No, It Doesn’t Just Happen In The Movies

As connoseurs of politics, and, formerly for many of us, political commentary provided by corporate media interests, we are all aware now of how such PROGRAMMING influences thought and actions as a result of that influenced thought. Little things like voting for RINOs because, well, yeah, they’re rats, but their OUR rats, comes to mind.

Most Americans who follow the Make America Great Again agenda now know what folly that is.

Over the last few decades, though, that is the mentality that allowed the enemy, the deep state via Chy-NAH or any other mechanism, to penetrate the American psyche and infiltrate the government to the point that the collective body of the swamp no longer looks out for the interests of the people, but a hidden corporate entity that seeks only to serve itself.

President Donald Trump talked about that during his 2016 campaign, actually.

Usually, We the People are not allowed to see what the deep state is up to. At least, they don’t want us to see it and usually explain whatever is happening away and sweep the scandal under a rug.

In the case of Hollywood, though, we are aware of the wholesale purchase of much of what is a driver of our culture: moving pictures that depict an alternate reality which does influence thinking on many topics. Chy-NAH has owned a fair piece of Tinseltown for quite a while, and the offerings from that entertainment media reflect that Americans are no longer in charge out there.

Oscar, you were such a contrarian.

Naturally, when it comes to Chy-NAH and the way the power brokers do things, it’s pretty obvious diminishing the culture to the very people inhabiting it is the purpose and goal. But what if the masters another level up or so, the deep state/cabal sorts who are reportedly into just about every taboo from a traditional Christian perspective, have been using entertainment in all quarters to soften the impact of the reality that such activity happens right along side of inserting the belief that this sort of thing happens only in the movies, and there is no way it could possibly happen in real life.


In the last 30 or so years multiple different franchises have appeared in entertainment dealing with the occult, but two stand out for having been almost strictly about good vs. evil in the world of magic.

The first is a television series known as “Charmed” where three sisters – all witches – battle the forces of evil in their little world, and are bound by “the power of three.” (Is it just me or is that a little too close to the Trinity of Father, Son and Holy Ghost for comfort?) The program did not air on any of the main three networks, but on “The WB.”

The second, of course, is the world of Harry Potter. In one of the more romantic stories out there about women struggling in a man’s world, accounts of the creator and author of seven books that introduced us to magic in a muggle world having written the first one on a manual typewriter whenever she could get her infant daughter to sleep didn’t hurt what turned out to be one very profitable franchise.

The question, though, is why were these two franchises green lighted. Both are purely fictional, and even the late, great exorcist Fr. Gabriel Amorth at first dismissed concerns about them as being “pretending” not practicing magic. After a while, though, Fr. Amorth was less sanguine when he claimed what was really happening was the glamourization of witchcraft.

obscured view of shocked woman covering eyes with hands isolated on orange


Some of us are fond of saying, “You see what Madonna started” as a way to explain the sexification of all things female, but the truth is there has always been an undercurrent of the less than wholesome procreative activities in life.

Even today, what is considered to be pornography still carries a stigma even if it has grown in popularity verses actually having to deal with real women, and take your time and do it right bedroom adventures. However, make the graphic sex in print form, put it on a blog, and model it after series romance, and you get “50 Shades of Gray,” a series brought to us by the same mind that created “Twilight” the fantasy romance series for teens. (Not kidding. They came from the same place. E.L. James’s dirty mind.)

Somehow, both of these series ended up on screen. Why and how doesn’t exactly matter. What does is that someone out there wants what happens in a bedroom to be an open book far more than anything Madonna or Lady Gaga could get away with in a music video, and they want the kinky stuff normalized.

(Just as an aside, the world of romance from the big publishers has taken a turn to having REALLY lurid bedroom scenes in great detail in the novels. The details now include descriptions that were off limits for the first 35 years, at least, of the genre’s existence. Read the reviews of some of the best sellers, and the readers are complaining about that. Romance readers want the story, not so much the sex.)


People with weak stomachs shouldn’t watch this.

The less said about this the better.

So far, the rest of the lot of crimes against civilization and humanity that the “elites” are rumored to favor have not made it on screen or necessarily in print for mass consumption. Human sacrifice, child rape and the like has not been eased into the culture via the entertainment avenues.

Those topics will definitely be harder to swallow for people raised to be decent human beings.

That doesn’t mean, though, that a couple other topics haven’t entered popular entertainment with the possible intent of diminishing the reality in many minds that, yes, this could really happen here.


Real or imagined. With dystopia, that is the question. Everything is unpleasant, and the government is in complete control.

That is the thematic basis for the popular series beginning with “The Hunger Games” by Suzanne Collins. The Hunger Games is by far not the first series in print or on film to feature dystopian themes, but thus far in the century of Hollywood entertainment, it is the most popular. It is also the one the young people of the world relate to since they were born after many of the unpleasant regimes of Europe fell during the last fifteen years of the twentieth century.

As the “Biden Administration” comes into focus, rumors of re-education camps and food shortages, and more are creeping into the public consciousness. Whether or not it really happens is another story.


One would think that after the term “conspiracy theory” was weaponized by the mainstream media following the JFK public execution, there would be no need to demonize the concept further.


Maybe it was just the number of people suddenly waking up to the reality that all was not as it was reported to be, but in a series of romance novels penned by best-selling author Jayne Ann Krentz beginning in 2007, the Arcane Society took on life and brought secret societies, and the conspiracies around them, into the pop fiction world. (I’ve read them all.)

The Arcane Society is a group living under the radar, as the members of it are “sensitives,” or people with special gifts. Among them are hunters (men with great night vision and who are very fast), dreamlight readers, aura readers, hypnotists, a siren (coloratura soprano who can kill with her high notes), and various other talents that ordinary humans just don’t have. There’s even a family of forgers, and another of contract killers, but that’s incidental. The Arcane Society people are the good guys. Well…except for the subset of them known as “Nightshade.”

See, the people of Nightshade – big money and creepy scientists they are bankrolling – are trying to recreate the “Founder’s Formula” to make sensitives stronger than what they naturally are. And once somebody is on the formula, there is no going back. Skip a couple days, and the person taking it dies. Naturally, the head of Nightshade was once a member of the Council which rules over the Arcane Society.

Add into that the person in charge of the Society’s investigation arm being a natural strategist talent, and CONSPIRACY is a running theme through the books which is kind of lampooned given the two older women who really do believe in conspiracies. One of them even keeps log books of comings and goings at an “institute” which is a character left over from a previous series.

Yes, this is pretty preposterous, but that’s what fiction is for, right?

In the end, the conspiracy people are proven right, but not before a whole lot of inter-family matchmaking occurs. There’s even a Mason-like power structure in the Nightshade organization. Not kidding.

The point, though, is that all of these hard to believe and swallow concepts are already in the public sphere, just not as reality. It has been presented as fiction, even if a lot of it is perfectly real. (Arcane Society sensitives, no, but the rest, yes.)

Which begs the question: was all this put into the public as fiction on purpose so that people would literally say, “That only happens in the movies and in books”?

It is worth asking.

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Bouncing off the Oscar Wilde quote:

As in life
So in politics.

As in politics
So in life.


I think part of it is so they can laugh at us. They’re throwing it right in our face and then calling us “conspiracy theorists” if we dare think some of it is real.

Yeah, I’m really disturbed by their overt sexualization of women, and even young girls. But I’m even more disturbed at what is beginning to be overt Satanism all over the place. Satanic rituals at Super Bowl halftime shows for instance. A TV series called “Lucifer.” Is that supposed to make us think he’s a great guy, just misunderstood? And even entertainment people thanking Satan at their nauseating award shows. If this is their idea of culture, no thanks!


Just wait until you hear that ‘the satan’ is a messenger from God who is tasked with sharing bad news, and that’s why over the centuries he has gotten a bad rap.

I have seen this taught in both Jewish and Christian circles.


Qh wow , a great delusion indeed


A very thought-provoking article.

Regarding human sacrifice, I remember that cannibalism and/or human sacrifice are present in the 1959 film Suddenly, Last Summer.

I did a search and found that human sacrifice is in places I would not have looked or remembered. I think your point about decent people holds true; they might not be comsumers of, or might not pay much attention to, the blatant depictions.

A search for “human sacrifice in the movies” yielded Cat People (1982), Ghoulies (1985), Man-Thing (2005), and…

In 1935, Indiana Jones arrives in India, still part of the British Empire, and is asked to find a mystical stone. He then stumbles upon a secret cult committing enslavement and human sacrifices in the catacombs of an ancient palace.

(That’s Spielberg. I don’t remember graphic depictions, though there might be suggestions.)

As for graphic sex in novels, I think people want romance novels to be romantic. Too much of what you describe puts them in a different genre that lacks imagination, dignity, and class. *They* want us depraved and insatiable because we are more easily controlled in that state.


Remember – in India – it was once customary to burn a man’s widow on his funeral pyre.

In the movie, ‘Around the World in 80 Days’ – the hero professor rescued one of those women, Aouda –


This so-called custom was never wide spread.
It was manly practiced in Bengal and had its origin in a ritual were the wife of the husband, who died, could VOLUNATRYLY follow him.

This practice was exaggerated by missionaries, who used it as a propaganda tool in the west, as a way to gain entry to Bengal, which was controlled by the British East India company then. Anything they decreed was in fact the law at the time.

The British East India company did not want those missionaries there, because they tended to interfere with the disgusting way the company interacted with or robbed the local people. The company controlled many of the British politicians/aristocracy (similar like the globalist corporations now) at the time and could prevent the missionaries to gain entry through these politicians.
The missionaries used this propaganda as a influence operation to convince those politicians.


Thank you for setting that straight, eilert!

Sadie Slays

That scene in “Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom” where they rip a man’s beating heart out his chest is one of the most horrifying things I’ve ever seen on film. And the worst part? It’s a rated PG movie! They put that horrible ultra violent scene in a film rated for children!


When the Spirit Cooking and Comet Pizza scandal was breaking – Netflix created a special movie then a series to normalize, trivialize, humor-ize and make cannibalism not so shocking, just part of the culture… The Santa Clarita Diet.

The movie ad had an attractive young couple walking down a sidewalk holding and swinging a bloody cooler between them.

The caption read: “She craves human flesh. He just wants to live a normal life. Sometimes, a compromise is necessary to make a marriage work.”

I had just made a nice dinner, was sitting down to have a ‘dinner and a movie’ when this came up. It spoiled my appetite and whole weekend.

I made Netflix cancel my subscription and refund that month’s fee.

***That was also about the time $0r0s bought into Netflix and the offerings became noticeably darker and more anti-Christian.

Last edited 2 years ago by GA/FL

That starred Drew Barrymore, too. I saw bits from one episode and was horrified.


I gave up watching movies. Give me a book I can immerse myself in.

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

Which begs the question: was all this put into the public as fiction on purpose so that people would literally say, “That only happens in the movies and in books”?


Otherwise known as promotion of disbelief.

IMO, it’s a thing!

Controlling both Fake News and Fake Entertainment is essential to that purpose.

Fake Entertainment keeps an eye on this place, BTW. I found that interesting.


Yep, when we suspect, fear, see, feel something is wrong, even illegal – the political and media voices call us Truthers, Birthers, Whacko-birds, Deplorables, etc. – maligning, labeling, and gaslighting us – to make us disbelieve our guts, instincts, intuition, even our eyes, evidence, facts and reality.

To paraphrase comedians Chico Marx and Richard Pryor who used the line – “Who are you going to believe, me, (what we tell you) or your lying eyes?”

We just had a HUGE dose of Promotion of Disbelief with the 2020 ELECTION FRAUD.

And possibly we are getting more doses of it, with the various online gurus telling us that Trump has done, will do this or that about it – to rectify it – when it looks like he was overpowered, out-maneuvered, perhaps chillingly, cruelly threatened out of really challenging the election, and letting the marxist, Islamist/Chinese Communist monsters have their way with our country… and just allowed to put up a ‘resistance’ through his new Save America PAC, sponsoring candidates for more fraudulent, manipulated, suspect elections – when because of 2020 we know that we will never have another Election, Court, Congress or Media that can be trusted.

Then when the days go by, and Biden signs 47 Executive Orders undoing much of Trump’s good work, and the nation’s capitol is locked down because of an Antifa operation and the inauguration has taken place – and they are labeling MAGA Trump supporters, Q anon people, Patriots, even Pro-life Christians as terrorists, our blog friends tell us, “This is all fake; it’s all disinformation. You are a doubter; you need to believe what this guy, this prophet, this Q drop told us. You need to refer to Q drop # 3 which correlates and point to this news post and look at this, the dates add up to 17.”

Who, what is there left to believe?

I can find comfort and certainty, peace only in Jesus Christ, and the power of His Resurrection, Gospel, Word and Way of Truth, Love, Life.

Last edited 2 years ago by GA/FL
Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

I think you’re smart. Put God first. That’s where God is supposed to be. When everything else is chaotic, go back to God and, when you have the strength again, untangle from there.


Due to my childhood and all the gaslighting, secrets, lies, abuse, etc. in my family, it’s easy for me to get out of kilter, shaken, off balance – at least I know where, Who is the Rock, the Firm Foundation.

Last edited 2 years ago by GA/FL

Thank you 


The gaslighting is relentless. And yes, the only rock is Christ. All else is shifting sand.


They are looking for storylines from whacky Q people.

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

Exactly. And then they cycle them into their new FIB drama.


Cue for ‘hopeium fanatic goes crazy’ in 3, 2, 1…

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

LOL!!! OMG, yes. I refuse to watch that darn show just to win the bet – I’m paying you in attagrls NOW – they WILL do this!



Deplorable Patriot

Yes. Even FAKE wacky XVII people. Yesterday, my editor at the other blog had me write something on the Viking horn guy from the Capitol invasion where he was referred to as a “Qanon” follower. I corrected that in the article and in the original headline, and the headline got changed to read “Qanon” even if the article says something different.

We’re being painted as weirdos even if that’s nowhere close to the truth. Why would that happen if the movement wasn’t a threat to whoever is making editorial decisions?


Could be because people who followed or even dabbled in Q are very conveniently made scapegoats.

When Q came on the scene I thought it was something cooked up to keep young autists busy looking to out the bad guys.

But the WWG1WGA caught on with patriots everywhere.

Yes, I would say it has become a very convenient way to persecute patriots.


Maybe Q lost and now needs to be discredit like Trump?


I might guess that putting that genre into the general public might also attract those who could be drawn into that world, but were unreachable without this type of signalling.

Imagine a socially awkward and distanced teen (is there any other kind? /s) seeing the ‘Twilight’ series and feeling that that kind of lifestyle would be a good thing. Then they grow up, after completing their teems years as ‘goths’ or whatevers, and leave home and search out that lifestyle among adults…or predators.

So the multipronged objective is not only to normalize evil behaviors, but to call out to those who may support and join in these lifestyles

oh and…biden DIN’T F-ING WIN!

Last edited 2 years ago by Please
Sadie Slays

I like to use The Simpsons 1989 premiere as a benchmark for how degenerate society has become. Back in 1989, there were national headlines about this “controversial” new show. People were horrified that Bart Simpson used the word “sucks” and talked back to his parents. Nowadays, it’s probably one of the tamest things on TV.

It’s all just one long slow slide to program the public for whatever is on their long-term agenda. They start with “good witches” and “bad witches” in 1939 (The Wizard of Oz), a TV sitcom about a witch in the 1960s (Bewitched), so that by the time they foist billion dollar and highly influential programming on the children (Harry Potter), nobody bats an eye. 

And Harry Potter was indeed really successful brainwashing. You’ve got millions of adults now who use that franchise as a framework for everything else in life. There’s a Lefty group here, for example, that calls itself “The Order of the Phoenix” after the books because they believe they’re a “resistance group” to big bad Trump. They couldn’t even come up with their own original name! People used to go to the Bible for guidance and inspiration; now they go to Harry Potter. That about sums it up really. 

Last edited 2 years ago by Sadie Slays

Yes, it’s been disgusting to watch the decline.

Gail Combs

It started much earlier.

My Ex was stationed in Europe in 1974 -1977.

When I left the USA many of the TV shows were Detective shows (Mission Impossible, Man from UNCLE, Columbo, Hawaii Five-0…) and Westerns (Bonanza,  Wild Wild West, Have Gun – Will Travel…) Although some were already scrubbed from 1970 on.

When I cam back to the USA, ALL were GONE! Replaced by stupefying and idiotic Sit-Coms Soaps that used to be relegated to daytime TV.


Three’s Company.

My folks didn’t like it much. Us kids couldn’t wait for the next show.

Looking back now that one seems a watershed event.

Gail Combs

It started with The Odd Couple “…an American sitcom television series broadcast from September 24, 1970, to March 7, 1975, on ABC. It stars Tony Randall as Felix Unger and Jack Klugman as Oscar Madison, and was the first of several sitcoms developed by Garry Marshall for Paramount Television….” WIKI

That is the same time period that they started to purge the decent Westerns and Detective stories.


And then, there was the “rural purge” — — after which everything “good” was in a city.


I consider myself blessed in this way. Very little tv was watched in my home growing up and we never had an atari. I did see some I love lucy and gilligans island and my grandparents always turned a news program on in the evenings.

My grandparents lived in town and a cable box was put in when I was around 15. But my parents never got one, maybe we lived too far out?

I remember seeing mtv for the first time. I went to catholic school, was very involved in choir and youth group and was shocked at what I saw on mtv, esp when a couple of the young ladies in our youth group started wearing the skimpy Madonna attire.

Of course, these are the same young ladies that became sexually active. I know one of them got into new age stuff.

Even after joining the military and marrying we didn’t have cable.

I had accounting and IT training so I was a nerd. So like I stated on another thread, it wasn’t until I divorced and moved to a mid-west town in 2001 that I finally had cable internet and one of the programming guys I knew handed me a box and said, “happy birthday, load this on your pc and lets play an mmorpg.” I was like wth is an mmprpg?????

I’m remarried and still watch no tv outside of Lou Dobbs.

I’ve thanked my mom many times for making sure we were brought up with the bible as our foundation and thankful that she didn’t use the tv as a babysitter.


Don’t forget Get Smart, the spoof of the detective and spy shows.


One of my all time favorite shows is Green Acres. The absurdity just appealed to me, and seemed perfectly done.

But several years ago I had occasion to watch many of the episodes and was disturbed to see how much garbage was hinted at, or inserted even when it was not relevant. The shows are still hilarious to me, but you can see the distinctive glimmers of attempts to tear down Christian/Western culture.


Yep. Once you see it, you can’t unsee it.

Has made me sad because many old shows I used to love have the poop in them. Subtle at the time when we were ignorant, but now it is glaring.


And just to take Green Acres as an example, the premise of the show (country folks fooling the city slicker) was simple, innocent and human. The garbage was/is completely unnecessary. There is a sadistic element in this sort of thing, not allowing simple and natural alone, but needing to spoil it.


Carol Burnett had a lot hints at unwholesomeness.

SteveInCO · Thermonuclear MAGA

I watched basically no TV other than Star Trek from 1987 into the mid 1990s. I went to a friend’s house and he had the lobotomy box on, some sitcom was playing.

I was blown away at how literally every other line was a double entendre. No profanity, but the entendres would have been way over the line in the 80s.

I returned to not watching TV.


I stopped watching TV in college in the early ’80s. Then, I went home to visit the ‘rents, and while they were eating they had some TV blaring some “pop music” show with scantily-clad dancers gyrating. And I was like, “this is what TV has turned into??? And my PARENTS are watching it?!?!?


The Amish “get” what Hollywood and the much vaunted America culture represented.

I am amused that you think that Hollywood was just “fine” before Chyna. Hollywood always served the animal spirits in us – from the very get go. It just takes time to keep falling ever lower.


If you look at what came out of Hollywood in the silent era you will find plenty to disgust you.

There was an effort to clean things up for awhile. However, it has been full on depravity recently.

We can taste and smell the shit in the pie now, whereas before we thought it was just a pie.


Yes, well put. I used to be a fan – now, looking back, it was always leading here.

We are slowly seeing ourselves as we really are – only then does one understand the need for salvation.

You can only get saved when you seek it – this is the secret of free will. No one is free – we all serve a master. We are free to choose who / Who we serve – that choice is ours to make – when understanding dawns ….


Yes. The choice you make will either humble you unto salvation, or tempt you to a pride that will damn you.


EVERY person’s life is based on faith. That is simply the nature of existence, as we know it.

And you put your finger on the critical fact. What faith is fundamental to each of us is a faith of our own choosing, and reflects what we really want.


Yes. Too few understand this point. The Bible taught this thousands of years ago, and modern science is only recently coming to understand this in a way that can be communicated more generally.

Last edited 2 years ago by JasonD

Read Hollywood Babylon for stories of depravity throughout Hollywood history.

Used to be Hollywood hid the depravity out of respect for normal Americans. Now the depravity is used as a standard to condemn normal Americans.


I can’t look at any more of that stuff. But I have seen the cover of that book and seen some stories about some of the crap that went on in earlier eras.

Hanging on to the Rock.


Do not blame you at all. My wife and I will occasionally call a time out on discussing the bad stuff. It gets to be too much, and none of it is new or unknown.


I go out in the backyard and look at trees, chickens, the clouds, my dogs. It grounds me. There is good in this world.


Gazing on something like this is comforting….

comment image


We finally moved to our retirement location. Quiet town, mountains and good people. We have a little land and I love watching the squirrels and birds moving about. My service dog thinks she’s in heaven!


Speaking of Illusions, Conspiracy Theories, Hopium, Fakes, Disinformation and the 2020 and 2022 Elections…..he doesn’t believe the photo of Trump and McCarthy at Mar A Lago is real.

Wictor has a thread, an Addendum thread and a theory….

Some replies emphatically say it’s photoshopped.

Last edited 2 years ago by GA/FL

I’ll bite. I looked at the photos. McCarthy definitely looks shopped in. His shoe isn’t even touching the floor.

Further, President Trump is wearing a yellow tie and there are yellow roses in the background.

Yellow is an important color in China. It denotes power, a sense of the imperial, and prosperity.

Also, is that a Chinese lion I see in the righthand corner of one of the photos?


Very good observations re: symbolism – I didn’t and NO ONE in the Wictor thread replies caught that.


Here is another better copy of the photo:

comment image

There is a very strange bed pad looking thing on the floor behind the round marble top table.

I see a Roman chariot and two horses statuette on the long console table across the room…but no Chinese dragon.


The oddest thing about this photo is not the lighting, but the shortened legs. 

I have looked at multiple photos of President Trump in suits – and in this photo his suit coat looks too long for the length of his pants legs. 

McCarthy’s legs are also shortened. 

Perhaps the photographer was on a ladder – McCarthy does seem to be looking up.


The lighting on the men and shadows seem off. Of course, there’s no telling how it may have been lighted from the viewers angle, but it does look odd.


If you go to the post with more photos, it shows a lion. It is the photo directly under the one you have here.

Wictor shows exactly where in the room they were standing. He had several photos of the living room at Mar a Lago.


Thanks – I forgot about all the photos of the room.


this photo does not look natural to me.


Where is PDJTs American flag lapel pin ?


Who benefits from a photo with PT? GOP? RNC?


These are puzzling times.


NB: 1) I highly recommend reading the comments, 2) and then highly recommend reading JE Dyer’s article linked in the comments, 3) and then reading the comments to Dyer’s article, where Dyer herself makes several interesting observation about Wictor, about the existence of a Grand Plan, and about what has been happening.


Thanks, I’ll look for all that. The discussions at QV are pretty interesting.


This comment made me laugh:

“Trump will have his revenge and either way we’re stronger, and smarter, than we were 5 years ago
chairman bidens STOLEN position will not stand
“Americans must wear muh 3 masks” HA!”


Funny AND it makes a good point: in one sense we are stronger than we were 5 years ago


I enjoy reading Wictor – but he and Saul are too much like SD – crusty, cantankerous, irritable, and always right.

Whereas, JE Dyer (have only read one or two of her posts) – is so readable, calm, likable, in-depth, not so entrenched and, um, I-am-right-cannot-be-unquestioned.




Some of the many reasons why I had my tubes tied 26 years ago at age 24. There was no way I way bringing children into this cesspool. Have never regretted it and it breaks my heart to listen to friends scared about what their children are exposed to. God help us all.


Was dining out yesterday and there were TV screens everywhere. I abhor that practice except in sports bars, but anyway.

I never watch TV but there it was. A talkshow was on. There were two women and I have never seen such fake looking people in my whole life.

The cosmetic enhancements to face and chest had rendered these women ugly in the extreme. The makeup was so thick and dramatic I felt like I was watching a stage play about geisha girls up close.

I was repulsed. Then a commercial came on and the man in the commercial was likewise. The makeup, hair, lighting, clothing was all designed to render this person as something plastic, unreal in some way.

It was disturbing. I will say this again:

The less TV you watch, the freer your mind becomes.


Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

The physical fakeness of Fake Entertainment! YEAH. That’s an aspect I’ve missed.


Just wait until you start noticing the Asian themed eye makeup…

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy


Valerie Curren

Our young 20’s daughter loves the dirty 70’s movies where people look mostly regular, not like the models on CSI Miami, etc. There is a grittiness & believability & of course a lot of cheesiness, depending on the offering. I’m thankful that she’s not sucked/suckered into the prevailing fakeness of youth culture…

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

Great point! Those guys in bulk-knit turtlenecks and bowl cut hairstyles – Elvis-haired rednecks in aviator glasses – but all looking like a home movie – very real. I love it!

Valerie Curren

Yes, when seemingly regular people were still allowed on the screen, not just as bit parts!


you were dining out? there has not been an open restaurant in Oregon for a year now.i loathe Kate Brown


I’m sorry to hear that.

Yes, our restaurants have been open for about 6 or 7 months.


Where I live also. We have eaten out but mostly breakfast . I like my cooking better than most restaurants. At home my husband makes breakfast so he gets a day off. We both make lunch and dinner I do and cook for 2 days.


We almost always do breakfast or lunch out. I cook a lot, but have gotten into the habit of having a day off. 😄


Yes that is nice having a day off.


i wonder if the “anal swabs” is another attempt to mainstream their perversions…



Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

I think both – all one package. Perversions are really much more about human degradation than we realize. And we literally pass them on by encouraging or forcing others to engage in them.

ChiNazi scientists routinely virtue signal to the needs of the CCP. What better way, than by providing a weaponizable degradation for export to the West? There is an unconscious understanding of how the degradation is like a currency to their masters.

The CCP knows that their American puppets are degraded, decadent, and perverse. Giving them a perverse and humiliating duty? Perfect!


It’s becoming sickeningly clear.


They cannot degrade if one knows what they are doing. They degrade themselves and we see who they truly are. I am so awake is not even funny.

Gail Combs


The virus is a RESPIRATORY VIRUS. If I recall, early on reports were, it did not show up much in the gastro-intestinal tract.

Remember food gets subjected to strong acids and enzymes DESIGNED to BREAK DOWN FATS and PROTEINS. A virus that gets destroyed by hand soap should not have a chance of surviving.

I think this move is more toward degrading AND showing the virus ‘dissapeared’

AND logic.

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

YEAH. Good call.

I think you may have caught a long thread in the plot.

They were alleging this from the very beginning of the plot, that the virus was transferring through toilets, and exhaust pipes, and all that stuff.

NAH – something is not right here.

Gail Combs

Now EVIL is moving into the main stream. While, the mainstream media has labeled everyone at the US Capitol on January 6th “Domestic Terrorists” even the hundreds of thousands who were there in DC to listen to President Trump and then left the area after he ended his speech. We’re bearing witness to the ultimate double standard.  

July 25, 2015 Hundreds Gather for Unveiling of Satanic Statue in Detroit 

A little before midnight on Saturday, a crowd of around 700 gathered in an old industrial warehouse a few blocks from the Detroit River for what they’d been told was the “largest public satanic ceremony in history.” Most of them professed to be adherents of Satanism, that loosely organized squad of the occult that defines itself as a religious group. Others came simply because they were curious. After all, Satanists exist in the popular psyche as those who casually sacrifice goats and impregnate Mia Farrow with Lucifer’s child; if this ceremony was indeed unprecedentedly big, who knew what could be in store?

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AND the Dis-info Urinalists rush to placate the Sheeple.

More Satanic Statues in Major Cities, Please: The Story Behind a Misunderstood Satanic Monument

When Confederate memorials began to be toppled in June, far-right organizations called for the destruction of the Satanic Temple’s bronze statue of Baphomet. Here’s why that doesn’t make sense.

…While the statue is based on a drawing by 19th-century cult historian Éliphas Lévi, Baphomet’s folk history dates further back to the Crusades, when members of the Knights Templar were charged with heresy for allegedly cohabitating with Muslims. Scholars and archaeologists believe its name to be a bastardization of Mohammed (i.e., Mahomet) that appeared in trial transcripts. Baphomet was a symbol of gender nonconformity, sexual alterity, and religious deviance well into the 20th century, becoming solidly associated with modern Satanism after the Church of Satan created its sigil in the 1960s….

The Satanic Temple Is No Laughing Matter 

Because The Satanic Temple doesn’t believe in a literal Satan, or in anything supernatural, it’s often presented in the media as a joke religion like the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster or the Church of the SubGenius. But Penny Lane, director of the new documentary Hail Satan?, says that’s a total misconception.

“The Satanic Temple would very much like for people to, perhaps, learn to judge other people based on their actions, not based on what they look like or what you might have heard about them on daytime television,” Lane says… 

Yeah, right. 🙄  It is an IN YOUR FACE  🖕  to Christianity, Judaism and a DIRECT ASSAULT ON FREEDOM OF RELIGION..

Dec. 6, 2018, Satanic statue erected in Illinois State Capitol with other holiday decorations

The resin sculpture, dubbed a “Snaketivity,” depicts a hand holding an apple, with a snake wrapped around it.

 This holiday season, the Illinois State Capitol is celebrating both Santa and Satan.

A statue designed and funded by the Satanic Temple of Chicago is on display in the statehouse in Springfield along with a Christmas tree, Nativity scene, and a menorah.

The resin sculpture, which the Satanic Temple has dubbed a “Snaketivity,” depicts a hand holding an apple, with a snake wrapped around it. The arm and hand are 18 inches tall, said Dave Druker, the press secretary for the Illinois Secretary of State’s office, which maintains the capitol building.

The figure rests on a 4-foot tall base that reads “Knowledge is the greatest gift.”

October 2018 Arch of Baal erected in DC to pagans’ delight

The Arch of Baal – also known as the Arch of Palmyra – was reconstructed at the Capitol Mall in Washington, DC, on Thursday and displayed through Sunday, allowing spectators to marvel in the pagan false god of power, fertility and child sacrifice worshiped by the apostate Queen Jezebel of the Bible and ancient Phoenicians and Canaanites.

In recent years, the reproduced pagan exhibit has been taking a global tour to major cities for residents and visitors to marvel in – despite its Satanic significance, as described in the Bible.

“Previously, it has spent time in London, New York City and Dubai … known as the Arch of Palmyra, the original was destroyed by ISIS in 2015, so, of course, internationalists decided to rebuild it and turn it into a traveling roadshow,” WND reported. “The fact that Baal – also known colloquially in the Christian world as Beelzebub – was another name for Satan, didn’t raise many questions. He’s kind of the Bible’s anti-God – mentioned more often in Scripture than any deity other than the God of Israel.”

2019 Statue of Molech, Pagan Deity of Child Sacrifice, Displayed at Colosseum

Molech is the pagan god who required his devotees to toss their children into his fiery belly as an act of worship. The location of the display is particularly worth noting since the Roman Colosseum is where many early Christians were slaughtered at the hands of lunatic dictators fearful of a faith they could not stop.  

Previously, the Catholic Church had made the Colosseum a sacred site to honor these first Christians martyred for their faith, even placing Stations of the Cross there for the faithful to contemplate their sacrifice. Now it’s guarded by the pagan god Molech, whose demand for child sacrifice has been compared to the modern epidemic of abortion, and the faithful are greeted with a statue honoring a pagan deity whose murderous spirit still seeks to kill children.

11/8/2019 The Vatican Places Giant Statue of Molech at Colosseum Entrance

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Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

OMG, there is so much YIKES on this flying frog from hell!!!


Satanists will tell you they don’t worship any diety, but they do.

They have a variety of demons they invoke, etc.

They lie all the time to cover up their rituals, etc. And there is a subset of satanists who invoke Hindu gods, mixed with New Age shite and all rolled up into typical esoteric snobbery.

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

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Unequal justice is injustice!

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

I’m still reeling from this.

Durham is letting them off. Gotta be.


I’ve been in tears…. angry….put up my Trump won legally sign….taken it down again several times. I don’t know what to believe.

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

The secret is NOT taking the sign down. It gives strength to others – but also YOU. Show resolve and let your own resolve strengthen you through the moments of weakness.

It’s how to stop these Bidenazis.

It’s our menorah in the window. DO IT.
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Thanks, Wolfie. Sob….it’s so hard when one has to stand alone.


Pres. Trump won, and he won legally. i will never stop saying it. It is a truth that will not change, no matter what happens.

It is hard to feel alone, but you are not alone. We have each other here, plus there were 80-100m people who voted for Pres. Trump. It is 😡 that the Left takes so much power that is not rightfully theirs.


Thanks for the reminder – we are the vast majority!

They are usurpers – and THEY committed the insurrection!


what runs through my mind many times a day since nov.3rd is we are witnessing a great deception and judgment is upon us all.


Tilt o Whirl stuff. Surreal.


My American Flag can’t go back up until the election process gets FIXED.

^^^ Fundamental to being an American, IS having honest elections.

^^^ At this point, America is on par with a third rate banana republic.

When Trump comes out vocal, which I assume is shortly after shampeachment 2.0 closes out, THEN my Trump flag will go back up.

At that point maybe we’ll start changing, or at least challenging the very oppressive narrative we are bombarded with daily.


It is quite insidious isn’t it? is it real or is it memorex ? Great topic Depat and thanks for sharing your thoughts with us.


Great thread post, DePat!

The Hippie movement also figured into the timeline.
Communists infiltrated and coopted the hippie movement and used it to cloak their evil intentions.

Hugh Hefner’s Playboy magazine has it’s place in the timeline as well.

The flower-child free love aspect helped to tear down the basic family structure.
Playboy magazine appealed to men and told them that “it’s okay” to have sex for fun…and with as many women as you can.

I would add the ‘Baby Burlesks’ in with the Hollywood perversions.

There were several Baby Burlesk films made in the early 1930’s.
Shirley Temple started her career in one of them.

In what world is it okay to have toddlers parading around in their underwear, bumping and grinding in adult seductive moves.
 😕  😔 
There are probably pedos today who have those films in their collections.

Pornography got a big boost with the advent of the VCR.
People no longer had to leave home to watch it…they could watch it on their VCR’s.


DP, boffo opener.
Thanks for your work!


BREAKING – Exclusive video of the Trump – McCarthy meeting at Mar A Lago!

Concerned Virginian