SCYTL – This may REALLY BE the smoking gun

I have resisted this story pretty strongly since I first saw the Tweet in German about a server being seized by US forces in Germany, from a company named Scytl. I was afraid it was just another internet rumor. But when Louis Gohmert and Sydney Powell are talking about it, I figured I had better … Continue reading SCYTL – This may REALLY BE the smoking gun

2020·11·14 KMAG Daily Thread

Shitstorm Saturday! Yeah, we’re definitely in a shitstorm right now, and we're starting to respond to the other side's opening salvos. Assuming things go as we hope (and for the most part, expect) this will be looked upon as one of the pivotal points in history we will consider ourselves lucky to have witnessed. (On … Continue reading 2020·11·14 KMAG Daily Thread