security official with no medical expertise. If you want to know the name of the person most responsible for unleashing the Dr. Fauci vaccine nightmare on America then remember the name of Mike Pence’s “COVID advisor”: Olivia Troye.

Why was the decision made to treat the COVID virus (developed and funded by the U.S. Government under the thin disguise of the EcoHealth Alliance) exclusively with experimental vaccines (developed with funding from DARPA) instead of therapeutics? Perhaps because Pence picked a national security official to advise him on COVID who regularly appears on TV now with a framed picture of Dr. Fauci hanging prominently behind her in her house….

So that’s three members of VP Mike Pence’s office who engaged in anti-Trump activities during normal business hours. That’s a lot of treachery. Let’s not forget the ringleader of so much of this malice too: Pence’s chief of staff Marc Short….

I want to stop here and mention Dr Navarro’s interaction with Pence’s Covid Task Force detailed in his book: In Trump Time: A Journal of America’s Plague Year

Pence’s chief of staff was Marc Short. Short came under fire for “…possessing up to $1.6 million worth of stocks in companies working with Pence’s coronavirus task force to fight the COVID-19 pandemic. He worked as a senior fellow at the Miller Center of Public Affairs, a CNN contributor, and Chief of Staff to Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison, and the House Republican Conference. He served as the president of Freedom Partners Chamber of Commerce from 2011 to 2016.” LINK

Page 33 details Dr Navarro’s banishment from the Coronavirus Task Force over the travel ban. “– And it would be permanent – was Mick Mulvaney’s revenge.”

..But I still think I got the better end of the deal. With no more seat at the Task Force table, I did not waste endless hours… Instead I used my time to draft a series of Action, Action, Action memos that I would unrelentingly pound the task Force with.

[He says this about his first memo on pg 31.]

I wanted to paper the crap out of everybody on a distribution list that approached a hundred people.

My thinking was …it would be impossible for Mulvaney, Fauci, or anyone in between to cover their asses if they opposed the [travel] ban.

As floor manager for the White House Coronavirus Task Force chaired by VPOTUS, Marc Short wielded tremendous power to steer the course of pandemic history…

[pg 39 – 42]

…because he really did believe that the virus was no worse than the flu, he saw no reason for the Task Force to do much of anything, much less quickly even though the president was demanding action every hour of every day. It was just one more example of bad personnel disobeying the chain of command, resulting in bad policy.

Second, the kind of government actions that might be required to combat the pandemic – including the invocation of the Defense Production Act of 1950 to ensure adequate supplies… ran strictly against Marc Short’s free-market grain.

It was probably for that last reason alone that Short would get up in my grill every time I, as Defense Production Act policy coordinator, tried to move action along….

…he and along with Mick Mulvaney, was always trying to block my efforts to fight the pandemic and use the Defense Production Act to advance a wide range of pandemic-related goals…

With Mulvaney at one end of his couch, Short at the other end, and me across from them in the hotseat, Mulvaney ordered me upon threat of firing to stand down from any further work on anything related to the Task Force or the pandemic. As Marc Short sat there like a cat that had just eaten a six-pack of canaries, I thought to myself. “F—these guys.”

[There is about a page (43) on PRICE GOUGING and how Marc Short and the 👉VPs legal counsel Greg Jacob blocked all action👈 [Note this name, it comes up later ] despite the FBI finding warehouse after warehouse full of contraband. GEE I guess, Marc was concerned about that $1.6 million worth of stock he held… G.C]

[On page 89 – 91 Dr Navarro confronted Fauci for a second time. The first was over the Travel Ban.]

On April 4, I had my second major facedown with Saint Fauci…

This time the facedown with Fauci was over hydroxychloroquine. In preparation I had Doc Hatfill and my team prepare a large dossier with hundreds of pages of scientific studies I had reviewed on the safety and efficacy of hydroxychloroquine. I knew that Fauci would play the ‘there’s only anecdotal evidence’ card and wanted to be ready to prove that assertion false….

Adam was followed by Hahn, and to my surprise, even Hahn had some encouraging words for hydroxychloroquine…

When it was Fauci’s turn, right on cue, he immediately played his “there’s only anecdotal evidence’ card. I stood up from my backbench chair just behind Vice President Pence and walked straight towards Fauci.

As I approached him I saw fear in his eyes. I am sure it crossed his mind that I might physically assault him. I dumped my large dossier of studies…. And said to Fauci as much as to everyone else in the room –👉especially VPOTUS“Tony these are not anecdotes. That’s more than fifty scientific studies in support of hydroxy. FIFTY! So stop spouting your crap…. You are going to kill people just like you did during the AIDS crisis when you refused to approve medicines that everybody but you knew worked.”

If looks could kill…

And now we know why.

And while we are talking MEDICAL…

Dr. Ronnie Jackson was Trump’s personal physician. Trump nominated Dr Jackson to head the VA. HOWEVER it was Mikey Pence’s physician who raised the concerns about Jackson. This was reported by CNN where Dr. Jennifer Peña detailed her claims of professional misconduct against Jackson. She sent memos to senators considering his nomination. Dr. Jennifer Peña alleged Jackson had violated Second Lady Karen Pence’s patient privacy rights by sharing details of a medical incident involving her and chief of staff John Kelly.

CNN Exclusive: Pence’s doctor alerted WH aides about Ronny Jackson concerns last fall

Mike Pence’s physician privately raised alarms within the White House last fall that President Donald Trump’s doctor may have violated federal privacy protections for a key patient – Pence’s wife, Karen – and intimidated the vice president’s doctor during angry confrontations over the episode.

The previously unreported incident is the first sign that serious concerns about Ronny Jackson’s conduct had reached the highest levels of the White House as far back as September – months before White House aides furiously defended Jackson’s professionalism, insisted he had been thoroughly vetted and argued allegations of misconduct amounted to unsubstantiated rumors.

The episode – detailed in three memos by Pence’s physician – is also the first documentation that has surfaced involving a specific allegation of medical misconduct by Jackson. It adds to a series of significant allegations leveled by unidentified current and former colleagues, including that he casually dispensed prescription drugs.

FOX NEWS: Physician for VP Pence resigns amid Ronny Jackson fallout

The article contains more allegations against Dr Jackson.  Nancy Pelosi’s “wrap-up smear?”

Dr Navarro is now in prison. Dr Jackson had his reputations shredded. So what happen to Marc Short? He is a Miller Center senior fellow… So what is this Miller Center?

Members of the media consistently turn to Miller Center experts for comment and historical context surrounding current events, and impeachment inquiries are no exception. For example, School of Law professor and Miller Center senior fellow Saikrishna Prakash talked with Mother Jones about what could happen if impeachment reaches the Supreme Court. Former Barack Obama adviser Chris Lu spoke on MSNBC about local election results and possible connections to impeachment, and history professor Philip Zelikow, whose federal service includes five administrations, wrote in Lawfare about how criminal law interacts with impeachment. LINK – University of Virginia

Looks like Short is busy crafting more poison for the Fake News to dispense. I wonder if he is one of those ‘unnamed experts?’



That fell FLAT on the floor too.

04-26-2017 Whatever Happened To Trump’s Voter Fraud Investigation?

…In early February, the White House announced that Vice President Pence was leading a task force into voter fraud, and he was “starting to gather names and individuals to be a part of it.” A month later, Pence’s office told NPR that the task force was “still doing the necessary groundwork.” By last week, a senior administration official told CNN that the task force “has not been the topic of a lot of conversation” in the White House. And as of today it still appears to have no staff and there is no indication of when it will start its work. A spokesman for Pence did not return requests for comment…

July 1, 2017 Pence-Kobach voting commission alarms states with info request CNN

A Trump administration letter requesting data from all 50 state’s voting rolls has put some states and voting rights advocates on edge after many were already wary of the aims of the President’s commission on voting…

Kobach also requested that each state provide “publicly available voter roll data” as allowed under each state’s laws, which could include full names of registered voters, dates of birth, party registration, last four digits of Social Security numbers and voting history…

As of Friday afternoon, at least 27 states had publicly expressed reservations or legal barriers to turning over all of the requested information, particularly with regard to the privacy of social security numbers, according to a CNN inquiry to all 50 states. Several others, including South Carolina and Arkansas, had not yet received Kobach’s letter…

Good grief You can BUY those voter rolls.

The DNC and RNC do so all the time!

31 states do not limit who can purchase voter file data ballotpedia.org

Voter file data is available for purchase in every U.S. state and Washington, D.C. Each state has developed its own guidelines regarding the sale of voter registration data. Indeed, the cost to purchase voter files can range from $0 in 11 states to $37,000 in Alabama!.

Also “…The Electronic Registration Information Center, or ERIC, was sold to states as a quick and easy way to update their voter rolls. Started in 2012.” It is now used by 33 states. LINK



For this I want to go to a video I saw this week. However let’s hear from Mikey first.

Aug 6, 2023 Pence, Trump lawyer clash over what Trump told his vice president ahead of Jan. 6 -PBS

“They were asking me to overturn the election. I had no right to overturn the election,” Pence said on CNN’s “State of the Union.” … Donald Trump’s defense attorney says the former president never asked Mike Pence to overturn the will of the voters in the 2020 election, but only wanted the former vice president to “pause” the certification of votes to allow states to investigate his claims of election fraud.

The Real Mike Pence – Attorney Ivan Raiklin Tells All (1 hr 36 min)

Ivan Raiklin came up with the ‘Pence Card’ that POTUS Trump retweeted after the November 2020 election. In this video he explains what Pence could have done either on December 23th or on January 6th, ‘LAWFULLY.’ (Ivan’s favorite word.)

My Very Rough Transcription:

3:41 What Pence could have done about 2020 fraudulent election

6:00Ivan: I never argued there was fraud.[illegal votes] My argument is about a Constitutional breach thanks to Covid. [& Marc Elis Lawfare] I talked one on one with many members of Congress.

Electoral Count Act & Article 2 Sect 1, clause 2 of Constitution & 12th Amendment dictates how presidential elections are to be conducted. “Congressman, can you agree that the election was NOT conducted according to State Z’s election Law per the state legislature, then that is an ILLEGALLY CERTIFIED ELECTION.”

11:40 Mikey received on DEC 23rd the transmitted slate of electors from each state. He then had discretionary authority to determine if those were legal. That is, was the election conducted according to state laws and Constitution. Pence agreed. At that point he could have sent them back to the state.

The states would then have three options:

A. State could abstain from sending any electors.

B. Hold new LEGAL election according to state law.

C. Convene Joint State House & State Senate and CHOOSE new electors.

Pence DID NOT DO THAT! He did not defend the Constitution.


14:00 Ivan: So that is the frame on Mikey P. On how he did not defend the Constitution when he was duly obligated to… We got 240 members of the House by Jan 5th, and growing by the minute that agreed with that analysis.

14:50 And then what happened? Jan 6th, THE COVER-UP… It was a COUP. It was a straight up facilitated unlawful entry into the capitol. Spearheaded by Nancy Pelosi, Her daughter coordinating from the inside. Her son-in-law coordinating from the outside, with Ray Epps, with John Sullivan, and with the Capitol Police Board. Namely the House Sargent of Arms, Paul  Irving who was previously the House Sargent of Arms of Paul Ryan before Nancy and John Boehner before Paul. [Uni-party anyone? G.C.]

16:50 R. Clinton Ohlers PhD (History): Mike Pence… What he asserts [in his book] is that he did not have the power. He only had the power to read the electoral votes that were given to him by the states and he backs that up with United States Court of Appeals Judge Michael Luttig, who personally advised him that the only responsibility and power of the VP under the Constitution is to FAITHFULLY count the electoral votes as cast.

17:20 Ivan: And guess what he [Mikey] failed to do that as well!

And here is how he did it… I want everyone who does not believe me to go on C-Span and look up the Joint Session of January 6th… Let’s simply go to the document he tweeted… the four page memo at 1:02 PM [Jan 6th].. My synopses of it is that he was just a coward so he had to come up with a solution that he could not do anything….I have a 2 hour podcast on that called SOVEREIGN SOULS [I put it below G.C.]

I’ll summarize it in this way: Pence tweeted out I do not have the unilateral authority… but what did he actually DO?

18:30 When Nancy Pelosi gaveled in at 1:00 PM She said, and this is on video, at the advice and consent of the Sargents at Arms of both House and Senate, and the Medical officer and in conversations with the leadership, meaning Kevin McCarty, Mitch McConnell, Chuck Schumer, and herself. They four agreed to ONLY ALLOW ELEVEN MEMBERS OF THE HOUSE REPUBLICANS, HOUSE DEMOCRATS, ELEVEN MEMBERS OF THE SENATE DEMOCRATS AND SENATE REPUBLICANS TO BE PRESENT ON THE HOUSE FLOOR TO PARTICIPATE IN THE JOINT SESSION. [It later comes out the Medical Officer did not so advise per Ivan G.C.]

19:09 TRANSLATION: That is 44 members of both bodies. When we look at the 12th Amendment, Mike Pence, the 12th amendment specifically stipulates, and it is the only place where it talks about the joint session, in the US Constitution. It specifically states a quorum constitutes 2/3 of the states being represented. So if only one member of each of those states, of the two thirds, was present. That would mean on the House side, you need 34 members. If they are all from different states. 34 is more than 22 (11R + 11D) And on the Senate side that would mean there would need to be 34 members from the Senate if they were each from separate states to meet that Constitutionally mandated threshold.

[For info on a quorum SEE: Navigating a Contested Election, the Electoral Count Act and 12th Amendment: How to Ensure a Fully Counted Outcome Just Security is Soros funded BTW]

20:10 When Nancy gaveled it over to Mike Pence to be the presiding Officer, as the senior official of the Joint Session — What did he do?

He gavels in and is about to start and one member of the House… His name is Morgan Griffith… And he says “Mr Vice President, If we are to abide by the Speaker’s request, that the MAJORITY OF US are NOT on the HOUSE FLOOR, how the heck are we even supposed to participate in the Joint Session?”

20:40 And Mikey Pence replies “I consider that an Objection Debate [correction by Ohlers] and that is not allowed under Title Three of the US Code.” So sit down and get off the floor, because I am only going to ALLOW less than 10% of the House and Senate collectively to participate in this Joint Session. [This is the strategy worked out to combat the objections that the Cabal knew were coming if there was a full Joint Session. And Mikey was complicit. G.C.]

Thus Unilaterally, with Nancy Pelosi, they VIOLATED the Tweet that Mikey Pence just delivered minutes ago. Where he said he could not unilaterally do anything [and would let Congress do their thing @ 23:20].

He Just BARRED over 90% of Congress from participation in the Joint Session to determine whether or not they were going to accept or reject thru objections those slates of electors that were contested.

21:35 That right there folks was a 12th Amnendment violation and by extension because he did not offer proper procedure and he is a Federal Actor, that also violates the Due Process clause of the Fifth Amendment. But that is ancillary to the straight up in your face QUORUM REQUIREMENT.

25:30 There were other violations he committed on Jan 6th. Lets go into them.

What happened immediately after what I argue is the Nancy Pelosi facilitated unlawful entry into the Capitol, to create the facade that there is no objection. Because guess what? The viewership on that day was 10 super bowls combined. It was probably going to be the highest rated time on C-Span ever.

But guess what? Instead of the world seeing the objections and the evidence to boot for two and probably three states which would have triggered the contingent election and thus a re-election. They created that frame to allow people into the capitol.

So what happened after people went into the Capitol?

They went from a mostly entirely peaceful election integrity rally outside the capitol. Moved onto the grounds and continued that mostly entirely peaceful election integrity rally on the inside of the Capitol.

26:30 And then what did Mikey Pence do? He starts prancing around & there is video footage. Prancing around ordering the National Guard around to include ordering around General Milley. Which General Milley testified to before Mike Pence’s J 6th Cover up committee. When Lizzy Chaney on one of the hearings said it wasn’t Donald J Trump that was ordering around the DOD, DHS and the DOJ on Jan 6th, it was my beloved Mikey Pence. [This was so they could say Trump did not provide National Guard Troops to protect the Capitol in an effort to frame him for ‘insurrection’ and thereby bar him from possible re-election. G.C.]

Well Guess what beloved Mikey Pence, under what authority were you directing and ordering the Unites States Department of Defense. Last I checked, through all the laws, The Commander in Chief gets to order around the Department of Defense and military. Not a VP unless you conducted with the Cabinet a 25th Amendment section 4 removal of the president to then become the ACTING president. Guess what Mikey Pence, you did not do that. How do I know? Because on the following days NancyPelosi was DEMANDING you do so….

28:20 What does that mean to me?

HMMmm Taking over the military.

Ordering it around.

Outside of the authority of the president.

Last I checked that is considered a COUP. Usually associated with the term TREASON. And the noun for someone who conducts treason is a TRAITOR.

So not only are you barring the states, or congress with your 12 Amendment violation for Quorum. You are also usurping the Presidential Power with your 25th amendment violation, your 5th amendment violation. Your inability to defend Article 2 section 1 clause 2 of the Constitution way back in December…

29:15 And why General Milley accepted an UNLAWFUL ORDER. General Milley said before that Committee…. “It was clear and unambiguous that VP Pence gave those orders…”

34: 00 Ivan talks about Chris Miller & Pence

37:00 VP PENCE DEPLOYED THE MILITARY on Jan 6th. He is NOT constitutionally enabled to do that.

50:00 Supreme court was going to PREVENT certification but the traitors worked to move before the Supreme Court had a chance.

Ivan details on how it SHOULD have played out

58 min Second slate of Electors was legal. It was based on Supreme court taking on the Texas vs PA case. It was for the ease of the Supreme Court.

1:02:00 The main person behind creating friction during the 1st term? Mike Pence

The President can not fire VP but 👉 the VP can FIRE Pres. [Remember that Pence, via the transition team and the RINO Senate, placed RINOs in Trump’s Cabinet They could REMOVE POTUS via  25th Amendment.]

Pence spent 13 years in house (Judiciary committee & Foreign Affairs) He had plenty of time to make lots of political connections.

Pence headed up National Governors’ Association [I can find nothing on that]

1:04:00 Pence got rid of Flynn then Steve Bannon then Gorka via attacks & discrediting. Those around Trump were hand picked by Pence, Mitch McConnell, Lindsey Graham, Richard Burr & Paul Ryan. they are the key players that come up in the final chapters of Pence Bio. They were doing the “Right Thing” per Pence. Note Pence was NEVER attacked by the Fake News

1:06:00 Pence Volunteered for Covid Task force. He Determined $$$ going to each state. ventilator = $$$ Masks = $$$

1:11:10 Lost 2.3 Mill in contracts

1:20:00 Sexual problems of Kevin McCrathy (2015) and also got 2.8 million FTX money,

1:28:20 Bronson case was a long shot


In Trump Time, Dr Peter Navarro, on page 43, mentioned PRICE GOUGING and how Marc Short and the VPs legal counsel Greg Jacob blocked all action. When I mentioned that above I pointed out Greg Jacob. Well here he is again doing more damage.

Mike Pence’s lawyer testifies in disbarment hearing for Trump attorney EastmanCourthouse News

…Gregory Jacob, Mike Pence’s legal counsel during the Trump presidency, testified Wednesday before the California State Bar about attorney John Eastman’s influence in the days leading up to Jan. 6, 2021…

Pence aide recalls fierce exchange with John Eastman as Capitol was breachedPOLITICO

Greg Jacob testified in John Eastman disbarment proceedings.

Moments before a pro-Trump mob would smash its way through a Capitol window, Greg Jacob was a few yards away at a self-serve coffee shop in the building’s Senate wing.

Jacob, then-Vice President Mike Pence’s top lawyer, was in the middle of a furious email exchange with John Eastman, the attorney who would soon become famous as the architect of former President Donald Trump’s final bid to remain in power…

Pro-Trump mob??? REALLY?

NOTE the Disbarment of Attorney Eastman for FREE SPEECH vs that of former NC assemblyman Richard Moore, a self-confessed Homosexual Pedophile, who is now Planet Fitness’s General Counsel and Chief Administrative Officer. Richard Moore DID NOT LOSE HIS LICENSE TO PRACTICE despite pleading GUILTY to a very nasty crime!

Prosecutors seek Mike Pence’s testimony on Jan. 6 grand jury probe POLITICO

Two of Pence’s top aides — chief of staff 👉Marc Short and chief counsel 👉Greg Jacob — have testified to the grand jury investigating the matter and were the subject of a secret court ruling that rejected Trump’s claims of privilege. 👉Short and Jacob were also two of the most crucial witnesses for the House’s Jan. 6 select committee, before which Pence has refused to appear…



Ivan suggests Pence had plenty of time to make important connections with the ‘Deep State.’ I can not verify that but I can look at some of the important bills Pence championed.

Pence was involved in drafting the Patriot Act:


(This is a pay to see clip)


Republicans Introduce Bill to Reauthorize PATRIOT Act Provisions

Washington, Mar 12 

House Republicans today introduced legislation to reauthorize key national security provisions that are set to expire in 2009.  

Following the attacks of September 11, the USA PATRIOT Act was enacted to help federal law enforcement and intelligence officials address the new terrorist threat.  In 2006, after nearly two years of congressional debate, all but two provisions of the PATRIOT Act and one provision of the Intelligence Reform Act were reauthorized and made permanent.

The Safe and Secure America Act of 2009 extends the three expiring provisions for 10 years.  

“Since the PATRIOT ACT was signed into law, a month after the September 11th attacks, we have been fortunate not to have another attack on U.S. soil,” Congressman Sensenbrenner said.  “In our efforts to keep America safe, it is extremely critical that our law enforcement and intelligence communities have the resources they need to prevent future attacks.  While we still face threats, this legislation is helping to keep our homeland safe.  I was proud to author this legislation in the House in 2001, and I remain proud of it today.”  

Specifically, the Act extends the “roving” wiretaps provision of the PATRIOT Act, the so-called “library provision” (aka FISA business records) of the PATRIOT Act and the “lone wolf” provision of the Intelligence Reform Act.  

House Judiciary Committee Ranking Member Lamar Smith introduced the bill on Thursday along with Minority Whip Eric Cantor (R-Va.) and GOP Conference Chairman Mike Pence (R-Indiana).  House Judiciary Committee cosponsors include Rep. Howard Coble (R-N.C.); Rep. Elton Gallegly (R-Calif.); Rep. Daniel Lungren (R-Calif.); Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa); Rep. Trent Franks (R-Ariz.); Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio); Rep. Thomas Rooney (R-Florida); and Rep. Gregg Harper (R-Miss.). Additional Republican cosponsors include: Rep. John Sullivan (R-Okla.); Rep. John Shadegg (R-Ariz.); Rep. Duncan Hunter (Calif.); Rep. Michelle Bachmann (R-Minn.); and Rep. Mary Fallin (R-Okla.)…

Joe Biden admits, “I drafted a terrorism bill after the Oklahoma City bombing. And the bill John Ashcroft sent up [the Patriot Act] was my bill”.

The Patriot Act like the Federal Reserve Act was a typical Uni-party ping-pong bill. If you can not pass it under the Democrats, pass a similar bill under the Republicans.

The USA PATRIOT Act Was Planned Before 9/11

…Dempsey and Cole trace the origins of the national security trend back to the “intolerant approaches of the 1950s,” when association with Communist or anarchist groups was made a ground for exclusion and deportation. Congress removed the guilt by association law in 1990, but it was revived only six years later by law enforcement proponents in the 1996 Antiterrorism Act, immediately following the Oklahoma City Bombing.

More specifically, however, Dempsey and Cole show that it was the Reagan Administration which initially proposed some of the most troubling provisions which eventually became part of the USAPA. When Reagan proposed these provisions, Congress rejected them on constitutional grounds. The first Bush Administration then made similar proposals, which were again rejected by lawmakers. Congress twice refused to enact the secret evidence provisions proposed by Bush I. (Indeed, just prior to 9/11, Congress was about to pass a law repealing the secret evidence provisions of the 1996 Antiterrorism Act.)….


June 2, 2023  Washing Compost: Justice Department will not seek charges in Mike Pence document case

…in January that after news broke that both President Biden and former President Trump were under investigation for alleged mishandling of government materials, the former vice president brought in outside counsel with experience handling classified materials to search records stored in his Indiana home “out of an abundance of caution.”

The lawyer, Greg Jacob, said in a Jan. 18 letter to the National Archives that the outside counsel “identified a small number of documents that could potentially contain sensitive or classified information interspersed throughout the records.” Jacob said that Pence was “ready and willing to cooperate fully.”

So despite being only a VP with NO legal authority to declassify AND with plans to run for President, Mikey is given a pass by the Deep State. 🙄


June 29, 2023 — Mike Pence earned millions through book deal, six-figure speeches, new filings show – CNN

…collected a $1.4 million advance [from Simon & Schuster] for his memoir, which recounted the events of January 6, 2021, and his refusal to buckle to Donald Trump’s demands to overturn the 2020 election results, new filings show.

…filings also show that Pence has earned big sums on the speaking circuit, collecting a total of $3.4 million for 32 speeches between January 2022 and the end of April this year….

Pence is vice president of Hoosier Heartland LLC and reported more than $1.8 million in business income from that company, which is described as engaging in speaking, writing and consulting. The firm’s clients have not been disclosed.

The former vice president reported earning $381,000 in salary from the company.

Loyalty is a Vice President’s first duty; but there is a greater one—to God and the Constitution.” — Mike Pence

Can I barf now? 🤮

Apr 7, 2021 Pence signs two-book deal in 2024 ramp-up – Axios

…Earlier Wednesday, Pence announced a policy and advocacy organization, Advancing American Freedom, backed by several high-profile Trump administration alumni.

So what is ‘Advancing American Freedom’?

Advancing American Freedom

Mike Pence is the founder …

Paul Teller is the executive director of AAF. Teller formerly worked in various leadership roles for the House Republican Study Committee and U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX)

ADVISORY BOARD [Boy there are some real winners.]

Marty Obst is a co-chair of Advancing American Freedom. Obst formerly served as chair of the Great America Committee PAC and in various advisory roles for the Republican Governors Association, National Republican Congressional Committee, and America First Policies.

Chip Saltsman is a co-chair of AAF. Saltsman formerly served as chair of the Tennessee Republican Party and as campaign manager for the 2008 presidential campaign of former Gov. Mike Huckabee (R-AR).

Marc Short is a co-chair of AAF. Short formerly worked as chief of staff to Pence and formerly led Young America’s Foundation and Freedom Partners..

Doug Ducey [who certified BIDEN’s Arizona’s results] is the Governor of Arizona…Larry Kudlow served as director of the National Economic Council during the Trump Administration… David McIntosh is the president of the Club for GrowthEd Meese served … a member of the presidential transition team for the Trump administration… Scott Walker is the former Governor of Wisconsin.

Scot Walker? “…Priebus, who was born in Wisconsin and formerly ran the state GOP there, called Walker a close friend and suggested he would be exactly the kind of person the party seeks to highlight at the Republican National Convention…” 06/07/12 LINK

Mitt Romney, Priebus and Walker


So now that President Trump does not have to worry about VP Pence hitting him with the 25th Amendment or bearing false witness, what does he REALLY think of ‘Ole Mikey?

Liddle’ refers to ‘Liddle Kidz Foundation’ Prior to this Trump used the term for Schiff.

Massage For Children? The ‘Liddle Kidz Foundation’ And House Representative ‘Liddle’ Adam Schiff Of California

Somehow, given all of the above information, I really have a hard time believe Mikey is anything but a died in the wool UNIPARTY RINO!

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Excellent Pence expose’ Gail.


Pretty well nailed the lid on Pence’s coffin tight. Total fraud. Great research, Gail.


There are some in the old guard, establishment, uniparty GOP. They all align with Bush. Add both ex-Senators Lamar Alexander and Bob Corker in that group. Pence is one of their buds. Pence is right in the middle of all of it. That dude was never America First or MAGA. Good example of it in the link. None of those guys were ever MAGA.


Corker was Jimmy Haslam’s roommate in college and they remained big family friends for decades.

One of the most odd political things I ever witnessed was when Karen Pence came to tour the GSMNP with its COVID related reopening in May 2020. The link below describes. She was so strained, she tried to give a short speech and it was gibberish. She could not wait to get out of here. I suspect there was so much stuff going on behind the scenes that she was coming undone. Now we know what it was.


Out of all the goofy things they did that showed how it was all a scam was the closing of parks and beaches. People don’t catch viruses in those environments.

Last edited 1 month ago by TradeBait2

Trump gave the old guard, both the evil ones and the lessor ones every chance to mend their ways and be part of the future. They in turn try to brush him off and now wiggle, squirm, bite, claw, spit, shout, slap, punch and kick not realizing how tenacious Trump and MAGA who channel their power into Trump and Trumpian things we all are.


100% agree. Methinks Pence’s clown/FIB ties scared him. They do not come at just you, they come at everybody else you care about as Gov. Kemp learned.

That he subsequently discussed it means protection has been provided IMO.


Well, he didn’t fool Barron. 😝

comment image

From an August 2016 story. From the believe it or not category.


Last edited 1 month ago by para59r

Other ways that Mike might be remembered.

comment image


Thank you Gail for guiding us through the Pence saga of the past to today 🙂
Chris Christie was instrumental for Trump picking Pence.
Chris Christie also helped select people for the WH until Pence ousted him. Loyalty Pence does not know. Then Pence threw Flynn’s kid of the committee. I wondered what is wrong with the Flynn kid? I should have wondered what is wrong with Pence.
My flag went up when Pence lied about Flynn and the saga of FBI and ousting Flynn began.
Often one gets taken in with the “I am a Christian” including I. The sick feeling I had about him never left.It is worse when someone wrap’s himself with Christianity. This is bad for all of us. To many fakers in politics.


By the way Pence also displayed a table of Bush’s pictures. He and his frumpy wife who had no taste were Bushis through and through.
He and the wife were fakers pretender more likely.


Yup – see my reply to Gail above.


Yes I saw your post and spot on. 😀


T H I S !


“Obsequious” is the word that came to mind any time Pence made an appearance at President Trump’s side. Fakery in both his demeanor as VP and always purporting a ‘holier than thou’ whiff of religious chicanery.

i’d say Empty Suit except he was immensely destructive to our cause when he could get away with it.

Thanks, Gail 👍


^^^ Nails it!

Of course I had to look up, Obsequious.

ŏb-sē′kwē-əs, əb-

Promptly obedient or submissive to the will of another; ever ready to obey, serve, or assist; compliant; dutiful.Hence Servilely complaisant; showing a mean readiness to fall in with the will of another; cringing; fawning; sycophantic.


Last edited 1 month ago by kalbokalbs

That’s good.

Sort of like “inverse Cramer”.

If Traitor Sickpence endorsed Trump, that would be cause for concern.


Pence cannot endorse Trump that would unravel the lies he told.


That’s a great collection of facts, with links. Thank you!


Pence was the tip of the Uniparty spear. As a Bushie there was no other role for him to play, but to blunt Trump. Which is one more reason why Joe Lange’s work is so important and revealing.

W compared his family legacy to the Kennedy family legacy frequently. They both had numerous patriarchs doing bad things for the money and power. They both are deeply rooted within the Illuminati/cabal. Both families are uniparty and globalist in their cores.

Guys like Miller, Pitcock, etc. agree to be used for money and out of fear for what may happen if they don’t. They know how deep this goes.

Look at the Bush versus Rick Perry feud. Perry came into PDT’s cabinet and did a great job. He was insulated before as TX governor and after in Trump’s employment.




You can see the uniparty sparkle in all of that.

I believe the White Hats generally come behind the messes of the black hats and clean them up through protected leaders and supporters. Just my personal opinion.

Last edited 1 month ago by TradeBait2
Valerie Curren

This is excellent & damning work. Pence is a deep state puppet & traitor, tragically  😡 


Concerning this…

Neither Pence (nor DeSantis) have EVER BUILT ANYTHING or worked at a real job. They just marked time until they were old enough to run for office. Pence? He gets a degree in FAUX history.🙄 He worked for a college from 1981 to 1983 🙄 , gets a law degree (1986) lost two State House bids in 1988 and 1990 while working as a lawyer [DOING WHAT? Wills?? no one says], becomes president of Indiana Policy Review Foundation from 1991-1993 & then does a radio show to get some polish and exposure before jumping into politics for another try. OH, and Pence was a Democrat 🙄 [WIKI & BIO]

From Pence’s wikipedia page. “He lost two House bids in 1988 and 1990 and was a conservative radio and television talk show host from 1994 to 1999

In mid 1988 Rush Limbaugh was offered a nationally syndicated radio show that appeared on 100 stations and it became an instant success. By the end of 1990 it was 650 stations and growing and by 1993 Dan’s Bake Sale was history and Rush Rooms began appearing in restaurants. The guy was unstoppable and the left was freaking out tossing every leftist personality they could find up against Rush only to find that none of them could maintain an audience.

It was also during this time period from 1990 onward that every other conservative guy with a voice and access to a radio show began to follow on the coattails of Rush. From, Hannity to O’Rielly to Savage the list was long as they all began to break into the market and by this time the left was going apocalyptic about Rush since there every effort they made to mimic Rush was a dismal failure in face of Conservative Talk Radio.

Rush wasn’t one to look over his shoulder at the competition, in fact he prided himself on not doing it, but he did use to warn that not all the imitators would be true conservatives. I’d propose that it was at this time the left figured the best ways to inseminate their leftism was to go deep and infiltrate as fake conservatives and this is what Pence and likely a long list of others were about. In Pence’s case it was a quick jump back into politics with a few years of Conservative Talk Radio notched on his belt to establish his cred.


Good catch, para. 👍

I included a discussion about credential building as it applied to JD Vance in my BIMD Finale. His was related to his law background. Had he done it he may not have married the love of his life or become MAGA.

Little traps are everywhere.


Very good summation of the evil Pence. Just looking at the man’s expressions is enough to begin suspecting something is off, way off. Thanks, Gail!!!