Dear KAG: 20210302 Open Thread

Cover image: Summer Breeze by Robert Reid.

Today I would like to bring up confirmation bias and unrealistic expectations that arise from them.

First a quick explanation of what confirmation bias is:

Confirmation bias, a phrase coined by English psychologist Peter Wason, is the tendency of people to favor information that confirms or strengthens their beliefs or values, and is difficult to dislodge once affirmed.[2] Confirmation bias is an example of a cognitive bias.

Confirmation bias (or confirmatory bias) has also been termed myside bias.[Note 1] “Congeniality bias” has also been used.[3]

Confirmation biases are effects in information processing. They differ from what is sometimes called the behavioral confirmation effect, commonly known as self-fulfilling prophecy, in which a person’s expectations influence their own behavior, bringing about the expected result.[4]

Some psychologists restrict the term “confirmation bias” to selective collection of evidence that supports what one already believes while ignoring or rejecting evidence that supports a different conclusion. Others apply the term more broadly to the tendency to preserve one’s existing beliefs when searching for evidence, interpreting it, or recalling it from memory.[5][Note 2]

Confirmation bias is a result of automatic, unintentional strategies rather than deliberate deception.[6][7] Confirmation bias cannot be avoided or eliminated entirely, but only managed by improving education and critical thinking skills.

Confirmation bias is a broad construct that has a number of possible explanations, namely: hypothesis-testing by falsification, hypothesis testing by positive test strategy, and information processing explanations.

Essentially, when looking at the movement which swept so many of us up in the last three years, now that things are looking sour on the surface, confirmation bias, and judging without a full picture of information is threatening to divide the movement. In many ways, it already has.

I won’t elaborate on that point. But, I will say rather emphatically, that this movement, this Make America Great Again throwing off the chains that bind economic expansion, industrial might and the draining of the swamp is just part of the puzzle in the fight. There’s a lot more out there, particularly when it comes to the self-perpetuation of corruption in governments around the world. That has to be rooted out so that we don’t find ourselves in this position again. Just because we don’t see it happening, doesn’t mean it isn’t.

It is bigger than any one person, or one group of people, and is going to take the efforts of those who are selfless in the fight and who stick to their guns IN the fight rather than allowing the human condition to interfere.

We are all where God needs us in this effort, including those who do not believe. Their disbelief forces those of us who do to sharpen our apologetics and to learn more than was taught us.

It also forces many of us to diversify our information sources and to be always on the lookout for tidbits that help the puzzle come together.

That being said, the epicenter of hopium – a single, VERY connected individual who likes classic, fast sport cars, and has led a very interesting life – held a summit of sorts last weekend. He talks about it at length in an interview with yet another of the diverse hopium channels, and in the first ten minutes drops a bombshell about President Donald Trump that, if it’s true, lends another tidbit to the notion that REALPOTUS was spotted for the job decades ago, and was coached by a late former president as to how the Deep State and the swamp were going to try to take him down…DECADES ago. If it’s true, that little factoid is a stunner.

There are other podcasts that talk about insider intelligence of what happened in the last week. When the automated clearinghouse – the Federal Reserve’s ACH system – went down, there was a reason. It has not been announced to the general public, but one podcaster has a source that told him what happened, and it’s all good.

That podcaster, like the epicenter of hopium, is only as good as his sources. At this point, we have no idea what is being put out as purposeful disinformation to get the other side to react.

The thing is, there have to be a lot of sources to get a complete picture. Those guys know that and put it out for all to see, and you don’t ever know where that one piece of information that ties everything together is going to surface.

Searching out sources to reinforce what we already think about the whole situation is not going to get to the whole truth. None of it is going down then way any of us thought it would. We simply don’t know the breadth and depth of what is being fought.

And we’re not going to, either, until it’s all over.

That’s my buck-fifty on the confirmation bias that’s tearing much of the movement apart.

Just a reminder:

Of course, this does not mean committing felonies, but standing up to the forces that want to tear this nation – and humanity apart. The very people XVII told us will be destroyed by the time this movie comes to an end are currently roaming the halls of power…supposedly. It’s a sickening sight.

And now for something completely different.

Your weekly reminder to take the pledge:

“I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter: So help me God.”

And now for the nitty gritty of the Q Tree 5 minute, stand up, Tuesday morning meeting version of the Daily Thread.


Guidelines for posting and discussion on this site were outlined by our host, WolfM00n. Please, review them from time to time.

The discourse on this site is to be CIVIL – no name calling, baiting, or threatening others here is allowed. Those who are so inclined may visit Wolf’s other sanctuary, the U-Tree, to slog it out with anyone who happens to still be hanging out there.

This site is a celebration of the natural rights endowed to humans by our Creator as well as those enshrined in the Bill of Rights adopted in the founding documents of the United States of America. Within the limits of law, how we exercise these rights is part of the freedom of our discussion.

Fellow tree dweller Wheatie gave us some good reminders on the basics of civility in political discourse:

  1. No food fights.
  2. No running with scissors.
  3. If you bring snacks, bring enough for everyone.

And Auntie DePat’s requests as we are all, ahem, adults…supposedly:

If you see something has not been posted, do us all a favor, and post it. Please, do not complain that it has not been done yet.

The scroll wheel on your mouse can be your friend. As mature adults, please use it here in the same manner you would in avoiding online porn.

Thank you so much for any and all attention to such details. It is GREATLY appreciated by more than one party here.


The readings and reflection below are not from today, Tuesday, March 2, but from yesterday. In contemplating the words written above, these selections are more meaningful.

DANIEL 9:4-10

4I prayed to the LORD, my God, and confessed, “Ah, Lord, great and awesome God, you who keep your merciful covenant toward those who love you and observe your commandments! 5We have sinned, been wicked and done evil; we have rebelled and departed from your commandments and your laws. 6We have not obeyed your servants the prophets, who spoke in your name to our kings, our princes, our fathers, and all the people of the land. 7Justice, O Lord, is on your side; we are shamefaced even to this day: the men of Judah, the residents of Jerusalem, and all Israel, near and far, in all the countries to which you have scattered them because of their treachery toward you. 8O LORD, we are shamefaced, like our kings, our princes, and our fathers, for having sinned against you. 9But yours, O Lord, our God, are compassion and forgiveness! Yet we rebelled against you 10and paid no heed to your command, O LORD, our God, to live by the law you gave us through your servants the prophets.

LUKE 6:36-38

36Be merciful, even as your Father is merciful. 37“Judge not, and you will not be judged; condemn not, and you will not be condemned; forgive, and you will be forgiven; 38give, and it will be given to you; good measure, pressed down, shaken together, running over, will be put into your lap. For the measure you give will be the measure you get back.”

Listen with an Open Heart

Our family had dinner together every night when I was growing up. I remember my father listening to everything about our days with interest – and always with a smile and a twinkle in his eye. We freely shared everything because there was never and judgement or criticism frim my father.

Now, I look back on this memory with different eyes; he was a human resources manager. I can only imagine every thing that happened to him during the workday! But I also remember that he never really mentioned himself; the focus was on interacting with us.

In today’s Gospel. Jesus tells his disciples: stop judging and you will not be judged. The only way to stop judging is to truly listen to others, to really hear them, without imposing our own thoughts or perspectives. To “stop judging” is the very foundation of empathy, and my father exemplified this at work and at home.

Like my father, when we listen we open our hearts to those around us. And as we prepare ourselves to let go of our own point of view, we are better able to hear what God is really saying to us in our lives.

Reflection based on Luke 6: 36-38 by Regina Lawlor Andrews, the Magnificat Lenten Companion, 2021

As always, prayers for the fight against that which seeks to enslave us are welcome. Via con Dios.

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When is this going to stop ?


comment image
Jack Posobiec

· Jan 19
WH source: The NRA, Turning Point USA & Patriot Guard Riders are three of many non-militia groups on the list CID / FBI are using to cross reference in vetting for potential “extremists”

Wolf Moon

Yeah, this is bad stuff. They’ve gone full Soviet.


Trump should host a MAGA rally 1/6/22 to remind everyone of the election steal. In a friendly State to maximize attendance.


Make the setting FL or another reasonable climate and I’ll be there.

Wolf Moon

Oh, now THAT is a GREAT idea!!!


I think this is a desperate move. There is no comparison. None.


Pretty sure when most of us are dead.


Lin Wood, [02.03.21 17:08]

“The income tax created more criminals than any other single act of government.”

– Barry Goldwater


Man it’s gotta suck to be a Democrat. All this crap coming out and it’s still only the 2nd day of March.

Pelosi Teaming Up with Cuomo for a Message on Sexual Assault Doesn’t Look So Good Now
By Joe Saunders
Published March 2, 2021 at 2:57pm

It’s one picture Nancy Pelosi can’t be pleased with — and the timing is even worse.

As New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s sexual harassment scandal worsens, with a third woman coming forward to lodge a public complaint against the one-time Democratic darling of the mainstream media, a photo is making the rounds on social media of Pelosi sharing a stage with Cuomo at a 2015 event.

The occasion? A panel discussion on the topic of sexual assault against young women.

“Too many women are sexually assaulted while in college,” a 2015 tweet from Pelosi stated. “Joined @NYGovCuomo to discuss why #EnoughIsEnough!”

Now that the very same @NYGovCuomo whom Pelosi was so proud to be sitting next to six years ago is the subject of first one, then two and now three accusations of sexually harassing much younger women, it raises the question of just when #EnoughIsEnough when it comes to prominent Democratic politicians.

And there are few in the country outside the federal government who are more prominent than Andrew Cuomo.

Not only is he in his third term as governor of one of the country’s most populous states, but he’s also so solidly on the left when it comes to core Democratic issues that he signed a bill in 2018 that provides for virtually unlimited late-term abortions. (And ordered the new World Trade Center lit up in pink lights to celebrate the appalling achievement.)

. . . MORE . . .


Aren’t there any men nanXi harassed?

or women?

or womxn?


I seriously doubt it, Her crimes are of a different order.

Cuppa Covfefe


Last edited 1 month ago by Cuppa Covfefe
Cuppa Covfefe

Somehow I saw that as “massage” and reached for some (virtual) mind bleach…

That would fit with what Piglosi’s been doing all these years, with Kamel-HO picking up on it… She and the DEMONRATS have sold out and put out to everyone of evil intent, in particular the Red Chinese…


Cuomo sex scandal = COVERUP of Nursing Home DEATHS.


Temporary diversion that won’t work. Then on to Murphy, Wolfe, Whitmer and Newsom.


Tuesday, March 2, 2021
To: Friends & Supporters
From: Gary Bauer

The Left vs. Dr. Seuss

Today is Read Across America Day. Launched in the 1990s to encourage children to read, the day coincides with the birthday of award-winning author Theodor Geisel. Chances are you know him better by another name: Dr. Seuss.  

But, of course, we live in woke times, and now we have a big problem on Read Across America Day. 

Presidents Obama and Trump regularly issued proclamations celebrating Read Across America Day. They always applauded Dr. Seuss for the joy his books have brought to children for many, many years. 

But the Biden White House dropped Dr. Seuss from its statement this year. What’s going on? 

The woke social justice warriors, the same people trying to erase Christopher Columbus and George Washington from our history, have decided that Dr. Seuss has to go.  

Eighty years ago, Seuss published cartoons that would be offensive by today’s standards. But no one is perfect, and we can’t judge everyone in the past by today’s new and ever-evolving woke standards. Some school districts are already following Biden’s lead and dropping Dr. Seuss from this year’s Read Across America Day. 

I don’t know whether to laugh or cry. This shows the obsessive desire of the left to regulate everything you do, say, think and even what you can read to your children. 

Our children have lost an entire year of in-school instruction. They are falling behind kids in other countries that followed the science and kept their schools open. But in the U.S., the left is worried about our kids being exposed to Dr. Seuss? Give me a break!

Any school board wasting its time on this foolishness should be fired!

Years ago, a major controversy erupted when it was discovered that some individuals were using public library computers to access online pornography. Needless to say, parents and taxpayers were justifiably outraged. 

Legislation was proposed to require internet filters on the computers at libraries that received taxpayer subsidizes. The left-wing librarians’ association fought this common-sense measure all the way to the Supreme Court. It was more important to them to ensure taxpayer-funded access to online pornography than it was to protect our children.

Now the left wants to ban Dr. Seuss. There’s something wrong with a society that promotes dozens of genders, but finds green eggs and ham beyond the pale!


Dr Seuss was the second most irritating cartoon to watch. Never liked the style. 1st place easily goes to Mr. Magoo.


haha…my first place award goes to classic Donald Duck. I never knew what he was saying.


Yes – I never liked the animated versions of Dr. Seuss.

Cuppa Covfefe

He had some very *cough* ribald artwork which surfaced in the 1970s, IIRC, that ruined what respect I had for him. His style was a lot like Gahan Wilson of the “monsters eating cars” school… though I did like “On Beyond Zebra”.

“Green Eggs and Ham” is a prime example of forcing someone to do something they’d rather not do (harkens back to the serpent in the Garden of Eden, actually). Almost a paean to grooming, in a sense…


They’re rejecting one of their own.

My mother would not allow me to read Dr Seuss books. She had read in the papers in the 1960s that he was a lefty. It’s true. He was empathetic towards Stalin. He was also said to be an anti-Semite.

Thanks, Mom! 🙂


I allowed my kids to read Dr Seuss. We enjoyed the books not all but some specific books. Harry Potter I did not allow. I do not like those books but would never burn them. If other people want their kids to read Harry Potter I just did not find them appropriate for my kids.

Sadie Slays

I did a research dig into Dr. Seuss a few years ago. He has a shady history, and I strongly suspect he was a cabal asset tasked with creating propaganda for children. Will post more in the next Open Thread.


Excellent! Looking forward to it!

My mother would certainly have agreed with your suspicions of him being a propaganda asset for children.


All good with the teachers’ unions I’m sure. Read Across America WEEK is a LOT of extra work. Reading activities, planning, decorating, costuming. And trying to do it virtually? Or hybridity?


I never read Dr. Seuss.
Now I’m tempted.


Dr. Seuss books are outstanding in my mind.

Helped me teach three youngsters to read. Two of them became avid readers.

Two grandchildren, under our wings most of their lives. One with autism, also learned via Dr Seuss. Both are also avid readers.

Dr. Seuss books while perhaps silly, are perfect fun for children learning the fundamentals of reading. Lots of repetition, rhyming words, F U N for kids.

There may be racist crap somewhere in the library of Dr Seuss books, but NONE in the couple dozen books we used.

Over the many years of children going through early grammar school years, purchased MANY books “written for new readers”. NONE as well written as Dr Seuss.

My recipe for teaching a child to read, flash cards followed by, site words and Dr. Seuss. Toss in patience and allow reading to be fun.


These days, anything and everything cancel culture wants to throw in the trash bin, I am likely to EMBRACE even more.


Dr. Seuss books were inspired by research that showed kids could start picking up new words from context when they had a core vocabulary of some outstandingly small number of English words — may have been 120. Geisel had done cartoons for the war effort and had a whimsical style, and basically said, “give me that list.”

An extension of the idea showed that children loved expanding their vocabulary by solving the “riddle” of what a new word meant, and that’s where you get the Grinch, Horton, the Lorax, and Tweedle-beetles. Fox in Socks, particularly, is a giant game of linguistic “peek-a-boo”.

Seuss’ canon was, in fact, conceived and created as a propaganda exercise — to inculcate that minimal vocabulary into young brains and touch off their ability to travel onward. Anything political definitely snuck in the back seat, ’cause the original cause is well-documented to be front-and-center.


Wikipoo’s version:

“In May 1954, Life magazine published a report on illiteracy among school children which concluded that children were not learning to read because their books were boring. William Ellsworth Spaulding was the director of the education division at Houghton Mifflin (he later became its chairman), and he compiled a list of 348 words that he felt were important for first-graders to recognize. He asked Geisel to cut the list to 250 words and to write a book using only those words. Spaulding challenged Geisel to “bring back a book children can’t put down”. Nine months later, Geisel completed The Cat in the Hat, using 236 of the words given to him. It retained the drawing style, verse rhythms, and all the imaginative power of Geisel’s earlier works but, because of its simplified vocabulary, it could be read by beginning readers. The Cat in the Hat and subsequent books written for young children achieved significant international success and they remain very popular today. For example, in 2009, Green Eggs and Ham sold 540,000 copies, The Cat in the Hat sold 452,000 copies, and One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish (1960) sold 409,000 copies — all outselling the majority of newly published children’s books.”



Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins
— “It’s unfortunate that on a day we record 25 deaths, which takes us above 3,000 [COVID-19] deaths for Dallas County since COVID began nearly a year ago, the governor has removed all of the state orders that he designed to protect you and the people that you care about from contracting COVID. But for us here in North Texas, and for all Texans, we need to focus not on what the governor tells you the law allows, but on what doctors and the facts and the science that we all know well at this point tell us is necessary to keep us safe and give us our best chance of reaching herd immunity as quickly as possible.”

Stephen Love, the president/CEO of the DFW Hospital Council;
— “… it is very unfortunate. The COVID-19 virus with variants is still here and we have not achieved herd immunity. This decision will cause the community spread to increase, forcing our exhausted healthcare heroes to diagnose, treat and save the lives of newly infected patients.”

Cuppa Covfefe

That judge should stick to his field of expertise, rather than be an ultracrepidarian…

Last edited 1 month ago by Cuppa Covfefe

He’s a real piece of work.


A friend of mine who lives in Pittsburgh was 5 weeks in the hospital, She refused the vaccine in the hospital and told me that 60% of healthcare workers have refused the vaccine. They are not forced.
She has breathing problems and does not have to wear and cannot wear a mask. She is on oxygen.


I just had a nurse friend tell me that there’s a new variant in north Texas.

I don’t give a rip. It’s all propaganda. It’s like saying the flu has mutated. 🙄


Pretty soon we’ll have 50 variants. One for each state. Then DC and all the Territories need their very own variant.

^^^ None of it matters. Covid is VERY treatable.

No masks. No lock downs. No vaccine requirements.


Yep they’re pushing the narrative HARD.

Variant-fueled spring surge could end sharp decline in COVID-19
by David Hogberg, Healthcare Reporter |  | March 02, 2021 06:27 AM


If they every Jane and Jo into the country without testing no wonder. People in TX should be immune to almost anything.


Good Abbott finally did this. He should have done it long ago. SD is the model.

Wolf Moon

Gab PMs!!!


lol been asleep at the switch it appears!

(Not surprising!)


Abbott: “I also ended the statewide mask mandate.”


Which begs the question why you ever had a statewide mandate, presumably for the last year.

We are not a nation of decrees and mandates, Governor.

Wolf Moon

Mandates were a TERRIBLE idea.


An idea – like the virus – from CHYna.

Wolf Moon

Yup. We have to get much better about catching China seeding bad viral ideas like ANAL SWABS.


Millions of Methodists will go left – but millions more will be right
Tuesday, March 2, 2021 | Steve Jordahl (

A new, conservative Methodist denomination is splintering off of the United Methodist Church – and while the painful dividing process will likely spell death for some local congregations, a Methodist activist is expressing hope for conservatives in the church.

Conservative leaders within the United Methodist Church (UMC) unveiled plans Monday to form a new denomination, the Global Methodist Church, with a doctrine that abides by the Bible’s definition of marriage. The move could hasten the long-expected breakup of the UMC, America’s largest mainline Protestant denomination, over differing approaches to the sin of homosexuality.

The new Global Methodist Church will formally split from the UMC in 2022, the next time the denomination holds its General Conference. Conservative Methodists will then hammer out a new mission statement, vision, and a Transitional Book of Doctrines and Disciplines.

Mark Tooley is president of The Institute on Religion & Democracy and a lifelong Methodist who has been active in United Methodist renewal for more than three decades. He explains that the split – which has been under discussion for years in the denomination, is mostly over biblical sexuality.

“There are over 30,000 congregations [and] 6.5 million United Methodist in the U.S.,” he begins. “I think when it all shakes out … perhaps between 2 and 2.5 million will go conservative and the remaining 3.5 and 4 million will go liberal.”

The good news, says Tooley, is there will not be an extended legal battle over buildings and other assets. “Whatever choice they make, whether as a statewide conference or as a congregation, the property would follow – and they would have up to four years to make that decision,” he adds.

And there will be both winners and losers under the new arrangement, says the IRD president.

“I think it’s going to be very difficult and tragic for many local churches, some of which will never recover from the division,” he predicts. “But I think, long-term, it’s very encouraging for traditional Methodists and traditional Christians, in that there will be a new denomination.”

The United Methodist General Conference, which convenes annually, was postponed a year in 2020 due to COVID and was recently put off for another year. But Tooley says there is a remote chance that a vote could be taken online, or a special online convention could occur in early May.

Differences over same-sex “marriage” and the ordination of homosexual clergy have simmered for years in the UMC, and came to a head in 2019 at a conference in St. Louis where delegates voted 438-384 to strengthen bans on homosexual-inclusive practices. Most U.S.-based delegates opposed that plan and favored pro-homosexual options; they were outvoted by U.S. conservatives teamed with most of the delegates from Methodist strongholds in Africa and the Philippines.

In the aftermath of that meeting, many moderate and liberal clergy made clear they would not abide by the bans, and various groups worked on proposals to let the UMC split along theological lines.


It’s too bad they’re using “Global” in their name.


Not really.

In theological terms, it’s another word for the Southern Hemisphere, especially Africa.

The Anglicans use it, too: Global South, again, principally meaning Africa.


Public School Teachers Issue Students Their Summer Book-Burning Lists
March 2nd, 2021
comment image

U.S.—With public schools entering summer break in a couple of months, teachers are usually taking this time to prepare summer reading lists for their students to keep up on reading over the summer. This year, however, due to the alarming rise in problematic literature, teachers will be switching to book-burning lists.

“We need to make sure our students are trained to be vigilant and always look for problematic literature,” said local 8th-grade teacher Lisa Bundergoob. “This list of hateful and transphobic books includes horrible titles like Irreversible Damage and The Cat In The Hat, which have no place in a progressive society and should be burned.”

According to sources, many public schools are de-emphasizing reading — which encourages critical thinking — in favor of activism, which is much easier since you can just have one smart person do the reading for you and tell you what to think.

In light of these new developments in public education, several education watchdogs are sounding the alarm over unregulated homeschooled children who have “unfettered access” to books and often read without any government oversight whatsoever.

“The government needs to stop them,” said Bundergoob. 




He said the courts are ‘captives’ of a foreign entity – they have been captured, compromised, and controlled – isn’t it odd – that at every turn – the courts refused to hear the evidence – Congress also failed to hear the evidence – he said neither Biden nor Harris are calling the shots – a ‘woman’ is – I wonder if that woman is Jill Biden.

The Military is the last defense – sworn to uphold the Constitution – they have the evidence of foreign interference – I wonder if they are waiting for the fence to be removed – I wonder if arrests will happen when the fence comes down.

I think what makes him valuable are his connections – his understanding how the military works – and how important it is for the networks to be dismantled – the Military will be arresting people for high crimes and misdemeanors – Treason, Sedition, and Subversive Activities.

He also said a ‘new’ government must be created after President Trump has been restored as our rightful president – guess that means many who are already in positions of power in the government will be removed.


In case you want to watch later or in anther window, the Bitchute link is:


That didn’t help. Try this:


Break it up; https ://www. bitchute .com/video/JRm45kWlOM3z/

Wolf Moon

The’re all showing up now!


Thanks, Rosa!!!


They did it!

New York Legislature — Dominated by Dems — Strips Gov. Cuomo of his Pandemic Emergency Powers


Even the Democrats are tired of Covid-commie totalitarianism.


OK. Nice sound bite. does this END Cuomo’s existing edict to wear masks, shutdown, limited folks in businesses?

If not, it should be amended to end ALL the Covid BS. Let businesses decide what is right for them. Let consumers decide what is right for them. NOT government.


Once again, Bloomberg’s William Turton just couldn’t help himself.

For the first time in Project Veritas history, we are inducting someone who had to make TWO corrections in the SAME article.

Unbelievable. You can watch my suggestions to Turton on how he can improve his journalism here:



Banned Dr. Seuss Books Spike Nearly 50,000% on Amazon Sales Ranking Chart

Sales of recently announced banned Dr. Seuss books spiked on Tuesday after they were “canceled” by the left.

Dr. Seuss ‘s books were among the leading 17 on the top 50 list of Amazon’s “movers and shakers” on Tuesday morning after the ban was announced.

The books McElligot’s Pool, On Beyond Zebra!Scrambled Eggs Super!And to Think That I Saw It on Mulberry StreetIf I Ran the Zoo and The Cat’s Quizzer will no longer be published according to a statement released Tuesday by Dr. Seuss Enterprises.

“These books portray people in ways that are hurtful and wrong,” Dr. Seuss Enterprises told The Associated Press in a statement.

But the sales rank of the book “And to Think That I Saw It on Mulberry Street” was up 45,930 percent on the list and was ranked number one.

Scrambled Eggs Super! and On Beyond Zebra was ranked number three and number four.

. . . MOAR . . .


2 more free states!


Good news for Daughn.



This gal was a pleasure to listen in on her message.

Hope she posts more messages and she goes main stream. Lefty loon heads will split right open. 🙂

Bonus, this gal is incredibly cute. 🙂



Opinion: Anti-vaccine extremism is akin to domestic terrorism


It’s a bit like that in the UK, too.


WATCH: Numb.

This powerful short film from British teenager Liv McNeil tells one story of millions, of how lockdown is punishing children by denying them education, social contact and generally a normal life.

It comes out amid new research highlighting the toll the “pandemic” response has taken on the mental health of children, with surges in self-harm and suicide being reported in kids as young as 10.

Something to consider to all the Twitter moms out there, who are so readily locking up their children in isolation to “protect them” from a disease with a survival rate over 99.8% (and much, much higher for children).

Film directed by, edited by, written by and starring Liv McNeil. Song: My Tears Are Becoming a Sea by M83


From Gab:

comment image


Kayleigh McEnany discusses Capitol riot in first interview since leaving WH

Former White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany discusses her sorrow over the Capitol riot, former President Trump’s CPAC address, and the future of the Republican Party on ‘The Faulkner Focus.’


reports from MSM they’re hearing calls for Cuomo’s resignation


Breaking — Texas opens 100%… Ends mask mandate…
Posted by Kane on March 2, 2021 6:25 pm



Ep. 2417a – The People See The Payoffs, [CB] Does Not Control The Economic Future
X22 Report Published  March 2, 2021


Ep. 2417b – Future Proves Past, It Has Begun, Is Wray A Sleeper, Future Marker
X22 Report Published  March 2, 2021


The people can now see how the corrupt politicians payoff themselves and others. The stimulus bill is not meant for the people, it is meant for the elite. The [CB] is not in control of the economic system. Trump and the patriots have turned the table on all of them. There is a new system that is being built now and the control will be returned to the people. The [DS]/MSM have been setup. Everything we have learned in the past is now coming true in the future. Future does prove the past. Wray was testifying today and he did not lean either way. Is Wray a sleeper, can he be trusted. This will be a future marker. The virus is now disappearing, Texas/Mississippi have now removed the mask mandates, businesses are opening. This is all according to the plan.


Georgia House Passes Omnibus Election Reform Bill
BY MIMI NGUYEN LY March 1, 2021 Updated: March 2, 2021

Georgia’s House of Representatives passed an omnibus bill that would reform a range of election rules, including over absentee voting, voter ID for absentee voting, time limits for voting, and more.

The 66-page bill, HB 531 (pdf) passed the Republican majority chamber on a party line vote of 97-72 and is headed to the state Senate for further debate.

State Rep. Barry Fleming, a Republican, the main sponsor of the HB 531 bill, said that the proposal was designed to restore voters’ confidence in Georgia’s election system following the 2020 presidential election, which saw numerous allegations of voting irregularities and allegations of election fraud.

Separately, the GOP-majority Senate on Feb. 23 introduced its own version of an omnibus election reform bill, SB 241 (pdf) that has some overlap with HB 531. One difference is that the Senate bill would eliminate no-excuse absentee voting, something that has been allowed in Georgia since 2005, whereas the House bill would still allow no-excuse absentee voting.

Absentee Ballots
The proposed HB 531, first introduced on Feb. 18, sets up multiple requirements for absentee ballots, including a number of voter identification requirements in replacement of the state’s current signature match process.

Voters would have to submit their driver’s license number, their state identification card, or the last four digits of their Social Security number on the ballot envelope. If the voter lacks a government ID, the bill requires a copy of a current utility bill, bank statement, government check, paycheck, or other government document that shows the name and address of the voter.

Under the new bill, voters would be able to request an absentee ballot up to 78 days before the election, instead of the current 180 days. The absentee ballots and early votes must be received by 11 days prior to the election day.

The government, including election officials, would not be allowed to mail out unsolicited applications for absentee ballots to voters under the bill. Only authorized relatives or persons signing as helping a voter who is illiterate or physically disabled may apply on behalf of another for an absentee ballot application .

Election officials also must not send out absentee ballots until four weeks prior to the election.

Other Requirements
To help reduce Georgia’s runoff period to four weeks, instead of nine weeks as experienced by the state in the Jan. 2 runoff elections for two Senate seats, military and overseas voters would be offered ranked choice voting.

Drop boxes would still be allowed under the new bill but subject to a number of restrictions. There would be a limited number of drop boxes, where every county would have at least one drop box but no more than one per 100,000 active voters or one for each early voting site. Any given drop box must be located at the office of the board of registrars or absentee ballot clerk, or indoors at an early voting site. The drop boxes are only open when those sites are open and be under constant surveillance “by an election official or his or her designee, law enforcement official, or licensed security guard.”

The proposed legislation would change Georgia’s early voting period to business hours of 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. starting about three weeks before election day, and registrars would have the option to extend voting hours to 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. The bill would also limit weekend voting to the second Saturday before the election. Counties can also choose the third Saturday or third Sunday before election day as another weekend day.

The HB 531 will no longer count any provisional ballots cast in the wrong precinct—a change from the current law, which stipulates that even if the ballot was cast in the wrong precinct, election officials can count the votes for races in which the voter was entitled to vote.

Per the bill, ballots would be required to be printed on “security paper that incorporates features which can be used to authenticate the ballot as an official ballot but which do not make the ballot identifiable to a particular elector.“

Election superintendents and boards of registrars are not allowed to accept any “funding, grants, or gifts from any source other than from the governing authority of the county or municipality, the State of Georgia, or the federal government,” under the bill.

Among other voting requirements, the bill also prohibits people to solicit votes, distribute or show any campaign material, or provide money or gifts—including food and drink—within 25 feet of voters standing in line at any polling place, and within 150 feet of any polling place.


Encouraging and other states are moving to do the same.

But never rest as Dems are proposing bills as well + their federal take over of elections being attempted in Congress.


Don’t have to be a US citizen?

Don’t have to have picture ID?

What the hell could go wrong?


LOL . . . rules are for other people . . .

Urging Senate to ‘Ignore the Parliamentarian,’ Sanders to Force Vote on $15 Minimum Wage Amendment
“I regard it as absurd that the parliamentarian, a Senate staffer elected by no one, can prevent a wage increase for 32 million workers.”
by Jake Johnson, staff writer
Published on
Tuesday, March 02, 2021
by Common Dreams


“The Senate should ignore the parliamentarian’s advice, which is wrong in a number of respects.”

—Sen. Bernie Sanders


Bookmark this one . . .

31 Reasons Why I Won’t Take the Vaccine
Chananya Weissman


March 2, 2021
The Brave New World of Children’s Propaganda
By Annie Holmquist

The other day I was sent an Instagram video of a little boy having story time on his mother’s lap. The little boy was precious, the time spent on his mother’s lap special, but the choice of reading material was… “woke.”

The selected story was The GayBCs by M. L. Web. “A is for Ally,” repeated the little boy, “B is for Bi, C is for Coming Out, D is for Drag.” His mother praises him after he finishes the book, asking, “Are you a ‘woke’ toddler?” Parroting her words, the little tot proudly proclaims, “I’m ‘woke.’”

Such “woke” reading selections are par for the course as educators, politicians, and society at large seek to lead children through our world’s challenges. The recent release of Renaissance Learning’s “What Kids are Reading” report underscores that educators and authors are now seeking to teach young children about “social equity issues, climate change,” and other political trends. As such, the report promotes “woke” titles like Black Brother, Black Brother, which deals with inequitable treatment people with different skin colors, and other books dealing with charged political issues such as immigration and gender identity, including Come On In: 15 Stories About Immigration and Finding Home and Trans Mission: My Quest to a Beard.

Judging by these examples, it seems the “woke” steamroller is actively coming for the next generation. But it doesn’t have to run over our children. Knowing its methodology is one of the first steps to preventing its destructive ways.

. . . Wokeness is the propaganda of the despots of our time. Children are inundated with this propaganda by way of trainings they receive at school, books they find at the library, programs they watch, and people they follow online. As Huxley says, their young and impressionable minds are as yet unable to sort through the information they receive to understand what is true and right.

. . . The first thing to do is present children with a steady diet of material that runs counter to “woke” ideology. Providing your children with books which model family values, a strong work ethic, a love of country, and a traditional perspective on history is a good way to start.

. . . A second course of action is to teach your children logic. Knowing how to present good arguments and recognize fallacies in the arguments and presentations of others is essential for those living in a world of propaganda. While teaching logic can seem a bit daunting to parents who may feel like they don’t even know it well themselves, learning logic can become almost like a game through The Fallacy Detective and its companion book, The Thinking Toolbox.

The battle against propaganda battle is difficult indeed, but fighting it is not a lost cause. It’s time we went on the counterattack for the sake of our children.




Wow, that is really astounding.

Wolf Moon

Well that sure is a Microshtf(TM) world!


Shockingly appalling & deeply disturbing.

Hope CA speaks up!

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“Welcome back to school.”

My ass. Welcome to PRISON.


Seeing CA license plates all around the city, God help us.
It is only a matter of time before this crap seeps through our
state run propaganda schools.


I hope they dont demand everything their way. Refugees are to assimilate or leave, not become locusts.


Sick. Just sick.





The West is not yet awake to Political Warfare: to win without fighting

Hmmm. What one thing might unite the polarized sides of the USA?

Prof Kerry K. Gershaneck is a former US Marine who has worked in Thailand and Taiwan in academia and military intelligence. He writes that the West thought they defeated communism in 1990. They assumed China would play nice, but they were very wrong. Instead China studied the West and Russia, and is waging a Political War. There is a whole PDF book linked under that book image.

Democracies still don’t understand CCP’s political warfare: Kerry Gershaneck

The SundayGuardianLive
Prof Kerry K. Gershaneck

comment image

Political Warfare: Strategies for Combating China’s Plan to “Win without Fighting” by Kerry K. Gershaneck

China is an expansionist, hyper-nationalistic, militarily powerful, brutally repressive, fascist, and totalitarian state. It is essential to understand each word in that indisputable description. The CCP poses an existential threat to the freedom and democracy that India and the US represent. Failure to understand the nature of the CCP regime undermines our countries’ ability to fully understand the danger the People’s Republic of China’s (PRC’s) PW poses and to build our capacity to combat it.
Officials in democracies such as India and the US have been too easily deceived about PRC’s political warfare for several key reasons. When the Soviet Union collapsed around 1990, many in our countries naively believed there would be no more expansionist, totalitarian threats. They were wrong, of course. Chinese communists still quietly harboured plans for regional (and ultimately global) hegemony. As PRC rulers proclaimed China’s “peaceful rise”, they built massive economic and military strength and engaged in global political warfare operations to subvert the democracies.

Meanwhile, the US and other democracies dismantled their Cold War political warfare capabilities and foolishly assumed the PRC would join the community of nations as a “responsible stakeholder”…

All’s fair in love and political warfare:
From the CCP perspective, PW is total war—it is unrestricted warfare using every means just short of large-scale military combat. The PRC’s form of political warfare is generally standard worldwide: it uses the same playbook to achieve its political, economic, and military objectives globally without having to fight conventional wars. Tailored strategies and tactics, however, are adapted for each region and country.

It’s important to understand that PRC’s PW—this unrestricted warfare—is designed to get others to do what the CCP wants them to do. The PRC says unrestricted warfare means “the battlefield is everywhere” and there are no boundaries between “war and non-war, and between military and non-military affairs”. In essence, the PRC says that everything, legal or illegal, is permissible in order to achieve its ends. Specific examples the PRC gives of how to conduct its unrestricted warfare include biological and chemical warfare and terrorism, means particularly pertinent to note and consider in the Covid-19 era.

The list of weapons the PRC employs is long. It includes propaganda, psychological warfare, media warfare, disinformation, corruption, economic and sexual enticement, and coercion. It also includes active measures such as hybrid warfare, proxy armies, assassination, kidnapping, and brutal physical attacks. The PRC’s PW doctrine also includes concepts such as lawfare (using international and national laws, bodies and courts to shape decision making in the CCP’s favour), cyberattacks, terrorism, espionage, bribery, censorship, deception, subversion, blackmail, enforced disappearances (kidnapping, abduction), attacks by criminal gangs, and hybrid warfare.

. . . MORE . . .

Wolf Moon

Oh, this looks like an EXCELLENT book!


This same thing awaits many communists and globalists. When they begin to eat their own, you know they are on the ropes.

It’s so obvious they are taking him down in an effort to deflect from the CONSPIRACY to kill the elderly in nursing homes. Like a commenter says, he must’ve killed too many Dem grannies.

Wolf Moon

Too many Dem grannies! LOL!


No, Forbes, Texas Blackouts Were Not Caused By Climate Change
MARCH 2, 2021

. . . It is certainly true that the cold weather last month was an unusual event in Texas, but there is no evidence whatsoever that it was due to climate change, or indeed that these events are becoming more common.


Via Michael Quinn Sullivan (earlier this morning):

  • Greg Abbott’s willingness to govern Texas like a lite-version of California’s Gavin Newsom was reflected in his poor showing at CPAC this weekend.


  • Attendees to the influential conservative gathering were asked about their interest in various presidential candidates, and Greg Abbott came in dead last – with 0.1% of the votes. Michael Swirsky has the details. Ironically, Mr. Abbott finished behind Utah Sen. Mitt Romney and former Ohio Governor John Kasich.


  • The top vote-getters were former President Donald Trump, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, and South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem.
  • Just like 1776 and 1836, patriots want fighters – not capitulators.


  • In the wake of his declining national profile, the governor has called a press conference later today in Lubbock for a “statewide announcement.”
  • Capitol sources suggest Abbott could announce a withdrawal of his statewide mask order, or at least a “phase out” of it over some period of time. It is unlikely he will “pre-empt” local governments from maintaining their own mask orders.

Abbott Gets 0 Percent in CPAC Presidential Straw Poll
Florida’s Ron DeSantis was the top-polling governor.
By Michael Swirsky | March 1, 2021

Texas’ governor may not be too popular among national grassroots conservatives.

In a presidential straw poll taken of attendees of the Conservative Political Action Conference over the weekend, Gov. Greg Abbott received 0 percent of the vote. Former President Donald Trump led the poll with 55 percent, and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis was in second place with 21 percent. Texas’ Sen. Ted Cruz received 2 percent.

Even Republican politicians with reputations as political moderates—who weren’t expected to poll well among CPAC’s attendees—outperformed Abbott, with Utah Sen. Mitt Romney (0.3 percent) and former Ohio Governor John Kasich (0.1 percent) edging him out.

Nixing Trump from the poll didn’t offer much help. While Ron DeSantis soared to 43 percent in a second straw poll excluding the former president, Abbott inched to a mere 0.1 percent.

Abbott has received heavy criticism from grassroots activists for his response to the COVID-19 pandemic. While he has touted an end to shutdowns in his state, Texas’ governor has still retained restrictions on bars and other types of businesses. “Fifty-one percenters,” a group of bar owners prohibited from operating due to the state’s coronavirus mandates, sued Abbott to remove some of the restrictions.

The governor who performed best in the straw poll, Ron DeSantis, gained national attention in September for suspending all COVID-19 restrictions in Florida.

Last week, Abbott hinted that he would make an announcement ending coronavirus mandates “pretty soon.” Abbott has yet to make such an announcement.


Greg Abbott ranked behind Chris Christie and Nikki Haley, LOL!!! No wonder.

comment image

Wolf Moon

Remember when ABBOTT was the number one “governor for POTUS”? MY, how he has fallen!


COVID has really exposed a lot of things

Concerned Virginian

And it appears that Abbott is trying to save his butt by “all of a sudden” opening Texas up and throwing out his own previous mask mandate?
Nice try, Governor. This ain’t no “Saul on the way to Tarsus” deal.


What cracks me up is how people like him and Nikki the Indian think they can just reverse course, and all will be forgotten.

Don’t they know elephants NEVER FORGET?


ZERO chance I’ll forget:

  • R-Cons that NEVER truly embraced MAGA.
  • R-Cons that bashed Trump over the 6 January fiasco.
  • R-Cons that voted for accepting EC votes in NV, AZ, GA, PA, WI, MI and toss in NM, VA…
  • R-Cons that votes to confirm the dirt bags nominated by His Fraudulency’s handlers.
Last edited 1 month ago by kalbokalbs
Wolf Moon

Nikki just burned all her cred by opposing Trump. At every turn when she tries it, she just chops off a limb. It’s CRAZY.


These people really do live in a bubble. They are absolutely isolated from the real people who mostly populate America. They are surrounded by leftist media and sycophants who all spout the same high-and-mighty drivel. Every once in a great while, they get a wake-up call from all of us, and it is GLORIOUS.


march 2, 2021 the marshall report

Why would God’s people be referred to as a remnant? What is a remnant? I pondered this today and tried to understand it. I thought to compare a remnant from the entire woven bulk of cloth….. and thought, what is a remnant used for? Patching? Quilting? The last of something? What if it is the last of something coming together and forming a new thing? Like Joseph’s coat of many colors?

Was Joseph’s coat of many colors made from remnants? Or did it symbolize remnants? I had never thought of this before I pondered the word remnant. “Now Israel (Jacob) loved Joseph more than any other of his children, because he was the son of his old age; and he made him a coat of many colours.” – Genesis 37:3


Making him a coat of many colors could be that the fabric was multi color ?
There might have been status having such coat and it was not a plain coat. Joseph’s brothers were envious of him. Just wondering


“Now Israel (Jacob) loved Joseph more than any other of his children, because he was the son of his old age; and he made him a coat of many colours.” – Genesis 37:3


Showing him favors ?


The coat would have been specially constructed. The thread to make the fabric was most likely dyed before the cloth was hand woven, and the resulting fabric probably striped.


Over the centuries, an interesting amount of chemistry and trade have been driven by textile dye. There are longstanding traditions of the dye being applied both before and after weaving.


Or remnants sewn together – maybe, Jam?

Interesting – had not thought about the possibility of dying beforehand – Thanks!!!


I would be surprised if clothing were not cut at that time to avoid wastage, not form fitting, and the use of sashes or cords employed to fasten clothing.


Do you mean ‘worn out’ clothing, Jam? Saving the ‘good pieces’?


No. A good seamstress prizes thriftiness when cutting pattern pieces from fabric; to have as little “wastage” as possible. I would assume in earlier times that was fairly standard because everything was hand made- sewn, woven, etc. I’m pretty sure that a coat at that time was constructed of mostly rectangular pieces of fabric, and may have been more like a cape, with rudimentary “sleeves”, and with a belt of sorts, probably a cord (rope like).

When I sewed a lot, I would purchase just enough fabric to make whatever it was, hoping to have little to none leftover that would be useful for anything. Literally, a small hand full of scrap material that’s too small to be useful for anything.

Aside from all that, a coat of many colors would have been a prized possession, something not at all common. I’m sure that most of the every day clothing was fairly plain.


Interesting Insight, Jam – only a seamstress would understand the concept as well as you do!

Most definitely! The ‘Coat of Many Colors’ WAS unique and prized!!!


Remnants – just a bit of the whole remains.

Theodor Herzl, the founder of political Zionism, said “entire branches of the Jewish people may fall away – but the trunk remains.”

“Cut-flower phenomenon: History shows that substitutes for halachic [halacha = religious law] Judaism have a shelf life of four generations or less. Reform Judaism’s founder Moses Mendelssohn had 9 grandchildren; 8 of them were baptized as Christians.

“Zionist founder Theodore Herzl’s children were not only not Zionists, they were not Jews. How many of the grandchildren of the great Yiddish writer I.L. Peretz married under a chupah? How many of his great-grandchildren know what a chupah is? …

“…The ‘cut-flower phenomenon’ illustrates the predicament of Jewish culture. Cut flowers are doomed to die because they are severed from their roots, just as Jewish culture has been severed from its roots in the Jewish religion. The solution is obvious: reclaim the religious roots of Jewish culture.” (AISH HaTorah)


“Remnant” is common usage to describe the fraction of Jews who remain rooted in faith and practice over time and place. It’s a translator’s approximation from the original Hebrew.

• Moses could convince only a remnant of Jewish slaves to follow him out of Egypt.

• When the Persian king gave the Jews permission to leave Babylon and rebuild the Temple, only a remnant chose to trade the fleshpots for the rigors of the Holy Land.

• Diaspora assimilation: Centuries before the destruction of the Second Temple, Jewish populations lived in Egypt, China, India, Greece, and Rome.[*]

They sent delegations to Jerusalem on every holiday, brought donations for Temple upkeep. But that only lasted a few generations. Only a remnant retained their identity and continued to practice the faith of their fathers.

[*]Julius Caesar had many Jewish friends, spoke Hebrew. It could’ve been so different had he not been murdered!


As the slang goes, I’m pickin’ up what you’re layin’ down. You seem to be bringing some good knowledge to the tree.


Fascinating, Yucki!!! Thanks for the education!!!


The space between Scripture in Hebrew and all translations is vast. Well-intentioned believers derive entire fundaments from a single mistranslated word. That has led to schisms.


True, Yucki! It is ‘mistranslation’ and ‘misinterpretation’ that cause rifts and separation from the truth.


Communist Insider begs for U.S. inflation.

CCP must be desperate, since pushing U.S. inflation is going to drive them to devalue the Yuan out of existence. . .

Business Insider: “Everything Is About To Get More Expensive. This Is Good”
Chris Menahan
Mar. 01, 2021
comment image


Another split-second, another Democrat scandal . . .

Michigan Gov. Whitmer paid top health official massive sum in secret deal after his abrupt resignation: report
‘What is Whitmer trying to hide?’
CHRIS ENLOE March 02, 2021

Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer (D) has found herself in hot water after her administration agreed to pay former state Health Department Director Robert Gordon more than $150,000 in taxpayer money after he abruptly resigned his position in January.

The deal, which was first reported by the Detroit News, was made with the requirement that it remain confidential.

What are the details?
According to the Detroit News, Gordon was paid $155,506, a total of nine months salary and health benefits, in agreement for releasing the state “from any potential legal claims.”

“The agreement is the clearest evidence yet that the split between Gordon … and Whitmer was not amicable, and it shows the Democratic administration used taxpayer funds to ease his departure,” the Detroit News reported.

The deal was inked on Feb. 22, one month after Gordon, who helped coordinate Michigan’s COVID-19 pandemic response, abruptly left his job.

The separation agreement stipulates that, out of the interest of confidentiality, the state would tell Gordon’s future employers that he voluntarily resigned.

. . . MORE . . .


The Library, [02.03.21 20:37]
[Forwarded from Today’s Posts]

The Return of Donald Trump and the Trump Family – ‘I Think There’s a Very Good Chance We’ll All be on Stage Again” – Eric Trump: They Weaponized the Legal System – I Got Hundreds of Subpoenas – They Attacked Our Kids who are One-and-a-Half and Three-and-a-Half  (Gateway Pundit)


The Trump family are special people who most Americans are.


The Gateway Pundit’s take on what the GOP and RNC are doing now:
McConnell, McCarthy, Pence, and Romney McDaniel’s GOP Is Lost and Tone Deaf – Latest Flyer Shows They Have No Clue What Americans and Their Base Want Now

It’s really so simple and yet the leaders of the Republican Party have no idea what it is. In 2016 Americans told the leaders of the GOP what they wanted. It was summed up in a few words. One slogan was “Drain the Swamp” 

Another was “Lock Her Up”

‘Build the Wall’ and ‘CNN Sucks’ were other slogans. It’s amazing that the most important and emotional policies that Americans wanted from this President when he was campaigning were captured in slogans!

In their introduction the RNC, led by Mitt Romney’s niece, Ronna Romney McDaniel, lists what the RNC believes are the key questions of the party only a couple of months after the 2020 election was stolen: [pic here, in the article].

Not a single point addressed the election being stolen or fighting for President Trump. Next, they followed up the letter with a survey: [another pic].

Again, not a single question related to the 2020 election being stolen was in the survey.

The GOP is not fighting for President Trump. McConnell, McCarthy, Pence, Liz Cheney, and Ms. Romney McDaniel all abandoned the Trump ship months ago. They ignored the massive election and voter fraud in the 2020 election and moved on.

Then, to top it all off, the GOP, after asking for donations, has the audacity to send an ‘Order of Merit’ award signed by Mike Pence:

comment image

This has to be one of the dumbest ideas I’ve seen, despite that one of the signatures is that of PDJT. A meaningless piece of paper that no one cares about, and that is obviously part of a fund-raising scheme.

These people have no idea what is going on. Sending a Trump supporter, which is nearly everyone in the Republican Party with the exception of a few cranks in leadership, a document signed by Mike Pence is a slap in the face. After what Pence did on January 6th, no Trump supporter wants anything to do with Mike Pence.

The Republican Party is lost. It’s a puzzle why they would not fight for the real winner of the greatest election win in US history. Even most Democrats know Biden didn’t out-perform Hillary or Obama in 2008. Trump beat them all.

What today’s GOP leadership is showing is that if they are in your corner, and you support American ideals, you are on your own. If they won’t even recognize the election was stolen from President Trump, they will never stand and fight for you.

This goes along with what so many here have expressed. We have to keep working, but to ignore what happened in 2020 is political suicide.


Yeah, “Make the GOP the Country Club Party Again!” doesn’t have the same ring to it.


Chuck DeVore: Texas’ blackouts – here’s the truth about why they happened and what we have to do next
23 mins ago Charles Rotter

Green New Deal would create ‘more events’ like Texas power outage: Rick Perry
Rick Perry, former Energy Secretary and former Texas governor, discusses the potential impacts of progressive energy policies on ‘America Reports.’

As Texas entered a deep freeze on Feb. 14, Dallas, Austin and San Antonio broke seven record lows over three days. Ice-laden trees snapped power lines. Wind turbines ground to a halt while some reliable natural gas, coal and nuclear plants failed to get energy to the grid. Electricity demand hit an all-time high – but the supply wasn’t available, plunging some four million Texans into the cold and darkness.  

As massive gas-powered turbines spun down across Texas and the lights went out, an aggressive narrative spun up: the electric grid failed in Texas, not because wind and solar failed, but due to a lack of regulatory power to force the electric industry – from natural gas producers to pipeline operators to power generators, and lastly, the transmission line firms – to winterize. It was a failure of Texas’ unregulated free market. And further, this extreme weather event was a harbinger of more to come due to climate change, necessitating even more wind and solar power.   

This narrative, pushed out by the renewable industry and environmentalists, found a sympathetic mouthpiece in corporate media

The narrative is wrong. 

There are three electric grids in the continental U.S with Texas having its own grid providing power to about 90% of Texans. This electrical independence allows Texans to escape a certain amount of federal meddling in its electric affairs – though it also makes Texans largely responsible for their own problems.   

Addressing those problems, the Texas Legislature held marathon hearings a week after the freeze. That testimony, and an increasing flow of information from operators on the ground, has produced a more complete picture of what went wrong during a storm that plunged Texas into a deep freeze colder than most of Alaska. 

There are two general reasons for Texas’ prolonged power outages, one proximate to the storm and involving a series of on-the-ground mistakes and cold-related failures, and one the result of long-term policy.  

However, it was the policy failures over 20 years that allowed the storm-related failures to become persistent and deadly.  

It’s important to note that had every Texas generator powered by natural gas, coal, nuclear and hydro operated at full output during the height of the storm’s demand, Texas still would have experienced planned blackouts. That Texas’ grid has become increasingly dependent on unreliable wind and solar is largely to blame for this critical shortfall.  

Federal and state tax policy have encouraged the overbuilding of wind, and to a lesser extent, solar power, resulting in cheap, subsidized power flooding the Texas grid. This inexpensive but unreliable power has acted as a powerful disincentive to build needed natural gas power plants.  

In the past five years, Texas saw an increase of about 20,000 megawatts of installed wind and solar capacity with a net loss of 4,000 megawatts of gas and coal-fired powerplants. This 4,000 megawatts, had it been built or not prematurely retired, would have saved lives during the 2021 St. Valentine’s Day Storm.  

Because ERCOT, Texas’ grid operator, didn’t have enough reliable safety margin meant that when things started to go wrong on early Monday morning, they got worse fast.  

So, did the unusually cold weather cause power plant failures?  

Winter isn’t over, but Texas – and California and other Western states – are at increased risk of blackouts this summer.

We know that wind turbines were affected, with half of them freezing up. Over the course of 2019, Texas wind produced about 34% of its capacity – from hour-to-hour and season-to-season, sometimes more than 70%, sometimes close to zero. At one point during the storm, solar was producing no electricity while wind produced about 1% of its potential output. Since electricity must be produced the moment it is needed, that meant that natural gas power plants had to make up the shortfall.   

The emerging data from thermal – gas, coal, and nuclear – power plants suggests that there were some cold-related failures. But, as ERCOT struggled to keep the lights on, the grid became unstable, tripping additional power plants offline to protect their massive generators from destructive interaction with a fluctuating line frequency.   

As ERCOT issued the order to start load shedding – rotating blackouts – some of the darkened circuits included vital oil and gas infrastructure. This uncoordinated move starved natural gas power plants of their fuel – leading to a further loss of power and the widespread and incorrect rumor that wellhead and pipeline freeze off contributed to the disaster.  

When these systems lost power, gas production dropped 75%. An Obama-era environmental rule that forced oilfield compressors to switch from natural gas to electric likely made things worse. Eventually, power was restored, and natural gas production ramped back up to meet electricity generation demand.  

Winter isn’t over, but Texas – and California and other Western states – are at increased risk of blackouts this summer. This is due to policy that favors unreliables – wind and solar – over reliable electricity from gas, coal and nuclear.   

In Texas, it’s an overbuilding of wind. In California, an overbuilding of mandated solar. In both states, this has caused the grid to become increasingly at risk of blackouts at times when nature doesn’t cooperate.   

As America builds more wind and solar – with a renewed push from the Biden administration –the costs to prevent blackouts will mount in the form of massive battery farms to store power or increasingly large numbers of backup gas power plants. Instead, we should end subsidies for all energy sources while making wind and solar pay for the reliability costs they impose on the grid.  
Chuck DeVore
Vice President of National Initiatives
Texas Public Policy Foundation


See Video:

Green New Deal would create ‘more events’ like Texas power outage: Rick Perry
Feb. 16, 2021 – 4:24 – Rick Perry, former Energy Secretary and former Texas governor, discusses the potential impacts of progressive energy policies on ‘America Reports.’


Thanks for posting. Have spammed out.

Lessons learned for folks in many states adopting unreliable wind and solar.

Another warning across our bows as wind and solar is increasingly relied on, with INSUFFICIENT back up power sources.


Scientists believe we entered a Grand Solar Minimum in 2020. Besides cooling of temperatures, another effect is an unstable Jet Stream, which can allow frigid temperatures to reach farther south than usual. It’s all described in this excellent article first posted by michaelh, I think.

States need to be ready for cooling and heating needs as weather patterns change.






From our local dentist:

Information regarding Governor Abbott’s lifting of the mask mandate: The Texas State Board of Dental Examiners has issued a statement to all dentists regarding the lifitng of this executive order. Emergency COVID protocols put in place last year by the TSBDE are not affected by the governor’s decision. We have been instructed to continue to follow the precautions set forth and regulated by the board. Due to this ruling by the board, our office will continue with precautions which include wearing of a face covering while in our office with the exception of receiving treatment.

Don’t celebrate too soon, Texas.


As with ALL of America, it IS time to push back against masks.

Dental weenies demand patients wear masks, CANCEL THE dental appointment. GO next year.

Obviously emergent dental care must be taken care of. But, IMO, most dental appointments are really quite routine and can easily be put off, with no real impact on the patient.

Let the dentists experience MORE fall off in business and maybe they’ll reconsider Board of Dental Examiner EDICTS.


I’m sure all Federal offices to include military bases will be similarly effected by the Governors order, that is to say not effected at all, which means no relief from the mask for them.

If such is so it might be interesting to see how that plays out between the newly freed and yet to be freed breathers. I’m assuming of course there will be some resentment about not being freed and if duly directed it will be directed up toward their authority figures and will eventually rise to a high enough level to smack Biden and the CDC in their head.

Of course this will likely accompany a new onslaught of woe be us news as cases and death rate reports go on the incline despite the vaccines. I can hardly wait for all the pretzel logic headed our way.


Either the governor is the highest authority in the State of Texas, or the TSBDE is.

So which is it?

Our country is so &^$%ed up, nobody even knows who is in charge, for TWO simple reasons:

1) the Left subverts everything and ignores the law


2) the lawful Authority does NOTHING to stop the Left, which encourages and rewards their lawless chaos

BOTH sides deserve to be beaten into paste.


Abbott dropped the statewide mask mandate.

That does not affect county or municipal mandates.

That does not affect professional organizations (guild systems) like dentists, teachers, pharmacists, health care workers.

That does not affect colleges and universities and their policies.

That does not affect school district policies.

That does not affect churches, denominations, or other religious institutions’ policies.

That does not affect the policies of businesses.

That does not affect the policies of large retail chain stores.

That does not affect the policies of local businesses, including bars and restaurants.

In short, all it does is take the pressure off Abbott. Meanwhile the Karen Army is still hard at work protecting you from yourself.


So Abbott dropped the lawless and unconstitutional STATE mandate, but did absolutely nothing to end all of the lawless and unconstitutional and redundant mandates from tyrants who are lower in the pecking order.

So Abbot didn’t actually help anybody. He removed the governor’s boot from everyone’s throat, but left all the lesser tyrants’ boots on everybody’s throats.

I hope Abbot gets primaried by a MAGA candidate endorsed by DJT.


Abbott didn’t have the authority in the first place!

And unless he starts making some phone calls and calling people out, basically nothing’s changed.

Elizabeth Carter

Doug Billings has an agreement with BEK TV now. He is interviewing General Flynn today. Here is the link.
BEK TV – Live, Local News and Sports, Broadcast Statewide

Elizabeth Carter

The Library, [02.03.21 21:23]
[Forwarded from TheBlaze]

Horowitz: The satanic, evidence-free masking of children



On a crazy business trip this week. An overnighter behind enemy lines in California. Then back to Salt Lake. Getting my rental car. I grab my car and drive up to the check out. Hand my credit card, license to the booth guy. He has the sliding door closed, masked up. He points to the sign, mask required. He ain’t opening the door until I do. First time ever. So I put on the face diaper to make him happy. This guy is wearing two masks.

I sort of feel for these folks. When the truth gets out on the worthlessness of masks, lockdowns, I wonder how these people will deal with this. They have bought this hook line and sinker, with no ability to critically think on their own to see the folly of these actions.

I really put the blame here on the education system of this country which quit teaching decades ago, and now just indoctrinates. The left clearly won in this arena, so no matter what we on the right argue, people like this just cannot comprehend an opposing point of view.

Which is why we really have only the 2022-24 elections to turn this or the country joins the other great nations/empires to fall into the dustbin of history.


How long are you going to be local, and busy are you going to be?


This week I started in UT Sunday, Monday, then CA for Tuesday, back to UT, then ID for Friday morning then home.


Well, if I knew when to stand outside and wave….

Safe travels, RF121….



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