How PDJT Will Win A Second Term…..

It dawned on me yesterday after listening to what attorney Alan Dershowitz had to say about the 2020 election. Our President doesn’t have time to reach 270 electoral votes. He has to prevent SleepyCreepy Joe from reaching 270 electoral votes by December 14th. In doing so, the 12th Amendment will be used to elect our … Continue reading How PDJT Will Win A Second Term…..

2020·11·21 KMAG Daily Thread

Shitstorm Saturday:The Kraken Unleashed!! What a spectacle! It's Thursday evening in Colorado, Friday morning on the East Coast (you know, the place where the people think we're just their frigging backyard live). So as I write this, I have no idea what happened on Friday. Hopefully the Kraken left some footprints around with tiny little … Continue reading 2020·11·21 KMAG Daily Thread