Dear KAG: 20210303 Open Thread


Hopium is in the midst of being censored by YouTube, it seems. Videos from a number of channels where the epicenter of hopium is interviewed and featured have been taken offline. There are two specific people targeted: the epicenter of hopium and one Robert David Steele, specifically.

Why would hopium be censored by the other side if it didn’t pose a danger?

This is the point of today’s non-hopium message: perseverance.

In searching for more hopium to at least stay caught up on what is reported to be happening even if it might well be disinformation, this story of perseverance and triumph popped into a feed. Yes, it’s fifty minutes long, but it’s the story of one man not giving up, and now being on the front lines of this fight. (Hopefully, this one stays up. It’s also on BitChute, I understand.)

What is most interesting about this man’s story, is put it with so many others, and the concept of “grass roots” really begins to show through. Yes, President Donald Trump is our movement’s ultimate leader, but he didn’t direct this man’s actions. Nor did he direct Robert David Steele’s or any of the other video channels and websites out on the internet holding the line.

Each of us has a story about perserverance, and what it took to overcome obstacles that seemed impossible as we were going though it. Some of our participants post about them at length, and no two are alike.

That’s what makes MAGA truly American.

The movement is diverse in nature from top to bottom, just as the nation itself is, and that is our strength. No two channels or forums or websites are alike. Each is inhabited by different sorts of people all with the same goal: take this nation back to its roots whether the deep state and the swamp likes it or not.

Different projects spearheaded by the people – not the government, and certainly not the ruling class – are in progress to further wake up those who are still stuck in the mainstream media echo chambers and have no idea they are being fed misinformation.

That the people invested in hopium are active and financing these efforts off the beaten path…that deserves some consideration for respect.

At least this writer thinks so.

Everyone here, though, will draw their own conclusions.

Now…here’s another great American movie theme about a situation (bounty hunters going after a mob accountant who skipped out on his bail bondsman) that can only happen here.

And now for the obligatory message from our sponsors:

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Thank you so much for any and all attention to such details. It is GREATLY appreciated by more than one party here.

One other vital note:

Please, review these rules that our host Wolfm00n outlined toward the beginning of the growth of the tree itself. it won’t take long.


Psalm 30/31

[2] In thee, O Lord, have I hoped, let me never be confounded: deliver me in thy justice. [3] Bow down thy ear to me: make haste to deliver me. Be thou unto me a God, a protector, and a house of refuge, to save me. [4] For thou art my strength and my refuge; and for thy name’s sake thou wilt lead me, and nourish me. [5] Thou wilt bring me out of this snare, which they have hidden for me: for thou art my protector.

[6] Into thy hands I commend my spirit: thou hast redeemed me, O Lord, the God of truth. [7] Thou hast hated them that regard vanities, to no purpose. But I have hoped in the Lord: [8] I will be glad and rejoice in thy mercy. For thou hast regarded my humility, thou hast saved my soul out of distresses. [9] And thou hast not shut me up in the hands of the enemy: thou hast set my feet in a spacious place. [10] Have mercy on me, O Lord, for I am afflicted: my eye is troubled with wrath, my soul, and my belly:

[11] For my life is wasted with grief: and my years in sighs. My strength is weakened through poverty and my bones are disturbed. [12] I am become a reproach among all my enemies, and very much to my neighbours; and a fear to my acquaintance. They that saw me without fled from me. [13] I am forgotten as one dead from the heart. I am become as a vessel that is destroyed. [14] For I have heard the blame of many that dwell round about. While they assembled together against me, they consulted to take away my life. [15] But I have put my trust in thee, O Lord: I said: Thou art my God.

[16] My lots are in thy hands. Deliver me out of the hands of my enemies; and from them that persecute me. [17] Make thy face to shine upon thy servant; save me in thy mercy. [18] Let me not be confounded, O Lord, for I have called upon thee. Let the wicked be ashamed, and be brought down to hell. [19] Let deceitful lips be made dumb. Which speak iniquity against the just, with pride and abuse. [20] O how great is the multitude of thy sweetness, O Lord, which thou hast hidden for them that fear thee! Which thou hast wrought for them that hope in thee, in the sight of the sons of men.

As always, prayers for the fight against that which seeks to enslave us are welcome.

Please include: President Donald Trump, the Q team, our soldiers in the field, special forces, tactical units, first responders and those working behind the scenes…and any and all people with family members in the hospital, COVID or not.

Anyone else getting tired of all the racism crap?

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Because theyre evil democrat “progressives”. Progress on marching evil 😈 is all they want

Wolf Moon



— when your reading comprehension is limited to 140 characters at a time, I guess Dr., Suess is a major novel for you.



Blood on the floor from that one.




Concerned Virginian

Not surprising, since likely Wray, along with 90% of both houses of Congress, are DemCommunist controlled assets / members of the DeepState and the Soros-Clinton Axis.
Also, not surprising that the DemCommunist House wants to give themselves a hefty raise.


Agree CV, not surprising


Apparently he was, according to a Twitter user who now has a suspended account:


Found on Gab:
comment image

And…𝕁𝕠𝕖 𝔹𝕚𝕕𝕖𝕟 𝕕𝕚𝕕𝕟’𝕥 𝕨𝕚𝕟.


SSGQ Channel, [03.03.21 09:29]
As Cuomo’s Troubles Mount, US Representatives Consider a Run to Replace Him


3.3.21: DISASTER coming to the DS! God WINS! Pray!
And We Know Published  March 3, 2021


I’m glad to see South Carolina adding the firing squad to their methods of executing scumbags.

I wish we could expand capital punishment to include pedos and child traffickers.

This is a video that Avicii made on the subject.
It shows vigilante justice being deployed against elitist pedos and child traffickers.

Avicii was suicided after he made this video:


Have no idea about the back story of suicide but I wouldn’t call that a video. It is a high-quality professionally made motion picture. The production values are top notch and the editing is near perfect. It appears to have come out of a movie as a clip or a trailer.


Avicii was the singer. It was a high-quality music video. I love Avicii.


Posted by Ben on Gab this morning:

Ben Garrison Cartoons


19 states have officially ended the tyranny of mask mandates including Texas, Montana, North and South Dakota and more. Who will be next to wake up from the year long plandemic nightmare? throwback Ben Garrison cartoon
comment image


Nice 1984 allusion.




At the 16:20 mark:

“In 2002, there was the recognition that the Coronavirus was seen as an exploitable mechanism for both good and ill.
On April the 25th, 2003, the US Center for Disease Control filed a patent on the Coronavirus transmitted to humans.”

“Nature is prohibited from being patented. Either SARS/Coronavirus was manufactured…therefore making a patent on it legal…or it was natural, therefore making a patent on it illegal.”

“If it was manufactured, it was a violation of Biological and Chemical Weapons Treaties and Laws.
If it was natural, filing a patent on it was illegal.”
In either outcome…both are illegal.”





#FoxNews #Tucker
Tucker: The memory of Dr. Seuss matters more than ever


Ty. That was good.


Potato’s Are Vegetables


ACLJ Files at SCOTUS to Combat “Cancel Culture”


Good discussion about the Nominee for DHH – Bessara (SP ?) – he is definitely scary – and they believe the vote is very close to 50-50!!!


KavaNOT and ComeyBACKSTABBER fully support cancel culture.

Dear Leader Roberts told them so.


Well well well. More on the Dr. Seuss non-sense.

Psaki’s Revelation as to Who Actually Wrote Biden Proclamation Speaks Volumes
By Nick Arama | Mar 03, 2021 7:00 AM ET

On Tuesday, Joe Biden issued a proclamation for Read Across America day.

. . . Jen Psaki was asked why Biden didn’t mention Dr. Seuss in the proclamation for the event and her response was troubling on a couple of levels.

From NY Post:

“First, the proclamation was written by the Department of Education, and you can certainly speak to them about more specifics about the drafting of it,” Psaki began. [….]

“I think it is important that children of all backgrounds see themselves in the children’s books that they read, but I would point you to the Department of Education for any more details on the writing of the proclamation,” she continued. [….]

“And as we celebrate the love of reading and uplift diverse and representative authors, it’s especially important that we ensure all children can see themselves represented and celebrated in the books that they read,” Psaki added.

That, of course, really didn’t answer the question as this WaPo reporter observed.

. . . Notice how she tried to deflect any criticism of the proclamation leaving out Seuss by saying it was written by the Department of Education. But it was written in the first person and signed by Joseph R. Biden. So is she saying he’s not the one writing official proclamations with his name on them, written in the first person? Really. Tell us more about this. Now, yes, we get that he has speechwriters and such. But isn’t he responsible for things which he, in fact, signs? Or are you saying he has no idea/connection to the things he’s issuing or that have his name on them? Because that’s surely what she was implying in her response. That would be a big problem. Is that what you’re really saying, Jen Psaki? And do reporters really find that a satisfactory answer to that question?


I’m confidence she’s planning to circle back with us on that.


Notice how WaPo is starting the narrative in a low key way that Joe Biden has dementia, something that we’ve all known for years. Pretty soon the compromised media will be demanding that the 25th amendment be used and Harris be elevated. Who didn’t know this was coming.

Last edited 1 month ago by holly

She’s a real doctor, too.



I wonder if the books “The Little Engine That Could ” and The little Red Hen” will be next?


I’m sure the “little Red Jen” would love to see the latter disappear.


Possibly, but Dr Seuss stories were not even close to that league in literary terms for children’s books.


Correct. I am re-collecting such literature for my grandchildren as fast as I can.

Dr. Seuss was entertaining in a donut kind of way. The good lit is a French omelet. 😁


What an excellent analogy! 🙂


The rhyming was good for kids learning.
My kids benefited from it and learned to read with his books until they were about 4-5. After that they were into other books. Dr Seuss books were not the only books my kids enjoyed. My kids all tested high in literary comprehension . My philosophy is that if a kid can read and comprehend they can do anything they want too and achieve.


I was beyond that reading comprehension by the age of four. I could read and comprehend short paragraphs longer than one sentence.

Even now, Dr Seuss books contributed to the nation’s dumbing down.

This is not a criticism of you or your children. I remember how hard those books were pushed in book shops. None of the other ones were.

At the time, my mother wondered why.

Since then, so do I.


I am sorry for your nephew’s situation but glad to read that he was able to remedy it with help.


Just shows everyone is different. They worked for my kids as toddlers.
One of my kid is a medical doctor, One scientist , Physical Chemist and all were and are high achievers.
Of course they read all kinds of books and always were several grates ahead.
They were just as gifted in math and music.
Not everything works for everyone and that is a good thing.



All of us are different: God’s ingenuity at work. 🙂


So when Jen Psaki circles back, is that like circling the drain? Could someone just push flush and be done with her?




Reminds me of the metaphor of the “turd that won’t flush down” . . .


Only when circling the drain for the turd time. First two times, no.


As has been pointed out, the Texas Power Grid is NOT “deregulated” in the sense most conservatives mean.

“Deregulated” means something different in the context of the 1990s debates over Texas policy toward public utilities – namely, Texas Utilities (TU).

The Society of Petroleum Engineers video goes further and described the Texas grid as “Soviet style collectivism” which is much closer to the truth.

There continues to be a lack of serious MCM discussion about the irresponsiblity, finger-pointing, cronyism, and lack of accountability by ERCOT, the Texas PUC, and ultimately multiple Governors and the Texas Legislature.

What’s really wrong with the Texas Power Grid? The Texas legislature is corrupt, and until that is resolved reforms will be impossible.

All of this said, Texas has a remarkably reliably power grid when it takes a major weather event to expose its deficiencies, but is able to recover very quickly as conditions return to normal.

Some people said “The grid was within four minutes of catastrophic failure” – the SPE video pointed out while this is technically correct, it misrepresents the way grid safeguards function, as the entire grid is always only minutes away from a catastrophic situation when such a massive load shift occurs.

This is a very good discussion comparing the management approaches of the California grid (part of the Western U.S. grid) and the Texas grid (independent).

A California-style regulated grid, at best, would not have performed as well as the Texas deregulated grid. (And, as we all know, likely would have performed far worse.)

The Case for the Deregulated Texas Power Grid
Jack Nicastro – March 3, 2021

After the widespread power outages in Texas, reputable publications – the New York TimesWall Street Journal and USA Today – blamed deregulation for the electrical grid’s failure. 

What’s the alternative to deregulation? 

California, in stark contrast to Texas’s system, instituted a public-private monopoly of the electric grid with the California Independent System Operator (CAISO) following blackouts and attempts to deregulate in the late 1990s. 

High temperatures and increased demand in the early 2000s led to controlled, rolling blackouts under California’s deregulated grid. The same occurred as recently as the summer of 2020 with California’s state-run grid, as the New York Times acknowledges: “Poor Planning Left California Short of Electricity in a Heat Wave.
Still, writers at the Times insist that “…Texas’ Drive for Energy Independence Set It Up for Disaster.” 

. . . MORE . . .


The ‘Experts’ Have Finally Come For Dr. Seuss, For Our Childhoods And For Our Children — But We Know Their Secret
Every day in America, panels of experts are hurting people, erasing traditions, writing rules, rewriting history, and burning the leftovers. On Monday, they came for Dr. Seuss — and with him, all of us.

. . . Dr. Seuss seemed like a mythical figure when I was a child, but he was a real man named Theodor Seuss Geisel, born on March 2, 1904, in Springfield, Massachusetts. He was a real man who felt real rejection, even walking home to burn his Mulberry Street manuscript after it was rejected by at least 20 different publishers. Generations of Americans would never have read it had a college friend not interceded and saved his story from destruction. Now the next generation won’t read it either.

Every day in America, panels of experts are hurting people, ending careers, ruining lives, erasing traditions, writing rules, rewriting history, and burning the leftovers. On Monday, they didn’t come for a stranger on the TV or a scholar in some distant academy, they came for all of us. They came for our childhood memories and for our children, born and unborn. They came for Dr. Seuss.

Remember that next time they claim some moral authority over you. Remember the happy bits of your childhood when you look at them. Know them for exactly who they are. And pity them, these experts so lacking in the happiness of innocent imagination. You know their secret, but they know nothing of the joys you hold in your heart. Teach your children who these experts are, and why they’re sad. But most importantly of all, teach them of your joys — and share with them those things that can never be taken.


michael, thanks for posting this.
Toward the end of this article, the writer says, “…they came for us.”
For years now, there has been a b&w meme floating around, with a seated Donald Trump…The wording is along the line of, “They don’t hate me, they hate you. I’m just in the way.”
Katy bar the door; at least for now, he’s no longer in the way.


The United States Capitol Police Department is aware of and prepared for any potential threats towards members of Congress or towards the Capitol complex. We have obtained intelligence that shows a possible plot to breach the Capitol by an identified militia group on Thursday, March 4. 

—. And the last name of the source for this threat is Pelosi.


“…breach the capitol…”

They are either paranoid or setting up a FF or ginning up anxiety for effect.


I’ll go with False Front.

I sure as hell ain’t going to help it along. I’ll stay on my side of the big muddy.


A front-page article appeared in the FranceSoir newspaper about findings on the Nakim website regarding what some experts are calling “the high mortality caused by the vaccine.”

The paper interviews Aix-Marseille University Faculty of Medicine Emerging Infectious and Tropical Diseases Unit’s Dr. Hervé Seligmann and engineer Haim Yativ about their research and data analysis.

They claim that Pfizer’s shot causes “mortality hundreds of times greater in young people compared to mortality from coronavirus without the vaccine, and dozens of times more in the elderly, when the documented mortality from coronavirus is in the vicinity of the vaccine dose, thus adding greater mortality from heart attack, stroke, etc.”

Their findings are:

  • There is a mismatch between the data published by the authorities and the reality on the ground.
  • They have three sources of information, besides the emails and adverse event reports they receive through the Internet. These three sources are Israeli news site Ynet, the Israeli Health Ministry database, and the U.S. federal Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) database.
  • In January 2021, there were 3,000 records of vaccine adverse events, including 2,900 for mRNA vaccines.
  • Compared to other years, mortality is 40 times higher.

‘Vial Of Death’: Louis Farrakhan Pushes Vaccine Conspiracy Theories In Videos Posted On Facebook, Twitter

—- really really bad day when I find myself agreeing with this guano life form


Same. Strange times indeed.

On the other hand, I find that similar messages coming from different “messengers”, per se, is effective in getting the general word out. Can’t chalk it up to “right-wing propaganda” that easily (though that does not stop that side from trying anyway).


Good point. Very good point.

Wolf Moon

Medical experimentation on Jews – NOT OK when done by NATIONAL SOCIALISTS, but APPARENTLY OK when done by INTERNATIONAL SOCIALISTS.

Wolf Moon



We The People …Gaining 2021@graymaze
Finally, even though a bullet would be cheaper!
comment image


The bullet is to humane for child sex offenders and traffickers..


Put them in with the general population and the term will be short, even if for life.


— sure. Much more believable and acceptable than nikki haley.

The lineup of the Conservative Political Action Conference this week includes political heavyweights like former President Donald Trump…It also includes the political head of a Japanese religious cult that promotes nationalism, xenophobia and the belief that its leader is the reincarnation of an alien from Venus who created life on earth millions of years ago.

Aeba is no stranger to CPAC. In fact, 2021 marks the tenth anniversary of his first visit to the Republican lovefest.

His speaker bio on the CPAC website notes that Aeba is the chairman of the Japanese Conservative Union (JCU), a right-wing political organization, and that he helped found CPAC Japan, which has been running for the last four years in Tokyo.  

What isn’t mentioned is the central role Aeba plays in a Japanese cult called Happy Science, whose leader believes he is the Messiah and sells “miracle cures” for COVID-19.
Happy Science is a Japanese cult run by a man who claims to be the incarnation of multiple Gods while pretending to channel the psychic spirits of anyone from Quetzalcoatl to Bashar al-Assad to Natalie Portman,” Sarah Hightower, a researcher and expert on Japanese cults, told VICE News.


The Left Wants to Cancel Dr. Seuss, But Push Drag Queen Story Hour on Your Kids

. . . these same leftists who called for the cancellation of Dr. Seuss are the same lunatics that want to push transgender ideology and queer theory onto 3-year-olds. Libraries, public schools, and even churches have been hosting a twisted event called Drag Queen Story Hour where parents and teachers will take their children and hand them over to sex perverts for an hour to be groomed and indoctrinated into queer ideology.

Wolf Moon

There is NO WAY this crap won the election.


They didn’t talk about it!

Remember the debates – Biden wouldn’t answer questions about fracking.



Everything’s fine now. Andy’s sorry.

“I feel awful about it and frankly I am embarrassed by it and that’s not easy to say –but that’s the truth.”

“It was unintentional and I truly and deeply apologize for it,” he said as his voice choked up.

Last edited 1 month ago by holly

It’s hard to say “I’m sorry”
It’s harder to say “I’m wrong”

But it’s easier to say it was “misconduct” than “killing granny”.

Cuomo addresses misconduct allegations, says won’t resign, ‘never touched anyone inappropriately’“I now understand that I acted in a way that made people feel uncomfortable,” Cuomo said.


He doesn’t get it. He’s being removed.


Look Mr. Titbars no one who is sane is feeling any sympathy for your sorry pedo ass.



new one for me…


comment image


Cuomo was probably just lactating after hormone therapy. Those are probably gauze bandages. For the seepage.

Or it’s his manssiere.

I think Kramer called it a ‘Bro’.


Lol. 😆🤣


Top N.Y. Republican calls for Gov. Cuomo to resign, ‘Does not have moral ability’ to lead the state
Cuomo has not apologized for his role in COVID-19 deaths in nursing homes.


VA gov and Lt. gov haven’t resigned.

he won’t.


How Many People Does Cuomo Have to Kill and Sexually Harass Before He’s Finally Banished?
MARCH 3, 2021

Anyone who thinks that Democratic New York Governor, Mafioso Leader and Emmy-award-winning Andrew Cuomo will face any consequences for killing elderly people in nursing homes or sexually harassing female government workers, please raise your hand.

I’m sure if this was a Zoom meeting, I would see no hands being raised.

Democrats are rarely held accountable for any of their corrupt and vile actions and almost never end up paying for their crimes in prison.


Nolte: Media’s MeTooing of Andrew Cuomo Is Really About Protecting Four Democrat Governors
JOHN NOLTE 2 Mar 2021
comment image

In a just world not plagued by a fake and corrupt media, Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D-NY) would be on the edge of resigning his office today, not over a handful of times he allegedly got aggressive with women, but over his sociopathic executive order that required nursing homes to accept patients still infected with the coronavirus.

That, after all, is the real scandal here, the true scandal, an act so monstrous Cuomo knew he had to cover it up, which he did by falsely blaming the order on the Trump administration and then lying about just how many seniors died as a result.
But instead of being pressured to resign over that, he’s being hit with perfectly-timed allegations of sexual misconduct, two involving former staffers, one involving a complete stranger he met at a wedding.

As these things go, while his alleged behavior is inappropriate (especially in the workplace), it’s nothing compared to the credible allegations against His Fraudulency Joe Biden, which involve a full-blown sexual assault allegation. Biden got away with much, much worse, so…

So what’s going on? Why is America’s corrupt media not at all interested in some 15,000 dead senior citizens while they tar and feather Cuomo over the allegations he made three left-wing women uncomfortable?

The answer is obvious…

Four other Democrat governors issued the same sociopathic nursing home order as Cuomo. Four other Democrats ordered infected coronavirus patients be admitted into nursing home facilities where 1) the most vulnerable live, and 2) they’re not set up to handle an infectious virus.

. . . Democrats must be protected at all costs, even if the cost is thousands and thousands of lives.

Here’s the rundown from my colleague Wendell Husebo:

Gov. Gretchen Whitmer (D-MI) issued an order that a long-term care facility “must not prohibit admission or readmission of a resident based on COVID-19 [coronavirus] testing requirements or results.” The policy was renewed three times before being rescinded in July 2020.

Gov. Gavin Newsom’s (D-CA) administration ordered on April 10, 2020, that “patients hospitalized, or receiving treatment at an alternate care site, with COVID-19 can be discharged to a [skilled nursing facility] when clinically indicated.”

Gov. Phil Murphy (D-NJ) approved a directive from state Health Commissioner Judith Persichilli that said no patient could be denied admission or readmission to a nursing home “solely based on a confirmed diagnosis of COVID-19.” …

Gov. Tom Wolf (D-PA) enacted a mandatory admission policy in March, saying “nursing care facilities must continue to accept new admissions and receive readmissions for current residents who have been discharged from the hospital who are stable.”

Wolf Moon

THIS is how to bring down those terrible murderous swing state Demoncrats!!!


Yeah they’re hoping to use the “MeToo” angle to get ahead of the REAL SCANDAL. . .

You can smell the desperation in the air.


ANYONE who lives in one of those states, who lost a loved one in a nursing home to covid should SUE NOW.

It’s time to take these bastards OUT!

Wolf Moon



What in the world is going on with Whitmer’s face?

Like she pulled a Mission: Impossible latex mask over the head of a Gargoyle.


Gavin thinks his hair is prettier than Gretchen’s.

Gretchen is secretly worried that he’s right.


Cuomo Lawyers Up: Hires Criminal Defense Attorney Who Represented Harvey Weinstein
New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has hired Elkan Abramowitz, a high-profile defense lawyer Harvey Weinstein and Woody Allen.
MARCH 3, 2021

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has hired Elkan Abramowitz, a high-profile defense lawyer who has represented such clients as Harvey Weinstein and Woody Allen.

Abramowitz confirmed to the Wall Street Journal that he is representing the Executive Chamber in matters pertaining to a Justice Department inquiry of an explosive nursing home scandal.

The Democrat is being investigated on multiple fronts by Attorney General Letitia James.

Cuomo issued an executive order last March forcing nursing homes to take on patients that had tested positive for coronavirus. He didn’t rescind the order for weeks.

When the Justice Department initially inquired, the Cuomo administration intentionally stalled and hid data on nursing home deaths and how they related to his order.

Secretary to the Governor, Melissa DeRosa, admitted in a conference call that the administration hid information on COVID nursing home deaths from federal investigators.

James, a Democrat, got the nursing home cover-up scandal off and running with the mainstream media, despite it being common knowledge on these pages.

She accused Cuomo and his administration, particularly officials at the State Health Department, of undercounting COVID deaths at nursing homes by as much as 50%.

Cuomo Hires Lawyer Who Defended Harvey Weinstein
The selection of Elkan Abramowitz as defense lawyer may raise eyebrows based on the fact that Governor Cuomo is also being investigated for multiple claims of sexual harassment.

Abramowitz, though, has not been retained for that reason.

Lindsey Boylan, a former Cuomo aide, claims that Cuomo forcibly kissed her on the lips and suggested “let’s play strip poker.”

The New York Times followed those allegations with a report that a second aide, Charlotte Bennett, had been asked by the governor if she “had ever been with an older man.”

Anna Ruch, the New York Times reports, met Cuomo at a wedding reception where he reportedly placed his hand on her bare lower back and then purportedly “placed his hands on her cheeks” and “asked if he could kiss her.”

Cuomo issued a statement suggesting the governor simply felt he was “being playful” and that he was “joking,” something even New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio (D) wasn’t buying.

“Sexual harassment is not funny,” railed de Blasio. “Who the hell tries to explain that by saying I was just joking around?”

. . . MORE . . .


If Cuomo Goes Down, So Should Whitmer, Newsom, Murphy, and Wolf
5 Democrat governors should face involuntary manslaughter charges.
Wed Mar 3, 2021 Daniel Greenfield
comment image

Governor Cuomo of New York is having a bad month, but it’s not because the Democrats and the media finally noticed that his order forcing nursing homes to accept infected coronavirus patients may have killed thousands of senior citizens: it’s because he’s up for reelection in 2022.

With Biden in the White House, the Democrats no longer need a model pandemic governor, and the AOC wing of the party in New York is preparing to primary him with an unfiltered socialist.

That’s why the Cuomo scandal has shifted from the trivial matter of 8,000 to 13,000 dead nursing home residents to the much more serious contention that the Cuomosexual-in-Chief may have once kissed a former aide: a Bernie Sanders supporter named Lindsey Boylan.

Democrats don’t know what to do with thousands of dead nursing home residents, but they’re pretty experienced at monetizing #MeToo scandals.

. . . But to paraphrase Stalin, an unwanted kiss is a tragedy, but thousands of dead grandmas and grandpas are just another statistic.

And it’s a statistic that has the potential to not only take down Cuomo, but Governor Whitmer in Michigan, Governor Murphy in New Jersey, Governor Newsom in California, and Governor Wolf in Pennsylvania. That’s why, after briefly allowing the public to vent a little outrage at the decision to turn nursing homes into death camps, Dems and the media pivoted to Lindsey’s lips.

While Cuomo, Whitmer, Murphy, Newsom, and Wolf all ordered nursing homes to take infected patients, only Cuomo, presumably, had made unwanted advances on Lindsey Boylan. And, much more importantly, the Sanders and AOC crowd is only targeting Cuomo, not the others.

There’s every reason to believe that Cuomo is a bully and a creep. But the sudden parade of Cuomo victims is being led by the same radical wing that wants to primary him. . .

. . . The Democrats and their media want to swap out Cuomo, in what they think is a safe seat, with someone more radical who can go all the way with their agenda. While they were willing to allow a little venting over nursing home deaths, they want to change the conversation to #MeToo.

And since Dr. Rick probably didn’t smooch Lindsey, it is a safer scandal for the Democrats.

But thousands of dead nursing home residents deserve better than to be pumped and dumped in a lefty scheme to replace Cuomo with a Bernie Sanders crony. Governor Cuomo deserves to go down for a whole lot more than an unwanted kiss. And he shouldn’t go down alone.

Cuomo’s decision to force nursing homes to accept coronavirus patients was not the isolated action of one politician, but a pattern of behavior by Democrat governors in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and California, who focused on clearing hospitals at all costs, while showing no regard for the most vulnerable people in their states. The governors who issued these orders tended to have ties to the hospital lobby which also led to slower vaccine rollouts.

35,000 to 40,000 nursing home deaths in these four states is not a “scandal”: it’s a crime.

And not just any crime, but the single worst crime by any American elected official.

. . . MORE . . .


Sorry he got caught. Guys like Cuomo think they are entitled to behave like that, they don’t expect the women to say anything because of their powerful positions, and they are humiliated when the truth comes to light. Hence the tears and the “I didn’t intend it.” Really scummy behavior, and he knew it all along but decided to do it anyway, no matter how uncomfortable the women felt.


Thinking with the wrong head…


these people are too stupid.

House NOW debating Rep. Pressley (D-MA) amdt to HR 1 to lower the federal voting age from 18 to 16 years old.

— Craig Caplan (@CraigCaplan) March 3, 2021


They want to bus students to the polls from local high schools – after they have been indoctrinated.

OR they want to collect their ballots AT the local high schools.

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comment image

Wolf Moon



It’s so amazing that so many people know nothing about history and symbolism.


Unless one is interested in military history why bother? I could not tell you what different military uniforms and their symbols represent.
I know two German because was taught in school Iron Cross and Swastika.

Wolf Moon



You nailed it. 😄

Wolf Moon

Thanks.  😎 

*leans back in swivel chair in 1940’s office with fedora, snub-nosed revolver in side-holster, rolled-up sleeves, and cigarette dangling*

Movie title, lost in obscurity:

It Takes A Chump” Alternately – “It Takes a Cad 😉 


One does not always see evil. A mentor told me “one needs to get to know once shadow and explore to understand evil.” If one does not think the way the left does one does not get how evil they are. One really has to immerse one self into their thinking and not get lost and become one of them.

Wolf Moon

Yup! I find that digging into my own sins has been a rich source of understanding the nature of sin – and if I’m honest, it’s THE BEST SOURCE.

“Go, and sin no more.” are 5 of the richest words in the English language, and one of the shortest imperatives for life ever given.


I took an immersion week where one goes
as far back as one remembers. One writes down from when one remembers all the way back to today. It was astounding what I all discovered that I did not think of sin. Facing honestly one self see it written and come clean before God is an experience. We burned the pages..

I think though the stage at CPAC has risen to another level of deviance.


I did not know what that symbol was. Why would anyone know this who is not into military stuff? Yes we all know what a swastika is and what it looks like. We were all taught that but not this symbol in question..


We just do not think so devious that a left group could do this or any design group.
What I am now aware off is the generation after us seems deviant specially if they are in democrat orbit. They are willing to lay down their reputation their business ethics for their ideology. They are militant ideologues.

Last edited 1 month ago by singingsoul1

Sing,I had no idea watching CPAC speakers they were all standing on a giant swastika, the speakers probably didn’t either..or maybe they did.. guess is whoever designed the stage layout , had plans to use the event footage and speakers later in a cut and splice voice-over campaign add against political foes during 2022 ,20-24 elections..evil


A swastika would have been too obvious. This was some weird variant of a rune that some Nazis used.


I did not even think about that ! All makes sense.


Yes they did. Claiming ignorance after it was pointed out by libs when no one except them cared to begin wih. Very much a set up. Why are conservatives so stupid after seeing for 5 years what the looney left will sink to?


Normalcy bias, for one thing.


Election Integrity Is a National ImperativeMike Pence @Mike_Pence / March 03, 2021

– suddenly pence cares about election integrity….

Wolf Moon



From Lady Penquin @ Marica’s Place – (bold mine)

“Pence….made it clear that the challenges to the Electoral Vote situation were unable to be dealt with because of the events of Jan 6th. Setting feelings aside about Pence, think about this.
Pelosi set up the chaos of Jan 6th so that the challenges could not be heard. Pence is actually stating they were NOT heard. Nor was there a quorum as required. Pelosi dismissed many members. This may come back to be dealt with later – or not.”

Link –



I noticed when he gave his speech. Good.


I guess Trump speaking at CPAC gave him a wake up call. He had a chance 4 years ago to fix election when he lead a group and he failed.


Very good point.

However – the ILLEGAL last minute changes in election procedures ‘due to the virus’ were a major factor in the STEAL.

Also – the actions of election officials were another factor – stopping the count, sneaking in truckloads of ballots, keeping poll observers away, throwing away Trump ballots, and many more dishonest actions.

There should be National Guard – and other Law Enforcement Agencies – involved in elections – protecting the integrity of the count – guarding the ballots – watching every minute!.

Last edited 1 month ago by GA/FL

We need to watch the last minute changes and be aware other shenanigans the left cooks up for the next election.
2022 will be bloody figuratively speaking because the left has much to loose.


IT WAS PENCE who presided over the fraudulent elector certification.

I’m not letting him off the hook.




Linda Harrison

And Pence’s letter stating he wouldn’t turn back the electors was already written before the 1/6 riots began.


Wow !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I ask myself, “Would I have someone like him as a friend?”

Uh, nope.


Scott on Abbott’s mask mandate:

Either the governor is the highest authority in the State of Texas, or the TSBDE is.

So which is it?

Our country is so &^$%ed up, nobody even knows who is in charge, for TWO simple reasons:

1) the Left subverts everything and ignores the law


2) the lawful Authority does NOTHING to stop the Left, which encourages and rewards their lawless chaos

BOTH sides deserve to be beaten into paste.

My response:

Abbott dropped the statewide mask mandate.

That does not affect county or municipal mandates.

That does not affect professional organizations (guild systems) like dentists, teachers, pharmacists, health care workers.

That does not affect colleges and universities and their policies.

That does not affect school district policies.

That does not affect churches, denominations, or other religious institutions’ policies.

That does not affect the policies of businesses.

That does not affect the policies of large retail chain stores.

That does not affect the policies of local businesses, including bars and restaurants.

In short, all it does is take the pressure off Abbott. Meanwhile the Karen Army is still hard at work protecting you from yourself.


This is the problem across the Country, and it is the fault of the DIM Governors and the MEDIA!

These little fiefdoms seized the power and now that for over a year no one has stood up to them… they ain’t givin’ it up!

Experiencing it here in my little part of the world where the Gov NEVER mandated a mask, but the City did…


Abbott = R.I.N.O. … just sayin’ … 😉


Camel day!!!

And Joe Biden didn’t win day as well!


Yes, but EVERY day is Joe Biden didn’t win day!


Yeah. It simultaneously makes me hesitant to mention it in the same post…and very much impelled to do so.


This is more people than currently live on planet earth, so this is particularly devastating to Texas.

Estimated 9 Billion Already Dead From Texas Mask Mandate Reversal
March 3rd, 2021
comment image

WORLD—We were warned. Only one day after Texas succumbed to neanderthal thinking and reversed the mask mandate, experts reported an estimated 9 billion people around the world have already died as a direct result of this foolish action.

“We estimate there are now negative 1.3 billion people alive,” said one expert solemnly. “We’ve never had a negative number like that before. Shucks– I’m not even alive anymore, come to think of it. Sad.”

Scientists have followed the science very scientifically to determine this catastrophic end to all human life on Earth immediately began after Governor Greg Abbott called his press conference, announcing his plan to literally murder everyone by not making them wear t-shirt fabric on their faces. 

“Too bad, humanity had a good run,” said another expert, who is also dead now. “That’s what we get for electing Republicans. Hopefully, humanity learned its lesson.” 

The expert, who was literally dead from the Texas mask mandate reversal, then joined his friends at the local bar for some beers.




Anyone else see this? It’s Durham actually speaking. 🤔 Is it him?

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Wolf Moon

Well, that’s interesting. Love to know the context of that.

Which could be anything from Deep Fake to…… Real Fake, to….. Real.

Whitey Bulger is MKULTRA. Anything associated with that is so high level that it could be ANYTHING.


No matter what evil he did, he did not be deserve to be beaten to death in prison when he couldn’t even walk.

One of the most disgusting acts of our wonderful govt.


That was strange. I ask myself would a guy like Durham speak like that say this? I do not think so. We all know he is real but what I like to know what is he doing about all the criminals who tied to coup POTUS Trump?


I don’t believe I have ever heard him speak.


Me either he has always been a recluse. Since we saw the other day how they can make people say things even if they do not I wonder if it is spy op total fake ?


Using john wick?

not sure what he’s up to?


No , it’s not Bull Durham. It’s Eric D Kirk.
Search him on you tube if you want to learn more.
Eric D. Kirk
2.41K subscribers


Kirk Productions


I saw an Imdb listing for Kirk that said next to nothing with no photo. And John Wick is an action movie series, right? None of which I’ve seen. So you’re saying the video is a Kirk CGI project? I just put it here as it was odd.


Oh I see now, it is Eric Kirk. No wonder the comments are closed. 😄 Still pretty out there.


And here’s his take on masks. 😂


comment image


comment image


comment image


The Library, [03.03.21 17:34]

The state of Alabama cares about protecting it’s kids.


This has Jeff Sessions’ fingerprints all over it.



Wolf Moon



I am not sure how one could do reparation ?



President Trump’s Save America website lists his political endorsements. Click on News at the top of the page.



Howie Carr covers this nearly every day.

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Don’t say you didn’t warn us?

We voted for the right guy.

He won in a landslide. We couldn’t have done any better on November 3rd.

Then you just left.

WTF is that about?


May this ruling set a precedent and snowball into a whole 2020 election do-over.

Barb Meier

oops, I missed this post and did a repeat. sigh… I will try to keep up better. It seems like a whirl of crimes crawling out of the woodwork.

Wolf Moon

Hell – show this one TEN TIMES!!!



Barb Meier

Then there’s this from a runoff election in Aberdeen Mississippi: Judge Orders Election Do-Over after 78% of Mail-in Ballots Proved Fraudulent — Notary Arrested-

Wolf Moon

This is a SPARK that needs to LIGHT A BRUSHFIRE across America..


It needs to, but he will be dismissed as some hick county judge.


Since Seresto flea and tick collars were introduced in 2012, the EPA has received incident reports of at least 1,698 related pet deaths. Overall, through June 2020, the agency has received more than 75,000 incident reports related to the collars, including nearly 1,000 involving human harm.


I never put flea and tick collar on my pets because my vet told me 20 years ago how harmful they are to them. Just think breathing poison in and it leaves a rash on some pets.


singing, I once had a Vet tell me the way to use a flea collar was to put ab a 1 inch piece of it in your vacuum cleaner bag, for ab a month, and store the remainder in the freezer in a ziplock.
Don’t know exactly how that would work in the new vacuums, but…
The Vet had a client lose their kitty bc of a loose collar that the kitty got in his mouth, caught on the lower jaw/teeth.
After that incident, he always talked to pet owners ab flea prevention.


the flea collar in the vacuum helps kill the fleas that are vacuumed up and also the eggs. The fleas are not killed just vacuuming they can crawl out. I also sprinkle borax on carpet let it sit for 15-20 minutes vacuum. I also was the foor with water and little Dawn in, The Dawn kills fleas.
I seldom have fleas in the house but if it happens I take of it right away before it become a problem. I never have to resort to toxins.


singing…poisons are entirely unnecessary, yep.
I never used the vacuum trick, but it IS a good way to illustrate the collars NOT going on pets!


How to Delete Facebook Account

How to Delete your Twitter account Permanently! (Quick & Easy)

How to Delete TikTok Account (2021)

Barb Meier

Is one thing connected to another in some way? GWP reports on Monday 3/1/2021 that “Biden allows 60 minutes to release military imagery.”

48 hours later GWP reports: “One US Contractor Dies After at Least 10 Rockets Hit Air Base Housing US Troops in Iraq: Pentagon”

Last edited 1 month ago by Barb Meier

Biden essentially leaked US intel to Iran!!!



Need to ask that shit head general if he feels guilty.


Biden slashes stimulus checks for Americans making more than $80,000: President bows to pressure from moderate Democrats and will hand out FEWER direct payments than under Trump

  • President Joe Biden is ‘comfortable’ cutting off stimulus checks to Americans who make more than $80K, the White House said Wednesday 
  • Press secretary Jen Psaki confirmed reports that Biden had sided with Senate moderates who wanted to cap income more than the House stimulus bill 
  • The House version that passed Saturday gave the full $1,400 to adults making $75,000 with smaller payments up to earners making $100,000
  • Progressives have pushed for less income restrictions and also want Biden to endorse recurring payments in his next COVID-19 stimulus package 
  • Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez said the Biden administration will send ‘fewer & less generous relief checks’ than the Trump administration, thanks to the deal 

But they gave over $700 BILLION to foreign countries!🤬🤬🤬

Wolf Moon

Because THEY kick back to the DEMON COMMIES.


Another reason never to go to ccp.

Ian Miles Cheong (@stillgray) Tweeted:
China mandates COVID-19 pandemic anal swab test to all international travelers


And you thought that it’s only aliens that do the anal thing.

Wolf Moon

ChiComs seem barely human at this point.

They are the sneakiest, trickiest, most deceptive humans on this planet.


“They are the sneakiest, trickiest, most deceptive humans on this planet.”


Only because the fix is in, just like with the dims.

It’s easy, when the entire media apparatus covers for you and promotes your BS.

Last edited 1 month ago by scott467

The Tom Clancy Jack Ryan novels, towards the end, focused on China as an enemy; a couple of the characters compared them to Klingons to try to get across the notion that they simply don’t think like us.

Wolf Moon

I always thought that Star Trek was aiming for something like Russians as Klingons, and Romulans being Chinese Mao Jackets disguised as Romans+Vulcans to avoid racial stereotypes.

Wolf Moon

But in either case, yes – they don’t think like us – I agree with that.

I don’t think it’s WRONG that they don’t think like us – but I don’t want to think like them. And we have a right not to think like them. The problem is that CHINA LIES about not wanting to spread their thinking to conquer us. The CCP is comfortable with lying at levels which are repulsive to me. At some point, sadly, peaceful solutions are likely not to work. It is better IMO to deal with the CCP now, than to wait for the situation to necessitate billions of lives lost.

Slavery is not an option for me. I am resigning myself to alternatives.


Probably true, though the Klingons always seemed more Mongolian than Russian. (Of course most people will read that sentence and say “oh, so more like the Chinese” but that’s not my intent. Those are very, very different cultures.) Of course the Mongols had a huge influence on Russian culture.

Wolf Moon

I totally get what you’re saying! The Mongols had a huge influence on a lot of people. And YES – I think THOSE RUSSIANS / SOVIETS seem very much like an inspiration for the Klingons.


Right down to how the Klingons kvetched about how they had so many poor worlds…I think it was in “Day of the Dove.”

A world is poorer than otherwise if you don’t allow for free enterprise.

Wolf Moon

China can INFECT anybody they want with anything they want this way.

Do NOT trust the CCP here.


This is the perfect way to infect anybody with anything.


I always thought the test kits were contaminated. No test for me and neither my husband.


People start pooping when they try to swab.

Just tell them it’s a foreigner thing.

Wolf Moon

Excellent protest move.

Wolf Moon

The Demon Dems will try to bring it here.


Ep. 2418a – The Economy Is Waking People Up To The [CB] & The [DS], Thanks [JB], [NP]
X22 Report Published  March 3, 2021


Ep. 2418b – [DS] Is In The Process Of Destroying Itself, History Has Taught Us That People Will Rise
X22 Report Published  March 3, 2021


The [DS] players which are made up of the corrupt politicians are waking the people up in droves. When is comes to the economy people understand what they want and what they need, if a someone promises something and does not deliver people see this, and that is what people are seeing.The [CB]/[DS] are putting on a show and the people are watching. The [DS]/MSM are doing all the work for the patriots. This is about exposing everything, making people wake up, making them understand what we are up against. In the end when all of this is exposed people will know who is responsible, the [DS] is in the process of destroying themselves and the people are going to rise up. Texas and Mississippi have dropped their mask mandates, this pokes a hole in the [DS] talking points, they are exposed. Enjoy the show means enjoy the show.


🤣 🤣 🤣

comment image


Young Woman Demolishes the Tranny Trash Being
Forced On Us And Our Children …In 59 Seconds


comment image


This needs to be done, in addition to ousting members of Congress who don’t uphold their oaths to defend the U.S. Constitution. Anyone who advocates for doing away with part of the Constitution or any of its amendments shoud be run out of town immediately. And yes, Biden, and then Harris, and multiple Dems including Pelosi, need to be impeached for not protecting this country. But we have spineless, compromised Repubs.


OK, so how would one propose a good amendment?


Just propose it. That is not the same as failing to uphold one’s oath to the Constitution, such as weakening the 2nd Amendment or doing away with it entirely, removing the Electoral College, etc.


Ah, but you were saying anyone who wanted to change it should be strung up (not your exact words, but close enough).

I do think that’s the proper treatement for those who wish to *disregard* it without going through the proper method of changing it.


The main problem here is that none of them have read the Constitution so the oath they take is basically worthless.


I remember Michele Bachmann wanted everyone in Congress to have to read the Constitution.


They should take a comprehension test.


GRENELL’S GAL: Meet the Future of the Pro-LGBT “Conservative” Movement
Ric Grenell feels strongly about Gina Roberts.

Published 1 day ago on Mar 2, 2021 By Shane Trejo
comment image

Former acting director of national intelligence Ric Grenell has caused a rift within the conservative grassroots by going to bat for transgenderism in the Republican Party.

Grenell attacked former Delaware senate candidate Lauren Witzke for standing on behalf of Christian values and articulating viewpoints that have been the core of the Republican Party platform since essentially its inception. . .

For his opposition to Christian values, Grenell has earned plaudits from pro-gay media such as LGBT Nation who used the chasm to paint right-wing Christians as evil hate mongers.

. . . Big League Politics has researched into Gina Roberts, the California GOP transgender activist that Grenell is promoting as a model Republican of sorts. Roberts is a pro-gun activist who has a stance on the 2nd Amendment that is firmly in line with traditional Republican values. 

. . . However, on many other issues, Roberts diverges immensely from conservative Republicans. . . To get elected in California, Roberts jettisoned the economic policies typically associated with Republicans and adopted socialist pro-tax economics. Roberts lobbied unsuccessfully for the passage of Measure AA, a ballot initiative to increase property taxes to build more fire stations. Roberts lamented that they could not convince enough Republicans to support it.

However, an op/ed written by Roberts showcased their contempt against Christians and demonstrated their opposition to Republicans in red states. This may be a window into what Roberts’ ideology is really all about.

In the article, Roberts admitted that their beliefs “may be a bit more Libertarian than Republican.” Roberts lamented about how Christians would not surrender to the LGBT agenda and sacrifice their sacred Biblical principles on the altar of tolerance.

. . . “If your religion requires that you marginalize others because of how they live their life, you really need to consider that your God is not happy in how you are working in his name; as one of the basic tenets is to, “Judge not, and you will not be judged; condemn not, and you will not be condemned; forgive, and you will be forgiven” (Luke 6:37),” Roberts wrote.

. . . Roberts’ own personal history raises additional red flags. A profile written by Roberts in 2014 described how they lived a secret double life for years, building a family and lying to them constantly, before eventually putting on a dress and living as a female.

[But . . . wait for it . . .]

. . . After finally coming out as a “woman,” Roberts was celebrated ubiquitously throughout California. Globalist crony-capitalist organizations like the Chamber of Commerce support Roberts’ transition because of Roberts’ ability to fundraise from the wealthy LGBT community and their allies.

“It was an exceptional endeavor by Gina and the Kiwanis in raising $3,600,” said Greg Carlson, president of the Chamber of Commerce.

. . . MORE . . .


There you have it.

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce hard at work trying to divide the Republican caucus, and using a “conservative” “transgender” to do it.

Tom Donahue must be thrilled. Another plot to retain control of the GOP and give MAGA a shiv in the back.

Political warfare at its finest.
comment image


I had a bad feeling about Grenell when he was embraced by DJT before the 2016 election. I just knew that we wouldn’t know about his deviant lifestyle if he wasn’t using it in a political manner.

Well, here ya go. Send emails to DJT and tell him what you think about Grenell’s behavior. Ask him if he still thinks we can drain the swamp if another swamp is coming right in to take its place. Ask him what he wants the GOP to look like because it’s pretty obvious that there will be a net outflow from the party if Grenell gets his way.


It’s the same problem over and over again.

Ric seems to have done a great job working for DJT, one of the few who could be counted on to fight the Left and take on the fake news, and that was great, and appreciated.

But it never ends there.

Sooner or later, the proponents of sin find themselves in a position where they either get caught up in some scandal themselves, or they feel compelled to defend someone else caught up in a similar or related sin.

Then the people who embraced Ric for his professional skill and accomplishments (not his private life) are put in a position of being asked to support or defend Ric’s personal perversions.

And that’s not right.

People who supported Ric want to be sympathetic, nobody has forgotten the good things Ric accomplished, and people naturally want to defend him, if they can.

But it’s not right to put the people who supported Ric in that position.

It’s beyond a slippery slope, and if we endorse something as ridiculously in-your-face as this dude in a dress, then what moral value or principle — as determined by God, not man — won’t we compromise?

‘Right and wrong’ are real things.

A dude pretending to be woman is wrong.

Not because I say so, but because God’s Word says so.

Generally, the best way to handle this conflict is to remove ourselves from being in the middle, and let those who advocate for corruption and error fight it out with God.

Because Ric’s argument is with God, not with Lauren.

If Lauren was to agree with Ric, that wouldn’t make Ric right, it would just make Ric and Lauren both wrong.

If everyone in the world agrees with Ric, that wouldn’t make everyone right, it would make everyone wrong.

Because God is right.

So what matters is what God thinks.

And we can know what God thinks about a particular subject, if He chose to reveal His thoughts to us in His Word.

And when it comes to human sexuality, He did.

Our personal thoughts on the issue don’t matter. They’re not even relevant, because we don’t have the power or authority to overrule God.

So stand on God’s Word.

Let God do the fighting.

He’s undefeated

Last edited 1 month ago by scott467

Ric Grenell: “No. We are celebrating that God made everyone and people being respectful. Try it.”


Ric, your argument is not with Lauren.

But from the beginning of the creation God made them male and female.” (Mark 10:6, KJV)


Roberts: “. . . “If your religion requires that you marginalize others because of how they live their life, you really need to consider that your God is not happy in how you are working in his name;”


Why do you require validation from someone else?

If your sexual perversion requires that you compel others to accept your sin, don’t you really need to consider that you must not be happy in how you are living your life?


“…as one of the basic tenets is to, “Judge not, and you will not be judged; condemn not, and you will not be condemned; forgive, and you will be forgiven” (Luke 6:37),” Roberts wrote.”


Have you read and studied God’s Word, Mr. Roberts?

Would you like to have a discussion about it, with an open Bible?

The abuse and twisting of Luke 6:37 is a common thing, either due to ignorance or by intent. In no way does it mean we should not judge or discern right from wrong, and it certainly does not (and could never) mean we should be accepting of sin.

Last edited 1 month ago by scott467

Yeah just look at this phrase alone:

If your religion requires that you marginalize others”

That’s the lingo of identity politics, not conservatism.

And the bald assertion that Christianity marginalizes by postmodern identity labels is patently absurd – except for the brain-washing leftist propaganda that asserts everything Western is oppressive.

Not a “trans” “conservative” – a Trojan Horse.


So there would appear to be a gleam of totalitarianism in Roberts and Grenell.

“Resistance is futile…you will be assimilated” your foundational values be damned.


Howie Carr featured this article from the NY Post today. Federal employees can take 15 weeks COVID leave at $1,400/week:


‘Families across the country continue to have the costs of the pandemic passed down to them by the Democratic Party and its patrons in the teachers unions. American children are suffering scholastically and emotionally. Parents are left to deal with both of these heartbreaking consequences, as well as the practical problem of where their kids are supposed to be during the typical workday.

‘The Biden administration proposes not to put an end to this inequitable cost distribution, but to provide 15 weeks of paid vacation time to any member of another core Democratic constituency whose kids have the option of attending school virtually. After all, there is no time like a pandemic to encourage federal workers to take a holiday.’

Wolf Moon

They Demon Dems just took off their masks. They’re just doing whatever they want now.


Fully agree.


Sometime over the past few days, someone here asked to see a photo of Rush Limbaugh’s casket in a horse-drawn hearse.

Here it is:


comment image