OANN Videos Now On Rumble

OANN, like everybody else who honestly covered the Facebook Fraudulent 2020 Presidential Election, was kicked off YouTube.

Happily, they are now on Rumble, and have plenty of videos.

Here is your link:


Here is an example video:

LINK: https://rumble.com/vdeolb-one-on-one-with-rep.-matt-gaetz-in-wy..html


Now – how did I get that video to show up?

It took me a while to figure this out.

TL;DR Version:

  • You need to use the IFRAME version of the embed code from Rumble, and
  • You need to use it in the Custom HTML block in WordPress posts, and
  • You need to use it in the Source Code pop-up { } in the reply box for comments

Full Version:

Copy the Embed Code

Here is an image of a video on Rumble. Look in the lower right corner, under Matt Gaetz.

See that “EMBED” button? Click that to get a pop-up with the embed code.

You want the top item – “Embeddable Player“. You are going to copy the code. However, you will note that it has a little drop-down label at the top of the code there that says “JavaScript“. You do NOT want that code. You want different code.

Click on “JavaScript” and select the OTHER code, “IFRAME“. It’s less code – more compact – and WORKS.

Now, it’s easy. Just click on that code under “IFRAME” to highlight it (it will DARKEN), and COPY.

Putting the Embed Code into WordPress Posts

To put the IFRAME code into a WordPress post, you need to put it into what is called a Custom HTML block. To get one of those blocks, start with a paragraph block, then click on the PLUS SIGN to get the little block-type-choice pop-up.

That choice pop-up will NOT have the type of block you want – you have to search for it.

Type “html” into the Search widget in that block, and you will get the correct choice and nothing else – the Custom HTML block.

Click on the Custom HTML block choice. You will get the BLANK HTML block:

Click on the “HTML text line” that says “Write HTML…”, and PASTE the IFRAME code into that.

REPEAT – paste the IFRAME code RIGHT THERE in “Write HTML…”.

Here is the result, shown with a couple of FILLED paragraph blocks above, and one empty paragraph block below (sorry – it’s a bit confusing).

NOW – see how the block has two “view” selections – HTML and Preview? Click Preview…

That’s it! You’re done! The video will appear in the post, just like that.

Putting the Embed Code in WordPress Comments

If you are not an author but a commenter, then you will want to put the embed code – the IFRAME code – into a comment in WordPress.

Note that we are using the wpDiscuz commenting system with its Embeds add-on, which makes it easy and reliable to do HTML embeddings.

Here is the top-level comment box from wpDiscuz in WordPress.

Notice the “toolbox” at the bottom: B I U (etc.) which has 13 items.

  • Bold
  • Italics
  • Underline
  • Strike-out
  • Numeric List
  • Bullet List
  • Block Quote
  • Code Snippet </>
  • Link
  • Source Code { }
  • Spoiler [+]
  • Emojis
  • Stickers

The TENTH item, Source Code, symbolized by { }, is what you want.

This item is a bit like turning your whole reply, temporarily, into a Custom HTML block.

Here is a partly worked reply.

Now click on the { } Source Code tool.

Now PASTE in the IFRAME code for the embedded video. Just do it at the very end. You can edit the result easily.

Click the “Insert” button, which PREVIEWS the video in the reply.

Note that the text is a bit close to the top edge of the video – this can be corrected by editing, and more text can be added before that extra spacing, and at the end.

Now just post the comment by clicking “Post Comment”.

The text will be included below, as an actual reply.

That’s it!

Thanks and have a great week with lots of OANN and Rumble videos!


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If Matt Gaetz was blonde and was a preacher – he’d look like a second coming of Billy Graham.


Gaetz also speaks in short, powerful, memorable sound bites like Billy Graham did.


Mark Levin has gone over to Rumble: https://rumble.com/MarkLevinShow

Rudy Guiliani is also on Rumble since one or more of his videos was banned at YouTube:  https://rumble.com/c/TheRudyGiuliani
He’s still on Twitter and YouTube as well.


Thank you for these instructions! I’m going through them to try it, but I got lost at “paragraph block.” I don’t know where that is.

To put the IFRAME code into a WordPress post, you need to put it into what is called a Custom HTML block. To get one of those blocks, start with a paragraph block, then click on the PLUS SIGN to get the little block-type-choice pop-up.

And if it’s the quote block I used here, the plus sign does not bring up the block-type popup.

Last edited 2 years ago by TheseTruths

Since I’m not an author, I have never written an article and don’t know how to do that. I signed in on the WP site. The only site I have listed there is this one (QTree), so I clicked on “Add New Site.” It started going through a process of choices, complete with fonts and graphics, and then a decision about how I wanted to pay (with maybe the first year being free; not sure). Is all of that required? Is adding a new site of my own necessary for me to be able to make my own posts?

SteveInCO · Thermonuclear MAGA

It’s walking you through the process of creating your own site. Unless you want to do that…stop.


Wish it was bit shute instead of rumble. Cannot play rumble video.


I should point out that rumble wants to run scripts from:

and lijit.com

The latter is an ad network that is frequently cited as malware (do a search on it and most of what comes up is malware removal tips).

In addition, should you actually want to play one of their videos, it will call the video forth from something like [video src="https://sp.rmbl.ws/s8/2/_/d/6/v/_d6vb.caa.1.mp4" /]

This looks like something I’ll need a “browser in a box” to play (Docker container or VM).


Interesting — wp turned that last into a video I could see and play.

Here’s what I used — htt ps://sp.rmbl. ws/s8/2/_/d/6/ v/_d6vb.caa.1. mp4


And I didn’t even have to allow scripts from rumble.com…..

Although it throws up a NoScript block on the box and says “MEDIA: stuff“, I can then click on the box and tell NoScript that it’s ok, and it’s a playable video.

<Note — the MP4 format is a “container format”, like PDF or MKV, and can have sound, video, fonts, still pictures, titles, SAP, CC, scripts, and other things inside. That’s why NoScript throws up the warning.>


Zoe, could you play the video I put in my previous comment with “lijit.com”?


Thank you very much, Wolf, for the instructions. Have duly bookmarked.

SteveInCO · Thermonuclear MAGA

My one attempt to play a rumble video simply hanged.

It was interesting, though, to see the times at the right hand side of the progress bar, to wit: NaN:Nan

(Now that there are two colons in the text of this post, that damn emoticon selector that pops up when you type a colon will probably dog me and cover what I’m typing.)

For those not aware, NaN stands for “not a number” and modern computers will type that out when someone divided a positive number by zero and tries to print the result (a much better result than core dumping).

Valerie Curren

You’re reminding me of a hiccup in genealogy when copying items from databases or some genealogy programs. Sometimes you’ll find an individual whose last name is unknown. Some programs indicate this as LNU. Well many genealogists will CAPITALIZE a surname to distinguish it from a given/Christian name so David JAMES & DAVID James would be 2 different names & the second way presumably omitted the comma between the surname & given name…

Anyway some people then assume that LNU is some very foreign last name spelling instead of an abbreviation for Last Name Unknown. That will lead researchers in a very wrong direction, that is unless the Unknown Last Name would turn out to actually BE LNU!

SteveInCO · Thermonuclear MAGA

And there’s NMI (No middle initial.)


Wow. Thanks for this tutorial, boss!

This is excellent.
 😀  👏 
Thank you so much!


Yes! I’ve been trying to stay away from evil GoogTube.

Having trouble again with ‘Save Draft’ in creating a new thread post.
I stumbled upon a workaround last time…and now I can’t remember what I did.
 🙄  😖 


Okay, I’ll try that.


Last time I tried, it wouldn’t let me in.


Sorry, boss. 😕 


Yeah, I keep getting a red popup bar across the top that says “Updating failed”.

And the “Saving” thing in the upper right toolbar is pulsating…like it is trying to work.


That’s the problem, though…

I can’t “Save all that” in a new post on this site.


Sorry this is happening.

It will take me awhile because I just got started composing and rounding up stuff.


Cool…yeah, I see that.


I can edit but I still get the “Updating failed” red bar…and the “Saving” feature is pulsating.


Gonna try one more thing…if that doesn’t work, then I will do the PMTW solution.


I tried going back to an old post, copied it, started making changes…
Still getting the red bar with “Updating failed”.


Nope…not so far.

I can make changes but they don’t Save.


Will do.

I will still try to figure out what I did last time.
But if nothing works…then I’ll do the PMTW post.


You’re right, this is a pain in the butt.
One big-ass comment coming up.


Thank you so much, boss!

SteveInCO · Thermonuclear MAGA

Yikes, I wonder if that will bung up my titles where I use the centered dot as a year/month/date separator.

I get into states where it won’t save, but usually, if I just reload it will then tell me there’s a newer version than the one I’ve saved and I can just accept it and proceed. On Friday, though, I wanted to make changes to the opening text. All that I just described did happen, but some of my work had not been saved even to the alternate version…fortunately before reloading I had done a quick copy-paste to Mousepad (the Linux answer to “notepad”).


I can use the old ‘Write’ format on the old site…and it works perfectly.
‘Save Draft’ is working like it should.

Problem is, I don’t know if it will post Here on the new site.
Also…it still has the previous credo line that overlays in the header, the one about “deep knowledge of the number 17”.


It’s not what I did last time, as a workaround, no.

But I’m not sure I understand what your referring to, sorry.


No, that’s not what I did.

Just now, I used an old saved link to the Edit function on the old site.
Opened up a new thread post.